Part 2 –Political power systems

Secret weapons and wars

Power systems are developed to subjugate people to the minority who rule them. This subjugation, this domination is not limited to one country, one nation. The goal is domination through the widest possible empire or henceforth through the global domination of a government of the richest based on the dogma of the predestination of the elites to govern the world.

The use of weapons and the organization of secret wars are the daily activities of these elites so that the peoples do not realize anything and accept the threats that arise, the deprivation of their public freedoms, the attacks on their material security and their health, the political divisions that prevent them from liberating themselves.

The development of weapons with technologies that are increasingly destructive, uses the latest scientific discoveries. But these new weapons are being compared with the discoveries of archeologists and historians. Revelations about earlier civilizations show that our distant ancestors also had far more powerful powers than we have today.

This arms race and the secret wars against peoples to dominate them is not just a scientific and technological issue. It also takes place in the context of more mysterious and far more worrying knowledge for the development of Life on Earth.

Yet the use of our first source of knowledge, the one that does not need to know how to read and write, the initiatory spiritual personal source, since the origins of our humanity, has been used to practice extra-bodily encounters such as remote visualization, the best known and most accessible practice or the experience of successful prayer in the use of the mystical path of our spiritual development.

This remote visualization is also the subject of secret development programs so that viewers can go and get information from the enemy. Whatever the military does, every human being has within him this ability to use remote visualization and the resistance to the world government of the richest, yesterday as tomorrow, will have to use it once again to defeat and free us from these tyrants.

We’ll start with secret weapons that use the latest scientific discoveries, then we’ll see how the military tries to control remote visualization, then we’ll end with a non-exhaustive list of secret weapons developed in all areas of our Earth environment. Chemical, biological and genetic weapons, viruses and other bacteria, will be the subject of another article to show what the medical tyranny of which the Covid 19 episode is the last avatar is in store for us.

UFOs and US Secret Weapons 

source: Jean-Pierre Petit’s book: UFOs and American secret weapons, at Albin Michel, February 2003

Jean-Pierre Petit : OVNIS et armes secrètes américaines
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the book’s setting

At the beginning of 2001, during a congress on advanced propulsion in England, Jean-Pierre Petit met American specialists in special and secret projects. He discovered in his conversations that the American army, by developing in the greatest secrecy the MHD propulsion (magnetohydrodynamic), has since 1980 held MHD torpedoes spinning at more than 2000 km/h as well as a hypersonic device “Aurora” flying at 10,000 km/h and at 60 km altitude. The Russians conducted the same research, but due to a lack of financial resources, they had to abandon it. Europeans neglected and abandoned MHD research in the early 1970s. Jean-Pierre Petit remains one of the few French specialists in MHD after having been the originator.

The starting point for the work in MHD:

It lies in the fact that American researchers recovered UFO wrecks in the late 1940s. They sought to copy and manufacture machines capable of the same performance. By discrediting the UFO file, the Americans were able to protect their secret and not respond to researchers from other countries when they were in the process of manufacturing UFOs based on human knowledge. 

the double universe:

We will not summarize this book here, especially on its technical and scientific aspects. However, many of the points raised are related to our company on In particular the existence of a double universe. We talk on this site about the higher and dual worlds and the heroes of the novel will seek and obtain the strengths of these two worlds. In Jean-Pierre Petit’s book we remain on the scientific field. 

The author explains the twin worlds. “The idea of a second universe populated by particles with opposing “arrows of time” was first floated by Andrei Sakharov in 1967. The idea is that the universe is double, that it has a twin, a second universe from which life is absent ( n.d.l.r. : see Bell’s theorem on this point, which comes to the same conclusion ). It contains vast masses of “twin hydrogen” similar to ours, with the difference that this hydrogen is “retrochronous” and lives in a kind of “time bush”. The speed of light in this second universe should be much higher than in ours. So the question is, can we propel something into this second universe? This consists in making space-time yield locally thanks to a powerful concentration of energy on its atoms. It is then possible to design a nave which first emits particular atoms according to a kind of gas puff and then the nave releases its “parietal grasers” (gamma ray lasers). The atoms in question are gorged with energy and then, poof, nothing more. The nave seems to be dematerializing for an observer located in our universe. To protect the material and the people, a preliminary operation must be carried out: to align the spins of the particles by immersing all the components of the nave in a powerful magnetic field.’ 

Jean-Pierre Petit continues his demonstration using knowledge transmitted in “ummites” letters, that is to say sent by aliens residing among us and coming from the planet they call UMMO. These letters give scientific explanations of the progress of these spacecraft unknown to humans. This demonstration elicits the confidence of an American researcher who says he worked on technical files of UFO wrecks recovered by the US military.

“Such knowledge is used primarily by the military to develop new weapons and nothing else. To protect these secrets, countries use disinformation to avoid social upheavals accompanied by panic, a demobilization of energies, a massive refuge of the populations in religious fundamentalisms. Loss of trust in incumbent leaders, who knew but organized the disinformation on a global scale, could even quickly lead to their ouster. Right now, the problem lies precisely in this secret, which is no longer a secret but must be kept as long as possible.”

Knowledge and misinformation are therefore fueling a vast movement of fear among our leaders in order to eliminate waves of protest or panic, because the finality of the systems of civil and religious power they lead shatters in the face of the breathtaking perspectives of these new knowledge inputs from other living beings from other planets and crossing the universes according to physical principles that we have difficulty believing on Earth.

On this site, we say that during the encounter, the initiate encounters other presences not all of human origin and that he too crosses at least two if not three universes. For example, these elements of knowledge from the initiatory experience are also contained in the Buddhist and Tibetan rite of Shambhala.

We also showed on this site that the Templar Order through its trade with the Inca empire to bring silver and establish it as second currency next to gold, had learned about the human history of Jesus and the legends of the Andes who speak of aliens who came to settle on Lake Titicaca and Tiahuanaco.

