Tiahuanaco, the oldest city of the world.

the text of this page is a copy of the book of Robert Charroux, the book of its books, at Robert Laffont, page 119

” One day will come where one will be able to say traditional civilizations Pharaons, of Chaldéens, Brahames: you are catalogued in our books as being oldest, but science proves that pre-incaïque civilization of Tiahuanaco is several thousands of years former to yours.” ” .

Weiner, 1876

Tiahuanaco in the book of Robert Charroux’s books at Robert Laffont

It is by door of sun that one penetrates of appartment in the ignored world of Tiahuanaco, which proclaims its antique splendour in Bolivia, to 4000 m of altitude. One day of May 1958, a French coming from Paz discovered, on a sandy plate, a city in ruin: Tiahuanaco. This French, the journalist Roger Delorme, knew the INCA history and the traditions of the Andean valleys. He had visited Cuzco, Pachacamac, Ollantaytambo, and had admired colossal giant stone constructions of which some weigh several tons. The old cities incas, Machu Pichu in particular, had strongly impressed it by a majestic harmony in spite of their gigantism. But in Tiahuanaco, in front of the scattered stones and statues on kilometers, in front of this Door of the Sun engraved like a bracelet Moor, it felt an indefinable influence exceeding all the emotions felt on the high spot of Peru. 

la porte du soleil à Tiahuanaco, Bolivie
The sunrise in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

In Tiahuanaco, the desert was inhabited by an extraordinary secrecy that the spirit did not manage to identify. Roger Delorme remained several weeks on the Bolivian plate, subjugated by the Door of the Sun, questioning the monolith broken in his medium (according to the tradition by a thrown stone of the sky), questioning the natives, trying to give a logical and scientific direction to the parabolas, the images and the petroglyphs.

Around, on the plate, of the monolithic sandstone characters, with large ears, with hands with four fingers, contemplated of their glance empties the man of the XXème century which tried to include/understand their message. 

The origin of Tiahuanaco is lost in the millenia. Incas, at the time of the conquest of Peru by Fernand Pizarre, claimed that they had never known Tiahuanaco differently than in ruin. Aymaras, the most former people of the Andes, said that the city was that of the first men of the Earth and that it had been created by Viracocha God before even the birth of the sun and stars. 

Literal translation of the work on the passage concerning Tiahuanaco

The enigmatic Renovating one of the Religion of the INCA Sun; Mr. Beltran Garcia, Spanish biologist and direct descendant of Garcilaso of Vega, the large historian of the Conquest; held of its grandfather of the new documents relating to the Andean traditions. The Door of the Sun, in itself, was only one incomplete testimony. The Andean traditions, in themselves, were only one plot. The whole, juxtaposed, made succeed interpretations mythologies and traditions American, Egyptian, Greek and even babyloniennes, a finally acceptable explanation. 

The history, which stopped with the last pharaonic dynasties, had just made a jump in the past and was prolonged now until the tenth millenium before our era, if not further. 

Here what the secret documents of Garcilaso of Vega revealed, translated and commented by Mr. Beltran: 

The pictographic writings of Tiahuanaco say that in the era of the giant tapirs, the very advanced human beings and a blood different from ours, highest found with their suitability the lake of the Earth (Titicaca). During their space flight, the pilots launched their excrements without landing and gave to the lake the shape of a human being lying on the back. They did not forget the navel, place where our first Mother would be posed, in charge of the insemination of the human intelligence.

This legend, yesterday, would have made us smile. Today our frogmen artificially copy the webbed fingers of the colonists of Tiahuanaco. Andean natives live at altitudes where the White could not be acclimatized, which is the proof that it can exist another blood. In their powerful telescopes, the sidereal visitors thus sought an altitude and a lake favorable at their organization and their life amphibian. It should be noted that to ruin the tradition and to discredit the lake in the spirit of Andean, the geographical charts represented it until 1912 with an almost round form. With the name lake legitimates: Titi (lake of the mystery and the sun), one added the suffix excrement which, in much of languages, means excrement.

Thus, the documents of the descendant of Garcilaso of Vega made state of extraterrestrial Eve of origin and interplanetary machines. They gave also astonishing precise details:

Tiahuanaco dessin venus

In the tertiary era (approximately 5 million years ago), whereas no one human being did not exist yet on our only populated planet of fantastic animals, an aircraft shining like gold landed on the island of the Sun of the lake Titicaca. From this aircraft a woman went down resembling to the current women for all the body from the feet until the centres; but it had the head in the shape of cone, large ears and the webbed hands with four fingers.

