there is no alternative



- Es you the king of the Jews ?

- do you even Say that of you or others they have you says that of me ?

- My information is exact : you go down from the line of David and your father, Juda de Gamala, fomented a revolt little before your birth to refuse the census of the population of the area. Yourself you agitate the populations against the priests of your people and you am not the law of Rome. You were to be certainly among the rebels whom we have of crushing lately in Samarie.

- I do not have to follow the law of Rome because the law that I respect is older than that of Rome and it organizes the people in good more peace, of justice.

- It is the law of your God ? Like do your father and people of your movement, you believe capacity to remove the kings and the emperors to organize a republic directed by God alone, but you are then the king of what ?

- My kingdom is not this world but in this world of which I speak, any human being who enter there in becomes the king.

- And you come from this kingdom ? you are probably not Jewish, in all cases the priests of your people want your death and me I have what to make you die according to our Roman laws !

- the Jewish priests want that it is a Roman proconsul who makes me die because they cannot carry out somebody of the line of David. But why do you want to assassinate me ? The Roman law covers only wars, plunderings, slavery of our people for the only profit of an aristocracy which in Rome lives only in the vice and the crime. Before even claiming that my law comes from God and still from Jewish God, my law comes from Moïse, it is faithful to the highest lesson of the crowned temples of Egypt. This law was shared by Greek scientists. Alexandre followed and its successors could direct Egypt without resorting to the dictatorship and the massacres of the population. Your former emperor, Auguste, were initiated there in the temple of Dendérah which it made rebuild according to the oldest plans' coming from Khéops and Horus. My law remains in conformity with that of the Buddha which lived on the edges of Gange and that division the people of India, China and the Himalayas, country that Rome will be able never to conquer and plunder as your legions make it all around the Mediterranean ! My law also lives among people of beyond the ocean, at those of the country of the Andes.

- Which is this law that even Auguste knew ?

- Rome imposes an unjust system to us military capacity and criminal who does not recognize with the people that it overcame, right to live free and equal. You recognize only the right of the winner by the sword. A minority of leaders defined the rules of operation of its system of being able and all the others must yield there without any freedom and under penalty of extermination. Egypt, Greece and our people, before you, organized themselves in network of communities : cities of Egypt at the edge of the Nile and its delta, cities of Greece. Moïse organized its people in a network of 13 tribes, all children of Israel. An organization in network does not need a king or of an emperor at his head and if somebody is needed, God can be enough there here on Earth. When I courses the ground of Israel and that people follow me, it is for this organization in network that I fight and still they is false ! The Roman leaders probably all read Plato and his speech on the Republic. In the republic, there are no more kings. My father died to have wanted to found a republic, a small republic which could live in network with Jerusalem and Rome but without being dominated and being held in slavery by Jerusalem and Rome.

- You create disorders and the revolts do not cease bursting. Their leaders must perish so that Roman peace reigns !

- They are idle talk, legal fictions and to control with such silly things can only lead you  with your legions to make kill more and more out of people. We were accustomed to organize us differently, with more freedom and the objective that Moïse had given its people, even if it were not carried out, especially today, nourishes on our premises a hope that the massacres and the deportations will never break. With or without me, people who do not have anything any more and wander on the roads transform into robbers or as brigands... they have only that to survive ! They do not have any other choice and the orders of the Roman procurator does not give them any other choice ! Yes, I am in the medium of them and I require that each one carries a sword not to kill you, you to it proconsul or to kill out of the soldiers of your army. They must feel free to help the ones the others instead of stealing themselves and of entretuer.

- I know, a centurion said it to me and you are not against César

- Not, I am not there to add crimes to the current horrors but the sword that people who follow me carry, it is the sword which replaces the stick of Moïse. It is the sword of the free man whom I ask them to carry, the sword of freedom that the law of Rome refuse to them. In organizations in network, in my community, we are between us brothers who have chooses to die to defend our movement. We refuse slavery, the inequality between men and women, the right of a minority to the capacity to monopolize and steal the goods of the others. Before Moïse, on the edges of the Nile, at the time of the food shortages, they are the priests and the Pharaons who distributed food to people and they took only the same ration distributed to all. Then now, if it is necessary to seek other laws either on Earth but with the kingdom of God, we always can it !

- But what is it that this history of king of the Jews ? You is a leader, it is undeniable but your words are right. Except how if I pronounced them in Rome, I would be likely like you today, to be me also put at died and in Rome, one discusses even less than here these questions there ! Believe me, I have not desire to make you to die and if the Jewish people could remain quiet with any of the organizations about which you speak, I would be the first happy one and could go back to Rome in peace !

- Yes, but to let to us establish a republic without king nor Roman emperor, you cannot it ! You must shave any attempt at this kind, you are well a prisoner of your system of being able.

- But why the large priests do not follow themselves ? With the limit, for me it would be simpler, I would not have any question to pose to me about your fate and on which the various Jewish movements collaborator or resistant in Rome adulterate.

