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UFOS and American secret weapons 



source: the book of PETIT Jean-Pierre: UFOS and American secret weapons, at Albin Michel, February 2003.


the framework of the book

the starting point of work in MHD

double universe

the source of this knowledge

antimatter, cour of the new space technology

leaders of the weapons antimatters

the final mission: to save the life on Earth

conclusion of the author





the framework of the book:

at the beginning of 2001, at the time of a congress on the propulsion advanced in England, Jean-Pierre Petit meets American specialists in special and secret projects. It discovers during its conversations that the American army, by developing in the greatest secrecy propulsion MHD (magnetohydrodynamic), holds since 1980 of torpedes MHD slipping by to more than 2000 km/h as well as a hypersonic machine flying "Aurora" with 10 000 km/h and to 60 km of altitude. Russian undertook this same research but fault of financial means, have to give up them. Europeans neglected and gave up research in MHD beginning of the years 1970. Jean-Pierre Petit remains one of the rare French specialists in MHD after of having been in the beginning.

the starting point of work in MHD: 

it resides in the fact that the American researchers recovered wrecks of UFOS at the end of 1940. They sought to copy and manufacture machines capable of these same performances. By throwing discredit upon the file UFOS, American thus knew to protect their secrecy and not to answer the researchers of the other countries whereas they were manufacturing UFOS according to the human knowledge. 

double universe:

we here will not especially summarize this book on its technical and scientific aspects. On the other hand, many raised points are in relation to our company on fileane.com. In particular the existence of a double universe. We speak on this site of the worlds higher and double and the heroes of the novel will seek and obtain the forces of these two worlds. In the book of Jean-Pierre Petit we remain on the scientific ground.

The author explains the twin universes.  "This idea of second populated universe of particles having of the" arrows of time "opposed to ours was put forward for the first time in 1967 by Andreï Sakharov. The idea is that the universe is double, that it has a twin, a second universe from where the life misses (n.d.l.r. besides: to see on this point the theorem of Bell which arrives at the same conclusion). It contains vast twin hydrogen masses "" similar to ours, with the difference close this hydrogen there is "rétrochrone" and lives to some extent at "grain-time". The speed of the light in this second universe should be much higher than in ours. The question thus consists in knowing if we can propel a machine in this second universe. This consists in making locally yield the space time thanks to a powerful concentration of energy on its atoms. It is then possible to conceive a nave which starts by emitting particular atoms according to a kind of gas puff then the nave unchains its "grasers parietal" (laser with gamma rays). The atoms in question are gorged with energy and then, pouf, plus nothing. The nave would seem to be dematerialized for an observer located in our universe. To protect the material and the men, it is necessary to proceed to a preliminary operation: to align the spins of the particles by immersing all the components of the nave in a powerful magnetic field.

the source of this knowledge:

Jean-Pierre Petit continues his demonstration by using the knowledge transmitted in letters "ummites", i.e. sent by the extraterrestrial ones residing among us and coming from the planet which they appèlent UMMO. These letters give scientific explanations on the walk of these unknown spaceships of the human ones. This demonstration causes the confidence of an American researcher who says to have worked on technical dossiers of wrecks of UFO recovered by the American army "such knowledge in priority are used by the soldiers in order to develop new weapons and anything other. To protect these secrecies, the countries use the misinformation in order to avoid social upheavals accompanied by panic, of a demobilization of energies, a massive refuge of the populations in religious fundamentalisms. The loss of confidence towards the leaders in place who knew but organized the misinformation on a world level, could even lead quickly to their ousting. Currently, the problem precisely holds in this secrecy which is not any more one but which must be kept longest possible "

Knowledge and misinformation thus feed in our leaders a vast movement of fear in order to eliminate from the waves of dispute or of panic because the finality of the systems of civil capacities and monk whom they direct, flies in glare in front of the prospects époustouflantes for these new contributions of knowledge coming from other alive beings come from other planets and crossing the universes according to physical principles' which we have sorrow to believe on Earth. On this site, we say that at the time of the meeting, the initiate meets other presences not very of human origin and that it crosses to him also at least two if not three universes. These elements of knowledge drawn from the initiatory experiment for example are also contained in the rite bouddhic and Tibetan of Shambhala. We as showed on this site as the Templier order through its trade with the INCA empire to bring the money and to establish it like second currency beside gold, had taken note and of the human history of Jesus and the legends of the Andes which speak about extraterrestrial come to be established on the people of Atlantis find their point common, the temples of Egypt to which in first that of Dendérah preserving the vestiges to know original coming men from blue planet, Mérica, Venus when this planet knew an upheaval of its celestial navigation and brought to be too close to Sun to preserve the life. The nazoréens, at the time of Jesus, were going to train their spiritual Masters in the temples of Egypt as Moïse had been, like the Greek Pythagore and scientists, as the Auguste emperor him also there had been just initiated. We know how the Roman church fought this knowledge come from Americas and how it covered the genocide of the Indians so that this knowledge disappears which came to contradict and make steal in glare the doubtful accounts of the Bible. Today like yesterday, the introduction of knowledge not coming from the terrestrial human spirit is likely to cause the same conflicts that yesterday starting from an adulterated religious base of any part for the occasion. It is not obvious that scientific rationalism is able to avoid us as well such conflicts it always had evil to accept as knowledge of yesterday is exceeded by those of today and of tomorrow and so much he baits himself to fight the source of knowing initiatory most accessible to a human being to however find his reasons of living and dying in contact with the mysteries of the life. 

