Part 1 – Institutions of life networks

Security and Defense of Life Networks

 « A conscious and standing man is more dangerous to power than ten thousand sleeping and submissive individuals. » Mahatma Gandhi

« Non-violence presupposes above all that man is capable of defending himself » is a little known thought of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

We have addressed the issue of violence and its minimization, including weapons in hand, through the novel posted on this site since 2002, “D’Éleusis à Dendérah, l’evolution prohibition”. The group of knights, with its two electronic warfare centers, will defend their movement against the leaders of the liberal and financial system until military fights whose knights will emerge victorious. Similarly, in the poet’s speech at the plateau des Glières, the enemy target is clearly defined: those who organized, financed and led world wars are the victors.

Military service, anecdote

To introduce the political institutions mandated for the security and defense of the Networks of Life, we bring an anecdote about this young poet present that day to the reconstruction of the fights of the Glières scrubland against the militiamen then the German troops during the first three months of 1944.

During his military service, the young poet and law student, cyclist and cross-country skier, was assigned during the winter to the recognition section, the SEM (mountain skiers-scouriers), of his battalion of alpine hunters, based in Samoëns. Following an alpine skiing accident, towards the end of winter, his place in the section was questioned. In the summer, the climbing level seems difficult for him to reach, and in addition, his ankle is still convalescent and not ready for this type of effort. A captain comes a few days to check and advise the soldiers to improve their shooting level. The biathlon in France is still in its infancy and this captain is interested in this young cross-country skier from the Vosges Mountains to give him advice in rifle shooting, in case after his military service he would like to try out the biathlon.

Knowing that he was a law student, the captain, in the course of the conversation, pointed out that his shooting level was not bad in a recognition section. As a team leader and rope leader with his two comrades, they are in fact a trio whose wartime mission will require them to cross enemy lines first and then prepare and equip a passage for the rest of the section and then the battalion. And behind the enemy lines, the captain explains that it is not a question of using firearms to eliminate sentries or soldiers, but his knife, knives, without any noise.

He asks this team and rope leader if he is willing to kill enemies with a knife in his hand. Without hurrying her, he gives her a night of reflection and waits for her answer by the next morning. The captain was not surprised by the young person called. He smiled and looked heard, and told her that he knew he could do it. The young poet, of course, was and is capable of it, not out of cruelty, any ferocity, but since at the age of 17, at the time of his second decorations, he managed to free himself from the grip of the envoy of darkness who came to take him away and suppress all his human life. The envoy of darkness had passed his carnal body that lay beside the furnace of his room, and yet the young poet, finally remembering the lesson of his first decorations, managed to break his stupor to dare to ask for the saving help of the one who lives in us and is the same in each of us. This victory over himself, his fear, his stupor, his ignorance still too present on the mysteries of life, gave him, since that moment, this strength to conquer death, his own and also that of others.

All this was not explained to the captain, but did the captain really need it?

As a young captain, he had to fight one or another decolonization war, his age even made it possible for him to participate in the maquis, the Resistance, the forces of Free France. Between killing an enemy with a knife and confronting the envoy of darkness, who is so much an enemy of our human condition, a sharing of experience could have taken place, not in human words but in the language of the heart, that of the initiates who first defeated the death of our carnal body. A sharing authenticated by the encounter of two smiles, eyes in the eyes that speak much longer than all the empty words. Through this sharing, it is no longer a question of hierarchy to respect, of an officer addressing a soldier but of two fighters who are able to fight and kill to defeat the enemy and forge the victory of their comrades.

Is this also the application of the alliance of opposites and subsidiarity with its optimal solution in the current state of knowledge?

The two categories of soldiers

And what about those senior officers who led their armies, their countries to defeat and annihilation for serving iniquitous and criminal causes with inadequate material means and inept orders. In the name of evil ideologies, totalitarian as a pacifism of bad faith, of social education making them capable of massacring their soldiers without a state of mind, stuffed in their pride if not their vanity, they are the main ones responsible for the worst defeats, including for France that of May-June 1940.

There is a huge gap between these two categories of soldiers: those who slaughter others and those who defeated their own deaths before commanding in battle.

The former sow misdeeds in the power systems and tyrannies, the latter lead to victory in the wars of liberation against tyrants. They are warriors who defend their loved ones and their country.

«A warrior is not what you think. He is not someone who goes to war to take the lives of others. For us, a warrior is someone who sacrifices himself for the well-being of others. Its duty is to protect the elderly, the defenseless, those who cannot take care of themselves and above all, children, who are the future of our humanity.» Sitting Bull.

The Security and Defense of the Networks of Life need the latter, those who, through the use of their two sources of knowledge, have walked towards their initiation and the encounter of the mysteries of life and are no longer afraid of death to the point of being able to eliminate tyrants and their henchmen, without noise and the knife in hand if necessary.

Apart from a few serial criminals who are keen to demonstrate how they like to practice and stage a crime, that is, the act of killing someone, a soldier will not shout through the streets that he is an expert, with a knife in his hand, to eliminate enemies behind the front line. War criminals hide the atrocities they have committed and ordered.

What? Many historians have agreed that in the Nuremberg trial, apart from the death sentences for the leading Nazi leaders, most other Nazi criminals had small sentences, sometimes lighter ones than those imposed on a chicken thief, notably in the Nuremberg 2 trial against the leaders of German firms like IG Farben who supported the Nazi crimes. Other Nazi leaders were not prosecuted but used in the secret services or police forces of South American countries to develop the fight against the communist movements.

War violence is largely legitimized by each side, but it is the victor’s violence that remains legitimate in the end. And in times of peace, it is the intoxication of power that provokes further violence to enable the ruling minority to extend its domination over the peoples.

The Networks of Life, we have seen in the choice of civilization, develops the individual and collective exercise of the mission of authority: minimize violence in and around oneself. We are not going to discuss the origin of violence here, we will do so when we approach the humanist culture and even more when we see the marriage of cultures at the level of the realization of works. Simply, here, we can take note of the human violence and violence that we suffer through the unstable life of our planet and our universe.

The understanding of this violence, as we have shown by the example of the young poet called able to kill an enemy with a knife, is established essentially through the practice of our first source of knowledge, the initiatory and spiritual source. This applies to human violence as well as to the understanding of the mystery of the Apocalypse, that extreme violence which destroys most of life on Earth in one or more cycles known since ancient civilizations. While education on minimizing violence is the same for all causes of violence, the political, economic, social, cultural and military responses clearly differ between human violence and violence linked to the life of our planet.

These responses bring together policies, strategies to manage these risks of violence. Civil Security responds to the risks of natural disasters, virus and bacterial pandemics, climate change and climate change. Military Defense responds to the risk of human violence organized by enemy groups.

For the Networks of Life, we have already indicated in the choice of civilization, a major risk must be taken into account, that of the plundering of the wealth produced through the activity of the networks, by the barbarians, just as it was the case for the most flourishing civilizations in humanity. In the systems of power, and in particular the liberal and financial system, this plunder is well organized by the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, which endeavors to subjugate and keep in submission the majority of citizens throughout the world. When setting up the Networks of Life, free cities, teams of life projects, the confederation of networks of life, the threat of a hostile reaction including military on the part of the leaders of the systems of power must be taken into account and the response, the solutions carefully prepared.


Defense and security education and training to minimize violence.

