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the use of the 2 sources of knowing

I) the development of the knowledge in the systems of power

A) the individual tools

1) sources of spirituality

2) art translation of crowned

B) collective tools

1) the secret society

2) the constitution of the elites

the government of company

3) world oligarchy

the Russel committee 

C) the war of the intelligences between systems of power

contradictions of the liberal economy

lobbies of oil and the weapons

II the development of the knowledge in the organization in network

A) the development of the initiatory source

1) tools of initiations

2) the division of the crowned word

3) humanistic values

B) the complementarity enters the 2 sources of knowing

1) the resolution of problems

2) the management of competences

3) world networks

C) the marriage of the cultures

1) the third spiritual revolution

2) common values

3) ways of life

4) rules and institutions


remarks of the drafting


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