These two stories, through the people of Atlantis, find their common point, the temples of Egypt including first that of Denderah preserving the vestiges of original knowledge coming from men of the blue planet, of the Mérica, of Venus when this planet experienced a upheaval of its celestial navigation and led it to be too close to the Sun to preserve life.

The Nazoreans, in the time of Jesus, went to train their spiritual masters in the temples of Egypt as Moses had been, as Pythagoras and the Greek scholars, as Emperor Augustus had also just been initiated there. We know how the Roman Church fought against this knowledge from the Americas and how it covered the genocide of the Indians so that the knowledge that contradicted and shattered the dubious narratives of the Bible would disappear.

Today as yesterday, the introduction of knowledge not coming from the earthly human mind risks provoking the same conflicts as yesterday from a religious base that has been manipulated from scratch for the occasion. It is not obvious that scientific rationalism is able to avoid such conflicts, so much so that it has always been difficult to accept that the knowledge of yesterday is exceeded by the knowledge of today and tomorrow and so much so that it is determined to fight the source of initiatory knowledge which is nevertheless the most accessible to a human being to find his reasons for living and dying in contact with the mysteries of life. 

Jean-Pierre Petit noted that although the United States had developed very advanced technologies, it did not seem to have any data that could lead to interstellar travel. The French author refers to the hummites and the knowledge they bring about these interstellar journeys.

( to view the website:

antimatter, the heart of new space technology:

The following discussion between the author and his American colleagues confirms that “MHD propulsion has resulted in the production of antimatter, the technique of separating this antimatter by electromagnetic sorting, and the storage of this antimatter in torus-shaped magnetic bottles. This antimatter makes it possible to develop propulsion systems based on MHD accelerators with ejection speeds of the order of 500 km/s, the ejection being silicon. This makes it possible to construct spacecraft whose energy mass is negligible with respect to the vessel whereas in conventional rockets, 9/10 of the mass consists of the propellant. 

A cosmic probe can thus run at 100 km/s, everything will depend on its mass. So the U.S. military has antimatter bombs of all powers. They’re very simple, they don’t need detonators, they explode on the ground like chemical bombs. With these bombs, war will become possible again because it is very effective and very cheap in terms of equipment and men (of his army of course).”

Those who lead these anti-material weapons programs: 

The author’s American colleague argues that the danger would not be so great, however, because the real power in the United States would not be held by anyone believed. “The top floor of the terrace store would not be inhabited by the tenants of the White House and their oval living room but by mysterious residents in the depths of area 51.” 

So what would be the work of these aliens: to participate in the development of phenomenal antimatter bombs capable of volatilizing asteroids and other comets that threaten the Earth and that from time to time crash on our planet and change life on Earth? 

the mission: to save life on Earth

The author reports that experiments have taken place: MHD thrusters powered by antimatter would crash on Jupiter, Io and Europe to test these weapons. In each trial, by disturbing coincidence, the Galileo probe best able to film the impact of these bombs failed with little explanation. 

The reality of the threat of asteroids and comets to our Earth is becoming more and more apparent every year as our means of detecting and tracking everything that moves in space become better and better. The case of asteroid YB5, an object 300 m in diameter that has passed 830,000 km from Earth, is described. “It was discovered in late December 2001 and came close to Earth on 7 January 2002. In 2002, an object as big as a football field passed 120,000 km from Earth, it was only detected 3 days before it passed. The collision between these objects and our planet causes a side effect of a colossal impact that has been called: the nuclear winter. The particles sent into the upper atmosphere prevent the solar rays from reaching the ground ( n.d.l.r. this nuclear winter would of course also be the consequence of a nuclear war including the explosion of several nuclear bombs, which would also lead to the destruction of the life of the country at the origin of the war or of the country victorious of this nuclear war )”.

This phenomenon of the nuclear winter

was highlighted by Alexandrov, who was later assassinated in Madrid. “Based on the observation that life on earth has been modified several times by such celestial disasters, the author bases a scenario of multi-disaster development.”

“The poles of the Earth have repeatedly reversed. We know this because we have fossil images of the magnetism of the Earth, frozen in lava flows likely to retain the trace of this magnetism. No one can provide a credible model of what creates the magnetism of the Earth. It may be that the Earth’s nucleus is just the remnant of the iron nucleus of the supernova, very intense. This supernova corresponds to the explosive end of a massive star from which only its iron core remains in principle. Other elements in the explosion have moved away from this new ensemble organized around the sun, while others have remained more or less captive to the attraction of our solar system and as they pass through our system and close to the Earth, because of their magnetic field, they could create considerable effects. A comet of metal (and no longer piles of rock and ice) could have repeatedly caused the inversion of the Earth’s magnetic field or could more easily create new forces within the Earth’s core in such a way as to cause major distortions of the Earth’s crust: continental collapse, tidal wave, rise of mountain chains, etc… all accompanied by a secondary phenomenon: the nuclear winter capable for example of eliminating dinosaurs, races of human giants, etc…

With these antimatter-powered MHD thrusters equipped with phenomenal antimatter bombs, humanity could explode these asteroids and comets before they impact our planet.”

author’s conclusion: 

In 50 years, military technicians have converted “that knowledge from elsewhere” into high-performance weapons.

Civilian technicians prefer to lock themselves into blind skepticism, and the rest of our leaders, out of ignorance, under the guise of protecting our defense, prepare us for nonsense capable of endangering the lives of millions of people. In response, the author explains that in a “ummite” letter, this alien colony from UMMO is allegedly committed to seizing power on Earth to prevent humans from destroying life on our planet themselves. They would somehow establish a dictatorship of good if they were certain that man could disappear from the Earth… 

The discussion of these elements and other information in the book is done in the steps: selection of data, position of alternatives and measurement of risks of the decision-making schema that serves as a working frame in our workshops on 

view and buy the book: ufos and secret weapons

Testimonies of UFO passage?

