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1) to take part in the exit of our systems of political powers, economic, monks who do not manage any more to satisfy the needs for people and who allow some their leaders to misuse their right of personal property. These abuses develop the fear, the lack of confidence, the abstention, dissatisfaction in front of the increase in the inequalities and violences. The consequences are the increase in the illegal economy which finances the delinquency and the traffics of drug, the generalization of pollution of the environment and the reheating of planet.

2) To leave the industrial era to found a new flourishing period organized either in system of being able but in networks of communities able to marry their cultures within the same civilization which gives the primacy to the respect of the life among our universe.

3) To undertake the change of our cultures worked out by the leaders of systems of the civil, military capacities and monk to found a new culture whose social values, standards and the ways of life guarantee peace and the love, the equitable distribution of the produced richnesses. To eliminate the values from the liberal economy and the communist economy. To restore the common property to remove the abuses the personal property and the collective ownership managed by the states. To develop competences starting from a management of the principle of subsidiarity to solve the dysfunctions of our organizations.

4) to eliminate the temporal religious capacities and to restore the initiatory way of the spiritual step to allow each human being to come into direct contact with the mysteries of the life. To ensure the follow-up of the translation of these meetings with the mysteries of the life to build humanistic values able to guarantee the respect of human dignity to any person: women, men, children where whom they live on the Earth. From these values and division of these crowned words, to found the social standards of our networks of life citizens and to give direction to our ways of life to develop peace and the love.

5) to compile the documents which will found a new organization in networks so that they are used as bench marks at the time of the political changes, economic and social like basic of negotiation in order to avoiding risks of the civil or military conflicts. To write the Declaration of the rights to the life on Earth and to write the Constitution of the networks of life citizens.


INTERMEDIATE OBJECTIVES: nonrestrictive list


6) To clearly distinguish the organization in system from the organization in network and to break the taboos pronounced on the organization in network by the decision makers of the systems of capacity eager to defend the interests of their leading minorities. 

7) to describe the conditions of an operation of an organization in network:

its base: development of a total knowledge joining together the source of knowing personal drawn from a spiritual and initiatory step and the source of knowing intellectual producing sciences and technology, the methods of communication and organization of work.

its framework: the interdependence of the three social contracts: personnel and crowned, Community, social and humanistic. Restoration of the concepts of work - work - political action and of the principle of subsidiarity to produce and distribute the material richnesses and to develop our knowledge. To ensure a direct democracy by reducing the role of the states, to develop the confederation of the networks of life. To eliminate the temporal religious capacities and to restore the initiatory way of the spiritual personal step.

its finality: to ensure the marriage of the cultures of the people or the communities in order to minimize violence and to consolidate peace.

8) to use the complementarity between the personal property, the common property and the collective ownership to organize work within the framework of the full employment. To put an end to the exclusions pronounced by our systems of capacities. To develop the noncommercial economy to create the jobs which correspond to current unemployment. To organize the complementarity between uses of the commercial economy and the noncommercial economy with an aim of raising the qualification level of the population. To leave the capitalist economic system founded on the right to misuse the personal property to collect the work of others with its only profit, to develop the noncommercial economy and the exchanges of local services to ensure the personal enrichment of the members of the group (according to the model of the oldest founded company European in 500 and which always knew to make the profit necessary to its development but whose leaders always made wish of poverty, avoiding collecting this richness for their only interests). To restore the prohibited Community property in France in 1790. 

9) to put an end to the electoral system representative and the group of the professional politicians. To develop the direct democracy mainly thanks to the resolution of the problems made according to the mechanism of subsidiarity.

10) To set up a legal settlement between the networks of life citizens and the religions so that they deal of the conservation and the diffusion of the spiritual experiments but which they do not seek to found of the systems of capacities starting from religious dogmas and sectarian and fanatic principles.

11) to use sexual dimension human being to channel it and minimize individual and collective violences, to tie social bonds able to ensure the peace and the primacy of the value of the love.

12) to again set up a military order able to defend the organization in network against the leaders of the systems of capacities civil or religious and able to seek the lords of war and the criminals everywhere on Earth without taking account of the protection of the states which would be their accomplices.

