Part 1 – Institutions of life networks

Confederation of Networks of Life.

Free Cities and Life Project Teams provide leadership in setting goals and facilitating working groups. The Confederation of Life Networks is mandated to exercise the functions of control and representation. It is not at the top of a hierarchy but rather at the center of the Networks of Life.

Creation of Confederation

The first free city that decides to set up its network of living, also creates its Confederation to have the instruments of control and representation of its movement.

The basic text for starting this political process is, for example, the Declaration of the Rights to Social Life posted on This declaration of constitutional value guides the political, economic, social and cultural, military institutions of the Networks of Life and especially their Confederation. This text will be improved throughout the development of their institutions.

The development of the Networks of Life takes place from the local level and not as in the systems of power through the taking of centralized power or the brutal establishment of this centralization of power so that the minority that takes power and command is able to impose its interests on the rest of the citizens in a pyramid chain of command where orders descend from the top to the bottom.

The geographical location of the headquarters of the Confederation will evolve until the extent of the Networks of Life will seek to find a more judicious location for it. The selection criterion, as for the teams of life projects that we have just presented, is the importance and availability of real estate assets and of the equipment necessary for the activity of the Confederation.

The capital of a country governed by the systems of power may present these selection criteria, but the institutions and buildings used by a representative democracy and its electoral system must then be the subject of work to adapt to a participatory local direct democracy and its Confederation. Similarly, for the European institutions, the European Confederation of Living Networks has other needs in real estate and furniture equipment than the current structures. The European Confederation of Networks of Life manages a political union of national Confederations and no longer a supra-national political structure that develops its own institutions. Everything is no longer concentrated in the political institutions of the power systems.

The Confederation model used for the Networks of Life

The model of Confederation from which we will define the operation of the Confederation of the Networks of Life is found in the Great Law that binds the Iroquois Nations.

Set up around 1350 by the soldier monks of the Temple fleet who took refuge in their colony on the shores of the Gulf of St. Lawrence before descending to Central America and the Andes, from where the Order of the Temple and its fleet brought the cargoes of silver from the largest silver mine in the world to the port of La Rochelle.

This intact medieval vestige in Europe served the Iroquois nations to live in peace and enjoy a flourishing period economically and socially before the arrival of European settlers.

This Great Law, which binds together, will serve as a model for the Declaration of Independence and the first Constitution of the United States of North America. It should also have served as a model for the French Revolution. This fault, this mistake, Victor Hugo will put them on Gavroche’s lips during the July 1830 Revolution: “it’s Voltaire’s fault, it’s Rousseau’s fault”… for having despised and rejected this Amerindian culture and then this American example of the Founding Fathers, according to the French-French centuries-old funeral tradition, in view of the Enlightenment… or finally, the century of the Parisian loupiottes!

Purpose or tasks:

indicative, non-exhaustive list.

For monitoring the functioning of the Life Networks:


  • To guarantee the individual and collective exercise of each citizen’s mission of authority and respect for individual freedom.
  • Guarantee the use of the alliance of opposites and subsidiarity in the political action of the Networks of Life. Manage access to official documentation that preserves the various optimal solutions obtained by subsidiarity and the main agreements between stakeholders obtained by the alliance of opposites.
  • Manage disputes by making available to citizens the documentation resources that bring together the optimal solutions and adaptations to local particularities, implemented in the Networks of Life from the local level to the Confederal level.
  • Oppose and eliminate abuses of power in the operation of the Confederation of Life Networks and its Local Networks.
  • Ensure the management of the clan of mothers and make available to it the necessary means for its functioning.


  • Ensure the management of the National Economic Plan to coordinate the activity of Free Cities and Project Teams as well as commercial agreements with other confederations or organizations still under the systems of power.
  • Guarantee the functioning of the Full Currency and Social Rights to develop the common goods and the means of production and distribution of the wealth produced at the level of labor indispensable for life and survival and at the level of realization of works that raise the standard of living and are passed on to future generations.
  • Ensure full employment through the control of mobility between the different teams of life projects spread over the three levels of the management of all human activity.
  • Ensure access to and availability of information resources related to life project teams, their job descriptions and level of responsibility, and their compensation structure.
  • Guarantee the sincerity of the accounts kept by the Life Networks management centers.

socially and culturally:

  • Guarantee the use of our two sources of knowledge and the free use of the individual initiatory and spiritual approach.
  • In direct relation with the clan of mothers and according to its directives, develop social institutions based on the human culture of matriarchy for a daily practice of the values of peace and love, founding values of a humanist culture. In particular, respect for sexual freedom must be ensured so as to enable every human being to enrich himself with his love during his human condition.
  • Ensure the control of education and training institutions and their conformity with the humanist culture of the Networks of Life.
  • Minimize social and cultural injustices by controlling free access to social and cultural institutions in the context of citizens’ use of the common goods.
  • Ensure control over the management of social rights, including those assigned to each human being at birth, as well as their actual use by citizens.
  • Develop the raising of the level of competence of all citizens.
  • Guarantee a high level of Research and Development to be able to face the threats brought by Life on Earth at the level of the climate and according to the precession of the equinoxes and above all, the threats of human activity exercised in the systems of liberal power and its permanent search for profit maximization.


