Part 5 – Abandoning Political power systems

Wars and total control of the human being.

Our dear enemies 

file 2 : the processes they use ?

Part 3  

Process 5 : the organization of wars.

Process 6: total control of the human being.

« If we understand the mechanisms and motivations of group thinking, can we not control and regiment the masses as we wish, without them knowing? Recent propaganda has proven that this is possible, at least to some extent ».  Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928.

The direction of military conflict and wars.

In file 3 we will present the historical events of these military conflicts. Here, we’re only looking at this process to place it among the other processes and show its special feature.

A Socialist Society

The financial oligarchy of Wall Street wanted politicians to build a Socialist Society because socialism leveled down, impoverished and allowed people to be more in control.

The same men and international firms financed the Russian Revolution, Roosevelt’s New Deal » and National Socialism, the 3 “socialisms.”

The same men and international firms financed the Russian Revolution, Roosevelt’s New Deal » and National Socialism, the 3 “socialisms.”

Each time, these political maneuvers reinforced the dependence of states and peoples on the financial oligarchy, which found colossal profits in two world wars.

Today, the Cold War is gone, capitalism is back to its original savagery, and it is the states that must themselves cooperate with financiers to reduce the deficits that have been dug up according to age-old methods.

We are now at the beginning of the earliest maneuver that has allowed these financiers to gain such enormous and monstrous enrichment: military conflict management and the establishment of wars. We developed this war management in case 3.

In this part we only use the logic of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy to maximize its profits and increase political, economic, social and cultural inequalities around the world.

In 2011, the risk of war arises between countries with surplus economies (China and Germany) and highly indebted countries (South Europe, Central and South America, Japan, Asia, etc.).

In 2022, the open war was again present in Europe with the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Imposing the financial logic of requiring assets from indebted countries to be privatized and redeemed by China or Germany is more than just a declaration of military war, it is also the immediate fall of the capitalist economic system. But in reality, people were submissive, conditioned by the conformism imposed by the financial oligarchy and their allies on the government of the Western countries.

We will come to it, people can in a referendum say no to this Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, as was the case in France and Greece, but they must quickly submit to the dictate of global high finance or their national economies will no longer be financed and thus condemned to ruin and misery.

The whole question lies in the pursuit or fall of this conformity, in the rise of the citizens’ revolts and the willingness to leave our systems of power for the alternative of organizations in networks.

Our reader on understood this: it is currently based on the continued ignorance of citizens in the economic field and the management of organizations. At the heart of this imposed ignorance, the issue of the creation of the currency and the functioning of a fully indebted currency without the intervention of the private central banks of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy is fundamental and these leaders know it very well.

We have shown in the external diagnosis for the replacement of a full currency, how around 1850, the Anglo-Saxon bankers chose to rule out and eliminate the French Christian movement around Pierre Leroux, the first founder of socialism Who asked in particular that the workers, after a few years of seniority, become associated in their companies. This solution of the cooperative or the pooling of the means of production was rejected by Adolphe Thiers after the law of 1864 on joint stock companies. The French Catholic right and the bourgeoisie, through this betrayal of original Christianity, the one who eliminates slavery and advocates love between human beings, continued the policies hostile to the common property resulting from the La Chapelier law of 1790.

Wall Street’s financial oligarchy has selected German scientific socialism based alone on rationalism and which rejects our first source of initiatory and spiritual knowledge. By choosing the writings of Karl Marx, she created and funded the communist movement whose functioning lies on the exclusivity of collective property, that of the Communist Party. Communist parties in their chimera to eliminate private property are part of the socialist society defined by the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, but they are political means designed to allow the worst criminal tyrannies and the most horrible crimes against humanity . The Nazis and the Soviets fulfilled these crimes according to the will of their masters, the Anglo-Saxon Puritans. As for the USA, the New Deal did not make it possible to regain sustainable growth after the 1929 crisis. It was only with the development of the war effort and the arms programs that American industry released finally the depression of 1929.

Currently, these masters of their inhuman and criminal world no longer need a socialist society since they have succeeded in imposing their world government and that we are before a crucial choice of civilization, the main theme of

The unbearable boredom for French citizens is that the militants of the socialist and communist parties, have still understood nothing about this project of the socialist society set up in New York.

They are obsessed with their sterile contestation of the capitalist system and their simplistic desire to see the Communist International triumph. They are in principle tearing themselves up for electoral questions in the political system of representative democracy by dreaming of conquering power in this political system in the hands of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. What they refuse to admit but which would allow them to learn to leave these power systems and to learn how to live in society without them with the alternative of organizations in networks based on participatory direct democracy and its confederations . Clearly, they refuse to take an interest in and other alternative movements, they refuse the solution of full money as was the case in 2017 for Mélenchon and his team during the presidential election, etc., etc. . So much there is to say and repeat on this more than heartbreaking subject for us French voters.

The role of the Bilderberg

We present here an article published on social media, you just need to copy and paste it to keep it, which we have done and so it remains accessible on the Internet. Many books have been published on the Bilderberg meetings, we have read some of them and from our knowledge on the subject, we have selected here this article.


This interview with a former Swiss bank, conducted in Moscow on 30 May (2011) and translated for, may surprise many. I cannot say that everything that this man says is right, but having researched the Bilderberg in the past, I am sure that many of the information in this interview is true. So I leave it all to your discernment. I also believe, as stated in this interview, that the truth brought to light can go a long way towards stopping these people in their insanity.

The Bilderberg, for those who would not know, is a group formed in 1952 and first met in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel (hence its name) in Oosterrbeek, Netherlands. It is made up of the richest people on the planet who meet every year with a lot of money and police protection, and is suitable for the most useful characters in their plans, coming from the world of politics, banks, industry and the media, provided nothing ever comes out of their meetings.