13) to allow each generation to give a precise goal in the realization of a work able to be transmitted to the following generations within the framework of a durable development of humanity and life.

14) to eliminate the obstacles which prevent the love from developing between human beings. To make respect the equality enters the sexes. To condemn the authors of forced marriages, to help the teenagers to found solid couples, to give time well to our loves before control with work in a system of economic capacity directed by a minority of individual owners responsible for the rise of the inequalities and social misery.

15) to eliminate the current education system and school founded on the selection from the future holders from the working stations from our systems from economic, political and social capacities. To ensure the education and the development of competences to guarantee peace, the love and the production and the distribution equitable of the material and cultural, spiritual richnesses. To organize the complementarity of the two sources of knowing in education and training with the responsibilities spiritual, in love, economic, cultural, political and social.

16) to use the experience gained during the human existence for the resolution of the problems of organization. To use artistic competences to develop the source of knowing initiatory and to translate the mysteries of the life. To use the competences acquired by the mothers to organize the decision-making within the framework of the recourse to the military force sending their children to the combat and death.

17) to restore the personal initiating way prohibited in Christendom by the Council of Nicée in 320 when papacy and the emperor transformed into religion of state the Christian movement organized at the beginning in network of communities. This initiating way exists in the Islamic religion, spirituality Buddhist, Indian, Tibetan and among primitive people. Scientific rationalism tried to eliminate it and occult it by denying the relations of the human heart with its supernatural dimension, by drawing aside the mysteries of the life.




- to show how this organization in network to ensure the expansion of many ancient civilizations: Egypt, Greece, Central America and people of the Andes and how in Europe, the Early middle ages (900-1300), through the network of the bénédictines abbeys and the orders knight, mainly about the Temple, it ensured one period of flourishing development: the time of the cathedrals. Organization destroyed by the king of France and the pope in 1307, which opened a long period of disorders, misery and the one hundred year old war. When about 1500, the Rebirth developed, this time tried to return to such a flourishing organization. 

- to show that if the organization in system is an effective instrument of conquest (military : Rome; Religious conquest : papacy ; economic : capitalism), the globalisation of the world through the planetary village allowed thanks to new technologies of information and communication (NTIC) represents a situation where for the first time in humanity, the majority of people have access in real time to the major events which relate to them. All is known in real time (ex: attacks of September 11, 2000, climatic or natural catastrophes ). Time is not any more with the military conquest of its neighbors to draw aside from the potential threats but with the union with them in regional zones of exchange. We are in the company of information and the company of the knowledge: the principal richness is the knowledge.  It is thus necessary to return to the organizations in network well better able to guarantee the development of these exchanges for the benefit of all and either to the profit of a minority to the capacity. This calls 2000 years of Western history into question.

- to show as the marriage of the cultures rests as well on the installation of an integration of the cultures of the people within the communities and working groups that on the overlap of the work completed by each generation within the framework of a durable development of the life on ground. The last marriage of the cultures in Europe was undertaken in Cluny, Cîteaux, Clairvaux, it produced a new European culture starting from 4 knowledge:  

    - Egyptian knowledge transmitted in the Greek knowledge then in the Roman knowledge 

    - and, knowledge Hebrew, Moslem knowledge and Celtic knowledge. 

Today, this marriage relates to the whole of the people of the ground, at least by free trade area initially. This new culture is essential to solve the current conflicts founded on religious quarrels.

- to show the historical roots of a declaration of the rights to the life on ground and of a constitution of the networks of life. To describe the Constitution of the Confederation of the nations of the people iroquois established about 1350, to show how it was used as example to the writers of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America and how it was used as model with the Constitution of the United States of America. To say why the errors made into 1789 made that this constitution of the United States could not be used as model for a French constitution written still better after this first American test.