  • Guarantee military, civil and health security for the citizens of the Networks of Life. Coordinate the strategy of the Local Networks and lead with the clan of mothers, the appointment of the heads of war responsible for conducting military, civil, health operations conducted by the armies and the national guard created by the free cities.
  • Ensure the availability of the means necessary for survival in the face of natural disasters, climate change and exceptional pandemics by directly managing the resources allocated to it by the Local Networks.
  • Ensure control of communications and information intelligence by developing electronic warfare centers in order to guarantee the independence of the knowledge used by the Networks of Life, against attacks and maneuvers by opponents seeking to impose their ideologies, economic and theocratic dogmas, throughout the world and especially through the Internet.

For its mission of representing the Networks of Life and their Confederation:

The Confederation ensures contacts and interfaces with other Confederations of the Networks of Life as well as with countries ruled by systems of power. The latter were a threat to Confederation, especially because of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy and its chimerical desire for a world government led by a plutocracy. In this geo-political context, its main objectives are:

  • To secure peace with neighboring nations by presenting a Peace Treaty drawn up in accordance with the principles of the alliance of opposites and subsidiarity and designed to protect together the resources and management of human activity to meet the needs of the citizens of the countries brought together in this Treaty.
  • Guarantee the trade necessary for the activity of Life Networks.
  • Ensure the practice of solidarity and the making available of knowledge and intangible wealth to nations that want to free themselves from submission to the liberal system of power. Citizens from these nations can be received to train, educate and develop their skills in the functioning of the Life Networks.
  • Manage exchanges of staff or project teams in the context of raising the level of competence or subsidiarity practice to obtain optimal solutions to a threat or a project, a malfunctioning.
  • Ensure the organization of the Federation celebrations, their calendar and the free cities in which they will take place, the list of internal and foreign guests, at the defined deadlines.
  • Ensure the participation of Life Networks to combat the threats posed by the life of planet Earth and to make means of survival available to nations affected by natural, climatic, health or industrial and human-related disasters.
  • Ensure the exercise of justice at the international level with the other Confederations of the Networks of Life and the nations still in power systems who wish to associate themselves with this humanist justice.

If a nation refuses to sign a Peace Treaty in order instead to carry out military threats or operations, economic blockade measures or measures intended to harm the citizens of the Networks of Life, the Confederation gives its warlords a mandate for the defense of its territory and the response, if any, aimed at putting the enemy out of harm’s way. The start of the war is decided by the clan of mothers. In the event of a veto by them on this departure to the war, they remove the warlords and appoint other warlords capable of concluding new Peace Treaties.

Legal status:

The confederation is by nature and by destination a political union that brings together free cities and teams of life projects. In addition to these political institutions which are members of the Networks of Life, the Confederation may also bring together political institutions which are associated and which remain for the time being under the domination of the liberal system of power or other systems of power but which have signed a Peace Treaty with the Confederation.

The political union integrates the free trade of goods and services, and the free movement of people and the use of the full currency of the Networks of Life. The sharing of the humanist culture and the choice of civilization guaranteed by the Confederation is based on the two pillars of this political union: security and defense common to the members of the Confederation.

Membership of the Confederation:

The Confederation does not use a higher hierarchical structure than the Networks of Life. Its functioning corresponds to the practice of the alliance of opposites and subsidiarity.

Delegates from the Free Cities and Life Project teams are just passing through the Confederation to use its material means, control and representation powers. Once their missions are completed, the delegates return to their Life Networks with certainly higher skills and increased experience of responsibilities.

The exercise of power and command at the confederal level is collegial.

The colleges that ensure continuity and continuity of work to achieve the objectives set for confederation are grouped into 3 colleges :

trade, justice, civil and military defense.

Permanent members are ex officio confederal or world experts in their fields of activity, warlords and spokesmen appointed by the clan of mothers, delegates appointed by the clan of mothers. In addition, delegates mandated by the Life Networks are added as required.

Each college has its own permanent management center which prepares the accounts and reports for the assemblies of the political action of the Confederation.

The working teams of the Confederation are formed on the basis of a specific need or project, a dispute which hinders the development of one or more life projects, one or more free cities, a citizen or a group of citizens who are victims of damage caused by the current functioning of one or more Life Networks..

The control function of the Confederation is exercised mainly through the resolution of disputes that arise in the development of the Networks of Life.

Such disputes shall in principle concern the assignment of a project to a level of human activity: work essential to the life and survival or realization of works that raise the standard of living, on the allocation of resources to a project team or a free city, on how to use the full currency and the management of social rights, on how to minimize violence and the appropriateness of measures to prevent violence, etc. On a case-by-case basis, depending on the disputes to be resolved, the parties present in the debates are taken over by the Confederation.

