the first meeting in the club of Amadeus and Regina

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What this night Pierre liked, it is the fact that Laurie initially was the author of the some lines which it had noticed in the book of the guests at Amadeus and Regina. A young woman who with frankness and enthusiasm had written something as that which it still remembered: " what a nice lovely night we have spend Dan and I, here, with all you by Amadeus and Regina ! I'm so happy to have found you, my attentioned kindly lovers ! I'll come back in this house where i have passed my first really honneymoon...for a second or third honeymoon beetween all you and my love. I'm folling in love today, i'm sure, to the end... and after more, sure !   Laurie ".

  The register contained, beside those written in German, few comments in English language. There was more which came from French, Swiss, of Dutch, of some Swedish. The English who came here were in fact for the majority of the American soldiers stationed either in Palatinat on the side of Ramstein, Landsthul or Pirmasens or on the side of Heidelberg or of Frankfurt. A testimony was written in Canadian; it was a couple of pilot based with Solingen which in departure for Quebec had come to pass here from last moments to Europe with Europeans. The woman wrote it: this last memory would be for always also the first in its  when it would reconsider in Europe!

  Pierre and Francoise liked to read these lines. They very often contained feelings of a bright sincerity and which could not be differently said during discussions or of the exchanges of message, to table or the bed. In these lines was found all garnered heat the night lasting in contact with the ones and others. A heat which was not wrapped on a intellectual side but which was simple, direct, true. As simple and direct and beneficial as when it had appeared and grown strongly of each one and each one when they had exchanged it thus skin against skin. Pierre of continuation, the first time, had had a presentiment of it: the language which it read by opening this book was much more than the only language of the words. Admittedly it knew well that there is no thought out of the words but the words which appeared here before being registered in a sentence, had lived in glances, caresses, pressures, sighs, desires, kisses. They left exchanged salivas, mixed sperm and cyprine, transmitted sweat oh not with heaps of people! ... generally lately because of the AIDS, that with the only marital and legitimate partner! ... but these words came above all from the language from the bodies. This language of the bodies of which many poets as Pierre had said that it was the only one with being able to convey the truth of the beings. It was besides after having perceived that which the first time that they had come here, Pierre had not listened to Francoise who wanted to set out again so much it was still difficult for him with her to think to make love in the medium of other couples.

 This very first time, it was one Friday evening. Amadeus had said to them to come the first time one Friday evening. There would be less world and more time and of place to fit during the dance the general movement of the house. As of the entry and the reception on the step of the door by Amadeus and Regina, you felt that here you were not in a club, even a "pärchen club" but well in a vast residence which the Masters of the place had arranged for them and those which would like to join them well and share a certain manner of acting with the others. From both, Amadeus presented the most signs able to express their philosophy. Pierre, for knowing the human relations well, felt the importance of theverbal one. Immediately what struck it at Amadeus, it was the short tail of horse on the level of its hairstyle like its aspect squat and bedonnant. The expression was sharp, cordial. The words employed underlined an extreme courtesy, the direction of the detail to remove you any worry. All the movement of the person tended to push you in a climate of confidence. The invitation made visit the house and traverse it freely did nothing but confirm the impression of freedom and tolerance which impregnated this man. Pierre however brought back this impression to righter proportions. The manner of arranging its hair had a typically Hindu connotation. The plumpness lent a little more to confusion but it had rather quickly to be drawn aside the idea that it would represent this sign of wealth if divided of Germany. There was a dyeing épicurienne certainly and Pierre understood that it acted of the true epicureanism. The man did not stop with a philosophy of universal uncertainty. If its nonchalance could lend to a kind of indifference on a judgement between the good and the evil and in that left free its guest think what he wanted on what occurred here, this aspect a little "taoism" symbolized by the tail of horse was to be erased in front of extreme rationality around which the house was organized. There was atomic materialism in the way in which each object was arranged, a sufficient side to point out the intimacy of a hearth, another whole as balanced to show you as here, it was the hearth of other couples and that it was thus necessary to yield with a common rule to be restored, to be used itself for the self-service, to strip, take its towels, to circulate from one part to another by doing what one wants, without never obstructing the others. In there reflective, Pierre understood that this way of the true epicureanism was probably the key to success of this house even if to the obviousness, Amadeus and Regina could with leisure speech of Wilhelm Reich and its theories. Pierre while smiling, enjoyed to think that like him, Amadeus would challenge the aspect far too clinical experiments reichiennes, aspect which had been one of the principal causes of failure.

 Amadeus yielded in courbettes in front of each door to let enter Francoise. That amused Pierre. Francoise in front of so much of kindness answered by marks of great satisfaction. It would have been believed that it took possession of a house of luxury and traversed the parts with the tested glance of the housewife which already moved more than one once. After the restaurant, the small living rooms, the large part of water tiled and its four columns with the Roman which surrounded a circular swimming pool being able to contain a dozen adults, the gaming room with in a corner the "wash-machine" traditional and in the other corner the sight on the external swimming pool, the garden then behind still, the forest, Amadeus was planted with the foot of the staircase. It looked at right in the Francoise eyes for saying that there was no visit of the parts top, this not to disturb the couples which were there. It could go up there after having been stripped in the cloakroom of at side. Amadeus specified to him that it was however to give panties to go in the room of the restaurant, which made it redden at once. Pierre burst of laughing and Amadeus also condescended to smile him. Francoise, upset, also condescended to laugh at it. Amadeus beckoned with Pierre to come to the counter to pay. Pierre invited Francoise to go to the cloakroom, which it refused, not wanting to put itself naked, only, in the medium of a part where no matter who could occur. She accompanied Pierre then both returned to the cloakroom. Pierre started by reading the register of the guests and Francoise finding the pretext good to delay the expiry made some in the same way. After a last stormy discussion where Pierre had to show firmness, impatience took finally the top and they were stripped. 

Arrived on the floor, they seized towels. Pierre decided to take a shower initially. Francoise accepted, reminding herself that with the beginning of their meeting, in his room of student, Pierre always made a point of making him a personal hygiene. Surprised the first time, it had ended up finding there good especially under the blows of language of his/her lover, being offered all the more open as it was known clean. After a short reflexion the time there, it had agreed to return the similar one to him, making confidence with the fact that it was it which had washed the sex to him... This new experiment by this old ritual it liked to begin and under the shower, it tightened its buttocks like formerly!

To decide to penetrate in a room was not easy! Close to the video living room, the blue room had a door glazed with translucent glass. The bodies that one saw surrounded of one will have white fluorescent. The process was surprising and captivating. Your partner illuminated himself to some extent and more than his body, they were especially his movements, his silhouette which was emphasized. With the ceiling and on the walls, of small stars shone, animated by the reflections of the blue light fluo. Lengthened, you were as under the vault of the skies. This part was called besides "das sternchen-zimmer". Pierre wanted to enter there but Francoise opposed it. All people who passed in the corridor threw a glance prolonged in the room and it did not support that. Exhiber! ... yes! said she but only if the others make some similar! She preferred the reciprocity in the businesses and formed with double accountancy, she counted what she gave and what she received. To take part in this kind of evening consisted in for it giving much; it would thus take its precautions to receive also much. A second room had a full door. At the interior the light was orange. This hot colour was an invitation. At the bottom of the part, the wall was covered with mirrors. It did not remain much any more of place. In the medium, a young woman whom one saw of back overlapped a man. Its fair hair undulated on its shoulders at the rate/rhythm of the movements of its basin. Other couples were installed around so that his buttocks were not seen. Pierre wanted to enter. Francoise closed again the door and preferred to see elsewhere. He deduced from it that she sought a place where without making prowesses, she could all the same emphasize himself and not be supplanted by another that all would look at. It was in its temperament to want to be always the first. Pierre moved towards the bottom of the corridor and was on the point of opening another door. Francoise wanted to open it itself not to feel obliged always to follow Pierre and to also try to take as it could a pretence of initiative in the business.