Life Networks are not meant to impose their choice of civilization but to defend it. The aim is not to use the same means of domination of peoples as those established in systems of power. It is a question of defending another knowledge, other knowledge to live together the fundamental values of humanity: love and peace.

Isolating for centuries if not millennia near a mountain lake at the foot of the Himalayas to live love and peace as was the case for the Moso people in China or the first peoples at the bottom of forests or at the edge of deserts, is no longer a possible solution in our global village connected by the Internet. Escape, exile and isolation are no longer the order of the day. We are now obliged to break this domination imposed by the leaders of the world government and their neo-liberal ideology. Our choice of civilization is not only defended by military means of security and defense, but also by educating citizens in political, economic, social, cultural and military life without submission to ideologies and theocracies imposed by the systems of power. The challenge lies in the possibility offered to citizens to create their own Networks of Life where they live, to use education as the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Education, the most powerful weapon to change the world,

in terms of the need for security and defense, this is a continuation of political action.

Education in a humanist culture to live love and peace on a daily basis involves developing knowledge of the risks and threats that prevent this experience of love and peace in our human condition. We are at the starting point of the approach that starts from insurance against the risks that are caused by human activity and goes all the way to solidarity against the threats that come from the life of our planet and our universe. This approach from assurance to solidarity, which we will discuss in more detail when presenting the economic institutions, is also the foundation of humanist education. The content of this education on humanist culture is developed in Part 4 where the various networks for the production of material and intangible wealth are described, in particular the networks for the management of authority and the minimization of violence.

Education to minimize violence thus comprises two areas: the personal and interpersonal violence that is taken care of through the use of our source of personal and spiritual knowledge, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the violence linked to human activity and to the life of our planet and the cosmos. Security and Defense, at the level of the political institutions of the Networks of Life, take charge of minimizing violence in this second area. Citizens are educated in each of these two complementary areas. As mentioned above, the soldier who defends the Networks of Life defeated his own carnal death before fighting and commanding in war..

Leaders of power systems do not want to assume the consequences of their decisions at the level of human and especially industrial activity in order to maximize their profits. Threats from the life of our planet, when they are taken into account, seek to develop human life on another planet, Mars for the time being, so that an elite can take refuge there while the Earth becomes habitable again after a new great cataclysm, a new apocalypse for the human species and the other living species on our planet.

The field of knowledge studied through this humanist education is thus much larger and more exciting than that allowed in the academic and academic system of the liberal power system. From childhood, a citizen has access to this vast area of knowledge that he will study using our two sources of knowledge. The aim of his spiritual and intellectual work is to ensure the minimization of risks and threats during his human condition by using the history of his ancestors’ past and by guaranteeing this minimization of violence for his children and future generations.

Raising the level of skills of citizens in order to guarantee security and defense is thus one of the two major axes of education, the other major axis is knowledge related to love.

In the culture of the Moso people, there is only the axis of education about love life and how to enrich ourselves with love. In terms of peace, the isolation of villages in the mountains, far from the cities of the plains, the prohibition for men to have weapons, even hunting, the power of women in the framework of matriarchy, sexual freedom and the encouragement to engage in a lasting love relationship with a partner from other villages, preferably the most remote, are standards of life that for at least two millennia have guaranteed the daily experience of the values of love and peace.

The young citizen of the Networks of Life learns through history that in the systems of power, besides daily submission to authority and if possible freely consented (which is more effective than the simple conformity too tinged with passivity), at his age, his elders were educated in a more or less military way to become cannon fodder then in non-war time in his country, from fodder to fodder, always to satisfy the desires of the leaders of the systems of power for unlimited enrichment. But he can now learn immediately what he is interested in to live in peace during his human life and that of future generations.

For example, he discovered that life on our planet is threatened by asteroids that usually run more or less close to it, but that may at some point crash into it. Her learning will lead her to discover the life project teams working towards this goal.

Its training path will be built around the disciplines necessary for this skill. He will study MHD propulsion and antimatter production if he develops expertise up to this level. If not, he may stop at a level of skill that is convenient for him to work in a position of lesser responsibility. In this case, he will seek to satisfy other passions, other curiosities or take other opportunities in the context of his personal life project. In fact, each citizen of the Life Networks participates directly or contributes to the minimization of one or more risks or a threat.

A poet also lies in this perspective. Freud had even agreed that to heal souls, better than doctors and priests, a poet, because he constantly lives between heaven and earth, achieves this much better. Spiritually, finding one’s reasons for living in our human condition also answers this existential question: how to share my love and live in peace, with the least possible violence, especially without violence with those around me and my community of life.

Education and training, when not subject to a system of power, to develop the values of love and peace, follow the approach of assurance to solidarity and use the same methods of operation as those of the Networks of Life, the alliance of opposites and subsidiarity. The political institutions that guarantee the development of this value of Peace thus organize the Security and Defense of the Networks of Life, both at the local level of Free Cities and at the confederal level.


Security and Defense in Free Cities.

We presented the Free City as a local political institution with its organization, its resources. In addition to this internal organization, there is the organization of Security and Defense which connects this Free City with the other Free Cities and the Confederation to develop a more important and crucial union to ensure the success of these two particular missions. This political union is based on the National Guard and National Defense.

The nation is defined according to the Larousse dictionary :   ‘All human beings living in the same territory, having a community of origin, history, culture, traditions, sometimes language, and constituting a political community.’

Ernest Renan (Tréguier 1823-Paris 1892) said:

 “A nation is a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things which, in truth, make it one constitute this soul, this spiritual principle. One is in the past, the other is in the present. One is the shared possession of a rich legacy of memories; The other is the present consent, the desire to live together, the desire to continue to assert the heritage that we have received undivided.”

The National Guard

provides public safety and certain defense missions.

The National Guard is not a tool of control and repression to maintain the submission to a system of power with its different political regimes: monarchy, a democratic republic with a centralized power and a representative electoral system, the dictatorship of a single party or of a rich minority, theocracy… It is also not a reserve in relation to the operational army.

The National Guard’s missions in the Life Networks

The National Guard in Life Networks aims to protect citizens and prevent risks and threats. The police and gendarmerie are no longer hierarchical and centralized administrations, as in the liberal power system and the republican political regime on which they depend. Both institutions no longer exist.

The National Guard at both the local and confederal levels brings together teams of life projects that work and seek to minimize a particular risk or threat. The main activity is therefore prevention (not law enforcement) and education and training. The missions and purposes of the National Guard develop the security of citizens in material, food, health, social, cultural and environmental terms. It works in conjunction with the networks of initiatives and networks for preventing and combating violence.

Citizens who intervene within the framework of their membership of the National Guard and not only within the framework of their teams of life projects to produce goods and services or develop common goods within the framework of the realization of a work, as we have indicated, intervene directly in the framework of their mission of authority and the exercise of political action.

They thus visibly and officially exercise power and command by proposing to the assembly of the political action of their free city or, where appropriate, to the Confederation, a life project, objectives to be achieved, means to be implemented, to develop, replace, modify, strengthen, research to be set up, studies to be carried out, training to be provided to secure and defend their Life Networks.

Legal status:

The Free City sets up its National Guard according to the optimal solution provided by the practice of subsidiarity and the alliance of opposites. It is adapted to local circumstances and is not uniform in terms of its missions, staff and resources.

