COVID-19 the Truth Emerges

The excess mortality that does not exist

Pierre Chaillot’s book “Covid 19 what the official figures reveal Mortality, tests, vaccines, hospitals, la truth émerge” Éditions du Toucan, Paris, March 2023, demonstrates that the statistics presented by public institutions and the French government are false and have served only as propaganda to impose vaccination and measures depriving public freedoms.

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We take excerpts from his book presented by Pierre Lefevre in his letter of July 13, 2023 to which we subscribe.

Document, excerpts:

Early on, Pierre Chaillot’s studies confirmed our own research: there was no excess mortality worldwide, when Western governments collectively said otherwise.

   We saw the issue of excess mortality as a central issue: in its absence, there was nothing, absolutely nothing, that would allow anyone to claim, as the WHO did, that we were in the midst of a pandemic.

Chinese authorities confirm chloroquine’s therapeutic efficacy in SARS-CoV treatment

   Moreover, as we note in our book “C19…” in early February 2020, “the director of the Institute of Respiratory Diseases in Guangzhou, China, Dr. Zhong Nanshan, stated that the use of chloroquine had reduced the natural carriage of the virus among people detected to be carrying the coronavirus from 14 to 4 days, which also significantly reduced the risk of worsening pneumonitis among people who are physically weaker, are very old, and/or suffer from various chronic diseases.

    “Chinese experts, including Dr. Zhong Nanshan, were thus confirming, in vivo, the therapeutic efficacy of chloroquine in the SARS-CoV treatment which had been observed in vitro in 2002 (see below).”

“The Easiest Respiratory Infection of All”

   Based on the results of Chinese work, and as we also mention in our book, on February 25, 2020, in a paper at the IHU MI, Didier Raoult even stated that it was “the easiest respiratory infection of all” before adding: “It is not worth getting excited and promising “va x ins” in 10 years, you have to work […] be careful, there will soon be no chloroquine in pharmacies.”

   On this last point, he was also right. But he probably did not imagine that it would be because the mass killers that Emmanuel Macron and his minister Olivier Véran, would ban the sale and use of it to treat the sick…(ndrl: Just like the other available medicines like ivermectin and other possible treatments used by doctors who wanted to treat their patients and not stand idly by and do nothing if it is not obeying what is today considered the first medical dictatorship of our time.)

“The years 2019 to 2021 are the least lethal three-year period in the history of France.”

   The excellent Pierre Chaillot (the cause of “the truth”, the cause of the non-injected owes him a lot), this statistician from the Pays de Loire whose work we were among the first to write about, the one who, with figures to back it up, showed that: “The years 2019 to 2021 form the least lethal triennial period in the history of France.”

   Pierre Chaillot, mocking mask wearers, said in a comment on LinkedIn: “Yes, to protect against killer viruses that have never been shown to cause any death anywhere. Every morning I pour powder against the elephants on my strawberries. It’s extremely effective: no elephants have ever come to eat them. There is an urgent need to expand and sustain the use of powder against elephants in order to maintain this trend!”

   “Only 38 out of 3,000 hospitals…”

   In an interview, he said:

   “People who had fever [and/or] cough [and/or] difficulty breathing [and/or] loss of taste [and/or] nausea [and/or] chills [and/or] fatigue [and/or] vomiting….

 Any symptoms of anything.

  So, in February 2020, all of France’s patients of anything and everything are suspected of COVID-19, don’t go to the doctor, and go to one of only 38 hospitals…”

“The biggest funnel for sick people…”

   “So we organized the biggest funnel for sick people ever organized in France.

   So, in those 38 hospitals, yes, there was some saturation, which was not due to a virus that was emerging, but was due to the fact that all the patients from France and Navarre were sent to those 38 hospitals.

It immediately saturates, it’s normal, they [these 38 hospitals] don’t have the capacity to do that, so after a week, they apply the “Level 2 Plan” and they go to 108 hospitals.

But 108 hospitals when doctors don’t treat patients isn’t enough, either. That saturates after two weeks, and at the end of February in early March 2021, they launch the “Maximum White Plan” [ironically, it says, “because the virus is so strong that it saturates hospitals”], all hospitals will now be able to receive “covid” cases, but in specific wings.

