Part 4 – The art of living

Life after life

Excerpts from Dr. Raymond MOODY’s book by Robert Laffont, the puzzles of the universe, 1977..

Testimonies of people who lived life after life

one woman said:

About a year ago, I was admitted to hospital due to heart problems; the next morning, lying in bed, i began to feel a very strong pain in my chest.

I was ringing a bell near my bed to call the nurses; they ran and hurried around me. Feeling very uncomfortable lying on my back, I wanted to turn on my side; but in doing so i lost my breath and my heart stopped.

I heard the nurses giving the alarm in the hospital’s code language and at the same time I felt myself getting out of my body and sliding down between the mattress and the side bar of the bed – very exactly, it felt like I was passing through that bar – to the ground. Then I slowly rose up in the air, and as I went up, I saw other nurses running into the room – there were a dozen of them.

By chance my doctor was in the hospital doing his rounds; they called him, and i saw him come in, too. I thought: “Here! what the hell is he doing here? ” I continued to rise above the ceiling light (which I could see from the side, and very distinctly), and stopped, floating just below the ceiling, looking down.

I felt like I was a piece of paper that had been blown up to make it fly in the air.


From up there, I witnessed all the resuscitation work.

My body lay there, downstairs, lying on the bed, in plain sight, and was surrounded; i heard a nurse shout: Ah! My God, she passed,” while another lay down for mouth-to-mouth. I could see the back of her head while she was doing it; i will never forget the shape of her hairstyle, she had her hair cut short on the neck.

Right after that, I watched this device as we rolled around the room, and we attached electrodes to my chest. Immediately, I saw my whole body leaping over the bed and heard all the bones crack, it was horrible.

And as I watched them slap my chest and rub my arms and legs, I thought, “But why do they go to such trouble? I feel great now. “

extrait 1 : ch 6, page 54.

It is often during a surgical operation that the phenomena of decomposition occur.

the being of light,

I knew I was going to die and I couldn’t do anything about it, because nobody could hear me anymore… I was out of my body, I’m sure, as I saw this body lying there on the operating table. My soul left him! At first I was very upset, but then came this bright light. At first, it looked a little pale to me, but suddenly there was this intense ray. The light was amazing, nothing like a storm flash, unbearable light, that’s all. And it was radiating heat, and I felt very hot.

It was a sparkling white, a little yellow – but mostly white. It was brilliant, I can’t describe it well. It lit up everything around, but it didn’t stop me from seeing everything else, the operating room, the doctor and the nurses, everything I could see very clearly, without being blinded.

At first, when the light came, I didn’t realize very well what was happening; but afterwards, the light asked me – well, it was like it was asking me – if i was ready to die. It was like when you talk to someone, only there was no one. It was the light that spoke to me, it had a voice.

I now imagine that the voice that spoke to me must have noticed that I was not at all ready to die. She just wanted to test me, no more. And yet, from the moment she started talking to me, I felt delightfully well, protected and loved. The love that emanated from the light is unimaginable, indescribable. And on top of that, it was cheerful! She had a sense of humor, I assure you!

extrait 2 :ch 8, page 83

a young mother’s story:

God sent me back here, but I don’t know why. I clearly felt His presence, I felt recognized. He knew who I was. But He didn’t see fit to open the sky for me, I don’t know why. I’ve thought about it a lot since then, and I guess it’s because of my two kids I have to raise, or maybe I wasn’t ready enough. I keep looking for explanations, but I see no other.

extrait 3 : le retour, ch 11, page 100

Valley of Death:

I kept a very old relative company during her last illness, which dragged on. I participated in the care given to her, and during this time all the family members prayed for her, so that she could regain health. Several times her breathing stopped, but we managed to revive her.

Finally, one day, she looked at me and said: “Jeanne, I went to the other side, to the other side, and it’s beautiful there. I only ask to stay there, but it won’t be possible until you’re all there praying for me to stay with you. Your prayers keep me here. Please don’t pray anymore! “We obeyed, and she died soon after.

extrait 1 : ch 6, page 54.