 At this point in time Laurie appeared. Slender, the young woman held behind it in a hand her towel, of its right arm it had opened the door and its gesture had been unbalanced by the movement of Francoise who had also drawn on the door. Its head turned on side backwards continued the discussion with the man who followed it when it was turned over. Its glance plunged towards Francoise to measure it then over the shoulder of Francoise stopped in the eyes of Pierre. Then the face took again its movement. She laughed bruyamment and had great disordered gestures as can have it a person with the roof of the excitation. She failed to hustle Francoise and passed in front of Pierre like a flash. There did not see leaving daN and remained planted to see to move away the body from this woman who feeling looked at and taken a little at fault in this exubérance too obviously posted, recovered right and adopted a step more swaying as it is appropriate to a woman when she feels in her back the weight of a glance. Pierre noted that it had given its arms ahead, that he thus saw the whole of his back. He could just pose his glance on his buttocks and on her legs and the young woman disappeared in the room from the showers. He saw the man entering there and still heard the laughter of the woman that the noise of the shower ends up choking. Francoise hélait it bruyamment and it returned in the part. This woman, this expression, her eyes and her glance dazzled it. Quickly, it reminded the back of this body to check that the image indeed had been correctly seized. Admittedly put aside the face and this piercing glance, it missed the image of the front... the centres, the belly, the fleece but its decision was already made to collect this plan. It looked at the part then.

 In this room, Laurie and Dan had made love. While leaving, Laurie was radiant, overflowing of promptness and Pierre had to note that it was the first time that it had seen the so radiant face of a woman. This body upright moving, undulating, laughing, speaking, gesticulant, this fripée towel that it held with the hand and that it had put under it not to stain cloth attested well that they had exchanged something which formed part of the definition of happiness. This happiness was contained in all the space which came into contact with it. It was not confined in the only smile, it was not confined with the only face that usually Francoise while remaining had lengthened motionless on the bed. Pierre was content that the evening started so well, so extremely. Poet, it had had of it enough of the words and the stupid play which one could make; moreover stupid is the anagram of argument and it had always fought savagely against the stupidity of people. Then it had had of it to scan people in the street enough, with their work, in their car being likely by omission to crush their next. The accounts of war, massacre and genocide showed him less ordinary aspects of human but even the cries of revolt that teenager it had thrown to the others, had finally wearied it. The caresses, the pleasures shared with Francoise had revealed the essential face to him that it awaited the human ones and of continuation, this evening, this young woman came to confirm it in her current search: to see, take part and share moments with others which, if they were successful, would come finally to convince it and reassure it that there were no on ground only indifferent foreigners, malicious. and that a communion was possible. It was not any more Brecht with research of the "gute mensch von Sezuan", here and now it had full the eyes happiness of this young woman after the love!

 It was finished by it of these glances which the men carry on the women with this impertinence increased by the fact of a cowardice which in advance knows that no other contact will be possible. Here, the women were naked and they did not hide their sex by tightening the legs. The exchanged glance took your responsibility: you knew by crossing your glance if this woman would accept or not your approach. With you to clear up you to go towards it and if you do not combine there, then forever you would carry the memory of a missed relation, of a glance who would have lost yourselves, of a bit of light which would have died out and shame with you to waste the life thus... this life which only required to like!

More miserable still could you be if by your passivity you do not condescend to hang the gesture which it discreetly made towards you! Here, you could not remain in you, it was necessary to leave you and to go towards the others, while starting with that which shared your life apart from these moments!

 By seeing and re-examining the glance of Laurie, Pierre convainquit of the promise of communion that it found there. Did this communion belong to his/her companion, was this the continuation, the continuation of what they had just lived or then this communion was such as him, Pierre, by the simple fact of having crossed it, formed now also part of it? Yes, Pierre remembered some Tantras Buddhists and of the attitude of the tantrism towards passions " One can reach the achievement by that even which leads to the fall" and still "passions lose their character of impurity when they become absolute, i.e. of the elementary forces, like fire, water, the ground, wind". Not, it was not guilty to have bored with its glance the curves stripped this female body nor to have preserved this expression of happiness suave read on the face of this young woman. Not, he was not a shaken Peeping Tom of a perverse and morbid jealous desire. He had found the marks of a perfect happiness and the beauty of this female body more magnifiait still this sudden idea which had just monopolized its spirit: there it held an absolute, a movement of its heart towards this face suitable to characterize an absolute passion. Moreover it felt to be born in him behind its passion a similar disproportionate force with a fire which sets ablaze all. Pierre reflects, it recognized the appearance of Shakti, a goddess and it was to be a goddess of the love! It wanted to know the body heat of this woman, at which time she would start to burn, to perspire under him, when its sex would be liquified, that she râlerait carried by the force with which it would take it. Then it would read on its face, in the quivering of its lowered eyelids, of its lips opened, through the last undulations of its body, the strength of the camber which it would keep a last moment, the lines of this infinite landscape where it had a presentiment of it, one day future they could not do but one more.

 Pierre could not go further in the fugitive course of his thoughts. Francoise claimed it. She had seen that Pierre had been very impressed by the sight of the young woman whom they had crossed. She also had perceived the expression of this happiness but more simply than her husband, she wanted continuation to leave with him to research here this same happiness. The walls, cloth, lighting were beige cream-coloured. Francoise was held along the wall on the matelassée bench which surrounded the bed. Cloth was tended without a fold. Laurie and daN before leaving and undoubtedly daN alone, had given in order the part. The cleanliness of the place persuaded Pierre whom they dealt with very frequentable people and this increased its desire further to meet them. Francoise with a foot tried to walk on the bed. As the mattress was filled with water, this pressure created instability and it did not know too much how to proceed. Pierre took again with pragmatism the operations in hand. It ordered to him to take off its long-line bra and its breeches, to well flat throw the towel in the medium of the bed and to lie down there. Put in confidence, submissively, it was carried out. And which more is, Pierre noted that as with accustomed, it had opened its thighs in a comfortable position, neither provocante nor modest, sufficiently still tightened to leave the pleasure with the man more largely of opening them to him, sufficiently open so that he can see in which state its sex was. After having tested some movements and to find the rate/rhythm of a pleasant rocking, it fixed its eyes and its great smile on Pierre and naked him also, he undertook to lie down beside it. Water while clapotant from one end to another of the envelope made an insane noise. It waited until their positions are stabilized to discover their images on the mirrors of the ceiling and those of the wall opposite.

