Part 5 – Abandoning Political power systems

Wars after 1945

Our dear enemies 

file 3: financing and the management of wars

Part 3 The wars organized after 1945.

Fascism and War after 1945 

Document: extracts from the book by Jacques R. PAUWELS, Big Business with Hitler, Éditions Aden, February 2013. pages 333 et seq

“American big business emerged from World War II with almost total control of the American state. Little wonder, then, that both domestic and international politics pursued by Washington after 1945 systematically sought to achieve the big business’s great objective of maximizing profits. Only in light of this reality can two paradoxes in the postwar history of a country that masquerades as the flagship of pacifism and democracy be explained: first, an astonishing tolerance for fascist dictatorships, and, second, repeated participation in wars that are all too often started by the US itself. 

Before World War II, fascist dictatorships had proved to be extraordinary instruments for making profits, or for accumulating capital. In this respect, fascism remained useful after the war. That is why the US government not only tolerated, but even actively supported, fascist dictatorships or other authoritarian regimes in countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Chile, Argentina, South Korea, South Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, and South Africa. This “pro-fascist” policy offered big American (and international) companies every opportunity to make big profits just as it had happened before in Nazi Germany, i.e. through the elimination of trade unions, a system of low wages and long working hours, arms orders, etc.  

…/… In 1945, after the victory over Germany and Japan, there was an urgent need for a new enemy in order to continue to wage war. That enemy was found very quickly, and had in fact always been there: the Soviet Union, the country that in the 1930s had been the bogeyman of “Big Business America” but had been a very useful ally during the war.

…/… The sudden and unanticipated end of the Cold War confronted large US corporations with a potential disaster: the transition from a highly profitable war economy to a peaceful one with inevitably smaller profits.

This time, it was a bit more difficult to find new enemies and thus to find a justification for maintaining the US war economy, the so-called “warfare system” or “Pentagon system.” A final solution, or “final solution,” to the lack of enemies was found under President George W. Bush: the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington paved the way for a “war on terror.” This new battle horse amounts to a permanent state of war on a global scale against all those who, at any moment, can be called “terrorists” by America’s power elite.

“Terrorism” cannot be expected to yield at some point. So America’s big business has a bright future ahead of it, to the great detriment of the “ordinary” Americans who finance this war with their taxes and blood. Big business – including Halliburton, a sinister reputational firm associated with former Vice President Dick Cheney – is reaping the huge profits that the war made possible.

Today, in the US, war is an instrument for redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich, just as under Hitler’s Third Reich. 

…/… Willingly or unwittingly, Obama is doing what the power elite wants him to do, pursuing the wars that the power elite needs, the wars that big business no longer wants to go without. Indeed, the problem is this: How could large US corporations make huge profits in any other way than through war? “. 

The Oil War

Rockefeller’s presence in the first oil shock of 1973:

Alvin Toffler’s book “The Third Wave” indicates that it originated in Chicago in an unbelievable cynicism and hubris of Exxon’s leadership towards Arab countries to tax them more and benefit even more from the “oil bonanza”.

Exxon is a sequel to Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. Alvin Toffler explains how this provocation was carried out and the fact that these American leaders did not expect the Arab countries’ reaction: the creation of OPEC which will itself fix the price of a barrel of oil. Despite a three-fold increase in oil prices, America’s bankers will not be beaten: they will play on the dollar’s exchange rate, and, more importantly, they will continue to engage in ongoing conflicts in the Middle East to regain political and military dominance over the oil fields, while using the opportunity to improve their arms sales to these countries.

The threat of war in the Middle East has justified all speculation about oil prices ever since. Western countries have developed with low oil prices. In 2012, the record reached is justified by the threat of wars in the Middle East and by the rise in demand from countries with strong growth: India, China, Brazil…

It is worth asking if consumers are not forced to pay these record prices for oil because the bankers and our masters of the world have found an effective way to slow down or counteract the development of these developing countries, forcing them and their very large population to remain in misery and non-development for as long as possible, while capturing huge profits when these countries spend their wealth to buy this oil at a staggering price… and the populations of Western countries sink into misery by no longer being able to pay for energy, oil, gas, to heat themselves or move around in cars.

