The poet’s speech on the plateau des Glières

Speech of resistance to the World Government of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, organizer of wars to enrich itself ever more!

My enemy is finance, said in 2012, a year after the poet’s speech. Why?

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opening a working weekend and connecting with the movement. The aim is to explain the reason for the venue, the purpose of the meeting, the purpose of the resistance and the objectives of the movement, which are a reminder of the content of the website, the action program that will be developed and the continuation of this meeting. This speech matches Malraux’s speech here in 1973 when the monument was inaugurated. Malraux’s speech speaks to the dead of the Glières, it is about two pages long. This poet’s speech speaks to the living, it is longer, about 12 pages, and lasts about 40 minutes.

I speak as a poet

I speak as a poet, on behalf of those who have found their reason for living and who know that they are the same as their reasons for dying, on behalf of those who refuse to accept the yoke of criminal ideologies, of economic power systems that steal the fruit of the work of others, on behalf of those who are outraged against the current dictatorship of shareholding, which takes half of the profits of our big companies to make it its rent for tomorrow, and the unemployed of tomorrow and first and foremost, many young people, our children, including now young graduates who are revolting, as in Tunisia in recent days and since in other neighboring countries. I am also talking about the two days I spent here at the end of March with my battalion buddies during a re-enactment of the fighting. These days are always present in my memory and are part of my resistance to a world that the poet does not accept, yesterday as well as today.

The climb to the plateau des Glières

For us, the hiking ski climb by Notre-Dame des Neiges had been easy under the sun. Our sergeants gave us a brief explanation of what happened. The unusual pride with which they spoke prevented us from asking any more questions. In a rush to see other places, we headed for the Ovine Pass. Delayed by an avalanche corridor, it was necessary to climb on the ridge of the Auges to finally reach our cottages and hay barns on the plateau. We had moved to Joubert, the first company in the Glières maquis. The next day, our lieutenant told us that our section would take over from Humbert Company, he told me that it was headed by a guy from my area. We were not to stray too far from the center of the plateau, as late in the morning we were not to arrive late for the ceremony to take up arms at the foot of the monument.

Our section was up to the Outan, then above the hollow of the Sarrazins, on the main road leading to the Col de Spée.

The hollow of the Sarrazins

There were three of us with a machine gun keeping a small trail running in a large unengaging rock to the left of the main path. Our sergeant had told us that on the day of the fighting here, nothing had happened but that mobile guards and militia had been arrested, killed and forced to retreat further to the Col de Freu the previous days. Groups of maquisards had fled the road on the right to pass through the passes of Spée and Freu. Opposite on the left, we had the massif of Sous-Dine. The uselessness of our presence had finally accustomed us to finally keeping the few rusty cylinders that lingered under the branches of the fir trees and that were the last traces of fighting and parachuting weapons. Here, it had been a good hiding place for weapons that could easily be distributed to several combat posts.

The ceremony finally sealed the unease that had invaded me on this set. I didn’t understand everything that happened here, I was imagining another story. I was happy to see my comrades from the reconnaissance section that I had just left at the end of the winter. As we chatted, we passed on the sense of embarrassment that this was not a battleground for Alpine hunters. The mountains are too easy even in winter in the snow. In June, behind the Chapieux, we went to the Col de la Seigne, to the Tondu and we were looking at the places where the 1940 fighting against the Italians took place. The ridge between the Tondu and the northern head of the Fours, above the Bonhomme Pass, the small passes of the Enclave, the Tuffes, is a more suitable terrain and we listened to our leaders tell us about Lieutenant Jean-Marie Bulle and his section SES in the fights on the ridge of Bellaval – Enclave Pass, the feat of the June 23 withdrawal under enemy fire. Here, yes, we were home! 

The Scrubland and Struggles of the Resistance

Yet we knew that such high-mountain fighting had been very rare in 1940 and during the winter of 1944-1945. The sporting feats of seasoned mountain people, of which we were a part, had little place in the course of the war. However, they had been sufficient for the two lieutenants who led the ski scouting sections in the two most heroic confrontations, Tom Morel at the Col de la Galise, Jean-Marie Bulle at the head of the Enclave, to become the officers who organized the resistance in Haute-Savoie and Savoie. Both will be murdered as traitors, contrary to the word given between soldiers, and we learn the terrible lesson. But today, let me place next to these soldiers, another founder of maquis in the Isère, around Grenoble, in the Chartreuse and then the Vercors: Henry Grouès, says Abbé Pierre. He took part in the establishment of the “maquis Palace” in Chartreuse. As the Chartreuse became too exposed, in summer 1943, Abbé Pierre had the “maquis Palace” transferred to the Vercors, to Sornin, above the gorges of Engins, and then to Malleval at the end of the year. On January 29, 1944, this maquis was destroyed by the Germans. Resistance fights united those who believed in heaven and those who did not. What matters on earth is faith that lifts mountains, and then topples dictatorships. Resistance feeds first on moral forces drawn from the brightest spirituality, then it must organize its resupply in the valley farms, and the old people who give bread and cheese read in the eyes that they are not bandits, terrorists, but children who bring freedom and hope, reasons to live and die. Here the moral forces come from life at altitude under the stars, they also come from the spiritual engagement on the initiatory path that can take place everywhere in our plains and cities. Very quickly, these two routes meet and for a maquis in war, the mountain is one of the safest refuges. 

It is in these examples, this division between the moral and spiritual qualities possessed by those who have learned to rise to the heights of our Earth and the exceptional physical qualities that go with the former, it is in this division between those who love to find themselves in the sky, to speak to those who have risen to heaven and those who refuse to be lowly and a despicable life under the yoke of a dictatorship, that the sense of fighting is found on these plateaus. The scrubland of the Glières has nothing to do with fighting in the high mountains. This is the first real fight of the resistance in the open, in these days when, from this first piece of territory of France truly liberated, men and women were able to forge between them, educated by the example of their leader, a spirit of resistance and combat that would lead them five months later to liberate themselves their department of Haute-Savoie, again with the help of the parachutes of weapons of the Allied Air Force. 

This struggle of the resistance is something to appeal to the young poet who learned the lesson of James Joyce:

“for a writer, there are only three solutions: silence, exile, or cunning.”