 It was the first time that they saw naked one beside the other. They were looked by interposed mirrors, were smiled dumb, a little awkward. Francoise started to a little too frequently look at towards the door, anxious with the idea that others could enter. Pierre drew aside the thighs then to him and applied more than usually to make with his body of the movements rythmés and gracious because it saw that she fixed the ceiling and looked it in its back. It exaggerated its movement and she then pouffa of laughing while letting play its hands on the back of his lover, his buttocks, as a gamine which plays in its mirror. Pierre took it finally more wildly. They had been accustomed to the mattress which made them roll on one side to the other. It was studded with the shoulders of Pierre and y blottit his head. A short glance in which he lute all his tender says to him that it was ready and he accelerated to discharge in it. It did not leave him time to rest and came on him as it liked so much that it does it. Noting that Pierre also looked at the mirrors, they cambered its kidneys and took a longer and full movement. It went and came with a rare application, its small centres massed the chest and sometimes the face of his/her lover. Its glance was plunged in that of Pierre. It tried to read on its face the pleasure which it had with each position that it took and him, tried itself not to betray itself to make last this pleasure. Its two hands plated on the hips of Francoise, it pushed it to sit down quite deep on its sex, folded it against him. After him to have drawn aside the hair of the face, this for better seeing it, it cherished the buttocks to him and with its index went to the meeting of its penis, while seeking through the thin partition of flesh to touching its nipple as for a particular masturbation. It shook the head of pleasure, choking its sobs and its words on a mattress which did not cease being concealed under their movements. Pierre looked at and it, without going to the meeting of this glance, it knew that he looked at it, that it showed very it as ever until now a man had not been able to see it. It which affectionnait to look at its buttocks in the mirrors, it which young person had advantageously made some contests of buttocks with one or the other of his/her friends, it who believed hard like iron in the powerful capacity of her bottom on the men, finally decided to throw side the head to look at it behind also the movement of the penis and the two fingers which smashed it. With the small rattles of satisfaction, Pierre understood that it was ready to be made take by two men at the same time. He saw daN settling against the buttocks of Francoise and it liked this image. It remembered no detail body daN but since this last kissed this young woman who haunted it, he agree to give him the bottom of Francoise.

 They lengthily remained wide one on the other. She started again to make undulate her body and she gently rocked her lover on the waves who were born with the hollow from its kidneys. From time to time when its head approached him, it seized the lips of its partner and poured some floods of extreme salivas to him. She rappuyait then more extremely on her thighs, planted herself more deeply on the sex of the man to push it to the bottom crushing the mattress and being inserted in water. Then they were let raise by the backward flow, invaded by a feeling of lightness which the dance of their bodies gotten mixed up on the mirrors accentuated. Three couples makes some were driven. They were the different ones, they were themselves and all liked!

 After the shower, Francoise agreed to enter the room to the orange colors. One would have said an incubator so much the colours of lights were hot. At the bottom, leaned with the mirrors which papered the lower half of the wall, two couples were activated. It was necessary to await two to three minutes, the time that the eyes adapt to clearness, to distinguish clearly which was there. Pierre had sat down against the wall opposite the door of entry. Francoise was held on the same side but a little more in the corner. Opposite them, three other couples looked like Pierre and Francoise; among them Pierre recognized Laurie and daN. At the bottom of the part, of the two couples, that of left collected the attention. The other was lengthened and while cherishing itself looked at the first from time to time. It was however Pierre and Francoise who had the best seen on the first couple. The man leaned with the mirror was held on the left elbow and with its right hand the sex of the woman cherished. She faced the room and was held on her elbows, a part of the back resting on the chest of the man. She leaned behind on the left to leave more freedom with the hands of the man on her centres, her sex. She raised her thighs by posing the plant flat of her feet. Its head went ahead, behind and it was especially the movement of its long hair which made it possible to follow the rate/rhythm of it. She was large and clearness added to its integral bronzing. With a sign of the man, it stopped his movement and posed its glance on Pierre who was more close observing them. Its hair surreptitiously cherished its chest, each one of its heavy and firm centres whose excellent behaviour was to be due to regular physical exercises. The man withdrew his hand to allow Pierre to entirely look at it. In this installation, it could not be more beautiful! Its abundant fleece could not hide its inflated sex. The lips remained isolated and the entry of the vagina was visible. The hand of the man took again his movement, slowly. The eyes of the man fixed Pierre. From continuation the woman recovered to bend her body by amplifying the caresses which the man lavished to him. Very quickly the noise that under the pressures of the hand the flooded folds of flesh of cyprine made went up to invade the room. It was the lapping of the waves. The couple was surrounded by this noise which generated the powerful reminiscence of the sea... a sea which ran along the thighs of the woman. The second couple was immobilized for better sharing this atmosphere. This splendid evocation joined together two in love and nature, water, the wind, the sea, the beach, the rocks... Pierre remained amazed by the unsuspected spectacle which this woman and this man gave him. This noise spoke about water, of an elementary force able to support an absolute. Pierre reminded himself will tantras them. The couple did not exhibait vice unspecified but it offered the division of a passion which in its absolute was indeed pure! The emotions were not any more at one banal reactive stage but they rose in a plan of pure energies, in a vibratory and purifying unit. That changed it so radically squeakings of the springs which the mattress of their bed had finished well a day by sourdre. Since, it was to always control its energy not to wake up the children, the neighbors. This constraint had not put it on the track of this magic rate/rhythm, of this tide which was able to recreate a woman. Pierre Disfigured Laurie. She also was monopolized by this elementary force of the sea, she also had purified its to want to rise with this vibratory unit. Pierre concludes from it that Laurie was able to include/understand the tantrism and that it could be a yogin. The man activated the movement and led the woman to a orgasme violent one which appeared in the extreme camber that its body took. It shouted slightly, groans, have evil to calm its breathing then it was turned to come to kiss its man lengthily. It was suspended with its neck and Pierre could admire all his back, his hair, his buttocks, his long legs which fit in that of his/her lover... what drew aside them and made it possible to see under the buttocks the open sex. It remained a good moment thus and Pierre have time with profusion to engrave this vision in its memory.

 The second couple took the changing. It had recovered to be embraced and to be cherished. Pierre disfigured Laurie and Pierre. They were naked and their intertwined hands could suggest that they were cherished reciprocally. Pierre put himself also naked and stripped Francoise in the tread, which displeased to him. Then like the other couples, Pierre looked at the man and the woman who liked. The woman was lying on the back and the man, to knees, had come to raise the basin to him for while penetrating between his legs, to deposit it on his thighs. It had crossed its legs behind the back of the man for better fastening itself with him during the voyage and one saw that in the mirror. It firmly held it towards him by the hips and it had thrown its swinging arms behind, being given up entirely with the penetration of the man. The synchronization of their movements was very harmonious. The glance was delayed especially on the undulation of the female body. Its flexibility was captivating and splendid the amplification of the original movement printed by the man. The fleece crowned the highest part of the female body and one could believe that this cushion which received the vigorous pushes of the male, had the gift to attenuate them, to transform them into these languorous undulations which gave to the body of the woman this flexibility, this lightness, this incomparable grace. Very quickly breathing then the cries of the woman accompanied the movements. Once more, the release of this evocative primary force maintaining wind and fire mixed purified the actions. Previously, the other woman had shouted little. This one gave free course to its pleasure and in fact, all, his/her lover included/understood, were suspended with this voice, these cries which grew louder and louder. Only one question filled up the spirits now: until where this rise of the pleasure could it go? Pierre a short moment began to observe the reaction of the other spectators. Laurie leaned its head on the shoulder of daN. They masturbated one openly the other gently, entirely captivated by the spectacle. The first couple looked while being lying on the side. Francoise also looked at, captivated. The cries of the woman became unbearable and put badly at ease. Something, a learned thought one day could push you to find that indecent and yet your spirit received these cries like calls, like something of fantastically beautiful true bus, naturally true, absolutely naked and true... pure! It was the nudity of the interior of the body which left and opened out to invade your own body! The man became more violent and carried the body of his partner until raising it and striking it the mattress to rebound. The wind and fire came to run up against the ground and the concert of the primary forces became deafening, of an amazing absolute, a fantastic purity! The extent of the blows of kidneys which the lover gave made it possible to see a part of its penis entering and leaving the female body. Nothing was hidden; all was true. The cries approached until more not forming but one explosion of more serious and major initially acute sounds then until dying in a species of rauquement without breath, without voice. The movements were immobilized and the man remained welded with the basin of the woman. The assistance noted that it took time to be emptied entirely in her as so even the last drop of its pleasure to him was not sufficient to extinguish the fire of its pleasure to her.

