Part 0 – Preamble: The choices of civilizations

The Poet’s Mission

to leave the systems of power and reestablish our Networks of Life 

The poet’s mission of authority is very similar to every human being. From the childhood of his art, he uses our two sources of knowledge and the personal initiatory and spiritual source.

We will present it in Part 1, the cultural institutions of the Networks of Life. In Part 4, the Art of Living, we will develop the spiritual path to initiation and encounter with the mysteries of life, enlightenment. We will show how this marriage of cultures leads us to an Art of Living by sharing the essential values of humanity: love and peace, as in the Moso people.

Yet poets are different from their contemporaries: they do not stop using their two sources of knowledge, the initiatory source which does not need to know how to read and write on the one hand and on the other our intellectual and rational source. Even when the minority that governs the systems of power forbids and condemns those who use our first source of knowledge and any initiatory spiritual personal journey. Because initiation removes all fear of death. Because those who are no longer afraid of death do not hesitate when it is necessary to eliminate tyrants and their affiliates to liberate the peoples.

« Holding on to life is a deadly weakness. Civilizations are created by people who are not afraid to die and lost by people who love to live. »  Patrick Besson

Pierre Legendre: the poet must break the fables.

In order to leave the systems of power, to carry out the choice of civilization without submission to minorities who steal the wealth achieved by the work of all, the poet has a singular function.

To present it, we use a reading of an essay by Pierre LEGENDRE whose title immediately caught our attention: “Poetic words escaped from the text”.

The poet’s mission of authority is to break the knot of fables that put us under house arrest in our submission to the rulers of the systems of power.

Legendre, in 1982, did not speak of systems of power and networks of social life, of participatory local direct democracy, but he realized that this work of liberating human beings required the intervention of poets.

Poets are the only ones who have the authority, the power and the command to decide, to eliminate the knot of fable.

Excerpt from ” Paroles poètes du text “, le Seuil, collection ” les champs freudiens ” 1982.

« If the pedagogism, from which not only children suffer, did not brandish as a threat of apocalypse the novelties of the industry, if the poets disgorged less, for the account of the Idyllic Cultural Place, if they dared to rise more against the rationalist emphasis, then the lack of madness of the management knowledge would become overwhelming and the claim to sweep away the last lies that remain to us would be unbearable..

The warlike clash of methods of performance is obscured by scientific propaganda advocating speech and psychological happiness; under a kind of professionalization of poetry, we do not see a new style of imposture: we are destroyed by reason, by reason, by reason; we are being denied the bluff.

Against the universal enterprise of charity, which does not hesitate to transform the themes of Stoic pain into a pharmacopeia, to make a Seneca for managers, it became necessary to use brutality : poets, have the courage of cowardice, study industry.

I have always considered, since the childhood of my knowledge, that our universe of civilized producers comprises two species of individuals, the poets and the others; in my opinion, those who dare to speak and others.

If institutions cannot be the place of the subject’s word, but only the place of violence or diplomatic ceremonies in the negotiation of human relations, this means that the industrial system, as a story of words, cannot be understood without the poets getting involved.

Here is the only conceivable way to address the learned question of structure: without calling for poetry, it is impossible to approach it, because every system of institutions is a knot of fables, and these fables are crafted in a precious space of words. Without this first consideration, pretending to the theory is futile.

From this point on, the structure can be the subject of serious observations, assuming that it is the textual scope where we are under house arrest. »

Pierre Legendre

This text, which dates back to the late 1970s, is based on the conflict between academic knowledge and new technological knowledge, shaped by scientific rationalism which claims to explain everything in order to obtain materialistic happiness.

Pierre Legendre understands that this monopolization of knowledge by the intellectual and rational source does not meet our expectations. This new domination of knowledge eliminates the first source, the one that he says gives us reason, the ones we call “the initiatory source” and discover through our spiritual process.

The author does not use Freud’s famous statement that puts poets above priests and doctors because they are able to heal souls, who-live constantly between heaven and earth.

But in this call by Pierre Legendre to the poet, there is the affirmation that behind the words we use, there is the claim to say, the will to share an unspeakable or more prosaically the will to defend interests not necessarily materialistic.

Here we will discuss the structure, this set of decisions, of means of action to divide the tasks and then coordinate them which represent the concrete face of our culture. The event history of our political, economic and social, military and religious structures indeed reflects a deeper thought, a political choice exercised by a ruling minority in our systems of power to maintain its dominance in the political regime it has put in place to obtain obedience and submission in the long term, for several centuries. Of course, the content of this tale, if it defends the same class interests and privileges, has evolved in the story it tells to citizens.

