The Forbidden and Taboo Origin of Human Knowledge

the spiritual and intellectual knowledge of ancient Egyptian, Aztec and Inca civilizations that contradicts the Bible and remains forbidden in Western Judeo-Christian culture..

The spiritual and intellectual knowledge of ancient Egyptian, Aztec and Inca civilizations that contradicts the Bible.

The world’s oldest city destroyed by earthquake

In Bolivia, at an altitude of 4,000 meters, lies Tiahuanaco, the oldest city in the world, destroyed by an earthquake but where the sun still stands. The Incas told Fernand Pizarre, the Spanish conqueror, that they had never known this ruined city. The Aymaras, the oldest people of the Andes, said that this city was one of the first men of the Earth.

The legends of the Andes

Travelers from Venus

Garcilaso de la Vega, an educated Spanish who participated in the Spanish conquests and whose writings were later forbidden and books burned, in a document that escaped destruction, recounts a legend of the Andes: in the tertiary era, about five million years ago, when no human being existed on earth, a brilliant aircraft like gold landed on the island of the sun of Lake Titicaca. Fresh water and atmospheric pressure were suitable for these travelers from Venus, where the atmosphere is almost similar to ours. A woman came down from the ship and mated with a tapir to found a new earth race. She had children and left alone for Venus. This story is written on the sun door. A. Kazantsev, a Russian engineer, identified a Venusian calendar on the sun door with years of 225 Earth days.

The son and daughter of the Sun God bring knowledge to men

Garcilaso de la Vega recounts another legend: “The Sun God, ancestor of the Incas, sent them in ancient times one of his sons and one of his daughters to give them knowledge, delegates whom the men recognized as divine to their words and their fair complexion”.

The common feature of these Andean legends is the coming of aliens who gave humans an unknown science on earth. The people from these aliens kept their blood and their science and came to settle on the continent of Atlantis whose land was more than 4000 m above sea level. The people who had received these travelers stayed in the Andes and used this science as well, but the colony of aliens who remained at Tiahuanaco died out and survived only the native Indians.

The Last Great Cataclysm

Around – 10,000 years (B.C.), glaciologists date the existence of a planetary cataclysm. The zodiac of Denderah indicates that the position of the stars on this day of the great cataclysm corresponds to the date of July 19, 9792 BC. In Egypt, the Harris papyrus reports a cosmic disaster by fire and water and signals that the south became the north and the earth turned. The Hermitage papyrus preserved in the museum of Saint Petersburg indicates that the world has turned around. Herodotus reports that the Egyptian priests claimed that several times during the historical ages the Sun had risen where it now sets and vice versa.

The Survivors of Atlantis

The descendants of the refugees from Venus settled on Atlantis, whose mountains at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters corresponded more closely to the living conditions of their former planet. But the weight of these mountains made this continent disappear during the last great cataclysm, it sank into the earth’s crust and was submerged by the ocean. The survivors of Atlantis washed up on the shores of Morocco and a few thousand years later, their descendants settled permanently on the banks of the Nile (see the Osiris with olive green skin).

The 6,242-year-old Sothis (Sirius) calendar (2001) brings the beginning of the ancient Egyptian civilization to 7,000 and even 8,000 years. This region had several assets: the Nile brought fertility and witnessed the last great cataclysm because it had then altered its course to, unthinkably, cross a desert and dump into another sea. Then the region was at the crossroads of three continents, the three continents connected to each other by land.

Thus, the descendants of the travelers from Venus would once again control humanity. On the American continent, there remained the pre-Columbian civilization then Inca and they would take care of the three continents Europe, Asia, Africa to transmit to them what remained of their knowledge. Finally, a sensitive argument at the time, in Nubia, there were deposits of gold which came to the surface of the earth and it was enough to bend down to collect this gold. Thus, they had the means to establish their influence over the peoples of the three continents.

The neighboring peoples of Atlantis who had traded with it and shared its knowledge founded the Celtic civilization and also used this knowledge. Legend has it that a tribe left the shores of the Atlantic and led by Rama, crossed the Himalayas to secure this knowledge on the highlands of Tibet and then to found the Aryan race in Asia and India.

The Little Cataclysm Caused by Venus

Around – 3000 years, the planet Venus came to settle in its current orbit and it caused a small cataclysm.

The Hindu table of Tirvalour dating back more than 5,000 years, Chaldean astronomical tables, the legends of most people indicate this fact or prove it. This corresponds to the sudden acceleration of knowledge and development at that time of the heyday of pre-Columbian and Egyptian civilizations. Did they receive reinforcement from Venus when its inhabitants understood that this change of orbit and getting too close to the sun would destroy human life on this planet?