We will see in the Norms used by the humanist culture to achieve the sharing of its values, the functioning of this resolution of the disputes brought before the Confederation.

Location of Confederation teams:

The 3 permanent management centers of the Colleges of Commerce, Justice and Civil and Military Defense are grouped at the headquarters of the Confederation in order to optimize their communication as well as their material and technological resources. The headquarters has some space available to deal with unforeseen events or to receive foreign delegations.

Teams formed at the confederal level are located as close as possible to the needs to be met or to the location of the malfunctions to be eliminated. They coexist with other teams of Life Projects in the common goods that are adapted to their activities, in principle in the free cities designated according to their logistic resources, transport, well-being and health.

Depending on the purpose of their work and the level of secrecy or confidentiality required, some teams of the Confederation coexist with the teams of Life Projects working for the defense and protection, security of Life Networks, in the places arranged accordingly.

Where appropriate and depending on the nature of its activities, a Confederation team may be established with another Confederation of Life Networks or may be invited by an institution of a nation still organized in a system of power and which has signed a Peace Treaty.

The Feasts of the Federation and the Assemblies of the Political Action of the Confederation, which bring together the delegates mandated by the Free Cities and the Life Projects teams, take place according to the calendar, in the city that has been chosen or, where appropriate, in a place and a natural setting conducive to such a gathering, in respect of the environment.

One or more local networks with their management centers were able to develop this project of political and civic life one or several years ago. The technical equipment for such a gathering may come from the sporting or cultural activities carried out by other Project teams and also from the civil and military protection means gathered by the National Guard of one or more free cities.

Once the Federation Day is over, the facilities can stay on site for a holiday stay open to all citizens, cultural activities also accessible to foreign tourists. It all depends on the dimension given to these Federation Day projects.

Resources used:

material and technological resources:

They come mainly from the Common Goods. They are buildings, physical resources, technology, welfare and recreation centers, management centers which for a specific need are assigned to the Confederation.

human resources:

For the operation of the permanent bodies of the Confederation, volunteer staff are appointed or, where appropriate, drawn by lot from the Life Networks, Free Cities and Life Project Teams.

The local management centers, through their workforce planning and skills development, propose, in consultation with their local networks, in the assembly of local political action, a list of voluntary delegates to join, as appropriate, the activities of the Confederation. Priority is given to the skills needed to integrate the confederate team. Confederal experience is necessary to apply for the highest local responsibilities, in free cities or Life Project teams.

The composition of the teams shall endeavor to respect a gender balance and representation of the different age groups. A team necessarily comprises a small group of trainees and apprentices designated or drawn from local lists according to the local or national character of the need to be met or the project to be carried out.

financial resources:

The remuneration of personnel working at the Confederal level is in accordance with the job definition and the pay scales used by free cities and Life Project teams.

As for each end of the project and depending on the level of the results obtained, exceptional premiums are paid by the management centers on the decision of the Assemblies of the political action of the place where the project teams are employed or, where appropriate, on the decision of the Confederation and the college concerned by this project.

Investments for equipment not available in the common goods shall be made in consultation with one or more project teams so that such equipment is first used by the Confederal team and then transferred to the local teams. This funding follows the same rules as the Life Projects teams.

The confederation does not use a central bank to control economic activity as is the case in the capitalist system of power and liberal ideology. It intervenes at the level of the courts for disputes related to the full currency or social rights. The college that controls the Commerce participates in the creation of the full currency and its management in collegiality with the free cities and the teams of Life Projects.

The local banks which manage the full currency under the control of the local assemblies of political action organize their management through the Plan.

intangible resources and knowledge:

They are located at the federal level in libraries, the data banks managed as part of collective ownership by the Confederation. These are the agreements between stakeholders to set the objectives of a project, the optimal solutions obtained by subsidiarity, the adaptations of an optimal solution to local particularities. These documents are organized according to their activities and areas of expertise. They’re put in high-level security.

These resources are accessible under conditions of access to free cities and Life Projects teams. It may be appropriate for a project team or city to request a Confederal clearance to have a greater level of access to more secure documents.

Trade, Justice, Civil Defense and Military College teams have access to all of this material to carry out their activities. These teams, which are normally composed of high-level experts, then have a mission to disseminate this knowledge through teaching, research, studies and prospects, and business planning programs. Foreign experts may, where appropriate, also have access to this documentation managed by the Confederation. Ces experts s’organisent en Académies. These experts are organized into Academies

The more detailed functioning of the organs and teams that make up the Confederation is presented in the presentation of the humanist culture of the Networks of Life.

For the time being, let us continue this presentation of the political institutions of the Networks of Life by discussing the political institution of Civil Security and Military Defense, which are in particular responsible for presenting to the Confederation the Treaties of Peace with foreign nations.

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