 Then together, the two women rose. They turned to the mirrors for recoiffer. Pierre surprised them looking at the assistance, eager which they were to know the effects that they had caused. One after the other, they collected their linen room and followed men, very right and worthy, they left the part; they were to know each other well! Laurie and daN encased the step to them. Francoise of only one blow rose and have just time to take the door that daN held to him open. She spontaneously thanked it in French and he made him a great smile. Pierre, always sitted looked at, which was worth courroucés glances of Francoise to him. He left him too. The hour was favourable with going to be restored and while following Laurie and daN, they went to the dining room. After a fast shower, the two other couples just joined them at the time when a table in the corner of the part had been just released. After questionhaving questioned glance the four couples settled there, task facilitated by the presence of a bench laid out out of U which made it possible to be tightened. Once all sat, it remained to be gone to be used itself for the dresser. The two women pushed the table  to rise and of the hand, they made sign with Laurie and Francoise to accompany them. The men waited. Pierre looked at the four women moving towards the dresser.

 That which had enjoyed the first carried a body champagne whose bottom was in form of string. The other carried full breeches color sands with laces on the sides and it was all. Laurie had more sophisticated behaviour: a small white blouse with laces on the front, a Brazilian slipway, a white garter belt with white bottoms. Its bronzing came out from it from as much. Francoise did not strip at all in the medium of them and that flattered Pierre. Its behaviour though more traditional, long-line bra and panties with flowers, were out of silk bought by Pierre. The four had almost the same size: they were large and measured approximately a meter sixty fifteen. Pierre understood that to be delayed longer in this contemplation could appear awkward with respect to the other men and bringing back his glance towards them, it opened the German discussion. Did they come often here? ..., it was to him the first time. From which area did come they? ... and they were presented. The man of the first woman was called Werner, it came from Basle. The other prénommait Sepp and arrived from Mannheim. They had about the same age: medium of forty. Dan arised then Pierre.

They were younger ten years. The men gave then the first names of their wives: respectively Barbara, Sandra, Laurie and Francoise. The first names of daN and Pierre drew the attention. Sepp questioned Pierre and this one enjoyed to notice that the "französiche lebensart" prevailed always as much beyond the rhine. As for daN, Sepp was rather embarrassed to question it, knowing already that he was an American soldier. Switzerland had the rather discrete air sympathetic nerve but. At this point in time the women returned, their plates largely filled. Francoise was still with the dresser deciding when the men joined it. She yielded the place to them and Pierre saw that its plate was with empty half. Knowing the appetite of his wife after a physical effort as well as the tortuous character of its decisions, it had to admit that for her the meal began bus left like that badly, she was going to remain on its hunger, causes first of bad mood at her.

 Once all sat and whereas the women had not exchanged conversation, divings which they were in the heating evaluation of the plates of the ones and others so as to reassure itself closely on the greedy choice which had been right of them, Sepp started again the conversation. The dining room was not that hubbub so much people spoke, certain tables more than of others and these accustomed did not make the best effect. In this field, the palm returned to one counted people in the about sixty, of accustomed who smoked abundantly while playing bruyamment the charts, thus monopolizing places for in love exhausted efforts which tried to be restored. German Sandra criticized them besides sharply but this counted could not hear. Sepp was addressed to very correct French Francoise then. It will déblatéra on the myth of the super Frenchwoman women. After him to have answered and as a courteous businesswoman, it tightened the hand to him to conclude I do not know which market. That surprised all counted but Sepp, gentleman, succeeds in keeping the hand to make him a refined hand-kissing. This bit of humour ends up slackening the atmosphere and the laughter succeeded those of Francoise. Laurie which was beside it, took to him in its turn the hand and eyes in the eyes, in impeccable French without foreign accent, declared to him that usually, it did not kiss at a woman the hand but another thing. The smile that they exchanged arrived to Pierre through general hilarity. Definitely this woman interested it! It was to be well it, the author of the lines which he had retained. It was delayed one moment on this overflowing face of life. It disregarded hair fair which touched the bottom of its nape of the neck, started from its fine nose to the distinct angles and quite symmetrical, reassembled its cheeks full strewn delicately with light tasks with redness, measured the depth of its arcades sourcilières to note that this depth did not manage to dissimulate the covering character of its large blue eyes to the glances in turn piercing, deep. Pierre remembered a woman painter with whom it had once discussed of esotericism. With the end of their maintenance, this artist had acknowledged to him that it had found confirmation of her first steps there. Of continuation it had seen that the eyes of Pierre were eyes exorbities, favourable with being medium. The eyes of Laurie could also line up in the category of the eyes of medium. Yogin or medium? Did it know or Pierre was going to reveal to him?

 It reminded the sentence: " I fell in love today and for always, until after my death still!"That did she want to say"after my death? "That did it know some? Pierre had learned that the passage of death reveals the Love and that afterwards, which one saw on ground made that what one knew before this passage is nothing any more but poor human love... mais of a poverty! Maintaining the eyes of Laurie which were probably eyes of medium, came to consolidate the first impression which it had had. How had it guessed that Francoise was not at all insensitive with the charms of Sapho? He knew it bus Francoise had acknowledged once to him that it missed that since the time of her adolescence where it had combined the range of the emotions and the physical feelings with some ones of her best friends high-school girls or coeds. All in the expression of Laurie indicated that it had not simply exteriorized one of its phantasms but that with full knowledge of the facts, it had been addressed to a disciple like it of Sapho. It was well as they had exchanged their message and than Pierre had decoded it! What a blow of?il had this Laurie! Pierre deduced from it that it would deal with strong part. He could not go further in his thoughts. Francoise gave him some blows of elbow in the coasts to bring back it to table. All disfigured it with a perplexed glance and a little mocker. It is true that to be able to escape also quickly from such a hubbub and such a charming company however extremely brought closer, indicated of a solid aptitude to be detached from very to dream... as an achieved sportsman, Pierre would have however added: a solid aptitude to be concentrated! ... In short, the women, of only one ch?ur regulated by Francoise, réprimandaient it and questioned it. A dreamer, with whom dreams? ... with women? ... and which, with all or only one? ... and to which, with me? Is this me? And me? It smiles to them amused and transmitted to them in thought which they all were part of its dream. With the fact, why deprive itself some! It would have all the time to take later with Laurie share. Moreover it looked it of an air if sympathizing that it concludes from it that in cons?ur, it shared by experiment the sorrow that there was to leave these moments of detachment and happiness... moments when the spirit involves you in a communion with all that saw around you... first steps of a communion differently much happier and that one could know as of this carnal and terrestrial life. Laurie was able to divide that because it was to know these moments! It knew that there was a face hidden at Pierre just like it was one at it. It had just opened the postern of this secret garden and in his sympathizing glance, Pierre found there the insurance of the division of the joys and the sorrows which strewed this way.

