Eleusis to Dendérah, the prohibited evolution


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The topic relates to the spiritual advance until the illumination, the meeting with supernatural then the human evolution of the initiate. It is the way of the involution then of the evolution just like describes by the spiritual Masters of Asia the poets.

 An example through this thought of Rowed Krishna: "There are involution and evolution! It is a way which it is necessary to make once behind and once ahead. You turn over behind towards Being higher to it and your personality is based in his; it is the samadhi. Then you reconsider your steps with this personality increased to find your "me"! You will discover whereas you, like the world, come   this higher Being and that God, man and nature is the faces different from only one reality ".

 Pierre, a poet who completed his involution but which really did not begin its evolution meets a young woman, Laurie, which seeks it also its initiation. It retained the lesson of James Joyce: "for a writer, there are only three solutions: silence, the exile or the trick ". At 35 years, it has of it enough the silence that it was necessary and seeks rather another way to continue its poetic work. Within a group of friends, the poet will be able ruser, to act into soft, in order to arrive to his ends. He thus will refuse the solution of the exile as adopted by Hermann Hesse in Montagnola, in question in this book, and by other authors, poets.

 Together, among their group of friends, they will find triples it initiation in the worlds terrestrial, higher and double and will carry out their transfiguration. Remain the fundamental problem: what to make this initiation? How to carry out an evolution human and social while remaining upright, faithful to what spontaneously wanted to emerge in us? The poet knows that the dialogue of the heart for the heart transforms the life radically. Together with their friends, the heroes thus will change the life and the company around them. They will use to know to them to found a political movement, economic and social likely to meet the needs for human relations and the economic needs. Routes spiritual and political, economic and social converge with clearness and clearness towards a new company. This evolution will have to surmount the obstacles set by the leaders with the capacity in the states and to leave the taboos certain knowledge which contradicts the current official speeches.

 This step rests on the principle of the conciliation of the opposites, the conciliation of three dimensions human being: physics, intellectual, spiritual. This topic was developed in particular by the writer Hermann Hesse. This step is opposed to that of the purification, sees which led to the greatest crimes of humanity.

 The reader is invited to follow this advance but in all knowledge of cause, after having reflected on this warning of any spiritual Master towards an applicant "better is worth not to start. Once that one began, better is worth to finish some. You thus do not venture on the path of spirituality if you do not feel the need of it."


The celebration of the mysteries with Éleusis was prohibited into 320 after J-c by the Roman emperor on the request of the Fathers of the Church. These celebrations come from the temple of Dendérah, close to Thèbes. This temple was the guard of the oldest knowledge and the rites of initiation of the large priests and the Pharaons. The emperor Auguste, initiate with the Egyptian mysteries, will be the last to restore this temple. The tradition of this knowledge will be safeguarded by Jean, Antoine, Pacôme, the fathers of the desert and founders of the movement coenobite, source spiritual of the first Christian communities,  then by the movement Benedictine. 

Together, the heroes of the book will position back the celebrations of the mysteries as they took place with Éleusis. Pierre and Laurie, as for them, will go to the source of these celebrations, the temple of Dendérah to restore the celebration of the new alliance between God and the men, celebration which the large priests and the Pharaons followed before this rite is not lost. New alliance that Moïse reintroduced and that Jesus completed through his transfiguration then his resurrection. This new alliance will enable them to acquire the capacities of the double world, the capacities to destroy and make die, with load for them to transform their clean dead, their passion, in rescue of the human beings tyrants and criminals whom they will have of making die to preserve their movement.