It is the political action at the level of the Free City that creates the local National Guard and determines its first powers and purposes, competences, its first composition and its first resources. These means and powers are then adapted by the confederal level and the political union of the National Guard in order to distribute the competences, the numbers, the means and the resources as well as possible. Depending on local circumstances and the evolution of risks and threats, the Free City may allocate additional resources compared to the decisions of the Federal Union of the National Guard.

The National Guard is a federal political union created from the local level. It has autonomy from the other political institutions of the Life Networks. The National Guard carries out the 4 management functions of an organization. It determines its objectives, animates its teams, controls its functioning and represents the institution with other political institutions. The political union of the various local National Guards with the College of Public Security and National Defense of the Confederation represents a separation of powers that guarantees the practice of bottom-up subsidiarity. We will see that the political institution of National Defense, which is directly dependent on Confederation, is another element of the separation of powers, which in turn guarantees the practice of top-down subsidiarity..

The citizens therefore have two political unions to exercise their mission of authority and organize the Power and the Command: on the one hand, the Confederation, which is the political union of the Free Cities and Life Project Teams, and on the other hand the National Guard, which guarantees protection and civil security at local level and which, de facto and de jure, limits the power of the Confederation by being able, in particular, to control the use of National Defense and to avoid any autocratic drift at the confederal level..

In the event of a dispute with one or other of these political institutions and where political action at local level has not made it possible to resolve the dispute, the National Guard, either local or confederal, has its dispute referred to the College of Justice of the Confederation.

This dispute can then pit all the National Guards against the Confederation of Free Cities, an exceptional situation whose origin is then in a conflict concerning an evolution of the alliance of opposites in the course of realization of one or more life projects related to security and defense. Ultimately, the clan of mothers intervenes to remove and appoint the new warlords or spokesmen of the National Guard and/or the Confederation, so as to eliminate the oppositions of character, personal quarrels, clan rivalries or jealousies that may have occurred up to now.

The object (or purpose) of the National Guard

is to provide protection and security against risks and threats.

  • Risks arise from human activity. They are minimized, in principle, by the Total Quality approach (which we will see in economic institutions). But they also come from the situation inherited from the past before this concern for Total Quality is taken care of. They are industries, dams, power plants, buildings, forests and shorelines that present or will present risks to health, life and the environment.
  • Threats are related to the life of our planet in relation to the sun and the universe (or universes) in general. The aim is to prevent the consequences of these threats by protecting the diversity of life in order to preserve it. Project teams then have the task of organizing survival and adapting certain real estate properties to this survival.

The nature of the activities:

Within the framework of the liberal system of power and the centralized political system with its representative electoral system, the identification of risks and their monitoring are carried out by the associative movement which attempts to influence the political decisions of governments. They often defend the positions and interests of the leaders of the liberal power system, industrial leaders or high finance at the service of the rentiers and shareholders. Short-term government policies, as well as those of multi- or trans-national firms, exclude, for reasons of ‘unproductive’ costs, the assumption of these risks linked to human activity. Most industrial disasters and their pollution, health scandals, inequalities of development between territories, etc., emerge from this divergence of interests between leaders and citizens.

In the Life Networks, this associative work becomes that of teams of life projects and is remunerated as any work, in full currency or in social rights. The real estate, movable property put in place in this work of prevention and minimization of risks are part of the common property. Their realization, as the case may be, takes place in the context of the work indispensable to life or in that of survival or in that of works which raise the standard of living and are passed on to future generations.

For example, health surveillance and reporting of influenza outbreaks, gastroenteritis, sudden deaths caused by heat waves, local pollution, damage to health and living conditions by the development of new technologies, all damage to life and biodiversity, are the responsibility of the National Guard of a free city at local level. This means that responsiveness at local level is of the utmost importance and is not hindered or discouraged by central administrations or by the bureaucracy of a state with centralized power..

This desire to abandon the bureaucratic administrations of the French liberal power system has been expressed and recommended to our political leaders on several occasions and publicly. Here we take the intervention of a professor and medical expert in the field of epidemics, before a Senate committee in 2010.

other video : Didier Raoult, 2010: “The culture of infectious diseases in France is underdeveloped”

This professor of medicine points out, among other things, the lack of the French health care system during the heat wave of 2003. It was necessary to “wait” for the Pompes funèbres to signal to the public authorities that the lack of coffins no longer allowed the burial of the deceased to finally be taken into account by the government and the health measures developed for the elderly. Other examples, including during the Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020, show that centralized power and its bureaucratic administrations undermine responsiveness to the urgency and severity of a health, economic, social or political crisis.

The scope or issues of these risk and threat prevention activities.

Citizens, ex officio members of the National Guard where they reside, in the Networks of Life and their Free Cities, can act immediately to assess a risk and put in place the means to minimize and eliminate it.

Depending on the level of employment available and in order to ensure full employment, citizens are more or less assigned full-time to the National Guard to achieve the objectives set at the level of prevention and security against risks and threats. These activities are part of the education and training of citizens and contribute to raising the level of skills. For example, high responsibilities in National Defense require success in a minimum of responsibilities in the National Guard, as well as for other institutions of the Life Networks, this part-time or full-time for a fixed period of time.


Duties and purposes of the National Guard:

Public Safety:

for the organization of all human activity

  • Ensure the maintenance of civil peace and intervene during the violence that disturbs the functioning of the Networks of Life, in consultation with the social institutions: education and health. Where appropriate, the National Guard shall exclude Citizens’ Life Networks after a confederal court decision or an agreement obtained through local political action.
  • Prepare the deliberation of the political action at the local level to resolve the dispute or prepare the referral to the College of Justice at the Confederal level.
  • Ensure the fight against accidents and firein consultation with the project teams of the economic and social institutions.
  • Guarantee the material resources and security stocks needed at local level by the Free City and the various teams of life projects present at local level in consultation with the management centers.
  • Ensure the maintenance and safety of real estate goods at the local level.
  • Ensure the smooth running of public holidays and events.

for the organization of survival :

  • Ensure the physical and real property resources, the works of art necessary to prevent natural risks : floods, tidal waves, storms, droughts, fires, earthquakes and volcano …
  • Ensuring the means of preventing human-related disasters : industrial, nuclear, biological and pandemic risks.
  • Ensure awareness and training on survival in consultation with economic and social institution.

in the field of Defense:

  • Ensure the military preparedness of citizens and the use of individual weapons.
  • To ensure the safety and maintenance of local National Defense facilities : fortifications, a base for the withdrawal and security of citizens, a reserve of military equipment.

Composition and remuneration of the National Guard at local level:

All citizens are ex officio members and have a minimum period of time on either of the Public Safety project teams. This period is remunerated in social rights, clothing, food and, where appropriate, housing are taken care of in the functioning of the common goods of the Free City.

The minimum period and the voluntary recruitment in the National Guard correspond to the education and training course and then to the professional life course chosen freely by the citizen. The work carried out in the National Guard contributes to the education and training of citizens and allows them to acquire a particular experience on the ground and in contact with the populations, useful to reinforce their personal choice in their professional and private life.

At the local level, the National Guard comprises:

  • teams of professional volunteers,
  • professionals who come to reinforce the staff when needed and who work in other life projects teams,
  • apprentices or students undergoing training,
  • professionals or students from other Free Cities or Confederations of the Networks of Life or other countries still organized in a system of power and linked with the Confederation by a peace treaty.
  • As required, the activities are prepared, supervised by experts from other Free Cities or Confederation or foreign institutions bound by a Peace Treaty

The objective is to raise the level of skills, essentially through the development of versatility among Public Safety activities and the various missions or purposes proposed.