The writer can be satisfied with these solutions, especially when he gets lost in alcohol and a bohemian life, certainly not a young poet who knows that he will go to battle. From his childhood, victor of his inner struggles to tear the veil, discover his source of life and the one who lives in us, he must then take the path of his evolution and succeed in sharing his encounters with the mysteries of life beyond the edges of death. Here on this plateau, for almost three months, there has been this sharing of the most human values that push us to live free or to die. As Malraux put it: here, the maquis des Glières came together to practice “one of the oldest languages of men, that of will, sacrifice and blood.” It is also, dare we say, the natural language of poets, usually the first to be arrested and murdered, when militias under dictators plant fear and dread in order to force people into political submission and slavery and social misery. 

None of this had been planned or even imagined: the plateau of Les Glières was to serve as an entrenched base for parachuting weapons to equip the maquis of the Ain and the two Savoies by enjoying winter and snow. It was the influx of resistance fighters and refractory to the STO that made it necessary for them to go up to the plateau to take shelter, then it was necessary to protect these hundreds of men and train them in military combat, then there was the encirclement of the massif by the enemy, then it was necessary to find an honorable exit with the least possible losses in order to stay alive for the fighting for the liberation of the country. After the third parachute drop on the night of March 10 to 11, the snow begins to fall on the evening of March 12 and it will fall a height of 2 meters that will block any movement on the plateau. The 45 tons of weapons and explosives will not be able to go down into the valleys. It is impossible to abandon them to the enemy without fighting.

Snow upsets the plans but to decide to fight whatever happens, life first commands, the will to live free!

The battles of the plateau des Glières are a lesson in resistance, the one that comes before victory and prepares it in the hearts of those who refuse. In March, we could take over the place of our elders here on the set, but there was no question of major military operations. On this plateau of the Glières, the most important had certainly been the weeks spent with Tom Morel, the organization of the maquis in operational military units and certainly also the reception of parachutes of weapons and food which proved that this maquis was also an important element of the allied forces led from London. The mission of this fighting force was to be ready for the liberation of the country. But what we could not do during this reconstruction of the fighting was to withdraw, to descend the plateau to escape the destruction of the scrubland. We had all left through the Ablon Gorge to descend on Morette. During the evacuation of the scrubland, most of them passed through the Perthuis pass to descend into the Parmelan massif, since that was the order of Captain Anjot and for a troop in retreat, it was necessary to bet on the impassable nature of this mountain.

Tom’s death, we will return to the meaning of death and the meaning of life and freedom to live, was understood by most as the first sign of the end of the maquis. It is likely that if Tom had decided to fight to the end, perhaps waiting for the company of Canadian soldiers that was to arrive according to the information coming from London, given the example given by this leader to his troops, all would have fought to the death.

But to resist is not to die and disappear, it is to prepare for the fall of dictatorships, to bring down tyrants in the coffin, to break the sword that threatens your will to live free and for that you must live and defeat!

Before leaving the plateau of Les Glières, the world had to know who you were, not terrorists, shadowy soldiers, soldiers of the battles of the night, but, to use Malraux’s words here in 1973, fighters “in the terrible clarity of the snow. And through that silence” that followed the Plateau’s evacuation, “all those who still loved us, from Canada to Latin America, from Greece and Iran to the Pacific Islands, recognized that gagged France had at least regained one of its voices, since it had regained the voice of death.”

Malraux speaks to the dead. He said this day in 1973, on this Plateau des Glières:

“France does not choose between its dead… They’re all here today, watching us… ”.

Let the poet who speaks speak speak for himself. The poet dies, and often he is murdered, killed if he does not choose to kill himself to escape his tormentors. Some have signed their last words with the blood of their veins like this one in a Moscow apartment while the secret police come to pick him up. But the poet does not speak to the dead, he speaks to the living, he who is truly from beyond the grave! It is addressed to his brothers and sisters, to those, children, adolescents, men and women to the depths of their ages and their human condition who seek and discover that it is possible to live free despite our mortal human condition and often so cruel and unjust, despite our social, professional, civic lives that are imposed on us and are sometimes so alien to our desires to live.

Of course, the starting point of the resistance is to say No!

As Malraux once again put it: “The word No, which is firmly opposed to force, possesses a mysterious power, which comes from the depths of centuries. All of humanity’s highest spiritual figures said No to Caesar. Prometheus reigns over tragedy and our memory for saying No to the gods. The Resistance only escaped scattering by gravitating around the No vote on June 18. The shadows, unknown at the time, which were jostling at the Glières in a night of judgment last, were nothing more than the men of the No. But this No of the dark maquisard, stuck to the earth for his first night of death, is enough to make this poor guy the companion of Jeanne and Antigone. The slave always says yes.”

Tom Morel, Jean-Marie Bulle, and others have shown a real spiritual dimension in organizing their troops. The essence of spirituality is to come to the point of no longer being afraid of death and knowing how to cross the boundaries of our deadly carnal envelope. It is easy to see why the rulers of power systems still forbid spiritual movements in order to develop dogmatic religious ideologies and fanatical, sectarian theocracies of their own. The knights, and here most of the maquisards of the secret army, often Christian, like those of the communist FTP, were fearless and blameless. Spirituality belongs to no one. As we show, it is about using our primary source of knowledge, and we can do so even without knowing how to read and write the academic language. As Malraux once put it, “ the oldest language of men, that of will, sacrifice, and blood,” can be enough to take the plunge into this infinite path of life.

The second starting point is to know our past: “Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it”, wrote Georges Santayana in 1935.

The movement we are leading on explains that this No, this ability to say no and to dare to be oneself, in communication is part of the method of assertiveness. I’m not going to start a communications class. Our opponents, those who do not understand our resistance, who are afraid to go down this path to leave their cozy conformism, who do not know what to gain in exchange for the social status and the few material riches that the richest leaders deign to give them, since there must be domestic demand so that they can skim the markets in their thirst for maximizing the profits legitimized at least since 1789 by the sacralization of individual property, including means of production, our opponents shout, shout: after the NO, what are you proposing? Who else has a chance to live? Why not admit that in the face of the inescapable reality of our death, everyone can be free to live as he wants and that the most clever, the richest, the most cynical, simply the strongest, the best prepared for human life thanks to their necessarily superior races in relation to each other, each can freely decide first to say NO to the gods and then Shit to his contemporaries (this is also the word of a soldier who knows how to face death) to enjoy life and the material conditions of existence as he sees fit? On that night of March 26-27, 1944, was it not the same? Everyone had to choose their path and their companions of escape and the fate was not the same, some passed but more than a hundred were killed in this tragic escape.

