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L'essai les réseaux de vie par fileane

From Éleusis to Dendérah the forbidden evolution

Le roman d'Eleusis à Denderah Temple de denderah

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28/08/2023   The Positive Money
28/08/2023The survivors of the last great cataclysm and the end of Atlantis
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18/07/2023    Free Cities  
23/06/2023      Episode 05 The Weekend in Baden-Baden
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L'essai les réseaux de vie par fileane New
Part 1 – Institutions of life networks

Work in the Networks of Life.

14 August 2023

« There is no dignity of labor except in labor freely accepted.» Albert Camus, Carnets I (mai 1935 – février 1942) « Everything that works for culture also works against war.» Sigmund Freud « Life flourishes through work.» Arthur Rimbaud The functioning of the political and economic institutions of the Networks of Life enables the social development of […]

L'essai les réseaux de vie par fileane New
Part 5 – Abandoning Political power systems

Sociological environment for Positive Money

23 April 2023

Ch 3 The Sociological Environment to use a Positive Money : Full currency is for us = Positive Money is for us = A currency without debts is for us In the context of organization management, the sociological field of the external environment is presented as follows. The socio-cultural environment reflects the situation and characteristics […]

L'essai les réseaux de vie par fileane New
Part 5 – Abandoning Political power systems

Economic environment for Positive Money

22 April 2023

Ch 2 The Economic Environment to use a Positive Money : The economic environment of a positive money is dependent on the liberal capitalist system of power led by the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. As long as it exists in countries, it will be a threat both economically and politically. On the other hand, if the […]

Livre les réseaux de vie par Fileane, sortir des systèmes de pouvoirs

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Discover the last episodes of the novel From Éleusis to Dendérah the forbidden evolution

Le roman d'Eleusis à Denderah Temple de denderah New

Part 3/3 The Roman-Irish bath at Friedrichsbad, on Sunday mornings. Seniors 14 and over were surprised by their parents’ invitation. They could see that between the arrival of Friday night and the breakfast of Sunday morning, a formidable atmosphere had been created between their parents. They were happy about it, but to interfere in this […]

Le roman d'Eleusis à Denderah Temple de denderah New

Part 2/3 Their meeting on the Saturday night It was 6:30 p.m. The group had listened politely to the poet’s last sentence. Frantz looked at his watch. It was time to invite them to a costume rental. Men must wear a jacket or tuxedo to enter the Casino. Rather than rent them at the cash […]

Le roman d'Eleusis à Denderah Temple de denderah New

Part 1/3 Carine and Patrick received a simple and warm welcome on Friday afternoon. They had certainly found themselves a little confused in this new setting that reminded them more of their family universe than the club where they had known each other. The chalet was magnificent with its two floors, its wooden balconies with […]


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The Great Law that binds

20 September 2022

The great law that binds the people who build. The art of teaching Iroquois Indians, at the sources of the first constitution. Alexandre Grauer, Indigène Éditions. The Vikings and the Moines Templar soldiers in the 13th century educated the Iroquois so that they abandon their tents and their tipis in order to build long semi […]


The desire for change that motivates these “Life Reformers.” The utopian Monte Verità.. The founding group, composed of Henri Oedenkoven, Karl Gräser, Gustav Gräser, Ida Hofmann, Jenny Hofmann, Lotte Hattemer and Ferdinand Brune, intended to create in 1899 an alternative society, a “colony” in break with the values of patriarchy and consumption. The purpose of […]

indigènes des îles Trobriands New

The Sexual Life of the savages

20 September 2022

“the sexual life of the savages of northwestern Melanesia”, Ethnographic description of the loving arrangements, marriage and family life of the indigenous people of the Trobriand Islands (New Guinea). source: Malinowski’s book A love that lasts as long as life. Sexual issues make up half of knowledge. Tacitus had already founded the conception of the […]


tribune New

The excess mortality that does not exist Pierre Chaillot’s book “Covid 19 what the official figures reveal Mortality, tests, vaccines, hospitals, la truth émerge” Éditions du Toucan, Paris, March 2023, demonstrates that the statistics presented by public institutions and the French government are false and have served only as propaganda to impose vaccination and measures […]

tribune New

Investigations into the sabotage of Nord Stream 2 continue but the geopolitical context has not changed since then, nor has the confrontation between the two superpowers, the USA and Russia. So the explanation lies either with the US or with Russia itself. document: of 29 april 2023 A Russian Navy ship specializing in underwater operations […]

tribune New

Coronavirus Saturday, May 28, 2022, by Bruno Bourgeon An extremely serious and well-documented study, without conflicts of interest for the authors, published on 15 April 2022 in ScienceDirect is alarming. According to its results to be published in the Official Journal of the Chinese Society of Toxicology (FCT), an internationally renowned toxicology journal, SARS-CoV-2 mRNA […]