Episode 06 Weekends at Baden-Baden (continued 1)

Part 2/3

Their meeting on the Saturday night

It was 6:30 p.m. The group had listened politely to the poet’s last sentence. Frantz looked at his watch. It was time to invite them to a costume rental. Men must wear a jacket or tuxedo to enter the Casino. Rather than rent them at the cash register, it was better to rent them and dress at a shop and have dinner with them. In their clothes, they went to the Europaischer Hof. The meal was excellent but the dining room was full and they had to make an effort to be socially well. The uniformity of the evening clothes corresponded to the balance that had been created in the group. Yet they talked little and it made them uncomfortable.

The confidences of Anke and Frantz

At coffee time, Sepp was the first to relaunch Frantz. Yeah, what did he have to tell us?

Frantz preferred to talk to them outside, away from indiscreet ears. The hot summer night full of rumor of people who are experiencing the strongest moment of their day, lended itself perfectly. They grouped in a semi-circle two benches and chairs under a lamppost on the side of the Trinkhalle, less frequented than the surroundings of the Casino. Anke sat on her husband’s lap, lifted her dress up to stuff it between her thighs and then smiled, she told their story. 

She recounted with a voice whose intensity varied according to the emotion she wanted to impart. With her free hand, she orchestrated her graceful movements of the head, the reach of her gaze that she plunged in turn into that of her audience.

Anke, the beautiful Anke whose every man had already tasted her caresses and the warmth of her belly, Anke that little by little all women wanted to approach to blend themselves also in the fire of her embraces, Anke until now so mysterious talked about her youth, her loves with Frantz…

It is a fact that the German youth, by virtue of the school rhythm, have many hours of their own in the day. School ends early in the afternoon, parents are at work. Admittedly, this is one of the reasons for the low birth rate in Germany, since childcare hours are numerous and expensive, but for adolescents, the opportunity exists to become more quickly independent, at least to take their mark in a band of young people. Depending on the luck of each one, some find deep friendships, start a life as a couple from 16 or 18 years old or for the less lucky: hang around with the stammtisch of a bierstub, take drugs, entertain themselves by provoking violence, fashion more and more widespread in recent years…

Anke spoke of their clan of about ten boys and girls, the hours they spent together remaking the world. Frantz played trumpet and saxo in a small jazz orchestra in high school. She trained twice a week, and on weekends she competed in Baden-Württemberg or Rhineland-Palatinate. As a youngster, she had run the 4×800 meters of the German championships. Frantz was already her notorious high school lover, but she sometimes liked to be accompanied by an athletic buddy who as a youngster ran the 1000 meters in 2 minutes 25 seconds and who later had brilliant athletic results.

Her voice grew faster when she talked about the couple of students they had later met. One winter afternoon, in the cold and fog, they kissed under a porch, not knowing where to go when this couple had invited them into their apartment. The girl had placed them in front of the chimney on sheep skins and by a happy mystery, the four of them had lay down and had sex. Anke thanked them again today for the simplicity and the naturalness with which they had got naked to have better heat near the fire and to share more easily the warmth of their intimacy. They had nothing to learn about love, but these students had dragged them into political action in the Greens and into the alternative movement. Anke had found confirmation of her aspirations to live in nature and to taste it through her physical exercises in the open air, usually naked. 

Hiking in the high mountains and cross-country skiing.

The couple of students with their old car took them to the mountains and they enjoyed alpine hiking in the Tyrol, Oetztal, Pitztal or in Switzerland in the Oberland, Valais, Silvretta.

The nights in refuge, the naked baths in the mountain lakes, their loves on the moss at the foot of the fir trees in these beautiful forests of altitude, the snowbones of the Wildspitze near Vens and Obergulg or climbing by Mittelberg, that of the Weismies over Saas-Grund, that of the Nadelhorn over Saas-Fée, those of the Rose Mountain reached from Zermatt described the limits of a world that their ardent youth forged superbly and their cords in the light of the first morning, rose in one stroke To the peaks more than 4000 meters away.

In the winter, Anke competed in cross-country skiing and the others accompanied her or ran in mass events as well. They had participated once in Italy in the Marcialongua and the welcome of these villages of mountain peasants on the side of Moena and Cavalese, the departure by cannon, the celebration in Italian style under the sun and in the radiance of snow, the fear of arriving once the night fell, the race against the sun that declines behind the peaks, the joy of success, the fatigue that made them collapse in the arms of each other melted their loves in a crystal beautifully preserved by the strength of experiencing their youth under the purest clarity, the bluest and quietest sky, the strongest sun!

Day after day, she had learned among them to discover herself beautiful, full of life and desire to live.

Anke stood for a long time, the group realized that she had something to add to this charming story of a teenager who was quite happy. Where did the money they had put into the company’s capital come from? 

The meeting with Arnim.

Anke continued more slowly. It gave everyone time to fully understand so that there would be no misunderstanding.

The money came from erotic shows and special evenings in which they had been participating for more than two years. One day, while they had gone to naturism at a gravel pit along the Rhine, on the French side, an old man of over seventy, Arnim, had come to approach them.

Anke confessed that at this very special gravel pit, couples would come around 5 p.m. to make love in the tall grass in front of colonies of voyeurs. That evening, they had had sex in front of a dozen men who came and went from one couple to another. Arnim watched them without moving and then broke the circle that kept the voyeurs at bay. He had offered them to have sex in front of fifteen elderly couples in a castle near Pforzheim. For what they had just shown him, they would have 500 Euros and could earn 2,500 Euros and more if they agreed to take their exhibitions further. They went to the meeting.  

This group of elders was made up of wealthy landlords who were part of a former land aristocracy and old industrialists, some notable scholars who had practiced in education or the liberal professions, and they seemed to be linked by a common history whose origin Anke and Frantz believed to be the years of the Second World War.

The castles and villas in which they organized these evenings twice a month had parks, indoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi. It was clear that they had carefully prepared the course of each of the evenings as well as the grading of the exercises imposed on the young couples present with whom, the show ended, they freely made love.

All of the elders worked diligently to cultivate their bodies, and the bellies of both men and women were surprisingly muscular. This hit the sports teacher and she suspected that this group was following a physical discipline linked to high mental practice. Their very polite manners and their often scholarly discussions reinforced this idea of a collective and assiduous mental practice.

Special evenings.

Quite often, they asked 6 or 8 couples to compete in increasingly special events and the winning couple pocketed a nice sum. Even before the group responded, Anke told them that she had won every contest she had ever entered.

These contests had nothing to do with the erotic games of couples’ clubs. Without triumphalism, in a neutral tone, she enumerated some of the trials she had done best in the club of Amadeus and Regina: to ejaculate on her face as quickly as possible twenty men of all ages, to make six women enjoy at almost the same time, to receive the most whippings and to make love to a man by using her pain in a momentum of savagery that she did not know herself. In competitions, it was something else. She recounted with a softer voice how, once, on the sand of the merry-go-round, she had won the competition that pitted her against six other women. Naked, they had to masturbate seven stallions, which were held by fourteen squirrels in uniforms. She was the one who caressed his stallion the best, made it enjoy to receive on his body the most semen.  