 The reader will rather quickly understand whom the matter does not finish its geographical course with Dendérah but which it is a question also of finding the trace of the survivors of the last great cataclysm in Peru and in Bolivia, that the way which connects the Mediterranean to the Andes cordillera east traced by a star that the old ones called Mérica, star that with follow-up again officially Christophe Colomb after many other navigators which knew the secrecy of the bonds between the Egyptians and the Indians of the Andes cordillera, secrecy whose existence is today proven by the presence of Coke in the Egyptian mummies. But not to complicate this way, the title evokes only the last places where this spiritual advance was celebrated : Éleusis and Dendérah

It is the Roman emperor, chief then of the Christendom which will prohibit the celebration of the mysteries with Éleusis bus too many Christians, as before them, Pythagore, Plato and the people educated of Greece and the Mediterranean basin, there ran. This example weakened the capacity of the pope in Rome which intended to have the monopoly of the new Christian religion and this supposed the prohibition of the individual initiatory way. Only the observation of the commands of the church counted, personal initiation according to ancient rites' could carry out only to produce sectarian competitors if not groups. All know that best defense, it is the attack and if at all times, there were sects like there were ignoramuses, the illiterate ones, it is not acceptable to have to consider that any spiritual initiation carried out apart from the rules of a religion carries out automatically to a sect... et to roughing-hew.

As for Dendérah, at the time of Jesus, the Auguste emperor there will be initiated and will finish the rebuilding of the temple undertaken by Ptolémées. It is probable that the esséniens sent Jesus to it to supplement his formation just like it is probable that Jean, after the death of Jesus, will go back there to perfect his initiation. The two versions of the Apocalypse support this reading of the facts because to write an account of the Apocalypse shows that there was meets with the capacities of the worlds double superior and and knowledge of the last great cataclysm whose date was registered on the zodiac of Dendérah.. The double house of life hidden near the temple was useful since millenia, of place to this higher initiation. Isis, the mother of the survivors, was the protective natural one of those and those which had crossed their initiation and reappeared with a new vision of the life and a thorough comprehension of the divine mysteries. Rome will restore Dendérah whereas it does not have any scruple to shave the temple of Jerusalem. Rome will maintain the library Alexandria whereas a Christian bishop sets fire to it. But in Dendérah, the Pacôme bishop, probably following the way traced by Jean and Antoine, will transcribe the rules of life coenobite which had lived this thousand-year-old temple. And these groups of professional workers and spiritual, Dendérah, Nag- Hammadi beside Dendérah, will leave to Europe time the cathedrals, time broken by the criminal will of a king of France and ever restored by the republic quite as ignorant, in its claim to be laic, of what makes live and die a human being whatever it is. On the other hand for the right of ownership inviolable and crowned except for the nation, the constitution gets along a little better and thus protects there a system in which the inequalities do not cease increasing with the contempt of any reason and human dignity. Of all this, a poet never considered that it was interdict to discuss it... quite to the contrary. The work first of a poet always was and will remain to break the interdicts posed by the minorities holders of the capacity... but its work, if it starts there, is not finished by far...

The basic screen of the history

The basic screen takes again the history of Jesus brought back by Flavius Josèphe. The introduction of the republic of Gamala, sicaires and Zealoies, the organization of the community (as that of Qoumran) on the basis of Egyptian tradition with the spiritual chief (Jean the Baptist then Jacques) and the political chief (Jesus), the choice of Jesus to disobey Abraham and Moïse to choose its own spiritual way, is transposed here.

 This history of the first Gospels as that of the book relate to the attempt to change the life to found in our companies the message drawn from initiation in the higher world, manner of reconciling dimensions human being with its eternal life whose its heart is the guaranteeing one.

 Taking into consideration our company, the characters of the book are as condemnable as were to it the companions of Jesus for the pharisees or the decision makers of Jerusalem. The characters meet in a club exchanger, they live the insane love, without limits. They are combined with a group of old which were more or less Nazis during the war and who use today money stolen by the Nazis to undertake activities in repair of these misdeeds. The knights, ordered by a ex ordering American army, will fly to the American army of the weaponry and the equipment of electronic center of war. They will direct a network of secret agents and will give birth to a new civilization much more humanistic.