- I speak about republic without king other than God. So still I spoke to more restore the 13 tribes of Israel, they would take to me for a prophet moreover and would seek my blessing to obtain the place of kinglet in one of these tribes but not, there is no more no place for them put besides that to be brother with equality with the other brothers of the community. The royalty similar to that of the kingdoms of other people does not have a place in the organization in tribe and in network of the people of Israel and the passages of the Bible which they use do not allow them to justify the current organization of the Jewish people. It is them which adulterate the Holy Scriptures !

- According to what I included/understood of your Bible, to two thirds, they are only stories of brigands, family murders and wars against the close people. I admit that that enabled me to better include/understand the current situation. As always, that did not change ! But I admit that we are with a crossroads of civilizations and a crossroads between three continents and all these people which go and come in these areas, at the beginning, are not made to get along !

- Except if they manage to marry their cultures !

- It is not possible, already their gods are so different.

- Not, not... the men invent gods as that arranges them, it is true. When a human being follows a spiritual step which carries out it to a meeting with what lives in us and will live after the destruction of our carnal bodies, it saw same and single experiment whatever the culture of its people, the meeting with the mysteries of the life takes the same forms. It is this initiation with these mysteries of the life which the Auguste emperor received in Dendérah and, without wanting to upset you, before going back to Rome, in Dendérah will request this same initiation, especially that now, this temple is blazing new ! If not will follow the ceremonies of the mysteries in Eleusis, close to Athens. There, you will not have to make any turning and Rome does not prohibit these ceremonies nor those of Dendérah.

- And the temple of Jerusalem ? I know that you went to attack it to empty it his merchants ? You probably also sought to seize the treasure of the Temple ? To pay your army and to succeed in founding your republic ?

- a temple is used only for only one thing : to have a Holy of Holies in whom the initiates leave in absolute peace their carnal body when they use the capacities of the worlds superior and double. It is a place of initiation, afterwards, if there remains place, that can be also a place of prayer and of worship of God but this can be practised anywhere.

- Your words frighten me ! I include/understand them but how much as me can include/understand them today ? All the others will be afraid of such words and will ask for the death of that which pronounces them. You do not say that you give up your project and you is well the leader. Me, I can explain neither to your people nor with my superiors whom you make a point of founding a republic with the equality between all the human beings without wanting some to be the king for it. You received initiation, it is certain, probably royal initiation and your people know it, that is enough to make of you a king and like the other kinglets of which you speak with the head about the old tribes about Israel did not receive this initiation if not they would behave differently and not only with respect to me, for me, you are the only king of the Jews.

- a king who does not direct any army and does not seek to attack the kings who usurp his place, is still a king ?

- You wait your hour to prepare the general rising of the area.

- Not, I fight to release my people and all the people of the ground. I have a good news to announce to them : that they find in them that which lives in us and makes us cross the death of our carnal bodies to guide us towards our eternal life near our father, the creator of any life and they will understand that we all are brothers, that we do not have to be afraid the ones of the others to make us the war and to reduce overcome in slavery. Initiate, I am it and I admit that initiation that I followed is also that which a future king followed in old Egypt, whom Moïse, Solomon and so much of others followed. But I am neither a king nor a prophet, quite simply a son of God, somebody who discovered which lives in him and which gave its human life between its hands not to do but one with him more. Your Auguste emperor became him also a son of God, at least it made v?ux become it in Dendérah. If you go further towards Babylon, you will discover the faithful ones which follows the lesson of Zarathoustra or Mithra and further still those which follow the teaching of the Buddha. We teach all the same thing : God lives in us and it is easy to discover it in us if we took the trouble to seek it in us. After our life on Earth, when we are close to him, we are in him and can use the capacities of the worlds superior and double to love us and make the good, to help people on Earth with better living their human existence. Up there we are all as kings but it is only one image for us inhabitants of the Earth to return account to us a little what occurs there.

- You are in contact with the spirits which live with the sky ? You come from ressusciter one of your friends a few days ago, it is exact ?

-  Yes

- the kings are quite unable, I admit it ! Especially current kings of Israel.

- That arranges you to let them stagnate in the lust and the vice, at least they do not seek to educate the people to return his freedom and its culture to him. All you prefer that it is unaware of which Moïse organization set up to develop the people of Israel and which example this organization represents for the other people whereas the age of Egypt entered its decline. Ignorance, it is the weapon which you use whereas me I it engagements. Any human being must be able to discover that which lives in him and to dialogue with him.

- will A what carry out you knowledge ressusciter the others when you die like a rebel or a robber on the cross ?

- an initiate can ask for the intervention of the divine powers to save another human being but the question that you me installations is this one : can an initiate ask directly to God to save it and to allow him to return to the life in his carnal body after this one be put at death ? Do you believe that God cannot especially answer this prayer if it is a question of showing with my torturers whom they made an error, a lack of unforgivable faith and which they must stop at once their criminal acts towards those which follow this word that I brought to them? At the hour of my death, I will ask him to help me and I have faith in his answer. He cannot not help me, that would mean that he gives up humanity with the law of the war criminals and that people can reduce in slavery the other people, to make perish in his circuses of the men, the women, the children for only the vice morbid one of some. It is unthinkable !