The professional skills acquired in life project teams are used and developed through the achievement of the missions and objectives set at the National Guard. Where appropriate, according to specific skills developed, a citizen can intervene in the National Guard of another Free City where the local particularities are more adapted to his life course.

The level of staff, their skills vary according to local particularities, the projects developed in Public Security or the objectives set to the Free City by the Confederation. In the event of natural disasters or major accidents, all citizens may be required temporarily by decision of the Assembly of the political action of the Free City, supported where appropriate by the political action of the Confederation.


in the minimum period or in full- or part-time voluntary recruitment, shall be paid in full currency (positive money). When requisitions are made to deal with exceptional situations, the required personnel are paid in full currency by the National Guard at the same amount as that paid in the Life Project Teams or Life Network Management Centers. When the responsibilities in the National Guard are higher than those elsewhere, the citizen receives a supplement in the form of social rights.



The equipment and equipment are specific to each of the different activities: fire fighting, disaster relief, elimination of pollution and industrial risks (chemical, biological, radioactivity, harmful waves, etc.), housing and restoration of personnel, training center, storage of safety and civil protection equipment and products, etc.

The depreciation of materials and equipment is the same as that used in companies working on life projects. After two years, the assets are depreciated and transferred to other local National Guard teams. This allocation is decided at the level of the National Guard Union according to local particularities and the level of use of these assets in the face of the level of risks and threats. A use-by date is also determined.

In this way the stock of these materials can be evaluated with its antiquity at each local level. This needs planning allows life project teams to integrate the goods and equipment needed by the National Guard as a whole into their production.

Depending on the level of use, rarely used equipment or equipment may only be stored by the National Guard in specific free cities and may be used everywhere in educational and training establishments for the awareness and learning of their handling.

The Free City equips its National Guard with material and logistical means so that its personnel are fed, housed and equipped according to the needs and local particularities. These material and logistical means are sized to cope with crises and be used by a strong mobilization of citizens or, where appropriate, by the arrival of reinforcements from other free cities.

These dwellings, catering facilities, sanitary facilities, work and meeting rooms, training facilities, also serve, where appropriate, as reception and temporary accommodation for needy citizens or victims of disasters in their civilian dwellings. In return for this temporary aid, needy citizens and ex officio members of the National Guard participate, where appropriate, in the work of feeding staff and maintaining the National Guard’s housing and buildings. In a Free City, the right to housing and food for all citizens, is thus ensured by the services of the National Guard. This work is remunerated in full currency or social rights to use the common goods. Similarly, in the event of a waiting period to integrate a new team of life projects, a citizen may temporarily join the National Guard on a full or part-time basis. This is a way to avoid frictional unemployment. These two cases: Citizens in a state of absolute necessity and in frictional unemployment, are dysfunctions in the organization of the Networks of Life and the political action of the Free City must put an end to them as soon as possible.


Protecting and combating risks and threats requires the most advanced technologies available today. Local citizens in the National Guard use the alliance of opposites and subsidiarity to assess the consequences of a new technology in their environment as well as to evaluate the technologies installed and used by the leaders of the liberal power system. The National Guard of the Free City presents to the Assembly of Political Action the recommendations to be followed to accept or refuse, destroy the installations of a technology according to whether or not it presents a risk for life and biodiversity.

We have presented a non-exhaustive list of the main risks and threats to Life on Earth. Citizens across the National Guard Union have the means to ensure that the optimal solution obtained to manage a risk is generalized immediately to all Free Cities and Life project teams. When the prohibition of a technology raises a dispute with states or multi or transnational firms that have developed that technology, that dispute is brought before the College of Justice of the Confederation and, where appropriate, a peace treaty is proposed by the Confederation to the complaining foreign institution and this treaty is followed by the Warlords.

Technologies that are prohibited from use by the Life Networks have their patents and operating procedures confiscated and kept incommunicado in a database managed by the Confederation. This confiscation and incommunicado detention is the main clause of the Peace Treaty proposed by the Confederation to states or multi- or transnational companies, commercial or public companies.

Technologies for measuring and monitoring risks and threats are developed in partnership with National Defense and, where appropriate, foreign institutions bound by a Peace Treaty.


National Guard personnel follow the same management as that used for Life project teams. Position definitions use the same method of describing and assessing levels of responsibility. The pay scale is the same depending on the level of responsibilities occupied by members of the National Guard.

During periods of crisis, the strong mobilization of the National Guard varies the number of personnel according to local needs and emergencies. The transfer of personnel according to the skills used is organized between the Free Cities or if necessary at the Confederation level.

As we have said, education and training and the prevention of risks and threats form one of the two pillars of education for the humanist culture.

Young citizens, very early on, can try to satisfy their intellectual or spiritual curiosity and the approach of assurance to solidarity will show them the usefulness of this knowledge to live in peace and thus better share their love. The different teams of professionals gathered in the National Guard of their Free Cities are so many opportunities for discoveries, internships, ad hoc work, certainly to choose the team in which they will apply to spend their minimum period of National Guard but also to choose the field of activity in which they want to invest to start their professional career. At the end of a life project, thanks to the knowledge discovered during their visits to the National Guard, they will be able to choose more easily to which risk or threat they want to invest.

The National Guard’s workstations through their orientation in the prevention of risks and threats offer numerous opportunities to take initiatives and responsibilities, especially during periods of crisis and disaster occurrence. Demonstration of leadership skills, initiative and creativity in the face of unexpected and dangerous situations, calm and cool-headedness to perform complex, urgent tasks and thus save people or property, are skills that make it possible to apply for higher levels of responsibility, either in current teams or to create new teams in other Free Cities or other countries bound by a Peace Treaty.


In the liberal system of power, risk and threat prevention activities are financed by a transfer of income between private and collective property, i.e. taxes. Privatization of these activities has been carried out or public service concessions have been established, but these activities are not well suited to the pursuit of high profits and high dividends every year. Shareholders then use negative economies of scale and the reduction in operating budgets, including those of security, the elimination of jobs, have led to social crisis and serious dysfunctions which are as much a state scandal for the governments which have legitimized these measures prescribed by the neo-liberal ideology and the directives of the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon financial system and the historical employers of the industrial era.

In the Networks of Life, as we have shown, the use of complementarity between the three forms of individual, common and collective property makes it possible to directly distribute human activity and the wealth produced by the work of all.

Similarly, the means of controlling the economy and the states, which are mainly money issued by private central banks, money-debts, and then the representative electoral system that the richest can use to place politicians loyal to their interests, these means of control disappeared when the systems of power were abandoned.

The work carried out in the framework of the activities of the National Guard is thus financed by the use of full currency and social rights. A balance can be drawn between these expenses of risk and threat prevention and the gains obtained by reducing losses and damage to people and their health, property, the environment, biodiversity, etc. We will address this point when we present the calculation of the cost of obtaining Quality and that of Solidarity (and have abandoned the current calculation of GDP). Similarly, the way in which the full currency and social rights are created and used is presented in economic and social institutions. The activities of the local National Guard are by nature conducive to obtaining major solidarity gains.