The poet was studying industry

This industry study was very beneficial for the young poet. The circumstances have been favorable.

In the 1980s, he participated in the implementation of robots, programmable automata, computerized management on large computer systems and micro computers. The rise in the skills level of all staff is a significant and convincing human experience. The implementation of total quality and participation in a quality circle has not been a practical exercise in the application of participatory management methods. During this period, with all staff, the young poet had in his hands the real decision of decision in a company.

His professional experience also includes participation in project team management, contact with research laboratories that have made global innovations, more brutal contact also with the management of French employers responsible for the worst social relations among industrialized countries. This employers’ strategy since 1945 so as not to finance social security and do everything to harm it if not destroy this “folk idea” of the National Council for Resistance to Liberation, continued in the 1990s and 2000s by closings of factories And their relocation in the countries of the East and in China.

The young poet did not stay only in factories with their staff, he also understood how to direct industry and businesses, administrations much better than French employers and political leaders. Certainly today it is a question of re -industrializing the country but can carry out this essential national project with this same employers, these same political leaders? What is there after leaving power systems and especially the world government of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy with its Puritans sect?

Participatory local direct democracy has become a known and lived practice. Subsequently, the young poet made the link between the semi -annual course on the trade effects of the 4th year affairs rights program and full money, without debts. It was in the years 2014 to 2016 with the comrades of Lausanne and Geneva during the Swiss initiative on full money (Volgeld).

Thus the institutions of life networks have become complete with their political, economic, social, cultural dimension. The total quality approach also makes it possible to calculate the cost of obtaining solidarity. The management of common ownership is practiced through the use of a full currency, of social rights which finance the development of common goods transmitted to future generations.

While philosophers and journalists selected for their submission and their servility to the leaders of the liberal capitalist system occupy the radios and television sets, the poet who had the courage of cowardice to go study the industry is now so afraid to Not to be rejected and condemned to silence?

Political censorship of poetry in 1978

Even before he had the courage to be cowardly and to study industry at the end of our studies, the young poet had the opportunity to discover the courage or rather the cynicism, the brutality of the repression exercised by the leaders of the systems of power.

For a young poet, the crackdown has a name: political censorship. And he was not alone in this deadly crackdown

In 1978, the year of the edition of our first collection of poetry by Michel Breton who had received me for the signature of the contract, the liquidation of our publishing company Le Cherche-Midi Gallant de la Librairie Saint Germain des Prés intervened and this, on the order of the Minister of the Interior who wanted to get rid of a vestige of May 1968 which ten years later was developing successfully, especially with Poetry 1. We lost money, our copyright

In 1986, we refused the semi-authored contract for our second collection of poetry, Illuminations, because the “fee” payable by the author had increased four-fold since 1978. Michel Breton had agreed to publish it but at the rate of the other publishing houses and no longer at the rate of the one before the liquidation of 1978 and the adventure Poetry 1. We have rejected this new tariff. We already had plans to include this text in a novel.

The government but also other publishing houses in Paris had not supported Poetry for All, at 1 F in 1968 in station kiosks and distributed by NMPP like other newspapers and magazines. Michel Breton and his team were not allowed to stand alone even to make poetry available to everyone. Drawings by Wolinski, Reiser, Sempé and others, which were freely inserted into the copies of Poetry 1, showed older workers who, at the bar of their bistro, with a glass of wine in their hand, were now discussing poetry. Same with Sempé among the bourgeois of the beautiful neighborhoods.

All this was over, those days were over. And the dominant, conformist and stultifying thought destroyed the culture of the citizen to bring it into line with the standardization of the pseudo American commercial culture decided by the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy and the sect of puritans.

The poet’s journey towards another vision of the world.

This experience in contact with manipulators of fables who serve to submit to us in the capitalist or communist power system, political and economic, the military dictatorships of developing countries and which, we have seen previously, must remain poor, the Theocracies and their hordes of religious terrorist fanatics, pushed the poet who was studying industry with the courage of cowardice, to share a vision of another world, of another much more humanist civilization and without knots of fables .

The journey through our first source of knowledge, that which does not need to know how to read and write, continued with the “practical training” and initiation to the encounter of the mysteries of life and it ended at the end of June 1977.

The account of this final encounter is found in a second collection of poetry “Illuminations” written in 1986.