We recall the state of the French Hospital: since 2019 all the emergency services are on strike, there was a resignation of a whole bunch of hospital directors in February 2020, so everyone knows that we have a Hospital that is not doing well, because we have too many elderly people, it saturates every year in winter [the Hospital is not equipped to treat all elderly people who get sick in winter], it saturates every year in winter [he recalls that during winter 2015, there were old people who died are in the hallways, that in 2017 it was the same].”

“Bureaucratic rules that create panic”

   « We have a hospital that has problems in the emergency services as soon as there is a problem (because there is a winter epidemic that arrives, we are used to it), and here we put in place bureaucratic rules, because it is a bureaucracy, that is all, that will create funnels for the sick, congestion that “screws up” a monster bazaar in France and that will be very scary. That’s what panic is all about. »

   “2,500 deaths in China over 1 month, but in China he dies 40,000 people every day”

   “It started in February 2020 with ‘The new killer virus in China’ making headlines every day… there’s a report that says that 82% of the French audiovisual media is devoted to the killer coronavirus in February 2020. They scare everyone and say “2,500 deaths in China over 1 month”. In China, it’s 40,000 people dying every day (…) 2,500 people in one month [out of 1,200,000 deaths, or 0.2%] that’s absolutely ridiculous, there’s nothing happening demographically (…) 2,500 people dying, that’s what happens every day in France in the middle of winter [and this was over one month in China].”

source: The political editorial of Free Informed Consent letter of July 13, 2023

To get rich by killing as many people as possible, and as quickly as possible, they were lying!

document, excerpts

So an email obtained by The Epoch Times confirms it: just three weeks after the injections of the “va x ins” killers of Pfizer & Co., this little criminal world knew it: mRNA injections do nothing to protect lung infections associated with the fake “C19” pandemic.

   In other words: their false “vins”, but true poisons, protected nothing, absolutely nothing, and even less so “serious forms”, for that matter.

   Related to this, how did educated people believe (and continue to believe) that a substance that does not protect against mild disease can protect against severe disease?

   Wouldn’t it be like imagining that a sunscreen that doesn’t prevent you from getting bloody sunburns in the morning and evening works between noon and 4 p.m. in the middle of summer?

   Before I use such a cream, I would have to be convinced by sound science, and publicly available data, that it is serious….

   They knew it, they talked about it among themselves as early as January 2021: mRNA injections did not protect anything, but they publicly stated the opposite… Remember that the lethal mRNA injections, authorized by the FDA on December 11, 2020, would have started in the United States only on December 24, 2020.

The Epoch Times publishes an email (partly censored) dated January 30, 2021, which follows further discussion of the detected problem: mRNA injections would not protect “C19” at all (the injections would have started in the US on December 24, 2021). Rochelle Walensky was then the powerful director of the CDC (along with NIAID, the CDC was another “superministry of health” in the United States).

Vaccine “breakthroughs”…

   In the email, Walensky informs recipients that she spoke with Dr. Francis Collins, and that “one of the issues they discussed was vaccine breakthroughs” (the term “vaccine breakthroughs” is a code for “infected vaccine recipients”), and refers her to the link to an article published 2 days earlier in the reputed JAMA.

   The article, which was published on January 28, 2021, is entitled “SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines and the Growing Threat of Viral Variants”.

   It is written under the direction of the pediatrician Paul A. Offit (50% of the revenue of pediatricians would come from the obligatory “va x ins”), expert in immunology.

   Paul A. Offit is a true pro-vax star (allegedly a co-inventor of “va x in” against rotaviruses associated with gastroenteritis and infant diarrhea), and the chief denier of the links that seem clearly established between “va x ins” and autism.

   In their article, The Epoch Times said, “There is a growing threat of emerging COVID-19 variants that are believed to be beyond the protection afforded by the COVID-19 vaccines, which were authorized in December 2020.”

   The Bat Myth of the Coronavirus

   While declassified US intelligence agency documents (including the FBI and CIA) claim that the “C19” originated from genetic engineering (human-made), the authors begin their article as follows: “In November 2019, a bat coronavirus entered the human population. Since then, the virus has continued to adapt, leading to a series of viral variants. “The question the world faces in early 2021 is whether these new variants will escape recognition by vaccine-induced immunity.”

   What the authors say in these lines is that the “C19” would constantly mutate, change in such a way that the question arises as to whether “va x ins” can, under these conditions, be effective (vaccine-induced immunity).

   They conclude their paper with a plethora of measures that have been known for centuries to do nothing to combat a genuine epidemic: “Masks, physical distancing, and common sense can prevent their spread.”

