NASA recognizes that climate change is due to changes in the Earth’s solar orbit

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For more than 60 years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has known that changes in global climate regimes are entirely natural and normal. But the space agency, for some reason, has chosen to let the human-induced global warming hoax persist and spread, to the detriment of human freedom.

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It was in 1958, to be precise, that NASA first observed that changes in the Earth’s solar orbit, as well as changes in the Earth’s axial inclination, were both responsible for what climatologists today call “warming” (or “cooling,” depending on their program). In other words, humans do not warm or cool the planet by driving 4x4s or eating beef.

But so far, NASA has failed to set the record straight, choosing to remain silent and watch liberals freak out about the supposed end of the world in 12 years because of too many cattle or too many plastic straws.

In 2000, NASA published information on Milankovitch’s climate theory on its Earth Observatory website, revealing that the planet is actually changing due to external factors that have absolutely nothing to do with human activity. That is why climate-obsessed, deranged leftists have begun to assert that we have only 18 months to go before the planet dies of excess carbon dioxide (CO2).

The greatest factor affecting the Earth’s climate is the SUN

As for the obliquity of the Earth, or its change of axial inclination, the two images below (Robert Simmon, NASA GSFC) show the degree to which the Earth can move both on its axis and on its rotational orientation. At the highest inclinations, the earth’s seasons become much more extreme, while at the lowest inclinations they become much milder. A similar situation exists for the axis of rotation of the earth, which, depending on the hemisphere pointed to the sun during the perihelion, can have a significant impact on the seasonal extremes between the two hemispheres.

Based on these different variables, Milankovitch was able to develop a complete mathematical model capable of calculating the Earth’s surface temperatures going back in time, and the conclusion is simple: the Earth’s climate has always changed and is constantly changing, without us being responsible as human beings.

When Milankovitch first proposed his model, it was ignored for almost half a century. Then, in 1976, a study published in the journal Science confirmed that Milankovitch’s theory was in fact accurate and corresponded to various periods of climate change that had occurred throughout history.

In 1982, six years after the publication of this study, the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States adopted Milankovitch‘s theory as truth, stating that:

Orbital variations remain the most studied mechanism of climate change over time scales of tens of thousands of years and are by far the clearest case of a direct effect of a change in the sun’s low atmosphere.

If we were to summarize it all in one simple sentence, it would be this:

The biggest factor influencing weather and climate on earth is the sun, period.

“The climate change debate is not about science. It is an elite effort to impose political and economic controls on the population,” wrote a commentator for the Hal Turner Radio Show.

“And this is another way of dividing the population against itself, with some believing in human-induced global warming and others not, that is, dividing to rule.”

Source: (Article published on 30 August 2019)

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How Do We Know Climate Change Is Real?

NASA is cautious, and in this article, it clearly expresses the fact that human activity is the cause of global warming, which has been accelerating since the industrial era.

The evidence is the curve of CO2 in the atmosphere.

It remains to be established just as scientifically that this increase in CO2 has more effect than the moving position of the Sun relative to the Earth. It is just as obvious that denying the influence of the Sun on our climate allows us to explain only this climate change as with this curve of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Obviously, it will not be NASA that makes the scientific effort to establish the degrees of causality and of the Sun and CO2 in the current climate disruption. And there is Japanese research predicting the onset of another short ice age, beginning in the 2030-2040’s. Because the internal movements of the gaseous masses inside the Sun will be reversed…

Several remarks:

  • 3-4 years ago , in February , I was cutting cedar hedges, I hadn’t been able to do it the year before. On the ladder, I felt a burn on my calf through the jeans. It was the sun that burned my skin under the jeans in February. This event persuaded me to seek a more scientific explanation, especially from the side of NASA which in principle must know the movement of the stars including the Earth. This article does indicate that NASA has known for a long time. Happy again!
  • In our external diagnosis for the reestablishment of a full currency, at the level of environmental threats, we have taken up the documents that demonstrate that the carbon tax system and the CO2 market was developed and imposed by Goldman Sachs to extract juicy profits but also to divide the population and submit it to the world government of this Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy.
  • As a teenager, I read with great interest Arthur Koestler’s book The Sleepwalking


The cosmology of enlightened astronomers of the late 16th century convinced of the heliocentrism of the Solar System led Kepler (1571-1630) to search in the ellipse for the key of the orbits of the planets.

