Part 5 – Abandoning Political power systems

Implementation of our Life Networks

Successfully transition from power systems to developing new Networks of Life.

Introduction to Part 5 of the Test.

The statement is clear and damning: since 1789, all our republican constitutions have been closed because they do not provide for a transition to another political system in the event of a major crisis.

As we have pointed out, the most important mistake made in 1789 and in the first Constitution of 1790 was not to include among the rules of the Old Regime the obligation for the king to gather the States-General when the coffers of the kingdom were empty. The revolutionaries wanted to defend their republican power, knowing precisely that the meeting of the States-General can lead to the unpredictable and to new revolutions against the leaders in power. They have left us with only one constitutional solution: go through the streets, the riots, the popular uprising to overthrow the political leaders.

Republican Custom for Changing France’s Constitution

In fact, when our constitutional law professor, in the first hour of his first year of his course, told us this situation and made it clear that the Republican custom to change the Constitution is to go through the street, he did not go any further, as he was so eager to start his positive constitutional law course.

As in the History of Law and Institutions or History of Property, we learned the sources and developments of the great legal principles but never this forbidden right so indispensable to be able to propose a credible and judicious alternative after having begun the use of the Republican custom to change the political regime and the Constitution.

We have shown that the mission of a Power is to select from available knowledge the knowledge that is useful to it in developing its interests and to discard, prohibit, declare taboo, knowledge that is harmful to its interests. The opponents, the dissidents and the resistance to this Power must know this mission and above all manage to recover and retain this knowledge which the leaders of this Power have plunged into prohibition or even oblivion.

Know the right that we are prohibited from using

At this Part 5 of our Essay, the reader must agree that we have brought him knowledge about this right that is forbidden to us by the leaders of the power systems. Readers must agree that we have brought him knowledge about this right.

Moreover, at the end of this introductory chapter, we present The Declaration of the Rights to Political, Economic, Social, Cultural Life in our Networks of Life.

We know where to go and what to put in place when we leave the systems of power. To ruin and remove the domination of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy, we know how to set up and use a Full Currency and manage Social Rights. To abandon the theocracies and dogmas of Anglo-Saxon Puritans, we know how to use our first source of knowledge and lead our initiatory spiritual journey.

Successfully transitioning between power systems and our Networks of Life

It is obvious that after describing this republican custom used to change the constitution in our country, that France since 1789 has never succeeded in a velvet revolution, a cold revolution, a transition between two political regimes without significant violence and the use of weapons.

Let us form our battalions, let us march, let us march!

Training our battalions against the invaders was a success in the revolutionary years after 1789, but it is almost the only time.

The Resistance between 1940 and 1945 formed substantial FFI battalions after 6 June 1944 when it was possible to open armed struggle against the occupier. Before the resistance and then the armed guerrillas were few and quickly decimated by the German troops and the French militiamen since the English and American Allies refused to deliver or parachute mortars and bazookas to have a real chance of defeating the enemy’s machine guns and armored vehicles or to reach the enemy’s lines and artillery with mortars, especially in the mountains where the guerrillas became extinct refugees.

The reason for the Allied refusal is known: the fear of seeing these weapons fall into the hands of the communist resistance and thus help them to take power. This remains a purely ideological position and a lethal tactic to govern the country themselves at Liberation instead of the French. Still, the will to rule the whole world as quickly as possible from the Puritan elites who are predestined to rule this whole world.

Between 1830 and 1944, the riots, the revolutionary days, the Paris Commune, were all crushed by the army at the orders of the governments. Let the coup d’état of Napoleon Bonaparte and his friends have a special place in our history, which is contrary to the Republican custom to change the political regime.

The Velvet Revolution

Developing counterpowers

A management course focused on the development of counterpowers in our high schools and it followed a communication and organization course in First on social influence. This was at a time when law-economics programs were still being developed by Universities in the Humanities for all aspects of communication and organization, knowledge base to then better approach the Management of Organizations.

Ever since the employer “piloted” the programs and decided what employees needed to know or not to know in order to remain wisely subject to the employer’s directives and the neo-liberal culture, these courses have disappeared from the programs. In particular, they were replaced by the theory of flow management. Human resources have become unorthodox inputs, or even externalities most often, of the social risks to provision. In any case, the Total Quality approach and its Quality circles, its participatory management, the power of Direction shared with Quality Circles, all this has been discarded.

Learning again to set up counterpowers is part of the prerequisites of today’s political, economic, social, cultural resistance and we will begin this Part 5 with this chapter.

Knowing our enemies, our adversaries

We will present this dossier which consists of 4 chapters:

Who are they?

How do they proceed and with what methods?

Why and how do they maximize profits by fighting wars?

What recent cases have they developed to pursue their chimerical and criminal purpose to govern the whole world?

The Covid-19 health crisis since 2020, the war in Ukraine in spring 2002, allow us to see to maneuver these leaders of the neoliberal system at the orders of the sect of Anglo-Saxon Puritans.

Set up Our Local Living Networks without them.

We did not wait for their permission to abandon their systems of power. The networks of resistance operate at the local level even if these associations, mutual societies and cooperatives have not taken up this political dimension to deliberately leave the neo-liberal capitalist system.

The reason is also known here: ignorance of the possibility of using a full currency, free of debts, to finally free itself from the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy and return to a functioning similar to the medieval period using the management of common property in free cities, monastic and military orders, our common goods, the communal assemblies…

As we did in Part 4 The Art of Living, we will take up the successful initiatives in participatory management and in participatory local direct democracy and then go further to anchor our imagination in this real perspective of the development of our Networks of Life, without them, our enemies, our opponents so quick and ingenious to dominate us, to submit to their interests, to their directives of elites predestined to govern the world for their Common Good.

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