Libya’s False Revolution

The leader of Libya’s bogus revolution admits that Gaddafi did not kill protesters


The United States, France, and NATO ended secularism in Libya and brought Islamist extremists to power, who committed many crimes, including massacring thousands of black Libyans immediately after the destruction of Qaddafi’s regime. 

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, president of the National Transitional Council in Benghazi in 2011, admits: Gaddafi did not order the shooting that caused the false revolution in Libya. Now, after the destruction of Libya, Jalil confesses to the world on Channel One that the demonstrators who were killed in Benghazi that were the pretext given to the UN and NATO to attack Libya were killed by a group of spies and mercenaries who were not from Libya.

He admits that he knew the truth at the time, but this was done to bring down the Libyan government and break up the state. He admits that he was informed in advance that this was going to happen and that the people of Libya did not recognize the dead demonstrators because they were wearing civilian clothes and that there was no one who came to their funeral as they had no relatives or friends in Libya. 

As we have said since February 2011, the so-called revolution in Libya was under false banner. The Libyan people were overwhelmingly happy and safe. Islamic extremist groups were illegal in Libya. Now Libya is controlled by Islamic extremist groups (Al-Qaeda, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), the Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and others). The country is divided, there is no security, thousands have been illegally imprisoned and hundreds tortured to death. There is no government, there are no more oil sales, more than 2 million people are still in exile, the psychopaths have taken the country and it is now considered a “gray state” – without borders and without government. 

Source: Karma justice, publication date: May 20, 2014 By Saman Mohammadi

Perhaps a silly question: In the midst of a crisis since 2007, and as the US again becomes the world’s largest oil producer using shale gas, wouldn’t it make sense to shut down an oil-producing country’s production?

The pretext of the successful Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia can also justify next to this country, the opposite example: an Arab revolution that leads to chaos and remains for a long time in chaos. The advantage for the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy in its conquest of a world government is that this Libyan chaos not only serves to calm the democratic ardor of other Arab populations but also to ensure that the leaders of the chaos, the jihadi terrorists, become able to export their crimes to Europe with their entries in Italy and their organization of the trafficking of immigrants from the Libyan coasts, while infiltrating the Sahel and tropical Africa.

Surely if the masters of the world let go or sacrifice one of their tyrants and dictators, it is for a much worse result: the establishment of political, economic, social, cultural, religious, military chaos… and the mercenaries are paid by whom?

In 1307, Philip the Fair’s mercenaries were paid with money and gold that had just been stolen from Jewish bankers, and this was the custom at the time because kings had no other means of controlling banking and finance: once they had become too rich, the king would plunder them.

On the basis of these practices, which are admittedly unfortunate, we know that the bankers and financiers have organized themselves to become masters of their destiny and to enslave the kings and the powerful of this world to their financial power until they confiscate from their profits the power to create themselves money, counterfeit currency but according to the custom instituted by the kings, including Philip the Fair.

People are not plotting against the financiers who dominate the monarchies and representative democracies; it is their turn from now on to ruin and the financiers and representative democracies are corrupted by the financiers. Here we are at the heart of’s goal: to leave our systems of power and develop our organizations into life networks again.

We leave the masters of the world to their fate, we do not need them to live and find the answers to our reasons for living. For them to cease their wars, their chaos, we must bear the sword, sell our cloak to buy a sword according to the requirement of Jesus in order to place the weapons under the custody of the sacred and the initiates who evolved after their way to the first source of initiatory and spiritual knowledge, as in Egypt before the invasion of Hyksos around 1674 BC. 