 Pierre thought of the sorrows. He had always known to keep the control of his control not to sink in the madness. With through the experiment which it had a presentiment of possible, its log book largely packed of vital meetings was to be used for to him not to be lost with Laurie. It drove out its black thoughts and plunged its eyes in its plate. The others had almost finished theirs. But glasses had remained full. It raised the head then, raised glass and launched a "zum cordial wohl". The others raised their glasses. Sepp took again Pierre in approximate French: "nicht zum wohl but with the love!" and each one continued "with the love!", Francoise included/understood. Pierre let himself go to a broad smile. He had all the same succeeded in giving birth to between them this first moment from communion, to have natural of a poet for whom poetry consists before very acting on the ways of living. It was glad to have found a place and companions to live more openly as a poet. When Pierre had emptied his plate, Barbara hastened to declare in French that after having eaten well, she wanted to pass well to other things and more only to caresses, that she wanted to be kissed! German Sandra in her turn declared that she wanted to be rebaisée! English Laurie says that it awaited only that. Francoise had evil to say anything. Sepp preceded it and in French, explained that a Frenchwoman was always ready for that. Before it was not defended, Laurie, in French, interposed: "lends so that there is best in love and of that I charge some!" Sepp had to give up its prey and it was made rabrouer by Sandra who for the moment made a point of keeping it close to her. On this, they rose and regained the first stage. The room with the hot colors was deserted. They were stripped and all the eights settled there.

 Francoise had the annoying practice to always wait until somebody removed the breeches to him. Laurie seizes the occasion and precipitated on it. Francoise liked to resist and fight somewhat before yielding. She made some in the same way with Laurie but the pleasure left him rather quickly of showing with all its last fabric end. Blown by their squabble, they lay down face to face on the side. Laurie cherished the face to him. Francoise approached and embraced it. In these cases there, it was always it which carried the decision. While mutually giving itself pleasure, they were exhibaient freely. Once repues, they remained lying face to face, their legs gotten mixed up, their tight hands. DaN and Pierre wanted to approach their partners. The place that they had taken made that now Pierre was closer to Laurie and daN of Francoise. They did not reflect more. The communion of these two women had given them an identity hitherto a41dernier c-b1,e,10 c-b26 ce c-b16 c-b43,bn,84 unknown. That it was one or the other, one had a part of the other and vice versa. They approached the woman to be tightened nearest against it. Pierre did not have time to analyze the contact with the body of Laurie which it had been turned over and, the lowered eyes, it was given up in its arms. Francoise at the same time had made some similar with daN Seeing that and not to involve itself in the exchange which began, whereas the spectacle part was finished, the two other couples took a little distance and were occupied on their side. Pierre saw that Francoise received already daN between her thighs. It enquit then to be caught this woman who had appeared also suddenly with him. Laurie, also conscious of the turning of the events, was laid out to take its time, not to yield to an unspecified carnal impulse but to work out it well also this alchemy between their bodies and their spirits able to carry them far... very far!

 Since how long it did make him love? ... It had started from its right cheek, of the lobe of its ear, its nape of the neck, the perfume of its hair to traverse all the extent of its body. It had passed everywhere with its lips, its nose, its eyes, often its language and with each turning, Laurie had yielded, turned over, opened more. It knew that while letting wander like insane a his lover on the vastnesses of his territory, at deepest of its field, it would manage from there to lose the notion of time and it would be with it all this disproportionate time of which it had made the bases of its most intimate life, more with it. Pierre had thrown himself in this search of female space knowing that the moment would come where, lost on this alleviating flesh, it would not any more remain to him but to monopolize these moments of marvellous and powerful feelings. And more extremely than it would tighten them, these moments would disappear, whereas others would emerge since it had not left this skin, this heat, this perfume! ... This movement would accelerate, it would be engulfed there, continuing time whereas it held this female space.

 Just like he had known it with the body of Francoise, Pierre knew that by having spaces of this female body, he held with the hollow of his hands the heat of a life, the beats of a heart capable of rythmer the extraordinary exchange between this envoûtement liberator and this beneficial heat condition of the fusion of the beings, captivating source which infallibly would bring back it to this carnal life. By taking very whole possession of Laurie, it could not avoid evaluating which contest this woman could bring to him in her work of poet. In the event of was problems, this presence female which had taken part in the communion of the flesh, by the only force of the human love, able to start the saving prayer that, even lost to him in beyond, by the intercession To be it higher, could collect? ... Alors the spirits would be found and it his would regain more surely its body. It was necessary simply that the partner does not notice anything of these temporary distances, of these tiny décorporations. Once the absence of the poet discovered, it was to resort to the saving prayer or then, if it were perfectly with the current of this kind of advanced technique, it had, at the proper time and calculated, if the poet were not return within a reasonable time, to request To be higher to it to bring back for him her lover lost beyond the limits of the technical thought... more advanced compared to the simple act to make love... By experiment this proven time, Pierre trusted much more this language of the bodies that to the rhetoric of his spirit! The marital statute had somewhat choked the spontaneousness with which, young lovers, Francoise and him, had played of these powerful feelings. They did not take any more time of long afternoon or of interminable nights of love and Pierre had resigned itself not to more seek to leave out of its body when this one, exhausted love was not useful to him any more with nothing. At the time, it gave up it merry, the head on the chest of its mistress and she, cherishing the hair to him while drowsing she even, she was happy to thus await her lover of poet who one day was going to also take it along she in these space times where, when it returned in her, nourished eternity their loves, the body burning of a new fever poked by the indelible mark of an unknown inexpressible light ici-bas. Pierre had the presentiment through the body heat of Laurie, which it had just found able a mistress to transmit the elementary force to him with which it could set out again, give up his body on his centres and leave... to leave!

 Since how long it did make him love? It had now exceeded the stage where time is erased in an infernal continuation. Its spirit had been carried by all the feelings of happiness that Laurie had given him and it had given much more than what Pierre however had thought of giving him. It decided to find every moment of its life. Those imbricated one in another and the last moment reappeared in its total dimension. Laurie... it saw it very whole, of step so far that that. It saw its body with him lying on it. It perceived that it was in it but here, it was alone. Over there there was not any more but it and an inert body. Here there was only Pierre, Pierre of always but it wanted that it comes close to him and that together they will make a section of the road, anywhere but in places where forever they would be happy. It still called it but it did not move. It remained always ridiculously there in bottom! Around Pierre, nobody had come and that did not surprise it. This time, it had asked them anything... and in all manners, it knew well that they were there! ... Alors it plastered its sorrow and was promised to take along one day, once, this young woman travels from there with him. It felt that Laurie had a gift to communicate closely and now that in very little time, they had exceeded together the borders of the social conventions, clothing, the ice-cold prudery for also quickly truly giving love, they could go much further! ... It plastered its sorrow and decided to return to take its place close to Laurie... provided that she did not notice anything or then by amazing chance, provided that she very included/understood of this so rare moment! Its eyes were reopened close to the face of Laurie. She was motionless, her irradiated face of happiness and Pierre y lute the first steps of a consumed division... She reopened the eyes and tightened her lips. After having mixed their too full with saliva, it agree to call its glance. It opened larger its eyelids and of deepest of its eyes, of below the open black the pupil, something, somebody went up until coming in him. 