A flattered ego is often ready for all the petty things, and we don’t officially know anything about the contents of these sauteries except that the world order is the banner. Let us ask at least what democratic masses of this kind can have that decide in secret to the haves of the world’s orientations.

Astonishing revelations by a Swiss banker « initiated » – Interview conducted in Moscow on 30 May 2011.

Q: Can you tell us something about your involvement in the business of Swiss banks?

A: I worked for Swiss banks for several years. I was one of the top managers of one of the largest Swiss banks. In the course of my work I was involved in payments, direct cash payments to a person who killed the president of a foreign country. I was present at the meeting where it was decided to provide cash to the murderer. It gave me terrible headaches and disturbed my conscience. It wasn’t the only case that was really bad, but it was the worst. It was a payment instruction on order of a foreign secret service written by hand and ordering to pay a certain amount to the person who had killed the top leader of a foreign country. And it wasn’t the only case. We received several of these handwritten letters from foreign secret services ordering us to pay cash from secret accounts to fuel revolutions and assassinations of people. I can confirm that what John Perkins wrote in his book « Confessions of an Economic Hit Man ». There really is a system that exists there, and Swiss banks are involved in these cases.

Q: Perkins’ book is also translated and exists in Russian. Can you tell us which bank it is from and who was responsible for it?

A: It was one of the three largest Swiss banks at the time and was the president of a third-world country. But I don’t want to reveal too much detail, because they’ll find me very easily if I say the name of the president and the bank. I would risk my life.

Q: Can’t you name anyone in the bank either?

A: No, I can’t, but I can assure you that this has happened. There were several people in the boardroom. The person in charge of the physical cash payment came to us and asked if he was entitled to pay such a high amount of cash to that person, and one of the directors explained the case and all the others said OK, you can do it.

Q: Has that happened a lot? Was it a kind of « Slash fund »?

A: Yeah. It was a special fund arranged in a special place in the bank, from which all the coded letters came from abroad. The most important letters were handwritten. We had to read them out, and they had the order to pay a certain amount of cash from accounts for murdering people, funds for revolutions, strikes, funds for all sorts of parties. I know that some of the people who are the Bilderberg were involved in such orders. I mean, they were giving orders to kill.

Q: Can you tell us what year or decade this happened?

A: I’d rather not tell you the specific year, but it was the 1980s.

Q: Did you have any problems with this job?

A: Yeah, a really big problem. I couldn’t sleep for several days, and after a while I left the bank. If I give you too much detail they’ll draw me. Several foreign secret services, mostly English speaking, have issued orders to provide funds for illegal acts, including the killing of people through Swiss banks. We had to pay on instructions from foreign powers to assassinate people who had not followed orders from the Bilderberg or the IMF or the World Bank, for example.

Q: These are stunning revelations you’re doing. Why do you feel the urgency of saying that now?

A: Because the Bilderberg will meet in Switzerland. Because the situation in the world is getting worse and worse. And because the largest banks in Switzerland are involved in unethical activities. Most of these transactions are outside of the balance sheets. This is multiple of what is officially declared. There’s no verification and everything comes without taxes. The figures involved have a bunch of zeros. This is a huge amount of money.

Q: So that’s a trillion?

A: It’s much more, it’s trillions, completely unverified, illegal and beyond the tax system. Basically we steal everybody. I mean, most normal people pay taxes and abide by the laws. What’s happening here is completely at odds with our Swiss values, such as neutrality, honesty and good faith. At the meetings I was involved in, the discussions were completely against our democratic principles.

You see, most of the directors of Swiss banks are no longer local, they are foreign, most Anglo-Saxons, either American or English, they have no respect for our neutrality, they don’t respect our values, they are opposed to our direct democracy, they only use Swiss banks for their illegal operations. They use huge sums of money created from nothing and destroy our society and the peoples of the world solely for greed. They seek power and destroy entire countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal or Ireland, and Switzerland will be one of the last online countries. And they use China as slave labor. And a person like Josef Ackermann, who’s a Swiss citizen and the « top man » of a German bank, uses his power in greed and doesn’t respect people like you and me. It has some legal problems in Germany and now also in the U.S. He is a Bilderberg and doesn’t care about Switzerland or any other country.

Q: Are you saying, some of the people you’re talking about will be present at the Bilderberg meetings in St. Moritz in June?

A: Yeah.

Q: So they do occupy a position of power?

A: Yeah. They have an enormous amount of money at their disposal and use it to destroy entire countries. They destroy our industry and build it in China. On the other hand, they open the doors in Europe for all Chinese products. The European population earns less than its living. The real goal is to destroy Europe.

Q: Do you think the Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz has a symbolic value? Because in 2009 they were in Greece, in 2010 in Spain and look what happened to them. Does this mean that Switzerland should expect something bad?

A: Yeah. Switzerland is one of the most important countries for them, because there is so much capital here. They meet here because, apart from other things, they want to destroy all the values that Switzerland defends. You see, this is an obstacle for them, because Switzerland is not part of the European community or the Euro, is not fully controlled by Brussels and so on. As far as values are concerned, I am not talking about big Swiss banks, because they are no longer Swiss, most of them are run by the Americans. I’m talking about the true Swiss spirit that people cherish and hold high. It certainly has symbolic value, as you said, in relation to Greece and Spain. Their goal is to build a kind of exclusive elite that has all the power and impoverish everyone else.

Q: Do you think the aim of the Bilderberg is to create a kind of global dictatorship, controlled by the global institutions (global corporations), in which there will no longer be sovereign states at all?

A: Yes, and Switzerland is the only place that remains with direct democracy and is in the way of their road. They are using the blackmail of the « too big to fail », as in the case of the Swiss Banking Union (UBS), to put our country in a state of great debt, just as they have in other countries. At the end, perhaps, they want to do to Switzerland what they have done to Iceland, with all the banks and the bankrupt country.