 The difference with the history of Jesus, it is that today, thanks to the Internet, all throughout the world will know what occurs and what the movement of the companions and knights proposes. Their pure and simple elimination is not thus possible any more and all the traces of this history are kept in memory. More no deformation of this history is possible. Remain the final question: is the resurrection of the flesh possible? This mystery is evoked and an answer is proposed. We do not follow the thesis according to which it would be Thomas, the twin brother, Didyme in Greek wants to say twin, who would have been crucifié in the place of Jesus. We read as others this thesis of R. Ambelain in his book "Jesus or the mortal secrecy of Templiers". It is clear that Jesus met his disciples after the crucifixion. But is it necessary to explain these meetings by the resurrection of the flesh or this subterfuge between two twins? We use our spiritual experiments to propose a reading in our eyes more viable. This mystery is the base of the Christian religion, it is D explained in this book to be used as base with a renewed faith, the faith of the time of the cathedrals worked in Cluny, Cîteaux, Clairvaux and thanks to which will build the new human organization in network described in the book. At the time of Jesus, whereas restored Dendérah lent itself to a reactualization initiations, it was a question on the ground of Israel of reactualizing the work of Moïse, and Jesus declared that he had come to complete it and not to destroy it. Since the foundation of the movement Benedictine in year 500, it was also a question of building a body to know and values able to allow the development of a civilization able to marry the cultures of the people and to ensure peace, the respect of human dignity and the abolition of misery, once the disappeared Roman empire. These values which place the human being in the heart of the political organization come from the oldest temple of Egypt, Dendérah, and it is as for this reason as it was restored in priority by the Roman emperors. To continue this civilizing work starting from the initiatory lesson which reveals the mysteries of the human life and the history of the life on ground and in the universe, is of very an other dimension that to want to impose the dogma of the resurrection of the flesh for a son of God. All the initiates leaving the Egyptian temples had the son of God title and they knew that they could not define which is God but only to speak about the mysteries of the life and to prepare the others to come into contact with them. In this novel, the use of the supernatural capacities will make it possible to Pierre to ask for the authorization of return in its body duplicated after its setting to death to continue with his/her friends the development of their movement. This act which proves the highest capacities of an initiate of course will multiply by ten the faith and the heat of the members of the movement to not develop a system of being able but  an organization in network. This one represents the alternative already used through humanity to get rid of the systems collapsing in their inconsistencies and whose Utopia, this unrealizable share of a system, does not motivate anybody any more... especially not a poet who fights the Utopias to affirm on the contrary a hope!

 But it is also the faith burned on the stakes lit by the Dominican monks following the action of the pope Clément V to destroy this knowledge on the human nature of contrary Jesus to the dogmas worked out in Rome. It is obvious that papacy with very to gain by a questioning of its dogmas and by the restoration of the initiatory way in the culture which speaks about Christ, of that which lives in us and makes us cross carnal death. This faith was also prohibited by the kings of France and seems it, been unaware of or prohibited, by the French Republic. The publication of this book would make it possible, on this point, to check "the state of the things well" and to know if the poets have right to the word again (elsewhere than on the Internet).

This screen is very discrete and it is through some details that an informed reader who read, for example, of the works writes on this subject by frank-maçons, will discover it. It especially was useful for the author to build his account and the reader little with the current of these historical facts, can not discover it. It is not besides the essential matter of this work. 

The put principal questions to which this book brings answers: and which will be supplemented throughout the life of this Web site

* in this end of the industrial era and materialist, can the revival of the movements in search of spirituality bring something to us? What? What involution then evolution? Which are the relations between spirituality, religions, religious fanaticism, theocracy? 

* the only collective source of knowing founded about the professional work and sciences can it continue to organize our companies or, in front of its limits and the threats which it makes run on our planet, is necessary it to rebuild a total knowledge founded on the complementarity of the two sources of knowing : the individual source based on initiation and the collective source?