Did the survivors of Atlantis understand that the end of their ancestors’ planet obliged them to build testimonies of their origins so as to leave a trace in humanity if they, too, disappeared? In Egypt, this is the beginning of the construction of pyramids, a monument that cannot be overturned, which must withstand the next great cataclysm linked to the tilting of the axis of the earth to a new center of gravity, to the disturbances caused by the passage of another planet. This civilization of the pyramids spreads on Earth, it also exists in Central and South America.

Scientific evidence is multiplying to confirm the legends of the Andes and the knowledge of the temples along the Nile

Satellites and cosmic probes provide evidence

Venus went on to experience extraordinary events that stories passed on to us. The Mariner II probe sent data that indicated that there are 4,000-meter mountains and that in some places its vegetation and temperature are tolerable to humans on earth.

To prove today that the divine laws and the celestial mathematics kept in the temple of Denderah are accurate and that every 26,000 years the earth tilts on its axis to find a new center of gravity and eliminate the forces stored by its retrocession around the sun, it would be necessary to be able to leave a radar altimeter still in the same place for more than 72 years to measure the flattening of the poles during this period of time, a phenomenon that the Egyptians knew and measured with respect to the stars.The radar altimeter exists, that of Topter ex-Poseidon manufactured by France measures the height of the seas to within 2 centimeters. Since then, many other radar altimeters have been orbiting the Earth, and it remains to be seen how to leave a satellite in the same place for 80 years.

The papacy’s efforts to bury the Andean knowledge and John Paul II’s apologies.

When the Catholic papacy learns this history, it will forbid the route of the Americas, its bishops having long been responsible for destroying the writings contrary to the Bible and burning the library of Alexandria in the 3rd century and then in 490, not to mention the destruction of the knowledge of other peoples. This refusal to marry cultures led the Catholic religion to fanaticism, the Inquisition and then to religious wars.

Trade with the New World never ceased: coca is found in millennia-old mummies, Roman amphorae are found on the beaches of Brazil. But the existence of this continent and this origin of mankind as well as the arrival of extraterrestrial knowledge in mankind were struck with taboos by the papal power. After the Treaty of Tordesillas, the papacy covered the destruction of the Aztec and Inca peoples, it was the greatest genocide of mankind. Today Pope John Paul II never ceases to apologize during his travels for the crimes committed by the religious power of the papacy, in the summer of 2002, he has just canonized religious who in the 16th century took the defense of the indigenous peoples against the conquistadores…

BIBLIOGRAPHY: The above presentation was prepared from the following books:

Robert CHARROUX, The Book of His Books, at Robert Laffont, 1985

Albert SLOSMAN, The Great Cataclysm, Robert Laffont, 1976

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Government of Mexico unveils Mayan coins proving alien contact

Mexico’s government has struck a blow in the hidden history of humanity. In the forgotten archeology section, the country will publicly unveil a series of Mayan pieces discovered about 80 years ago by a team from the National Institute of Anthropoly and History (INAH) at the Calakmul site in Mexico.

pièces maya découvertes à Calakmul Mexique

These exceptional plays were already presented last year and will be the subject of a documentary to be released this fall, produced by Raul Julia-Levy and directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo, the winner of the 2006 Sundance Festival with his film “In the Pit”. The documentary is tentatively named “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and beyond.”

pièces maya découvertes à Calakmul Mexique 2

One of the key pieces revealed is a disk that could not be more explicit.

pièces maya découvertes à Calakmul Mexique 3
pièces maya découvertes à Calakmul Mexique 4
pièces maya découvertes à Calakmul Mexique 5

It clearly shows 4 UFOs, one of which is shown by an extraction, an astronaut (5) at the controls of his craft (6). The two circles in the center (1) are presently considered to be an atmospheric planet by both circles suggesting it and that can be assumed to be Earth due to the presence of a nearby star that appears to be the Moon. On the right, what appears to be a comet (3) with a UFO (2) in its sawing, then, on the left, another device (4) that appears to intervene directly on the comet as carrier of a ram to strike the comet.

pièces maya découvertes à Calakmul Mexique 6

The Maya knew that we were in the fifth and final 5,125-year cycle of a larger 26,000-year cycle. That is what their calendars measured. Moreover, NASA scientists predict a major eruption by the end of 2013, which corroborates all the information obtained.

Even more disturbing are the revelations of Mexican Tourism Minister Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado, who says:

The codex translation relates the contacts between aliens and the Maya people.

Landing strips dating back 3,000 years have been found in the jungle.

They have evidence that the Maya intended to lead this planet for thousands of years, but were forced to flee after an invasion of “evil beings” that left behind evidence of a highly advanced race.

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avion en or musée de Bogota Colombie, civilisation Quimbaya

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