Documentation not contained in the book but in relation to US secret weapons:

other links with crop circles: mysteriously crushed wheat or plant circles,

Other document on UFOs capable of neutralizing American atomic missiles

Consider another story by Captain Robert Salas, a graduate of the Air Force Academy.

He was on duty at the Oscar Flight (Nuclear Strategic Missile Monitoring Group) on March 16, 1967. 

At 18 meters underground, he received a call from a surface security guard, who observed “strange lights flying quietly around the site,” and pulled out all his men, armed, ready to fire… moments later, all the missiles were deactivated without them having done anything to prevent it. 

90 kilometers away, on another site called “Echo Flight”, the same situation occurred again, and all 10 nuclear-tipped missiles were “rendered inoperable”. (Page 216 Volume 1)

He was instructed never to talk about this to anyone, family, teammates, “not even among ourselves.” 

There’s better. Professor Robert Jacobs, a professor at a major U.S. university and an Air Force officer in 1960, tells the story. 

When everyone praised the success of an Atlas missile launch, which had been filmed, he was called into the commander’s office to view the document. 

The document clearly shows the three stages separating one after the other, and then, thanks to the telescope, an object is seen approaching the dummy head, emitting a light beam in the direction of the dummy head, causing it to fall.

The object, the lines of light …, the head were climbing directly through the upper layers of the atmosphere at about 110 km altitude, moving at 20,000 km/h when this UFO joined them, flew next to them, and left. 

Commander Mansmann, who organized the screening, concluded: “You will never have to talk about this again. As far as you are concerned,” he told Jacobs, “all this has never happened.” (Page 233-Volume 1) 

Let’s go to the deck of the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier in the heart of the summer of 1971, where Kopf worked as a specialist in transmission operations. 

“In the middle of the night, the eight teletypes started writing completely inconsistent messages.

A cry from the outside, “God was there! It was the end of the world,” he and others rushed to the communications bridge, the highest point on the aircraft carrier. A large luminous sphere about 100 meters long stood above the ship. The object was beating, and its color ranged from yellow to orange.”

“The object remained stationary for five minutes, and no aircraft was able to take off: ‘They were trying to get these fighters to start … they were not able to operate.’” The entire crew remained on high alert, or at combat stations, for about two hours.

A few days later, the commander decided to address the 5,000 men on board: “I would like to remind the crew that certain events that took place on one of the Navy’s main combat vessels are considered classified and should not be discussed with anyone who has no right to know.” 

The ship was armed with nuclear devices and the ship was “electronically invalidated” 


other document: THE VRIL COMPANY 

The first German UFO was born in June 1934. It’s under the direction of Dr. W. 0. Schumann that the first experimental circular aircraft was born on the ground of the Arado aircraft factory in Brandenburg: it was the RFZ-1….. 

At the end of 1942, the “HAUNEBU III” was also ready. Its diameter varied from 26 to 32m, its height was 9 to 11m. It could carry a crew of 9 to 20 people, propelled by a Thule tachyonator, it reached 6,000km/h in the Earth’s periphery. He was able to move in space and had a flight time of 55 hours. 

There were already plans for the large VRIL7 spacecraft of 120m diameter that was to carry entire companies. Shortly after, the “HAUNEBU III” was built, an absolutely prestigious example among all, with its 71m diameter. He flew and was even filmed: he could carry 32 people, his flight range was more than eight weeks and he reached a speed of at least 7,000km/h (and according to secret SS archival documents, he could reach 40,000km/h).

Virgil Armstrong, a former CIA member and Green Beret retiree, said German flying machines during the Second World War could land and take off vertically and fly at right angles. They reached 3,000km/h and were armed with laser guns (probably the KSK, “high-beam gun”) that could pass through a thickness of 10 cm of armor. 

Professor J. J. Hurtak, an ufologist and author of “Die Schlüssel des Enoch” (“The Keys to Enoch”), says the Germans were building what the Allies called a “miracle weapons system”. Hurtak had documents in his hands that read: 

The Pentagon’s Secret Program of Paranormal Soldiers

How the military tries to control remote visualization to unravel enemy secrets.
book by Jim MARRS, Original Discovery 2012

Le programme secret du Pentagone, des soldats aux pouvoirs paranormaux

livre de Jim MARRS, Original Découverte 2012
cliquez pour découvrir le livre

Original title: Psi Spies, The True Story of America’s Psychic Warfare Program, 2007 at CareerPress

In our 1990-1994 novel From Eleusis to Denderah, the Forbidden Evolution, our heroes will fight the mercenaries hired by the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. Pierre and Laurie trained a few friends to use the powers of the upper world and the double world. Thanks to these supernatural powers, they will eliminate 500 particularly formidable mercenaries who will still cause the death of many knights of their movement. These supernatural powers are a translation of Peter’s third and final decoration.

This book published in 2012 in France interested us to check its content and to know how far the author went in the diffusion of the powers of the upper and double worlds. Not surprisingly, we found that this knowledge in this book is very limited, incomplete, and that this covert agenda quickly turned to failure.

Both the author and the initiators of this secret American program start from the observation that distance vision, premonition, prophecy, have been the subject of narratives in all human cultures. The question is whether recent scientific discoveries and new technologies allow us today to go further to unravel mysteries such as UFOs or to penetrate the enemy’s secret zones.

Legendary accounts of supernatural powers

The best-known legendary account is of the survivors of the last great cataclysm led by Rama. After crossing the Himalayas, they descended into the plains of India. In front of the fortified cities of this region, which was spared the destruction of the last great cataclysm, Rama and his group of insiders were disintegrating and in their double dematerialized, crossing the ramparts to open the doors of the interior. Survivors then entered cities that immediately submitted to foreigners with such supernatural powers.

People who experienced an IME (experience of immediate or immanent death), used this power of seeing through walls and crossing them as if they no longer existed as their carnal bodies lay elsewhere and lifeless for the relatives around him.