NATO’s Secret Armies

Reference book: “NATO Secret Armies: Stay Behind Networks, Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe.” Author: Daniele Ganser (Translated with Thomas Jamet).Broché: 416 pages Éditeur: Éditions Demi-Lune (2nd Review and corrected – August 30, 2011) Collection: Resistances ISBN: 978-2917112007 

This book tells how, after the Second World War, the CIA and British MI6 set up secret anti-communist armies in all the countries of Western Europe, and by what processes these NATO Stay-Behind networks allied themselves in some countries with far-right terrorist groups, with particularly tragic consequences. 

The existence of “Gladio”, Italy’s secret army, was revealed by Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti in 1990. Following this, the press spoke of the “best-kept political-military secret… since the end of the Second World War” and noted that: “the story seems to be straight out of the pages of a political thriller”. 

Since then, NATO’s secret armies have also been discovered in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Greece, and Turkey. Internationally, their actions were coordinated by the Pentagon and NATO, and their last known meeting was held in Brussels in October 1990.

At a time of the threat of hyperterrorism, this reference book reviews the attacks on Bologna Station, Piazza Fontana, the attacks on the mad killers of Brabant, the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro and asks, if these are acts of terrorism under false banner, manufactured to increase the strategy of tension. 

About the author: A historian specializing in contemporary history and international relations since 1945, Daniele GANSER teaches at the University of Basel. His current work focuses on the “war on terror” and peak oil. Ganser was invited by the Swiss parliament and national television to share his expertise on foreign and security policy and saw his books, scientific articles, newspaper articles and interviews published in various countries.

John Prados, a member of the National Security Archive, considers him an “expert on European stay-behind programs”. 

Henriette Hanke Güttinger, for the Swiss newspaper Horizons et debates, argues that “Ganser presents the facts in a nuanced and easily understandable way for the layman”. 

The US State Department does not question the existence of the Gladio networks, citing a former CIA director who describes their establishment. Of course, they do not accept the accusation of terrorist acts without the agreement of national governments… 

This meticulous and careful study, incisive, reveals for the first time the scale, darkness and threatening implications of the secret armies created by NATO. Reading this important book by Ganser is an emergency, especially in the period we are going through.” (Noam Chomsky) 

Sources: Video France 5 “The scandal of NATO’s secret armies.” (La Case du Siecle, May 2011) 

NATO’s secret armies The secret war in France (12 November 2015, Valmy Committee) 

The war in Syria after 2011. 

A member of the Kennedy clan reveals the true cause of the war in Syria. February 26, 2016. 


Lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr., nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy, revealed in an article for Politico magazine the real causes of the war in Syria. 

The root of the armed conflict in Syria lies largely in Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s refusal to allow a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe. “The US decision to mount a campaign against Bashar al-Assad did not start with the peaceful protests of the Arab Spring in 2011, but in 2009, when Qatar offered to build a $10,000 million pipeline through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey”

This project would have ensured that the Arab Gulf countries have a decisive advantage in global gas markets and would have strengthened Qatar, a close ally of Washington in the region, Junior Kennedy said. 

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rejected the project on the grounds that it would harm the interests of his Russian ally, the largest supplier of natural gas to Europe. A year later, Al-Assad began negotiating with Iran to build another gas pipeline that would transport gas from Iran to Lebanon and the Persian country would have become one of the largest gas suppliers to Europe, the lawyer explained.

Immediately after the refusal of the original plan, the US intelligence agencies, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime began to fund the so-called Syrian opposition and prepare a revolt to overthrow the Syrian government, said Kennedy, who cited data from various intelligence reports to which he had access. 

To this end, the CIA transferred six million dollars to the British television station Barada in order to prepare reports in favor of the overthrow of the Syrian President, he added. The CIA used members of the extremist Islamic State to protect US interests in hydrocarbons and to use radical forces to reduce the influence of the (former) Soviet Union in the region, concluded the young lawyer Robert Kennedy. 

