Part 4 – The art of living

A decorporation technique

This is Peter’s second decorporation.

The origin of the facts:

The syncope

The incident resulted in a syncope caused by the sudden expansion of bronchioles caused by cold, moist air in the lungs that was suddenly heated to a high temperature. This dilation of the bronchioles put pressure on the bronchi which were squeezed to the point of no longer letting air pass, resulting in suffocation and falling into syncope.

Once the body lay on the ground, Peter saw it from his split body about two meters from his carnal body. Not understanding what was happening, he remained to wait understanding that the passing time meant the more certain death of his carnal body.

The coming of the envoy of darkness.

Seeing the envoy of darkness come to him behind the wall of his room, panicking before the one who was going to take him away and condemn him to darkness, Peter, once this presence which presents itself as the envoy of darkness has passed his carnal body and comes to meet him, addresses the one who lives in us and with whom he had already made a very intimate contact during his first decorations at 12 years old.

The request for intervention made to the one who lives in us.

He just realized he’s behind him and watching the scene. Once Pierre’s request has been made, he immediately returns to his body and rises without any difficulty, while a plate of the skin of his back is glued to the heating wall of the oil stove in his room

The explanation of the mechanism of syncope

Prolonged physical exertion in the wet cold

At around 18, Pierre, a junior amateur cyclist, goes on a Sunday afternoon in mid-November, with his half-course bike, to the Mutzig football stadium, which represents about 1/2 hour of cycling at 30km/h. The team of the “white devils of the Bruche Valley” then spoke of it with talented players promised a great professional future. Pierre is interested in these sportsmen who come from the surrounding villages and are a little older.

The team’s tactic was simple: Arsène Wenger, the tall blond, with his dizzying dribbles, kept the ball to draw the most players on him. On the other side of the field, Jean-Noël Huck waited alone for the ball that occasionally arrived. He ran along the line and centered on Pierre Gemmrich, who immediately drew in the typically German style: schuss, boom, goal! The other curiosity of the match but rather shocking for Pierre was to hear “the village idiot” or at least the most idiotic spectator invective with Alsatian swears the players, in particular Arsène when he tangled his legs with the ball. Cycling riders in Alsace also received this kind of inquiry but the faster you ride the less you hear them. For the poor footballers, they had to endure this for almost 2 hours and it is understandable that some did not want to stay in Alsace after that… necessarily unbearable from fans! In short, the team had beaten that afternoon Chaumont by 2-1.

Pierre made a big effort on his bike to get back to his house because a thin cold rain mixed with fog had started to fall. When he arrived in front of his village, the night was there and Pierre set off the dynamo and the lights of his half-race.

Brutal contact with overheated, dry air

His room was overheated and the oil stove had dried the air. As he changed his clothes, half-naked, he was caught hiccoughing, the result of the effort he had made and had abruptly stopped in front of his house. To remove the hiccups, he practiced a banal advice: breathe deeply, block breathing until you swallow saliva 5 times. He didn’t have time to catch his breath after falling into syncope. 

The consequences and explanation of the doctor.

The next day, Pierre was excused from going to class while he was seeing the family doctor. He didn’t want to see it, knowing it was useless.

To his great surprise, the doctor took him alone to explain to him with a smile behind his head that you should not have fun at these games, at least not alone as Pierre had done.

The doctor, close to retirement, said that while studying medicine, he and other classmates had fun doing similar experiments: a comrade would fall into syncope to seek contact with the afterlife, and after a while he would be revived with electroshock or other methods.

Peter had not said anything about his meeting with the envoy of darkness and then with the one who lives in us, but the doctor did not need this kind of confidences.

He had seen the skin stuck to the stove his parents had left to show it to the doctor. He knew that Peter could wear his shirt and jacket as if nothing had happened and that no scar would remain on his back, that he would never experience any pain, any pinching.

The doctor was not unaware that an extra-human intervention had taken place, that Pierre had had a meeting as he probably had in a room of his medical school. 

