Part 3 – The History of Conflicts

The survivors of the last great cataclysm and the end of Atlantis.

Survivors’ networks

After the last great cataclysm, the survivors naturally organized themselves into networks to help each other, preserve their knowledge, find the traces of the other colonies of survivors or the peoples with whom they were in contact, to discover the geographical changes brought about by the shift of the planet on a new axis and a new center of gravity.

This last great cataclysm, before the next one comes one day, is also the starting point of the history of our contemporary humanity.

This previous flood occurred, according to Slosman’s extraordinary research in The Great Hypothesis, on July 27, 9792 BC. The comparative study of calendars and the observation of the Zodiac of Dendérah, today at the Louvre, is proof of this. This colossal event, the Egyptians, heirs of the Atlanteans, called it: The Great Cataclysm. We will come back to this later.

Archeologists find traces of civilizations older than 12,000 years as well as remains of even older cities.


The Atlanteans, descendants of the colony that came to take refuge at Tiahuanaco in the Andes, lived on mountains over 4,000 meters high because atmospheric pressure was compatible with the metabolism of their carnal bodies and corresponded to the atmospheric pressure of the planet Venus before it changed its orbit to come dangerously close to the sun and become unlivable for them.

During the last tilting of the Earth’s axis and the swallowing of Atlantis in the depths of the earth, the survivors landed on the shores of Morocco and living at sea level caused a change in metabolism, including the color of their blood changed from blue to olive green. These survivors did not have red blood.

Osiris, the olive-green skin survivor.

Osiris le survivant à la peau vert olive

This image of Osiris, the survivor, reflects a medical phenomenon that has been scientifically verified today.

source: Albert SLOSMAN, The Great Cataclysm, Robert Laffont, 1976

Surviving following the last great cataclysm

They set up networks of resistance and survival in the face of the climatic consequences and the geographic upheavals that followed the Great Cataclysm, and this over several thousand years marked by torrential rains.

The use of networks was also natural for them because in the extinct continent, the people who had inherited knowledge from beings from elsewhere were using global knowledge and were organized into networks: the family is the main human network and the descendants of the gods and demigods formed tribes and peoples on the family model.

Subsequently this model will serve as an example during the construction of the legend of the founding of Rome : the children of the god Mars were the founders of the city and they came from a colony of descendants of the survivors of the extinct continent. Legend tells us that they were in direct contact with the city of Troy.

The same was true for the Greek cities and above all for the Egyptian civilization, which finds its origin in the history of the last great cataclysm, the date of which was preserved in Denderah, and in the history of a group of survivors capable of using the highest initiatory knowledge to dispose of certain powers of the higher world.

The context was therefore not favorable to the reestablishment of the systems of power if ever one social group had the idea of dominating others in this autocratic or despotic way.

Keeping the memory of this great cataclysm is a political priority

The first purpose for the survivors was to keep track and memory of this great cataclysm in order to pass this phenomenon on to future generations and prepare them one day to face a new great cataclysm as well.

It is a question of the survival of mankind that passes through the memory of the destroyed civilization as well as the memory of the survivors and their techniques, mainly the high seas boats, the mandjits, which allowed the survivors to resist the fury of the oceans to find a new land.

This mission is optimized in the context of knowledge networks that work over the very long term by initiating, generation after generation, groups of scientists who will remain humble in the face of the mysteries of life on Earth and will not be tempted to use elements of this knowledge to build myths and dogmas capable of giving them the domination of a system of power. Only the practice of spiritual initiation can guarantee in a human being that he will not use this ancient knowledge to become a cynical despot capable of the worst crimes in his altruistic will to subject the peoples to his will of material wealth.

For ancient scholars, especially those at the temple of Denderah, the human species must be able to survive the next great cataclysm, and it must be able to save its share of eternity that distinguishes it from animal species.

New technologies and especially the observation of the Earth by increasingly powerful satellites to observe the smallest details on the land but also recently, at the bottom of the oceans, bring us new discoveries. Thus these images of the bottom of the Pacific Ocean west of the coast of Mexico, not very far from Tiahuanaco, the Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations and other even older civilizations.

pyramides au fond de l'océan pacifique près des côtes du Mexique
pyramids at the bottom of the pacific ocean near the coast of Mexico

This possible location of Atlantis remains to be verified by sending scientific expeditions. The discovery was published in a video in 2016. The largest pyramid has sides that measure about 13 to 15 km.

