Episode 03 The second meeting

By Friday afternoon around 4:30, the eight had met. Still in the rhythm of their work week completed around 1 pm in Germany as well as in Switzerland or Alsace, they decompressed around the pool telling each other how to find these moments of freedom and rush to the club.

Further presentations between the seven couples

 Werner and Barbara had come the longest way but were glad they didn’t experience traffic on the highway near Baden-Baden. Their 16-year-old boy and 14-year-old daughter were on their own for the evening and until their parents’ return on Saturday noon or Sunday noon when they stayed on Saturday at Sepp and Sandra’s. The latter acted similarly towards their three grandchildren: two seventeen and fifteen year old girls and a ten year old boy. Both couples admitted guilt in abandoning their children, because even if they were happy to enjoy the family home alone, their parents could not help but realize that they had to deprive them of an education for pleasure that at their age they would have liked to find. These two couples had been meeting regularly for a few years, at the club mainly during spring and then spent the holidays together and with their children in naturist clubs in France or on the Dalmatian coast. Pierre and Françoise confessed to having hired a babysitter, a student, to take care of their two little girls aged six and three.

 As they mixed up their conversations, three other couples came to join them. Two French couples were attracted by the conversation between Barbara, Françoise and Pierre. It is true that the French minority tended to group together as soon as a word of French was picked up by someone else, because the sharing of the language still greatly encouraged exchanges and this allowed to escape the almost exclusive German environment.

The other couple, Frantz and Anke, came to greet as regulars of the place and in full knowledge Sepp and Sandra. Together, they continued their discussions. Patrick and Carine lived in Baden-Baden and, faced with the cries of admiration from German couples, Patrick was quick to point out that he was working under civil contract at the headquarters of the French forces in Germany. He said that his post would soon be abolished and that he was thinking of returning to Alsace from where he and his wife came. Carine was a freelance nurse who cared for a client group of seniors. They lived in a rented house. To keep their eight-year-old boy and their six-year-old daughter, they had hired a young secretary who worked with Patrick and who, originally from Toulon, waiting for a transfer to her home at the Sainte-Anne hospital, stayed on the weekends.

Dominique, to continue the presentations, explained that she and Gerard were teachers in Nancy and that their fifteen-year-old boy went to his grandparents. Dan and Laurie, Frantz and Anke had no children. Sepp did not miss the opportunity to detail aloud the naked bodies of these two young women to be surprised publicly that no man had made them children!

 Frantz apologized for not knowing all the members of the group and suggested that each one present himself more fully. Smiling, he admitted that it was somewhat contrary to the club’s rule which guaranteed total discretion and respect for the privacy of everyone. But by the end of Friday afternoon, many more people were not coming. Their group would remain isolated and quiet until about twenty hours after the arrival of other couples. Now that a first contact had been made, Frantz suggested going further. Some couples knew each other very well, others a little less and others not at all. Therefore, it was right, in his view, to ensure that everyone knew each other well enough to have a good evening together. He introduced himself at first.  

At the age of 28, he had recently been working in a bank in his hometown of Karlsruhe, after a graduate degree in finance and management. He often came to the club and enjoyed its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. He liked to go off the beaten track in search of a rare pleasure, but he was not limited only to the pleasure of the body, he liked to discover new knowledge and was in search of a higher happiness that he had pursued until now by reading many esoteric books.

He thought that this higher happiness was inseparable from nature and with Anke whom he had known since the age of fifteen, they frequently went hiking in the Alps.

Anke spoke to say that she was 27 years old, a sports teacher and was about to open her own gym and dance room with the medium-term prospect of adding a sauna, a swimming pool, jacuzzis and why not a club like Amadeus and Regina. She had competed in athletics, more specifically in the middle ground, and from the age of 18 she had competed in cross-country ski races. Together with Frantz and friends, they took part in mass events over long distances in Bavaria, Austria, Italy and the Jura.

Sepp congratulated her and said that so much effort to heal such a perfect plastic deserves a next reward from her. In the meantime, he applauded to salute the young woman’s ravishing beauty and the group followed him. Anke stood up and posed the athlete in the manner of Greek statues. Sepp rushed to her feet to kiss her and then quickly went up to kiss each of the model’s buttocks. Anke, charmed, smiled but did not break the pose. Sepp then invited Werner to enjoy it and do the same, then under the laughter and applause, each one resumed the rite. Françoise was the last to execute, then Anke fell into Frantz’s arms to rest from his emotions. Sepp, tireless and a leader of a gang, apologized for having to point out to Anke that Greek statues in principle do not wear hair to the pubis.