We felt the need to share a vision of living together in a rediscovered art of living. At the end of 1990, the first pages of the novel “D’Éleusis à Dendérah, l’evolution prohibition” were written to show how since the will of a small group of women and men, a change of society, culture, power, is achievable.

But the novel cannot set out in detail the functioning of the institutions of this new, more human society based on the values of love and peace.

To go further in sharing this vision of a world where life has changed to become our happy days again, the writing of the essay “Our life networks” began with the creation in February 2002 of this website 

The understanding of the liberal capitalist system of power has taken time as the power that runs it is hidden and the means used are hidden. To live and understand the financial crisis of 2006-2008, which is still not over, the global health crisis of March 2020, which began, has allowed us, like so many others, to accelerate the discovery of the workings of this Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy which now wields power in the heart of the neo-liberal system.

The writing of this essay has thus continued with much more clarity and relevance than before, with fruitful exchanges between members of our groups on social networks or during days, evenings on the shores of Lake Geneva.

The website

This website, after a promising development in 2002, has put us back in the face of this censorship.

When in February 2002 we put this website online, a user from Ubisoft (IP address) asked us what we wanted to sell, because the message on our homepage was very vague. We dare to reveal our project: leave the systems of power and rebuild our social networks. Satisfied with this response, he is enthusiastic to declare that our site has enormous potential!

At the same time, a message from the Institut Montaigne that discovers our site, indicates that for them, it is a revolutionary site to put on the index and this message is more a warning for us to delete our site and a warning than anything else. The rapid development of the Internet, the little site present on the web with a similar and sustainable content, unlike the sites with free hosts that were rapidly disappearing, explains the small notoriety that developed.

For example, in the early years, December 2006 was the most important month for bandwidth usage. Many Japanese netizens came to our page to show some of the pictures we had taken of the Strasbourg Christmas market. There were no more official websites for the event yet. A mention also for our first readers and especially for those of the Arpanet network with IP addresses of CERN Geneva attracted perhaps by our texts on the Tao of physics, the higher world and the double world, in short the life after human life… that they also tried to explain with the source of intellectual, rational and scientific knowledge.

After 2016, Google’s intervention on the pretext that the site developed with Frontpage was not compatible with the mobiles and the new rules of its algorithms Panda and Penguin, reduced by almost 80% the visits of Internet users on our site. Reasons (our errors) are duplicated texts: example: an excerpt of the novel placed on a page to serve as a starting point for comments or other developments. Other “errors”: from the images used on several different pages of the site, the site has nearly 400 files, the pages with frames represent 3 files: text, summary, global. The novel alone represents about 160 files. The fact that we did not associate a Facebook page open to the public or to the friends who requested access, as with Twitter, are errors that we will not correct for the moment.

Since spring 2022, a new version of the site has been online with WordPress, finally compatible with mobiles. But all the addresses have changed and it is as if the site left zero, twenty years earlier.

The messaging is enough and each year readers contact us to exchange. In 2018, for example, we spent a day with a reader who had printed the novel to annotate it and better understand this spiritual evolution which animates the characters and make them capable of defeating the troops of soldiers who attack their movement. He had been very sensitive to our definition of authority and our individual mission of authority to minimize violence in us and around us … and dare to say no to the violence imposed on us by the leaders of power systems . Younger he had obtained the doctorate in food biochemistry.

About 300 to 500 people per month read our pages by spending more than 30 minutes and especially more than an hour. This figure does not decrease and on the contrary increases mainly in recent months and the new presentation. Censorship will not silence us and we develop as much as possible, our website development skills …

Break the knot of fables today.

The study of industry remains one of the pillars of this site along with that of spiritual development. These two pillars correspond to our two sources of knowledge.

The courage of the cowardice brought by the poet who will study the industry certainly corresponds literally to audacity.

«People only have the degree of freedom that their boldness conquers over fear.» Stendhal Henri Beyle

In addition to the professional experience of business management and the experience of the poetic and spiritual initiatory approach, there is a legal training attested by diplomas but also by an honorary title of laureate of the Faculty of Law of Strasbourg obtained at the age of 18. Medal that joined those obtained as an amateur cyclist and competitor in cross-country skiing or one or the other following a hike classified “patent ” at the Club Alpin de Nice.

To conclude this presentation of the choice of civilization which opens the essay on our social life networks and return to our initial questioning, submission or freedom, if it were only about fear, the initiatory and spiritual journey would be enough for the Eliminate and from our childhood but what to do with customary and secular bondage, millennium imposed by the ideologies and fables that assign us in residence in power systems?