Aren’t we inevitably alone in the face of death? The poet, an insider, is never alone in the face of death! And it is not a question of whether or not his companions of life or resistance are close to him, at his bedside, are or are not wearing him or dressing his wounds…even reciting his poems or shouting his songs more or less through the streets! Still less a question of whether the spirit of the dead is still present and haunts these battlefields, whether the old are still there to feed, to indicate the right way and the wrong way to the enemy. Malraux describes “the great white bird of Gilioli” who ” planted its greenhouses here. With his wing of hope: his wing amputated from combat and against them, his rising sun. With his place of contemplation, his statue whose arms are nevertheless offered arms, with his voices intersected, which will make you think of the interrogation of the Egyptian tombs: what do the voices of the other world say, with their sound of bees?… ”

Sorry, Malraux, there is no sound of bees, there is the dialog of the soul for the soul, the dialog with the Word that makes us cross the border forever or that asks us to come back in our carnal envelope, there, on a planet that then looks like a blue orange. On the other hand, Egyptian temples as well as other temples on Earth have taken initiates from the other world. In Denderah, the initiates who came out of the oldest temple on the banks of the Nile, the double house of life, had the right to speak of the mystery of Revelation, and they carried the social status of sons of God. Greek scholars were educated there: Orpheus, Thales, Pythagoras, as well as the spiritual masters of the shores of the Mediterranean and, inevitably, of the Dead Sea and of the Jewish people and then of the first Christian spiritual networks. They went to Denderah and to Eleusis, built on the model of the former. At this point, it is no longer a question of pronouncing Prometheus’s No to the gods; it is a question of pronouncing Abraham’s Yes in order to stop sacrificing his children, the children of women and men.

The poet has the knowledge to teach others the two ways to talk about the mysteries of life and the creator of life and we wrote these web pages. This story is at the heart of the spiritual movements that have been weaving the alliance between the one who lives in us and the one who welcomes us after the well of light for millennia when we decided to cut all ties with our human fleshly envelope and voluntarily declare our fleshly envelope dead. The poet in his evolution learns to say yes to life and to leave the dead to their eternal peace. We have enough on earth of ignorant spirits and cynical criminals who use force to try to eliminate us in order to dominate peoples in an obsessive thirst for power and money by abusing precisely this fear of death in a human being who has not begun his life path and his initiatory search.

So, after saying No, what do we want, what do we propose?

Nothing that cannot interest them since everything we want is contrary to their ideologies and their claim to dominate the peoples through their systems of political, economic, theocratic, military or police power. We have shown the constant struggle in the West over the last two thousand years between networked organizations that use, among other things, the knowledge of the temples along the Nile and the systems of power: the Roman military empire, French royal absolutism, and now capitalism’s system of economic power. The resistance movements were the Christian communities before they were banned in 320, the Cenobite movement that saved the knowledge mainly of Denderah and then the Benedictine movement from the year 500 that kept at Mount Cassin the writings of ancient civilizations that had not been destroyed, notably in the fires of the library of Alexandria ordered last by Christian bishops on the orders of the popes of Rome. The Benedictines enabled the rise of a European network organization around abbeys and knights’ orders, principally the Temple Order. After the destruction of the Templars, there was the Protestant movement, the Republican parties, the social, socialist and communist movements and today, there are our movements that want to put the human being back at the heart of social organizations and that seek solutions for the sustainable development of life on planet Earth.

The resistance movements we have just mentioned have a central common point: they use common property to manage material goods and collectively share the same spiritual values to marry their cultures. Simply put: they are working to make the values of peace and love a reality in their social norms and lifestyles. At home, there is no possibility of letting some get rich by taking over the work of others on the pretext that they know better how to manage their individual property and their ownership of the means of production, especially with more cynicism!

Likewise, these peoples refused to allow a power organization to develop among them capable of no longer representing them and instead serving mainly the personal interests of the leaders. These people are our elders in resistance. These civilizations were flourishing because the Pharaoh and the high priest had been initiated in the same way: they had left their carnal bodies in the holy of saints after closing the door of this room so that no one could enter and endanger their carnal bodies. Then they made the journey through the well of light, and back into their fleshly bodies, they opened the door to present themselves to the assembly gathered in the temple. At the time of the famine, when the crops were in short supply, the pharaoh distributed with the priests the bowl of food, and then he would last serve himself the same ration. During the battles, the Pharaoh was in the front line, we dare to specify as Tom Morel, as Jean-Marie Bulle, as a team leader and rope leader of a reconnaissance section that is admittedly behind the first enemy line… When the Nile was in flood and fertilized the fields, all worked in the temples and pyramids and learned knowledge: celestial mathematics and divine laws derived from confrontation with the mysteries of life, life after human life and human life once after having been beyond the well of light and with this knowledge, they desert Ignore the hieroglyphs who always talk to us. The same is true in other cultures, in the land of a thousand Buddha at the foot of the Himalayas, in the land of the Great Law that binds the Iroquois nations, in the land of free loves without fathers or husbands in Yunnan as in Melanesia and Oceania, in the Amazon forest among these first peoples who refuse the development of a state among their tribes and there are so many other examples, past or present, to cite.

Of course these civilizations, these peoples have been and are being destroyed by leaders of power systems hungry for wealth and for time powers, by multinationals who want to take new wealth and crush and drive these peoples out of the desired regions.

The third starting point is to define the action to be taken:

“The only thing that allows evil to triumph is the inaction of good men.” I quote Edmund Burke (1729-1797), a quote echoed later by Albert Einstein: “The world is dangerous not because of those who do evil, but because of those who watch and let it happen.”

What do we want? Continue the fight of the resistance! Against whom? Against those who led the Second World War in their own ideological and personal interests. This group of leaders is, of course, among the winners, for it was they who remained in power to lead the world.