* Why is it necessary to bring up to date the historical and scientific knowledge and to revisit the taboos posed by the last or current leaders? Of which total knowledge we have need to support the conciliation of three dimensions human being: body, intellectual, spiritual.

 * where is poetry? Which is the nature of its step? With what is used it? How can it create a dialogue of the heart for the heart and change the life?

* can we leave our systems of being able and their Utopias to organize our companies in networks of communities whose work is to produce crowned, the marriage of the cultures by seeking the alliance of the opposites? Is this new alliance possible  by firstly using the first source of knowing?

 * How to set up an economy in network and noncommercial which ensures each one a social status and a source of material and social richness? Which are the advantages and disadvantages of an organization in system as well as organization in network? How to imbricate these two modes of organization to optimize the human relations and social, to maximize social peace? (this subject will continue to be developed on this site well beyond the text of this account).

 * How to organize the human activities whereas we are at the end of paid work? How to refute the theories of the current decision makers who, in front of the prospect for the demographic upheaval of our Western companies, understand that they soon will miss hand of?uvre to continue their system of organization of the capacity? Does one go towards a stressing of alienation to work or goes one towards a change of organization of our companies which reduces this alienation even removes it ?

  * Which are the bases of a social contract which ensures the development of the human capacities through dimensions physical, intellectual, sexual and spiritual of each one ? Does such an organization exist ? We will see that the oldest European company rests on such rules and that it always knew to create richness even a certain profit to develop.

 * To break is the monopoly organized by the states to confiscate with their profit the organization of violence, enough? How to include/understand the relations between Authority-Capacity-Command to minimize individual and collective violence and to maximize social peace? What means the words of Jesus, recommending to his disciples to sell their coat to buy a sword if they do not have of them already one ? What wants to say the remarks of Napoleon recommending to put the sword under the guard of crowned ? What means the choice of Voltaire to become trafficker of weapons for the insurrectionists of the new world? And the choice of Rimbaud to become him also trafficker of weapons to help the natives of old Nubie? This poet could read Hérodote in the text, therefore he knew the historical importance and symbolic system of this area. Aren't these intrigues the fact that of characters having lost the reason?  Isn't this rather the expression of the will to restore an organization similar to that of ancient Egypt with its duality large priest and Pharaon ? Organization at the base of a thousand-year-old civilization six times which knew to combine the use of the weapons produced by the men with the use of the supernatural forces, like the Celts and their druids also made it ?

 With through the answers to these questions, the reader will include/understand why minorities with the capacity continue to fight against the development of spiritual research, how the capacities permitted by initiation the higher world come to throw to bottom the average material soldiers resulting from the industrial era. Between the monopoly exerted by the states on the armaments and freedom of movement of the knights and their leaders initiated with the higher capacities, there are well the choice of a new civilization or at least the rediscovery of ancient civilizations among which these higher capacities were exerted. How to reconcile these two worlds, our history? Where is the c?ur response to our essential need for safety? With our need for minimization of violence and optimization for social peace?

 All these brief replies were checked. They were published by other authors. If the basic idea is clean to the author, the translation of the message, the political, economic and social argumentation, borrow ideas published. It is the assembly of these data, the matter of the poet which gives a larger range to the speech. The poet is not afraid of the words. He says the things to see beyond the horizon. The assembly of the data and the transverse construction of a new purified knowledge of its taboos make possible this new organization. The work of the poet consisted in translating the message drawn from its extrasensory experiments by using the elements of knowing human available, pertaining to passed here or there or in emergence today, this for better describing the passage of the dream to reality and supporting the division, the marriage of the cultures, even if it means to change paradigm, to break systems drowned in their Utopias to give on the way an organization in network able to nourish the hope which makes beat the c?ur of humanity.