Its name was “Orejona” (large ears) and it came from the Venus planet where the atmosphere is about similar to that of the Earth. Its webbed hands indicated that water existed in abundance on its original planet and played a paramount part in the life of the Venusian ones. Orejona like us, it with intelligence and undoubtedly intended was endowed went vertically to create a terrestrial humanity, because she had relations with one to tapir, grognant animal going to four legs. She generated several children. This offspring born of a monstrous crossing was born with two udders, a reduced intelligence, but the reproductive bodies remained those of the tapir-pig. The race was fixed.

One day, its mission accomplished, or perhaps Earth wearies, and eager to return on Venus where it could have a companion with his image, Orejona took again its flight in the spacecraft. His/her children thereafter, procreated, especially dedicating themselves to the destiny of their father to tapir, but in the area of Titicaca a remained tribe faithful to the memory of Orejona developed its intelligence, preserved its religious rites and was the starting point of pre-incaïques civilizations. Here what is written on the pediment of the Door of the Sun with Tiahuanaco.

Tiahuanaco ruines
Tiahuanaco ruines

Of course, it is necessary to know to make the share of the things, however the unit leaves reflect.

The most disconcerting enigma nevertheless remains that of the construction of this strange city lost with the c?ur of the deserted high plateau. No career, no rock are visible in the vicinity. Which is the origin of materials used for the construction of the city during the imperial phase? By which clever means, while implementing which energies these stones monumental they were transported here?

The time is over when a Spanish Jesuit chronicled the magic action that the large stones you see in Tiahuanaco were transported in the air to the sound of a trumpet; (ultrasound?) played by a gifted person… at least exceptional. The petrographic examination of the materials made it possible to find the quarries corresponding to 100 and even 300 kilometers from there. Which forces admit that monoliths, some of which weigh more than 100 tons, were transported over considerable distances through land generally accidental. Remember that the mysterious builders did not have animals and knew neither the wheel nor the iron. 

Will one never know why the city, whose certain buildings seem unfinished, was abandoned for always?

The giant divinities who always take care on it lost the voice… But the word remains, of course, with the archaeologists…

The city of Tiahuanaco poses in my opinion an interesting problem.
Indeed the presence of very wide quays leaves has to think that the city was a port of the lake Titicaca. However Tiahuanaco is currently located at approximately 18 kilometers in the south of the lake, like with more than 30 meters above the current level the lake.

We know that the lake Titicaca, is the plate of Altiplano on which it is located, have, since always, moved much. Indeed the old northern bank of the lake is visible with 88 meters higher than its current level, whereas 60 kilometers more in the south, the same bank is located 82 meters lower. 
t is this movement of Altiplano which allowed professors Ponansky and Müller to affirm that Tiahuanaco was not built into -500, as affirms it the orthodoxe chronology, but in -15000, and that it would have undergone the anger of a natural disaster eleven millenia before our era.

Then, Tiahuanaco, the oldest city of the world?

Tiahuanaco and the great cataclysm

The molded stones of South America 

document from Martouf the Synthesist: 

As far as South America is concerned. Davidovits got there interested too. 

Tiahuanaco, there are megalithic slabs red estimated at 130 and 180 tons. It is a sort of red sedimentary stone. 

A recent study published in the revised journal by Elsevier peers show that it is very likely that these Tiahuanaco stones are geopolymers. We’re close to limestone. So this is the same principle as in Egypt 

pour lire ce document : 

The pyramids of Giza and the Incas walls are made of molded stone! 

autre document :  Geopolymer in monuments in South America: first scientific publication. 


According to Albert Slosman and his book the Great Cataclysm, the survivors of the Atlantis came to take refuge on the coasts of Morocco, in the region of Agadir and a party took a long walk to reach the regions more than 4,000 meters high in the Himalayas.

When the climate becomes bearable, about four thousand years later, they returned to the banks of the Nile and the group remaining on the coasts of Morocco undertook the crossing of the Sahara which was not yet a desert.

The molded stone technique uses minerals ” chemical “, acids, sulfates, etc. At that time, clouds toxic from volcanoes and leavers exposed as a result of Earth’s bark tears as the planet tilts on its axis to find a new balance, had deposited these mineral elements chemical as they were found in abundance in the old flaws tellurics and volcanic sites.

