Hydrogen powder: this invention has everything to become the fuel of the future

We have followed the hydrogen file as a source of energy for a long time.

A few years ago we were enthusiastic with the hydrogen battery bike made in the Basque Country:

The Basque Pragma sells its hydrogen electricity generators in Japan

The company specializing in electric bikes supplied with hydrogen has developed a generator-generating mini-group operating thanks to a small fuel cell. Japanese civil security bought the first 300 models.


« Introduce the powder sachet. Add a little water. Connect. » Simplicity and robustness. This is the number 1 asset of Trekhy, a mini-generator producing electricity thanks to a fuel cell that the company Pragma Industries has just sold Japanese civil security.

We also noticed the solid hydrogen storage cake McPhy

The company mcphy based in Motte-fanjas in the Drôme , has developed and patented a Hydrogen storage technology in solid form at low pressure.

Hydrogen is transformed into a solid state and stored in the form of a pancake . It can be stored and used on demand thanks to hydrogen retraining equipment.

Present in gaseous form, and sometimes liquid for applications related to mobility, hydrogen can also be stored in solid form. In Germany, the Fraunhofer Institute has managed to integrate it into a magnesium paste.

There is also: clips to clip in a few seconds

Until now, hydrogen for engines has been stored at very high pressure, in bulky tanks for vehicles.

Stor-H technology allows it to be contained in cartridges the size of a can or a bottle of water. Hydrogen, stored in the gas, is maintained by a kind of “sponge” made up of several layers of various materials. The pressure is very low – even zero – and there is therefore no risk of explosion. These cartridges are clipped in a few seconds on an electric vehicle with the appropriate receiver. Then, a fuel cell turns hydrogen into electricity to power the engine.

A cartridge can thus recharge thousands of times, with an estimated lifespan at ten or fifteen years. It is, moreover, fully recyclable. Technology is currently reserved for vehicles of less than a ton in the context of urban use, such as bikes, scooters, scooters or small cars, which can mostly embark up to two cartridges. Each gives an autonomy of about fifty kilometers.

Ultimately, technology could be extended to boats, port or airport vehicles, as well as for other applications such as solar pumping. For the user, Stor-H estimates that the cost of transport (purchase and use) is 10 to 30% cheaper compared to conventional battery vehicles. It is therefore an ecological and economic solution, which nevertheless remains more expensive, today, than the purchase of a petrol or diesel vehicle.

and then today, there is industrial production of hydrogen powder

Researchers at the University of Deakin in Australia have made a discovery that could indeed revolutionize the energy industry. The subject of this experiment: the amazing combination between hydrogen and boron nitride powder.

This scientific advance would thus make it possible to store hydrogen in the form of powder, a more stable state which thus facilitates its transport. An innovation that is timely for the Australian state, which is experiencing a shortage of historic gas.

This discovery is based on a chemical reaction induced by the absorption of mechanical energy, we then speak of mechanimal. In practice, the boron nitride will be placed in the form of a powder in a rotary tank, to this, we add metal balls. Then, the tank will pivot at high speed, allowing the storage of gas in the powder placed beforehand. Here is a scheme describing this process, also called “ ball-mileing “.

Beyond hydrogen, this mechanic reaction could replace the cryogeny process currently used in the oil industry. The energy efficiency would be on paper 90 % lower than this method. Narious results, which prompted the researchers to validate the dozens of additional times the results obtained.

A new horizon would therefore be possible for the petroleum industry. As a reminder, the cryogeny process represents approximately 15 % of the energy used worldwide.

And then? It is a question of finding a functional application for the industry, as shown by the words of Dr. Chen: “ to go from the laboratory to a larger industrial scale, we must verify that this process is economical, more effective And faster than traditional methods of separation and storage of gas ”. A case to follow.

Commentary of a reader on this article and this process:

The boron nitride is only used to support hydrogen from the atom to which it is linked in natural form. Once stored in the form of a logically powder by heating the powder, we release hydrogen again but there it will be perfectly usable dihydrogen as such.
This is promising! More than hydrolysis of water.

To see the yields but clearly hydrogen has more future than the lithium batteries that we try to refourguer and which will inevitably create shortages and trade and political tensions on rare earths … a non -sense that ‘Industry has rushed into it.
is typically this kind of discovery that the world needs.

to try a very punctual conclusion on this evolving subject,

The use of solid powder or storage for small electric motors, bicycle, car, house, seems promising and already to the point. For industrial uses, this is not yet the case but research is promising.

At the political level, the current decisions of the leaders of the liberal capitalist system are criticizable and dangerous when they reserve public investments in a single form of production and use of “electric motor” with a single source of production of electrical energy.

The practice of subsidiarity with the adaptation of the optimal solution to local particularities, financing with full currency and the management of social rights within the framework of our common goods, are political and economic institutions much better suited to This obligation of the energy transition. They remain prohibited. It is up to us to break these prohibitions and use hydrogen powder to live free, without that of cannons, missiles, rifles … too!

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