SUMMARY of the book



Introduction: Pierre with the Cross of the Guards, the top of Cannes, the evocation of their history


The meeting with Laurie, the first time, with the club of Amadeus and Regina


 the second meeting, with the club of Amadeus and Regina


the appointment at Laurie, in Pirmasens


the weekend in Baden-Baden, the foundation of their club


beginnings of the club in Weinheim and Baden-Baden


the poet in conference in Nancy, in the college of Gerard and Domenica


the ballade with the Great Saint Bernard, the meeting with Arnim


life with the club


the death of Maud, Pierre and Laurie in Paris, their transfiguration


the meeting on the mountain in the solid mass of Mont Blanc, the capacities of the higher world, Cluny


knights with work


the meeting of Strasbourg, the installation of their movement, political, economic and social justifications of a noncommercial economy organized in networks (starting from the example of SALT)


continuation of work


knights with the combat, in the Vosges in Struthof then in Bosnia


under a so blue sky if calms, Pierre and his family move in Cannes. Pierre works in Sophia-Antipolis, the house of Laurie with Biot.


Communities with work in Europe and California


the second birthday of their meeting


first difficulties: the Community center, the center of electronic war catch at the NSA


the third birthday with their bancassurance in Basle


on the way of their passion


the experiment with Sophia-Antipolis in the computer room armoured and protected by a Faraday screen room: the poet shows the capacities of the double world


operations of electronic war


meeting again before the gathering with the clue


the gathering with the clue


taken care of the oppidum of Castelleras, close to Thorenc


the initiation of Laurie to the capacities of the double world




Laurie and Francoise await the return of Pierre

this pagination corresponds to a format A4, that of the remote loading. In the A5 format of a publication in micro edition, the book makes two volumes for a total of approximately 1025 pages.

Principal places and landscapes used or cities in the book

 (nonexhaustive list):

 * in Alsace:

- the valley of the Bruche with the camp Nazi of Struthof, the Roman temple of Donon, the Sainte-Odile mount and the pagan wall, the electronic center of war of the fort of Mutzig

- Strasbourg, Obernai,  Wissembourg and its area,

 * in the French Alps :

- the Mont-Tondu, Chapieux with the top of Saint-Maurice Borough, massif of the Mount Blanc

- Beaufortin, The Contamines , Samoëns, Sixt

- Annecy and its area, the plate of Glières

 * on the Riviera and the Alpes-Maritimes :

- Cannes and its area, islands, Mandelieu, Napoule, Sophia-Antipolis, Antibes, Biot, Nice, Fatty,

- Esterel, Théoule

- the valley of Esteron: the clue and the mountain of Charamel, Harpille.

- the valley of the Wonders, Gordolasque, the collar of Tends, the small valley of Caramagne, the lakes of Sabion, the collar of Viei del Bouc, Gélas, the Mount Rabbit burrow

- the valley of Tinée and that of Vésubie, the collar of Bonette, the refuge and the lake of the Madonna of Fenestrate, the Lakes Vens

- Beuil, Valberg, Mounier, Sainte-Eurosie

 * in Germany :

- Baden-Baden, Black Forest, Palatinat and Bad-Bergzabern, Dahn, Pirmasens, Neustadt,

- Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Bavaria

* in Switzerland :

- Basle, Saas-Fairy: tops of Weissmies and Nadelhorn, Zermatt and Taesch and tops of Rimpfischorn and Alphuebel, Dufourspitze and the Pink Mount

- the valley Tag, Saint-Pierre Borough and the old people's home of the Great Saint Bernard, the combe of A

- the valley of Illiez: Champéry, White Teeth, the Ruant Mount, Teeth of the South

- the Lake Maggiore and Monte Verita, Ascona. The Montagnola and Lugano Lake

 * in ex-Yugoslavia: the area of Banja-Luka, the Vlasic mounts, Zagreb

* in Russia: the suburbs of Moscow in 1941 and park it of Lobnia, the Elbrouz Mount in the Caucasus

* in the United States: Philadelphia, Fort Mead, California, Silver Creek Valley, Sun City West, the valley of San Fernando, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palo Alto...