His achievements gave him the opportunity to do a unique exercise: always in the same arena. In the light of the torches, she had to tame a goat in the force of age to get sexually excited. Anke told how she managed to rub up against him and masturbate him until she slipped under him and managed to get her sex into her. The calmer animal in its fornication allowed it to exhibit itself in several positions and finally, it received on it the seed of the goat. She went to bed with her thighs wide open in the gallery and everyone came to stroke her sex to impregnate her fingers with this particular liquid and rub her chest over the heart. The men and women remained bare breasts and she went back down into the merry-go-round with a rope and a knife. Surprisingly, as the goat tried to take her back, she tied her legs to immobilize her. On her knees, she laid the head of the animal on her thighs and the animal calmed down under the caress of the woman he had just protruded. With a knife, she cut his throat and held his head firmly, and caused the warm blood of the animal to be spread over his body. Then when her convulsions faltered, she poured blood into a pelvis. The dead animal, she stood up to greet the podium.

Four squirrels then came to take her and tie her back to the four-staked sand, which they pushed into the ground. The men came naked in front of her to brush her entirely with blood and then one of them lay on her to penetrate her. When he had ejaculated, a naked woman lay face to face on her to lick her sex and drink her husband’s sperm. The couples thus succeeded each other until the last. Not a single man refrained from ejaculating into her, and there was enough blood for all to put it on again. Finally, in turn in small groups of 3 to 4 people, mixed men and women came over her and washed her with this blood by urinating on her and rubbing her with both their hands. When almost all the blood was removed, they untied it and all went to bathe in the river that ran through the park. Clean again, they settled in a circle on the lawn. 

Anke explains.

It was a night of full moon and the heat of summer lingered in the middle of darkness. They spent long hours questioning Anke and discussing his experience.

She confessed to them that she loved the contact with the animal, its warmth, its fur, its logical behaviors, the rise of its sexual impulse in the presence of its female body. She had enjoyed slipping under him, getting on all fours to get licked by the animal. She was talking about the strength of the goat and the strength with which she had clung her thighs to the side of the animal to get her sex into her own. When she lay down to better allow her to ejaculate within her, she admired the agility with which he had protruded her by not resting on her and by being heavier than a man who would wallow between his thighs. She had enjoyed this improvised sharing of the animal’s beast and its cyprine on the benches of the gallery; it would have been a shame to keep it to herself or to see it spread entirely on the sand. The blood of the goat on her body had been a fascinating moment and she was still under the spell of this torment attached by the four limbs to receive the mating with each man, each woman, the lukewarm blood of the goat between them.

Now in that early evening, she understood that humiliation was part of the ritual not to let her fatal power over the animal endure and to bring it back after being under the control of primary energies, under the more subservient power of men; which was her primary condition as a heteraire.

She said that later that night, everyone had put on the same white tunic and then in the early hours, between legitimate couples, had sex again on the lawn before separating.

Anke told them that she understood the society’s prohibition on this type of practice because there was a much greater risk of suffering and soiling than of coming out triumphant. Previous tests had prepared him for this particular ceremony.

At the request of the group of elders, she imbued herself with the image of an ancient priestess who dominates her femininity to defeat the bestiality that the clan must fight. She had shown in her struggle between love and death how to defeat the beast and demonstrated to men that with their hunting forces they were able to protect and nourish the clan by taming and then killing the animal. It wasn’t zoophilia anymore. It was a wild but true rite that she had performed, a rite that she knew she had already lived in other peoples, a primary rite where the reasons for living and dying are mingled and where the woman, after having used all the resources of her femininity, strengthens life among blood, semen, urine and death. Since it is not possible to perform this rite by killing a human being, an animal is used. This is the only reason for the presence of an animal in this rite. 

Pierre glanced at Laurie to let her know that Anke’s shakti was certainly better than Laurie. She looked back at him to make her understand that she had not said her last word, that all this was only improvisation and not established rites like those of Tantrism.

Laurie and the dâkini

Laurie approached Peter to slip into his ear that in classical Hinduism as in Buddhism, there are the dâkini, demons eating raw flesh, demons that the tantrism integrates under the name also of shakti! And then there are the siddha, dangerous characters who live in the cremation fields among the corpses by covering themselves with garlands of human bones, who drink alcohol in the skulls, fornicate with their own mothers, sisters, daughters when not with the dâkini! Anke was still very far away with his goat story but it is true, Laurie recognized it, Anke had done it and it was not for her a story read in the treatises of Tantrism!

On the other hand, to quote truthful facts as well, Laurie spoke of those few men who, during the course of the fighting, had their throats slit by the Chetniks and had been lucky enough to be brought back and cared for by their fellow fighters. Unlike the prisoners who had their throats slit with knives or chainsaws, all of whom died, these few cases that had survived allowed Laurie to display an experience of human horror this time without any comparison with the theatrical sacrifice of a goat!

Anke and the game of life and death

 Anke turned to Peter to assert that she could not say more about this experience related to the unspeakable, but that everyone should believe her. She was not a fan of having a big dog at home to secretly train him to associate with love games, lick a female gender, penetrate it. Worse still, she knew some women who sold video tapes of their zoophilia scenes underneath the mantle to display their new wealth in the city outrageously with the money collected, including their new fur coats! She considered it a vice, a back door way to increase her only personal pleasure by using an animal and a scandalous social attitude.

On the other hand, she had not regretted this struggle with the goat because she had been able to give it meaning. In this ordeal, she had not only taken pleasure, she had also had to overcome her fear, her reluctance to kill, her pain of seeing the animal die. All had used the animal’s blood with respect and spreading it over Anke’s body before soaking in it had been a real offering to celebrate the cult of the mystery of the life of men who must kill the animal to preserve their places on earth. It was because of this ability that her performance attracted the interest of the elders’ group and that the elders made a special place for her and gave her a higher salary among all the young women who performed in front of them for a fee. 

Anke regretted, however, that their discussions remained intellectual. While she had played with the game of the life of death, she would have liked to enter into a more spiritual exchange.

The sacrifice of the goat.

The sacrifice of the goat was well worth it and his appearance as priestess of some ancient rite could largely encourage the group to discuss life and death, the passage from one to the other!

Now that she had learned how to cut her throat, perhaps she could do a better job of helping Laurie care for those who witnessed group slitting sessions. Without hearing what Laurie had just whispered in Pierre’s ear, she knew that Laurie had inevitably been put in contact with such horrors.