Death Valley, detail of a painting by William Blake

extract 4: the problem of testimony, c. 12, page 107

It’s really important to find out that others have had the same experience, because I didn’t realize it. Frankly, I am glad to hear that and to be able to tell me that others have gone through that as well. now, at least, i know i’m not crazy.

I had always considered this to be quite real, but I preferred not to talk about it, lest people look at me thinking: When he lost consciousness, he also lost his mind.”

the egyptians imagined the astral body as a bird with a human face. This bird, at the time of death, was leaving the carnal body and hovering around it for a while.

repercussions on lifestyle

Since then, I have never stopped questioning what I have done with my life, what I will do with my life…

But since my “death,” as a result of my experience, I suddenly began to wonder whether what I did, I did because it was good, or only because it was good for me. I used to act on impulses; now i think about things first, calmly, slowly. I have to go through my conscience first and be well digested first.

I strive to make my actions meaningful, and my soul and my conscience are better for it. I try to avoid prejudice, never to pass judgment on others. I’m looking to do the right thing, because it’s good and not because it’s good for me. And it seems to me that my understanding of things has improved infinitely. I feel all this because of what happened to me, because of the places I visited and everything I saw.

extrait 5 : ch 13, page 110

the soul leaves the body, illustration by William Blake for a poem by Robert Blair

Being filled with a new spirit :

As a result of these events, I almost felt like I was filled with a new spirit. Since then, I have often been told that I have a calming effect on people, acting immediately when they feel worried. And I feel more connected to the people around me, and it seems to me that I’m able to guess people much faster than before.

Deciphering people’s thoughts:

Since my accident, I often feel like I’m deciphering people’s thoughts and vibrations. i also sense their resentments.

I’ve often been able to know in advance what people are going to say before they open their mouths. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve had some weird, very weird things happen to me since then.

One evening at a friend’s house, I was guessing the thoughts of the guests, and a few people who were there and didn’t know me got up and left; they thought i was a sorcerer. i scared them. I don’t know at all if this is something that was given to me while I was dead, or if I already possessed this gift without knowing it and had never used it until these events.

new perspectives on death,

I believe that this experience has introduced a new element into my life.

I was just a child when this happened to me, I was barely ten years old. but since then, and throughout my life, i have remained convinced that life continues after death; there is no doubt about that for me, and i am not afraid to die. Not for a second. I’ve seen people who have this fear, this terror.

I always want to smile when I hear people doubt that there is an afterlife, or decreeing: “After death, there’s nothing.” I then think internally: “They don’t know.”

extrait 6 : ch 14, page 115

other testimony:

(While I was on the other side), I felt that two things would be totally forbidden to me: kill me, or kill someone… If I were to commit suicide, it would be as if I refused God’s gift by throwing it in his face… To kill someone else is to stand in the way of God’s plan for that man…

the symposium of 17 June 2006 on NDEs in Martigues

The testimonies

Comment 1

Resistance hampers NDE research

(Dépêche Agence France-Presse), 10 juin 2007 par Laloli (France)

Important publications in scientific journals such as Nature and The Lancet have led to a better approach to research on Near Death Experiences (IMEs) in the medical and scientific community, but many reservations remain.

These experiences, lived by people who remember having seen what was happening around them during a coma, are a subject that remains very controversial, especially in France where it is difficult to conduct serious research,” Sonia Barkallah, 28, organizer of the first symposium on NDEs in Martigues, in the south of France, told AFP.

It is very important for scientists to be able to conduct research (on NDEs) in different disciplines, especially neuroscience, without prejudice of any kind”, stressed participants at the first NDE symposium, in a statement.

Among the signatories to the text is Dr. Raymond Moody, an American psychiatrist who in the 1970s published the first book on these phenomena. According to a 1982 poll in the United States, 8 million Americans had experienced an NDE. “I found that doctors are very interested in the phenomenon but that they conduct their research secretly,” adds Sonia Barkallah.

Pre-cognition, telepathy and even the case of blind people who “saw” precisely what was happening around them while they were in a coma, EMI’s stories are perplexing.