The doctor’s remark allowed Pierre to dedramatize this second decorationeven though he did not yet understand everything that had just happened.

Later, he understood that by chance (but this chance, these coincidences that guide the poets and many others) had put him in contact with a basic technique to come out of his body and face the presences of the higher and double worlds.

As if after so many years spent since the first accidental decorations, looking for new contacts, he was given the key to access new encounters.

However, Pierre never used this technique afterwards. It is true that the circumstances of his third more dramatic decorations than the first two showed him all the wisdom to have to settle for these accidental encounters without having to add artificial encounters.

The essential thing for Pierre was not to start again but to look for other testimonies of people, who, like his doctor, had followed this path towards these meetings. 

The technique to produce this separation of body and soul.

It is simple, even rudimentary: all you need is a place that is very well heated and has a dry air, into which the person will enter after a long time in another humid and cold place. 

For the resuscitation technique, the question is less simple but it seems that placing a hot iron plate on the back of the person until the skin peels off can provide the nervous shock capable of unblocking the functioning of the organism.

The use of the present means of resuscitation must suffice to leave this syncope, this was also the intention of Pierre’s doctor.

Otherwise, there remains the solution taken by Pierre after long, immobile moments in the corner of his room looking at his body without understanding anything: refuse to follow the envoy of darkness and ask to be saved to the one who lives in us.

Possible lessons, some of which have been put into practice.

It is a technique with a partial result at the initial level

This technique can be used as often as desired, but it does not allow the light well to be crossed by itself.

The slow progression of the syncope towards suffocation is the major characteristic of this technique. These long moments of waiting in a state of decay are conducive to mental work on oneself and allow a dialog of the soul for the soul.

They must also allow for the calling and questioning of other loved ones to prepare the crossing of the skylight in the case of a young initiate. An insider who has already crossed the skylight must be able to use his new extra-sensory powers.

The deadly risk of contact with the world doubles.

But the insider quickly realizes that provoking this deception is not an act of free will or curiosity. The presence of the double world remains very obscure and the powers that are there are above all hostile and capable of destroying our human nature to the point of making it perish or mad.

We must get out of the double world and this power does not belong to our human condition, it is given to us by the presence of the higher world or more certainly by the one who lives in us and makes us cross the limits of death of our carnal body.

The obligation to be helped by the powers of the higher world.

Without coming into contact with the higher world, decorations have no meaning and can end in mortal disaster and your capture by the sent of darkness.

Contact with the presences of the higher world or with the one who lives in us is established only for a valid reason.

Apart from an unexpected accident that puts you in direct contact with the death of your carnal body and automatically triggers the intervention of these powers to send you back without damage to your body (the doctors then speak of spiritual healing by immaterial forces that belong to the universal energy, see the book The Divine Connection by Dr. Melvin Morse), this valid reason concerns a prayer, a request to do good to one of your relatives or to an entire group.

Here we find the power of prayer and examples of successful prayers. Whether in a normal state or in a state of deconstruction, the use of prayer is the same except that in a state of deconstruction, the initiate can directly use these forces of the higher world. 

Can this use be permitted once in a specific case, repeated and generalized?

Probably for survival reasons.

Example: to arrive in a state of decay or in a para normal state to remotely visualize game herds, a secret passage, the progress of enemies, etc.

Remote vision is a well-documented area of knowledge.

Dr. Melvin Morse’s book states that “remote vision has fantastic potential as evidenced by the recent downgraded military work of Dr. Hal Puntnoff of Stanford University on behalf of the CIA in San Francisco.

In 1974, he asked subjects to give information about a major Soviet missile center. The visionary Pat Price provided detailed drawings of the site in a place perfectly lost to the ancient USSR.

The CIA understood that the Soviets also used remote vision to identify occupied or unoccupied American sites.

The final study commissioned by the government concerned the Discovery spacecraft, which was close to Jupiter. Joseph McMoneagle, who developed his talent after an experiment at the borders of death, had to give information about the planet BEFORE the probe’s information was received by the control room. His remote vision provided highly accurate information that was later confirmed by Discovery data! 