She had read about the atrocities committed in Bosnia in the summer of 1992, and the accounts corroborated stories told by refugees who had come to live in her neighborhood: how young people had been lying on a tree trunk with their hands tied behind their backs and then the tormentors pulled their heads back by their hair before slicing their throats. She also knew that other victims had been lying on their backs, their necks bent over a beam, and that an executioner with a chainsaw was cutting their throats in series in front of the rows of subsequent victims who had to watch.[1] There lies the horror, the crime against humanity!

But who in their group gathered on the lawn in front of the Casino could believe her when she claimed that the goat had not struggled and that he had agreed to die like a loving lover can accept the death given by his mistress? How can we explain this psychic force on both sides to brave death?

She too, like the poet, like Laurie, was faced with the difficulty of translating the unspeakable.

The group of elders had understood how the goat had died defeated by the psychic force that Anke had taken over and that is why she and Frantz continued to see them because the group had respected this force of the priestess… and had not asked her to use it anymore.

Pierre ventured to interrupt Anke.

The sacrifice of the goat was part of an organic rite, that of Dionysus among the Greeks. Women furious after doing much the same as Anke, would kill the animal and then eat its raw flesh and drink its blood. After eating his flesh and drinking his blood, they could be reborn to life, to a new perception of life and death more closely related to the mysteries and respect for those mysteries.

tableau Bacchus Dionysosos danses

Dionysus can be considered a spiritual brother of Jesus, both approach the mystery of communion according to flesh and blood, an indispensable step to address the deeper mystery of the resurrection of flesh. But the poet did not want to begin this spiritual journey tonight. He gave the floor to Anke. 

She continued her story; it wasn’t over yet!

This experience had allowed him to be introduced by Arnim to other men… men alone this time and most often in uniform!

Thanks to her performance in the arena, Anke was entitled to special treatment. Arnim was in fact a rabater to this group of elders to offer them the docility of pretty young women. He could then select one or the other of these young women and introduce them to former Nazis who had not yet broken with the National Socialist doctrine.

Groups of men in uniforms

They would occasionally leave their civilian costumes as executives or leaders to put back the one they had worn when they were young. The links between these few men and the group of elders were to be found through a few events of the last war and these small services maintained a general compromise, a guarantee of the silence necessary for the activities of each one and the good management of secret funds that allowed them this way of life.

Anke was brought blindfolded to the meeting places. She was never supposed to speak except by gestures. In fact, the exercises were less difficult.

These unruly-minded men were most often very tired from traveling or jet lag. They behaved more like voyeurs, satisfied with the pleasure of having at their boots the rare charms of a beautiful naked young woman. On the other hand, the danger was important and real because the secret had to remain absolute. The amount of money in exchange was chunky and always exceeded 5,000 Euros. After a while, the girls were changed and we never saw them again.

In discussion with Frantz, Anke understood that these men had adhered to secret knighthood rites that, prior to the war, were a reminiscence of the Teutonic Knights. These soldiers acted as knight to conquer a new empire. As Frantz repeated, the men had been betrayed by Nazi leaders. They had absolutely nothing to do with the gangs of uneducated assassins that the Nazi leaders sent into the ranks of those soldiers to commit genocide and crimes against humanity behind them.

Most of these soldiers were killed on the front lines, and others who returned from the front to denounce Nazi mistakes and crimes were summarily liquidated.

With one hand Frantz calmed the reactions of Gerard and Patrick as if to tell them that he was ready when the time came to discuss this subject.

Peter also signaled to them to calm down, they would have time to probe one day this taboo subject!

Most of the group understood that Frantz was idealizing the existence of an unlikely minority of knights in the German army before 1939.

Anke spoke again.

She understood that Arnim had made an exception for her because she had been able to return with Frantz to more conventional evenings in the group of elders. Finally, she had still known for these security reasons, a certain disgrace but Arnim came regularly to check on them and … watch them.

Pierre and the others understood better Frantz’s attachment to Dan’s ideas about security in their company! 

Memories of war.

Anke was coming back to his idea. The group of elders could not approach the areas of the highest spirituality while the exercises they imposed required the human qualities how to say, of a superior race!

They mixed a dramatic and absurd conception of human existence with their peculiar construction of a certain wisdom not necessarily atheist. It required great maturity, unfailing courage, real athletic strength, lucidity at all costs, confidence in its limits to always balance the theater and the reality.

Anke remembered these women who had cracked in the evening with nervous attacks, intellectual revolts, fatigue also while their anxiety had undermined all their strength, by lack of intimate knowledge to resist certain pains, to believe that a certain posture, that a certain act would be a humiliation that would forever mark them….

What had become of those broken women who could not remain silent and had to be silenced?

Through these questions, the group of elders fostered a mysterious and worrying veil over its real motivations.

Anke said that through the activities of the elders’ club, however, the women in their group could acquire this inner strength capable of helping them to overcome these trials and thus able to make them also a lot of money. In six months each could make more than 50,000 Euros without mentioning the gains that a girl like Laurie would manage to make!

Anke recalled, these evenings had been prepared each time by the elders. The money they handed out without any nibbling seemed to come from an inexhaustible treasure because it did not limit any of their demands or knickers. Anke and Frantz were convinced that it came from a well-concealed spoils of war that had probably since been strengthened by the income of the large South American estates or North American companies in which most of the elders owned shares.

In the scenarios, there was like an initiatory journey to reveal the strongest qualities of the human being in the face of misfortunes, pain, contempt of others and the one who succeeded was certain to become much less easily a victim of others. What she had experienced during those evenings was part of the drama of life, of warrior life: being raped by twenty men, having to kill an animal, being humiliated through special practices.

Anke took Laurie to task. She at least knew what men, in the reality of their cruelties, are capable of doing, especially in times of war when society and power give them carte blanche and the woman suddenly becomes the first object of their spoils.

It seemed to Anke that the scenes she had to play were linked to memories of war but she specified that the elders wanted to relive them because they had not experienced them at the time and because they wanted to associate themselves with the drama of their people subjected to the shame of its tormentors as if to better exorcize themselves and become stronger than those of their compatriots who remained by weakness in silence and opprobrium.

 The group of elders exuded collective strength, faith, positivism, and sometimes even humanism filled with staggering realism.

This morbid side could be reminiscent of Dürer’s paintings in which personified death constantly lurks.

Anke didn’t only have testimonies about Bosnia, she could point to cases from the testimonies of the victims of the Gestapo executioners that she had personally visited: not only did the dogs mate with the women, but soon afterwards, they would bite and bleed them to death, at the feet of the executioners… and Anke could name names!

The group of elders seemed to relive these horrific events as if to exorcize themselves. Anke understood very quickly that in the very purpose of exorcism, the actors should no longer die and this knowledge allowed him to continue this extraordinary experience.

Celebrating the ritual of men’s cruelty to better protect themselves from it, so as not to become too quickly and easily abandoned, consenting victims: this program, according to Anke, could be included in the activities of the club and these elders were perfect instructors for their learning!