In 1945, the priority was to rebuild war-torn countries, to remove Nazi, Fascist, Japanese leaders, and the servants of defeated dictatorships, but often these leaders were simply called upon to collaborate with the victors in order to help them fight against communist movements or provoke unrest that could legitimize the installation of autocratic and military powers. In recent years, with the opening of the military archives, we have learned how capitalist leaders and financiers have enriched themselves and strengthened their domination over the states through the continuous development of capitalism and its new forms of conquest of markets and economic power, including through two world wars. And here we can no longer wait for parachuting of arms from Britain or North Africa! Arms dealers and their bankers are no longer our allies; they are masters of capitalism, which uses regional wars and sales of the weapons it produces to maintain its grip on fossil-fuel and mineral reserves. They are our opponents, the main target of our resistance movements. We want them to leave and stop their criminal activities! Before the fall of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War, the actions of these war merchants were less visible. Since then, the archives, their stories have spoken.

The relationships between kings, princes, and their bankers are well known, and the method is simple: when the king spends more than he is able to tax his people, the banker lends them money, and the king becomes dependent on them. If he wants to repay, the simplest solution is also to plunder the neighboring kingdom. In this financial system, very quickly bankers can get together to push kings to make war, to borrow to raise armies of mercenaries and then to defeat him, to borrow to rebuild his kingdom. Bankers make fabulous fortunes by plunging people into misery and devastation! But it is their law of money and maximizing their profits!

This criminal practice took off after the destruction of the order of the Temple whose bank served the interests of the people and not those of the kings. One of the earliest examples of this was in Alsace, where the German electorate tried to pledge to the bankers the taxes to be levied on the resources of the Alsatian cities. Ten cities refused and met in 1354 around the Decapolis partially restoring the network organization of the time of cathedrals, abbeys and Knights Templar: these are the free cities of Alsace that tourists from all over the world always come to visit: the riches remained on the spot and did not fall into the hands of these European bankers always eager to extend their power over kings and princes, nobles.

In other European countries and regions, bankers succeeded in gaining power at the expense of the monarchies. We know, for example, how Nathan Rothschild took advantage of the Battle of Waterloo to confuse the London Stock Exchange. He made believe by selling all his “English Consul” shares that England had lost the war. The rumor spread so quickly that most of the shareholders, in panic thinking they were losing everything, sold their shares in turn “English Consul”. After a few hours, the value of the shares had fallen to 5 cents, which is when Nathan bought them for a pittance. Soon after, the official news about the outcome of the war spread to London. Within a few seconds, the “English Consul” course exceeded the original value and continued to rise. By one night, the already gigantic wealth of the Rothschilds had multiplied by twenty and Nathan had gained control of the English economy. We are not going to cite other historical cases on this point, each more edifying than the other…

After the domination of Europe, the bankers succeeded in setting up the Central Bank of the United States which the founding fathers of the United States did not want, but after the death of Benjamin Franklin in April 1790, the bankers of the European financial oligarchy put in power their mercenaries and the deal was done! At the end of the 19th century, financiers called for only Russia because the Czar refused the creation of a central bank governed inevitably by the families of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. We now know how they succeeded. They recruited from among the evil pupils of Marx, and Lenin was recognized by Marx himself as one of his evil pupils. Trotsky in January 1917 was trained in guerrilla warfare at the property of the “STANDARD OIL COMPANY” of ROCKEFELLER in New Jersey. The Trotskyite rebels were financed by the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy to eliminate the Czar’s regime in Russia. Then, after the Bolshevik Revolution, Standard Oil (Rockefeller) bought 50% of the huge Caucasian oil fields from the Russians, even though they were officially nationalized. In 1927, Standard Oil built the first refinery in Russia, then made a deal with the Russians to sell their oil on European markets, and funneled $75 million to the Bolsheviks. In 1929, using stock-market speculation, bankers triggered the global crisis that forced states, and especially the US, to borrow massively in order to carry out the big New Deal jobs that put Americans back to work. Hence huge new financial profits and then it was Germany’s turn to be manipulated.

We now know that it was American financiers who provided Hitler with the money and equipment needed to start WWII.

One detail among others, the IG Farben chemical cartel had its headquarters in Germany, it controlled the chemical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide and 93 countries cooperated in this cartel. I.G. Farben had developed a method of obtaining gasoline from coal in 1926 and in 1929 concluded a license agreement with the “STANDARD OIL” (Rockefeller). Two years later, I.G. Farben produced about half of Germany’s gasoline and later built refineries right next to the concentration camps. The prisoners were forced to work there as convicts while the gas for the gas chambers was being produced in the refineries. The I.G. Farben group was one of the largest konzerns controlled by the Rothschilds and was selling huge sums of money into the German economy and particularly to the future SS. I.G.Farben’s board of directors included MAX and PAUL WARBURG (of the Federal Reserve) who owned major banks in Germany and the United States. The chief liaison between Hitler and the silver barons of Wall Street was HJALMAR HORACE GREELY SCHACHT, the head of the Reich bank, whose family was closely linked to the international financial elite.

By helping Nazi Germany to become a military power, these bankers set up World War II through the initial confrontation between Germany and the Soviet Union and to better support the Nazi offensive capabilities, the invasion of France and Britain was set up. Stalin thought that his pact with Hitler would prevent him from this war wanted by the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy: he had to understand his contempt too late but he had to save from defeat with the help of the military-industrial complex and American financiers. Then it was the Cold War that kept military spending high throughout the world, until the USSR collapsed economically and then politically. When the country was liberated in 1944, De Gaulle insisted heavily that France had liberated itself, albeit with the help of allied troops, but itself! Was it to reject the perverse game of Anglo-Saxon financiers that had caused him so much trouble in the conduct of the war, yet so simple in strictly military terms and that he had described in his books of the 1930s? General Patton will be much clearer in his accusations against American financial leaders, but he will not end the year 1945, the victim of a strange accident that so well arranged the true masters of the United States.

Historical details abound to track the work of this elite in their foolish quest for a world government fulfilling their quixotic dream of unchallenged power to grab the wealth of the Earth. To be clear, most of the revolutionaries have been the voluntary or unconscious agents of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, the latest of which is none other than Bin Laden. The names of the individuals and families who have directed these criminal manipulations with the cynicism of the best capitalist already advocated by Adam Smith, are known as well as those who pursue these greedy acts just as criminal. We are indeed in the presence of a war of the peoples against the enslavement decided by this international financial elite: the financial oligarchy of Wall Street wanted the politicians to build a Socialist Society because socialism levels down, impoverishes and makes it possible to better control the peoples. 