During the great cataclysm, the Nile changed its courses to follow the fault that now leads him into the Mediterranean and this valley communicates with Nubia where volcanic traces and There are many molten rock outcrops (gold was picking itself up at the excavator, without going down). As regards technologies conserved from Atlantis, the author and other scholars indicate that they were used at the beginning of the egyptian civilization (between five thousand and three thousand five hundred years B.C.) then were lost, especially during the invasion of the peoples of the sea. Among these techniques are: had the use of sounds to break objects, move volumes even very heavy.

The Bible brings an example when destroying with these sounds the ramparts of Jericho, a region where a skeleton of giant dating back to this period. Giants and their knowledge also part of the explanation for these constructions that remain for us, a conundrum still today. The Iberians also used this sound technique.

The other surviving colonies of the last great cataclysm is known: Thule survivors took refuge in the Caucasus at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters to find air breathable, the toxic clouds being heavier, covered the soil. It was the Iberians and the Berbers who got mixed up with the people of the Caucasus and the surrounding areas that had found refuge there for about four thousand years. Among their descendants, we find the colonies of Troy and Greece, Etruscan, the Celts, and in the Andes, the original colony from which a part He founded the Atlante civilization. This is why between the Andes and the The techniques used were the same on the banks of the Nile. 

The two Atlants colonies that developed after the last great cataclysm

The first colony is the Andes around Tiahuanaco which thus remained the original cradle of human civilization.

The second colony is that of survivors of the Atlantis that came to stray on the coasts of Morocco and then settle four thousand years later when the climate became bearable, on the banks of the Nile.

In the meantime, some of the survivors of the refugees in the High Atlas took the path of the Himalayas to meet the Thule survivors who followed Rama. They settled on the slope dominating the Indian subcontinent and the high plateaux of Afghanistan. As the rains and toxic clouds, they descended on the banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates then came to settle on the banks of the Nile where they were joined by the colony that remained in the Moroccan High Atlas.

Albert Slosman through his work traced the story of the survivors of the the last great cataclysm and the rebirth of their civilization on the the banks of the Nile.

Jean Mazel in his book ” Moroccan enigmas ” also evokes the atlante territory in the high valleys of the Atlas range.

Gérard de Sède in “the Gothic Mystery” traces the The Goth people, the survivors of the Baltic who are took refuge in the Caucasus and settled on the banks of the Don and the Volga before returning home to Sweden.

Renée-Paule Guillot in “the Cathar Challenge” describes the trips of Berbers and Iberians who from the Thule region, also took refuge in the Caucasus. They leave this region around -2000 to settle in Thrace. Group go south to conquer Italy, Sicily and Provence, go up the Rhone and then go down to the shores of Lake Constance.They the other group went north and went up the Rhine and settled on the north sea side next to the Celts and then they descend to Great Britain (Albion). Finally they will conquer Spain and its Phoenician colony.

The links between Europe and the continent American established by the vikings then the original templian fleet Viking of Normandy are more known and are presented on our page about the Great Law that Lie the Iroquois nations. See on this point the book ” Templars in America” by Jacques de Maheu. We also quote in this text the testimony of Schliemann who discovered the treasure of Priam in the Troy ruins, will see that the pottery is the same as those from Tihuanaco exhibited at the Louvre museum in Paris. In 1992, Ulm laboratory in Germany will discover in the Egyptian mummies from -3500, traces of coca from the Andes.

The story of the survivors of the last great cataclysm thus takes shape and shows that in their various colonies, these various peoples have continually repopulated the continents with a preference for the shores of the Mediterranean. They will stay constantly in contact. The great priests of the temple of Dendérah so explained to Pythagoras at the end of his initiation that he had to go to Thule and its region where the knowledge taught by the Druids was superior to their. Albert Slosman reports in his book on the initiation of Pythagoras.

The cited books were published by Robert Laffont, collection of the enigmas of the universe, in the years 1970. They meet at the bookstores.

Tiahuanaco and the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles. 

Legend of Andes and Egypt

According to the legend of the Andes and Egypt, the people from another planet First they had to live underground to protect themselves from the sun. Tiahuanaco is originally an underground city.

Then of the high plateaus where life could find refuge, the descendants of The people of Atlantis have gone to the highest highlands, and the survivors have gone. mountains of this continent. In the last great cataclysm, Atlantis was engulfed under the ocean and survivors landed on the coasts of the Morocco. They crossed the present Sahara which was not yet a desert to take refuge in the Himalayan mountains. The fractures of the bark land and the blossoms of lava, the volcanoes, projected to surface of the planet a layer of toxic gas and rain coming from evaporation of water from the seas in contact with the lava. This layer heavy left the high-altitude regions as the only viable refuge for humans and animals. Three thousand years more later, when the land became habitable, they descended into the plains to settle particularly along the Nile and to found the Egyptian civilization.