To conclude, Anke wanted above all from their encounter with Amadeus, that this rite would bring them to the other side, in search of happiness, of a supra-human sweetness totally opposed to this kind of cruelty. It is not only necessary to know the evils, it is also necessary to know how to draw from them remedies to eliminate one day all these evils!

That was Anke’s conclusion. She and Frantz needed to share this unspeakable, to create another group totally opposite the group of elders and above all they needed not to remain alone and trapped in these morbid and bizarre memories.

Laurie and the executioners, the criminals to heal

Laurie was interested in the statements of Anke and Frantz. In fact, the men and women of their group who had felt the need to go beyond the conventional limits of the accepted behaviors at Amadeus, felt the need to speak and tell themselves beyond the caresses, the kisses, the carnal embraces exchanged in silence or among the mundane conversations doomed not to betray the secret of their daily lives and the security of their social positions, experienced events that were of great interest to him.

This need to speak hid the beginning of an unofficial therapy in which she could intervene implicitly and, through Anke’s statements, Laurie saw the possibility of reaching the executioners themselves. Instead of treating the victims as usual, Laurie now wanted to treat the potential perpetrators before they commit their crimes.

Certainly, Anke’s experience was concluded with a statement similar to the goal of tantrism and Laurie had just discovered herself a spiritual sister. But she focused more on reflecting on the goal that Peter had indicated to her last weekend on the rock above the palate forest.

Remove all these evils one day! By what path? Yet in Peter’s voice, he seemed so obvious. It was a matter of men versus men, of faith in deeply human values versus unspeakable attitudes of cruelty and injustice.

Dan, the soldier and war criminals

Dan told his wife that he felt ready to confront the criminal ideologues who led to disaster an entire army of worth and Frantz could have some reasons in his eyes as an officer, to distinguish soldiers to the particular bravery of these Einsatzgruppen charged with the genocide and that the Nazi leaders had mixed with these few soldiers who had discovered a knight’s motivation and who became fewer and fewer as the fighting progressed.

This confrontation attracted him, and he sensed that it would provide him with a basis for further developing his vocation as a soldier in the choice of cause for which he was prepared to give his life.

Dan asked Frantz directly.

Could he confirm to him that this group of elders was involved in neo-Nazi or far-right networks from Russia to America?

Frantz confirmed that these were his deductions. Frantz insisted that the group make a distinction between the soldiers of the Wehrmacht of which Arnim was a member, the SS soldiers who fought on the front from which the Einsatzgruppen had to be removed, those commandos of killers who operated behind the front, and the Nazi leaders both civilian and present in the armies that decided on war and war crimes.

Arnim had not been SS but had fought alongside them in the snow of Russia as an officer of the Gebirgsjäger. On the other hand, for reasons he did not know, this group of elders seemed to him to be under the orders of former SS, former elite soldiers fighting communism like capitalism and not under the orders of former actors of the genocide.

Both the SS veterans and the elders’ group were, it still seemed, under threat from the neo-Nazis who sought, on the one hand, to mock these ancient glories for their notoriety and, on the other hand, to grab the war chest to finance their current activities.

Frantz insisted that this distinction be respected, otherwise he confessed that he would have been wrong to have spoken about it last night!

Dan concludes that further investigation from the group of elders could therefore bring them closer to the criminals who were rampant in Bosnia or supporting this conflict.

Sepp and Sandra expressed their deep reluctance to raise again this part of their country’s history that they had long buried in oblivion. For them, the story was simple: it is the European countries that, by letting Hitler do it, are mainly responsible for these events!

The German people were plunged into a state of squalor that other European countries did not experience at that stage; they could not be held responsible simply because they had wanted to escape quickly and efficiently by following the man who had presented himself as a guide. The couple’s intervention ended the discussion on this topic. They all understood that one day it would be mandatory for them to deal with this issue properly. They now knew where the money was coming from that weekend and no one wanted to compromise themselves in any way with that kind of story.

The band goes to the Casino

With nonchalance and quite a bit of demotivation caused by these latest revelations of Anke and Frantz, they headed to the Casino.

Le Casino de Baden-Baden

Patrick did the guide. They waited for Frantz to come by the cash register and buy tokens. Each woman received half a dozen tokens from 2-5-10 Euros. Armed with their sesame, they took the first man who passed by at arm’s length as a horseman. Evelyne, a little alone, received the promise from the women that the time would come when they would leave her their men at her disposal. Laurie also assured her that she would have all the women at her disposal, which they laughed at and accepted.

At once, Sepp managed to take his arm and surrounded him, he planted himself in front of the door of the Wintergarten that a boy in an outfit opened him. This elliptical-shaped room decorated in white colors, with chandeliers and a dome, bears the hallmarks of the Louis XVI style. To decorate the projecting pillars, Chinese vases placed halfway up highlight their bluish colors. Between the pillars, niches highlight statuettes mounted on pedestal. Patrick pointed out to them in the doghouse next to the entrance, the spring fountain.

But already, they had seen the curtains of the red room that on the right was facing them. The bright red draperies and gilded door frames fascinated the eye. They stopped in the middle of the room to look at the ceiling frescoes. The gilded chandeliers shine brightly, the large oval mirror hanging over the fireplace, all set with gilded illuminations, giving this room a touch of Versailles in the Louis XIV style.

carte postale du casino de Baden-Baden

On the games tables, red wheels preside among the green carpets bordered by the white color of the tables. The white chairs with red cushions, the carpet that is still as red add to the warm harmony of the room designed to hold you the longest with the games tables even when the bad fortune suddenly darkens the bright future you had prepared for yourself.

But already some curious people had crossed the room to agitate in front of the mirrors of the Pompadour living room. The Louis XV style is well represented in the radiance of its golden and white tones from the magnificence of the crystals of the chandeliers to the chiseled and golden moldings that frame the large wall mirrors. The red sofa in front of the wall in the left back and topped with the portrait of Pompadour was envious but the places were taken and the group continued its visit.

They arrived in the Florentine Louis XIII-style room. At first, the atmosphere seemed more austere because of the green tint of the colors, but if you took the time to study the large frescoes from which the Italian green comes out, you would see all the interest of spending a moment in the company of these paintings.

Patrick explained to them that the dome raised above the ceiling allowed an orchestra to stand around it. Music was then descended from the vaults on the audience and the orchestra remained invisible.

They returned to the white room of the Wintergarten to pass on the right in a more modern room. At the far end, to the left, there is a small gallery with a bar with a circular counter and a few round tables and slightly outdated chairs. Finally, through the glass doors, the public can access the summer garden. The high blue and white striped bed linen marks the boundary between the old knights’ tents and the square courtyards furnished with white tables and chairs where guests can sit and cool off, especially on hot summer evenings.

At the end of the garden, in a more secluded and dark place, a group had just risen and they could take their seats. Anke no longer sat on her husband’s lap, she had nothing more to say. Actually, it was to let Frantz speak in turn. 