We have just seen the mission of authority of the poet to decide the knot of fables, but it is not alone in the active minority which works for our degree of freedom and the other choice of civilization, once leaving the systems of power.

« There are men who fight one day and they are good, others fight one year and they are better, there are those who fight for many years and they are very good, but there are those who fight all their lives and those are the indispensable.» Bertolt Brecht

« Never doubt that a small group of conscious and committed men can change the world. It’s even the way it’s always happened.» Margaret Mead

The religious roots of the knot of fables.

Wrestling, cutting the knot of fables, today, is realized through the use of our two sources of knowledge and essentially with our first source, the one that does not need to know how to read and write, our personal initiatory spiritual source. In short, with the one of the two that has been forbidden to us for thousands of years, at least two thousand years when the Roman Empire, the system of Roman military power, crushed the cultures of the peoples it had conquered. Now these cultures had a religious root which contained teachings drawn from initiation and encounter with the mysteries of Life.

This destruction of the religious root does not mean that other elements based on our second source of knowledge, the intellectual and rational source, have been destroyed as well. The Roman Empire, on the contrary, used the intellectual knowledge of the defeated peoples to consolidate its power, be it in the arts, construction techniques, techniques of manufacture of material goods or military equipment. It was the German cavalry that helped the infantrymen of the Roman legions to defeat the Gauls in particular.

A poet who has completed his initiatory approach and who shares his human evolution, does not forget this religious root of cultures developed by peoples. Although it has been banned for two thousand years in Europe, it has been used by the leaders of the various systems of power that have succeeded us.

The knot of fables is above all elaborated with teachings, dogmas, religious myths that these rulers have imposed on their peoples deprived of spiritual practice and teaching.

We must learn to analyze these religious fables through our spiritual practice and our personal encounter with the mysteries of Life. This begins by saying No to this prohibition on the use of our first source of knowledge.

We will come to this in Part 4 of the Networks of Life entitled the Art of Living. Whenever we talk, however, about systems of power and their leaders, we talk about the underlying religious nature of their fanatical dogmas to subjugate us.

Elites’ predestination to rule the world.

Today, in the Western world, the main knot of fables used by the leaders of the liberal capitalist system, is based on the dogma of the predestination of the elites to govern the world. This predestination of the elites is the foundation of the Anglo-Saxon sect of the Puritans. This religious teaching is present in the Christian doctrine elaborated in Rome around the popes since the Council of Nicea (325 AD).

We have already indicated this in Chapter 2 of this introductory part of the essay: in 1790, Father Sieyès, a Jesuit of formation, influenced the Convention to interpret Rousseau’s philosophical ideas in the sense of Roman Catholic doctrine: the educated elite must perform the work of God and realize the common good, even if the peoples want to defend interests more in accordance with their reasons for living.

For the moment, here we can show a video that addresses this topic of the manipulation of our cultures through religious dogmas, the destruction of history and the writing of a new history in accordance with the will of the leaders of the power systems to subject people to their private interests and their limitless personal enrichment.


Jordan Maxwell’s lecture about the Roman Empire which erased and reconditioned the history of peoples and the world with the technique of scorched earth and lies, changing our roots, customs and religions to dominate to extend its power over the whole world and spread its doctrines and ideologies in total fascism.

A long-time researcher and decryptor of secret societies, symbols, the Illuminati, and background powers, Jordan Maxwell is arguably the oldest researcher in this field, with nearly 50 years of research to his credit. He himself has inspired many authors, including David Icke, Zécharia Sitchin and Peter Joseph, the author of the film Zeitgeist. “I want you to know something,” he says, “and to remember it. Nothing in this world—nothing—works the way you think it does.” During the 50-minute lecture, Jordan Maxwell paints a vivid and uncompromising portrait of the underlying structure of Western society, behind the agreed-upon facades of administrative, political and religious institutions. A clear analysis and opinion that does not leave indifferent… It’s up to you to judge.

vidéo source :

Jordan Maxwell is a researcher who describes what he found, what he saw, what he understood. His experience is invaluable in revealing the intricacies of these dogmas and fables that place us under house arrest in the Anglo-Saxon liberal capitalist system.

Slicing the knot of fables goes further because this presupposes once the fables have been destroyed, to reestablish the practice of the spiritual path with the help of the spiritual teachings liberated from the religious dogmas. It’s the poet’s job! Pierre Legendre did not stray, or worse, deceive himself by calling for the help of the poets to cut this knot of fables intended to subdue us.

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