Covid: Germany has found its Eduard Schneeten

Published on 21/10/2021 à 10:56 by France Soir.Author(s): Moufid Azmaïesh, for FranceSoir

Compel the world’s population to submit to the dictates of private interests under the pretext of “public health.

On September 22, Langemann Medien published on his YouTube channel an interview – viewed nearly 500,000 times to date – with a young mathematician and IT expert who may be remembered as Germany’s Edward Snowden. We will call him “Eduard Schneeten” (for obvious reasons he wants to remain anonymous).

Assisted by political analyst Thomas Röper (,, Eduard Schneeten has been sifting through millions of documents over the past six months using specialized software. This enabled the pilots’ modus operandi of the so-called “anticovid” maneuver to be updated, and it demonstrated that it is a very narrow woven network with a specific mission: force the world’s population to submit to the dictates of private interests by all means under the pretext of “public health.”

Drivers of the “anticovid” maneuver through networks

These networks are now clearly identified by the two analysts.

The Langemann Medien video presents an  first document (169 pages) in a series to be published in about two months as a book, with the current presentation in Excel tables and charts being difficult to consult by non-specialists.

The analysis is divided as follows:

  • The 20 to 30 key figures who quietly continue their work in the shadow of the famous figures such as Gates or Schwab;
  • International financial flows and their (colossal) amount;
  • NGOs (whose role in financing is fundamental), universities and key companies through which funds pass.
  • These flows were quantified by Schneeten and Röper. Analysts’ attention was drawn
  • to give just one example
  • by a small, insignificant suburban pavilion in the United States, used as a “post office box” by several NGOs with tens of millions of dollars.
  • The operational mode of takeover of Western governments and institutions.

Maneuvers in place since 2017

All the documents consulted are in the public domain and the software used, although expensive and therefore usually purchased by governments or secret services, is also available for purchase by Mr. Ordinary. Thus, Thomas Röper and Eduard Schneeten cannot be accused of any act of espionage, indiscretion or illegality. Hearsay or insider reports have been rigorously dismissed. All original sources, data has not been retouched.

Is it any wonder that no Western online newspaper, program, or publication benefits from Gates’ financial largesse – the BBC, Le Monde et al. – did not wish to undertake research such as that of Schneeten and Röper?  

Schneeten and Röper, who did not know each other until six months ago, find that evidence shows that the so-called anticovid maneuver has been in preparation since at least 2017, when funds suddenly flow through well-defined channels and contacts within identified networks are multiplying and growing. Similarly, the majority of NGOs involved in the maneuver were founded in 2017.

The project, in its current manifestation, seems to be germinating in 2016, although Heidi Larson, one of the key figures identified, wife of Baron Peter Piot, founded the Vaccine Confidence Project in 2010, alongside GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson&Johnson, the European Commission, etc. Now Facebook, Chatham House, the WHO, the Robert-Koch Institute and Christian Drosten Charity Hospital are partners, among others.

Dr. Larson, a professor of anthropology and “risk and decision science” (sic) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, specializes in “rumor management (sic) and risk management from clinical trials to marketing, and population confidence building” (sic).  

One thing to highlight: At no point do Röper and Schneeten speculate about the origins of the virus or the more or less occult aims of these networks. They confine themselves to their own area of expertise and to the factual, considering moreover that one could have triggered the same hysterical campaign about any disease ex. “Spanish Influenza 2.0”, with the same consequences.

The Open Letter to President Biden

An example of the power of these networks: On August 3, 2021, an open letter to President Biden was published, calling on him to call a “Global Immunization Summit” with the aim of injecting 70% of the world’s population by September 2022. On September 22, six weeks later, without calling the Congress or consulting the electorate (although the taxpayer is financing), Biden complied and announced an EU-US partnership for a “global vaccination offensive”. The open letter’s signatories are listed as representing different NGOs, but all have major private conflicts of interest, such as Pfizer Board member Scott Gottlieb.

At the center of Schneeten and Röper’s study is Professor Larson’s husband, Baron Peter Piot, from Belgium, who was appointed director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2010. Senior Fellow of the Gates Foundation in 2009, he presents himself as a disinterested academic. In fact, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has received 143 times over the past 20 years Bill Gates “donations” totaling at least US$185 million, plus the US$170 million received from the Wellcome Trust. Peter Piot is an advisor to the European Commission on Covid (Advisory Panel on Covid-19), a personal advisor on Covid-19 to its President Ursula Von Der Leyen, a member of the German Academie des sciences Leopoldina, a member of CEPI, a member of the Novartis Board, a member of the French Academy of Medicine.

To capture the structure of the network, start with the  Netzwerkanalyze Corona Komplex report, which is the first part of Schneeten and Röper’s work. The latter are a public service. We can only hope that the public will pay close attention to it, as it is a matter of our survival.

NDRL: open the link to read the report and its interconnection maps between these figures who govern us according to their dogmas and the directives of the anglo-saxon puritan sect, predestined to rule the world and crush the reprobate unable to comply with their directives.

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