Frantz and esotericism.

He talked about what they were doing with the couple of teacher friends. Long before meeting the group of elders, they had joined with them a rather esoteric group to engage more intimately in a social struggle.

Membership in a political party, even an ecological one, did not seem to them to be a satisfactory way of getting involved in a social struggle, for it was not a way of radically changing people.

Pierre knew the major trends of this esoteric market in Germany and asked him if they were Rosicrucians; Frantz confirmed this. But he did not stop in the beating search for these gnosis workers. He had a clean gait, which was unwelcome in such a setting. He proposed to read a short text on spiritual research and thus on the very object of their enterprise. Out of respect for his author who had written it in French, he was going to read the text in French and he took it out of the jacket of his tuxedo. The crowd trusted him. He read slowly, marking pauses in the text:

“I am not of any time or place; outside of time and space my spiritual being lives his eternal existence, and if I plunge into my thinking going back in time, if I extend my mind to a way of life far from that which you perceive, I become the one I desire. Consciously participating in the absolute being, I regulate my action on the environment that surrounds me. My name is the name of my office and I choose it, as well as my office, because I am free; my country is the one where I momentarily set my steps (…). Here I am: I am a noble and a traveler; I speak, and your soul shudders, recognizing ancient words; a voice, which is in you and which had been silent for a long time, answers the call of mine; I act and peace returns in your hearts, health in your bodies, hope and courage in your souls. All men are brothers; all countries are dear to me; I travel them so that, everywhere, the Spirit may descend and find a way to you. I ask kings, whose power I respect, only for hospitality on their lands, and when it is granted to me, I pass, doing all good around me; but I only pass. Am I a noble traveler? “

Frantz asked them the author’s name. They looked at each other, but no one answered.

– well Frantz! As a spiritual dessert, it’s perfect!

Dominique had not found but nevertheless wanted to place his word. Laurie turned to Pierre to tease him and asked him to answer. Pierre preferred to speak to Frantz:

– Frantz, have you become a noble traveler?

Anke replied:

– we were invited to become one but we are not such noble travelers there! We are looking for something else, on another path, in fact now in the three fields of activities that we have together defined in our way, but you, poet, great traveler before the Lord, soles of wind, answer us!

– Anke, I would prefer to kiss you to seal our peace. Let the language of our bodies speak while our lives are still there, it would be better than arguing over esoteric school issues.

– okay poet but this kiss, i want it as you say, skin to skin!

Anke was once again the young woman who won the erotic contests. His conviction was fierce.

She dragged Peter to a corner behind the curtains where no one could see them except the members of the group who quietly approached them. She opened Peter’s shirt to bare her torso; she dropped her dress and bra to embrace the poet and share a long and deep kiss. The emotion won the group. At the end of the kiss, the poet leaned over to take a breast in each of his hands and kiss it.

Sepp jumped at the opportunity to demand a sharing of these latest kisses. Anke laughingly accepted and very quickly, each of them laid a kiss on each of Anke’s breasts.

In the Casino, nobody noticed anything and the games held the audience back.

Sepp having regained his spirits, decided to put this back but this time on the buttocks of the beautiful Anke. She condescended to lower her panties and stretch her buttocks. The merry-go-round started again to the delight of the group.

Pierre had finished dressing himself and he helped Anke to put his dress back on. When resettled on their chairs, Pierre seriously replied:

– Anke, beautiful Anke, a thousand times thank you for the magic you draw from your body, a thousand times thank you for this permission so often granted since we know each other to travel on your skin, between your thighs, in the hollow of your kidneys, in your mouth… we all became the noble travelers of your incomparable femininity… Anke, beautiful magician in search of spiritual, I prefer that we are these travelers rather than others… ( Pierre turned to Frantz ), it is good that you did not adhere to this movement. Explain to me, however, the link between this text and the rose-cross. Would you like to suggest that this movement would also claim to be the author of this text? Which would be inaccurate! This text is by Joseph Balsamo! … at least of the 18th century!

– ah! Count Alexander of Cagliostro!

Joseph Balsamo portrait

This time Dominique was there! Sepp also and this communion of knowledge had to be sealed in the same way as before.

Dominique could only agree to go to the dark corner of the courtyard and consent to the kiss to Anke and then to the kisses of the group on her breasts. She put her panties down and held her buttocks out. The mood was up a notch. All admire that under this starry night, Sepp was particularly in his element.

Pierre said that there was no question of opening a debate on Cagliostro, which had founded the rite of Egyptian high masonry, nor on the rites of Misraïm and Memphis-Misraïm, which he, Pierre, had been interested in for a while. Nor is there any question of discussing German spirituality, for example, from Master Eckart to the disorderly, from the order of the Brothers Initiates of Asia founded around 1782 by Baron Hans Heinrich von Ecker-und-Eckhoffen, more recently through Reuss or Steiner’s Antroposophy, in which Peter had retained only a very human critique of Nietzsche.

In Alsace, in his recruitment, Pierre had met candidates who were graduating from Steiner schools and he had been able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of this education in relation to secular education and the needs of businesses. But this debate would soon become too historical, too technical. This pitfall had to be avoided, however, by not neglecting the debate raised by Frantz. The first step was to give everyone the opportunity to learn about these subjects; they had to assemble and evaluate the data in these areas before a later decision was made.

Werner and Spiritual Alchemy

Werner and Barbara were not as outspoken as the others. Dominique, as a good teacher, questioned them. Did they want to stay in the group and where?

Barbara answered him first. Who had the right to decide instead of others who should stay or who should leave the group? Werner raised the tone a notch. He went after Frantz. What else did this young dandy have behind his head to try to dazzle them and ensure a psychological ascendancy on them? He confessed that he had mainly retained the group’s wish to start a spiritual quest by arranging appropriate places and times.

Werner took Anke’s hand to ask the others if their way did not go in the direction of what this young woman had said, namely to pray on her knees on a stone slab in the choir of a chapel abandoned in silence, with simply a white tunic on the back.  

Were they going to seek to earn money to satisfy the conquest of any power, or were they going to build privileged moments of life outside the stressful pace of their social condition as workers, by resorting to simplicity, poverty, the natural and as little as possible to money?

Of the abandoned houses in remote areas, both Werner and Frantz knew dozens, mainly in the mountains, and it was only a few hours’ walk to reach them. Taken this way, there was no reason to build a club and set up commercial companies! What could they do with this crazy pretense to gather more than two hundred people in their club every night? The group was debating hard and Pierre was not the last to want to put his words in.

 – you look pretty upset tonight!

Francoise was trying to soften her husband. Sepp that Francoise’s voice had also challenged began to speak.

– it’s the full moon tonight and the poets are so sensitive! They should take the blame!

Sepp’s remark made the group laugh because when they looked up, they saw that the moon was full.

– let’s spend the rest of the night under the moon and the stars!