According to Andean legend, the first colonizers from another planet settled in Tiahuanaco,

their first underground refuge, once acclimatized to life on our planet.

For Tiahuanaco, geologists speak of a 3,000-meter-long, brutal uprising of this once sea-level region of Lake Titicaca. The colony from another planet is believed to have settled on these mountains of more than 4,000 meters above sea level around this lake. Then their more numerous descendants settled on other mountains of the same altitude and this region was engulfed in the last great cataclysm. They knew that new cataclysms of the same magnitude are possible on Earth and this civilization of Atlantis has retained the knowledge of their founding ancestors to predict when a new great cataclysm would take place. They prepared for it, and when the time came, a maritime expedition managed to survive.

The residual seismic activity of this uplift from the Lake Titicaca area is found in the volcano and mountain range along the Pacific Ocean from Alaska to the tip of South America. These events predate hundreds of thousands of years to the last Great Cataclysm of interest here.

This sunken city near Cuba was supposed to be at a higher altitude. Has there been a collapse here of 3,000 meters or more? If not, was this region at sea level inhabited by descendants of Tiahuanaco better acclimatized to life on Earth and others had remained on the high mountains of more than 4,000 meters which were also engulfed in the magma?

The mystery of the Andes to this day is unsolved but beginning to be understood. Once again what disturbs the research are the clues, the vestiges of a civilization brought by beings from another planet to find refuge on Earth. A pyramid of more than 13 km on a side was not built by human beings, or even human giants. But the builders of this pyramid who must have known the power of possible cataclysms on planet Earth, were right to build it so gigantic in our eyes since it is still under the ocean.

In 2023, these great cataclysms are ignored by the rulers of fanatical power systems and theocracies. On the other hand, they submit us to the new dogma of CO2 reduction and that of climate change as if the climates on our planet had always been stable. They want miraculous stable profits and they believe themselves predestined to govern the world according to their divine directives. They know nothing of the Divine Laws and Celestial Mathematics taught by the survivors of the last Great Cataclysm in the first temple they rebuilt on the banks of the Nile, where the river bends and borders the temple on two sides, opposite from Thebes to Dendera.

Flying vehicles that monitor what is happening on Earth

After the last great cataclysm, twelve thousand years ago, some of the survivors who were near the current North Pole, led by Rama, marched towards the Himalayas then descended into the valleys of present-day India . The Himalayas and India were spared the consequences of this last great cataclysm and life was able to resume its course more quickly. The preserved writings are therefore very valuable in completing the vestiges of ancient knowledge saved by the survivors who came to found the Egyptian civilization.

Document :

Ancient India has one of the longest histories in the world and its major ancient texts, the Vedas, are one of the greatest ancient writings on planet Earth. Interestingly, these ancient texts dating back thousands of years speak of “flying vehicles that visited their continent over 6,000 years ago.” Composed in Vedic Sanskrit, these texts constitute the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism.

Many find these ancient texts both fascinating and confusing. The ancient book Vaimanika Shastra or The Science of Aeronautics mentions incredible details about mind-controlled vehicles, using now-lost technology that ancient cultures had access to.

But these fascinating writings don’t just mention mind-controlled vehicles, they detail fascinating technologies like levitation and anti-gravity, futuristic technologies that were present on Earth more than 6,000 years ago.

Many scholars have considered the holy book of the Vaimanika Shastra as a guide to space, space travel, and interstellar travel.

To understand what the Vaimanika Shastra tells us, we turn to a well-known Sanskrit scholar, Dr. V. Raghavam, who has written over 120 books and 1200 articles and won the Sahitya Akademi Prize for Sanskrit in 1966.

According to Dr. V. Raghavam, human beings lived on other planets and extraterrestrial beings visited our ancestors thousands of years ago. Dr Raghavan was quoted as saying: “Fifty years of research into this ancient work has convinced me that there are living beings on other planets and that they were visiting Earth as early as 4000 BC. »

He further explains: “There is a wealth of fascinating information about flying machines, and even science fiction fantasy weapons, which can be found in translations of the Vedas (scriptures), Hindu epics and other ancient texts in Sanskrit. »

Many other researchers and authors agree with Dr. Raghavan. There is plenty of written evidence in the Mahabharata and Ramayana where we find all kinds of technology.

Dr. A.V. Krishna Murty, professor of aeronautics at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, says: “It is true,” says Dr. Krishna Murty, “that the ancient Indian Vedas and other texts refer to aeronautics, to spaceships, to flying machines, to ancient astronauts.”