Remote vision assumes that we are no longer limited by the senses of our human body, which means that we are outside of our fleshly body. We have described a decorative technique following our second accidental decorative and which was visibly used in the temple of Denderah known to be that of the highest initiation on the banks of the Nile.

Remote Visualization for Military Intelligence

The author of this book, Jim MARRS, cites the case of a military intelligence officer who, in 1992, at a public conference in Atlanta, “spoke of UFOs, explaining in clear detail what they were, where they came from and where they were going.”


page 8 et seq.: “Ladies was not a maverick. In his remarks, he was flanked by Colonel John Alexander, a leading scholar in military research on non-lethal weapons who freely moved from army programs to intelligence programs, and Major General Albert Stubblebine, a former head of the Intelligence and Security Command. Ladies spoke to his audience about the development of remote vision, which he called “this deep tool”…”

Jim MARRS came into contact with this team and from 1992, for three years, he worked on the history of remote vision and he writes that it was difficult to get concrete information. The publication of his book was canceled in late July 1995 and on 27 August, the story of remote visualization appeared in a London newspaper.

“The fact that the government used psychologically literate beings to spy on the enemy was first made public in a supermarket tabloid under the title “How CIA Psychic Spies Stole Russian Star Wars Secrets.”

The existence of remote vision was officially recognized by the CIA in a press release on November 28, 1995. …/… In 2000 the book was published in a limited edition. This version (from 2007 translated into French in 2012) is an effort to present my version of the story of distance vision to readers. Here is the original Psi Spies, updated and increased.

end of document

The book goes on to recount the case of Morehouse who discovered his enlarged psychic abilities after being wounded on a mission in Jordan when a stray bullet hit his helmet. He had an extra-corporeal experience during a camping trip, during which he accompanied his son and his group of boyscouts as an adult. At night sleeping alone next to the campfire, he rose above his body and went to discover the region. The psychologist in his unit then introduced him to the group of army visionaries who were based in an old barrack next to the NSA buildings in Fort Mead.

He joined this group of viewers and began his training. He discovered ancient writings that speak of distance vision. Beginning with the Bible.

Ancient writings that talk about distance vision

document, page 34.

“The Biblical prophets were not just men. In the book of the Old Testament Judges, we find that a “prophetess” named Deborah provides the Israeli leader Baraq with information about the military organization of Sisera, the commander of Yabin’s armies, king of Canaan. Sisera’s forces were defeated and Deborah, using his psychic intelligence, played a central role in the conquest of the Promised Land. She could rightly be called the first military visionary (Book of Judges 4:4-16).”

end of document.

Another example of remote visualization is that in Native Americans, a Penobscot Indian goes hunting with his wife, son and daughter-in-law. They have to come back within three days. Several nights later, women are worried about their men. One night the woman tells her daughter-in-law that she will sleep and dream about them. “After a long time, during which the young woman thought she was seeing a “fireball” come out and enter her elder’s body, the wife finally woke up and said, “Don’t worry, they’ll be back tomorrow. They’ve been lucky and are bringing back a lot of catch. I just saw them around the fire for dinner.” The next day the hunters came back loaded with an abundance of catches.”

Of course Morehouse studied the seers of Antiquity, Rome, the Middle Ages and his soothsayers such as Hermes Trismegiste, Albert the Great, Pic de la Mirandole, Porta, Roger Bacon. Later there are the visions and predictions of Joan of Arc and especially those of Michel de Nostradamus.

The book also tells the story of Helen Ducan during the Second World War in England.

She attends meetings where she demonstrates her psychic skills. But during the war it announced the sinking of English ships even before the information was made public.

“In January 1944, Ducan was arrested during a reading in Portsmouth and charged with vagrancy. Fearing that she could talk about plans for the invasion of France, British authorities quickly removed her from Old Bailey and accused her of conspiracy to violate a 1735 law against witchcraft.”

“She was sentenced to 9 months in prison, and she got out of prison long after D-Day. Churchill tried to intervene to protect her. In late 1956 she was arrested again and died a few months later; many thought it was the trauma of her arrest. In 1998, the British news media reported continuing efforts to get Ms. Ducan pardoned posthumously.”

“Until now, the psychic vision has been viewed with horror by the British establishment,” Tim Rifat notes in his 1999 book Remote Viewing. A country like the UK, obsessed with secrecy, cannot afford to let the public know about distance vision…”

“There was never a slowdown in parapsychological research, there was only a prodigious delay in public perception.”

The rest of the book recounts the experiments carried out to find methods and improve results. The main question is whether or not mental states modified by the use of drugs or particular mental preparation are used. The other issue that is widely discussed by the author relates to the internal conflicts between the various American administrations that supported or criticized the activity of this group of viewers. A source of conflict arose when the leadership decided to move beyond military status to open service to civilians and mediums women in the early 1990s. But these new recruits didn’t use remote vision. Generally, viewers brought the information but they did not participate in their checks and they had no feedback to know if their information was accurate, false, approximate…

There were, of course, several extraordinary or fantastic cases. Here we shall confine ourselves to a single case concerning Swann.

The spatial dimension of remote visualization


The spatial dimension of remote visualization was confirmed in the early 1970s, when Ingo Swann recorded his impressions on various bodies of our solar system using remote vision. His visions were taken lightly at the time, but were later confirmed by various NASA missions to deep space.

Swann: “In the midst of all this boredom, during March 1973, I watched with increasing interest as the Nasa Pioneer 10 aircraft bypassed the distant planet Jupiter. He was going to start sending back data about Jupiter around December 3, nine months later. Could it not be interesting to compare a psychic probe to the possible return of Pioneer 10?’

Swann, together with another viewer, Harold Sherman, made a remote vision of Jupiter on April 27, 1973. The accounts of the two men’s impressions were almost identical.
Crystal rings? An atmosphere? These concepts were ridiculous at the time. Even after the passage of Pioneer 10 in December 1973, there was insufficient data to support Swann’s descriptions.