Meanwhile, the US continues to provide financial, logistical, and military support to armed opposition groups, which have failed to overthrow Syria’s government, despite five years of war. The United States is even trying to secure the lifting of sanctions that prevent the sending of anti-aircraft weapons to Syrian territory in order to strengthen the front of armed groups fighting the Syrian Arab Army. 


The desire of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy to submit the people to its world government and especially Europe.

We have not finished with those supposedly predestined to rule the world, the sect of the Anglo-Saxon puritans. However, they are unmasked, recognized and denounced by a good number of French and European leaders. It remains for our citizens to learn this oppressive reality and to fight it with fierce determination: “tyrants, descend to the coffin”.

“The priority of the United States is to prevent German capital and German technologies from combining with Russian natural resources and labor to form an invincible combination. »

George Friedman, American geopolitician, 2015.

“What do the Americans want if not to provoke a new East-West confrontation whose sole aim is to weaken and divide Europe in order to impose their directives, their economy and their system? »

Pierre De Gaulle, June 2022, on the war in Ukraine.

Yes, the Americans are very tough, they are voracious, they want unchallenged power over the world. It is an unknown war, a permanent war, apparently without death and yet a war to the death. »

François Mitterrand in The Last Mitterrand, Benamou, 1997

“To put it bluntly, Western Europe remains to a large extent an American protectorate and its states are reminiscent of what once were the vassals and tributaries of ancient empires. This situation is certainly unhealthy, for America as well as for European nations. »

Zbigniew Brzezinsky, The Grand Chessboard, 1997

“The Americans have infiltrated all the propaganda organs and the parties. They have infiltrated political structures. »

Charles de Gaulle in It Was De Gaulle, Alain Peyrefitte, 1994

“To discuss with our European partners, we must go to Washington”

Vladimir Putin, RTS interview, July 27, 2015.

“The Europe of Brussels is a Europe Americanized to the core. (…)

“We have declared war on Europe but the European spectators do not know it while their leaders pretend not to know it. »

Francis Cousin, TERROR, 2003.

“By this treaty [Treaty of Rapallo of 1922], Germany and the USSR renounced the war reparations that they owed each other, but above all they built very diplomatic and commercial relations. privileged by also setting up a secret military collaboration which lasted until the 1930s, including secret German training camps in the USSR including a combat gas school, an aviation school and a study and training center. training for armored vehicles.

The fear of American imperialism is this psychosis – which always remains, even buried – of an intolerable Rapallo started again in a spread out and reinforced manner, it is the rebirth of a European bloc and, to a lesser extent, that of a Japanese-Asian power which, freed from the tutelage born from the defeats of 1945, could reconstitute areas of prosperity outside the bosom of the diktat of the greenback. The great essential contradictions of the capitalist mode of production do not currently take place between Washington, Beijing and Moscow, quite simply because, at the level of the most crucial competitive antinomies of the crisis of the technology of the rate of profit, Moscow and Beijing in are still predominantly extensive exploitation, even if the latter has recently been able to reform extensively. It is Tokyo, Paris and Berlin which, as obvious poles of the most dangerous competitive contemporaneity of capitalistic competitiveness, pose a problem for the aged industry of the New World of speculation. This is why, even if there were sometimes feverish military duels between Washington and Moscow (Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan, etc.), they were always limited and forced, whatever their disconcerting surface intensity, to not should ultimately lead only to conferences of appeasement, conciliation and armistice.

The primary enemy of American imperialism is the potential counter-imperialism of a Europe lifted and freed from the prohibitions, censorships, totems and taboos of May 8, 45. This is, moreover, not a detail so the White House intended to annihilate Berlin before breaking Tokyo. This is why, since Jean Monnet, an agent of influence in the service of Uncle Sam, allowed the Atlanticist founding of the Americanized European Union, the Yankee game is no longer to destroy the Old Continent with bombs, but to make it disappear imperceptibly in the murky and dark processes of falsified decisions of the European Commission; which has reduced, surreptitiously and furtively, historical Europe to the status of a simple shopkeeping province of American despotic expansion. »

Francis Cousin, February 2022.