It had not had time to react, it was the time of that which controls all and Pierre was very happy that it is interested in their loves to condescend to come in him. It wanted to be based in this presence, all to give him so that it does not remain only a moment more but already this identity had been based in him. Pierre knew this situation; it was the second time that that arrived to him. He made oath never not forget this presence which henceforth linked it in Laurie. This was because it had requested Laurie to come towards him that this identity, in the absence of Laurie very whole, had come to him? Pierre had already used the force of the prayer and successfully! ... but there, it was odd, it had seemed to him to request somebody of other only Laurie! ... it and was had direct prayer been able to produce this meeting? ... Pierre, large escalador of direct ways in front of the Eternal, promised himself to take again this question later... There remained a last interrogation: Had Laurie required of this identity to go to the heart of his/her lover? Had it also controlled this moment? Did it remember it?

 Laurie was held lengthened langoureusement. Pierre noted that it tightened it its arms and of its thighs. By finding all its spirit, it realized that it was always in it. By leaving it, it understood that it had given him its pleasure. It was turned over. Pierre was fixed in his back and over its shoulder, together, they looked in the neighbourhoods. Nobody paid attention to them. Apparently Francoise and Dan did not have very advanced in their pleasure, the others either. They deduced from it that for them, since the first exchanged glances, time had accelerated, which had enabled them to live so intensely. Their glance this time accessory assure him that it had lived on the same less level as him it of the moments of their intimacy... even if it had not answered its call. In the eyes of Laurie, Pierre lute contours of his project to it... for him! It took the hand to him and leaving towels and linen room, it involved it outside. They did not pay attention to the couples which made love at the edge of the swimming pool and they moved towards wood and the large oak, where the night was more present and the more respectful silence of their intimacy. The heat of this June wrapped them wellbeing and the shades of the forest wove like a alcove with their loves.

- Laurie?

- not... does not speak!

Pierre was in a hurry to know what it had seized of their exchange. Laurie still wanted a short moment of respite to find the courage of saying the words which agitated its spirit, to say them to this man who had taken it without turnings and of which two hours ago, it was unaware of until the existence. It was addressed to him of French.

- eh well you, you can take a woman! You kiss his body and you violate at the same time also naturally his major intimacy. You have funny cheeck! ... But you do not make fear. At the bottom, it is the first time that that arrives to me and I loved... my charming prince would not have done better to break my obstacles and to release my love. But are you ready to assume all that you have just awaked between us? Will you want all the time to give food which this love will claim that you woke up in me? Me, I but you, won't you want it flee once your fixed price accomplished? ... If you are not able to find this time, I should have the right to kill you because a being also malefic should not be able to continue to thus sow the disorder in the hearts. You, you do not stop with the skin, you do not even see the flesh and the blood of my body, you excavations further to seek the heart of people. What interests you here, it is not the club for couples but well a possible brothel for the hearts! Te you return counts damage which you could have caused if you had fallen on another that me! Who are you thus to forsake also quickly your partner, to precipitate you on me to devour me very whole and now to look at me the eyes penauds and the lowered ears? Would you be so much in lack of division a such recluse who cannot support any more of living among the city in the medium of the others so indifferent to his search? ... You of a wolf, do you know make me think the wolf of the steppes of Hermann Hesse ?

The eyes of Laurie now had the glare of those of a medium. Pierre was convinced that their two hearts were kneaded same breath of life.

- Laurie... my tender Laurie, as you speak to me well. I am not called Harry Harding and you are better than joined together Hermine and Maria!

She was only with surprised half of the precise answer of her interlocutor and satisfied with this common thought, she let further run her confidence to try she also to involve itself in the intimacy of this strange but cultivated, honest and generous man.

- do you Believe? But you, you are well a wolf of the steppes, incompetent to contain your brutality with which the night you devour the life by crushing under your jaws the heart people and who it day lives solitary in the medium of the city! ... My wolf, can that I am able to look after you, love you as few women will be able to love you!

- Then you are like me! Would we be some share brother and s?ur and over there... over there, we could not do but one more? Laurie, can we gather this elsewhere with our desires present, to make only one step without limits of it?

Instinctively it had approached it and it had not sought to flee. It wrapped it its vigorous arms and was stuck against it. Already, subjected, it tightened its lips under its closed eyes and they were embraced lengthily, speaking each other about their languages inside them same, while calming the impetuosity of their desire by caresses on their shoulders, their backs. Together, of their two hands, they massed the buttocks of the other and to explode the sighs which their noses could not contain any more, each one let one of its hands hasten towards the sex of the other. Once the pleasure of their sexes spread through their two bodies until electrifying the end of their languages, they condescended to separate their lips to let their eyes water smiles and happiness of their faces. Pierre then dared to ask him an essential question for him. If Laurie answered correctly then their loves would take an incommensurable dimension, far from a momentary meeting for flirter assiduously at the borders of eternity.

- can Laurie, what explain this so strange attraction between us and which is the force which returns our union so true, natural and pure?

- Pierre, you know the answer to your questions and I know these questions like their answers. It is registered in the depth of our glances, a depth that nor our languages, our fingers, our sexes will not be able to find by penetrating our intertwined bodies... Higher than our emotions, a vibratory force us A joins together in the same movement, the same passion with the direction where passion wants to say movement of our heart! We touched with an absolute of which we cannot any more move away us and this absolute purifies our least gestures. The force which hides behind your passion, it is the air. My force, it is fire! You see what that will give! Do you know the tantrism? Yes probably. Then we will have never again to be separated this passion absolute so that all that will occur us remainder pure and splendid, unattackable for the others...

Pierre could not keep his glance in the eyes of sound amante. He felt the emotion to gain it to make run tears of happiness on his cheeks. Finally it had just found another heart to walk on together. It remained to entrust to Laurie which he was poet, a dialoguor of hearts, somebody who seeks to found a language of the heart for the heart. Pierre promised himself to speak one day with Laurie about his way to him of reading Rimbaud so much... things became now possible! Then they spoke each other. Laurie did not want continuation to be presented in a familiar way, to say that it was its work, that it was its history. Later in this night bus later there would be, all this could occur. This night was with the mystery of their meeting and it was ready to be invested more in this search of their so particular connection. They had opened large the doors of the mystery of their meeting and they wanted to run to end of breath, happy, until crossing the infinite horizon behind which, one day, had grown the reason of their love born a few minutes ago and fallen on them like a gift from the sky. Laurie and daN like Francoise and Pierre had rented a room to spend the night to the club; they thus had all the time. Laurie and daN had already come several times here and they knew all the practices of them. Laurie convainquit Pierre that Francoise was between good hands with daN and that Pierre and it could be isolated from the others to find them only with the breakfast. They had ten hours in front of them and any freedom to benefit from it. Pierre sought two garden chairs and their cushions. They settled under the ancient oak, in a bathed moon corner. Coast at coast, taking the hand of his/her lover in his, Laurie was let go to the confidences. 