 Sandra did not like her heavy insistence on being noticed and asked her to introduce herself promptly. An electronics engineer, he worked at the European Space Agency, at the E.S.O.C. in Darmstadt and lived with Sandra in Mannheim. He was forty-five and Sandra was forty-two, as was Barbara.

After the stars and satellites he dealt with more specifically, he liked to return to earth in the middle of an assembly of naked women. It always put his ideas back in place, especially on the point of knowing who a real star was!

Sandra cut him off. She was a real estate broker and hoped to soon take over a new agency of her company or she resolved to open her own business.

Barbara followed her friend. She was from the south of Alsace, a village near Switzerland. After studying law in Strasbourg, she had found work at an insurance company in Basel, where she met Werner while visiting her factory when a claim was filed.

Werner was a chemical engineer with the rank of doctor and had become head of a production unit in his factory in Schweizerhalle. Both discovered a passion for skiing in the Oberland and later for naturism during their holidays in the South of France or on the beaches of the Dalmatian coast in Croatia.

Patrick had already presented himself and he left the floor after indicating his age of thirty-two as Carine. She was a freelance nurse and cared for a clientele of elderly people in Baden-Baden, where she had come to join Patrick in a rented accommodation. The move had not been far away as they had come from Alsace and had only had to cross the Rhine. Carine was worried because Patrick would soon see his contract not renewed with the French Forces of Germany and he did not know if he would have a job in the Eurocorps. Somewhat jealous of Anke’s success, she took Sepp to task to tell him that she did several kinds of massages very well.

 Gérard indicated that he was an associate professor of economics and management at a high school in Nancy. He didn’t want to speak out about the discomfort he felt in a training system that was closing in on old-fashioned corporatism and about the fear that regulated professional relationships with the arrival in droves of new high school students who are the first in their families to have to go to college to hope for a satisfying job. Gérard knew that this situation was the result of the government’s desire to bring 80% of an age group to the baccalaureate level. This is even lower than in Japan, where 93% of the labor force has a Bac+2 level of qualification, the result of a culture based on the requirement of personal development. But here, the students had just piled up in the classrooms, and these new high school students didn’t always understand what the intellectual work is required to get a degree and a good job.

Mass training was organized without any change in the requirements of the diplomas and the ways of teaching. These courses, originally intended to produce experts in science, language and technology, left out the most essential aspect of education for individual and collective life and these shortcomings demobilized first the majority of the pupils and then the teacher, not to mention the falsified and tendentious knowledge which governed the field of business management which Gérard was responsible for passing on.

 Dominique taught French and modern letters in the same school, she was forty years old just like Gérard. Their couple were interested in personal development courses, initiation to Oriental rites, relaxation, geo-energy and they lived in the New Age movement. It was the first time they came to the club. They had practiced a little wild naturism, especially before the birth of the children but had never practiced free love. Sometimes they expressed regret that a group session did not go to a more intimate exchange because they thought that this exchange was possible and beneficial. Dominique confessed that she came mainly to see before eventually practicing. Sepp excused him and said he would volunteer to demonstrate if he was allowed to choose his partner. His gaze came upon Françoise.

 Laurie came to the rescue of her friend to declare that she was not finished with her. She kept talking about her job as a psychologist in the US military. She began by confessing her age: She was 28 years old and then spoke about her childhood, her job and the pleasure she had found in the club of Amadeus and Regina.

Dan spoke in turn. The officer gave his age: 32 years old, his rank of commander, described some tasks of his military activity, cited some anecdotes of his recent interventions in Kurdistan and the Balkans. He expanded a little on his passion for skiing and helicopters to indicate that he was actively involved in a club of collectors of airplanes and helicopters of war near Venloo, near Aachen. Dan gravely emphasized his desire to involve himself and his wife in helping victims of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. He concluded his presentation by indicating that he supported Laurie in the process she had initiated with Pierre. The others were surprised by this remark because they had not noticed anything in between.