Q: And so extend it to the European community?

A: Of course. The European community is under the yoke of the Bilderberg.

Q: What do you think might stop this plan?

A: Well, that’s the reason I’m talking to you. That’s the truth. Truth is the only way. Bring to light this situation, expose them. They don’t like to be in the spotlight. We need to create transparency in the banking industry and at all levels of society.

Q: What you’re saying is that there is a decent side to the business of Swiss banks and a few big banks that are misusing the financial system for their illegal activities.

A: Yeah. Big banks train their teams with Anglo-Saxon values. They train them to be greedy and ruthless. And greed is destroying Switzerland and everybody else. As a country we have a majority of banks operating around the world, if you look at small and medium-sized banks. It is only the big banks that operate on a global scale that are problematic. They are no longer Swiss at all and do not consider themselves to be

Q: Do you think it’s a good thing for people to actually expose the Bilderberg and show what they really are?

A: I think Strauss-Kahn’s case is a good chance for us, because it shows that these people are corrupt, sick in their minds, so sick that they are filled with vices and these vices are kept secret under their orders. Some of them like Strauss-Kahn rape women, others are sado-maso, or pedophiles and many practice satanism. When you go to certain banks, you see these satanic symbols, like the Rothschild Bank in Zurich. These people are controlled by blackmail because of their weaknesses. They must follow orders or they will be exposed, destroyed or even killed. Strauss-Kahn’s reputation is not only killed in the media, it could be literally killed as well.

Q: Since Ackermann is a member of the Bildeberg Steering Committee, do you think there is an important decision-maker?

A: Yeah. But there are many others, like Lagarde, who will probably soon be in charge of the IMF, so they are capable of terrible things. If they feel they are losing control, as the protests in Greece and Italy now and Italy will be next, then they can make another Gladio. I was close to the Gladio network. As you know, they have been the instigators of terrorism paid by American money in order to control the political system in Italy and other European countries. With regard to the murder of Aldo Moro, the payment was made using the same system I mentioned.

Q: Did Ackermann participate in this payment system of a Swiss bank?

A: (Smiles) You’re the journalist. Look at his career and how quickly he got to the top.

Q: What do you think can be done to impede them?

A: Well, there’s a lot of great books that have come out that explain the background and link the dots together, like the one I mentioned from Perkins. These people have actually hired people to be paid to kill. Some of them had their money from Swiss banks. But not only that, they have a well-established system all over the world. We must expose those people who are ready to do anything to keep control. And I mean « everything ».

Q: We could stop them by exposing them?

A: Yes, telling the truth. We are faced with truly merciless criminals, also great war criminals. It’s worse than genocide. They are ready and able to kill millions of people just to stay in power and keep in control.

Q: Can you explain from your point of view why the Western media is more or less silent about Bilderberg?

A: Because there is an agreement between them and the owners of the mass media. You’re not talking about that. They bought them. Some of the key media figures are also invited to the rallies, but are asked not to report on what they have seen and heard.

Q: In the Bilderberg structure, is there an inner circle that knows the plans and then there is a majority that only follows the orders?

A: Yeah. You have the inner circle that practices satanism and then there are the naive or the more or less informed people. Some people even think they’re doing something right, the outer circle.

Q: According to the documents presented and their own statements, the Bilderberg decided in 1995 to create the European Community and the Euro, so they took extremely important decisions.

A: Yes, and you know that the Bilderberg Circle was founded by Prince Bernard, a former SS and Nazi Party member, and he also worked for IG Farben, who alternatively produced Zyklon B. The other guy was the head of Western Petroleum, which had close relations with the communists in the Soviet Union. They’ve worked from both sides, but really, these people are fascists who want to control everything, and everyone, and whoever gets in the way of their plan is eliminated.

Q: Is the payment system you are talking about outside of normal operations compartmentalized and is it being done in secret?

A: In these Swiss banks normal employees don’t know this is happening. It’s like a secret department inside the bank. As I said, these operations are conducted outside the trade balance, without any supervision. Some of them are located in the same building, others are outside. They have their own security and special areas in which only authorized persons can enter.

Q: How do you keep these transactions out of the international Swift system?

A: Well, some of Clearstream’s listings were actually true in the beginning. They just put in fake names to make people believe the whole list was fake. You see, they, too, make mistakes. The first list was true, and you can sort of trace a lot of things. You see, there are people around you who discover irregularities, and the truth and tell it. After that, of course there are legal procedures and these people are forced to close it. The best way to stop them is to tell the truth, to put them in the spotlight. If we don’t stop them, we’ll end up becoming their slaves.

Q: Thank you for that interview.

Peter Odintsov – Moscow, 30 May 2011.

Original source. Translated by Nicole for

Source: (in case of a copy, please respect the full text and quote the source)

Here we find the very heart of the liberal capitalist ideology: the dogma of the predestination of elites to govern the world and to subdue or eliminate peoples unable or hostile to follow the divine precepts written by this sect of anglo-saxon puritans.

From the image control of a business or a product to full control.

The propaganda for the consumer society and the waste.

This sixth process that we have chosen is used in the functioning of the liberal economy and what has become the consumer society.

The goal is for consumers to be loyal to brands, products and forget or ignore how these products are made and where they come from. This is very important for the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy.

We know that they destroyed the industry in France and Europe to make China the factory of the world with workers underpaid compared to the West. These products, these brands a few years ago were produced in industrialized countries, they are still in the gondola of the major retail areas with attractive « prices » to consumers.

It doesn’t matter that they are now produced by a new modern « slavery » in countries where power is autocratic, despotic, and capital is the property of Anglo-Saxon bankers. The main element lies in the image of the product, that is to say in the desire it satisfies among consumers.

