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L'essai les réseaux de vie par fileane

From Éleusis to Dendérah the forbidden evolution

Le roman d'Eleusis à Denderah Temple de denderah

Live and share the hope of human beings… after leaving the systems of powers that enslave peoples


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L'essai les réseaux de vie par fileane New
Part 5 – Abandoning power systems

Who are our dear enemies?

9 May 2022

“Well informed men are citizens, ill informed they become subjects.” Alfred Sauvy.  ““A conscious and standing man is more dangerous to power than ten thousand sleeping and submissive individuals.” Mahatma Gandhi.“Nothing happens by chance: every time something happens, you can be sure it was meant to happen!” Franklin. Roosevelt. Since the financial crisis of 2007, […]

L'essai les réseaux de vie par fileane New

Capitalist, liberal, neo-liberal policies in their pseudo-democracies, we don’t want them anymore!Or how to respond to the call of the republic and eliminate the democracies established by the power of global finance. August 19, 2016 updated September 4 and September 11, 2016 My enemies, it’s finance How many of us reacted to the phrase “my […]

L'essai les réseaux de vie par fileane New
Part 5 – Abandoning power systems

How can a counterpower succeed in changing an organization?

9 May 2022

“Never doubt that a small group of conscious and committed men can change the world. This is even how it has always happened. “.Margaret Mead The movement is working to change civilization, that is, to leave our systems of power and reestablish organizations in networks of life. We do not seek to change our […]

Livre les réseaux de vie par Fileane, sortir des systèmes de pouvoirs

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Le roman d'Eleusis à Denderah Temple de denderah New

By Friday afternoon around 4:30, the eight had met. Still in the rhythm of their work week completed around 1 pm in Germany as well as in Switzerland or Alsace, they decompressed around the pool telling each other how to find these moments of freedom and rush to the club. Further presentations between the seven […]

Le roman d'Eleusis à Denderah Temple de denderah New

at the Croix des Gardes waiting for the meeting with his friends. Episode 1 of Éleusis to Dendérah, the forbidden evolution. Cannes Little by little on the boats, the lanterns lit up. Some garlands positioned the presence of more sumptuous yachts. Many of these lights were directed towards the massive metal mass planted near the […]

Le roman d'Eleusis à Denderah Temple de denderah New

Episode 2 Love ecstasy

8 March 2022

or meeting with Laurie or meeting with Laurie The club What was pleasing to Pierre that night was the fact that Laurie was the author of the few lines he had noticed in the guest book at Amadeus and Regina. A young woman who with candor and enthusiasm wrote something like what he still remembered: […]


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la porte du soleil à Tiahuanaco, Bolivie New

the text of this page is a copy of the book of Robert Charroux, the book of its books, at Robert Laffont, page 119 ” One day will come where one will be able to say traditional civilizations Pharaons, of Chaldéens, Brahames: you are catalogued in our books as being oldest, but science proves that […]

Le peuple moso, société matriarchale New

The Moso people were declared a model people on the 50th anniversary of the UN.The Moso people straddle Yunnan and Sichuan, the foothills of the Himalayas, China. Who is the Moso people? This page was posted on 21/11/2003 and updated on 10/01/2005. We thank the film team for sending us these two photos to illustrate […]

indigènes des îles Trobriands New

“the sexual life of the savages of northwestern Melanesia”, Ethnographic description of the loving arrangements, marriage and family life of the indigenous people of the Trobriand Islands (New Guinea). source: Malinowski’s book A love that lasts as long as life. Sexual issues make up half of knowledge. Tacitus had already founded the conception of the […]


Checking the vaccination status at the entrance to the 72nd Berlinale, in Berlin, the German capital, on February 11, 2022 New

Published on 21/10/2021 à 10:56 by France Soir.Author(s): Moufid Azmaïesh, for FranceSoir Compel the world’s population to submit to the dictates of private interests under the pretext of “public health. On September 22, Langemann Medien published on his YouTube channel an interview – viewed nearly 500,000 times to date – with a young mathematician and […]

Ivermectine New

This article by Zero Hedge looks back at the curious similarity between Pfizer’s latest cure for coronavirus and Ivermectin! This “new” Pfizer drug shares a mechanism of action like Ivermectin by inhibiting the SARS-CoV-2 protease, and will link it with another drug and make it look like a patented novelty in order to sell it […]