 Françoise spoke. She was 35 years old, just like Pierre, and after studying at Sciences Po and Law and then graduate studies in management, she worked in an accounting and finance firm. It was the second time she had come to the club and had a very good memory of their first visit thanks to Laurie and Dan meeting.

She was surprised to see that friendship could be exchanged serenely when she had been convinced at the beginning to meet only perverts and submissive women in this type of club who were obliged to satisfy the particular desires of their husbands or to see them take mistresses or to go and spend the household money with prostitutes…

Sepp applauded her because she said it was true: he was a pervert and he was going to show him how! The group did not follow their usual leader, but reflected on what Françoise had just said. They all noted with her that there was no perversity in their behavior but a thirst to live differently and more intimately with each other. It was only a naive dream but today this dream could become a reality but what follow-up could bring about their encounters? The group had noted the fact that Dan unveiled the special relationship that had been born between Laurie and Pierre and, as motivated by the collective unconscious demand, Dan took advantage of Françoise’s intervention to question her about what she thought of the meeting between Pierre and his wife.

Trust born in their group of friends

 Françoise said she had enjoyed having sex first with Laurie and then having sex at the end of the previous evening all four without condoms. She did not like the feeling of latex, she considered that a close trust had been born between their two couples and that this trust should spread throughout the group.

She replied that her husband had a peculiar intellectual approach, backed by generous but somewhat naive ideas. She found it difficult to agree completely on what he said about death and the contact with life after death that we might have in our human existence. This belonged to Peter’s youth and not so much to their married life. She listened to him, but if Laurie wanted to venture on this path, she agreed to let them both try this adventure. Françoise appreciated Laurie’s human and spiritual experience. The idea of letting her husband compete with a real professional seduced her because she was certain in her strong interior that this would push her to become the poet she had not known again except through the few texts he had published.

Embarrassed by the confession she was going to make, she approached Pierre and told him that secretly she hoped to see him one day make his ideas come true. She did not feel able to push him on this path, but she trusted Laurie who could do it to revive her husband’s flame.

Tantrism can develop their relationships

 Françoise went on to say that she was very interested in Laurie being a surogate.

Peter had explained to him that the name of the girl used in the sexual practices of Buddhist Tantrism was mudrâ, that some priestesses and priests of the temples of ancient Egypt had the mission of educating young men and girls about sexuality before they married. It was captivating!

Wasn’t Laurie rekindling this social mission in favor of the most accomplished and living femininity?

Sepp approved of Françoise’s interrogation. Laurie addressed Sepp and took the opportunity to clarify that, on the spiritual level, the most unbridled orgies were intended to de-individualize the being and to make it return, without him realizing it at the beginning, in the course of Nature, to the field of primary energies capable of regenerating it and giving another dimension to its carnal life than that which it knows through its social education. The tantric orgy, the dionysian orgy, the ritual orgy puts us in the presence of another dimension of ourselves among others[1] and the sharing of gestures of love beyond conventional limits promotes access to a certain form of ecstasy.

But had Sepp ever participated in a real orgy? Laurie didn’t believe it! She imagined it like last time. ready to demonstrate his ability to make his wife scream and enjoy in front of an audience and in summer, ready to have a tidy life as a naturist on a beach in the sun. Was Sepp truly beyond himself? …especially to others? The former surogate did not want to remain talking. Laurie wanted to test the group to see if he was ever ready to follow her in a deeper process of rupture and liberation.

 Laurie came to meet Dan and languorously, without shaking herself in front of the audience, she hung herself on his neck to kiss him for a long time. The group endeavored to scrutinize the slightest gesture, the slightest posture of this young woman with such beneficent powers and such overflowing love. Their romantic contact had awakened Dan’s ardor. Laurie stepped aside to get on her knees and caress her man’s sex and then she approached his lips to take him in the mouth and give him pleasure. She closed her eyes and the intensity of the scene, her natural way of showing that it is better to exchange acts of love than to just talk about them, disturbed the audience. She showed her pleasure by cambering and rolling her kidneys.

After a while, Laurie got up, kissed her lover again, then turned her back, came to sit on her thighs. She leaned back, one hand to grab her neck and bring her head closer to her lips and kiss her, the other hand taking her lover’s sex to get it into her. She stretched her body to enjoy better and the kiss and penetration, offered all great to the eyes of others. Even more than her body, Laurie’s entire attitude was splendid, a simple and radiant beauty that penetrated you to speak to your innermost conscience and tell him that it was beautiful and good since the day when the first man and woman had so penetrated.