Full confirmation of Swann’s descriptions did not arrive before the Voyager 1 and 2 probes in 1979. …/… A ring of debris the size of rocks was discovered but the Jupiter ring is almost as thin as paper, perhaps a kilometer thick and impossible to see from Earth.

But not impossible to see from a distance for Ingo Swann six years ago.

On March 11, 1974, Swann made a mental journey to the planet Mercury, anticipating the forthcoming recognition of Mariner 10.

…/… One by one, Swann’s observations on Mercury proved correct while Mariner 10 continued to send data.

Swann had correctly identified the thin atmosphere, the magnetic field, and the helium trail escaping from the planet in the opposite direction to the Sun. These observations were in direct contradiction to scientific thinking at the time. Swann had certainly not read such planetary features in advance.

Morehouse continued to experience a wide variety of experiences beyond Earth. He described dimensions other than ours, populated by being both strange and wonderful.

end of document.

We pass on the gloomy visions of disasters that concern us on Earth and the survival strategy to lead mainly underground as during the last great cataclysm.

UFO monitoring continued to solicit the viewing team.

“In late 1988, Riley remembered that their superiors brought them a satellite photograph to study. The photo showed a simple bright object, but remote viewing sessions indicated that the object contained humanoids and was hovering over a nuclear storage facility. Their impression was that these visitors were “keeping track” of the number of armed warheads in the depot.”

“In February 1998, Atwater, former training and operations officer of the Psi Spies Unit, spoke at the 7th annual International UFO Congress in Nevada. …/… He announced that the Psi Spies study had confirmed earlier reports about four separate “alien” bases on Earth.

He stated that the original reports came from Price, the policeman and psychic who had proved so accurate during the SRI tests. In the late 1970s, while working at SRI, Pice had remotely visualized the bases, which he claimed were underground around the world.”

Beyond remote visualization, we find ourselves in bilocation, in plain language, actually being on the surface of Mars, which provides even more accurate perceptions. Example:

“Lyn Buchanan’s first bilocation, or Perfect Integration experience of the Site, was not of this world. It was also a complete surprise.”

Lyn was invited by a supervisor in the operations office to check that this supervisor had already discovered: the site where the aliens hid thousands of their offspring hibernating to take over on Earth after the next great disaster that will destroy most humans. Lyn found this work particularly painful because the target was precise even if very mysterious. In his desperation and restlessness to end, he mentally escaped to the target’s location and this triggered his bilocation. All his human senses came into action and he felt the environment and soil of a desert planet.

Some time later, the Martian lander Viking sent back images, and when he saw them on his TV, his first reaction was, “Seen this, I was there.” He found it unfortunate that the army never paid them travel expenses on these sessions.

The loss of two probes around the planet Mars

Finally, in March 1989, the loss of the autonomous Soviet probe Phobos II, when it was about to enter orbit around Mars, allowed Russian viewers in mid-1991 to study the causes of this loss and a report was published on September 29, 1991. The Phobos II probe had penetrated an air defense zone around a base on this planet and after identification, a flying object sent it a ray that paralyzed the operation of the probe and caused a change of trajectory. Then the probe was hit by chance by a small meteorite and it was destroyed.

On 20 August 1993, Mars Observer, a spacecraft launched jointly by the Russian, American and European space agencies, disappeared when it was about to orbit Mars on 24 August. Scientists didn’t understand what had happened, but psychic spies knew. It was the same situation as for the Russian probe Phobos II in March 1989.

It seems that for the probe that dropped the Curiosity rover on August 6, 2012, the choice of the place to explore was carefully chosen and that the landing orbit was also better calculated not to penetrate an air defense zone. It is true that it was enough to no longer choose the orbits of Phobos II and Mars Observer to hope for a better success…

We will return to this remote visualization and these space explorations, these encounters with aliens and planets much more stable than the Earth where Life is better and more evolved than here below where we are confronted with the mystery of Revelation in a recurrent way because of the Earth’s race around the race of the Sun.

New technologies for remote viewing

The widespread use of drones makes it possible to go and see and find information quickly, with ease and, above all, with economy of human resources.

The origin of this technological development, we have already discussed, dates back to 1990 and the development of the acoustic wave compressor for the Topex-Poseidon satellite computer launched in 1992. It measured the height of the seas to within 2 cm and improvements since then allow for even finer measurements. This technology and electronic components were mounted on the radar of the Rafale fighter aircraft to lock a 5 cm target in the conduct of the missiles. In short, it is no longer possible to miss the target and, more clearly, the pilots have in turn become cannon fodder or rather a missile.

The solution was to develop unmanned aircraft and thus drones for all the necessary functions. To see the roof of our house, the roofer launches his small drone and with his camera, he can inspect all the details of the roof.

Radio waves and seismic waves

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is the general term applied to techniques that use radio waves, typically in the frequency range of 1 to 1000 MHz, to map structures and features buried in the ground (or in man-made structures).

High-resolution seismic imaging shines a light on the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary.


The Earth’s surface is divided into distinct tectonic plates, which make up the lithosphere and “float” on the asthenosphere. But the exact location of the boundary between lithosphere and asthenosphere was still enigmatic. Using high-resolution deep-reflection seismic techniques, a team from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP/Université de Paris-Cité/CNRS) was able to image this boundary on a 1,400 km long profile in the Atlantic Ocean and to determine the structures and dynamics of this boundary zone.

end of document

The Earth’s core would be surrounded by an ancient seafloor

Science and Life, Published on 17 Sep 2023 at 18H00 Modified on 17 September 2023 By Fleur Brosseau

The Earth’s core is reportedly surrounded by “mountains” that make Everest 5 times


Recently, research by the University of Alabama using seismic imaging from inside the Earth has revealed a new layer between the core and the mantle that could explain these areas at reduced speed. It would likely be a dense but thin ocean floor, buried millions of years ago. The work is published in the journal Science Advances.