This is an ancient pioneering practice

We also find such practices in the past and among extinct civilizations.

In the caves to visualize the environment

Drawing flocks of animals on the walls of a cave lost in the mountains can be an occupation for cursed painters excluded from their community just as these drawings can be a translation of what the initiate saw in his vision.

The humidity and the cold are right there at the bottom of the cave, it is enough to make a fire nearby to put the initiate in abrupt contact with intense heat and the bronchioles will expand until causing a syncope then the initiate knows what he has to do and for whom he performs this saving spiritual mission for his community!

These caves could also become the conservatory of a period for future generations who were also exposed to perils and who might need these powers of the higher world. 

Buildings built to develop this technique.

A more advanced stage of organization consists in building buildings far from the mountains and caves capable of restoring these conditions to provoke syncope and then decay.

You need cold, damp places.

Take the underground halls of the Egyptian temples or those of Tiahuanaco or the temples of Andean civilizations. Add a sacred lake to the bottom, where the water will distribute the necessary moisture. Above, build warm rooms and a place to rest the body for the journey and its spiritual mission, a saint of saints for example, in which no one has the right to enter so as not to disturb the body preserved there and not to rush the return of the initiate and spoil his work!

Look at the pyramid, a wonderful machine for decorating and conserving Earth’s biological life: there is the sacred lake, the underground halls, the ramp to go up to the central room in which were found grains of cereals so well preserved that they could start germinating again and produce a harvest thousands of years later!

If you want to give some ceremony to this spiritual experience, arrange one or two openings to the sky through the wall of the pyramid and calculate the inclination of these skylights so that the sun ray enters these skylights only at the summer and winter solstices.

To help you, copy the calculations made in Dendérah for the 180 windows in which each day the sun rose in a different window!

Put a mirror there that day to transform this ray and make it capable of igniting the sacred fire that will heat the room in which the initiate will penetrate and then fall into syncope. Then air the room to return to its usual maximum preservation temperature and leave the body of the initiate there until he completes his mission and forbid anyone to enter this room.

Do not forget to build small temples at the foot of the pyramid so that the faithful promote and accompany with their prayers the work of the intercessor of humans to the higher world.

Remind by some sacred boats either on the underground sacred lake or in front of the pyramid that thanks to this work of vision and contact with the surreality of our earthly existence, initiates have gone why not also see Jupiter or the constellations of the zodiac in order to calculate the period of next great cataclysm when the earth tilts on its axis to erase the retrocession forces stored along its celestial navigation and find a new center of gravity. This calculation allowed them to save their peoples from the cataclysm and take them to a new land thanks to the boats ( nandjits ) of bitumen reeds…

In Dendérah, the initiation followed two ways: the Osirian route and the horienne track, the wet route and the dry track.

For initiation applicants, the mazes served as test and learning sites.In Dendérah they constituted the double house of life.

Denderah temple d'Hathor
Dendérah temple d’Hathor

« The labyrinth is made up of twelve courses surrounded by walls, and a wall enclosure contains them. Their apartments are double; There are fifteen hundred underground and fifteen hundred above, I visited the pieces from above and I speak as a witness with certainty.»

HÉRODOTE (Histoire de l’Égypte).

At the counterweight placed vertically (1) are attached to the rows of pearls (2) which are connected to four sists fixed on a collar of flower petals. Between the sists, which symbolize the four cardinal points and also the four pillars of the sky (3), navigates the solar boat. (4)

« Hérodote, au livre II, y contoit 12 salles et 3 000 chambres moitié sous terre, moitié au-dessus. Et s’il est une bévue pardonnable aux anciens autheurs, comme Pline et Méla, qui n’ont jamais mis le pié en Égypte, que penser d’Hérodote et Strabon, qui ont supposé qu’y ayant 4 labyrinthes, un seul fut de ce Royaume ? Or, ici, le plus grand est indépendant des deux autres. Et s’il est naturel d’opposer l’authorité d’un historien au torrent des autres, mon raisonnement est sans réplique car j’ai vu moy-même les trois labyrinthes, dont j’ai visité le plus grand : c’était le 20 juillet.»