Laurie turned her head upside down to fix Pierre’s face with her deep blue look. The latter broke the exchange of glances to walk his over Laurie’s entire body and then he went up to the height of his eyes. The lover’s face exulted with happiness. She was happy to give herself in this way, to show her all the resources of her femininity with which she would govern him to lead him on the path of their spirituality towards the source of infinite Love.

Peter thought he could not stand there like an ungrateful man and he went to thank her. He leaned over her to kiss her and naturally, with her hand, she also surrounded the head of her second lover so that he would stick to her well in their kiss. When he stood up, she took his hand to keep in touch with them. After briefly staring at all the others, she spoke out loud and distinctly to invite Peter to dare, to continue daring with her and then with the others. She was pleased that he dared to come and kiss her in love while she stood on her husband’s thighs but he could dare more and more. Laurie folded her thighs slightly higher to spread them further apart and show her gender more widely.

The kiss had also awakened Peter’s ardor. Laurie as she had done for her husband, caressed his sex and then while sitting on Dan, she leaned over to take him in the mouth. When she stopped, she resumed her initial position and with her magnificent smile, she invited her second lover to join her first. She wanted them both in her carnal intimacy. Peter had no trouble coming to find Dan in her, both sexes bathed in the enjoyment of the woman who loved them. All three moved little, seeking above all to fully taste the new sensations of their encounter. Laurie threw her lips from one to the other and then with her free hand, she found a space to caress herself without complex. The two men tried not to be rejected by their lover’s movements and they only got out of her sex once she enjoyed and threw her cries of happiness among the whole group gathered around her.

 Peter departed and returned to his place. Laurie stood up and asked Dan to bring their chair closer to Pierre’s. She invited others to follow her example and she took her place on Dan’s thighs. The other couples did the same, and their magic circle projected bewitching power. Gestures, kisses, words exchanged gave way to calm. Through the sharing of their eyes, they agreed to taste this sensual communion. After a long time of erotic games, they went to eat.

Amadeus joins the group of lovers

 At the end of the meal, when the restaurant room was temporarily almost deserted, Amadeus came to join them. Wherever possible, he liked to know what each of them did when they came regularly to his home. As if he were a recluse, a guard who, in order to better protect the place he was in charge of, had isolated himself from the world. By interrogating his visitors, he regained contact with civilization, so as to update the sum of his knowledge.

He started talking to Sepp. Pierre understood through their discussion that Sepp, as an electronics engineer at the satellite tracking center in Darmstadt, was in charge of radar… Amadeus was interested in radar altimetry, more particularly the altimetry-orbitography combination which allows the determination of the altitude of the points overflown by the satellite to within ten centimeters as regards the determination of fine orbit… Pierre listened to this discussion, understanding that these means of measurement could verify certain Egyptian calculations transmitted in the body of esoteric knowledge…

Pierre had no idea that a year later, at Sophia-Antipolis, he would be in contact with the manufacture of the components for one of these radio frequency altimeters which would demonstrate that the Atlantic Ocean is 70 cm higher in New York than in Cherbourg. Several satellites of this type were to be launched by the Ariane rocket and through Sepp, Amadeus knew a little earlier the news of the sky….Amadeus and all those who sit around Sepp and wanted to learn… whether or not they know the Egyptian calculations!

Amadeus then questioned Werner. The chemical engineer at Basel-Schweizerhalle had several strings to his bow. He had been involved in the industrial development of acrylic emulsions and then of modifiers for plastics. He was now working on an agricultural fungicide. Werner said he had been in New Zealand a few months ago to look after the protection of apples against scab, the most common apple disease, and powdery mildew, the second most common. In New Zealand, Werner, one of the world’s largest apple exporters, continued, Cox’s Orange Pippin was harvested in February and Red Dougherty was harvested in late May. In the meantime, the harvest is for varieties such as Gala, Red or Golden Delicious, Braeburn or Granny Smith. His test campaign had gone well and he had been able to verify that the new packaging did not alter the phytosanitary properties of the product under this climate.