   Remember, the “C19” was never a denial-of-care pandemic for patients with the known effective drugs hydroxychloroquine, which began in 2002.

   Rochelle Walensky’s questions

   The Epoch Times also reports that Walensky also stated on January 30, 2021, that “she had discussed this issue a few weeks earlier with Dr. Nancy Messonnier, (another senior CDC official), and asked her interlocutors, ‘Should we discuss this issue? What’s the best next step?”

   In short, Walensky knew all too well that mRNA injections offered no protection, but she has always publicly contradicted this and urged more mRNA injections.

   Our portrait of Rochelle Walensky

   In our book “C19”, a global plot against our human rights, fundamental freedoms, health and lives, we work with Patrick Ledrappier to portray Rochelle Walensky, the procuring mass murderer, in a white coat with clean hands:

   In August 2021, Rochelle Walensky, then director of the US CDC, said, “People who received the COVID-19 vaccine early on are at increased risk of severe illness… Reports from our international colleagues, including Israel, suggest an increased risk of severe illness among those vaccinated.”

   After such a confession, it was expected that she would add, “That’s why we are suspending the use of these mRNA “va x ins.”

   But not at all!

   Instead, she proudly announced, “Starting September 20 (2021), Americans who have received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will be eligible for a booster [third dose] eight months after their last dose.”

A request for a “Federal Grand Jury”

   At the initiative of Dr. Henry Ealy (Oregon, USA), a 64-page citizen petition called for a “Federal Grand Jury”.

   The petition was also signed by two Republican Senators from the state of Oregon, Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum, and was filed with state authorities on March 7, 2022.

   The petitioners state that the CDC violated at least three federal statutes when it amended death certificate reports and willfully overstated “C19” deaths by 94%.

   These violations of the law and this overestimation of mortality were committed in order to provoke massive fear in the population and to take unjustified measures purportedly to “ensure the safety of Americans”, while these measures caused widespread chaos with physical and psychological harm to people and the disastrous closure of the economy.

   In this petition, Rochelle Walensky is specifically charged.

   He is also accused of ‘concealing’ the failures of experimental inoculations of mRNA ‘va x ins’ against ‘C19’ and of organizing data fraud.

   “Don’t believe anything, not a single thing, published by a pharmaceutical company. Don’t believe it, it’s the starting point!”

   This is not something that I or a member of Free Enlightened Consent say.

   They are from the former editor of the JAMA (“Journal of the American Medical Association”), Catherine DeAngelis, who held the position from 1999 until her resignation in July 2011.

   We can add, “Don’t believe anything, not a single thing, published by the CDC, the FDA, and other Western public health authorities regarding vaccination.”

source: The political editorial of Free Enlightened Consent, letter of June 26, 2023

“Vaxins” kill, everything confirms it

   document, excerpts: 

   On July 20, 2023, Cureus, a journal of “Springer Nature” (a German-British academic publishing company) published a study that is of great interest to us at Free Informed Consent.

   This study was done by two seniors, who are not, fortunately, doctors. They are Gary S Goldman, who holds a PhD in computer science, who describes himself as a computer data analyst, and Neil Z. Miller, author and director of the Institute of Medical and Scientific Inquiry in New Mexico (USA).

   From 1995 to 2002 (when he resigned), Gary S. Goldman was a data analyst for the Varicella Surveillance Project (VSA) for the CDC and the author of several published (health) statistical studies. He also developed a computer program to quantify seasonal variation in chickenpox as a function of school enrollment, population density and ambient temperature. He is also the developer of a database and data entry programs that contain several hundred demographic and clinical variables related to chickenpox and shingles.

   Neil Z. Miller is the author of the famous “Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies,” which presents a large body of research on vaccines and natural immunity (all of the studies presented in the book have been published in major journals and have been evaluated).

   “We studied the potential associations between the number of doses of early childhood vaccines that developed countries require and their infant mortality rates,” the authors told the media.

The more babies are “born without”, the higher the infant mortality rate!

   “In 2011, using 2009 data, we published a study showing that among the most developed nations, those who inject their infants with the most doses of vaccines tend to have the least favorable infant mortality rates (r = 0.70, p < 0.0001).”

   The study, published in Cureus on July 20, 2023, (according to the two experts, some real), is an analysis of data from 2019 to 2021 devoted to “the effects of vaccines on neonatal and under-five mortality rates.”