The knowledge retained in the the oldest temple in Egypt in Dendérah said that the the earth axis occurs cyclically, theoretically every 26,000 years and that the triggering phenomenon is the return of the earth around the sun that stops the race of the earth and makes our planet accumulate a force to be unleashed through this watershed that allows it to find a new gravitation center. This failover is always preceded increasingly devastating natural disasters, including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. The sun comes in greatly in this process of destroying life on earth because he too It turns on its axis and solar flares are very powerful. 

The scientific discoveries on magnetic earth disturbances and the reversal of the magnetic poles confirms and clarifies these legends Andes and Egypt. Tiahuanaco and its underground origin, its altitude and the proximity of a large lake, correspond to this refuge for beings live. It is likely that the shift of the axis of the sun, that of the Earth had other consequences on neighboring planets, in particular Venus that came to find an orbit close to the sun that makes life much more difficult than before on this planet. Tiahuanaco, according to the legend, was built by people from Venus during a catastrophe that made life impossible on this planet.

Scientific opinion on the reversal of the poles

Russian scientists believe that if the magnetic field changes, the protection of the Earth from radiation will begin to weaken: “first, there will be hits in the operation of the systems sensitive, starting with mobile phones. The satellites will fall failed. But before that, manned space flights must be stopped. Second, space and solar radiation will affect the genome of the organisms that live on Earth: some will die, others will suffer many mutations. Taking into account the solar eruptions that are accompanied by powerful streams of charged particles, it is likely that, well before the the total disappearance of the magnetic field, all life on Earth has become impossible”.


During this transition, the magnetic field intensity is very low and the surface of the planet can be exposed to radiation. Many technologies using magnetic field could also be affected.

The Earth’s magnetic north pole shifted from northern Canada to Siberia (1 100 km) with a currently increasing speed. In 1970 it moved 10 km per year, compared to 40 km in 2003 and since then has only accelerated. In the last decade, the magnetic north moved about one degree every five years. 


The inversion of the poles and Neanderthal

In 2010, two French scientists from INSU noticed that the disappearance of the Neanderthal Man had occurred during the tour of Laschamp. Recent dating techniques allow to place this extinction between 41 and 34 000 ans. They believe that the weakening of the magnetic shield allows sun-emitted protons to penetrate deeper into the layers of the atmosphere, where they then produce cascading chemical reactions that lead to the formation of nitric oxide, a substance that destroys the ozone layer. The Neanderthals therefore faced an increase in UV-B production for a long period with significant peaks during solar eruptions. These effects were studied in South America because of the Magnetic Anomaly of the South Atlantic

Fluctuations of the magnetic fields and current research. 

The variation of the Earth’s magnetic field is increasing much faster than expected, and scientists still do not know why.

The European Swarm satellite fleet tasked with measuring the fluctuations of the Earth’s magnetic field/ has observed, with precision, a lower intensity throughout the western half of the globe and a reinforcement at the level of the Indian Ocean. The drift from the magnetic North Pole towards Siberia, on the other hand, is confirmed by the global weakening. We have managed to measure the evolution of the friction of the earth layers on the magma of the core of our planet and the places where these slides are blocked and then will unlock through powerful earthquakes. While waiting for these blocked slides, like the one under the African continent then under the Antarctic continent, also interfere on the magnetism of the Earth to make it lower.

For the time being, scientific research finds anomalies without explaining their precise causes.

Lessons already present in Dendérah

This fact confirms that our planet is particularly unstable and that the development of life is frequently destroyed. But it remains a planet capable of supporting life that it is not wise to neglect in our universe. Here we enter into the lessons learned by initiates who have encountered the mysteries of life in moments of life after human life. These courses were reserved for students who successfully completed their initiation in the temple of Dendérah/. Clearly, after their mastery in the divine laws and celestial mathematics learned in the double house of life, they had died in their carnal body to access life after human life and then returned to Earth. They then had the right to speak of the mystery of Revelation (but were not to write it) and they bore the title of Son of God. Certainly, they also knew Tiahuanaco and the mystery of the Andes.

“The fact that men derive little benefit from the lessons of history is the most important lesson that history teaches us.”

Aldous Huxley.

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