“A study of Sanskrit texts convinced me that ancient India knew the secret of building flying machines, and that these machines were modeled after spaceships from other planets.”

It seems that wherever you go and wherever you are, all ancient cultures mention fascinating details that are misinterpreted by mainstream scholars.
Many ancient texts record pieces of “forgotten history” and “hidden history.”

source: Astro Universe, September 23, 2022, Astro

We can understand from these Hindu texts that there were indeed visits by flying machines after the last great cataclysm to assess the situation of Life on Earth but we can also understand that non-destroyed regions were able to preserve knowledge to build flying machines.

It is certain that in the four millennia following the last great cataclysm, even these regions of India and Asia lost the possibility of continuing to build flying machines. The destruction of mines, factories and means of transport almost everywhere on Earth has made it impossible to continue with these technologies. Only knowledge could be saved.

In the temples on the banks of the Nile, celestial mathematics taught the measurements of the terrestrial globe to monitor its deformations and the imminent date of a new great cataclysm. The scientists trained their students in the calculations of ellipses and the trajectories of rockets without the possibility of building new flying machines. The priority remained the survival of living species with agriculture and the conservation of vestiges of ancient knowledge in temples and cities capable of surviving new cataclysms.

The city of giants in Ethiopia and the presence of giants on all continents

The mystery of the Andes, long before the last great cataclysm, tells that the explorers who came from Venus to the shores of Lake Titicaca, wanted to repopulate the Earth and they carried out biological experiments to create different races in the human species.

Their goal has been to provide a great opportunity for survival and expansion for the race that would be best adapted to life on Earth. Which they didn’t know since they came from another planet. The descendants were given advice: the most adapted race had to eliminate the other less adapted ones.

The inhabitants of Tiahuanaco were part of the most adapted human group since they are the direct descendants of explorers from another planet, Venus, whose living conditions were still quite close to those of Earth at that time. In the Andes also lived the race of giants, much less well adapted and these giants knew that they had to disappear like the other poorly adapted races. It is likely that the giants were able to adapt despite everything and they recently disappeared, among the last races poorly adapted to life on Earth.

The survivors of the last great cataclysm and among them the descendants of Atlantis, knew the giants and knew where they resided. One case is very interesting: that of the East African highlands in Ethiopia. This region also served as a refuge for survivors such as the Himalayas, the Caucasus, the Moroccan High Atlas and of course the Andes of Tiahuanaco.

The discovery in 2017 of a city of giants in Ethiopia completes the puzzle of the ancient history of civilizations in these regions from Ethiopia, Nubia, the Nile Valley to the Mediterranean basin and southern Europe . Giants, especially in Central and South America, according to local legends, helped the most adapted race of the human species to build imposing monuments capable of surviving millennia and natural disasters. The purpose of these monuments is recognized today: to bear witness to the last great cataclysm and to prepare humanity and living species for the arrival of the next great cataclysm to also try to survive this destruction and these thousands of years of life in the natural refuges of high mountains while waiting for the atmosphere to become breathable again for life on Earth.

In Mexico, the Mayan pyramids, according to locals, were built by giants. Why would it be different on the banks of the Nile? The Egyptians, descendants of the Atlanteans, did not go to Nubia only to look for gold which was collected by the shovel without bending over. Nearby is this city of giants which has just been rediscovered…So?

document :

Skeletons Found in an Ancient City Reʋeal Historical Secrets of East Africa

Arсhаeologіѕtѕ froм the Unіʋerѕіty of Exeter аnd the Ethіoріаn Authorіty for Reѕeаrсh аnd Conѕerʋаtіon of the Culturаl Herіtаge hаʋe unсoʋered а long-forgotten мetroрolіѕ іn the Hаrlаn аreа of eаѕtern Ethіoріа, known аѕ the аnсіent ‘Cіty of Gіаntѕ’ eѕtаƄlіѕhed іn the 10th сentury BC

Well, thаt truly hаррened іn thіѕ Ethіoріаn regіon. The сonteмрorаry reѕіdentѕ tell of gіgаntіс сonѕtruсtіonѕ Ƅuіlt of gіаnt Ƅloсkѕ thаt enсіrсled the Hаrlаа ѕіte, leаdіng to wіdeѕрreаd ѕрeсulаtіon thаt іt wаѕ forмerly hoмe to а fамouѕ Cіty of Gіаntѕ.