The discovery follows a University of Alabama geologist Samantha Hansen’s 2013 quest to understand how a mountain range buried in ice formed 55 million years ago near the South Pole.

Co-author Edward Garnero of Arizona State University says, “By analyzing thousands of seismic recordings from the Antarctic, our high-definition imaging method has found tiny abnormal areas of CMB material everywhere we have probed.” He adds, “The thickness of the material ranges from a few kilometers to tens of kilometers. This suggests that we see mountains in the center, in some places, up to 5 times higher than Mount Everest.”

These underground “mountains” can play an important role in how heat escapes from the core, the part of the planet that powers the magnetic field. Ancient ocean floor materials can also be entrained in mantle plumes, or hot spots, that rise to the surface during volcanic eruptions. Hansen concludes: “Our research provides important links between the structure of the shallow, deep Earth and the global processes that drive our planet.”

end of document.

The weapons of the secret war.

Links illustrating passages from the novel “D’Eleusis to Denderah, the Forbidden Evolution” relating to electronic warfare conducted by the knights of the movement against the US secret services for the mastery of information and the development of their network organization.

the Echelon network:

the NSA and Fort Meade:

NSA news paper:


In 2012, the US was spying on the Elysée Revelations about spying practices among friends.

It is an unexpected intrusion into the world of intelligence and secret wars. Speaking to students at the École d’ingénieurs Centrale – Supélec, which is almost entirely available on YouTube, but went completely unnoticed, Bernard Barbier, the former technical director of the French foreign intelligence service, confirmed that the US was behind the hacking of the Élysée Palace and France’s responsibility for a cyber-espionage campaign.

This revelation was made on the occasion of a lecture by Bernard Barbier before students of the school of engineers Centrale – Supélec. Bernard Barbier talked about “the issues of cyber defense, national security, and his central path”.

The role of the Americans in the hacking of the computers of the French president’s collaborators, discovered between the two rounds of the May 2012 presidential election, had never been proven. Instead, an internal NSA memo, unveiled by Le Monde in the fall of 2013, describing preparations for a visit by two French officials, including Barbier, who had come to demand accountability, suggested that the Israeli intelligence services might be behind the operation.

The head of IT security at the Élysée Palace asked us for help. We saw that there was “malware” [malware],” Barbier said. After analysis, he continues, “I came to the conclusion that it could only be the United States.”

Bernard Barbier says that he was sent by the Élysée to “yell” at the Americans: “I have been ordered by Mr. Sarkozy’s successor to go to the United States to yell at them. We were sure it was them. At the end of the meeting, Keith Alexander [NSA Director] was not happy. While we were on the bus, he told me he was disappointed because he thought we would never detect them and added: “You are still good.” Big allies, we didn’t spy on them. The fact that the Americans are breaking this rule was a shock.”

Babar, French malware

On the other hand, Bernard Barbier confirmed that the “malware” “Babar” was indeed French: “Canadians did reverse” [trace the computer] on a malware they had detected. They found the programmer who nicknamed his malware ‘Babar’ and signed ‘Titi’. They concluded that he was French. And, indeed, he was a Frenchman.”

The NSA denounces “false revelations” on October 29, 2013, source AFP.

General Keith Alexander, head of the US intelligence agency, argued in a hearing before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that he had never “collected this information on European citizens”.

The revelations by French daily Le Monde, Spanish daily El Mundo and Italian newspaper L’Espresso about the NSA’s interception of communications by European citizens are “completely false”, said US intelligence agency chief General Keith Alexander on Tuesday.

‘To be perfectly clear, we did not collect this information on European citizens,’ he said, adding that it was ‘data provided to the NSA’ by European partners at a hearing before the House Intelligence Committee.

Le Monde and El Mundo reported in recent days, based on documents provided by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, that the US agency responsible for intercepting communications had spied on more than 70 million telephone calls in France and 60 million in Spain in the space of a month.

Meanwhile, the Italian daily newspaper L’Espresso quoted journalist Glenn Greenwald, behind Edward Snowden’s revelations that Italians have been spied on by US and UK services.

“Claims by journalists in France, Spain, Italy that the NSA has intercepted tens of millions of phone calls are completely false,” Alexander said.

Like the person who stole the classified data, they did not understand what was in front of them,’ he argued.

“Made in Europe” wiretaps: The director of the NSA also confirmed the revelations of the Wall Street Journal that telephone intercepts practiced in these countries and attributed to the NSA had been carried out by the European secret services and then “provided” to the American agency. These interceptions also did not concern French or Spanish citizens but operations in countries where NATO countries are involved, he confirmed.

Asked whether the NSA shared its information with the “European allies” and whether they shared their information with the US agency, General Alexander said yes.

Also heard at the hearing was James Clapper, the national intelligence director, who oversees all 16 US intelligence agencies, including the National Intelligence Agency, who denounced the work of his services as “a torrent of harmful revelations.”

Did the NSA assassinate Hugo Chavez? (Matrizur) January 11, 2014

Hugo Chavez’s cancer, which caused his sudden death, was rare. As Nicolás Maduro has explained, his cancer was unusual, nameless and very aggressive. He wasn’t from any particular organ. There have been no cases of cancer in the Chavez family, there was no genetic predisposition. It was detected in June 2011 and despite very strong treatments it died in less than two years.

Declassified US military documents obtained by the Associated Press in 1995 through the Access to Information Act (FOIA) showed that, since 1948, the Pentagon has been trying to develop a radiation weapon for political assassinations.

Another study of US military intelligence in 1969 confirmed that the covert use of radiation as a weapon could cause serious illness or even the death of political opponents. In other words, it was a method of assassination that they were actively developing.

One can easily imagine if Washington has been testing radiation as a weapon of political assassination since 1948, when the technology came into being in the 21st century.