Jean-Pierre Petit notes that if the United States developed very advanced technologies, they do not seem to hold any data suitable to lead to a technique of space flight. The French author as for him refers to the letters ummites and knowledge which they bring on these space flights 

(to see the Web site: http://www.ummo-sciences.org)

antimatter, the cour of the new space technology:

for a definition of the antimatter:



The discussion which follows between the American author and his colleagues makes it possible to confirm that "propulsion MHD led to the production of antimatter, the technique of separation of this antimatter per electromagnetic sorting, and the storage of this antimatter in magnetic bottles in the shape of torus. This antimatter makes it possible to develop systems of propulsion based on accelerators MHD with speeds of ejection of about 500 km/s, the ejection being silicon. This makes it possible to build spaceships whose mass of energy is negligible compared to the vessel whereas in the conventional rockets, the 9/10 of the mass are consisted propellant.

A cosmic probe can thus slip by to 100 km/s, all will depend on its mass. The American army thus has bombs with antimatter of all powers. They are very simple, they do not need detonators, they explode in contact with the ground as the chemical bombs. With these bombs, the war will become again possible very effective bus and far from expensive in material and men (of its army obviously). 


those which direct these programs of weapons antimatters:

The American colleague of the author states that the danger would however not be so terrible because the reality capacity in the United States would not be held by which that one believes "the last stage of the store with terrace would not be inhabited by the tenants of the White House and their oval living room but by mysterious boarders inhabitants in the subsoils of surface 51.

Then which would be the work of these extraterrestrial: to take part in the development of phenomenal bombs with antimatter able to volitilize the asteroids and other comets which threaten the Earth and which time with others come to be crushed on our planet and modify the life on Earth.

the mission: to save the life on Earth

The author reports that experiments took place: engines MHD supplied with antimatter would be crushed on Jupiter, Io and Europe to test these weapons. At the time of each test, coincidentally disconcerting, the probe Galileo the best capable one to film the impacts of these bombs, broke down without much possible explanation.

The reality of the threat of the asteroids and comets for our Ground is confirmed year by year as our means of detection and follow-up of all that moves in space improve. The author exposes the case of the asteroid YB5, object 300 m in diameter which passed to 830 000 km of the Earth "It was discovered at the end of December 2001 and passed very close to the Earth on January 7, 2002. In 2002, a large object as a football field passed to 120 000 km of the Earth, it was detected only 3 days before its passage. The collision between these objects and our planet causes a side effect of a colossal impact which was called: the nuclear winter. The particles sent in the upper atmosphere prevent the solar rays from arriving at the ground (n.d.l.r. this winter nuclear would be obviously also the consequence of a nuclear war including/understanding the explosion of several nuclear bombs, consequence which would also lead the destruction of the life of the country at the origin of the war or the victorious country of this nuclear war). This phenomenon of the nuclear winter was highlighted by Alexandrov, assassinated thereafter in Madrid "the author starting from the observation that the life on ground was modified on several occasions by such celestial catastrophes, melts a scenario of development multi catastrophe.

the poles of the Earth were reversed on several occasions. It is known it because one has fossil images of the magnetism of the Earth, fixed in lava flows likely to preserve the trace of this magnetism. Nobody is able to provide a credible model of what creates the magnetism of the Earth. It may be that the core of the Earth is only the remainder of that of the iron core of the supernova, very intense. This supernova corresponds to fine the explosive of a massive star of which there remains in theory only its iron core. Other elements at the time of the explosion moved away from this new unit organized around the sun whereas others remained more or less captive attraction of our solar system and when they would pass in our system and near the Earth, because of their magnetic field, they could create considerable effects. A comet of metal (and either of cluster of rock and ice) could have caused on several occasions the inversion of the terrestrial magnetic field or to more easily create of the new forces within the core of the Earth so as to cause important distortions of the earth's crust: collapse of continent, tidal wave, rise in mountainous chains, etc... the whole accompanied by a secondary phenomenon:l' nuclear winter able for example to make disappear dinosaurs, races of human giants, etc...

With these engines MHD supplied with the antimatter and equipped with phenomenal bombs with antimatter, humanity could thus explode these asteroids and these comets before their impact with our planet.

conclusion of the author:

Into 50 years, the military technicians converted "this knowledge come besides" into weapons from most powerful. The civil technicians prefer to be locked up in skepticism plugs and the remainder of our leaders, by ignorance, under cover to protect our defense, prepare us silly things able to endanger the life of million people. In answer the author explains that in a letter "ummite", this colony of extraterrestrial coming from UMMO would have been committed seizing the power on Earth to prevent the men from destroying themselves the life on our planet. They would found to some extent a dictatorship of the good if they would have the certainty which the man could disappear from the Earth... 

The discussion of these elements and other information of the book is made in the stages: selection of the data, position of the alternatives and measurement of the risks of the diagram of decision-making which is used as screen of work in our workshops on fileane.com. 


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