Yes, it was it which had written: " I fell in love today for always and until after my death still" ; what did it know death? ...did she know the way of it to cross it and then to return ? She was done softer... 

- by observing you, by cherishing you, kissing you, by loving you, by letting you leave one moment out of your body, I checked that you know the way and somebody says to me that I can rely on you... Hier I had fallen in love, today I live this insane love and I have faith in him, I believe firmly that it is possible!

I had a little more than twenty years when my sick father died. I was alone at the house and I tightened the hand until to him its body becomes inert and starts to cool. I had remained close to him a long time whereas my spirit had followed it far, very far. It is my father who said to me to return to the house. It further left, at his place, on our premises but I did not go there and never more I did not have the occasion to set out again towards him. You who so quickly manages to leave your body to contemplate the union of our carnal envelopes, is not this that you were over there and that your memory keeps the trace of this way? It is not to the men that you learned how to excavate the hearts thus as you have just violated mine! You were at the end of your road and you know how y to turn over... take along to me one day, only once on our premises! ... With my father, I was in a state of decorporation. Like you, I know what it is and it is thanks to this experiment that I smelled your decorporation a few moments ago. My glance on the life and death, on the extrasensory experiments is very different today, exactly like the tien! It was splendid and I am still very happy today but it delays me to appease this desire throbbing to set out again over there not to be left more in front of the door but for this time to cross it and fill up my heart of this divine light whose all testimonys speak so much about those which made this voyage of their heart, this passion. It is thanks to this experiment which I included/understood what is the mysticism and the way of passion, the true passion and not of the way towards the cross of the torment. I have surprised in your glance a bit of this light of beyond that at the time I had not made that to see by the door between open. As for my French, my father was a soldier then journalist in Paris. I lived almost twenty years in Paris... I was in States finally only to marry and return with my military husband to Germany... to come here some time for finally finding you... my companion of another voyage! You want to take to me well with you as extremely as you have just liked me, you who are not satisfied to you to embrace my mouth, my centres, my buttocks, my sex and which also had the will to embrace my heart? 

The simplicity of this confession was purity even. Never it would have been capable of this understanding and this confidence. After the doors of its body, it half-opened its heart! What was it that this meeting? It rose to come to stick itself to him, it put its hands around the neck to him and naturally it tightened it, its hands digging the kidneys of sound amante. Attentive with heat that they exchanged, they do not transfer the moon to be released from the some clouds which passed in the sky. Very quickly, its rays bathed the clearing again. It wanted to see it under this light and they rose. Laurie was held right, large and so that it is even larger, it was put at knees in front of it. It included/understood its thoughts and by imposing the hands in this sacramental ritual to him, as it had a presentiment of this night to have already done it in an old time on the head of this same lover, it pronounced the oath which returned to him spontaneously on the lips:

- in the search of our future time and always, I take to you as knight, guide, priest, lover. For you, I will be princess, priestess, MUSE, fairy as you will want it ego!

 In its turn, it was put upright and it at knees

- I receive you like my princess, my MUSE, my fairy and I will gain for you our future time with the country from on our premises... as you will want ego! 

It helped it to be raised, exchanged a pure kiss. Whereas they were held face to face without too much knowing that to make, it saw something by ground shining under a moonbeam. It guessed that it acted of a piece of broken bottle, undoubtedly of a beer quill which a host well badly high had broken there. It sought the shard, cleaned it summarily, took the arm of Laurie, made a light notch there so as to make run a little blood. It was let make without starting. When its blood appeared, it took the arm of Pierre to make in the same way. It did not feel anything. Under the clearness of the moon which bored among the low branches of the ancient oak, they mixed their blood then by presenting each one its arm at the mouth of the other, they pressed their lips on the incision for, after having swallowed blood, to review compression there. Soon blood stopped running. 

- américano-Parisian of my heart... how do you make to have so hot blood?

- curious goes! Leave me quiet! Think so that we made this evening! ... we could not have made it and how much would be us remained poor, poor in our sufficient smallness of misery of man!

- you, Laurie, you read Reich but you were never a small man! You are my princess, my fairy which bewitches my life and agitates my heart!

He had told him this counterpart slowly, seriously.

- idiot! ... you are always also idiotic with your wife? She has a beautiful bottom, you know, your wife!

- yes, I saw well when you licked it to him!

She let radiate her good mood

- I liked!

Lengthened again on their garden chairs, Pierre made the calculation of all the common points, the stars, which they had been discovered: Hess, Reich, the tantrism, mysticism, the experiment of the way which crosses death, their bodies made for the most complete division of their pleasures, the knowledge of the language of the bodies... their will to arrive at the end of the road, the fact that Laurie knows French so well! This moment of reflexion and of calms displeased in Laurie. 

- you are married and you have children, a very fascinating job and you requests so already you are not ready to betray the oath which we have just pronounced... You let yourself carry by a passion oh certainly very pure but you me requests already to understand that with impossible no one is not held! It is well that?

- not, you would it be necessary is not... why there so much and so much time to advance on this way? Look at, this night, all goes very quickly and we are happy. Tomorrow that can still go much more quickly!

- I do not include/understand the way in which you want to progress so quickly on this way. I pronounced a few moments ago the word tantrism and it seems to to me that you know it too. More than of speed, it imposes a long training to control all energies of the universe which is found in the human body. Let us start from this starting point! Like me, if you think of following a tantric step, you are ready to forsake the way of the Christian mysticism which offers only one safety to faithful through their respect of the principles evangelic. You are ready to prefer the way of individual initiation who carries out to the supreme release and the absolute delivery. It is the way which I chose. I do not await the safety of my heart have regard with my respectful control of the rites enacted by the men and who would correspond to the divine will. I seek to link me with my heart and starting from this piece of divine presence, I seek to release me to regain as of my terrestrial life the source of eternity and to know our residence of absolute life. I deviated from the way of the right Hand, the way of Vishnu which seeks to release the man of its instincts and to free it from the animality. It preaches the virtue, the discipline, refuses passion, intoxication, disproportion. I deviated from this way of Apollo who worked Greece and which is that also of the majority of the religions and that of mysticism.

- It is also that of Abraham and Moïse

- I turned to the way of the left Hand, that which preaches the rupture, the wrenching of all the forms of will samsara to arrive through the sahmadi to the nirvana, it is the way of the return of our heart near God, the radical release of the spirit compared to any convention and with very forced. This way of the tantrism represents for me a long training. This way says to us that there exists nothing in the universe, no principle, no energy which is not found in a certain way in the human body and reciprocally. To know one is to know the different one. To be and know do only one, that which is Oneself is to it also the Brahman

Pierre made a gesture so that it stops reciting its profession of faith. Laurie included/understood but it had not finished any. It will recadra its matter.

- Lets I guess! We are therefore for the same way but you you are calmer, more passive, your assertivity is more founded on behaviors of escape, you want to escape from this world and you wish to take the first way, the way of the asceticism and loneliness. It is the way of the shivaïtes and with the way in which you make love, you could be a shivaïte tantric though I have evil to imagine you in extreme situations. You can believe whereas my way is the second, most destroying but remarks, me I did not effleuré your heart yet! You think that I like to resort to alcohol, drug, the morally condemnable acts and especially with the erotism to reach the delivery. Yes, I would be a tantric shivaïte and to be even more precise and that corresponds to little that I know of you, you would be you the male: Shiva, the conscience calms, immutable and infinite, the guardian god of all the monks and ascetics, the active passivity and I would be Shakti, the principle female, the energy of the movement, the universal substance, the complementary nature of the spirit, the passive activity. Unit Shiva and Shakti make only one like us, we can as of this night not do but one more!