It establishes three fundamental laws about their trajectories. The first two laws were published in 1609, the third in 1618. It is the culmination of a gigantic work of reflection, trial and error, and will be completed by the synthesis of Newton’s gravity, which allows them to be found by the dynamics of a body under the action of a central force.

source: The elliptical orbits of the planets

Illustration of the importance of these trajectories and orbits on possible life on a planet.

A change in Jupiter’s orbit would make the Earth even more habitable

Document: SciencePost by Brice Louvet 16 September 2022: A change in Jupiter’s orbit would make the Earth even more habitable


The surface of our planet could be even more welcoming to life if the gas giant, the so-called Jupiter, moved its orbit, suggesting new models. The study, published in The Astronomical Journal, could prove important in the search for habitable exoplanets.

Jupiter’s influence on Earth’s life is such that we thought, until now, that a change in its orbit would have disastrous consequences for our planet. In reality, everything depends on change. Indeed, a new study shows that if the gas giant had a more eccentric orbit, life on Earth could be even better.

With Jupiter’s increased gravitational effect, the Earth would indeed have better sunshine, so that some of the coldest parts of our planet would warm to more temperate temperatures.

Conversely, other changes could be catastrophic. Researchers have discovered that if Jupiter were much closer to the Sun, it could cause extreme tilt on Earth. As a result, our planet would receive less sunlight, meaning that large areas of the Earth would experience temperatures below zero.

As a reminder, planets with a more circular orbit maintain a constant distance with their star while more eccentric orbits bring the planets closer and further away from their stars at different points of this orbit. Proximity to a star determines how much radiation it receives and how it is transmitted, which means that it affects a planet’s climate.

Today’s telescopes are powerful enough to determine the eccentricity of exoplanet orbits. However, they are not well enough equipped to measure the inclination of these worlds. However, astronomers could work on indirect methods – such as examining the orbits and movements of nearby gas giants – to determine it.


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The Earth has an almost circular orbit at present but it could be better to be even more habitable with more temperate climates without extreme climatic events with their natural disasters. That’s what this recent scientific study tells us.

It is likely that the history of our planet has been less favorable. This study does not evoke, for example, the recent arrival on the cosmic plane of Venus on its current orbit, an arrival which had a certain influence on that of the Earth, probably to make it more circular and less elliptical but with a greater inclination if one follows this study reported by SciencePost.

There is also the fact that our planet is unstable and that its center of gravity changes position according to a known cycle, until it tilts to find a new center of gravity and this under the essential influence of the Sun and its gravitation.

But all of this is ignored, hidden, forbidden from airwaves in the media to defend the pseudo-ecological dogma of CO2 and its taxes and punitive restrictions of all kinds.

The story is always the same: manipulating people to spread conformity

Precisely conformism is a social influence to make people believe false information, and the bigger the lie, the better it works!

In our case, the measures enacted by the ruling elites of the Anglo-Saxon neo-liberal system, for example, suppressing cattle herds because of their methane production, serve essentially to hide, obscure, contradict scientific observations known since antiquity. And these elites who claim to be predestined to govern the world through their pseudo-divine directives, manage to manipulate the peoples!

On, we showed how to create a countervailing power in an organization. The active minority, which knows the solution and refuses conformity and its false knowledge, appeals to logical and scientific arguments on the one hand and on the other hand appeals to emotion and emotion.

At the heart of this political conflict lies the use of fear. Asch’s experience on conformism demonstrates this: the majority of the group members agree to stand behind the manipulator or the one who loudly asserts a false idea, even a rude lie, for fear of being excluded from the group. This fear is also linked to the ignorance of these group members about what others think. The bias used is to believe that others think like the leader who just spoke because they shut up and say yes against their will, knowing that this idea is false.

Saying yes against your will is the most serious behavior of passivity attitude, even the method of assertiveness on mastering our attitudes: passivity, aggression, manipulation, these three harmful attitudes that we must eliminate to use assertiveness, daring to be oneself by refusing to be passive and to be passivated, refusing to assault and be assaulted, refusing to manipulate and be manipulated.