“The most serious avenue at the moment is the relocation of consciousness, which may not be located solely in the brain,” Barkallah explains.

“What is more surprising is that there is currently no scientific explanation for the decoratory experiments”, which it is difficult to give a precise definition, but “the phenomenon can no longer be denied, especially when you are a reanimator like me”, says Dr. Jean-Jacques Charbonnier, anesthesiologist who has written several books on the subject.

“Under the pretext that we have no explanation, that it stirs things of the religious order, of philosophy or that affect us personally, we sweep all this out of hand”, he laments, criticizing the “lack of humility” of the medical community.

Comment 2

Exceptional high-quality symposium with internationally renowned stakeholders April 28, 2007


Press release

The Imminent Death Experiment (IMD), which has been publicized for several years, remains a scientific “UFO”.

During a coma, following an accident, or from a simple daydream, some people find themselves “out of their body”, conscious, alive, but unable to interact with the material world. From there, they embark on an astonishing journey to light, and return with the certainty of the existence of “another reality”. These experiences are carriers of mystery, marvelous, but also seem “too beautiful to be true”. Yet millions of such testimonies have been collected.

Brought to the attention of the general public by Dr. Raymond Moody’s bestseller in 1975 (La Vie après la Vie, French edition Robert Laffont 1977), NDEs are still in the spotlight and feed both the media, literature, cinema, etc.

Following publications in prestigious journals such as Nature and The Lancet, a growing share of the scientific community is now taking this research seriously.

A new continent is opening up to investigation: consciousness and its borderline states.

Relaying the witnesses of EMI, doctors and researchers speak today and no longer hesitate to question many certainties or to defy certain dogmas.

All the doctors present at these meetings have been working on this topic for 10, 20 or 30 years. They will share their findings, beliefs and new perspectives.

The joint press release of stakeholders

We are a group of doctors, practitioners and/or researchers from different disciplines and nationalities. On the occasion of the 1st International Meeting dedicated to the Near-Death Experience (EMI or NDE) – organized in Martigues on Saturday, June 17, 2006 – we wish to make known to the general public as well as to the medical and scientific community the convictions that are ours after years of research on this phenomenon.

Although, from a scientific point of view, the triggering of the Imminent Death Experience is undoubtedly related to neurobiological phenomena in the brain, its extremely rich and complex content cannot be reduced to a mere illusion or hallucination produced by a brain suffering at the moment of death. The reality of human experience is not determined exclusively by neurological mechanisms, and the significance of NDE cannot be reduced to the simple neurological processes that accompany its occurrence in the brain.

Some major scientific advances have been made by studying unusual or “exotic” manifestations of phenomena believed to have been understood in their entirety.

It is very important that scientists can conduct research in different disciplines, especially neuroscience, without prejudice of any kind.

Important publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as Nature and The Lancet, have increased the acceptance of this research in the medical and scientific community and are a first step toward building a body of knowledge recognized by the scientific community.

We believe that this research effort should be encouraged to advance the understanding of the Imminent Death Experience, even if this phenomenon challenges established conceptions about the nature of consciousness and the functioning of the brain.

he Imminent Death Experience, like other “altered states of consciousness”, opens a new path for multidisciplinary research. This path brings hope and progress for humanity. We hope that the medical and scientific authorities and the public authorities will take the right measure.