Amadeus was satisfied with the news. It is true that in the restaurant, next to the dessert buffet, there was always a superb bowl of fruit with inevitably several green or red apples. Some, to be sure, had already come from New Zealand. Amadeus with these apples, had found himself there as a game… he watched the young women who, taken by the fascination of the apple, chewed it then gave it to their lovers… these new Eve enchanted his club and precisely, here is Werner who took care of these apples, even those that came from so far! He began to dream that thanks to Werner, these new Eve, with these apples, would be even more Eve than ever! Françoise, who, in a good Evening, always had a shipment of Granny Smith in her home, had also listened with round eyes to Werner’s remarks. It definitely became interesting to talk with the people here, especially when Pierre or Laurie were silent!

Amadeus withdrew, the information was sufficient. He came and went with delicacy, without shyness but with a deep respect for others. He presented himself more as a servant than as the owner of the premises. His attitude forced admiration. After he left, Frantz started the conversation again.

 Running their own dating club?

– running a club like this is my dream!

– oh! you’d get bored quickly, like those who regularly come here! They spend their evenings typing the cards and around 11 o’clock, midnight, will kiss for granted of consciousness. After the bistro, they had found the sauna then now they come here to cheat their boredom and lack of imagination to get out of their deadly habits… to behave like this and here!…they disgust me!

Barbara had spoken and one could imagine that she did not come from Basel for that.

– no, instead of letting people do what they want or always offering them the same animations, i would create activities that bring something to people

– ah?

Sandra was coming to Barbara’s rescue. In fact, it expressed the general attitude of the group. Frantz was the youngest in the group. We could concede to him that he knew how to make himself loved by a very beautiful young woman, but what ideas could he have in his head? Accumulating such a flattering physical advantage with provocative and interesting ideas quickly became unbearable.

– yes…understand…let people dream, let them build and live at least some of their dreams!

– Mixing dream with reality doesn’t work!

The chemist had spoken, but Frantz didn’t stop there.

– the reality of this place, we all need it to create the bases of the change of scenery necessary for the dream… a very blue swimming pool, a common room with lots of stars on the ceiling, soft berths from where you never fall no matter what you do, Roman baths… in my club i would even see a toilet made of translucent glass without doors or partitions… i see places, decors that allow us to cross the borders imposed on our attitudes.. and we are all here because of it! Otherwise we only have to invite each other next time but will we be as well as here with so much space and comfort, freedom to let go to our only meetings?…as for the dream! …what is the ultimate dream? …live it? …and how? …no, the fulfillment of the dream is not in the reality of the dream, it is when you can tell it even with imperfect words to describe it perceptibly, it is when you try to share it with someone that the dream takes a certain tangible reality… then alone or with that someone who listened to you, who believed you, you will try to realize it by passing to action and it will never be how in the dream even if you persuade yourself for a long time… the fullest reality of the dream lies in its sharing.. it is the sharing that makes the reality of the dream!

 Frantz had planted his gaze in Peter’s and he was holding on to make him bend. Pierre posed as a poet and in those moments it was very difficult to make him lower his ardent gaze. Pierre admitted that he certainly had in front of him one of those young Germans with lyricism and devastating romanticism that in some confine to genius.

The German cultural soul is illustrated by such characters and all the poems of Heine, Schiller, Goethe that he had learned in his school of Alsace at the same time as those of Hugo, Musset, Verlaine and others, allowed him to feel perfectly at ease in this environment. Pierre, as soon as he admitted that Frantz could be one of those young inspired with a conquering spirit, did not want to quarrel with his interlocutor…. On the question of the mixed toilets with translucent walls, Pierre had not yet been to Cannes and did not know yet the existence of these two-three villas of Arab princes that dominate Cannes, more so Super-Cannes than California… and where precisely the toilets are separated by partitions of translucent glasses while the house staff is exclusively composed of young and beautiful women… Pierre therefore refrained from commenting on this point! As for the notion of the reality of the dream in its sharing, he found it quite…

 – but what sharing do you want to create in a place where you share your sexuality, your partner, your intimacy with others?

– well share it with those who do not yet share it! I’d like to see a club where we learn how to sexually develop. Look here, few couples find themselves living with intense sharing. Apart from couples who already know each other outside the club, few couples meet to exchange friendships and extend the exchange of a look, a caress or even a sexual relationship….our group is an exception and let’s not mention those men alone who, their tired and abandoned companions at the bar, try late at night to bond with a couple, in order to live in spite of everything a little fantasy…I believe that learning to share may be necessary.