The introduction of Propaganda.

« If we understand the mechanisms and motivations of group thinking, can we not control and regiment the masses as we wish, without them knowing? Recent propaganda has proven that this is possible, at least to some extent » Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928.

Today, Rockefeller is better known for the infinite goodness of its jubilant philanthropy than for its illegal business practices, its brutality in labor relations, its sinister role in the rise of Nazi Germany. It’s a resounding success of PR!

Edward Bernays is making a major break in the way a product is marketed by making the industry realize that it is more effective to address the (unconscious) desire of the customer than to its needs. Bernays proudly tells the story of how he managed to get women around the world smoking.

Bernays lived to the age of 105. He never liked cigarettes, and he never smoked. Since the 1930s, he, like his employers at the time, knew about the dangers of smoking, had even convinced his wife to quit smoking. Perhaps plagued by guilt, he lent his talents to the fight against tobacco in the 1960s, even proposing campaigns so radical that they were rejected by the authorities.

Partially aware (a little less than Guy Debord, say) of the evil aspects of the monster he had created, he tried for forty years to mark the possible excesses of propaganda and public relations, proposing laws, advice, professional orders… Unsuccessful.


Bernays can be seen as the initiator who pushed marketing to no longer simply take into consideration the needs of consumers, rather quickly satisfied by mass production, but to stand up to the desires of people by creating these desires at all costs in order to develop production and trade ever further in the consumer society and today the society of over consumption and waste.

But what is most interesting in the life of Bernays is that around 60 years old, he decided to withdraw from business. He founded his institute and devoted his fortune to it to say exactly the opposite of what he has done and written before. He understood the ravages, disasters, injustices to which the society of consumption and waste led.

He understood that his advertisement to smoke women and save the tobacco industry was only a crime against human health. Did he know the crimes of his masters eager to finance communism then Nazism and then the Second World War in the hope of conquering the riches of Russia thus? Did he know the Anglo-Saxon Puritan sect and their criminal program to govern the world?

For more than forty years, from 60 to over 100 years old, Bernays, in worthy nephew of Sigmund Freud, like his uncle 3 years before his death, had the courage and daring to fight his former masters and their madness Criminal to control the world and impose their greedy interests in financiers without any qualms. We must not forget this awareness and this precious experience to fight these “masters of the world”.

For Freud, we mentioned this lucidity to understand that his theories on patriarchal society are false. bronislaw Malinowski with his study on the natives of the islands Trobriand i had him demonstrated all the human superiority of matriarchal societies. Without a doubt Edward Bernays, after 1945 and around 60, understood what pushed his uncle on the evening of his life to reject all his theories to adopt the teachings of the first peoples and the sexual life of the savages.

Let us hope that other Freud and others Bernays quickly manifest to help us leave these power systems that oppress us and do not respond to our reasons to live.

The society of overconsumption and waste

This will of the system of capitalist and neo-liberal power to create ever more superficial desires and, most often, useless, allows it through this ever more profitable production to continue to earn considerable profits.

But this will, which also translates into the imposition of work on all populations, is a sign of extremely strong and coercive domination in order to gain purchasing power and to pay this satisfaction of materialistic desires.

Those excluded from work will have only the misery and, above all, not the benefit of minimum goods and equipment to meet their individual needs, even if they do not want to satisfy any ostentatious desire for additional and unnecessary wealth.

By making people dream and salivate of desires in the face of the profusion of material goods, the dominion of thought leads directly to the submission to compulsory work, to social conformity.

This consequence would still be minimal, but we must take into account the fact that this unbridled production is depleting natural resources, energy in a waste that has become unsustainable for an ever greater part of humanity. The sustainable development of our societies must first and foremost inevitably be the liberalization of thought, the end of propaganda for which Bernays campaigned at the end of his life. But the liberal system, in Bernays’ work, wants to keep its first work, its first books, including the one by which to begin: Propaganda.

The « big beast must be tamed»

An excerpt of the preface given to Propaganda:

“But Bernays is also looking in the social sciences, as stated in the previous passage, for a scientific (allegedly) justification of the political purpose of the work done by the public relations adviser. It finds it in the support of a significant part of the emerging social science theorists whom it consults and respects the idea that the mass is incapable of properly judging public affairs and that the individuals who comprise it are unfit to exercise the role of potential citizen that a democracy requires of each of them: in short, that the public, at its core, constitutes an obstacle to society’s governance and a threat to be avoided.

This thesis, to varying degrees, is that of Walter Lippmann, Graham Wallas (1858-1932) or Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931), whose claim Bernays will continue, and joins an important antidemocratic current in American political thinking that the « great beast must be tamed » – to use the expression of Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804).

This perspective was already held by James Madison (1752-1836), who ensured that « true power, that provided by the wealth of the » nation, must remain in the hands of the « most capable » and that the primary and primary responsibility of government is to « keep the rich minority out of the » majority.

Bernays echoes these ideas when he writes that with « universal suffrage and the generalization of education » it has reached the point where « bourgeoisie began to fear the small people, the masses …”

Manipulation is then used in all of these behaviors:

· Flattering, seducer

· Exageration

· Culpabilizer

· Devaluing the other

To illustrate just one example, the energy transition and climate change control behavior, all of these manipulation behaviors are used:

Flattering, seductor: all political leaders became enthusiastic environmentalists. They flatter citizens with this dogma of the Common Good used by the leaders of the liberal system: they work for the benefit of everyone. Serious violations of individual freedoms during the Covid pandemic have been defended for collective health and opposing opinions and dissidents have been guilt and devalued even to the exclusion of their work and society.

Exageration: still in the same field, greenhouse gases are the cause of all climate change, the influence of the sun and its cycle of activity with its strong eruptions and current solar storms are totally ignored or denied.