Night under the moon and the stars.

Laurie told Sepp to worry about his health because to have such inspiration and what’s more, one that had immediately enthused the group, was highly suspicious. The invitation of the star expert was not refused. 

Barbara gave her chips to Anke, the others did the same by asking her to go get the money at the cash register. They didn’t want the money from Arnim any more.

Since they met last night, there have been moments of joy, of working on their projects, of reflection, of concern as well, at an intense pace. The exchanges required careful attention. The topics were often profound but they were part of the acquisition of the purpose of their business. They should not be mistaken, they should get away with it but it was not obvious in this mishmash of erotic games, sharing of intimacy, financial management, real estate realization, learning and teaching cultural values…

These overly serious concerns did not make them want to play games of chance at the Casino. It is often said that these games of chance are mainly of interest to idle people who need to spice up their existence… it was also their feeling on the issue that evening…

The clearing for a summer night under the stars.

Sepp asked Patrick if he did not know a clearing where they would be quiet to spend the night under the stars. Patrick knew one.

nuit d'été sous les étoiles campagne

The group started to move, they went to the cottage to change and take the sleeping bags. It was about two in the morning when they arrived on the peaks around Baden-Baden. They left the cars in a parking lot along the schwarzwaldhochstrasse and drove into the woods with their bivouac gear.

The night was clear, but the undergrowth of this thick fir forest made for a dark darkness.

Patrick and Dan, the soldiers, led the way with their headlamps. At the bend of the path, the moon-bathed clearing awaited them. The grass was comfortable, it was a regularly maintained meadow for fodder and the cows did not come to graze there.

Dan, Patrick and Frantz pulled the hatchets out of their bags and went looking for wood to make a big fire. Pierre and Gérard with shovels-spades dug a large hole to install the fire. That would be their Saint-Jean fire!

When the torches danced in the night, the women came to take possession of the place and they settled all around in the first row.

Sepp didn’t want to talk about stars. Sandra then explained that he preferred to see Anke’s buttocks. Laurie corrected: Françoise’s buttocks! Sepp approved; he had not seen Françoise’s buttocks of the day and the night was only a remission allowing him to hope a little more, otherwise the day would end badly.

Werner wasn’t talking. Barbara asked him if he was mute or had lost his memory. Werner was surprised to find his wife reminding him of how he had organized last night at Amadeus. She didn’t forget! They all approved and insisted that Werner renew his proposal. He played the game by remaining sullen.

Anke then raised her sisters and, beating the rhythm of their hands, they danced around the fire, throwing their clothes at the men. When they were naked, they collapsed laughing at Werner who had to capitulate and solemnly reformulate the ritual proposal.

tableau sorcières au sabbat dansent autour du feu

Immediately they were placed in the prescribed order. The men invited Werner to take his place first with a woman, the chance that in front of him there was Anke in the position of levrette.

When she was caught and before her partner started to come and go, she had time to declare that there would be no time for each of the towers that night and that the party should continue until the early morning.

Sepp told him that the sunrise was near, in two hours maximum, which the women demanded to count the time according to the normal schedule of a sunrise on Sunday morning, which brought the time from 8 in the morning to 10 in the couples!

Witches at work.

In fact, the women, eager for sensations each time renewed, asked for rapid changes of partners to multiply the contacts with each one. At the same time, they managed not to let their men get tired too quickly, to empty their strength. Laurie taught them the technique of compression to cause the ejaculation to stop and they all became experts.

In the mock anonymity of the night barely perceived by the flames, they unleashed their primary impulses. Shadows and screams in the night, each couple for the other was nothing more than moving shapes shaped by fire, screams without any limits. The night breeze that runs along the peaks carried them away to horizons that were soon to be born, magnifying these suave cries in life-saving calls.

One moment, when the fire was out, Laurie took Anke by the hand to get her to squat on the embers and they tried to put out the fire by urinating on it. Witches, they conjure the darkest night to perfect their Sabbath!

Dan handed over twigs and the fire started again. The other women came to the rescue of their leaders, but the men managed to preserve the fire. They threw the rest of the wood into it and after a few minutes the flames lit up the clearing.

The women, holding each other by their shoulders, faced the men. They provoked them with words, obscene postures; they kissed, made their fingers penetrate into the intimacy of their neighbors: the sex, the anus, the mouth, defying the manhood of the males. As the fire diminished in intensity and darkness resumed its territory, they rushed on them to capture them and bring them to their knees next to the fire. Sticks were found and they received a symbolic volley of blows.

Women played along and marked their docility with gestures, complaints of submission. While two men kept them tied by a climber’s cord that Frantz always had at the back of his backpack, the other five took a woman to the end of the clearing.

Once her hands were tied to a tree, she received a heavy but not violent caning, and when left in the mood of her guards, she was entitled to further punishment. All were taken by three men at once, who passed through each of its orifices. All of them received a man’s urine stream on their faces. All before joining the fire had to drink as a reward the sperm of another man. All had to return to the fire by holding a piece of wood carved by Patrick with one hand in their anus. They were forbidden to drop it and when they were gathered around the fire, they had to turn around walking in duck without letting out the stick. They still received some collective punishment, other humiliation.

Werner gathered their panties and the men lined up to draw lots. The panties were then thrown into the fire and each man took his captive to drag him into a corner of the prairie. Peter wondered how Werner knew the Gcod rite described by Alexandra David Néel when the women of Tibet put their scarves in a hat before the men pulled a scarf at random and took its owner as a companion for the rest of the night.

Women communicated with each other by shouting what was being done to them, groaning and shouting their orgasms. Those words, those shouts, those shadows in the night under the moon formed a bewitching world full of occult forces. Men excited to the highest point gave free rein to their manly forces without worrying about the woman they took and women enjoyed themselves carried away by this bestial force, confident in the fact that through this orgy, energies would transform to make each participant as new, regenerated by primary and natural forces. Little by little couples shut up and silence returned to the meadow, among the clearing. 

The late blue sky called dawn.

Peter saw a man by the fire. The couples lay asleep on the prairie forty meters apart. He let his companion sleep on and he joined the fire.

Sepp watched over the flames of a few embers. The man of space, stars and cosmic vessels welcomed the poet.

Pierre remembered that he had come into Sepp’s car and that he had seen a portable tape recorder. Peter asked him to go and get him quickly before dawn. Sepp obeyed in confidence and soon introduced Pierre to his portable tape recorder. Pierre took the microphone out of the bag and plugged it in for a recording test. Everything worked.

They then went to gently awaken the rest of the group. They came back to gather around the fire. The attitude of Sepp and Pierre had made them understand that something important was in the works. In silence, they took the dimension of this crazy night where they had taken a step further in history that united them more and more savagely, even more primitively!

Sepp put them facing east. Most had covered themselves with a few clothes and the group had a ghostly look. Pierre took the tape recorder and asked Sepp to come next to him, a few steps in front of the band. Peter sat on his heels and straightened his torso to stand straight and better support his gaze at the horizon. The others did the same.