* in Power station and South America: Bolivia and the lake Titicaca, the site of Tiahuanaco. Mexico and the INCA empire, the Aztec ones

* Atlantis and the blue planet of old, Mérica.

 * in Egypt: Thèbes, Dendérah, Louxor, Memphis, Héliopolis, pyramids, Abousir...


(nonexhaustive list)

   - in poetry,

 are quoted and used: Verlaine, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Apollinaire, Valéry, the surrealist ones, Aragon, Essenine, Mühsam and especially Paul Eluard

 - in spirituality, humanism :

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Cholokhov : The peaceful gift, They fought for the fatherland

Cholodenko : The temptation of the Rimbaud way,

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- on the tantrism:

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Jean-Louis Laville : a third way for work.   Jacques Freyssinet : unemployment

Principal characters


35 years, married to Francoise, 2 children. He is poet since always, published a collection of poetry once that he had stopped writing.

 He lived his youth in a Vosgean valley of the Alsatian slope. He was cyclist racing, cross-country skier in competition then student in Strasbourg. He is prize winner of the Faculty of Law of Strasbourg. He works like Responsable Human Resources and saw the economic and social transformations of his companies.

 To the occasion of one dance the club for couples of Amadeus and Regina, in Germany, it will meet Laurie and other couples with which it will found a club then a movement corresponding to a noncommercial economy in networks. It will develop its place of poet in the group and will help the others on their spiritual advance. Itself will find the way of triple initiation. It will use the capacities of the double world, like the druids or the Pharaons did it, when their movement is attacked by the industrial officers of the company and those of the economic policy systems and social which will refuse to see their interests to be lost in front of the success of this new organization. Following the engagements, it will be exposed to the capture by the enemy police force and mercenaries. It wants to be put at died to be able to use its capacities and ressusciter. It is the direction given to died of its carnal body in order to achieve its duty of initiate, after having used the destroying forces of the double world and in order to thus save all those which perished in the engagements. Between the funerary rite of the Pharaons and the passion of Jesus, Pierre will seek his way to ensure the development of their movement and to change the life across his death.


28 years, married to daN It is the girl of a former commander of commando OSS of the second world war which had then a work of journalist and chronicler. After studies of psychologist, it went back to Philadelphia to follow her parents in retirement. It became surogate and animates therapies containing sexual practical work. It meets daN, follows it to Germany, in Pirmasens, in Palatinat and is committed as psychologist in the health service of the American army in a hospital of Palatinat and with Wiesbaden. It is occupied of the people victims of torture, of taking of hostage then victims of the war of Bosnia unloaded on the basis of Ramstein.

 It is one practising of the tantrism and in its meeting with Pierre, it will seek with the poet the keys of initiation in the higher world. It will become the MUSE of the poet, his shakti and will push it to continue its evolution of initiate. It will know the transfiguration of their couple then Pierre will initiate it with the capacities of the double world. It will remain to direct on the spiritual level the movement when Pierre decides to follow his destiny.


32 years, the husband of Laurie. He is an American officer, left West-Point. He directs a group in charge of logistics and supervising the stores of supplies military and ammunition hidden in the forest of Palatinat. It is an amateur of ski and helicopters. He is member of a club of collectors in Holland, close to Aix it Chapelle which has several downgraded helicopters, of Huey.

 He will create the group of the knights trained at the beginning of other military friends of various nationalities. To the death of Arnim, it will direct the troop of the knights with Anke.


 26 years, married to Anke, Karlsruhe lives. After studies of economy and management, it works in a bank. It likes the music and the excursions in mountain as all that touches with the esotericism. Very free couple with Anke, they will take part in particular evenings organized by a group of old and the collected money will be proposed to their friends to found their own club. Frantz will be the treasurer. 