Assassination through espionage

A secret State Department cable dated January 31, 1976, warned of the serious health effects caused by the KGB’s use of radioactive microwaves to spy on the U.S. Embassy in Moscow:

“According to our medical experts, prolonged exposure to radioactive microwaves at the levels measured at the U.S. Embassy is a health threat.”

Yet Washington developed spy tools with far more power and higher radiation frequencies.

NSA documents filtered by Edward Snowden and recently published by the German newspaper Der Spiegel refer to powerful equipment developed by the agency that transmits continuous, high-frequency radio waves against a target to monitor and capture all of its communications. According to a top-secret NSA document, the CTX4000 is a “portable continuous-wave (CW) radar unit.” It can be used to illuminate a target to retrieve information from outside the network.”

“The CTX 4000 has the capability to collect signals that would not otherwise be collected, or would be very difficult to collect, and process them. The document details its capabilities: “Frequency rank: 1-2 GHz; broadband at 45MHz; output power: up to 2W, using the internal amplifier; external amplifier up to 1KW”.

A kilowatt is a large capacity and quantity of radioactive waves. This amount can cause serious health damage to a person over a continuous period of time. The US Army’s 1969 study (previously mentioned) of the health effects of radiation as a weapon pointed out that the impact (or desired event, in other words target death) could occur years after exposure to the radioactive agent.

Among the NSA documents published by Der Spiegel are details of other forms of spying through mobile phones, Wi-Fi systems, and mobile networks that could also have serious health effects on targets. Yet the use of portable radar equipment that emits continuous high-frequency waves against a person seems to be more than a spying mechanism or an assassination tactic.

Hugo Chavez was the NSA’s main target for years. The possibility that their espionage tools contributed to, if not caused, his illness no longer strikes the science fiction that it once would.

Eva Golinger Translated from Spanish by irisinda

NSA: Successes of offline monitoring

RFI USA – Posted on: Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 1:25 PM

The NSA, the US security agency, managed to hack almost 100,000 computers but also some smartphones.

The NSA, the U.S. security agency, reportedly uses devices that would give it access to computers even when they are not connected to the Internet. The New York Times said so on Wednesday, January 15. According to documents released by Edward Snowden, the US is monitoring nearly 100,000 computers via radio instead of the Internet.

Spy on computers, even when they’re offline.

The NSA, the US security agency, managed to hack almost 100,000 computers, but also Iphones. It is a chip that transmits all the information contained in a device by radio waves. This chip must obviously be in contact with the computer in question, which involves plugging in a USB key equipped with these microcircuits or integrating it at the time of manufacture of the device.

Once the chip is in place, it sends the data to a briefcase-sized receiving terminal, which must be less than 12 kilometers from the point of transmission. It’s actually a relay that has to forward the data itself to one of the NSA headquarters.

Russian military, cartels, Chinese

The targets are located outside the United States. And among the program’s achievements, known as Quantum, the NSA includes the hacking of Russian military networks, systems used by the drug cartels and the Mexican police, and the hacking of two data-storage centers in China. China is now the main target of offline surveillance.

NDRL: This system of espionage with chips in the computer is known, see the book “L’oeil de Washington” Authors: Fabrizio Calvi, Thierry Pfister


An incredible web spying system uncovered December 15, 2017 By Karl


It is probably not the NSA or Russian or North Korean hackers who are most curious about Internet users’ privacy. Instead, they are established multinationals like Microsoft, Samsung, and Spotify. A few days ago, researchers at Princeton University in New Jersey published a study showing how these companies were spying in detail on the behavior of Internet users when they visited their websites – some of whom have abandoned the practice in recent days. Using advanced systems, they can record all mouse movements, keystrokes, and page navigation.

Steven Englehardt, one of the researchers in the Princeton Freedom to Tinker project, sums up the spying scheme in one sentence: “These computer scripts are designed to play back and record individual browsing sessions, as if someone were looking over your shoulder.” Researchers found that 482 of the top 500,000 sites on the planet – according to Alexa’s ranking – incorporate such scripts. Examples include Microsoft, Adobe, WordPress, Spotify, Skype, Samsung and the porn site Pornhub.

Even deleted content

The researchers even created a database to find the sites involved. This database covers the 10,000 most frequently visited sites. In the CSV file to be downloaded, which contains the entire list, there are Swiss websites, as a colleague of the RTS found. They include,,,, and

These scripts, pieces of computer code, are called session replay. It is a question of playing back the complete behavior of a user in order to analyze it. For example, you can see if it gets lost between two pages or if it gets lost in the middle of a form. These systems are not new. What is important is the discovery of their massive use, and their power. For example, scripts can record what a user writes in a form, even if the user clears some of the content and then rewrites it. As the specialist website Motherboard recalls, Facebook was scandalized in 2013 when it was discovered that the social network was recording the status of its members, even if they were just typed and not recorded…

No data anonymization

The 482 sites involved use scripts from several companies: FullStory, SessionCam, Clicktale, Smartlook, UserReplay, Hotjar and Yandex – in the latter case, the most popular search engine in Russia. There are several problems with these scripts. First, Internet users are often or never aware that their actions are being recorded. Then there is the question of confidentiality: the information collected is sent to the servers of the publishers of these scripts without being anonymized, and without any doubt with a very low degree of protection.

The researchers cite the example of the website of the American pharmacy chain Walgreens. The authors of the study note that sensitive information such as prescriptions, information about the patient’s health and also his name are sent to FullStory’s servers. Some passwords, when they are registered on websites accessed on smartphones, are also registered, as are some numbers from credit card numbers.

“Dangerous practices”

What about these practices? “It is very dangerous because storing such personal and sensitive data on consulting servers can give hackers ideas,” says Sylvain Pasini, a cybersecurity specialist at the University of Engineering and Management in the canton of Vaud. At the same time, based on what Princeton researchers have found, companies record everything that happens on their Web sites, but not on the entire computer. The spy system is installed on the company’s server, not on the internet user’s computer.’