Père CL. SICARD, s.j. (Manuscrit inédit sur l’histoire de l’Égypte, 1718).

There are twelve denderah crypts. Six are underground; The other Sis circulate through the walls that wrap the posterior part of the temple. …/… The crypts of the underground floor are the real crypts.

Auguste Mariette, notes, texte cité page 140 de la Grande Hypothèse d’Albert Slosman, chez Robert Laffont, 1982

If they failed and failed to emerge from the ordeal, they were not ready to face the syncope and dialog of the soul for the soul.

By coming out of the maze with the help of their masters, they abandoned their research or had to take it back to better control them. Those who had crossed the traps and answered the questions could enter the bright and overheated room and in contact with the sacred fire prepare to receive the light that illuminates all once crossed the light shaft.

Keeping the postulant in the cold and humidity for a long time, making the postulant realize that he must move slowly in the dark, cold and humidity to better receive the breath releasing the sacred fire that takes you to your divine light, that is a reason to build these labyrinths or this double house of life of Denderah.

Then the abandoned body is placed in the holy of the saints of the temple. Thereafter, the initiate may no longer descend into the labyrinth but, by the force of his prayer, he may gather himself directly into the holy of the saints, he may ask that the forces of the higher world take him and take him out of his carnal body to carry out his mission. 

Finally, it should be noted that the ceremonies initiating Eleusis also took place in this bay near Athens because of its caves which were used during the initiatory rites.

Later, the cathedrals had a crypt reserved mostly for baptisms, but it was no more than a symbol in memory of the older rites that had been surpassed in a new and wonderful way by an initiate of Denderah of Jewish origin at the head of the Nazorean movement proclaiming Christ who lives in us and makes us resurrect the dead from our human existence, long before the death of the carnal body, this in the line of the high initiatory teachings of the oldest Egypt.

Who can follow this initiation rite with this technique?

Recourse to this syncope, which presents significant and deadly risks, cannot serve as a path for most human beings in this encounter with the one who lives in us, and even if it were possible, this requires heavy logistics and vast buildings.

Moreover, these rituals lend themselves to all possible tricks and manipulations through the sole use of magic.

Reserved for a few high priests and political leaders, these initiatory rites become in reality forbidden to others.

In Tibet, monastic communities may well take care of the child who is the reincarnation of the last Dalai Lama and prepare him for these high spiritual functions but this effort cannot be materially and humanly generalized for all.

This is what Jesus will understand and he will open the way to an initiatory way capable of strengthening every human being in his hope of life and his faith as a child of God.

Even if the Roman papacy will return to this opening and this liberating way organized through the first Christian communities structured in a network, to impose unique dogmas, a faith based on redacted texts and falsified rites in order to develop its temporal power over the peoples.

If medical students enjoy being frightened or seek to create contacts with the supernatural dimension of our human existence, it seems that the same cannot be said of the great seminarians of the Roman Catholic religion for whom it would rather commit a mortal sin, probably of pride!

As for the others, perhaps they prefer to remain silent and not talk about these things.

It is true that the Freemasonry has the honesty to say that the initiatory rites of the Pharaohs were lost during an invasion of the peoples of the sea and that they were never found, which does not prevent a mason from continuing the work in order to preserve the few rites that have been transmitted to us or to work to find these fundamental rites.

If with the corner compass, the hammer, the trowel and the bucket, they want to build a pyramid again, through these lines they will be able to better understand what it will be used for… but a cave, a superheated room can be enough if you have taken more than a good bowl of fresh air before entering… and having a good bike can be very useful!

Otherwise, there is the approach of the first Christians who did not, moreover, deprive themselves of going themselves also to follow the initiatory rites of Eleusis or Denderah as long as these spiritual centers could function and were not destroyed by other Christians in the pay of the Roman papacy.

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