 26 years, married to Frantz. Large, fair with the blue eyes, garçonne, it is sporting accomplished. After competitions in athletics and medium-distance race, it made ski touring and races of mass and practical the excursion in the Alps and the alpinism with Frantz. It is a physical professor of education and assembles its room of dance and musculation. Libertarian naturist like Frantz, it took part successfully in erotic contests and special evenings but refuses to play in pornographic productions. It is a mystic who seeks another thing and with Frantz, its goal is to found a club for released couples which understood that beyond the love, there is another division of emotions and possible sensitivity.

 Anke will completely invest in the club then the movement with Laurie, Frantz and the others. Bound by major bonds to Arnim, it will succeed to him its death to direct the service of information and the special actions of their movement. It will animate their network of secret agents and will organize defense against their adversaries.


45 years, married to Sandra, 3 children, lives in Mannheim and is an electronics engineer. He works with the ESOC of Darmstadt and occupies himself of the follow-up of the satellites. It is a libertarian naturist who will discover that beyond the only meetings in clubs exchangers, there is a possibility of changing his life and of building a company which corresponds well better to its aspirations. He will take care of telecommunications and the Intranets in their movement. Jovial and joker, it will continue his work and will direct the teams of data processing specialists and electronics specialists of the movement to implement average logistics of processing the data as well as the centers of electronic war.


42 years, married to Sepp. She is a negociator in the real estate. She will give up her dream to create her own agency to occupy itself of the buildings and of average materials of their club then she will direct the team in charge of these questions in their movement.


45 years, 2 children, married to Barbara. Doctor in chemistry, it works in Basle. Its couple is friendly long dates of that of Sepp and Sandra. He also will follow the group and will bring its know-how in management and decision-making. It will help Sepp in the development of the Intranets.


42 years, married to Werner. Alsatian and haut-rhinoise, after studies of Right in Strasbourg, it works in an insurance in Basle where it meets Werner. She will develop the mutual insurance company of bancassurance movement, by taking again the example of the founders of the industrial company of Mulhouse, amongst other things of Koechlin, the founder of the SACM become parent company of Alsthom, from Alcatel and what was CGE.

 This mutual insurance company will be the pivot of their economic organization gathering of SALT, a purse and the various activities of production and exchanges on their Intranets or in their common houses. It is in Basle that the knights will fold up themselves after the combat of the clue.


40 years, 1 child. Professor in Economy-Management in Nancy. Disappointed by its trade, it will engage fully in the movement while bringing its knowledge and its pedagogy. It will be occupied directly of the new Community center in the Beaujolais wine close to Lyon and it will develop on their Intranets the forum-expert to gear down the possibilities of formation among the members of the movement.

 It will be opposed to Pierre because he believes that their ideas are right and that a public lawsuit can show with the public opinion that their movement is not a sect and that he does not present a danger to civil peace, that on the contrary, their movement is the logical continuation of the end of the industrial era. It does not agree to develop average soldiers and to undertake engagements. To the end of the victorious combat for the knights, it will put his project at execution and will denounce Pierre with the police force. Including/understanding that after these fatal combat, the unfavourable decision makers do not want a lawsuit but will assassinate the poet summarily then will transcribe the events according to their interests, Gerard will hang itself. Laurie will discover its body close to the stone-built house and the knights will carry it. With through this episode of the end of Gerard, the reader will find an analogy with the end of Judas and the screen of this account.


38 years, married to Gerard. It is a French professor in the same college as Gerard. It is intellectual which will write the memory of the movement. It will work beside her husband but will not follow it in its idea of a lawsuit public. It will be favorable to the action of the knights and it will write some.


34 years, married to Carine, 2 children. Manager under civil contract in the French Forces from Germany in Baden-Baden, it understands that the birth of Eurocorp will remove its station. He adheres to the idea of Frantz and Anke and decides to open his own club in a Vosgean valley Lorraine slope. He will delegate the direction of this club to continue to invest itself in the movement, mainly in the logistics of the troop of the knights.


