The advantages of hemp culture


Before delving into the many specific benefits of hemp cultivation, it is important to emphasize that hemp is the ideal source for achieving a wide range of objectives set out in the European Green Pact. This agreement is a set of European Commission policy initiatives aimed at making Europe climate neutral by 2050.

Hemp, as a sustainable and versatile crop that requires very little water and little or no pesticides, strongly aligns with the EU Green Pact initiatives related to climate change, industrial and agricultural policy, sustainability, carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

Hemp cultivation is a perfect fit for everything the European Green Deal is designed to do. It is a natural chemical-free crop that grows well in the European climate and does not require many pesticides and herbicides. It also supports biodiversity, reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and serves as a sustainable source for thousands of products.

The benefits of growing hemp are many, but it has been banned to protect the leaders of the oil and paper industries.

A list of hemp benefits:

Document: text translated from Hungarian and reproduced on FB by one of our FB friends on 17/06/2022

👉 1. One hectare of hemp produces as much oxygen as 25 hectares of forest.

👉 2. Again, 1 acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 4 acres of trees.

👉 3. You can make paper from hemp 8 times and wood 3 times.

👉 4. Hemp grows in 4 months, tree grows in 20-50 years.

👉 5. Hemp blossom is a radiation trap.

👉 6 Hemp can be grown anywhere in the world and requires very little water. Furthermore, because it is able to protect against insects, it does not need pesticides.

👉 7. If hemp textiles spread, the pesticide industry could disappear altogether.

👉 8 The first jeans were made from hemp; even the word “CANVAS” is the name of hemp products.

Hemp is an ideal plant for making ropes, cords, bags, shoes, and yoke

👉 9. Reduce the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy on cannabis, AIDS and cancer. It has been used in at least 250 diseases such as rheumatism, heart, epilepsy, asthma, stomach, insomnia, psychology and


👉 10 The protein value of hemp seeds is very high and the two fatty acids contained cannot be found anywhere else in nature.

👉 11. Producing hemp is even cheaper than soybeans.

👉 12. Cannabis-fed animals do not require hormone replacement.

👉 13 All plastic products can be made from hemp and hemp plastic is very easy to return to nature

👉 14. If a car body is made of hemp, it will be 10 times stronger than steel.

👉 15. It can also be used to isolate buildings. durable, cheap and flexible.

👉 16 soaps and cosmetics made with hemp do not contaminate water; it is therefore totally environmentally friendly.

👉 17. It was mandatory to produce it in 100-year-old America, and farmers who did not produce it were imprisoned.

It is probably the first domesticated plant, probably for its robust fibers, the nutritional qualities of its seeds and the medicinal properties of its resin.

The use of hemp has spread across continents through exploration, migration and conquest. The fiber was used to make royal western clothes and China already produced textiles in -600 BC

In the Middle Ages, Emperor Charlemagne strongly encouraged the cultivation of hemp. It is a strategic commodity, a guarantee of prosperity, because of the many uses allowed by its fiber.

The Arabs have perfected the technique of making paper from hemp. It was a medium used to disseminate manuscripts and numerous texts of scientific (mathematical, astronomical, medical, etc.), literary or philosophical significance.

The first Bible by Gutenberg, would have been printed on hemp paper. It was also the paper-based support of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. He was so deeply embedded in the economy that it was mandatory, as an American farmer, to grow it. The crops were then distributed to the State in the form of taxes.

The reasons for its prohibition

👎 In the 1900s, the industrialist Hearst owned newspapers, magazines and media in America. His companies had forests and produced paper. If the paper was made of hemp, it could have lost millions.

👎 Rockefeller was the richest man in the world. He had an oil company. Of course, biofuel, hemp oil was his biggest enemy.

👎 Mellon was a major shareholder in Dupont Company and held a patent for the production of plastic from petroleum products. The cannabis industry has threatened the market.

👎 He later became Finance Minister to President Mellon Hoover. All the big names we talked about decided at their meetings that hemp is the enemy to be eliminated.

And has been eliminated.

Forests are cut to produce paper.

Pesticide poisons and cancer cases are on the rise.

Then we filled our world with plastic waste, harmful waste…

end of documents:

Here we find the industrial leaders of Anglo-Saxon capitalism. Rockefeller, of course, which bans the use of herbal medicines and herbal medicines in American pharmacies to sell medicines derived from oil, which it held a monopoly on refining and distribution with its Standard Oil and its Bank, the Chase Manhattan Bank.

The paper industry is a less well-known example of the ban on hemp.

The use of hemp in industry is now recognized and developed to no longer use plastics.


For example, hemp has been used to make naturally biodegradable plastic, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional petroleum-based plastics. Automotive industry leaders already understand the value hemp production can have for automotive manufacturing, especially in replacing carbon fiber and fiberglass to make door panels and more.

Hemp is also already used in home construction through its use as insulation and as a strong, lightweight and breathable building material called hemp brick. It can also replace oil as a fuel when it is converted into biodiesel. Hemp-based biofuel is more environmentally friendly than gasoline and can be used in existing transport vehicles.

Hemp can be used to make:

  • human food 
  • animal food
  • skin and hair care products
  • biofuels
  • bioplastic
  • green building materials (hemp brick)
  • textiles (cloth, cloth, rope)
  • paper
  • and more.

end of document

Eliminating the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy is not just a political issue to restore participatory local direct democracy. It is also economically indispensable, the energy transition to use less oil and carbon reduction, the health of humanity, water savings, the elimination of nature’s pollution with oil-based plastic.

This topic illustrates our developments on the practice of alliance of opposites and the practice of subsidiarity, political institutions of Networks of Life.

It also illustrates, at the level of the Economic Institutions, the Total Quality approach, the transition from insurance to solidarity, the management of the common goods with full currency and social rights.

Social peace at the level of social institutions is the consequence of the elimination of these dysfunctions and risks that the neo-liberal capitalist system of power has imposed on peoples for nearly two centuries.

In Life Networks, the use of cannabis and drugs is managed from our first source of initiatory and spiritual knowledge. They are used in the fifth way of spiritual development, presented in Part 4, the Art of Living (text not yet taken from the old site on 17/06/2022)

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