Culpabilizer: this behavior is intended to create fear and maintain a certain level of fear among the populations. During the Covid pandemic, it was used outrageously to subject citizens to multiple vaccinations, which were ultimately useless since protection against severe forms of disease caused by this virus was not scientifically proven and this virus was never isolated and proven.

Devaluing the other: this behavior is essentially used against dissidents who are automatically labeled a plotter or a conspiracy theorist, while it is the rulers of the anglo-saxon oligarchy and the puritan sect who apply their plans of domination of peoples through their global government. We saw previously the financial technique of the swap-back of the unpaid that led to the biggest hold-up in history. We are here using the same technique to reverse the situation, to lie and deny the truth about their criminal behavior.

The development at the global level of this control of the mother image directly to the control of information not only in the commercial field but directly in the political, economic, social, cultural field.

Information Control Council on Foreign Relations

Founded in 1919 by the gray eminence of President Wondrow Wilson, Edward Mendell House, for a globalism that, through the “silent” revolution, will achieve the great synthesis between capitalism and socialism.

The great synthesis between capitalism and socialism.

In short, this great synthesis results in a single fascism of religious obedience based on the puritan dogma of the predestination of elites to govern the world.

The intermediate stages, which are or have been the system of capitalist power and the system of socialist and communist power, are no longer useful.

This corresponds to the aim of these leaders to eliminate states, this administrative structure whose function is to subject a population to centralized power of whatever kind, monarchy, republic, representative democracy, tyranny and dictatorship, theocracy. The Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy is not meant to finance and pay millions of officials or agents to monitor the functioning of their global government.

Because there is no alternative to a submission to the predestined elites to the government of the world!

Official object: to stimulate an international spirit among the American public to join the world government of the Anglo-Saxon Puritans and elite.

Instigators and participants: The name of the CFR is David Rockefeller, President of Chase Manhattan Bank. To name two well-known names, George Bush Father and Bill Clinton are members of the CFR. CFR president Winston LORD, responding to one of our American colleagues who asked him if it was really the Trilateral that was driving the world: “Not at all, the CFR runs everything.”

The Invisible Government of the United States

Influence: The invisible Government of the United States, the CFR has about 2,700 members, whose working groups are constantly examining all current issues. In place since the 1930s, he’s managed to ensure that no secretary to the State Department, to Defense, to the Treasury, to the key positions of those ministries, to the main embassies, to the leadership of the CIA, was chosen outside of his group.

Since 1933, all presidential elections have been conditioned by the CFR.

The members of the Council on Foreign Relations are Americans who exercise close control over Western states through subsidiary companies, or international bodies chaired by their members, such as the World Bank.

In this case, in the countries of Europe, semi-occult circles in favor of those who simultaneously financed and communism and Nazism, offered half of Europe to communism after 1945, financed both sides the dialectical struggle and the survival of communism as long as it pretended to prevent it from getting rid of Stalinism, to the east all “decoupling” states despite the fall of the Berlin Wall. They now want to move on to the next stage, to give time to put these regions under the same leadership that subjects “America” to insiders who, through the CFR, have gradually taken away any decision-making autonomy from their governments.

CFR Basic Principles:

  • Trade and aid to the least developed countries, even revolutionary. Pending a “Global Government”, assume responsibility for: research, exploitation, distribution of energy resources and raw materials; trade rationalization; conflict resolution by ensuring that there is never a winner or defeat, but only debtors;
  • Maintaining communism, a good atheist ideology, by reducing outbursts;
  • Create the 10 zones of new global sovereignty by inundating the parties and nations into “great economic and geopolitical groupings”. The great pan-American (Canada-US-Mexico), Europe, the Islamic/African zone, the South American conglomerate, etc… It is deliberately allowed to endure conflicts such as those in the former Yugoslavia so that in the long run people will submit to any solution, that is to say the globalist solution (see in this regard the document Silent weapons for noise-free wars).

Erode national sovereignties bit by bit, as they impede the march of globalism.

In 1974, Foreign Affairs (article by Richard N. Gardner: CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral), the CFR magazine recommended that, pending the moment of a world government, the UN should use all means “to erode national sovereignty bit by bit, since they impede the march of globalism.”

In 1992, following the election of CLINTON (who is a member of the CFR, by the way), Richard N. Gardner became one of his permanent White House advisers.


Relations between the CFR and the World Economic Forum in Davos

“The World Economic Forum was not just the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, but was born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program run by Henry Kissinger. “My research indicates that the World Economic Forum is not a European creation. In reality, it is rather an operation that emanates from the public policy greats of the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon eras of American politics; all had ties to the Council on Foreign Relations and the associated “Round Table” movement, with a supporting role played by the Central Intelligence Agency.” »—Le-WEF-n-%C3%A9tait-pas-une-id%C3%A9e-originale-de-Klaus-Schwab-FR.pdf

Klaus Schwab is considered the founder and leading figure of the World Economic Forum (WEF). But a report has just been published and tells us that this globalist organization escaped from a Harvard program financed by the CIA and supported by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

In a well-documented March 10, 2022 report by Johnny Vedmore, an investigative journalist from Wales reveals a remarkable connection between Klaus Schwab, Henry Kissinger and the CIA.
As the journalist writes in his introduction, “The World Economic Forum was not simply Klaus Schwab’s idea, but grew out of a CIA-funded Harvard program run by Henry Kissinger and run by John Kenneth Galbraith and the “real” Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn. This is the incredible story of the real men who recruited Klaus Schwab, helped him found the World Economic Forum, and taught him not to worry and to love the bomb.”