City of Giants at Harlaa
City of Giants at Harlaa

source : Skeletons Found in an Ancient City Reʋeal Historical Secrets of East Africa

Recent Discoveries in Siberia and the Far North

documents: excerpts

Currently, in Taimyr alone, more than 30 sites of ancient peoples have been discovered. The age of the colonies is 40,000 years old to 230,000 years old. Traces of an unexplored civilization of steelworkers dating back 12 thousand years in the Far North.

Arkaim: The ancient city of Russia and the Arctic origin of civilization.

Perhaps 100,000 years ago or more, it was hypothesized that a large, star-gazing Ice Age people lived in the Arctic region, then a temperate zone, before migrating south into Inner Asia as conditions changed and the large ice sheets melted.

Yet it is Central and Inland Asia farther east, a vast land of steppes, mountains, and sand deserts, whose inhabitants retain the most significant memories of an unimaginable time when cities inhabited deserts and an elder race walked across the land. And it is these Uralo-Altai regions that are now in the spotlight as the search continues for the roots of homo sapiens and the path to a viable future.

Arkaim is a Bronze Age town in the southern Urals. In 1987, in the middle of the Russian steppe, a team of Russian archeologists dug up the ruins of a fortified city called Arkaim, causing a great buzz among scientists and a wave of neo-pagan and nationalist enthusiasm among Russian intellectuals.

Built on a circular principle around a central square, with about sixty semi-canoe houses built in its ramparts, the settlement was located in the southern Urals, near the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. It was defended by two concentric ramparts of clay and adobe blocks on a wooden frame, and could only be penetrated by four intricate passages that would have made entry extremely difficult.

The residents and the common central square were well protected by Arkaim’s inward-looking defense plan. The city was found to be closely aligned with several celestial reference points and would therefore have been an observatory as well as a fortress, an administrative and religious center.

Known as the “Russian Stonehenge,” this Bronze Age colony was about 3,600 years old and contemporary with Creto-Mycenaean civilization, the Middle Egyptian Empire, and Mesopotamian civilizations and the Indus Valley, and centuries older than the legendary Troy of Homer, whose circular layout so closely resembled it.

As a result of these exciting excavations, more than twenty other fortified and necropolises were discovered in the Arkaim Valley, some made of stone, larger and more impressive than Arkaim. With Arkaim perhaps its capital, the complex was called the land of cities and presented scientists with many mysteries.

This was the first concrete evidence of a lost Neolithic civilization in southern Russia, confirming what had long been thought, that the southern Urals and northern Kazakhstan, located at the junction of Asia and Europe, were an important region in the formation of an Aryan complex.

Other revelations of the sophisticated astronomical science of the Sumerians convinced Wilson that Chaldean astronomers understood our solar system as well as Isaac Newton.

Indeed, Wilson has come to believe that scientific knowledge of the universe existed on Earth 64,000 years ago, if not much longer.

Clearly, Arkaim was a Center of Wisdom in a network of such Centers that once connected all the prehistoric peoples of the earth to one another under the spiritual aegis of the Pillar religion and its priestly elites.

The remains of countless circles of stones, menhirs, and similar Trojan cities are scattered throughout Europe, the Americas, Eurasia, and the Pacific Lands, memorials to the intersecting great migrations of peoples, all faithful to the same axial principle that connects earth to heaven.

end of documents.

These discoveries in the Far North prove two things that other civilizations have learned so far:

  • these regions had a temperate climate with abundant vegetation before a major cataclysm placed them near the north pole. Discoveries of mammoth fossils preserved intact in ice with undigested plants in the stomach indicate that this change in latitude was very rapid and that the freezing of these areas was immediate.
  • The civilization of Thule and its survivors from the last great cataclysm twelve thousand years ago, is not only a myth preserved in the temples of the Nile, but this civilization has also managed to survive by staying there or by migrating to Central Asia and India beyond the Himalayas. This migration led by Rama has long been known through the millennia of our humanity surviving the last great cataclysm. The priests of Denderah told the Greek Pythagoras, after having successfully completed his Egyptian initiation, that he should continue this initiation henceforth with the scholars of Thule who possessed higher knowledge than in Egypt.