There remains the mystery of the apocalypse.

This mystery was taught in the temple of the highest initiation in Egyptian civilization, that of Denderah. We mention this in our story Decoralization Technique. The postulant, the postulant who managed to go to the meeting with the mysteries of Life, beyond the death of her human body, then returned to Earth, was authorized to speak about the mystery of Revelation and bore the title of son, daughter of God. Pharaoh men or women and high priests, high priestesses held their office after having succeeded in this highest initiation for a human being. These practices were more or less lost after the invasion of the people of the sea, the Hykos, but they have not totally disappeared.

This mystery is based on the established fact that the presence that gives us absolute Love before we return to our human body, is also the one that knows that on planet Earth, Life is destroyed quite often because the Life of planet Earth is particularly unstable compared to other planets where this presence offers us to go on with our life if we firmly decide. It is not a contradiction, an anachronism between the absolute Love we receive and the fact that we risk perishing in a frightening and terrible way, all at some point following the movements of our planet closely linked to the Sun but also to the celestial navigation of other planets, other stars. The last movement known to our humanity is that of the arrival of Venus in its present orbit. Otherwise there is also the date of the last great cataclysm preserved in the temples of the Nile.

Just as throughout history, the proponents of a perfect deity who realized the perfect creation of our universe and Life on Earth, imposed the doctrine of the perfect circle that turns the sun around the Earth, today we find ourselves faced with this same category of manipulators and tyrants. When they present themselves as predestined to rule the world, their pseudo-divine directives are aimed at a “perfect” world or at least a humanity that gathers only their followers and the peoples subject to their divine directives. In short, the peaceful and fruitful life of Anglo-Saxon puritans who are destined to rule the world is not threatened by their behavior as progenitors or consumers.

Malthus posed the question of the general famine that awaits the overpopulation of the Earth. God cannot want this, it is contrary to the idea of a Common Good that would translate divine directives. Limiting births when resources cannot be increased becomes obvious to Malthus. Without addressing a controversy here with this early English economist of industrial society, it is clear that this author, like most other authors, past or present, ignores or dismisses the mystery of the Apocalypse, probably because it also uses our first source of knowledge, the initiatory and spiritual source which does not need to know how to read and write.

In relation to a hypothetical widespread famine, what would have been the fear of Malthus and his followers in relation to the “great cataclysm” recounted in the mysteries of the Apocalypse taught on the banks of the Nile?

For the Egyptians, those trained in Denderah in celestial mathematics and divine laws, the observation of stars, fixed stars and strays serves

  • On the one hand, to calculate the period of the next great cataclysm, the tilting of the Earth’s axis when our planet eliminates the retrocession force stored during its course around the sun, because it travels an elliptical course and not perfectly circular. This involves tracking and calculating the precession of the equinoxes.
  • on the other hand to calculate according to the position of the stars that gives us the position of the Earth around the sun in its elliptical course, the time of the seasons and the probability of the harvests according to the influence that the sun will have: drought, abundant rain, longer winter, earlier spring, etc.

They knew how to compute the ellipses, which tells the scientists who studied this question that they had the skills to steer rockets in the cosmos. Then there was theocratic delusions about the perfect creation of the universe and the loss of that knowledge.

Warming the Oceans

In 1990, at Sophia-Antipolis, we developed the acoustic wave compressor for the Topex-Poseidon satellite computer launched in 1992.

It has been used to measure ocean heights and identify hot and cold water bodies. This ocean heat, we knew, was related to the activity of the sun. There was not yet any mention of CO2, the effects of which cannot cause such a rapid and voluminous increase in the temperature of the oceans, 2/3 of the earth’s surface. And the ocean has been warming fast, causing our current climate catastrophes. It is worth knowing then whether the position of the Earth is closer to the sun and whether the inclination of its axis of rotation promotes the penetration of solar radiation, especially if the solar activity experiences a peak.

Hence the discovery of the tilting of these bodies of water in the oceans on either side of the continents: el nino, el nina. In 2021, in Europe, we experienced the second year of el nina with incessant rain. Satellites had detected those phenomena as early as 1992, but had the people been warned and the measures taken by Governments?