32 years, married to Patrick. Nurse, it will give up the old people of which it is occupied in Baden-Baden to also become among the first, permanent of the club. With Laurie and Anke, it will animate the school of love then it will be formed with the engagements to accompany on the ground the knights and to be their nurse.


76 years, born in 1917 in a village of Bavaria. His/her father, teacher will speak to him about the German movements of dispute of the industrial era: Wandervögel, Naturmenschen, the colony of Assembles-Verita, the work of Hermann Hesse. Officer in Gebirgsjäger, it will make during the second world war the campaigns of Norway, of Moscow, of the Caucasus then will keep an alpine collar giving on Italy. With military friends, it will succeed in breaking the resistance of young Nazis in Munich and they will open the city with the American troops.

With a group of old, Arnim organizes deprived evenings for which it recruits Anke and Frantz. Disturbed by Anke, it will not leave it any more and will supervise it until discovering the existence of the club. Come at the meeting from the group at the time of the exit to the Great Saint Bernard, Arnim will be presented, at the time of taken care of the old people's home and after having discussed its past and to check its motivations, the group will agree to take it as member.

 Arnim will direct the group of the knights initially and will put its relations at the service of the protection of the movement. It will form daN and especially Anke with the secret war. A group of néo-Nazis is informed by the C.I.A. and the NSA that Arnim with diverted a treasure of war Nazi. This Nazi group will receive the order to destroy the electronic center of war of the knights. In the combat, Arnim will be exposed vis-a-vis to a former comrade remained néo-Nazi and will be cut down. Anke will take its changing.


approximately 75 years, single person. It was an interpreter near the American army about 1942 and secret agent of Free France. With its maquis of Ain, it recovers commando OSS directed by the father of Laurie. It will live a history of love with the father of Laurie then will join First the French Army corps of health as nurse and will take part in the release of Alsace. After the war, it will engage with the O.M.S. and will leave to look after the people disadvantaged throughout the world. For its retirement, it will restore an old farmhouse with Biot on the Riviera.

 Maud is dying in a private clinic of Paris. Marie, the niece of Maud in formless Laurie and his/her mother. Laurie decides to come with Pierre to accompany the last moments by Maud. This one is done knight just like was already Laurie. Pierre commits himself with Laurie following Maud to his residence of eternity. Separated from Maud after the crossing of the well of light and a first contact with the Verb, Laurie and Pierre will know their transfiguration.

Romain and Claudine

17 years, are high-school pupils in Paris. Pierre and Laurie the meeting embracing itself under a carriage door. They invite them in the room of coed of Laurie and become friendly. At the time of the departure of Maud, from Laurie and Pierre, Romain and Claudine will remain in the room to take care the bodies. With the return of Laurie and Pierre, they will see them in their duplicated bodies. They will continue their initiation with Laurie and Pierre and at the time of the gathering to the clue, before the engagements, Laurie and Pierre will initiate them with the capacities of the double world. They will remain in Europe to direct the movement on the spiritual level whereas Laurie sets out again in the USA to direct the American branch of their movement.

Jacques : soldier in the commandos, formed part of the CRAPS during the war of the Golf and was in Badgad, did not approve the decision of the French Army to leave the city and engages in the troop of the knights. He is responsible for the group based with Sophia-Antipolis.

Michel : former project leader of the electronic belt of Iraq vis-a-vis at the Iranian border, Pierre will make it recruit in the team of Sepp. He will develop the centers of electronic war of the knights and will direct the operations against the NSA.

Martha : coed in Protestant theology with Heidelberg, will be recruited by Laurie and Pierre. Become Pasteur, it will take part in the development of the celebrations of Eleusis.


These characters borrow features, ideas, behaviors with people that the author knew but no manifest identification is possible. All are developed and no damage could be established in their opposition. That they forgive the poet to have worked as a novelist who crunches in his all pages that passes under its nose... and with Internet, they know how to join to me.

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