Another example of the uprising of a mountain range, the Pyrenees

According to geologists, this massif must become a new Himalaya and probably with even higher peaks.

document :

Aerial view of the Lardana massif in the Pyrenees, Spain. A unique place for everyone who loves structural geology, tectonics (with lots of folds, faults, etc.) and a wonderful landscape!! Lardana is a significant mountain 3375 m above sea level in the Spanish Pyrenees. It is the result of two orogenies: Initially its rocks were folded and squeezed around 310 million years ago, when the Iberian microcontinent crashed into the Eurasian continent. Later, when Africa drifted against Eurasia and the Alps expanded, the Lardana rocks were pushed upward.

Llardana 0062

Look at this aerial photo on your desktop – there are lots of details clearly visible when you enlarge the image

source: Bernhard Edmaier Photography

The essential question remains: how long did the elevation of these mountain ranges take? How many powerful earthquakes took place to achieve this result?

On September 8, 2023, the Atlas earthquake in Morocco with a power of 7.2 caused a displacement of one meter for a rise of 15 cm in the mountains.

And these earthquakes have nothing to do with the Apocalypse, the Great Cataclysm and the tilting of the earth on its axis to find a new center of gravity. Furthermore, this shift is cyclical and is linked to the precession of the equinoxes in the Earth’s path around the Sun. Sometimes this Great Cataclysm causes less damage and sometimes it destroys a continent which sinks into the ocean while a major uprising takes place elsewhere, each time accompanied by intense volcanic activity which prevents the sun’s rays from penetrating the surface. the soil and above all which fills the atmosphere with toxic gases which destroy living species.

The migrations caused by the last ice age before the last Great Cataclysm.

The last great cataclysm is also the end of the last ice age in Europe. During this ice age, people from northern Europe migrated to North Africa to find regions with a milder climate.

Example: blond Berbers with blue eyes.

The Berbers are a population of North Africa numbering approximately 35 million people. Part of it, now not very tall, has extremely fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. This population, strange for a dark-haired region, has been known since ancient times and was once, proportionally, much larger.

The Romans say, surely exaggerating, that there are more blondes in Africa (Tunisia) than in Germany.

But still in the early Middle Ages, the Berber queen Kahina, who ruled over a confederation of Berbers and Berber-Romans (video link in comments), is described as having “honey-colored hair”. Let us also remember that the Berbers built a fundamental component for Roman Africa: they were a substantial part of Heraclius’ army, they had citizenship, they used Latin as an official language, their leaders proclaimed themselves “kings of the Romans” etc. Saint Augustine was of Berber or half-Berber origin.

the Berber queen Kahina,

Archaeological evidence tells us of an extremely ancient blonde population, dating back perhaps 50,000 years ago. Then, during the last great Celtic migrations, part of these populations also came to these regions of North Africa where their ancestors had settled several millennia earlier.

The mystery of the Apocalypse

It is the mystery of the Apocalypse whose teaching ended the highest initiation in Denderah.

The heart of the temple is indeed the saint of saints, the closed chamber in which the initiates separate from their carnal body to fuse their spirit with their soul and reach beyond the shaft of light, into eternity and the presence of the higher world. The initiates who returned from this decorations received the mysteries of the Apocalypse and then, at the exit of the temple, the title of son of God, this God perceived as the creator of the universe.

They knew that the beings who came from Venus were not gods, and it is likely that these beings have taught their human creations the spiritual process that allows us to find our reasons for living and to encounter the mysteries of life created by someone who is easier to call God, a unique god who creates everything, since it is impossible to come directly into contact with him without having crossed the boundary of the eternity zone.

On the other hand, the initiates of these civilizations knew, as today, that it is possible to meet presences in the upper world once out of the light well.

The Egyptian sacred knowledge was twofold for a question of security and to preserve the essential mission that was the survival of this knowledge over thousands of years until the period of the next great cataclysm: one had to be initiated on a spiritual level to receive the oldest hermetic knowledge in the golden circle of the double house of life of Dendérah: divine laws and celestial mathematics.

For the uninitiated and those who did not want to become such, the high priests and spiritual masters set up a conventional religion that used the names of gods and half-gods. We are here in the presence of optimal use of the first source of knowledge to form a group of scholars and leaders capable of ensuring a suitable material standard of living and guaranteeing their peoples valid answers so that they can find their reasons for living.

But this choice made by the Egyptian spiritual masters presented significant risks: the small group that shared the highest initiation beyond the skylight could be massacred in an invasion and the practice of this high initiation could then be lost. This is what happened during the invasion of the peoples of the sea, the Phoenicians from the land of Canaan, that is, Lebanon and Palestine today.