The same men and international firms funded the Russian Revolution, Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” and National Socialism, the 3 “socialisms.”

Each time, these political maneuvers reinforced the dependence of states and peoples on the financial oligarchy which found colossal profits. Today, the Cold War is gone, capitalism resumes its original savagery and it is the states that must themselves cooperate with the financiers to reduce the public deficits precisely dug according to the old age-old methods.

The most obvious example is Greece, which was pushed into credit by the American bank Goldmann Sachs and then still forced by that bank to repay rapidly with drastic stringent policies. And the people submit to pay and repay more and more! Milgram’s experience is part of the reason for this submission, and we have a better understanding of the significance of this demonstration, when we know that it was made at Yale University in New York, whose secret society of students has been providing for over a century the elite of American leaders of defense, the arms industry and the American financial oligarchy, precisely those new masters of the world who cannot bear social justice and solidarity among peoples so contrary to their personal interests and their indecent way of life.

Oil management has become a scandal that the financial oligarchy no longer even tries to hide. Any pretext is enough for new upward speculations on the price of a barrel of oil and when a people revolts against the worst dictator still in power, the conservative parties as most governments are annoyed at first with this new “unforeseen” problem that complicates a crisis management that they cannot manage. The most cynical followed immediately by the most wary if not the most foolish, quickly declare that it is not possible to help and save all the peoples who rise up against their dictators especially if they are kept in place to guarantee access to strategic markets: oil, cocoa, mineral wealth…

So these people must continue to submit to their criminal despots, otherwise it is no longer possible to ensure order around the world.

This position has just been expressed by neo-conservative politicians about the revolt of the Libyan people against Gaddafi. This civil war, which turns in favor of the dictator’s Praetorian guard on an army on the one hand and reinforced on the other hand by thousands of mercenaries coming from the countries of the Sahel and paid at gold prices, throws us two thousand years back from the time when the Roman legions moved to defeat the rebellions of the submissive peoples, as well as the cursed time in France of the 1300s when Philip the Bel spoliated the wealth of the Jews to be able to afford an army of mercenaries capable of imprisoning the Knights Templars and destroying the network organization of the time of the cathedrals.

In 2011, witnessing such events speaks volumes about the incompetence, mediocrity and even corruption of the leaders of the great democracies and international institutions, which demonstrate that people can no longer count on them to ensure the sustainable development of humanity on our planet. Other leaders, in the same vein, confess their powerlessness to imagine a world without dictators and prefer to hide behind their fears of new military conflicts when they are supposed to manage a military power against which no dictator has the means to resist!

The freedom accorded to despots to subjugate populations with autocratic dogmas and racist and fascist criminal myths conflicts well with the desire to live free without despots and dictators. The current crisis inevitably rekindles extremism, but we know that these crises are necessary for the fabulous enrichment of the financial oligarchy, and the countries where billionaires grow like mushrooms are also at the UN those who refuse assistance to people who rise up against dictators. They understood the political purpose of capitalism, and chose to defend their systems of power, which provided them with power and glory as a ruling minority hungry for ever more material wealth.

Yet these resistance and revolts are no longer conducted through London radio, but through social networks on the web, through the Internet and telecommunications revolution.

This technological revolution allows unlimited speculation on all the world’s stock exchanges that operate night and day but our leaders want to prohibit its use through the liberation of peoples who no longer support tyrannical systems of power.

This desire to live freely in citizen networks freed from political, economic and financial, military and religious systems of power is first shared on the Internet and then on the squares of cities, in the heart of the peoples and our website participates in the sharing of this word capable of liberating the peoples. For us, the elimination of the last dictators is a logical consequence of the Internet revolution, knowing that in our so-called democratic countries, the consequence is the abandonment of representative political systems for the development of citizen networks in a participatory local democracy. We are therefore living in the same battle on both sides of the Mediterranean and the defeat of some closely concerns others because the opponent is the same and the obligation to win is the same.

Here, on the plateau des Glières, the combatants of the maquis had all other motivations, much simpler and more human to resist this oppression and this war decided by this group of criminal leaders. Like the poets, the combatants of the Glières maquis do not care about the evil designs of the bankers and the leaders of the arms industries. They fight for their reasons to live, to live free together in citizen networks of life!

Today, our struggle is rooted in the obligation we feel to put an end to this dictatorship of the international financial oligarchy.

The French resistance wanted the price of blood paid by their own people to serve the cause of a more free and solidarity-based world, mainly through social security for all. It represents a major advance after 1945 in French society, but this protection has never been supported and developed by the employers who have sought since 1945 to minimize their financial effort, their social contribution to allow their deficit to widen year after year and the incentive of pharmaceutical groups to consume ever more often fatal drugs, finds in these deficits a flagrant and criminal consequence.

Today, many of our leaders publicly state that it must be scrapped and replaced by privatization of health care spending, as in the United States with its unjust liberal, anti-social solidarity capitalist model. This position of the mercenaries of the financial oligarchy and the autocratic and conservative systems of power represents indeed a new declaration of war on French society which legitimizes the establishment of our new networks of resistance and our presence on the plateau of the Glières, here and now, regains all its rightness, its relevance and its powerful strength!

Resistance has only disappeared from public life through political, economic, social, cultural and military conformity, since they teach us that there is no alternative to the domination of the capitalist system of economic power based on the individual ownership of the means of industrial production, and that this has been all the more true since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The resistance is still there, it is taking its place on the political ground, it is coming out of the shadows, in the light of the snow of our mountains, under the same stars.

There are men and women, capitalist leaders who deliberately took these decisions to defend their interests and their fortunes above all, and these decisions, these ideologies, have weighed on the course of the war. The resistance, the men and women of the Shadow Army, also influenced the course of the war, and the military was the first to recognize this. Other politicians and financiers apparently did not recognize this, and for decades they have been saying more and more officially that the social gains of the resistance and, of course, of the French resistance, which fought the hardest battles with the enemy, such as here in Les Glières in March and then in August 1944 throughout the department, must be suppressed.

What do we want?