   Lobby propaganda “Let’s keep raking in billions by vaccinating infants, it’s safe and it saves lives” has been eroded…

   In their introduction, the two authors do not go 4 ways, they recall that:

“According to global health experts, “few public health measures can be compared to the impact of vaccines. Vaccinations have reduced illnesses, disabilities and deaths from a variety of infectious diseases.” The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that four million deaths are prevented each year by childhood vaccination. The World Health Organization (WHO) has calculated that an additional 1.5 million deaths could be prevented if global vaccination coverage rates were improved.”

   Many studies would call this propaganda in the service of Big Pharma and the globalists who promote the depopulation of the planet into question.

   “Infants who had been vaccinated with DTP died 10 times more than those who had not been vaccinated (no vaccine)!”

   It is a lie that “when more vaccines are administered, fewer deaths occur,” and the authors cite several studies that completely contradict this claim by the pro-depopulation globalists who use “va x ins” to implement their agenda (and mRNA products since late 2021).

   The authors cite in particular the famous study published by The Lancet on Guinea-Bissau. Study led by Peter Aaby by Søren Wengel Mogensen, Andreas Andersen, Amabelia Rodrigues and Christine S. Benn.

   They therefore cite the famous study that showed that “all-cause infant mortality in Guinea-Bissau doubled after the introduction of the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) and oral polio vaccines (relative risk, HR=2.12)” as well as: “Survival rates in infants who received only DTP (without oral polio vaccine) compared to children not vaccinated with DTP were significantly worse (HR=10.0).”

In other words, infants who had been vaccinated with DTP died 10 times more than those who had not been vaccinated (no vaccine)!

   The “va x ins” kill, indeed, everything confirms it

   Finally, the authors would show that “infant mortality rates increased by 0.167 deaths per 1,000 live births for every additional dose of vaccine added to the vaccination schedule.”

   It is a far cry from what they tell us in kindergarten: “Immunizations have reduced illness, disability, and death due to a variety of infectious diseases.”

   In fact, they also point out that while “in 2009, 29 countries had better child mortality rates than the United States, in 2019 the United States fell to 44th place in the infant mortality ranking and in 2021 it was 50th…”

   In other words, the more vaccines are added to the U.S. vaccine schedule, the greater the infant mortality

   Yet another study confirms it: “Vaccines kill!”

   Pierre Lefevre

source: The political editorial of Free Enlightened Consent, letter of August 12, 2023

Ndlr: we respect the spelling used by the author, namely “va x ins” because mRNA-based injections, used against this Covid 19 are not vaccines for many doctors, geneticists or medical experts. It’s a matter of differentiating between vaccines and these “va x ins”. This also does not mean that the misuse of vaccines is accepted by those who have voluntarily received certain vaccines in their lifetime.

Content analysis of Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines

The court in Pesaro, Central Italy, has just ordered an analysis of the contents of the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines following a complaint by a 50-year-old professional cured of COVID infection who later refused vaccination. This refusal has placed restrictions on his professional practice. Hence this legal action to obtain compensation for this damage.

This decision was made on September 12, 2022, and the analyzes are ongoing. Public laboratories indicate that they are not widely available for this analysis. Tests have been carried out in private, the results of which are to be communicated shortly.

This is a first in Italy, Europe and probably the world.


How can governments, judges, the LRA and doctors always ignore, for example:

  • that by the end of 2020 Moderna had never produced and marketed any medicinal product (of which ‘va x ins’ are one);
  •    before 2020 and to ensure patient safety, it usually took almost 14 years for a new medicine to get a marketing authorization, not a few months for mRNA products that killed the animals on which they were tested;   
  • that between 1995 and 2009 (more cases still to be resolved), Pfizer was caught 40 times in the act of corrupting politicians, civil servants and doctors; deceiving and selling toxic products that were highly dangerous to health; falsifying data, etc. and that it cost the federal government $6.171 billion in fines

“There are no deaf people worse than those who do not want to hear.” De Molière / Medical love

“He is deaf only if he will not hear.”… and we can add blindness, stupidity, arrogance and contempt…

Health hold-up and bureaucratization.

Covid-19, manufactures technopanics through fee-for-service pricing.

source: 27 june 2022 by Vincent Verschoore


An intriguing example of how technocracy perverts the “normal” functioning of institutions is bureaucratization of the health-care system. This process was born out of the introduction of computer technology in hospitals in the 1990s, and in 2007 a certain Jean Castex turned it into a financial machine in the name of “fee-for-service”, T2A for the intimate. The reappearance of the technocratic monster Castex at the heart of the COVID disaster is not an accident, of course.