The other risk, once the group of initiates had been eliminated, was to leave only the trace of a theocracy and a system of religious power as existed among other peoples, which led to confusion and misunderstandings in the reading of Egyptian civilization. We will see later that spiritual masters will take these weaknesses and risks into account to develop stronger and more universal spiritual movements.

The first empires and the choice of networks or systems of power.

In ancient times, not all the peoples of the Earth across the continents had this high level of organization to use the two sources of knowledge in the development of a brilliant civilization. From 2000 BC onwards, the first empires are in reality groups of peoples sometimes conquered militarily but which remain organizations in networks simply because the means of transport do not allow large territories to be controlled with centralized power.

The peoples are bound together in a confederate form, the vanquished having accepted the power and knowledge of the victor who most of the time claims to be a descendant of the gods and therefore of the survivors, in order to develop commerce and a higher level of wealth. Political control develops through marriages where most of the time the wife and her suite are the hostages or at least the pledge, the guarantee of the submission of the people and the political leader of whom she is the daughter.

The surviving colonies are seeking a new golden age as before the cataclysm.

The history of Antiquity, which goes from the last great cataclysm located around 10,000 years before Christ to the Roman Empire, shows these exchanges and these conflicts between the colonies of survivors who use a knowledge superior to other peoples and the will of the descendants of these survivors to reconquer the world in order to organize it in a new golden age as before the last great cataclysm. In these 10,000 years, we must remove 4,000 years during which the survivors had to face the disastrous consequences of this last tilting of the axis of the Earth and the flows of magma on most continents. Toxic air loaded with gases escaped from volcanic eruptions whose heaviness stagnated on the plains and forced the survivors to settle at 4,000 meters in the Andes, the Himalayas, the Moroccan High Atlas and the Caucasus for what relates to Europe.

It was only around 6,000 BC that the survivors came down from these natural refuges. Have they found the vestiges of civilizations and peoples before the great cataclysm? That is to say which today date back 12,000 years and even more distant periods? Archeology in recent years have begun to find these remains from before the last great cataclysm.

Document: Extracts.

Long before the Sumerians

Until about 20 years ago, “civilization” was thought to have arisen with the Sumerians, around 7,000 years ago. Then, on the border between Syria and Turkey, Göbekli Tepe and nearby settlements were discovered. Everything has changed since then.

The oldest remains of Göbekli Tepe date back at least 12,000 years. But some monoliths discovered in the ruins represent human beings dressed only in loincloths.

Göbekli Tepe statues
click on the image to discover the archaeological site

But 12,000 years ago, we were in the middle of the Younger Dryas (a mini-ice age). It is therefore impossible that people walked around wearing only loincloths. To be able to walk around dressed like that, the temperature had to be mild. But the last “mild” period before the Younger Dryas ended around 110,000 BC, when the last ice age began. So at least some parts of Göbekli Tepe could date back to this ancient period.

At Göbekli Tepe, ideograms, that is to say sculptures that represent neither animals nor things, but abstract concepts, have been engraved. They may represent the oldest example of human writing, predating that of the Sumerians by at least 5,000 years. The constructions of Göbekli Tepe are not made of wood or thatch, but are composed of limestone. Some pillars weigh nearly 20 tons. The people of Göbekli Tepe may have built stone houses and villages thousands of years before the Sumerians.

On a stone slab called the “stele of the cranes”, the sages of Göbekli Tepe recount an encounter between them and “external beings”, who came from the sky, while a comet crossed the sky. Additionally, the engraved tale alludes to a time when a comet bombardment caused immense destruction on Earth. How reliable is this account, which dates back at least 12,000 years?

The article continues in the book:
HOMO RELOADED – The hidden history of the past 75,000 years

HOMO RELOADED - L'histoire cachée des 75 000 dernières années
click on the image to find out

Former 18 km long discovered tunnels in Iran are probably part of an underground city

The lost knowledge of ancients October 20, 2022

Although it is somewhat forgotten, Iran is a haven of peace for the troglodyte architecture, which is full of character and creativity. According to the archaeological site of Belqeys, vestiges of old underground corridors have been Discovered a few days ago. It is estimated that Belqeys is at least 6,000 years old, according to the archaeological excavations carried out on mounds and neighboring hills.

Turkey also houses some of the largest underground cities in the world.

End of the document.