Correct the mistakes of 1789 that allowed the development of this brutal and cynical capitalism in its populist and despotic maneuvers. We want a Constituent Assembly that establishes a declaration of the rights to social life of human beings. This declaration indicates the values that lead to peace and the minimization of violence, the freedom to organize into citizen networks of life within the framework of a participatory direct democracy or in a system of power over particular projects. It specifies how decisions are made, how skills are developed using the subsidiarity principle, and how the three forms of property are managed in a complementary way, as on the banks of the Nile in the past. It describes, in the context of the management of citizens’ life projects, the forms of work essential for survival, the development of works useful for sustainable development and the political action of citizens which animates and controls the exercise of authority and delegations of power within the institutions.

What do we want?

Introduce a Great Law that links the networks of citizens and then the peoples to ensure the translation of our reasons for living. Using our two sources of knowledge to marry our cultures and live in peace

Using our first source of knowledge:

we want to develop the 4 paths that lead to the encounter of the mysteries of life: the direct poetic path, the mystical path that uses the experience of the elders, the loving path and the fusion of the bodies, finally the artificial path that provides second states and allows trials before engaging in the first 3 paths that go up to the encounter. Spending a few weeks on this board to found groups of resistance fighters is an action that goes through these 4 paths.

from these initiatory teachings we want to break the dogmas of theocratic power systems and religions that use fanaticism to dominate the weakest consciences and nourish despotic powers and their criminal polices. Peace is also built by eliminating the risks of war caused by religious power systems. It is the work of the spiritual masters who have always broken the dogmas of religions that stifled the peoples in which they lived. We must also allow the education of these new spiritual masters at home in the West, where the Roman Church has prohibited it for almost two thousand years. On this plateau, we break this forbidden and, like the maquisards of Tom Morel, we give meaning to our resistance by drawing on our spiritual, sporting and mountain, military and political learning and personal paths.

Using the second source of knowledge, the intellectual source:

We want to use science and technology for sustainable development to ensure survival, defeat hunger, manage our land resources equitably for humanity, and prevent natural disasters.

We want to develop our life projects and our common material properties.

In a century, from 1170 to 1320, 80 cathedrals and almost 500 abbeys were built in France alone. These constructions represent more masonry, earthworks and stone cutting than anything done in this field in ancient Egypt in five thousand years, including pyramid construction.

We want to put back in place such an effort to build our houses of life and our double houses of life, saving energy and spreading an art of living and fullness of life. On this plateau, our hay barns, log cabins, our campfire places are part of this project to develop our places of life, here and everywhere where nature, its preserved landscapes, lead to meditation and listening to human life, the life of our planet, the life of the universe.

In our towns and villages, we want houses and homes for all and for the poorest communities to stop living on brownfields, in tinkered sheds, squalid hotels in the hands of crooks, in the street, food and food distribution to stop because there is food and sleep in the houses of our communal properties and of course, to respond to the clamor of our opponents, these people there M’sieu dame, before eating and sleeping, they will have worked like you and not with 3 or 4 hours less a week, but we will have given them work and they will have paid, not with your money! keep your money!, they will capitalize like us their social rights to probably live a little better than you!

Benjamin Franklin, Jefferson, Marx and Engels admitted that the Iroquois in their confederation for more than three centuries had a much higher standard of living than the peoples of Europe because they had peace and love, the love of nature and of their wives and children, of their horses, of buffalo, while here people left and died in war between kings, emperors, popes manipulated by a network of bankers who did not want peace and love for their countries!

The rest is known, the poor and ignorant who were too expensive to feed here, so as not to die of hunger in the absence of any social protection, had to often go to the Americas to end up massacring the people who lived there before enriching themselves and dreaming of ever more wealth… They did not know their history, they did not escape it and they started the same crimes again, democratically supporting the same criminals and the same perverse and vile ideologies.

To publish their first constitution, Washington and the founders of Independence, educated by Iroquois chiefs, had to agree to recognize the right to slavery of blacks to satisfy the desires of the majority and financiers to exploit the agricultural wealth. This slavery measure led the Iroquois confederation to reject mostly these English settlers to join the present territories of Canada or other English settlers later rejected them because they were obstacles to the development of the thirst for material wealth, this famous dream of the new world for poorly educated people whose leaders remained dishonest to organize the domination of their communities of origin.

This rejection also concerns the spiritual communities and movements that were oriented towards love and peace and that had left the European tyrannies for more freedom; some went into exile in the deserts of the new world. The neo-liberal capitalism carried today by conservatives still as racist and patriotic especially for their individual property rights and for their material and financial success, continues this infamy in which ignorance and willfulness compete for the right to want to dominate others with their abstruse dogmas and their populist beliefs in a moral order that flouts the least of the spiritual teachings drawn from our first source of knowledge! We make poetry to change life and create history!

Resisting is creating!

We want to re-establish a work organization capable of responding to our mission of authority to minimize violence and prevent the risks of natural disasters by ensuring complementarity between the work necessary for survival, the realization of works guaranteeing sustainable development, the citizen exercise of political action to guarantee the cost of obtaining solidarity between the networks of citizens of life and the peoples who share this culture based on the values of peace and love. On this stage, our work contributes to this organization of work, our future work and our political action.

We want to base this solidarity on the use of full currencies, without debts, created within the framework of life projects and on the use of the capitalization of social rights through the development of the non-market economy. It is one of the ways to ruin and displace the financial oligarchy, to break their despotic maneuvers to submit us to their immoral order as they plunder the resources of our planet.

What do we want?

Leave our power systems! Live free by working or die by fighting! The logic of capitalism has not changed since 1830, let alone after 1945. The slogan, too, does not have to change, the fight continues, and we must emerge victorious!

We want to chase away the people who present themselves to us as “good people” to defend their systems of power because these good people have found their place among the ruling minority and know how to maintain conformism and obedience to the myths, utopias, fables with which they manipulate the crowds who dare not say no and who do not want to undertake their personal initiatory journey towards the one who lives in them and liberates them from the fears of death and the fears created for them by the ruling elite of the systems of power, precisely those people who say themselves “good people”!

The most shameful figure is on the faces of these modest people, to whom they have managed to make believe that those who are indignant and refuse to submit to the domination of this system of political, economic and social power, the anti-capitalists, will come and plunge them into the most terrifying insecurity and steal their individual property, this great individual property inherited from 1789 that these modest people share so well, as we do, with the leaders of the capitalist system of economic power in the same company of individual owners.

In the valleys, these good people denounced those who helped the resisters and this, in their fears, to remain faithful to the Vichy law and the law of the occupier.