Greeting in the sun

Everyone feels the brief moments when the first light seeks to defuse from the darkness, when the first ray gushes straight from the horizon. The curvature of the sun came out of the curvature of the earth.

There, in the landscape of the Württemberg hills, it grows to escape from the earth’s horizon. Finally the diffuse light came to them.

All seized the minute moment when the night receded westward and the day dawned to take its place. The silence was perfect. Pierre knew that this moment of silence would soon break. Between this first ray of sunshine on the horizon and the beginning of the birdsong, there are only a few minutes, a fleeting moment where each living being, each mineral collects before reacting under the presence of the light of the dawn and resuming the course of its existence.

lever du soleil campagne

Pierre knew it was the right time. He stretched out his arms towards the sun, which kept growing. 

– hello to you sun! You got up in the east, I know you’ve already got up where you’re lying now! You’re living our fleshly life, but you’re not leading it. Honor to you Sirius, who gives us the exact measure of Earth’s time! Teach us, O Sirius, the destiny that your sister star prepares us for the density so terrifying to one day take away this moment of light that is resurgent to life and by which men find the way of their humanity… Sun running in our sky!…we the sons of heaven and earth calculate and follow the precession of the equinoxes that you give us and that lead us imperceptibly, to the swings of the axis of our earth and to the dread that they cause among living species. We who look at you, are the spiritual sons of the survivors of the last great cataclysm and never, as our elders knew, we will forget the duties of our civilization in those moments when you change the course of your appearances!

Follow your course, Sun! I now appeal to the light that never disappears within us! ( Peter engaged the tape recorder.

Father… Father, from the laws of stone to the words of prayer, I sing the Jehovah, the feminine Jehovah from whom everything comes… Your Word that is in the light told me to return to this life when you had let me come and rest for a few moments at my house, where I have never stopped being with you because you have been in me since the day you wanted to shape me in your image.

Father, before the birds sing your name, let the one your child calls speak with confidence. ( after a brief silence )

The Insider’s Prayer for Laurie’s Father

I greet you and call you, you left for our house and your daughter shook your hand with you along the way to the light. It’s because she knows where you’ve gone but she hasn’t seen the light and she hasn’t met the Word, that she’s so strong in the hope that she has to see you again and so fragile because of the doubt that can’t go away without meeting you one last time. You know the path we have taken; she needs you to regain the whole strength that will help her to finish the journey and to abandon this anxiety of perdition with which she cannot move forward without peril.

You will not betray the silence, peace, secrecy that suit those who believe and I will not pray to other disappeared companions to intercede on our behalf with you.

I open my name to your presence so that you can better understand the struggle that drives us and the causes that your daughter married beside us. We need his spiritual strength, his faith in you, in our future so that he can participate in the direction of this journey to the Word and to the presence that is in us, in you the living of eternity and in us the humans who live in the exercise of faith in our return home and in the search for a deepening of the mysteries of divine creation.

I want and pray you to give her this strength, to take away this doubt, to renew the bond that broke between you because she was not ready to follow you but because she loved you and she loves you much more than is possible without having received the gift of love from the Word that orders all life.

We shared his exceptional love for an uninitiated woman and you saw as we did that he goes through the pitfalls of life like a diamond cutting the stone. Her love of today that we share, makes her capable of a wider and deeper love.

It’s up to you to open the doors of this blessed estate to him. I have the power to call you and I know that you then come near me, in me as I am in you, united by the presence that made us in his image.

You like all of us here gathered in our prayer, we are one… we are the Light and the Life! Speak, your daughter is listening!

 From Pierre’s first words, Laurie understood. The sun had disappeared before her, she was reliving the death of her father and she was intimately convinced that her father would come back to speak to him, finally to tell him those words of peace, comfort, hope that she wished so much to hear from him to know undoubtedly that he had gone home, that he was not lost.

If fate had made him live those moments, that destiny should offer him a second chance. He could not manifest himself in this way and then remain silent throughout his life. It was too unfair, too contrary to the hope that was born at the beginning of this journey full of promises of life and eternity. She knew she was entitled to another answer, and since then, without a day’s notice, she had looked for ways to recreate that contact. She had imparted this strength in this search to her sick most desperate by the cruelty of men but they were often too bruised in their flesh to go beyond the stage of benevolent listening. They didn’t have the strength to walk that path yet.

She listened to Pierre. She knew that he had the power and the right to call those who had left this land because she believed that he had been able to go to his home, that he had had a dialog with them when they accompanied him to his home and that he knew the way back.

She thanked today the fate that had made them meet in such an exceptional way, their arms both open immediately to caresses, to the embrace that allows you to instantly measure the love that is capable of the one who takes you.

At the first kisses exchanged, at their first fleshly communion when she had hugged him with her thighs folded over to hold him well within her, they had understood the outrageousness that governed the aspirations of their human lives and they immediately found themselves forever in these spaces outside the limits of daily life. She then vowed to love him, to help him, to follow him.

Through the misfortunes she was healing, she knew what fate could await these people who like Peter live constantly between heaven and earth. She did not want him, like so many others who are tired of waiting for the signal of return, to take the side of his freedom and choose slowly, in silence, to go at the foot of his tree, on his rock, at the edge of a stream far from others and from this world.

She was surprised that Pierre decided in this way and so quickly to try this bond with his father.

She thought that this moment would come in the sharing of their intimacy and not in front of others. She was sure her father had never left her, so she waited.

After several minutes, Pierre stood up. He put the plane down. He spread his hands upward and then brought them straight ahead as if he were laying his hands on the sun above the horizon. Immediately the first songs of the birds echoed in the woods. He then gave up his arms and sat down.

He pulled up the tape. The others gathered silently around him. When they were all still, he turned on the tape recorder. Peter’s voice had taken on a surprising depth. Moments after she fell silent, a voice spoke in American. The voice was soft, comforting, serene. The undulations of the voice were on an infinite register. Everyone could write it down: that voice was very human.

Laurie hugged Dan. She wanted to listen to her father until the end and she would have wanted to stop listening to him to give free rein to her resentment.

The others understood certain words, but it didn’t matter to them not to decipher the message correctly.

Through this voice, in front of this presence that actually communicated with each of them through Laurie, they understood more the path they were venturing on. It was for them the first shock and they had naturally absorbed it because the love of Laurie and her father, the love of Peter for Laurie that all understood now in its right dimension, the love that had lived until now among all of them, all these loves attenuated the scope of this revelation to place it in a context of obvious, as a logical continuation of the divisions that lived among them and that were not ready to stop. When the voice fell silent, they stared for a few moments before they could exchange their looks.

On Laurie’s cheeks, large tears of deep happiness had stopped at her nose. Dan spread them to him to dry.

He had known the man who had just spoken and was deeply upset about it.