These discoveries of underground cities dating from 6000 years and more attest that these survivors had to take refuge underground. In Iran and Turkey as on the highlands of Afghanistan, the life of survivors became possible a few thousand years earlier than in the plains close to the level of the seas and the oceans. These high-plates and underground cities were able to accommodate larger populations than those of the survivors who refugees in the high mountains beyond 4,000 meters above sea level immediately after the last great cataclysm and for about four thousand years.

Alexander the Great

We find the conquests of Alexander the Great as our closest example. Alexander was originally from a barbaric people compared to the neighboring Greek cities. He sought to overcome this culture of the colony of survivors established in Greece to found an empire from Greece, Egypt to India, the region traveled by the survivors to seek refuge on the highlands at the foot of the Himalayas before descending into Mesopotamia and then on the banks of the Nile.

At that time, the most important wars took place between the peoples led by the descendants of the survivors and the barbarians, mainly those from the steppes of North Asia, who did not have the same level of knowledge but wanted to plunder the wealth of their neighbors.

Exchanges between former colonies of survivors.

There are two sets of scientific evidence that show exchanges between former colonies of survivors of Atlantis.

Priam’s treasure found in the ruins of Troy.

The first evidence relates to the treasure of Priam discovered in the ruins of the city of Troy by Schliemann: the ceramics are exactly the same as those of Tiahuanaco in the Andes and the piece of metal whose composition remains unknown, is apparently a vestige of the celestial vessels of the people from another planet.

The coca found in Egyptian mummies.

The second evidence comes from a discovery made in 1992 in a German laboratory in the city of Ulm: by searching for DNA traces in Egyptian mummies from 2500 to 3000 BC, researchers found traces of coca and studies showed that coca could only come from the Andes. The Andes and Tiahuanaco then had trade with China and ancient Egypt. Coke and silk came from China all the way to the banks of the Nile.

A brief chronological reminder:

Around 850 BC, the foundations of two colonies that would become empires: Carthage founded from the Phoenicians from the ancient land of Canaan (present Lebanon and Palestine), Rome founded from the Etruscan people who claim to descend from the colony of the descendants of the survivors of Troy as well as from the Latin people who claim to descend from the god Mars. These republics soon developed into a system of military power run by warlords whose mission was to defeat neighboring peoples and develop the material wealth of the ruling minority.

Around 600 BC, a cultural exchange was developed that focused on spiritual teachings from the Far East.

Around 330 BC, Alexander the Great wanted to reform an empire comprising the former colonies established on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Nile with the peoples of India and Asia who had not been destroyed by the last great cataclysm. He realizes a link between these two great cultures, then with the death of Alexander, this dream breaks down and each culture pursues its own path.

The question of population development on Earth

Contacts between peoples are becoming more numerous and most spiritual masters on all continents are teaching the path of the initiatory spiritual approach to educate populations in peaceful solutions respectful of human dignity.

Humanity is faced with a dilemma: the knowledge of the survivors was preserved in the temples of Egypt and mainly in Denderah. The possibilities of formation and dissemination of knowledge of divine laws and celestial mathematics are not, however, sufficient to organize the rapidly growing peoples.

Second, calculations to determine the date of the next great cataclysm are far from complete, while the first barbaric invasions weakened Egyptian civilization.

The memory of the survivors is lost.

To ensure the development of humanity, the memory of the survivors is lost and to preserve it, the temptation is great to tell their story in the framework of a system of religious power led by scientists and insiders that will gradually transform into a system of military power.

The choice of Egyptian scholars is the safeguarding of ancient knowledge and the calculation of the next great cataclysm. They share this knowledge with insiders from neighboring peoples, mainly from Greece, but they do not reveal their secrets: greek insiders often take more than 20 years to acquire sufficient knowledge before returning to their countries, and these teachings are most often used to buttress the power of despots in the greek islands.

The immediate consequence is the risk of a rapid increase in religious wars and wars between tyrants that do not care about spiritual teachings, which apparently was not the case in ancient times but which has been a tragic phenomenon in the history of the West for two thousand years.

Spiritual renewal around the 6th century BC

To avoid this development of the systems of religious power, we know today the cultural and spiritual movement that started in the 6th century BC.

In Asia, China and India, people had not been destroyed by the cataclysm, in a way as important as in the Atlantic area. Moreover, they had seen the colonies of survivors of the destroyed civilization arrive and had shared their difficult living conditions with them several millennia before the descendants of the survivors returned to the plains of Mesopotamia and then to the banks of the Nile and the Mediterranean.