T2A funding meant that the hospital was no longer there to treat, at best with its annual allocation calibrated to the population it was to serve, but that it was there to make money, favoring “cases” based on their financial profitability, with each “case” associated with a code originating at the WHO.

It went crazy with COVID, and the creation of a special “COVID” code with a “risk premium,” which hospital bureaucrats could then assign to anyone with any sign of COVID (or none at all). But it is above all the flu and the various classical respiratory diseases, from which some three million people suffer each year in France, which were then declared “Covid” to the sound of the cash register.

This explains the sudden disappearance of flu and related illnesses: they did not go away; instead, they have been relabeled as “COVID” to raise money for hospitals and doctors. At the same time, this explosion of COVID cases brings together a whole range of pre-existing diseases, set in motion the so-called white plan (massive deprogramming of so-called non-urgent interventions, and particularly all types of screening), the result of which today is a disastrous health situation not having much to do with COVID, but with the technocratic and corrupt management of the public hospital.

Doctor: 92 percent of all covid deaths have been vaccinated, so it’s a pandemic of vaccination

source of the document in german of the statement of a canadian doctor to journalists.

Secret emails about the origins of the coronavirus

We continue with this video on communications between laboratories, including the one in Wuhan, China.

august 3, 2022

Secret emails about the origins of the coronavirus have recently been updated. According to documents obtained by a non-profit watchdog, the N-I-H suppressed genetic information about the virus from the Wuhan lab. The US medical research agency is said to have made the change at the request of the Chinese laboratory. The Wuhan facility has been at the center of controversy over the origin of the pandemic for more than two years, with some suspecting the virus has been released from the lab.

source: (video is no longer available)

end of these documents:

Former British spy: ‘Anti-Trump sentiment delayed Wuhan lab research’

document: friday, june 4, 2021

The theory that the coronavirus originates in a Chinese lab has been disregarded for too long because former US President Donald Trump endorsed it. The West has been exceedingly naive in its dealings with China in recent years. And the coronavirus crisis will provoke political tensions even within China’s regime. All of this was said by Richard Dearlove, the former British intelligence chief MI6, in a high-profile interview with The Telegraph.

A year ago, Sir Richard Dearlove (76) was still one of the few well-publicized British voices to believe that the coronavirus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It was based, inter alia, on a Norwegian and British biochemical study. Daerlove and the scientists were then ridiculed, because the consensus at the time was based on the animal origin of the virus.

Today, the “laboratory leak theory” is once again being taken seriously by the authorities. The former head of MI6 said this should lead to rehabilitation, especially for the scientists behind the study. In this week’s interview with the Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast, he takes bold positions from his position as a former top spy.


‘Covid-19 is out of a lab’: top U.S. coronavirus official breaks ice

document: saturday, march 27, 2021

While the WHO Wuhan investigation still awaits its report, one of the virologists who had long played a key role in America’s fight against the coronavirus has decided to get out of the woods. He said that COVID-19 has not been transmitted from animals to humans. The virus would come from a laboratory.

In early 2021, 17 WHO international experts traveled to Wuhan to investigate the origin of the coronavirus. While they announced at a press conference that the virus was indeed animal, their official report has yet to be published. Originally scheduled for the week of March 15, the publication continues to be postponed.

Meanwhile, a former senior US official made a remarkable release on CNN on Friday. Robert Redfield was the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) between March 2018 and January 2021. It is the leading federal agency in the United States for protecting public health. Redfield also served on the White House coronavirus task force until late January. In other words, his opinion is worth considering.

For him, the ‘most likely’ origin of this virus is ‘a laboratory, from which it escaped’. ‘Other people don’t believe this. That’s okay. Eventually science will find out,’ added Dr. Redfield, recalling that this was ‘just an opinion’.

According to Dr. Redfield, animal-mediated transmission to humans is less likely. ‘I don’t think the virus went from a bat to a human being and by that time it became one of the most infectious viruses we knew about in terms of human-to-human transmission. It takes time for it to figure out how to become increasingly efficient at human-to-human transmission. I don’t think it makes any biological sense,’ he said.


It is to be hoped that other jurisdictions will receive complaints and legal actions from citizens and thus take over from journalists who do something about their work.

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