Anke, standing near Laurie, stroked her face and gave her a loving kiss on the cheek. Dan did the same. Anke turned around to give a peace hug to her neighbor and this hug circulated among them. Laurie wanted to say a few words to Pierre but he put his finger on his lips to impose silence on him.

Anke then addressed the group:

Peter will teach us to pray, to dare to ask as a poet knows how to do because he is not afraid of words!

Soon we won’t need a tape recorder and we’ll listen to these voices in our hearts!

…never be afraid to love us more as we did last night because in the morning our mind will be able to listen to voices that our ears are unable to hear!

Let us not be ashamed of the language of our bodies because it pushes our mind beyond the limits of its daily residence.

Let us love ourselves because then the shock of these revelations will only be magnificent and unforgettable caress!

By loving ourselves strongly, at each encounter even stronger, we discover divine love and our fear of death fades. Yes, soon we too will be knights without fear and blame. Beware then of the tenants of temporal power who live only to value their material properties and who need the full availability of their employees to preserve their interests.

I reject society’s taboo on anything that exacerbates our loves. I refuse to limit love to a social name that seeks the means to ensure the inheritance of the properties conquered over others. Without our meeting, realize that what we would have continued to lose!

I want to be free, free from the alienating rhythm of this society. ( she had risen from a tonic leap and facing the sun, she was jumping high by folding her legs under her thighs ). I want to live, live my whole life!

Peter had risen and taken her by the hand

– Daughter of heaven and earth, of the visible and invisible universe! …God speaks, we have to answer him, this word of another poet, you have now understood it as each of the poets at work… That in our answer we found the tears of happiness that flowed from Laurie’s eyes! Let’s teach men the modesty of crying at least a few times in their lives… and for us, let’s bathe our tears of happiness in the morning dew… it is there offered, let’s enjoy it before the sun dries it!

Peter had lifted Anke in his arms and he ran a few steps to lay her on the grass and kiss her while standing between her thighs. She slid it under her and they rolled several laps down the meadow. The stimulating freshness of the dew electrified the body as if to recharge it with new energy, additional to those they had already stored that night.

The others went into this morning bath in the same way. No sooner had they stopped on the grass than Laurie jumped up. She went to pick up the tape recorder and turned the tape back on to check that her father’s voice had not faded away.

She took the tape and handed it out in front of the band. Humbly she declared her happiness.

I am happy, perfectly happy, thanks to all of you!…Before we get dressed up and go and bring our joy to our children, one more thing!…( she went to Pierre to put her hands on her shoulder and look at the band )…I solemnly ask you to please let us Pierre and I continue our joint research in scout for the group.

I think if Pierre and I hadn’t already shared certain things, things that I haven’t shared with you yet or even with Dan and that maybe I’ll never be able to share with you, he would never have been able to contact my father.

I also solemnly ask Peter and I take you to witness, to take me with him on this journey to meet the one who lives in us and to meet the mysteries of his revelation to men. We’ll be even more alive tomorrow.

I will push Peter not to stop along the way, to overcome his fear, his hesitation. I will be his muse, his maid and one day perhaps his princess (she smiled at him). I will not divorce Dan who will be the father of my children and I will not take Françoise’s husband, it makes no sense between us anymore! We simply ask you to accept at times our least involvement in the activities of the club so that we can have this availability to continue our route, the one that will be partly yours… we will make you live the best moments!

She turned to Peter while taking his hands.

Thank you for thinking this morning to do all this for me and for us!…I know you can go home together. With me, you will see, we will succeed!…

You will no longer be a sleeping poet, seeking to hide his cowardice in insignificance and abandonment. You will not have to evaluate your fears in the eyes of others but it is to the measure of my heart, to the measure of the depth of my gaze that you will guide yourself on earth and I will be there immobile against you so that this measure does not change and you always know where you are… everything against me!…

The woman I am will help you with her means as a woman, means that all of you know for having experienced. With the warmth of my body, the softness of my skin, my kisses, the burning saliva of my mouth on your mouth, on your skin, your sex, my cyprine on your lips, at the bottom of your throat, I will untie your tongue and I will transform the cries of pleasure that I will tear you away into cries of hope so that with this hope, you will again meet this Word that will finally untie your tongue with burning coals!…

I will do it… I will do it with all the forces of my body, my mind, my soul!

Be all witnesses… yes, I give the direction of my soul to the one who is able to lead us to our home but it is not a question of money, I give him all my love of woman to obtain in exchange our salvation and the gift of love that my father has already partly given me… it is all that I can do this morning in the dawn of our new future but I will do it!

She stretched out her arm straight ahead. Peter put his fingers on the outstretched hand. Françoise and then Dan and all the others put their hands on Laurie’s arm. With one voice, all together, they resumed three times: we will do it! Were they already knights building their order?

The return to the chalet

They put on their clothes and returned to the cottage where the children were waiting for them.

Before entering, they heard the last comment of Dominique, still a teacher of letters, who wanted to search in Malinowski’s work on the natives of the Trobriand Islands, the interpretation of the orgiac and primitive rite they had experienced as well as the meaning of the role of the sorcerer and his servant that they had given themselves in the group, so as to build immediately the myth that would tell their adventures to others…

Sepp whispered in his ear to go fuck himself! Sandra who had heard, said aloud that it was already done and by Sepp himself! …

Surprised, they had to remember that that night Dominique had been drawn by lot by Sepp. Sandra wrote it down perfectly! On which they all started laughing at their simplistic way of solving problems with each other!

The poet at the Cross of the Guards in the Azurian night, returns from his memories.

Peter was surprised to catch this laugh on his lips and he came back to him in this Azurian night.

He reviewed the lights of the landscape he had in front of him: Juan les Pins, the Palm Beach and the Croisette, the Fort Sainte-Marguerite, the two towers of the Suquet, the rear deck of the aircraft carrier, the creek of Théoule.

Sitting beside the cross, he was the pilot of a machinery, a mechanism materialized by this arc of circle of lights whose ends advanced towards the sea and the sky… the sea and the sky, day and night, bend time far farther and higher than the horizon to relativize the moments of this life, of this night full of the lights of men and inscribe them in the continuity of what pushes us to live beyond our limits in the memory of our metamorphoses!

This landscape was just a plot of land to lay a few years of its earthly existence. These lights only testified to meeting places, passing for more or less noble travelers… they were not really captivating.

Peter began to have a sore buttock on this rock, which was quite smooth. He preferred to settle on the other side, among the young pine forest that overlooks La Bocca and Mandelieu. Out of sight, he would also avoid the police patrols that regularly spend the night at the Croix des Gardes. He returned to Baden-Baden. He relived this first bath at the Friedrichsbad.

[1] Anke refers to the book by Roy Gutman, Newsday’s correspondent in Europe, who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for revealing the existence of the Serb camps. These descriptions are taken from his book.

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