In the journalist’s report, it therefore appears that the WEF owes its existence above all to 3 people who are Henry Kissinger, John Kenneth Galbraith and Herman Kahn. Among the report’s sources is an extract from an archived BBC video recording that appears to have been produced in the 1960s and reveals discussions between Herman Kahn, the Dr. Strangelove in question, and his secretary. Given what is said between the two accomplices in this extract of a few minutes, we decided to subtitle it and indeed, hold on!

The Young Global Leader, the WEF organization to “infiltrate” governments

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), says he is “very proud” of it. According to him, they “infiltrate” governments around the world, choose the leaders of tomorrow and your president or prime minister has probably been one of them.

Who could they possibly be? These are the “Young Global Leaders” (YGL), a WEF program to select future “masters of the world” who will “shape politics, society and the world around them”, to use his words. Who are these people ? How are they selected? Who has already been part of it and who are the current figures?

In 2004, Schwab launched the Young Global Leaders Forum, to replace the program in force since 1993, called “Global Leaders for Tomorrow”. The goal was to “help the world confront increasingly complex problems” by creating a “proactive community of the world’s next generation leaders” capable of “influencing decision-making.”

This organization, run by a Board of Directors, chaired among others by himself and his daughter Nicole, says it selects “the voices of the future and the hopes of the next generations”.

Macron, Zuckerberg, Musk… Young Global Leaders

Presented in 2008 by Bruce Nussbaum, journalist for Bloomberg BusinessWeek, as “one of the most exclusive private social networks” in the world, the YGL has so far counted in its ranks more than 1,400 members and alumni (Former student, Editor’s note ) from 120 nationalities.

Each new promotion is assigned a mission. The one who counted among hers Emmanuel Macron, then Minister of the Economy under François Hollande in 2016, was elected to shape the “fourth industrial revolution”.

Snowden société de contrôle et liberté d'expression

“Those who don’t care about the establishment of a society of control because they have nothing to hide, are also those who don’t give a damn about attacks on freedom of expression because They have nothing to say.”

The Illuminati and the Monarch program: Mind Control, mental control.


document summary:

Starting with a program on Canadian radio station CKLN 88.1 FM, the presenter and his guests discuss the theme of Mind Control. The guests are Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, co-authors of the books “Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Slave Under Full Behavioral Control” (The Illuminati Formula to Create an Indetectable Total Mind Control Slave) and “Deeper Insights the Illuminati Formula” (Deeper Insights the Illuminati Formula Formula), books on packaging and control mind based on trauma and the use of traumatic situations.

Cisco Wheeler claims to be from an Illuminati family line and points out that controlling behavior based on trauma is a practice that was perpetrated against her from birth. Fritz Springmeier writes about the Illuminati families and how they have used behavioral control to strengthen their power through history.

The “New World Order”

By studying the functioning of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Church of the Mormon, this author discovers their close relationships in a broader project to control the world. The goal of the Illuminati families is to build a man that will bring all of the world’s attention to a specific context that people have dubbed the “New World Order.” This man will be named Antshrist. That’s their ultimate goal.

If you’re going to participate in the secret life of the Illuminati, being programmed into the fashion of multiple personalities is a very basic, essential thing.

Let’s take a number of standard rituals: St Weinbald, St Agnes, Grand Climax, Walpurgis, Beltane, all the solstices and equinoxes, Lamas, All Hallow’s Eve, High Grand Climax, these rituals are truly horrific. They involve human sacrifice. Baby sacrifices for the Grand Climax ritual, for example. At different Sabbats, a young man or woman are sacrificed. It’s something that a normal mind is not able to conceive and sustain. Mind control and multiple personalities are involved when you have an effect “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. It’s crucial for them that these things continue from generation to generation

Control the hidden powers.

The Illuminati are an extension of the Religions of Mysteries. These men and women then become very competent in esoteric and occult knowledge. They are well trained in alchemy, Indian witchcraft, Druismo, enochian magic, Gnosticism, hermetic magic, Cabal, Platonism, Sufism. In fact, they end up knowing all the branches of occult systems.

The idea is to accumulate hidden power for yourself. Of course, the Merovingian dynasty possesses a lot of magic power as well as strong political power. In this way, this dynasty occupies one of the tops of occult lines because among them were some very powerful black magicians. Religious beliefs cannot be separated from mental control. This design is part and parcel of mind control.

For the Illuminati, the ultimate goal is to balance beneficial actions with negative ones; they are dualistic.

At their highest level, they can be considered Luciferous. This is why the greatest philanthropists will be the highest hierarchical satanists at the same time. And if you look at it carefully, they’re just using their own pockets for philanthropy. This is not as generous as it may sound. They try to do good deeds and balance them with negative deeds, because they believe in this notion of balance in their religion. This is called “Gnostic Luciferism.”

The “total mental control”, -Total Mind Control- concerns a control of the person as a whole, the body, the soul and the mind. This mental control is totally undetectable and manipulates the whole person.

All of these techniques could be subdivided into 12 sciences. One of them is trauma and torture-based science. Another one relies on using drugs to control one person, another on the ability to use mental states like hypnosis, dissociation, trance. There’s also the art of deceiving people, deceiving victims themselves. There’s a whole series of techniques of using fiction, deception, fake facade identities to fool people. There is a science of using spiritual elements to control a person. This is actually one of the most important methods of controlling an individual, if not the most important.

The manipulation of spirituality.

Today, it is neither popular nor politically correct to admit at the scientific level that humankind has a spiritual counterpart while human beings have a spiritual side and that the Illuminati know very well how to control someone spiritually. Their understanding of this fact has always stunned me. They always left people in the dark.

Even Christians and their priests kept people in the same ignorance about how to develop spiritually, and they preferred to give them to consume the crumbs of the cake in this regard.

You have to go back to the Sleep Temples of Egyptians a lot. We have to go back to the Egyptian priesthood and the religions of the Mysteries. They had already learned in those days how to use electric shocks. They used electric eels and torpedo fish and things like that to zap people. They had already begun to understand how to use drugs and plants to create altered states of consciousness to control people.