Source :


on the establishment of wars by the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy:

The first observation is shocking:

The Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy from 1910 to 1945 and then with the Cold War until 1991 and the fall of the Berlin Wall succeeded without difficulty in carrying out its plan in Europe to organize and conduct two world wars over more than 80 consecutive years.

This plan aims at conquering Russia’s wealth and controlling Europe’s.

This control of wealth now rests on the ownership of pipes, pipelines and pipelines throughout the world by the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy or its allies in the Middle East. That is the case in 2022, with the war in Ukraine and the closure of Russian gas pipelines to Europe, including the new Nordstream 2, so that the US finally sells its shale gas and shale oil in Europe.

The peoples and nations have followed this plan and have rushed to develop their weapons, to launch the general mobilization and to go to the front.

In 1914, the German army had overwhelming superiority in heavy artillery, while France had bet on the reconquest of Alsace and Moselle without heavy artillery. It took the rapid advance of the Germans without being followed by their heavy artillery for the French army at the Battle of the Marne to stop them and push them back from Paris.

In 1939 and 1940, the German army had complete superiority in all arms registers and we now know why, how and by whom it obtained this devastating superiority.

The Second World War was not conducted according to military rules but according to the possibilities of phenomenal profits. Generals Patton and De Gaulle said it. The breakthroughs made in Normandy and especially in November 1944 were not exploited quickly and forcefully. On the contrary, they were first prohibited from exploitation and in November 1944, this prohibition led directly to the extension of the fighting on the western front. Each time, these 3 breakthroughs were carried out by the French soldiers. This is explained since they were much more experienced and motivated than the Allied soldiers landed in Normandy after June 6. Most of them had not yet been in the fighting and came out of training, apart from those who had fought in Italy where there too took the French army to unravel the German defense lines. Eisenhower and his staff did not take into account this warlike competence of the soldiers of free France. It took De Gaulle’s fierce ardor to make Eisenhower fold before the superior interests of France.

These lessons of the past have not been understood by the peoples who have preferred to continue to submit to these leaders who claim to be predestined to govern the world according to their divine principles. This is shocking.

The second observation is staggering:

The organization and financing of wars follows the same process as financial and economic crises. This process has been known since the destruction of the Order of the Temple and the end of the Templar Bank which had used the bills of exchange and the arrival of silver metal in large quantities from the mines of Mexico and the arrival of gold from the Andes with its fleet and the help of the Vikings established on the American continent.

We have presented in dossier 2 the processes used by the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy and the crises of 1929, then the last crisis from 2006, 2008 to the present.

As early as 1919, this process made it possible to indebt the defeated Germany not so much so that it paid its war debts and especially its financial condemnation, but above all so that it accepted credits with the aim of triggering a second world war. These are not traditional bank loans, but grants and, more importantly, stakes in commercial companies or simply in subsidiaries of US multinationals controlled by Wall Street bankers.

Our enemies do not need to change their methods, they use it in small steps over a long period of time, knowing how to indebt one or the other party all along, if not both at the same time. And they succeed at every turn, even turning around situations that were initially compromised, such as with oil and OPEC. It’s amazing.

The third observation is worrying:

This method for organizing and financing wars is always present and is used to foment new wars.

Germany in 1945 was not condemned to pay war damages and after the Morgenthau Plan to transform the country into a rural country without an industry capable of producing weapons again, in 1947 the Marshall Plan returned to the initial plan: to put the German economy back on the path of development so that the country would at least serve as a bulwark against the extension of the Soviet Union in Central Europe with the presence of East Germany a few hundred kilometers from the Rhine.

Once Germany reunited and the European Union equipped with a central bank to manage the new economic zone of the euro currency, the resumption of the eastward offensive took place and these new countries linked to the liberal capitalist economy were first used to develop fiscal and social dumping by allowing the employment of skilled labor at low cost.