We could also train teenagers to become in a better way fulfilled men and women capable of exchanging and sharing love without accumulating, as most, two three failed love stories before making random concessions against them to finally not remain alone in life… we must grow up away from the frustration especially sexual. I was very interested in Laurie’s comments about orgiac rites. This club would be a training center with instructors and trainees and on the other side a classic club for people who would not want to get involved in such sharing but who would be content by ease, a bit out of cowardice, to see, to observe people who love each other on stage.

The latter clients would pay for their tickets and would finance a large part of the club so that trainees would be able to train at a very low cost, so that the instructors would not be penalized too much by the time spent on their work elsewhere. Each member could choose his or her level of involvement, spending or compensation. With the benefits, the club could hire real professionals in certain areas or launch new activities… the important thing for the permanent members of the club would be to realize gains or savings comparable to about working time! It would actually be a real network of deep human exchanges…

– a self-managed club of sorts?

Gerard’s eyes became bright. The teacher found the self-management of his student youth. He was excited at the prospect of finally being able to touch it. His wife Dominique continued:

– yes, but the object of such a society is illegal and immoral!

– in France seems to be still a little… but more in Germany. The company is only a necessary and useful organization for the common management of money. The activity itself can very well take place in private places with adults. Starting in Germany, this allows us, within the framework of the European single market, to set up a subsidiary in France and there can be no discriminatory measures in relation to what is being done here!

Pierre had found some of his legal accents and others began to reflect on the proposal that Frantz and Pierre were defending.

– Carine and I would also be very interested in opening such a club at the bottom of our Vosges valley. I know a few abandoned textile factories that lend themselves very well to the activities of a club like this!

Peter asked him what valley he was talking about, and when Patrick answered, they learned that both were from the same valley. Pierre, who had been a cyclist, knew the smallest bends, the smallest coasts of the village of Patrick. The group looked puzzled. What did this series of troubling coincidences that demonstrated the unsuspected richness of the bonds that united them mean? Was it the fruit of a common destiny?

– yes… yes but I wonder how some people will be able to teach love to others… I am not sure that they know how to make love!

Looking at Françoise, Sepp had found a golden subject to resume his assaults against her, regretted that he was always by the stealing that occurred during the first meeting. Thanks to Laurie’s instigation, he had seen Françoise make love with Dan, but he still had not touched her. Laurie also felt targeted, took the lead and replied in German:

– if that’s the case, we just have to screw all together and we’ll see who can be a monitor or not! ….besides there will be no more frustrated perverts among us to annoy us!

Seen from Laurie’s side, Sepp could always run after her own star. Françoise did not fully share this approach… Being chased by a tenacious starhunter made a big difference. Frantz took over the direction of operations:

– behind us, in the clearing near the big oak, there is a large round wooden table….all around there is a small lawn and a projector allows to illuminate the table… let’s do it like our celtic ancestors… under the big oak!

Werner, a chemist, understood how to marry bodies:

– I would see women alternately leaning on or lying on this table. The men would take them one by one by turning around the table. One woman would lie at the edge of the table and lay her legs on the man’s shoulders, the next would be caught doggy style and then on the next turn, they would change their position… then, to these ladies to find the rest of the program!

After a rather long interrogative silence, a female voice continued:

– I’ll go get condoms, intimate gel and paper towels!

Barbara’s concern for order was legendary.

– Yay! …but putting all this and changing every time will waste time and it will cut me off any effect!

Françoise did not want to spoil her pleasure and sought to put herself out of the game.

– well, i got something! …a man and a woman take care of everyone. The woman puts the condoms on all the men and the man checks that the ladies’ cats are sufficiently wet otherwise he applies the intimate gel and we change like this every time. A woman lying on her back each time counts up to a hundred at the speed she wants or the man’s ardor leaves her… it’s up to you to play guys so they collapse before reaching a hundred… I want audible figures and not moans!….Like this, the woman who will be on duty, will go through each man especially if she has to erase in some a temporary failure to put on the condom and each man will have for him at least once all these cats under his hands… is not a sharing of the dream this?

 Werner had been at the end of his complex organization and it promised a nice firework.