Financial management, due to the autonomy of the National Guard, is not provided by the Free City Management Centers and Life Project Teams, but directly by the National Guard Management Center at the local level and then at the confederal level.

Disputes shall be settled in the same way as others, where appropriate before the Confederation and the College of Justice. Where a free city decides to allocate additional temporary resources, where appropriate, this financing shall be borne by the free city. This is particularly the case in the social field, where there has been local malfunctioning in terms of insurance and solidarity.


Life project teams that develop Public Safety.

Some activities to control and prevent risks or threats require regular, important work with special expertise. It is neither appropriate nor appropriate for each Free City to ask its National Guard to carry out these activities. A pooling of these means and competences between an association of Free Cities or a management directly by the Confederation is then established.

These activities and material means, these skills are grouped in a life project team that function as an economic institution and, like all life project teams, it depends on the power of the assembly of the political action of a Free City, an association of Free Cities or directly of the Confederation after its work has been validated by the National Guard.

Among these activities that prevent and combat the most common risks and threats are flood safety and flood prevention through civil engineering works, safety against industrial and nuclear risks, pollution, risks to health, the environment and biodiversity, risks of climate change…

Each citizen member of these Public Security Project Teams is also an ex officio member of a local National Guard. But in these medium- and long-term prevention activities, decisions do not require daily leadership and command skills and are not based on the direct exercise of the individual authority mission. In the event of a malfunctioning in the organization of work and the achievement of objectives, such as protection and civil security, members of these public security project teams can immediately request the intervention, advice and assistance of experts in these areas of competence within the National Guard, without necessarily going through the intervention of a free city.

National Defense

The target to be eliminated and the changing geopolitical context.

The abandonment of systems of power and the development of organizations into networks of social life, this change of civilization, has not been frequent and regular throughout the history of our humanity. We have pointed out that the plunder of civilizations based on social life networks by barbaric peoples and organized under a system of despotic or tyrannical military power is not so numerous because people subjected to systems of power have rarely been able to free themselves from them.

Europe since the conquest by the Roman military power system has lived under the domination of the power systems for more than two thousand years.

Aside from the two flourishing centuries of medieval times and the time of cathedrals, the movements to leave absolute monarchies, the theocracy of the Roman papacy, the capitalist economic power system and the communist political power system, were only episodic and doomed to clandestine struggles as networks of resistance.

Most of the flourishing civilizations of antiquity have been destroyed, have disappeared following natural disasters. One of the last is certainly the Mayan civilization in Central America, which disappeared before the destruction of the Inca empire set up with the help of the Templars exiled in their colonies of the American continent after the destruction of their Order in France.

The target: our enemies of high finance and the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy.

The Defense of Life Networks thus takes on a very special and exceptional dimension. The leaders of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy that dominates the economy of the liberal system created plenty of money to support the armies of the monarchies they led.

We present on the management and financing of wars by the families of international bankers. Let’s go back here only on a few special points

In France, also from Louis XIV and Louis XV a family of bankers, the Pâris, then Jean-Joseph de Laborde, under the first Empire with Napoleon Bonaparte, bankers were able to finance the wars they organized as much to enrich themselves as to eliminate other competing bankers. We have known since that Napoleon stopped wondering why his military victories were not enough to establish a lasting peace and we now know the answer: because the English, Austrian, Prussian and Russian monarchies received unlimited financial aid from the Rothschild family of bankers from London… until Napoleon’s final defeat at Waterloo.

In the 20th century, the preparation and financing of the two world wars were led by this Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, and Generals Patton and de Gaulle in 1945 confessed that they had no understanding of the military conduct of this war, which was waged much more for political and financial purposes with a view to the domination of Europe and Russia by the German armies under the Nazi dictatorship set up in 1933 by Wall Street and the large German industrialists.

We present these “cases”, this Big Business with Hitler, Schacht’s finance to turn the German economy in 4 years in Part 2, the power systems. The crux of the conflict since the 1911’s and the creation of the US Federal Reserve and then the BIS in Basel, Switzerland, has been that private central banks have mastered money creation from scratch (ex nihilo) at the hands of a few Anglo-Saxon banker families, the new masters of the world. The absolute prohibition on using a full currency, free of debts, thus became an essential casus belli towards anyone who intervened to change civilization and ruin this Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. We will continue this talk when we address the full currency in the economic institutions of the Networks of Life.

The Defense of Life Networks defines its target heart, its main enemy: the anglo-saxon leaders who, with their power over high finance, organized the two world wars and since then other regional, local wars. We indicated this in January 2011 when the poet’s speech at Les Glières was published online on our site.

This target has become more specific: behind the financial oligarchy, the real leaders are part of the sect of the anglo-saxon puritans who claim to be predestined to govern the whole world according to their divine precepts. We present their history in the external diagnosis for the reintroduction of a full currency, at the level of the threats caused by the actions of this sect since the Second War of the Commons in Great Britain with notably their leader Olivier Cromwell then during the pact of the Puritans to conquer the new world in 1620 on the Mayflower which led them to North America.

In our novel written in late 1990 to spring 1994 and published in 2002, the Knights team defended their movement by developing two electronic warfare centers to have the capacity to listen to and learn about the enemy, but also to have the capacity to inform the population about the missions of their movement in these battles to abandon the systems of power. The electronic warfare maneuvers allowed the knights to replace live television news with their own news even if the television station cut off all power in its facilities. The Knights team will mount military operations to release prisoners, destroy internment camps and fortifications in enemy territory.

In March 2022, during Russia’s war against Ukraine Anonymous pirated Russian television and broadcast images of the war in Ukraine. For a short time, Russian television channels broadcast footage of the bombings in Ukraine, far from Kremlin propaganda. What we wrote in our novel in 1992, we read thirty years later in the press, and it is indeed a non-governmental organization that defends in its own way the general interest of the citizens of the world that carries out this act of defense on behalf of humanity and here to inform Russian citizens deprived of press freedom and the right to information.

The basis of military strategy does not vary, the art of war remains the same:

“If you know your enemy and know what you are worth, you don’t have to fear your next battles. If you know what you are worth and nothing about your enemy, for every victory you win, you will suffer defeat. If you know nothing about yourself or your enemy, you will succumb to every battle.”.

Sun Tzu – The Art of War

 “If you know your enemy and know what you are worth, you don’t have to fear your next battles. If you know what you are worth and nothing about your enemy, for every victory you win, you will suffer defeat. If you know nothing about yourself or your enemy, you will succumb to every battle.” Sun Tzu-The Art of War.

Full currency (positive money) finances security spending

Organizing the Defense of the Networks of Life by using again a full currency to pay for the work of the French and other foreign members of the Confederations of Social Life, makes it possible to produce the weapons necessary and indispensable to this Defense and to pay soldiers without debts and… therefore without any power of control on the part of these masters of the world, these Anglo-Saxon banker families.

This is a radical change for the European military, which is subject to the policies of budgetary rigor and austerity that have deprived European armies of any ability to defend a territory in a sustainable way, without American aid and more?

The same is true of new forms of war: economic, electronic, computer, biological, sanitary, chemical, climatic… the superiority of the American arsenal financed by the Anglo-American oligarchy only exists because the other countries, including allied to the USA, must be content to use debt money, to get into debt in the financial markets and thus to arrive at programs of budgetary restrictions for their defense and their weapons.