– Dr. Raymond Moody. Psychiatrist, Ph.D., author of “Life after Life” (Robert Laffont, 1977). Pioneer in the study of NDEs. United States
– Dr. Pim van Lommel. Cardiologist, author of the study “Imminent Death Experiment after Cardiac Arrest”, published in the medical journal The Lancet (15/12/2001). Netherlands
– Dr. Sam Parnia. Intensive care physician. Research Associate at Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York. Author of the book “What happens when we die” (Hay House 2005) and of works published in medical journals. Great Britain
– Dr. Mario Beauregard. Researcher in Neurosciences, specialist in “Neurotheology”, study of deep mystical states. Canada
– Dr. Sylvie Déthiollaz. Researcher in molecular biology, founder of the Noêsis research center. Switzerland. Presentation of two ongoing studies: Estimation of the frequency of NDE and OBE-like phenomena in persons who have been confronted with a vital threat (University Hospital of Geneva). Phenomenological and encephalographic study of the OBE.
– Docteur Jean-Pierre Jourdan. Médecin, responsable de la recherche médicale de Iands-France. Auteur d’un ouvrage : deadline. France 
– Dr. Jean-Jacques Charbonier. Anesthetist-Reanimator, author of three novels on NDEs and the “after life exists” France
– Evelyne-Sarah Mercier. Anthropologist and economist. Founding president of the Association Iands-France. Led the editorial staff of “La Mort Transfigurée” (Belfond 1992). France
– Patrice Van Eersel.Editor-in-chief of the magazine Nouvelles Clés. Author of “La source noire” (Grasset 1986) and “Re-tame Death” (Albin Michel 1997)

A Harvard neurosurgeon confirms that life after death exists

Do we have a soul? Is there a life after death?

Since the beginning of history, life after death has been experienced by countless people who have returned to tell their stories. The most remarkable account is that experienced first hand by the Harvard-trained neurosurgeon (for 25 years), Dr. Eben Alexander. This is not just one of those afterlife stories that can be brushed aside as if it were a hallucination. Before examining the details of his experience of the afterlife and how they defy any scientific explanation, let us explore his account.

Prior to his experience, he did not believe in the existence of a non-physical mind. Having studied Western university medicine, and his fellow doctors deeply engaged in a material perspective of the universe, he thought the idea of a soul was bizarre. Like most skeptics, he believed that the stories of the afterlife were hallucinations or products of the human imagination.

Dr. Alexander changed his mind after being in a coma for 7 days following severe bacterial meningitis. During his coma, he experienced an intense journey into what he knew was the afterlife, visiting celestial and less heavenly spaces.

Proof of Paradise

After returning to his body and experiencing a miraculous cure against all odds, he wrote the New York Times bestseller “Proof of Heaven”. What Dr. Alexander confirms is that our life here would only be a test to help our souls evolve and grow, and the way we do that is to behave with love and compassion. Here are some other surprising remarks he made:

“The experience of the afterlife was so “real” and vast that the experience of life as a human on Earth seemed an artificial dream in comparison.

The fabric of the afterlife was pure LOVE; love dominated the afterlife to such a degree that the overall presence of evil was infinitely tiny. If you want to know the Universe, know Love.

In the afterlife, all communication was telepathic; there was no need for spoken words, or even for the separation between the self and everything that happens around us. All the questions you asked in your mind immediately got a telepathic answer too.

When asked what he wants everyone to know about the spiritual realm, he always replies that you are infinitely precious and loved more than you can imagine. You’re always safe. You’re never alone. Unconditional and perfect love and God does not neglect a single soul.

Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything. Not some sort of abstract, unfathomable love, but the everyday love that everyone knows, the love that you feel when you look at your spouse or your children, or even your animals. In its purest and most powerful form, this love is neither jealous nor selfish, but unconditional.

This is the reality of reality, the truth of incomprehensible and beautiful truths that lives and breathes in the heart of all that exists or will ever exist, and it is absolutely impossible to understand who we are or who we are if we do not know this truth and if we do not feel it deeply in our bodies and in all our actions.”

Dr. Alexander

Attempt to explain this near-death experience

Let us now talk credibility for a minute. What makes this experience so much more meaningful than other accounts of near-death experience (NDE)? Eben’s neocortex was completely out of order during his coma due to severe bacterial meningitis, so there is no scientific explanation for what he experienced. In fact, he refutes nine possible scientific explanations in his book.

Let’s look at 5 potential explanations he describes in Appendix B of “The Evidence of Paradise”. Some of his explanations could not be of any help, not being familiar with neuroscientific terminology. Here are the most common explanations he refutes, taken from his book.