Then, from the 2000s onwards, the aim was to go further and settle in Ukraine to make it switch to the European Union or at least to NATO. In 2022 with the invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s Russia, it is obvious that the plan has succeeded once again even if the economic consequences for Russia are questionable because, with these energy resources, including gas, it has no problem selling it elsewhere and at a high price due to the speculation on the rise by Anglo-Saxon financiers.

In 2022, faced with the loss of gas deliveries from Russia, American financiers can finally deliver shale gas to the European Union, from which they no longer know what to do, at high prices that the conflict in Ukraine has made possible. For the winter of 2022-2023, governments cannot soften the situation by saying that this shortage of gas and these prohibitive prices not only of energy but of food, this loss of purchasing power caused by widespread inflation throughout the world and these threats of supply disruption of all kinds, well, will help combat global warming and CO2 emissions.

This gross and shameless lie seems to be bearing fruit on the part of the radical environmentalists who have been well trained since the strategy developed by Goldman Sachs with the carbon market and taxes on CO2 emissions… by oil and gas, but also methane produced by cattle, etc., etc. This is worrying.

The fourth observation is shocking:

at least for those who have understood the mechanisms of total human control.

War to subjugate people, different from war to conquer the natural and economic wealth of a country labeled an enemy or terrorist by Wall Street and then by Washington, this occult war of manipulation of minds and behavior, has become predominant and works very well. One of the latest evidence is the Covid 19 pandemic from late 2019 to today in 2022.

Otherwise, the case of the war in Ukraine also provides consistent evidence.

Historians will tell in a few years what happened in 2022 between the end of this health crisis and the imposition of the vaccination by Big Pharma controlled since its beginnings by Rockefeller and its industrial and financial empire on the one hand and on the other hand the invasion of Ukraine by Russia which claims to conduct a preventive war to eliminate in Ukraine the Nazis and fascists financed by the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy and placed in power in 2014 during the Maidan revolution in February.

We note that after 2004 and the Orange Revolution, our site, which was launched in February 2002, was visited and read by a Ukrainian public that grew in number around the year 2010, until the Russian invasion of their country in spring 2022.

Ukraine and its wealth have been a goal of Anglo-Saxon financiers since 1919, as has the Soviet Union since the financing of communist movements in Europe. At the end of November 2013, when the Ukrainian President wants to suspend the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union, scheduled a week later, in order to remain in good time with the Russian government, supporters of rapprochement with the West and what this entails in terms of culture, lifestyle and public freedoms, gather on Independence Square in Kiev to try to force the government to sign this agreement of rapprochement with the Europeans and of estrangement from Russia and the communist power system still present. Protesters are organizing themselves by rejecting control over political parties.

The square becomes a camp with its spaces of freedom and restoration, exchanges and discussion. Self-management is organized through micro-groups that participate in the life of the entire camp. The revolutionary mobilization went into an insurrectional phase on January 19, 2014 when activists wanted to march towards the Parliament. The crackdown was fierce and the law was passed on January 16, 2014 to sentence protesters to prison terms.

On 18, 19 and 20 February, Ukraine remembers the three most difficult days of the confrontation in Maidan Square. It was then that the demonstrators of what was later called the “Celestial Centuria” were killed.

Оригінал статті – на сайті Українського кризового медіа-центру:

Ukraine’s new pro-European authorities directly blamed Russia and former pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych in the sniper fire that left nearly 90 people dead in late February during the crackdown on the Maidan protests in Kyiv.

However, doubts and testimonies indicate another version, that of an attack committed by snipers under the orders of the pro-European Ukrainian opposition and especially under the orders of American officers.


What has happened since then? Have we escaped a European war due to Russian interference in Ukrainian affairs? Above all, we Europeans, our businesses, see this every day, we are paying the price of an embargo which, since that time, has been directed against Russia.

Tonight, thanks to Gian Micalessin, we’re showing you a breathtaking documentary. It’s an international scoop. Gian Micalessin found three people, three sharpshooters, three responsible for those deaths who, you will see in the documentary, were not pro-Russian, but were in contact with American officials and military.