The Geopolitical Context of Defense of Networks of Life

however, changes radically.

Since they came to power after Friday, October 13, 1307 and the destruction of the Order of the Templars by the King of France, the families of bankers, originally located in the cities-states of northern Italy, Milan, Florence, Venice, have worked hard to foment wars to set kings, princes, lords, against each other, if possible by financing the two opposing camps. With the end of the monarchies and industrial development, it was the political and economic structures of the States that served as a field for maneuvering the peoples and their governments to wage new wars to dominate the wealth of the world.

Since the globalization of the economy in the late 1990s, states have become barriers and obstacles to the expansion of the power of high finance. Private central banks, financiers, investment funds own large transnational corporations and their development requires even more freedom of action in the markets to concentrate wealth in the financial plutocracy and leave people in a generalized return to poverty if not misery.

In our copy in History of Law and Contemporary Political and Social Institutions to obtain the title of Laureate of the Faculty of Law, we simply indicated that the structure of the State, in the early 1970s, has become obsolete, that it is no longer useful except to serve as a screen behind which the true leaders of power hide. We had not appointed those leaders, let alone presented the solution for organizing our stateless societies. It is very likely that our intuition as a young legal poet has been interpreted in the sense of liberal ideology. In short, the professor who corrected our copy believed that we were indicating that we had to reduce the influence of the state if not remove this political structure so that capitalist leaders and high finance could have every facility to manage the markets as they saw fit. Since then, our position has become clear: leaving systems of power also means abandoning states.

Transnational corporations and corporate maneuvers cannot protect themselves behind one state, the US, and demand that other states abide by the decisions of transnational corporations owned by the US.

The economic war and especially the war against France to deindustrialize our country and thus pave the way for its impoverishment, through the scandal of the State of the sale of Alstom’s activities to General Electric, the American trap set in 2013 and 2014, unveils the new weapons of the economic war: the right and the moral to impose on our industrial groups the extra territoriality of the laws and directives of the US Department of Justice in order to ransom them by forcing them to pay to the US Treasury enormous fines that weaken our companies all the more so to make them more easily at the mercy of Anglo-Saxon investors and financiers on Wall Street and London.

The Defenses des Réseaux de Vie does not rely on the same criminal and scandalous tactics used by the American plutocracy and its affluent public administrations, yet the strategy is the same: no longer stick to the limits of the states but go directly to attack and put out of harm the leaders of this Anglo-Saxon high finance and their multi or transnational firms. This target extends to all the organizations financed by these families of bankers and which spread on all continents attacks, crimes, riots to destabilize nations, regional wars especially in the regions where energy resources (oil, gas, uranium, etc.) are extracted or the minerals essential for military and civil technologies which ensure the power of the organizations which possess them.

The military strategy developed by the Defense of the Networks of Life

does not change the current strategy of the French army, on the contrary, it clarifies it and gives it (at last) the means of its action which remains aligned on two axes:

  • the military defense of the territory of the french nation which once again becomes credible, operational and dissuasive for those who wish to venture there.
  • put out of harm the leaders of the liberal power system and its anglo-saxon financial oligarchy, the victors of the last two world wars. This incapacitation extends to all companies, commercial or non-commercial companies that participate in the development of their global domination over peoples and their nations and spread the liberal, neoliberal ideology. This fight is led by the Confederation of Life Networks for the liberation of our country with the help of countries that also want to leave this domination of the systems of power and have made this choice of civilization.

The aim of the Defense of Life Networks, as for technologies that are contrary to Public Security, is to put “under the guard of the sacred” the destructive power of weapons. This requires using both of our sources of knowledge.

We will clarify this point later at the level of the humanist culture of the Networks of Life. For the moment, let us be content with the image known in the comic book Asterix and Obelix, of the druid Panoramix who keeps secret the formula of the magic potion… which is only transmitted between the druids to ensure the peace of their peoples.

Life project teams that provide military defense.

Technology development and arms production.

France after 1945 has developed a method based on common sense that has proved its worth in our country and elsewhere: technologies are first developed in the military framework before they reach production for consumers, civilians.

We briefly participated in this strategy during our visit to Sophia-Antipolis at a weapons systems manufacturer and described it on our page: the Thomson case, whose situation described dates back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, when this strategy was clearly implemented and was not yet the subject of liberal government measures to practice austerity in military budgets other than the abandonment of certain means of defense… to have to rent them to “friendly” and mainly American arms manufacturers, when at that time our technologies were better and ahead of the American ones.

The first task of the Confédération des Réseaux de Vie is to verify what remains of the industrial tool after these attacks of the financial and economic war which in 2000 had the American and French economic press write that France represented a real Eldorado for investors.

Twenty years later, and with the disastrous and scandalous lessons of the Covid-19 health crisis for our country, we know the damage that we must overcome and repair as quickly as possible by using the full currency instead of further indebting our public finances.

This re-establishment of the means of defense implies a clarification in terms of the use of technologies that allow the control of communications, personal data, that influence or modify our health, the environment, biodiversity. These risks and threats, as we have said, are being addressed by the National Guard. The college of security and defense at the Confederation level has the mission to specify the research and development activities that are pooled or allocated to one or other political institution.

The question of military secrecy that conditions the arms race is no longer so important in the context of the Life Networks.

On the one hand, the purpose of Defense is to put weapons in the custody of the sacred by being able to confiscate and destroy the enemy’s weapons and to stop using our own until there are new enemies.

On the other hand, the first step in dealing with a potential or proven enemy is to present him with a peace plan so that he can sign a peace treaty with him.

We have already discussed this at the level of the Public Security and the National Guard which prepares the Peace Treaties in the field of Security in case of risks or threats coming from an organization outside the Confederation of Life Networks.

This peace plan exposes to the enemy what we blame them for, and essentially the development or possession of weapons whose technologies and their power are a military threat to our defense. We are therefore obliged to show this enemy that we know these technologies and know how to evaluate them and even master them ourselves. In the event that this enemy refuses to put these technologies and weapons in the custody of the sacred, as we do and with the procedures and means to keep them under the power of the sacred, this Treaty of Peace refused by the enemy entails a declaration of war by the clan of mothers against the company that developed these technologies and weapons. Where appropriate, the Government of that country

Defense, like the other activities of the Life Networks, uses the methods and means of management that are the alliance of opposites and subsidiarity, the common goods, the use of our two sources of knowledge, the approach of Quality, Assurance to Solidarity, full currency of course and the management of social rights, etc. At the level of subsidiarity, arms experts for the various forms of war, have a global level of expertise, as currently for French experts.

All over the world, these experts know each other and meet. Information flows quickly, especially in this area. One example: In early January 1991, the export sales manager at Sophia-Antipolis, during our interview, received a call from a sales representative from Pakistan for spare parts for submarine equipment. These identical parts are not of the model of the submarines delivered by France to Pakistan but to Iraq. My interlocutor’s immediate conclusion is that Iraq no longer has any functioning submarines, and therefore it is one less threat in the Strait of Hormuz. He calls the headquarters in Paris to convey this information. A few days later, in order to clear the Strait of Hormuz, the French minesweeper in charge of it, knew that it would not encounter Iraqi enemy submarines… and the sonars of the French minesweeper (from Brest) had, at that time, a better technology than the American sonars. French technology will then allow the discoveries of the wrecks of the Titanic and the Bismarck…

The presentation of a peace plan is thus based on the state of knowledge available through the practice of subsidiarity at the global level, without necessarily having to break through military secret opaque.