They are already denouncing us in the media and especially on certain web forums. Let them not become like in 1944, the last-hour resistance fighters who, to make amends, committed countless abuses against women and men and tarnished the liberation festivities, the image of the resistance and its dead. Will they understand the necessary complementarity between individual, common and collective properties? Ignorance and corruption remain the two main evils of our societies and resistance has always been in their sights for millennia around the world.

We want to abandon the bureaucratic organization of states that manage systems of power. The general interest of citizens in democratic states is too easily and repeatedly overruled in favor of enriching ruling oligarchies throughout the world of business and politics.

We prefer to directly develop local democracy, our confederations of citizen networks of life, the development of common material properties, of our houses of life to be born, educated, loved, treated and then prepared for life after the death of our carnal body. Networked organizations do not need states that are supposedly supposed to represent and govern them, especially if they are at the mercy of an international financial oligarchy!

We want to organize the custody of weapons and weapons technologies so that war criminals, militiamen serving despots and the wealthiest who run the current power systems are deprived of the use of these weapons, from the tear gas grenade to the atomic bomb!

We want to develop the mastery of communications and information for the benefit of our citizen networks of life to guarantee the freedom of information, of the press and to destroy the dogmas and fables created by despots to manipulate and subjugate us.

We want troops of knights to take these weapons from the mercenaries in the pay of the thieves of wealth and criminals who defend their power by the repression of their peoples and make their mercenaries fire war bullets on crowds, by policies based on fear and terror, by the elimination of the movements of insiders and cultivated people who resist them and who methodically prepare wars to enrich themselves further and have more power at the global level. The knights also took the fortunes of these rulers, the boxes of gold they carried on their planes when the people chased them from their palaces.

How are you going to move from resistance to liberation of peoples subjected to power systems?

At the outset, it was enough for a few brave and courageous people who were absolutely not afraid of death and who often, as in the case of poets, managed to escape it.

Remember General de Gaulle’s speech in Leclerc in London in 1940: a cause as desperate as it is is never lost in advance if a man standing up consents to die for it. It is all in the adjective “stand” – standing not lying at the feet of dictators, despots who instill in you the pernicious myths of obedience to the leader, the emperor, the Führer, the law of money and profit maximization, free markets, and healthy competition – when the first American billionaire based his fortune on an exclusive contract and monopoly of oil transportation on the railways.

Between theoretical economic principles and the natural right to take the wealth that others have not yet acquired, the reality is clear and unambiguous: it is the law of the strongest, the most cunning and the most cynical, the law of the one who accepts to lose his conscience and to sacrifice others for an ingot of gold, for money, always more money.

When financial crises follow the abuses of speculators, when the price of staple foods becomes unjustifiable and intolerable, when the excesses of the rulers, their police and their activists become an affront to all who have any knowledge of the more humane periods of our history, a man standing kneels, sits on the ground and sets himself ablaze in the crowd. It doesn’t have an explosive belt to kill as many people as possible, so don’t confuse!

We saw it in Czechoslovakia in 1968, in Tunisia in December 2010, in Southeast Asia with monks, monks…

These martyrs use the oldest language of men, that of will, sacrifice and blood.

This language breaks conformism, blind submission, manipulative myths and rogue laws that legitimize the scandalous enrichment of leaders and misery, unemployment, exclusion of the majority and today of a large part of the youth who are confiscated the dream of a society and the desire to live.

And the poet in all this?

He guards the embers, he watches over the sacred fire, he knows the secret path that leads to the lost temples where people are forbidden to go. He points the way to liberation from the systems of power, he draws the current contours of organizations in networks of life, he talks about the sharing of the encounter with the mysteries of life, the absence of fear of death, everything that responds to our reasons for living, the human law that our reasons for living are exactly the same as our reasons for dying in our carnal body and then experiencing new metamorphoses. He said, singing to remind us as Paul Eluard, a poet of the resistance, that we live in the forgetfulness of our metamorphoses.

Metamorphosis between June 1940 and March then August 1944 here on the plateau des Glières then below at Annecy and the countries of Savoy, France and the world. We break not to destroy bodies and reject people, but to break shells, attitudes, ideologies, cultures, lies, and treacheries, so that a new transformation can be achieved in a flourishing new civilization.

The state is an imperfect and unfinished form of common property under constant attack from uncontrollable individual properties, let us go so far as to build our common properties by abandoning the state which can do nothing under the dictatorship of shareholder ownership and the most laughable and perverse case is that of a Communist Chinese government which plays the role of shareholder or that of one of the most powerful financiers towards other states!

The secular republic imposes on religious systems of power the abandonment of governance of public affairs while forbidding itself to fight against false theocratic dogmas, go so far as to develop once again our spiritual movements to throw down the dogmas on which theocracies and religious fanaticism are based!

The states are in deficit because of the tax evasion of the companies that make the most profit, because of the constant desire of the neo-liberal financial oligarchy to eliminate the social security and protection systems, let us go as far as finally to implement the capitalization of social rights discussed in the National Assembly in the 1850s which preferred to start by capitalizing the shares of commercial companies to forget immediately the fate of workers and declare taboo the capitalization of social rights. Let us put an end to tax evasion, let us call our fellow sailors to go to these islands and tax havens. Breton and Norman sailors, as your privateer and freebooter elders did against the Spanish and Portuguese ships that brought back the wealth captured during the genocide of the Andes and Central America, go to Guernsey and that this island is no longer the first banana importer in Europe, it does not make anyone laugh anymore! Let’s start with the bananas off the Normandy coast before heading back to the trade winds and the Caribbean, in the Pacific! The mountaineers will take care of investing in tax havens in the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean!

Finally, the Republic since 1789 has never managed to change its constitution without military or civil wars, without social unrest, let us go to the velvet revolution, the pacifist revolution!

Article 2 of the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen provides that in order to defend freedom, resistance to oppression is a natural and imprescriptible human right. The hierarchy of sources of law wants this article 2 of the Declaration to be superior to article 16 of the 1958 constitution, the resistance of the people remains in law stronger than the powers of a head of state that concentrates all the republican powers.