  1. It would be a “primitive brain-stem program to relieve pain and suffering.” (“evolutionary argument” – perhaps as a vestige of strategies such as killing lower mammals?). This does not explain the abundant and richly interactive nature of memories
  2. The distorted ascent of memories of deeper parts of the limbic system (e.g., the lateral amygdala) which is sufficiently protected by successive envelopes of meningeal inflammation, occurring mainly on the brain surface, does not explain the abundant and richly interactive nature of memories.
  3. DMT dump. MTD, a naturally occurring serotonin agonist, causes hallucinations and a dream state. I am personally familiar with the serotonin agonist (LSD) drug experiences of my teenage years in the early 1970s. I have had no personal experience with MTD, but have seen patients under its influence. The rich ultra-reality that I experienced would require the auditory and visual capabilities of the neocortex as receptor regions of the brain to generate such a rich audiovisual experience, as I experienced in my coma. Prolonged coma due to bacterial meningitis had severely damaged my neocortex, which is the area where the entire serotonin, from the raphe nuclei in my brainstem (or MTD, serotonin agonist) would have had effects on visual or auditory experiences. But my cortex was extinct, and DMT would have no place in the brain to act.
  4. A restarting phenomenon – a random accumulation of bizarre, scattered memories from old memories in the damaged neocortex, which could happen with the cortex returning to consciousness after a prolonged breakdown of the entire system, as in my meningitis. Especially given the subtleties of my elaborate memories, this seems highly unlikely.
  5. The generation of unusual memories through an archaic visual pathway through the midbrain, used extensively in birds but rarely detected in humans. This phenomenon can be seen in humans who are blind in the cortex, because of the occipital cortex. This does not provide any explanation for the ultra-reality that I was able to testify to, nor does it explain the fact that visual and auditory experiences were also interrelated.

His account of EMI stands as the most credible account of all time, and because of his materialistic scientific background, we have good reason to believe that he really experienced a striking encounter with something beyond this world.

According to two eminent scientists, the human brain is a “biological computer” and human consciousness is a program run by the quantum computer inside the brain that continues to exist after death.

As the experts explain; “After people die, their soul returns to the universe, and it doesn’t die.

Indo-Tibetan Prayer

To those I love and who love me

When I’m gone, release me, let me go. I have so much to do and see.

Don’t cry when you think of me. be grateful for the good years. I have given you my friendship; you can only guess the happiness you have brought me. I thank you for the love you have shown me. Now it’s time to travel alone.

For a short time you may have pain, faith will bring you comfort and consolation. We’ll be apart for a while, let the memories soothe your pain.

I’m not far and life goes on… If you need, call me and I will come, even if you cannot see or touch me, I will be there, and if you listen to your heart, you will clearly experience the sweetness of the love I will bring you.

And when it’s time for you to leave, I’ll be there to welcome you.

Don’t go to my grave to cry:

I’m not here because I’m not sleeping. I am the thousand winds that blow, I am the twinkling of the snow crystals, I am the light that crosses the wheat fields, I am the gentle autumn rain, I am the awakening of the birds in the calm of the morning, I am the star that shines in the night.

Don’t go to my grave to cry. I’m not here. i’m everywhere.

Indo-Tibetan Prayer

Other EMI testimonies:

This page is visited every month, more than 1,000 times in October 2016 and so we update it when interesting information reaches us. This is the case at the beginning of November 2016. 

An Internet user sends us the address of a forum (old) that presents numerous testimonies of NDE/EMI.

the Swiss French association Our Experience.

This site is very complete. As the author of the post says, after trying to testify and share his experience, he wants to move on. This is also our case, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to this issue of NDE/NDE to try to convince others that we must believe in what we tell, a completely stupid attitude indeed for an insider to life after human life. The reader of knows our way to share our unspeakable experience: change life in the way of the poet, lawyer, economist, manager, former amateur cyclist, cross-country skier, etc. that we have become so far.

Testimony of a woman doctor cured by Jesus.

 the sharing of the unspeakable and the use of the powers of the higher world including that of successful prayer, that of extra-sensory visualization, of the language of the heart… Ask and you will receive a hundredfold! You don’t have to wait for an NDE accident. In this case, the initiatory path follows the mystical path, the most accessible for a human being, we have successfully used it alongside our decorations and the use of the direct path of the language of the soul for the soul.

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