extract of "Eleusis with Dendérah, prohibited evolution", the conference of Nancy.

 While the colonizers plundered Americas, the French flibustiers tried to take their revenge. These richnesses, this gold plundered in Americas was used various manners in Europe. The Spaniards made use of it to develop a fleet of impressive war : invincible the armada like building sumptuous palates as in Seville. The French ship-owners used their spoils to develop their fleet of war and the trade with the new world. Their home ports grew rich : Dieppe, Le Havre, Honfleur, Saint-Malo... but the catch occurred when the Protestants developed their movement. The flibustiers discovered the invaluable allied ones in these Protestants who also fought against the capacity of the pope and the flibuste became a war of Protestant sailors against catholic sailors defended by the pope. It is clear that the pope had had twists to give the monopoly of the relations with Americas that with the Portuguese and Spaniards but the pope could not reconsider its decision without discovering the pot with the pinks. Protestantism joins together in the same network the French flibustiers and the spoils of war financed the movement. After the fall of the templiers and the confiscation of their goods, the properties of the abbeys and monastic communities that the king could not confiscate were as the remainder of the company, deeply upset by the epidemics of plague then by the one hundred year old war. The monks victims of the plague to have looked after the patients left empty many abbeys whose grounds were repurchased by the catholic nobility but this source of richness was not very consequent compared to the gold ingots, with the gold powder barrel taken by the Protestant flibustiers on the Portuguese and Spanish ships. With the passing of years, the protesting movement could develop quickly with the same richnesses whose benefitted the catholic capacities from Spain and Portugal. Spain of Charles-Quint became thus the first European power whereas the royalty and the French catholic nobility were in fact prohibited of access to this source of richness. The kings of France were to leave this trap. A first stage was the fight against the French Protestants and logically the elimination of the latter started with the assassination of the admiral de Coligny, chief protesting who organized in an official way the Protestant flibuste against the Spaniards and who had an influence on the young king Charles IX, which his/her mother did not support, Catherine de Médicis, enthusiastic catholic. Pierre made ravel some slides of tables showing these naval actions and these flibustiers, carried it of the Protestant admiral. This assassination marks the beginning of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre and the massacre of the Protestants in Paris. The French Protestants had to leave the country but they could take their richnesses with them easily because those were especially movable : however, invaluable stones, gold powder, money taken on the Spanish galleons and they could transport their richnesses abroad thanks to the Protestant fleet of the flibustiers. 

 They rejoined in a number the Netherlands to continue their trade and their industry and the Dutch Protestant flibustiers replaced of French. The Spanish fleet to protect itself had to ask the infantry to go to occupy the Dutch ports. This time the king of France was to encircle by the Spaniards in north and the south. The Protestant flibuste continued then in England and the Queen Elizabeth Ier gathered her flibustiers in the English royal navy. Drake was carries it the most famous flag and the English navy managed to destroy invincible the armada. A good part of the richness of Americas disappeared for the Spaniards in this maritime disaster. In France, through the wars of religion, the noble ones and especially the leaders of the catholic clergy could seize a part of fortune of the Protestants. Louis XIV finally could, like his colleagues of Spain and of Portugal, to build a sumptuous palate, imitated in that by the families of the cardinals who had raflé the goods of the Protestants. Richelieu, Mazarin, the cardinal of Rohan, etc became day at the following day the richest people of the kingdom and some built in their province of true palates. The catholic nobility makes a success of a complete hand thus put on the clergy and the richness taken to the Protestants was invests in palate and real goods. What did not prevent the reign of the Sun king from finishing in misery so much the wars with Spain had ruined the kingdom considering without the Protestant fleet, there was no more gold plundered on the Spanish galleons which returned in one way or another in the kingdom. In the other European countries, the Protestants invested their richness in the emergent industry and England became the first industrial power with the remainders of gold coming from the new world and subtilized with the Spaniards by the Protestants then by his royal navy made up of former flibustiers. Industry represented the means for the Protestants of establishing a power able to compete with the catholic capacities with the orders of the pope but the French catholic capacity preferred to camp on its positions and the leaders, mainly those of the clergy, hardly worried to develop industries just like a navy of war the more so as they did not have of them any more the means, having very invested in the real estate. The first industrialists exerted the trades of craftsmen before but those which had the most capital to build factories were tradesmen and among them richest were ship-owners. Richest among the ship-owners were those which beside the trade made or had made the flibuste to bring back the gold and the richnesses of Central America or the South. The division of the world by the pope in the Treaty of Tordesillas also explains why the catholic kings ignored a royal navy which could only have caused conflicts with the pope by breaking this prohibition, even the excommunication of the king himself and the nomination by the pope of another devoted king even if if politically it were hardly any more possible. For the kings of France, the only solution to colonize the new world without betraying this treaty, was to go to explore Canada whose Spanish, Portuguese and pope including had to only make. But the English Protestants or Anglicans were on the same way.


If for fifty years, we have accumulated more knowledge than in five thousand years, with us of sorting, selecting to discover the puzzle of our history and to become able to build a future with the height of the hope of the human beings. The mentality of the French leaders remains still impressed of these quarrels of last and our eternal economic delays since we took late the train of the industrial development are explained since why the royal capacity with the complicity of the pope destroyed an economy in network organized by the monks Benedictines and the orders knights which they had created starting from the knowledge of the Egyptian temples that these monks had known to preserve. The worst of the consequences of this act of Philippe the Beautiful one in 1307 against the templiers was the setting with the variation of the French sailors by the pope on the seas of the sphere and the prohibition who was made to them by the pope continue to go to Americas. France was thus deprived of the principal source of richnesses of this period : the gold of the new world and it had to battle firm to hold its place vis-a-vis with the kingdoms whose navy went officially in this new world or officially plundered the Spanish galleons and Portuguese which returned from there. The French kings prefer to keep their throne and to remain passive vis-a-vis with the strategy of the popes. The French people will leave this passivity while revolting and by founding the republic which manages the nation one and indivisible in which the capacity of the pope does not have anything any more to make and the catholics, plus the capacity to only decide according to wills' of the catholic king or the pope. But that time wasted whereas the alternative to take again the organization of the time of the cathedrals would have allowed and with the kings and the people an incomparable development. 

The history agreed a bit of revenge when the Constitution of the United States of America under the cane of George Washington took up the ideas of the frank-maçonnerie, erudite movement which attempts to keep in memory the knowledge coming from Egypt ancient and transmitted through the Jewish history until the communities esséniennes, Zealoies, nazôréennes then by the order templier and the movement Benedictine, with the Protestants, the coalmen of the forests of Haut-Doubs in liaison with the Protestants of Geneva until Philadelphes of Besancon : Briot, then Victor Hugo, Charles Nodier and that for example Kléber had attended and that Napoleon respected by never not worrying Briot, their leader. This way, a bit of this prohibited knowledge returned on the American continent. But this too compartmental knowledge did not weigh quite heavy vis-a-vis with the generalization of the system of production and consumption of the capitalism which draws aside any spiritual dimension in the operation of its system.

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