These are secret acquaintances who are jealously guarded by the Illuminati families and their priesthood on the religion of the Mysteries. For centuries, “skull manipulation” has remained a secret technique within occult blood lines. These techniques can be used in beneficial ways to heal. They can be used to change the appearance of a face or for evil purposes, to torture someone or control their mind. By manipulating the skull, you can actually change the way a person thinks so as to make their personality more apt to dissociate, more obedient as well, or to expand somebody’s thinking process in different ways.

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The Illuminati on the historical level correspond to a more or less esoteric and secret movement developed in Bavaria. In reality, this movement serves to hide the real holders of secret power gathered in the Anglo-Saxon puritan sect. Just as we have seen in the industrial development of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Rockefeller family takes center stage, while its capital is very largely owned by the Rothschild family., itself allied to the Anglo-Saxon Puritan sect when the latter accepted it into the “New York Establishment” founded in 1620 by the pact passed on the Mayflower.

John Kennedy had discovered this secret pact by understanding what his father had done and how he had become enormously rich during the crisis of 1929 and after, during the raid. The Clinton couple tried to find out which group really led the US and the world, but it seems they couldn’t find it. And what about the next presidents. The Bush family is descended from the puritans of the Mayflower and we saw it, it worked a lot on Wall Street taking power after 2008 and during the biggest hold-up in history…

The manipulation of spirituality aims to eliminate the use of our first source of knowledge, the initiatory and spiritual approach that does not need to know how to read and write. Theocracies based on abstruse dogmas seek to eliminate everything that touches and uses spirituality. This was the case in the Roman Catholic Church with the Inquisition and its crimes such as the witch murders on the pyres.

apprendre à craindre les sorcières et non pas leurs assassins et fanatiques théocratiques

“I find it disturbing that we were taught to fear witches… and not those who burned them alive.”

This manipulation of spirituality today takes sneaky but effective forms to maintain the fear of death while precisely initiation and encounter with the mysteries of life remove all fear of death from our fleshly body. Example: the nocebo effect.

l'effet nocebo, destruction du cerveau avec la peur de la mort

“When you tell people they’re going to die, you see the areas that go extinct in the brain, it’s called the nocebo effect. When you say that every night on television, you create the nocebo effect, which is visible radiographically.”

The recurrent and daily broadcast on television channels and on multimedia, of police televisions which each include several crimes and characters killed more or less horribly, participates in this omnipresence of macabre death cause of fear and thus cause the destruction of our neurons by the nocebo effect. Especially when these killings and violence then spread in our societies. For example, the young woman who jogs and ends up with her body charred in coppices of the forest… Otherwise, the call to aliens or directly and directly to demons excited by Satan in person, can come out of their daze the most jaded spectators… and continue the slaughter of our neurons.

“Free submission”

2010 PUF book: How do we get people to do what they have to do freely? by Robert-Vincent JOULE Professor of Universities, Director of the Laboratory of Social Psychology of the University of Provence.

Robert-Vincent JOULE defines “How to change people’s attitudes and behaviors? “

Excerpts: “

(…) This research shows that one can effectively influence others in their actions and beliefs without having to resort to seduction, authority or even persuasion. We know the limits of seduction: the charm is broken, you can expect the worst, and, of course, it doesn’t appeal to anyone who wants…The authority is unquestionably effective in influencing behavior, as it is true that it is often sufficient to order to be obeyed (…) But not sufficient since: ” (…) it is most often enough to turn your back to see children, employees, patients, citizens, regain their bad habits. Now, persuasion can be very effective at changing people’s ideas about particular issues. But unfortunately, unlike authority, it’s less powerful for behavior changes

(…) One way remains: the use of freely agreed bidding procedures. These procedures, as pragmatism requires, are well known in Anglo-Saxon countries. This is less the case in France and yet … It is in their interest to lead to the accountability of those who come to modify their behavior freely and to internalize the traits or values that will ensure its sustainability


“Self-consented submission”? Presentation by Wikipedia: “(..) concept of social psychology (Compliance without pressure) introduced by Freedman and Fraser in 1966 to describe the consequence of a persuasion process which leads to the impression of the individuals concerned that they are the authors of certain decisions (…) This process is similar to manipulation, especially since it uses pressure to achieve its purposes (…)”

This technique is used in aggressive selling to get a consumer who does not need any good or service. It is also part of the panoply of ways to develop conformity and insensitive submission to the interests of the leaders of the systems of power.

The control of technology and social development that threatens the established order and the power of the masters of the world.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was born in 1961 to operate alongside its sister organization, IUCN. The president will be one of the initiators, Prince Bernhard of Hollande. We have already seen that in addition to the Bilderberg group, the group also chaired the European Cultural Foundation, to which it gave birth. Bernhard of Hollande played a crucial role in the European oligarchy to make a phase change: the enemy is not so much international communism or the soviet empire, but « technical, industrial and economic progress, as well as social and political development [which] threaten nature in all regions of the world (…) Pollution will be a greater danger than the possibility of conflict on a global scale. » (Speech for the inauguration of the German branch of WWF, 1964)

The more intense diffusion of Malthusian-green ideas

So this is the clearly identified enemy: industrial economic and social progress and social and political development. For Prince Bernhard, nature is just a pretext, and what he really seeks to defend is the permanence of an oligarchic social structure, the establishment. And this view can be found in naturalists like Robert Hainard or Teddy Goldsmith.

In 1977, John Hugo Loudon, Knight Commander of the British Imperial Order, director of the Royal Dutch Shell, manager of the Ford Foundation, senior advisor of the Chase Manhattan Bank, etc., took over the presidency of WWF, replacing Prince Bernhard who became too cumbersome after his involvement in the Lockheed scandal. Soon after, another crowned head, Prince Philip of England, took over the destiny of WWF, which became the Worldwide Fund for Nature (see about WWF in p.56).