The U.S. Secret Service Intranet:

The Promise software that deciphers the messages captured by Echelon and its twists and turns:

Listening sites of the French secret services:

Climate War:

Yann’s post September 2017 on Facebook

The primary goal of geoengineering is to slow atmospheric warming through massive applications of aluminum and barium (sprinkled with arsenic and cyanide) into the upper atmosphere (over an average of 300 km2), to create a reflecting cloud ceiling. HAARP officially increases the performance of these sorcerer’s apprentice operations. In any case, it has been a major failure since the 1980s in the USA. The sheer amount developed by a hurricane (even a “modest” one) has absolutely nothing to do with the energy deployed by HAARP-type systems. A “hurricane gun”? Don’t fantasize too much. HAARP or SURA cannot create atmospheric depression, much less initiate a circular tropical storm. 

However, they can create earthquakes by destabilizing geologically unstable areas, especially between 2 tectonic plates. Outside of these areas, the effects are limited. I think HAARP was behind the earthquake and tsunami in Ace (N-W Sumatra) and Fukushima. Earthquakes of an unprecedented intensity: more than 9 magnitude. For 3 days, a European geostationary satellite recorded strong emissions of very high frequency waves emitted from the original HAARP base in Alaska (a much larger base in east-central Australia has been in operation for some time). Right after the earthquake centered in the N-E of Honsu, these emissions stopped! I felt this earthquake in Indonesia, more than 6,000 km away! However, the buildings in Fukushima Prefecture have suffered very little. Some of Japan’s best-known seismologists have referred to an earthquake of a new kind, a “modern earthquake.” During an underwater earthquake located between 2 plates, there are rockfalls over a maximum of 200 km. This time, 500 km were affected. Typically, after a few aftershocks, the affected area is stable for at least 2 weeks. However, this area started to move several times soon after March 11, 2011…


The United Nations unveils the Chemtrails:

irrefutable proof that we are poisoned! By Eveil Homme on 29 May 2019

Silent Wars: Global Strategies

The US Air Force intends to maintain its advantage over operations in the infosphere. The new SABER charge integrated into the EC-37B Compass Call paves the way for cognitive warfare, offering both cyber, electromagnetic, and psychological attack capability.

Economic war, control of the currency of countries other than his own

The Planned End of Democracy:

For the first time, drones shot down a man without any human order

The advent of killer robots isn’t just around the corner; it’s already around the corner.

Spotted by Céline Deluzarche on New Scientist 02/06/2021 at 7:38 am

Who does not remember the 1984 movie Terminator, in which a computer system with artificial intelligence waged a war against humanity to eradicate it and ensure the supremacy of machines?

Fiction has now become reality. As a United Nations report reveals, military drones have attacked a target in Libya autonomously. Published in March 2021 and unveiled by the website New Scientist, the report states that General Haftar’s forces (opposed to Libya’s Government of National Accord) were “chased” by Kargu-2 drones.

The Turkish-designed drone, which features facial recognition cameras and artificial intelligence capable of identifying a target, carried out their attack ‘without the need to establish a data connection between the operator and the munition,’ the authors of the report write. In other words, the drones acted without a human being intervening at any time

Although many observers suspect the use of long-standing autonomous weapons, this is the first official confirmation, say experts interviewed by New Scientist.

It’s fuzzy, but it’s deadly

At the moment, there is no legislation on these types of weapons, which should only “respect the principle that an attack must not cause excessive collateral damage”. In 2017, about 100 signatories, including Elon Musk and Mustafa Suleyman, Google’s head of DeepMind, sent a letter to the United Nations warning of the dangers of “killer robots.”

“Autonomous offensive weapons … will enable armed conflict on a scale never seen before and at speeds that are difficult for humans to design,” they wrote in their open letter. Message received by the UN, which has been working since 2016 on a convention similar to the one regulating chemical weapons or landmines.

But consensus is far from being accepted within nations, and even among military experts. ‘From a moral point of view, it could be argued that it is better to use autonomous drones instead of human soldiers, as they are able to process more information and thus make more informed decisions. And since the judgment of the machine would not be clouded by emotions such as fear or anger, this reduces the risk of war crimes,’ note NATO experts, for example.

Above all, such a ban would run up against a major obstacle: “Unlike chemical weapons or mines, it is impossible to distinguish an attack from an autonomous weapon from an attack directed by a human operator,” says New Scientist Jack Watling of the Royal United Services Institute, a British defense think tank.

World War III may not be around the corner, but killer robots are already here.


« If you know your enemy and you know what you are worth, you do not need to fear your next battles. If you know what you are worth and nothing about your enemy, for every victory you win, you will suffer defeat. If you don’t know anything about yourself or your enemy, you will succumb to every battle. » Sun Tzu-The Art of War.

FEMA is the real secret government of the United States

document :

Some people believe that FEMA is actually the real secret government of the United States :

It is not an elected body, it is not required to inform the public, and it has a secret and discretionary budget of billions of dollars. This governmental organization has more power than the President of the United States or Congress, it has the power to suspend laws, move populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant or trial, it can confiscate property, food supplies, transportation systems and can suspend the Constitution. It is not just the most powerful entity in the United States, but it is also an entity that was not even created under the Constitution by the Congress. It is the product of a presidential executive order. It is not an emanation of the army or the CIA which is subject to Congress.

The original concept for the creation of FEMA was to ensure the survival of the United States government in the event of a nuclear attack. He was also entrusted with a coordination mission in the event of national disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes.

source : What is the F.E.M.A. really

other documents :

USA, North Carolina. Fema concentration camps for the homeless, 2014

New FEMA Major and Emergency Disaster Declarations

The official deployment of FEMA and military camps in 5 regions of the United States, 2011


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