Tordesillas, the pope divides the world to prohibit the return of the organization templière in network

extract of "Eleusis with Dendérah, prohibited evolution", the conference of Nancy.

When Colomb makes a success of its voyages, it ran up quickly against the hostility of its superiors. As of the return of Colomb, papacy, wanting to pre-empt the future discoveries, divided with a remarkable knowledge and a creditable speed the new world between Spanish and Portuguese.  and the latter thanks to their secret chart had been allowed to require a negligible correction which was going to then give them possession of all Brazil. EN June 1494, to the treaty of Tordesillas, the line of demarcation between the two parts of the sphere  allotted respectively to Castille and Portugal, line fixed on May 4, 1494 by a bubble of the pope Alexandre VI, is deferred to three hundred and sixty ten miles in the west of the course Vert. So Brazil falls into the field reserved from Portugal

In this treaty, papacy prohibited with any other sailor to go to America without preliminary authorization of Rome. It was a manner of drawing aside the French sailors who for at least four hundred years, with the fleet templière had secretly made trade with the new world not to run up against a face the papal capacity. Of continuation, the captains of the ships of the French ports transgressed this order of the pope and they were organized to carry out the flibuste : the attack of all the Portuguese ships and Spanish who returned from America. Better, the French flibustiers carried out forwardings to destroy the colonies Portuguese and Spanish. It is not astonishing to learn now that the most famous flibustier and richest was a ship-owner of Dieppe named Trébutor bus Dieppe is well the port in which was transmitted the chart of the new world between the Norman ones and templiers. Supported discreetly by François Ier, these ship-owners worked for their own account without constituting a French royal navy. Very quickly, the European political life was organized to benefit from the richnesses of the new world plundered by Portuguese and Spanish.

A first action was the official disclosure of the chart of the new world by a French leader. After Colomb, Magellan will also copy it a few years later in Portugal and in 1507 the duke of Lorraine, Rene II will make it publish by the Vosgean Gymnasium, this on instruction of king de France who was interested in the conquest of Canada and it is in Saint-Dié that the name of America will be given to this new world after the mistake of an impassioned monk of geography which having read the accounts of Amérigo Vespuci, proposed the name of America. Later this monk understood than its error was tiny because the name given by the navigators to this continent towards whom they were following star of the morning, Merica, was well the Juste but that its explanation was false. It was the continent of the descendants of Mérica, blue planet and not the continent found by Amérigo Vespuci. Did Pierre ask the group why, in their opinion, these facts had been rejected by the history and why the recent archaeological discoveries were not allowed to dismount this imposture of the history of Colomb? Because they disturb the University, institution always respectful of the principle of authority and papacy 

The precise knowledge of the maritime charts and the American continent by Portugal is explained by the establishment in the Portuguese ports of part of the fleet about the Temple after on Friday, October 13, 1307 and the arrest of the Templars by the king of France Philippe the Beautiful one. The other part of the fleet templière took refuge in Scotland and a group of Templars went to be established in the Andes at Tiahuanaco. It took part in the development of the INCA empire and the Great Law which binds Iroquois nations.

Deprived by access to the New World, the sailors of Normandy and Brittany whose their elder had taken part in forwardings of the fleet about the Temple on the American continent (northern, southern and central) developed the flibuste to attack the Spanish ships and Portuguese which brought back the wealths plundered in Americas. The sailors of Holland and England also organized the flibuste or became corsairs on behalf of their kings.

The controversy of Valladolid (1550-1551)

The controversy of Valladolid is a debate which opposed primarily Dominican Bartolomé de Las Put and the theologist Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda in two meetings one month each one (one in 1550 and the other in 1551) with the college San Gregorio de Valladolid, but mainly by epistolary exchanges. This debate brought together theologists, lawyers and administrators of the kingdom, so that, according to the wish of Charles Quint, it is dealt and spoken with the way in which were to be made the conquests in the New World, suspended by him, so that they are done with justice and in safety of conscience 

The question was to know if the Spanishs could colonize the New World and dominate the natives, the Amerindians, by right of conquest, with the moral justification being able to allow to put an end to lifestyles observed in the pre-Columbian civilizations, in particular the institutional practice of the human sacrifice, or if the Amerindian companies were legitimate in spite of such elements and that only the good example was to be promoted via a colonization - emigration.

This debate took place under the pontificate of the pope Julius III.

It is also a political debate and monk organized in 1550 by Charles Quint who put an end to temporarily the colonization of America by Spanish monarchy. The purpose of it was to officially define the legitimacy or the illegitimacy of the slavery of the Amerindian people.

At the time of this lawsuit, one officializes that the Amerindians have a statute equal to that of the White. This decision did not apply to the Blacks of Africa whose slavery was not disputed: it is besides because of the controversy of Valladolid that Europeans will practice the draft of the blacks to feed the New-World as slaves.

source: Francoise Condamin Lhermet.


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