Stop treating everyone as if they were sick.

Alexandra Henrion-Caude at André Bercoff Sud Radio on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

We continue our “press review” on the evolution of the situation related to Covid-19 by sharing once again the words of Alexandra Henrion-Claude.

Through my professional relationships, my peers and often my scientific friends have shared with me their feelings about their profession. Just like Alexandra Henrion-Claude gives her own by not changing her line of thinking during this health crisis and pandemic.

A Doctor of Chemistry, head of a polymer production facility, told me he was proud of his work despite the undeniable fact that Chemistry pollutes and…stinks. Here he said, chemists were for something that had an undeniable interest. On the other hand, his fellow students who went to the pharmacy played the sorcerer’s apprentices and produced against the health of people, experimented to sell mirages, miraculous products that cut hunger, anti-aging, hazardous syntheses of molecules, selective biology to respond to the madness of the wealthiest who do not want to die anytime soon, etc.

Similarly to Sophia-Antipolis, this comrade head of the Research Laboratory calmed my curiosity and enthusiasm with a cold lucidity about his fate. After graduating from Polytechnique and his scientific specialty, he joined the business world and regularly filed French patents. More than half of his promotion had chosen another path, that of ministerial cabinets to advise politicians who changed or not depending on electoral results and governments. They had chosen the lights of the spotlights and the presence of television cameras. They made fun of their lost comrades in company labs with biting irony in meetings of promoters or private circles. They advised and decided on the research that should be funded.

He didn’t have the budgets he wanted, including developing tiny hair-size probes that go to the extremities of the human body’s blood system to do ultrasound scans of what’s going on and detect nascent tumors, fat deposits, tiny blood clots that would grow. The team at the Paris-based Grand Hôpital for which his laboratory worked had even less budget and had to work in a muted way because these health prevention measures were not viewed favorably by the great surgeons who hoped for “beautiful tumors” for large operations with huge budgets and fantastic remuneration.

To conclude this debate, our Director, Doctor in Physics-Chemistry of Orsay and pupil of Pierre-Gille de Gennes and Georges Charpak, “the 3 G to them two”, and for our Director this was better than their two Nobel prizes, had decided saying to be wary of the X because their evaporation rate in the scientific community was not negligible. Many of them prefer to retreat to monasteries or abbeys and lead a spiritual retreat… whereas a Doctor in Physics-Chemistry especially with such teachers, has only a haste, to continue the work on matter, anti-matter, all kinds of normal or paranormal waves, in short everything that also and even better connects us to Creation and its energy of Life. It is better, according to him, than meditation and prayer in the mystical way of spirituality. My superiors who had recruited me knew from reading my CV my poetic experience and that this connection between science and spirituality, which they were confronted with in their research and responsibilities, interested me.

These examples, this relational experience, taught me to quickly identify with whom I am dealing and in which camp he or she is situated, and his scientific research, very often also but less avowed, his spiritual approach. The Tao of Physics, most of them read this book as the young poet I was at its edition.

I’m not going to ” classify ” Alexandra in either camp here… to lock her there forever like so many others on the media! It is a voice, a witness, a recognized scientist, to listen especially when she sticks to the evidence that joins mine as a human being, not even as a poet who, after his initiation, continues his human evolution, simply as a human being who wants to remain assertive and refuses manipulation, aggression and passivity.

I’ve had something that is recognized today as a clinical sign of Covid, not at the moment. Since 2012, I have known the experiments of sorcerer’s apprentices in biology on viruses to make them biological weapons capable of the worst genocides. Drawing a causal link between these two events, a direct or indirect causal link belongs to my freedom of thought according to my level of knowledge.

How has the situation evolved since these anecdotes: With deindustrialization rampant, the French Electronics and Weapons Systems Group in 1996 was almost sold to Daewoo for $1 by the Juppé government, which was apparently unaware that it was ceding much of the core French deterrent. They wanted to get rid of the government-owned companies that were still in debt and that governments had to help. They knew that from 1945 to 1973, these large industrial groups and public services had been modernized and developed without debt, with a full currency driven by the Treasury and the nationalized Banque de France. They only knew that they had been helped to rise to power in order to implement the ultra-liberal policies of their Anglo-Saxon sponsors.

The same is true of Medicine and the Hospital, whose system collapsed with the Covid pandemic, a goal that the leaders of the neo-liberal system have been striving to achieve for decades and now has been greatly exceeded.

How can we forget this monstrous and criminal liability? How can we give the slightest confidence to those who claim to be the elites predestined to govern the world?

They are no longer shy about pushing their evil enterprises further. In the US, these Anglo-Saxon puritans and their ultraconservative parties of religious fanatics and sectarian dogmatists have managed in recent days to achieve their goal: Amend the Supreme Court’s decision to ban abortion in all cases, whether states follow or not and, coincidentally, the states that yesterday rejected the end of slavery, which today are governed by fanatical sects, have immediately abolished the right to abortion in their countries.

Their criminal ideology is well known: these predestined to lead the peoples to defend their divine precepts, must subdue, if not outright eliminate, the people living according to them in sin. And poverty, misery are for them a sin because it is not the right way, that of serving their masters and accepting their Christian and especially Protestant charity from which their sects are mostly derived, especially the Puritans. Children born or to be born by mothers living in sin because otherwise they would not need abortions, must be protected and saved in religious institutions at the service of the divine precepts of these predestinies.

Their mission is to save people, starting with fetuses, they say. We know what has happened to these children in recent centuries, crimes against humanity if not slavery hidden behind crosses and banners!

And these are the same people who have been waging wars for at least three centuries, with hundreds of millions of deaths and injuries. Optimal way to submit and reduce the number of people living in sin or on “the highways of sin”, words we heard in 2015 at a conference of bishops on the Common Good in Switzerland (and not on the common property managed with the common property in direct local participatory democracy that we present on our website and which they abhor, including Christian bishops!).

For them, the Covid pandemic is not over. They do not seek to establish its cause and to judge its pseudo-scientific leaders. No, everyone without exceptions must continue to fear and submit to their delusions of persecution of the peoples of the Earth.

Of course, their research labs have developed biological, climatic, and chemical weapons far more powerful than Covid-19, which has been tampered with with at least one sequence of the previous AIDS virus, as established by scientists who are also fighting these cults of predestiny. Will they have the gall to threaten us with them, just as the Russian leaders they provoked abuse threats of using more or less regional nuclear weapons?

Today, I stand by Alexandra and millions of other citizens in this obvious:

stop treating the entire population as if they were sick and selling a vaccine that is not!

We solemnly pose the NO with which our liberation from the old submission, begins.

The news article and video for this South Radio show is in the following link. Following are other links to the Covid forums that we have posted.

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