Military secrecy is exercised mainly towards ordinary citizens so as not to panic them or cause them panic, but the history of wars shows this, everything is known and spies know how to do their job, to play their double game if necessary and today also electronic war centers, whistleblowers. Second, a chief of staff or a president, a general secretary of the party, a dictator, must understand this information and above all believe in its accuracy so as to change their reasoning and strategy, whether they trust these sources of information or know how to criticize them if they are traps.

A peace plan presented by the Defense of the Networks of Life need not present traps or gray areas. Everything is clear, either you respect the existence, security and defense of the Networks of Life or your system of power risks elimination and your citizens more or less quickly will free themselves from the domination you exert on them to satisfy your personal interests..

There is no longer, as in history, a question of dark stories of misinterpreted dispatches, of alliances which must or must not play to save the honor of an empire or a country, of cynically manipulated belligerent provocations in order to obtain a “valid” reason to invade one’s neighbor and seek to conquer one’s wealth. We have made a choice of civilization and are no longer in the “old” world of power systems!

The composition and activities of the Defense of Life Networks.

The composition of the force does not change much compared to the Republic’s armies under the power system. The various corps of armies adapted to the use of specific weapons on Earth, Sea, Air recruit the skills necessary to ensure the two axes of Defense.

Since there is no difference between public and private status, the assignment to Defense missions can be carried out quickly for temporary missions and, if necessary, the military can also be assigned temporarily to life project teams of the National Guard but also of other economic, social, cultural institutions, etc. The objective is to raise the skills of citizens. As a result, the number of troops deployed in war is much higher than in peacetime.

Professionals who volunteer are no longer in a “big dumb institution” and subject strictly to government orders. Like every citizen, they are ex officio members of the National Guard and certainly, more than for other citizens, this right allows them to express themselves within the framework of this political institution. Especially at the level of the first axis of National Defense: defense of the territory. The planning of the territory to eliminate risks and to resist threats as best as possible obviously incorporates the risk of an invasion by the enemy. As with the development of technologies and weapons, defense teams work closely with the National Guard and life project teams of economic, social, cultural institutions.

As with the National Guard, Defense positions are assessed in terms of responsibility levels and the pay grid is aligned with the pay scales of other institutions. The aim is always the same: to enable citizens to choose their career path according to their interests and wishes.

Defense teams that carry out missions on the second axis to disable an enemy organization use more experts in many areas of expertise other than the use of weapons and weapons systems. Electronic warfare is essentially conducted by experts in electronics and telecommunications, space science, encryption and decryption, but also by experts in politics, economics, humanities, geology, meteorology, etc.

We know that both the Pentagon and the Soviet secret services have engaged secret teams of experimenters who have experienced medium, decoratory experiences with less use of the powers of the higher world, or even in addition to the double world. From the testimonies reported in a few books on this subject, it seems that it is mainly the use of remote visualization that has been most tested with relative success to penetrate ultra secret military zones. The relatively rapid failure of these experiments can be explained and we will talk about it at the time of the marriage of cultures. Nevertheless, the powers of the Pharaohs and Druids, the great spiritual masters, extend to the use of the destructive powers of the double world. But the conditions in the culture of a civilized people that knows how to use both of our sources of knowledge must allow it.

Simply put, the new skills that Defense must have are gathered around its core mission: eliminate the banking and monetary system run by private central banks and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements, which ensures the relations between the various private central banks and international monetary or investment institutions).

These financial skills are complemented by legal knowledge to suppress this private financial system and the use of money debts, credit that creates money ex nihilo in the manner of counterfeiters and to implement full money and the capitalization of social rights for all citizens and their institutions. What has not happened at the moment and remains forbidden and ignored by the vast majority of current citizens while this knowledge to achieve it is known, at least to an active minority. We will come back to this when the full currency is presented in economic institutions.

Our reader, our reader, may at this point find it difficult, if not almost impossible, to bring all these skills together in a National Defense of Life Networks. Let her be reassured of that right away. We do not invent anything, once again we remember that this took place, in Europe and as we have often mentioned, in the medieval period, the last flourishing period organized in Networks of Life.

The example of the monks soldiers of the military order of the Temple.

These people who are soldiers, bankers, entrepreneurs and environmental developers, who know the sciences and are enriched by their spiritual approach, who are capable of developing the economy of a territory and setting up a participatory local direct democracy, who know how to establish commercial and peace links with other peoples such as the Vikings to learn from them the art of navigation to other continents and particularly to the Tihuanaco Andes, the money of Mexico, the Iroquois peoples of the Bay of the St. Lawrence.. these defenders of the time of the cathedrals, we know them even though this subject remains taboo in the political and school system These are the Knights of the Temple but also the other Knights, Hospitallers, Teutonics, etc.

Here, there is one last question to decide: In the Holy Roman Empire, the order of the Teutonic Knights was not destroyed in 1307, but was defeated in the incessant wars with neighboring peoples of the East, Asia or the Middle East who tried to invade the region. The German army still retains the Teutonic cross. Why can’t the Knights Templar pattée cross be taken over by some units of the National Defense of the French Networks of Life?

In the face of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy and on American soil where the Templars and their fleet have been, this emblem finds its full scope and meaning. As long as the Templars were in charge of managing the soil of France, the families of bankers were not able to become brazenly rich and exaggerated, they were left out of business.

What then to say about a Defense of the Networks of Life which, through the political union of the European Confederation of Networks of Life, presents side by side the emblems of the Templar Paste Cross and the Teutonic Cross? By landing again in Chesapeake Bay to go to Wall Street after passing through the City of London, this troupe would look great… and any chance of victory, don’t you think? Our choice of civilization would then be well confirmed and established for a new flourishing period, the one we so much need to live free of happier days… by being in Public Security and National Defense well and better protected.


The Confederation and its missions for Security and Defense.

At the Confederal level, the 3 colleges, respectively of Economics, Justice, Security and Defense, work together to manage Security and Defense.

The measures taken at local level according to the particularities of each region or free city take into account the contributions of subsidiarity and the alliance of opposites to obtain the optimal solution for a dysfunction or a new objective at the level of human activity and its 3 levels. As a result, the Confederation has essentially a role of arbitration to give coherence and efficiency to the activity of the Life Networks while guaranteeing a high level of Security and Defense so that this activity takes place in both civil and military peace.

The College of Economics verifies that the means are sufficient to guarantee the work essential to life and the realization of the works, the common goods that the Networks of Life need.

The College of Security and Defense also verifies that it has the means to carry out its missions successfully.

The College of Justice verifies with its experience in the alliance of opposites and subsidiarity that this planning of means and resources develops and strengthens Justice among the Networks of Life: social justice and minimization of violence and inequality, minimization of potential disputes in the implementation of this plan and the exercise of command.

We repeat, the development of Life Networks is limited by two predictable events: the lack of skills and manpower, the lack of skilled manpower on the one hand and, of course, a war that would destroy their achievements on the other.

The Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy can be eliminated quickly. Lionel de Rothschild, in 1863, in his diary, The Times of London already agreed:

« the country that uses this simple way (full currency or positive money) to pay for labor will have a government (which) can provide its own currency at no cost. He will pay his debts and be debt free. He will have all the money he needs to support his business. It will prosper beyond anything seen so far in the history of civilized governments of the world..»