This false flag of 20 February 2014 was “discovered” at the autopsy of the victims, police and protesters, all killed with the same weapons, which is unlikely except in this case of a commando of snipers who came to create chaos and promote the seizure of power by the pro-European opposition. From this 20 February 2014 until this future winter 2022-2023 without “Russian gas” in solidarity and aid for Ukraine invaded by Russians who want to denazify it, time seems long but it is only continuation of the initial plan to conquer the wealth of the former communist Soviet Union by those Anglo-Saxon financiers who financed communism and the “Russian Revolution” to enable Lenin to take power.

Today we are in France controlled by all the media to prepare us to reduce our electricity consumption, our gas heating, our fuel oil, our food consumption. Not to mention water, given the drought and climate change. We have to be ready for power cuts, shortages of all kinds. No more abundance and carelessness for the common man, the goosebumps once called to pay blood tax for the most extraordinary profits of Anglo-Saxon bankers and puritans predestined to rule the world. This is revolting!

The conflict is a major blow to the world economy, harming growth and driving up prices.

This Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy has been organizing and financing wars for centuries, and is currently reaping magnificent profits, especially for oil tankers and energy producers.

The United Kingdom’s Shell posted a fivefold increase in net profit in the second quarter of 2022, to $18 billion. The Spanish group Repsol sees its net result jump by 165% compared to last year. In France, Total Energies more than doubled its profit to $5.7 billion.

Here we stop our remarks in this matter 3 dear enemies, the organization and financing of wars. The war in Ukraine, not completed in 2022, will be presented in dossier 4 Current affairs.

Because alongside wars, as we have already mentioned about health crises, coups d’état, they conduct other less visible affairs than wars but always with the aim of subjecting people to their world government.

Another possible conclusion:

“the defeat [of the proletarian revolution] would bring society to a long period of barbarism and […] this alternative is condensed in this historical moment that will be the Third and Last World War” [Cornelius Castoriadis, “Modern Capitalism and Revolution I”, Paris, editions 10/18, 1979, p. 345].

A more pessimistic conclusion:

“I don’t know what weapons will be used for World War III, if it happens. But the fourth will settle with clubs” [Albert Einstein]. 

The conclusion is optimistic:

After the end of the Second World War, this letter was found in a Nazi concentration camp, containing the following message to teachers:

“Dear Professor, I am a concentration camp survivor. My eyes saw what no one needs to see.

Gas chambers built by qualified engineers.

Children poisoned by trained doctors.

Babies killed by trained nurses.

Women and children killed and burned by former students.

So I have my suspicions about education.

My question: Help students become human beings. Your efforts should never produce trained monsters or experienced psychopaths. Reading, writing and knowing arithmetic will only be important if they make our children more human.”

There is still the French tradition, sometimes and too rarely used:

“People only have the degree of freedom that their boldness conquers over fear” Stendhal Henri Beyle.

French we have often been bold, but we still have to know under a few flags and what banners. For our part and our reader will not be surprised, we have a severe inclination for the Temple Cross, that which against and against all the frank lords and their monarchy, against often the papacy, permitted our time of the cathedrals, a European medieval flourishing period, the last on our continent…

The audacity of the French army during the liberation battles in November 1944, as we have just seen, succeeded in the only two breakthroughs of the front from the North Sea to the Swiss border. These breakthroughs were the main objective of the Allied plan. However, both were discarded, unexploited by the general staff and especially by General Eisenhower, contrary to the art of war, which seeks to create breakthroughs and, above all, to exploit them as strongly and rapidly as possible.

Should we plan new breakthroughs led by the French to Moscow and then to Washington or vice versa, if possible without clubs?

To put an end once and for all to the wars organized for centuries by these bankers who became the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy?

Except that they don’t just get rich through wars, they also use other cases that we’re going to see in file 4 of our dear enemies.

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