- Thus you go ressusciter

- You will know that I am ressuscity and that others will choose to die rather than to disavow the fact that I am ressuscity and that I lived a few times among them before continuing my mission with the sky to continue to help them to change the life on Earth.

- You want to say that if I kill to you, I will be damné by your god !

- It will not any more be remained but to believe in the ressuscity who today spoke to you.

- You will turn over to be explained in front of the large priests of your people, tries to convince them to change the organization of the Jewish people so that he returns to the law of Moïse. I will be able to arrange myself to direct with the Roman laws an organization in network of the Jewish people or a network of Jewish republics especially if we have peace and that you pay the tax in Rome in exchange of our protection.

- But you know it, our large priests and our kings want initially to save their thin capacities and richnesses that Rome leaves them. They are ready to deliver the people rather than to take the risk to displease in Rome. They cannot accept my words without giving up their system of being able at once and the place which they occupy in the operation of this system. It is with you to speak to them to repeat what you included/understood of our discussion. Me I will frighten them, you you will be able to wake up their confidence. You are the leaders of two systems of being able. You must make them become aware that your system of being able which dominates them, since it, we will remain agree, will not exterminate the new organization of the Jewish people that together, me, you and them, we will set up. It is logical !

- You me in requests too ! After the revolts of yesterday and those which will not be able to delay, I cannot take this route. Who says to me that they all will follow you. They has there clans of criminal imbeciles who will never follow themselves and only the legions of Rome are able to eliminate them and still, with considerable losses of which I will have to be explained in Rome. If the large priests follow you, then I will see.

- You dreams ! A leader in the place that you occupy donot can allow itself to escape from its responsibilities while making for such dreams !

- Stops ! you are a large leader, certainly a large spiritual Master. On your cross, I will not put "  sons of God ", I do not want to see the priests of Egypt joining the disorders from here defending one of their the most brilliant initiated, if ever you were one day on their premises ! I will register : " king of the Jews ". If ever you were not it, in my eyes, you would have to be it, then only we could have continued this conversation but, I know, you are not a king and never you will not want to be a king d' Israël. It is your fault there ! Since my system of being able, as you say, I am able to manage a regional subsystem of being able but I cannot let develop an organization in network which will ruin my system of being able. Not, which that you would be and even if you were called Moïse or Solomon, David, it would be necessary that I eliminate you and makes you die. The power of Rome rests on the force of its legions, on its military system. There is only the law of the force and most powerful to organize the people. It is you who dreams while claiming the opposite !

- You reason compared to our human conditions on Earth, you forget all the remainder. You do not know that the dream is the first form of division of inexpressible which one has just met. Make like me, will visit your soldiers wounded with the combat or patient, speaks with those whose comrades believed them first of all died and asks their how they life income. All will not be answered but if you can become their friends, some will open their mouth to pronounce the words speaking about this life and of that who lives in us and helped them to return in their carnal bodies which they are Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Jewish, cruel or different. But isn't your function paid for this kind of occupation ? Who is more the prisoner of us two ? Can you say it to me ?

- You will thus stop never speaking ?

- Never, after me of others these words will relate everywhere to the ground as long as that which lives in us will answer our requests. You, Rome, you can nothing against these words except commit crimes against humanity to try to make it conceal from the profit your systems of being able with the hands of a minority of criminals and destructors of the life on ground.

- It is better that you die, I do not have an other alternative to serve Rome !

- It is normal if I owe then ressusciter and that these words acquire a force even more powerful to reverse this system of being able of Rome.

- It is a history of insane !

- Not, it is a history between men who learned how to live with that which lives in us and us makes cross the death and of the men captive of their systems of being able which do not seek to know who lives in them or then which chose the material rewards granted by their superiors rather than the word of that which spoke to them in them.

- initially will die !

- In any event you in the tomb but you will be will follow me able to reappear with the life ?

- It is that ! it is that ! In any case, I do not have an other alternative.


The man who spoke to the proconsul thus about Jerusalem had been born the 42ème year from the reign of Auguste, the 28th one of the tender of Egypt (year of died of Antoine and Cléopâtre). Quirinus controlled Syria and the year of its birth took place the first census in the area.


The people who do not have an alternative to propose, refuse to leave the limits forced by their system to be able and want imperatively to impose their solutions serving their interests, cannot live at the border and to cross it to evolve/move, endanger the social group in which they act. It is then a question of taking the sword of the free men to draw aside these leaders before they do not make other errors, other lies or war crimes, crimes against humanity, of destruction of nature and our environment. The alternative exists, their position extremist and obscurantist should not exist. The Verb lives in us.


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