That is why he intervened with his agents to stop the use of this sovereign currency by Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, who we know was assassinated on April 14, 1865 in Washington.

The priority in the defense of the Networks of Life, which the Confederation must guarantee, is to protect its leaders against this criminal custom of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. The collegiality of the functioning of the institutions, the political action exercised from the local level to the unions of the Confederation and the National Guard, allow in principle that the functioning of the Networks of Life is not broken by the assassination of one or more warlords or spokesmen, local leaders of Free Cities and teams of Life projects.

But this political risk does not concern only assassinations. To destabilize a country, a government, a political party, a political leader, these masters of the world have used many other criminal methods within the framework of the liberal system of power. The members of the 3 Confederate Colleges, with the support of the experts in Security and Defense, have the mission and direct responsibility to evaluate everything in this activity plan that is likely to trigger such hostilities and criminal reactions on the part of these masters of the world and their militias. What movements will be financed and directed to come and attack and destroy this or that Network of Life?

It is on the basis of this action plan, this evaluation and with the experience and achievements of the previous Peace Treaties, that the Confederation will define its strategy to counter these potential and foreseeable attacks in the future by presenting a Peace Plan to the opposing organization targeted for its capacity to harm the interests of the Life Networks.

Peace Treaties.

In a crisis or a war, a disaster, history teaches us that there has always been someone and a good moment to avoid them. These lost and expensive opportunities for humanity and for Life on Earth are explained in the systems of power mainly by interests, conflicts between leaders and for two centuries by the intervention of bankers and high finance to try to establish a world government of the richest.

Unexpected conflicts, risks and threats, despite Security and Defense efforts, remain possible. The citizens in the Life Networks have political institutions to react immediately and use these favorable moments to avoid falling into misery, disaster, the horrors of wars and to remain passive in the face of the adversity of natural disasters.

The use of the two political unions of the Confederation and the National Guard strengthens cohesion and mobilization, the gathering of citizens in this struggle, this fight imposed by these unfortunate events.

Political Union, in the Networks of Life, reinforces the political action of citizens and their mission of authority. The practice of combining opposites and subsidiarity is carried out with respect for local, geographical, climatic, cultural, etc. particularities.

Political Union does not suddenly set aside, erase these adaptations from the optimal solution to local particularities and impose new solutions uniformly in the light of a crisis or a war.

The Union does not concern a change in the functioning of the Networks of Life, it simply concerns the union of means, resources and skills to cope with a dysfunction, a crisis or a war.

The Confederation and the National Guard thus have the power and the command to put in place, according to the decision of the political action of the citizens, a plan of war or security that gathers the forces necessary to overcome this difficulty, this risk or this threat. The annual plan for the allocation of resources and resources is then modified to take charge of this new vital priority.

By having the necessary and useful forces, the Confederation, which, together with its three colleagues, is preparing a Peace Plan with the aim of signing a Treaty of Peace with the adversary, already means to this adversary that it presents itself to him as the Union of the Networks of Life.

In developing this Peace Plan, the basic approach is known: This is the Assertivity’s method of communication.

The Confederation shall develop an assertive response to the organization posing a risk or threat to it. The response plan follows 4 steps: objectively describe the situation that presents a risk or a threat, express one’s feelings in face of this situation, present a solution, keep the dialog open.

The objective description of the risk or threat, as we have already mentioned, is based on information obtained from the various civil and military sources used by the Confederation. When new technologies are used by the adversary, this objective description of the risk or threat presents sufficient knowledge for the adversary to understand that the Confederation also possesses these new technologies to a greater or lesser extent

The expression of feeling describes a legitimate anger against acts hostile to the value of Peace, the foundation of the humanist culture and choice of civilization developed by the Networks of Life. This anger is expressed in order to put an end to this risk or threat.

The proposed solution is such as to put an end to that risk or threat. Of course, it is the part of the Peace Plan that will take the most time and work.
The proposed solution is based on two pillars: a technical pillar and a political and social pillar.

  • puce rouge the technical arguments take up the optimal solution obtained by subsidiarity in the face of this risk or this threat. Either it has already been obtained by a Free City, a team of Life projects or by the National Guard, or otherwise, the Confederation appoints the most suitable political institution which then assumes the direct responsibility of obtaining this optimal solution in the state of available knowledge. And that will take as long as it takes.
  • puce rouge the political and social arguments are always the same. It demonstrates to the adversary that if he had made the same choice of civilization and set up his Networks of Social Life, this conflict, this risk or this threat would not exist or would have found its optimal solution for some time, notably through the Solidarity exercised between Confederations of Networks of Life throughout the world.

The essential clause of these Peace Treaties is the recognition of the right to education, humanist culture and the functioning of the Networks of Life in the cities, regions, countries and continents still organized in a system of power.

The Peace Treaty, through this right to education on forbidden knowledge, rejected by the systems of power, makes possible the evolution of these peoples to escape from their submission to ideologies which they no longer want, either as active minorities or as already silent majority hitherto conformist or in a freely consented submission.

When a city, region or country presents autocratic leaders who refuse this Peace Treaty and thus access to this education in humanist culture, the Confederation of Networks of Life and its warlords put in place the means to put these leaders out of harm’s way as well as the political, economic, social, cultural and military means to support the movements of resistance to these leaders of the systems of power. This is the object of the political institutions of Security and Defense of Life Networks.


The declaration of a state of war.

When the Treaty of Peace is definitively rejected by the adversary who is, let us remember that not a state or nation taken as a whole but a precise organization and its leadership teams, especially its shareholders, the Confederation of Networks of Life sends a declaration of war to this organization.

To prepare this declaration of war, the 3 colleges of the Confederation are joined by the clan of mothers, which is an institution present within the framework of social institutions, which we will discuss later. The final decision rests with the clan of mothers whose leaders get their citizens’ votes.

The mothers’ group has the right to veto when deciding whether to declare war.

The mothers assess the warlords’ abilities to lead the fight, in particular through their work since the elaboration of the Peace Plan but also through all their experiences, especially acquired through the personal spiritual initiatory approach lived in the social and cultural initiatory institutions that the clan of mothers most often leads.

We will come to this when we present these social and cultural institutions. Their use is described in the novel posted online. They also assess the loss of life and the damage that Life Networks can suffer. It is up to them, as mothers, to accept or not that their children go to war, an invaluable sacrifice to defend the values of Love and Peace.

These soldiers, fighters, resistance fighters who go to defend their choice of civilization, are no longer those soldiers of armies subjected to the interests of the leaders of the systems of power and who for the most part, in the past, did not really know for whom they were going to perish. Poets and philosophers have learned the lesson of political, economic and social, cultural life, and this remains an argument for the citizens of nations still subject to systems of power to agree to listen to and follow the Peace Treaty proposed by those who have already made the choice to live freely in another civilization, that of humanity in peace and enriched by its love:

 « We believe we are dying for the fatherland; We die for industrialists. » Anatole FRANCE (1844-1924), L’Humanité, 18 juillet 1922

« War, a massacre of people who don’t know each other, for the benefit of people who know each other but don’t slaughter each other.»  Paul Valéry

There remains this statement on which mothers and children can share their fierce determination to live free:

« In this world there are only two forces, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the spirit has always defeated the sword.» Napoléon Bonaparte

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