The audience had to recognize the chemist’s talents in marrying bodies. Sepp nodded more loudly than the others, finally assured this time of owning Françoise… It certainly remained to know how the first time… he would have preferred to take it immediately in doggy style but it was now less important. Françoise replied soberly to her insistent gaze, concerned that all the men who were there, in a moment, would come and penetrate her, search her and possess her in her sex and her ass…. assured what was that smart men would put their fingers also in her little hole unless they put their sex in it, for how to stop them those men she scrutinized from bottom to top, each in turn….

For the first time his mind gave him no inference, no logical conclusion. His mind was already listening to the language of his body which, taking its place, would speak and come to overwhelm it all.

 Much later, when they had returned home and slipped into the Roman colonnade pool, they shared a moment of calm. This sudden silence became heavy, unsettling. The warm water invited you to sleep.

Efforts to possess one another faded away, but the spirits saturated with exaggerated sensations, also in need of calm and relaxation, could find relief only in total immobility. Laurie was the first to close her eyes. Others followed suit. Pierre observed Laurie. He saw a part of his body in turn crossed by a relaxed movement: the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back then she tilted her head forward, backward not changing the vertical axis of her body. He inferred that she was doing an exercise in sophrology. Was she going to turn into an instructor and invite the group to a sophronic descent?

After several minutes during which everyone had accepted this silence and this inner journey, Peter slowly spoke.

The Prayer of Moses

 – Father… our father, the only god who lives in all flesh, from the laws of stone to the words of prayer, I sing the eternal…. the eternal feminine from whom everything comes.

It awakened at least one person:

– Is that from you?

Dominique had apparently checked his French classics and had found nothing, hence this question assured.

– it is the prayer of Moses… it is part of a spiritual exercise he wrote!

Françoise and it was normal, guided the audience among the works of her husband. Pierre continued:

 – from the rocks of Serbal to Sinai, in the desert light I climbed next to you. We remembered that fire that we had met you and me in our heart, where our soul lights up when pure clarity made us live beyond death. In front of his presence we shouted… shouted… Father, our father, the only god who lives in all flesh, from the laws of stone to the words of prayer, I sing the LORD… the female LORD from whom all things come.

Verily I say unto you, as I your brother have power to lead the people unto the Father… unto him that lives in them, and take them at the time of their death, as he took us, the children of the LORD, in our lifetime.

Go Moses! Speak openly to the multitude of the will of the Lord!

 – I too want to pray!

Dominique continued her interview with the poet. Another voice was heard.

– I would like to be in a chapel… cool under stone vaults… where only a few rays of light pierce through the small stained glass windows… I would stand in the middle of a circle of light, on a large, smooth tile with just a white dawn for only garment… I would have silence to pray!

It was Anke who had just spoken and the surprise was great. When he looked at each other, Peter realized that they had all arrived at the stadium he knew well. Fever of the bodies, their carnal communion is not able to fully satisfy the human being. It is a way of imposing a new language with phenomenal scope and thus pushing the mind back into its last entrenchments, pushing the thought out of daily limits. So much pleasure, so much heat, even fleeting, attests to an unequivocal exceeding of the limits of conventional life. If the mortal body can carry you to this point, how far can the mind and everything that inhabits the body lead you? Presented in this way, it is obvious that the mind only has to get to work to break the walls of its smallness.

 Pierre continued:

– to pray in this way and to get an answer, we need a different time, places that invite us to other spaces… to pray is to speak… to speak to the one who lives in me and because he is the same as the one who lives in you, is to speak to you and to the one who lives in you…. that you know or that I can get to know you…

They decide to create their own dating club

Laurie moved and her impetuosity made waves in the basin.

– if we want to go to the end of what we are looking for, I agree to create a club, to train others, to help young people, to make money with an audience if all this allows us to stop working, to break this alienating link where we are obliged to sell our time and a good part of our life in order to have money and to be able to provide for the necessary or unnecessary material needs but imposed by social conventions.

For me this means that after having used my body in this club, I also want to have time to do something else with my mind… to have time to heal my soul and your souls to communicate more deeply with what lives in me and what lives in you… this is how I love you! I think this club can give us that freedom that gives us time to pray… we have to choose between this society’s proposal: becoming a monk or a young executive overworked by work, a candidate for divorce, stress and the failure of his spiritual life…

Our path can lead us to new horizons, old horizons that have made the existence of many other peoples whose civilizations still amaze us today… In this violence, witness to the end of the primacy of industrial society, we can speak again of peace, silence, dialog with what lives within us.