One of WWF’s fundamental goals is to « information to the world press and mass media, which, given the influence of its leaders, means a real order of step for more intense dissemination of Malthusian-green ideas.


Financial murderers.

Document: summary

Confessions of a Financial Murder – Revelations on the manipulation of the world economies by the United States Broché- September 15, 2005 by John Perkins (Author), Louis Royer

« Financial killers are an elite group of men and women who use international financial organizations to create the conditions for other nations to be subject to » corporatocracy « formed by our largest corporations, our government and our banks.

Like their counterparts in the Mafia, financial killers have favors. Which ones? Infrastructure loans: power stations, highways, ports, airports or industrial areas. Such loans shall be granted on the following condition: it’s american engineering and construction companies that have to do all these projects. It can therefore be said that the money never leaves the United States, but that it is simply transferred from the banks of Washington (IMF) to the engineering companies of New York, Houston or San Francisco. Although the money almost immediately returns to the member companies of the corporation (the creditor), the recipient country must repay all, capital and interest.

If the financial murderer has done a good job, the loans are so high that the debtor fails to meet his commitments after a few years. So, like the Mafia, we demand our due, in one of the following forms: Voting control at the United Nations, the installation of military bases or access to precious resources like the oil or the Panama Canal. Of course, the debtor still owes us the money… and so here is another country that adds to our global empire. ».

The confessions of a financial murderer, John Perkins (2005)

Financial murderers are highly paid professionals who steal billions of dollars from various countries around the world. Their main weapons: fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, bribes, extortion, sex and murder. The author knows what he is talking about, that was his “job.” He has practiced for the United States, and now he confesses his terrible manipulation. 15.5 x 23 – 312 pages


Confessions of a Financial Murder – Revelations on the manipulation of the world’s economies by the United States is a French translation of John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, published in 2004. Perkins describes his career in consulting firm Chas. T. Hand from Boston.

Before being hired by the company, the author claims to have been interviewed for work at the National Security Agency (NSA). Perkins states that this interview served as a test to become what he calls an economic hit man (») economic «.

According to Perkins, he began writing Confessions of an Economic Hit Man in the 1980s.

Conclusion of file 2 The processes they use.

This documentary record shows the evolution of these processes since the submission of kings and emperors to the bankers who lend them. This basic process has retained its core principle: but bankers have become masters of creating the currency with their private central banks, including the EDF in the US and the ECB in Europe.

These bankers were able to organize the financial and economic crises and plan, finance world wars, to fight the currency of the kings and emperors. Each time, they have achieved unattainable scientific profits in peacetime.

But coming out of a financial crisis is becoming very risky for them:

  • the collapse of the economy during the crisis has placed the industrial production tool in production capacity. It is true that the shutdown of machines and the mass dismissal of staff is possible and acceptable to citizens in the very short term. But very quickly the specter of the social explosion of the liberal capitalist system haunts all minds, those of the leaders of the system and those of the citizens.
  • The holdup-up of the century worked once with the American taxpayers, but for other countries and first for Greece, which served as a guinea pig to test Europe’s submission to the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, the citizens understood and the voters radicalized, admittedly in opposing camps. The social explosion that ends capitalism remains predominant and terrible for all, without exception.
  • The Casino economy operates to perpetuate the double-digit profits of rentier rents who took power over workers and who are the close guard of their masters of global government. But it was the excesses of the new rich of the Folie-Titon who in Paris in 1789 pushed people into the streets to begin the Revolution. Paris is no longer the center of the world, but this primary reaction occurs everywhere when the people are too close to the residences of the new rich.
  1. There are still ways to control people’s minds and teach them the principles of freely consented submission. The new problems of society, the fight against climate change and the effects of CO2, the energy transition, the question of ecology is thus dealt with in such a way that this intellectual support is the vector of this neo-liberal dogma to impose the social influence of freely consented submission, a subtle mix between sterile old conformism and risky persuasion since this dogma is outrageous, false and contrary to realities of the life of our planet and of human common sense.

So why don’t we put on the grill the good old ways of organizing wars, health wars rigged in a pandemic with a virus that’s coming out of somewhere, even if they don’t dare to admit it? And what about conventional wars, not between former colonized countries but between former players in World War II, at the risk of a third world war?

For these leaders and this cult of Anglo-Saxon puritans, in fact the goal is invariable: to dominate the world, but to achieve their goals of drastically reducing the number of peoples and human beings to submit. Transhumanism, the new man, controlled by the faithful technologies and robots performing the orders of their masters, is for them the chimera of a new humanity subject to their divine precepts of predestined to govern the world, a humanity finally resilient since they believe there is no other alternative.

This is how they acted towards Germany to transform it into a people who are committed to the total sacrifice so that it can engage in the military conquest of the riches of the Soviet Union. But by 1935, the Soviet Union, with its industry and agriculture, its immensely fertile land, had surpassed its targets as Germany struggled to emerge from the 1929 crisis, as did the rest of Europe.

The rest of this story can be found in file 3 Our dear enemies and the organization of wars… it is not possible to write « their wars » because apart from Patton and de Gaulle who, as early as 1945, found that this second world war had been run strangely by failing to follow the military principles of the conduct of a war, all the other participants and their survivors today have done so « war », often in spite of them, despite us.

If World War III could only stay « their war », without us and thus disappear between «, without us ». The events of 2022 in Ukraine and elsewhere are not a good omen for such an end to the capitalist system organized by « and among themselves, without us ». On, our comments and these four files about our dear enemies are aimed at helping us get out of the systems of power « without them », between us and for another civilization.

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