Let us resist to free ourselves from the oppression of this capitalism that has become wild again through its new financial form. Citizens have to work more and pay more taxes, contributions and taxes, while shareholders take half the profits and they obtain those profits by reducing the investments that prepare the jobs of tomorrow, by reducing staff costs and by increasing unemployment and above all the precariousness of work, that is to say a new poverty: the working poor, that is to say more than 6 million citizens in France! Citizens must support pension reform and longer contribution periods, while managers and shareholders are getting the opportunity from a liberal right-wing government to amicably terminate the employment contract, a legal measure that allows older workers to continue to leave before retirement at lower costs than before. Managers received $65 billion in business aid in 2010, and this is on top of the cost of fear in our businesses and the losses caused by maintaining a paternalistic management style in our family businesses, an amount estimated at nearly 5% of GDP in France and which over the years explain our worst social relations among developed countries and the rise in public deficits since big companies and financiers prefer to stand aside and let the states, our republic ruin itself to the point where they can privatize public services and get richer once again. The figure is official: corporate tax avoidance is worth €50 billion a year and has been for ages! All of this is enough to ensure that there are no deficits and that society can cope smoothly with the increase in life expectancy and the demographic shock in the labor force.

Wealth is created by the French to finance social protection and the country’s future, but others do not share the same vision of France’s future and the fate of its citizens. Let’s put our businesses back at the heart of our life projects!

It is not yet the price of bread, oil and sugar but already the price of petrol, the price of real estate, the cost of children’s education, the cost of youth unemployment, the cost of our poor social relations for more than a century, the economic, political and social cost of the errors of 1789 and of the Hatter’s Law and of Allard’s decree, the cost of contempt in French society, let us go so far as to define the misdeeds, the waste, the losses caused by the oppression of the French people by its ruling elites, monarchists and Catholics who always refuse the slightest an example of Protestant capitalism, or worse, like the Benedictine and Templar Knights, of a spiritual movement for social development that ruins the King of France and renders useless the presence of a pope in Rome or elsewhere, as well as the families of financiers who flourished after 1307, mainly in Italy, Venice and Florence and were the origin of the European financial crisis of 1350, the first of a long scandalous sequel!

Templars struggled to suppress slavery just as Mohamed in the 19600s in Medina redeemed slaves to free them. After 1307, the bankers of Venice specialized in the capture of the money brought from Mexico by the Templars and with this stock of money recovered from the kings and princes in repayment of the credits granted, the Venetian merchants made a fortune on the slavery trade between the Mongol empire and the Arab countries still as consumers of slaves and then, from the ports of the Black Sea, these Venetian and Italian merchants brought the plague to Europe as health measures were no longer taken into account. Later, we saw that these financiers imposed slavery in the first US constitution.

Malraux, here reminded us that the slave always says yes, otherwise he is put to death! We say No!

We demand justice, justice under an oak tree, in a clearing, in the playroom of a royal palace turned museum, here and now on the plateau of the Glières!

Let us pledge not to leave us again without having given France a Constituent Assembly for a new constitution that gives our civic organizations of life its place again!

Let us walk, let us walk, in the footsteps of the Alpine hunters who fought the first struggle of the resistance, in the footsteps of the legionnaires, of the soldiers of the year II that Malraux evoked here despite the questionable fact that the victory of the soldiers of the year II served the cause and the defense of the law the Hatter who opened all the doors of capitalism and legitimized the massacre of the canuts in Lyon after 1830…

No, for a poet, not all the dead can come together under the same coat, the same destiny.

The Republic does not have to compromise itself, admittedly, in a choice between its dead, it must offer a destiny to its living compatible with the greatness of its history!

Cathedrals are the poet’s landmark. There were those who built them, there were those who destroyed, burned and chased these builders. These criminal kings were cursed perhaps but their domination over the people of France still exists today, in other forms by other social groups, other families who took over this domination, who still profit from this betrayal towards the people of France and its knights, its resistance fighters.

Our adversaries, too, have used metamorphoses to advance their personal interests. They are among us, above us, we know them, we will call them since we have to change this world with them just as serenely as poetry is made to change life.

Let us help them to break their shells even that of Arpagon, of Father Goriot the most senile, of Uncle Picsou and of Rockefeller obsessed with the fear that he had that the justice of his country would finally ask him to account and ruin him for having dared so easily to take the monopoly of the transport of oil on the railways… unless this fear is rooted in the discovery of the criminal methods of the financial sector to which he had adhered and which dictated his will… Let us help them to overcome their fears and bring them our reasons for living, our reasons for working in being free without the need to die for that freedom.

We will descend from the mountain but we will return here with them or their children, here and to the summits from where it is easier for our mind to dive into the azure towards the mysteries of our life on Earth and find peace, inner peace before that which we share with others… and on these summits, the others are first of all cabbage, an eagle who watches over our presence but also before us here at Les Glières, this great white bird with wing broken by men and who waits to be healed to return in his quest for azure, freedom regained and peace.

Note of 24/11/2022 at the reinstatement of this speech on the new presentation of

This text, published in January 2011, defines the target to be eliminated in order to leave the current power systems: the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. The monitoring of financial crises since the 1980s and especially since 2006-2008 has highlighted the direct responsibility of bankers and financiers for these events. Their roles in financing the wars and the two world wars are beginning to become clear in the books that are published. Our enemies are the ones who organized these wars to obtain impossible peacetime benefits and also to extend their world government on Earth.

This speech by the poet in Les Glières is the first of a dossier on our dear enemies that will be written in the following years. There will also be the issue of a full currency, the solution that allows us to expand our activities without their banks, their credits and their debts from all countries.

In this fight to free us from these so-called masters of the world, I repeat the anecdote of the celebration at the end of March of the battles of the maquis des Glières until the evacuation of the plateau by the resistance fighters. Malraux’s speech is partly used to establish the link between the 1944 fighting, the liberation of the country on the one hand and the new Resistance on the other hand that will allow us to abandon this system of neo-liberal capitalist power dominated by the Anglo-Saxon high finance.

the monument of the maquis des Glières (realization of Gilioli)

” Non-violence presupposes, above all, that man is capable of self-defense, ” a thought little known to Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948),

Quoted by Roland Habersetzer, Sensei Habersetzer, our Geography History teacher at the High School of Obernai.

” There are men who struggle one day and they are good, others who struggle one year and they are better, there are those who struggle for many years and they are very good, but there are those who struggle all their lives and those are the indispensable ones” Bertolt Brecht.

” The road to Auschwitz was built by hatred, but paved with indifference.”Ian Kershaw.

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