Let’s all enjoy what everyone can contribute. Let Sepp tell us about his stars, Werner about his chemistry and let Pierre take his place among us! We have everything to succeed. By exchanging until our bodies enjoy themselves, we will never exhaust this energy capable of making us progress in mastering what we are led to live after this existence.

We are capable of turning our ills into remedies! Because this is inseparable from who we are, we can and must care about it today, here and now!

She looked at each of the men in turn.

– I will keep in my memory for a long time the smile, the joy, the pleasure that I discovered on your faces when you came to penetrate me… I will always see the even greater pleasure that some had when taking Anke, the beautiful Anke in doggy style, how some of their hands dug her kidneys to bring out her ass more…. It’s true that of all of us, she must have the narrowest vagina and that’s what you prefer!… She’s the youngest… it’s not to speak ill of you… On the contrary, I need these expressions to better penetrate into you, into your intimacy and enjoy what I will find there…and if in some corners there is nothing, I will put mine! … so we will all enrich ourselves with our communions!

The men were silent. Only Dan was stunned and Pierre was supportive. Laurie had spoken for women. She took her full place as Shakti! It was an uncompromising commitment and the responsibilities of each were clear. It was difficult to add anything! There was only one question left that was now obvious: when were we gonna see each other again?

Frantz put it down since it was he who first suggested to create their own club. Patrick spoke to answer.

– in two weeks, i can welcome you in the large cottage we occupy. The upper neighbors have returned to France and we have the keys. On the ground floor there are meeting rooms… We live in Baden-Baden towards the bottom of the valley, on the road that goes up to the schwarzwaldhochstrasse, it is a large chalet that the French forces of Germany bought. There is room for everyone and you can bring the children. I’ll arrange a guard for them and I’ll find committed female staff to keep them in another cottage not far from ours. I’ll take care of the beds, don’t bring anything! As for meals, you’ll have to see, I’ll leave you my phone number and our address but no joke, don’t call my general!

Patrick’s proposal was welcomed. Even Dan couldn’t believe it… these French people’s resourcefulness was second to none! Frantz, faced with the favorable turn of events, went further in their project:

– I spotted an old abandoned sawmill at the exit of a small village at the end of a valley not far from Baden-Baden… the buildings are still in good condition and the paddle wheel which at the beginning operated the high-iron sawmill is still there! It would be a beautiful place for the club. Next to it is the torrent, a vast meadow and the forest all around. The road is down below and there is no neighbor around 300m away… a magnificent place! We’d be safe there. There are a few piles of boards still usable to rearrange the interior… this is a golden opportunity, we could go visit it!

 The appointment was made and they exchanged their phone numbers. Everyone was relieved to know that these moments would not stop, that on the contrary they would be able to live even better and for longer. Werner and Barbara left with Sepp and Sandra, where they would sleep and spend the day on Saturday. Patrick and Karine, Frantz and Anke were going home. The last three couples had rented a room for the night. Laurie no longer wished to participate in the night debates and dragged her friends under the big oak.

On Sunday morning, just before getting into her car, Laurie discreetly gave Pierre her business card.

– you have my address to join me on saturday afternoon! I’ll wait for you at 2:30 on the church steps. I want to see you alone! Chuss!

Ow! ow! ow! Life was getting complicated! Pierre preferred to dream and this whole program was not dream! He had to go… and Françoise? what about the kids? How do you explain to them the need to be with Laurie so often?

[1] Mircea Eliade in his Treatise on the History of Religions (Payot, 1949, p.307) explains the deep meaning of ritual orgy: “Orgy, as well as immersion in water, cancels creation, but regenerates it at the same time; identifying with the undifferentiated, precosmic totality, man hopes to return to himself restored and regenerated, in a word “a new man”. Julius Evola, Tantric Yoga (Fayard, 1971, p.189) speaks of “the savage deconditioning of the being… The promiscuity, the momentary disappearance of all limits, the evocation and the orgiastic reactivation of the primordial Chaos favor certain obscure forms of ecstasy “.

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