To my knowledge, nothing has been said and done!

Signs of a Great Cataclysm.

The Egyptians and other civilizations in the Andes and Asia were calculating the flattening of the poles and the change in the curvature of the Earth to predict when it would once again swing over its axis to find a new center of gravity after eliminating the forces stored during its navigation around the sun.

The satellites follow the movement of the magnetic north pole which accelerates. But where are the measures on pole flattening? In the temple of Denderah, the scientists had them and we do not have them today? Or do some people have them and don’t use them to organize the survival of biodiversity on Earth?

In 1990, in front of the astonishing images of this acoustic wave pulse compressor, I had remarked that it was necessary to put the satellite under observation on the poles for twelve years or better seventy-two years to find these Egyptian calculations and to know the measurement of this phenomenon. The project manager told me that this was easily achievable with current calculation methods. But he did not know that the Egyptians were already calculating these measures in Denderah. He was glad that I taught him all this.

The flattening of the poles for the Egyptian scientists of Denderah was and remains the signal of a new great cataclysm preceded by strong earthquakes and strong volcanic activity. By looking at these three indicators, we know where we stand on the planet in terms of survival. Knowing that the cause of these natural phenomena is linked to the activity of the sun and the navigation of the earth around it.

The survivors of the last great cataclysm that founded Egyptian civilization have transmitted to us the story of these events.

The earth is unstable, and the sun easily disturbs this instability further. The earth is not the perfect creation of theocratic dogmas. It’s just the opposite. Hence, among Egyptians, the initiation to the mystery of Revelation.

All this remains secret, secret Defense in a few countries able to observe these phenomena with their technologies, including France. We, for our part, only have to deal with CO2! And pay the taxes that go with it! We are in the midst of darkness, which is certainly modern.

To learn more about Egyptian temples, read Albert Slosman and his translations of the wall texts of temples and tombs, with the help in 1960 of the first CNRS computer. There are other books and authors on these subjects.

Of course, in the delirium of the industrial society based on scientific rationalism and the liberal dogma which imposes that there are no societies but only markets, we see here, once again, a manipulation of minds and knowledge to impose the markets of punitive ecology and absurd regulations in order to tighten the yoke of the peoples and subject them to the tyranny of the elites of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy.

But what do the races of the sun and fixed and wandering stars tell us? We do not know, and these skills probably disappeared after centuries of theocratic obscurantism, despite Kepler, Newton, and many others.

When are we going to get to know the Life of our planet in its universe and use ancient calculations again to know what’s going on and what’s going to happen?

It is quite another thing to read the curve of the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere and argue vainly about its interpretation!

Limiting that CO2 is indispensable but not sufficient because more powerful cosmic forces govern the life of our planet and we must know and teach them. Radar altimeter measurements since 1992 have made unexpected progress from this space adventure. The Egyptians in Denderah didn’t have one, it’s a certainty! But we who have them are reduced to this CO2 curve story and everything else is either hidden from us or part of the ambient darkness, of the conformism that is imposed on us.

This winter we will have to restrict ourselves to heating! It is climate change that has the right back to set aside the political and military conflict in Ukraine, led by Anglo-Saxon objectives and their desire to conquer Russia’s wealth, the direct consequence of which is the energy crisis and financial speculation on their sales prices. Then there is the goal of finally selling American shale gas to Europe after Russia’s gas was banned. They make record profits and do everything they can to avoid being taxed.

But these efforts to limit our energy consumption, which all the media keep harping on us all day and night, are imposed not by our common project to live better, but by the diktat of Anglo-Saxon financiers who fight wars to dominate a world that is not ours. Above all, they do not want to lose their power and their magnificent profits in the fossil fuel trade and the cost of their pollution, it is up to the citizens to pay it in a new permutation of debts, a hold-up, of which they are experts and customary.

As for Nasa? She says what she wants or probably better, what she can according to her funding requests. In principle, it should be as knowledgeable as possible about the issues discussed here. But knowledge is not enough, then political action is needed… at this stage as much as exercising it ourselves to meet our reasons for living on planet Earth… which sails around the sun and not otherwise.

But NASA and CNES still know how to calculate the Earth’s course around the Sun, all is not lost!

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