These peoples of the Far East had managed to preserve a high spiritual knowledge by making ample use of the initiatory approach to go to the meeting of the mysteries of life.

These peoples had not established fanatical systems of religious power, but a conception of life that takes into account the forces of life united among themselves in a single principle, without wishing to name this unique principle of life a name of human or divine being. This way of conceiving life and organizing a society represented a new breath for the former colonies of survivors because this culture was based on the present, on dynamic spiritual movements and not on the preservation of ancient knowledge and the worship of gods or demigods or the worship of the chiefs of survivors who were beginning to serve as a pretext for fierce wars between colonies of survivors.

The Spiritual Masters of Asia

We know the history of these Asian spiritual masters who, in the sixth century BC, came to meet Greek and Egyptian scholars to pass on to them the elements of a more human culture, less dominated by the weight of the gods and much more educative of human wisdom and not exclusively divine.

These spiritual masters of the Far East saw the loss of the use of the first source of knowledge among the colonies of survivors while at home, spiritual movements encountered attempts to establish theocratic dogmas and systems of power. They made the decision to come and light the flame among the former colonies of the survivors.

We know that one of them, at the border, was obliged to put all his knowledge in writing before receiving authorization to take the route to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. It is likely that these spiritual masters from Asia also sought to know the state of the conservation of ancient knowledge saved from the last great cataclysm and of which they were not the direct depositories while ancient Egypt was losing its power.

The culture of the peoples at that time had to be based on several values.

The first category of values is linked to the preservation of the knowledge transmitted by the survivors of the last great cataclysm, and at the heart of this knowledge was the intervention of living beings from another planet who had created several human races. we find here the origin of religions based on gods and demigods, names given to these beings from another planet.

The second category of values comes from the peoples of Asia through their spiritual movements created by the great spiritual masters: Confucius, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, etc.

A third category of values will gradually be implemented: the perception of a single God who is at the origin of everything: of life on Earth as of life on other planets and these values are based on the highest initiation that has never ceased to be known by human beings and that allows direct contact with the mysteries of life after human life on Earth.

The cultural history of Antiquity is therefore above all a religious history which attempts to explain the survival of the human species on our planet.

This story progresses over the millennia to enrich the tragic memory of the destruction of the last great cataclysm with a more global vision of the mysteries of life throughout the universe to question the origin of life and its creator.

Conflicts between peoples are not religious, but they are essentially economic wars or wars to assert the supremacy of one people over others. The Trojan War (circa 1200) was a war between colonies of descendants of the survivors of Atlantis, and in view of Priam’s treasure which the Greek armies failed to find, we could say that the purpose of the conquest of Troy, besides the destruction of a rival city, was probably the conquest of this treasure which proved the direct descent of this people from the survivors of Atlantis.

Bringing back to the Greek cities this treasure which comes from the disappeared civilization and which contains pieces of metal which are the relics of the ships used by beings from the other planet, had a value other than symbolic and much more important than a question of quarrels about pretty women more or less goddesses or human.

Ancient peoples’ network organizations did not use religious issues to destroy each other. They were tolerant because they used the first source of knowledge and recognized the individual spiritual process. They sought to perfect their knowledge in relation to the mysteries of life and to preserve the vestiges of the superior knowledge available to the civilization of Atlantis destroyed by the last great cataclysm.

However, many religions have used human sacrifices and blood purification rituals of their races for a very long time.

Here we find the explanation in the mystery of the Andes around Tiahuanaco and the legends of the giants in these high plateaus that rushed into the volcanoes at the end of their lives precisely so that their genes that are not adapted to life on Earth disappear. This history of the origins of mankind on planet Earth is in total contradiction with the Bible narrative, and in view of the superiority of the Andean civilization over that of Europe, the Roman papacy will impose on Charles V the destruction of gold or silver goldsmiths so that no one in Europe will notice the delay of our civilization compared to that of the Andes. Gold and silver will be cast in ingots before crossing the ocean and arriving in Spanish or Portuguese ports. The elimination of this culture of the Andean peoples will be carried out in order to avoid a war of religion to the detriment of the Roman papacy and the Bible it defended.

The wars of religion will continue to this day and will be developed mainly by the leaders of the power systems set up at the fall of the Roman Empire in the West and East. It remains to keep in mind their origins through the culture and knowledge of the survivors of the last great cataclysm against the Roman papacy still opposed to the contribution of this knowledge in a much more humanistic European culture with this use of our first initiatory source of knowledge.

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