- To show the bonds at the century of the Lights between the French writers, leaders of the future confederation of the United States of America, the Indians iroquois of the people haudenausonee of the area of the Large Lakes. To show the bond between this great law which binds of the people iroquois and the teaching which was given to these people by the monks navigators who crossed the Atlantic Ocean as of the Roman empire to go in Tiahuanaco in the Andes. To show that this confederal constitution of the nations of the people iroquois is the trace of the organization in network which lived in Europe with the Middle Ages and which was destroyed with the order of the Temple in 1307 when the king of France and the pope decided to save their systems of absolute capacities.


SIGNIFICANT POINTS which characterize the site and this company:


- the team of the site is animated by Pierre, a poet. The poetic step like the other spiritual steps makes it possible to find our reasons to live and to die, understand that they are the same ones and that the hope of living after the human life changes our glances on the others, the environment and gives us a possibility of connecting our marital and family human love to a vaster love, major given by our contacts with the supernatural one. The place of the poet in the company corresponds here to the sentence of Freud: more than the doctors, the priests or the scientists, the poets because they live constantly between sky and ground are the only able ones to look after the diseases of the heart which poison our human condition on Earth. The poet who writes here tells his meetings with the mysteries of the life and his exits out of the body at the time of accidents fatal.

- the work undertaken on this site exceeds the taboos and prohibited posed by the leaders of the systems of capacities, it uses also considerable knowledge preserved up to now through the hermetic, esoteric movements. This knowledge is taken again here without the veil of the esotericism. This work is undertaken in particular by Pierre, the poet of the team.

- this site does not take support on the communist or socialist theses to criticize or solve the deficiencies of our systems of being able. It is not a question to repair, improve a system of political power or economic. It is a question of leaving our systems to be able. The site positions in France in a new left removed from the ideology Marxist which related to only the replacement of a system of being able with another. This movement rests more on the way of the release of the humanity generally borrowed by the large spiritual Masters and lately by the authors of the romantic literary movement (V. Hugo) then surrealist.

- the movement uses Internet to work and tie contacts with other groups which have similar objectives. The use of the software of machine translation Systran makes it possible to diffuse our ideas on all the continents. It is obvious that when these ideas and this organization in network is installation in France, in Europe, these changes modify the whole of the current cultures and all the systems of capacities civil, economic, military and religious. It will be necessary to defend this new organization in network against the leaders of these systems of capacities and it will be necessary to eliminate these leaders from the systems of capacities and to ask them to work differently within the framework of the organizations in networks. Each one in its country and its culture will be thus concerned to know which to follow.

- the readers of the site can send their contributions to enrich work in the three workshops which prepare the drafting of the texts founders of the new organization in network. When these draftings are sufficiently advanced, we will organize meetings and events to set up the institutions and the organizations of our networks of life and to set up the means to defend them on the political, economic and social level. For the moment, speak around you about the alternative about the organization in network, of the common property, individual and collective, of the spiritual steps, the initiatory source of knowing, Tiahuanaco, the errors made in 1789 and 1790 at the time of the French revolution. Tell the history of old Egypt, the history of the people of the Andes, the history of Templiers, the history of the nations of the people iroquois. Speak about the Moso people, sexual life of the natives of the Trobriands islands, meeting of Freud with Malinowski in London, the political program of Keynes in 1925. There is many knowledge on, there are also photographs of places and landscapes, photographs of writers. Good reading!




The theoretical aspects that can take this work to work out the conditions of the introduction of an organization in network are accompanied by a practical example: the experiment of a group made up of seven couples which will assemble a movement organized in network is described in the novel presented on the site: " from Eleusis to Denderah, prohibited evolution ". The episodes are published on line.

The site and the novel are complementary: the Net surfer can go from the one to the other, passing from an example or a concrete case to a work of study and proposal further going that the only situations evoked in the novel. Of course the novel presents only one series of concrete situations chosen by the characters, it does not constitute a model which would be essential on others though the described situations represent quasi inevitable points of passage during the introduction of an organization in network which must demolish pressures and prohibitions coming from the leaders from the systems from being able which refuse to lose their place.

The library presents also two collections of poetry of Pierre, the poet of the group and principal stimulating of the Web site. They are used to illustrate the poetic step who is used mainly among the ways who lead to initiation, who allow a human being to find its reasons of living and dying, essential stage to then share the hope with the others.


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