- for Shiva, you are right, I am rather solitary style, monk or if you want, solitary wolf, wolf of the steppes. As for the Shiva-Shakti couple which is inseparable and do only one, that recalls me the Pharaon. Pharaon is also before a whole crowned couple which links two opposite principles: masculine and the female one in a search for the same original and supernatural androgeneity. Our cultural sources do not represent any obstacle for a common comprehension of this knowledge.

- you see, I am not mistaken on you. My goal, it is that you set out again with me on the way of our eternity. You were there, you returned healthy from there and except and you must now set out again with somebody of other. It is your mission and you will not be able to escape from it even if you still feel the illumination like a wound. Our roads have just crossed and I already made oath help you. I know perfectly this fear of returning to the human life to speak and teach after the contact of the dead one and from what occurs when our heart is on the point of leaving its carnal envelope when this one is victim of an accident, a wound, an aggression mortal. I already helped of the men to take again the way afterwards such moments. You will be my yogin because you have a supernatural capacity and I will be your shakti, this power female which inspires the yogin in its asceticism, which attacks its demons with him and nourishes itself some so that it continues the way while being released more and more!

- me yes! The woman is the future of the man!

- you like poetry? Do not be afraid to answer me, poetry is not an obstacle on this way but nothing is worth a good practice of yoga, an alarm clock of the kundalini and a work on will chakra.

Pierre remade an epic this time sharper to try to stop the speech of his interlocutress. Laurie condescended to stop its words. She looked at the large round table under the ancient oak and climbed there. She took the position of the lotus, contemplated one moment then she entered moving. 

It penetrated in the fascination of this dance on Chinese shades. Its culture made him admit that it saw a dance of Shiva. Laurie passed from lascives sequences to alarming fright. The energy which animated the dance did not cease driving always new forms in a true extatic intoxication. Laurie spent an energy so incredible that Pierre agreed that it showed to him all the benefit of a long practice of these spiritual disciplines. This body, it now seemed to him to have cherished it, have embraced, have licked, have penetrated in a time extremely moved back. The magic of the dance, the provocation, the disorder eternal caused by femininity also openly stripped opened large its spirit. The synchronization of the gestures of Laurie with the ideas, the emotion which were born in the spirit from Pierre, generated a beneficial influence source of a total confidence between the poet and his new MUSE. Pierre let himself carry towards dimensions higher than the research of the driving principle of this exceptional energy and this grace. Laurie did not pay any more attention to him, it seemed to have left far. In a regular rate/rhythm, it started to violently strike the table of its arms. It did not feel any more any pain and struck more and more extremely like returning deafening more the noise of its arms striking wood. It leaned ahead to lengthen the arms then threw its bust behind. Pierre became anxious. He included/understood perfectly what Laurie did. With did a very female grace, it added the expression of a male and warlike force, the dance then became the expression of a new, fabulous balance between the masculine and the female one but until where want to go? It had exceeded the stage of the pain and if its body could for profane eyes, to abrutir itself of violence, its spirit had been erased in front of the meeting again of its heart with its continuum of space time any Petri of immortality. It had spoken to him when making love, it had been above it in temporary state of decorporation; would it go also now until décorporer finished once fright and fallen down inert its body? Was it to join it? But what did it make? 

Suddenly, Laurie stopped its exacerbated dance. It tightened its arm to invite Pierre to join it on the large round table. It was carried out. It folded the knees of her lover so as to be able to come to sit down on its thighs. Pierre quivers by perceiving the intense heat of the body of Laurie. He sought on it some beads of sweat and their moist freshness but its skin did not find any of it. He then surrounded it of his arms to very hold it against him and to impregnate itself more still of this fire summons very beneficial. These moments were good, simply and humanly goods, far from all taboos. Pierre wondered who could not appreciate such moments, such a dance, a so strong and captivating human heat. Laurie was right well: with force to endure the sarcastic remarks or the scorn of its neighbors, it had been insulated to become indeed a kind of wolf of the steppes. It could not be lied; it had liked the book of Hermann Hesse though... il imagined something of worse still for Harry.

Did it believe truly that the meeting of Hermine and Maria can make leave the wolf its den to educate it with the foxtrot or Boston? Apparently Laurie presented to him very an other certainly prohibited program in the living rooms society men. Pierre up to now had admitted the fate of the whom cursed poets, of the martyrized and killed prophets. He believed in the expiatory sacrifice, the abandonment of the body like price of the delivery of the heart but not in the remission of the carnal life and here is that Laurie started to laughing under its nose! 

- I always dreamed to tame a man like you while thus dancing in front of him... Because you reached a supreme degree in initiation and like prescribes it also the tradition of the mysteries Greek for those which reached this degree of initiation[1 ], you have right to see the image of the entirely naked woman and in my dance I took care to show you all the curves, all the forms which can take the parts of my body even most intimate. Never daN saw me thus dancing with such an amount of provocation! In my work, I do not have the right to do it then profit! You really like or you are wary of all that? Considered, it is an important question!

- Laurie... you think of taming me in me provocative and you have false! I love you and I am not wary of what comes from you. I know as you that we can develop new capacities of conscience and as you I learned how to be wary of these supra-normal capacities which can disturb the relationship with our heart. But allow that I quote you Paul Eluard: "I do not like, I like my loves, I do not impose them but I defend them". This love, I am able to defend it even against you if you did not want bus of it more than of you, I need this source of love in which we do nothing any more but one and this since eternity! Be wary of the supra-normal capacities but lets travel your heart beyond the stage of the decorporation and finds the source divine of the love! Defend your loves like the poet!

- Oh my wolf! But you are a poet?

- I am your yogin and you must disencumber me of my demons, try me with the lascives installations of your body and the most torrid erotism at the point to return to me perfectly happy and free to like as ever one cannot like! I would like to become rather that to remain an unknown famous poet among all people who do not have anything to say or do not dare to speak!

- do you Know that a shakti has also the capacity to destroy, capacity to illuminate the yogin by subjecting it to horrible sufferings, capacity to save it while pretending to lose it? But reassures itself! There are two reasons so that I do myself to no Écoute evil me, they are very serious!

Tout initially there is a doctrinal reason. The tantrism does not have the serious intention to reverse the established order. Its prospect is neither political, nor social but initiatory, individual. It does not take into account the social castes and it is very close to a spiritual anarchism. It is optimistic because each one by its individual energy and whatever its social position, can arrive at the supreme release. Admittedly, it is also pessimistic because it does not consider humanity in a direction of progress but of regression. It is addressed to a deposed man, with the poisoned modern man. Our time is tantric in the negative and dangerous direction where it awoke an energy which it is less and less able to control, the energy of Fascisms and nuclear energy. Then like want it the doctrines, I should be useful to you like potion all these misfortunes of the world so that as a yogin shivaïte tantric I help you to transform this poison into remedy. You see, misfortunes which I will bring to you will be used only for that: with becoming remedies!

- As at Baudelaire where the alchemist of the verb transforms mud into gold! As also in the Christian church where the sins must be expiés and presented at Christ so that it transforms them because of hello for our heart... ce which however represents a spoliation of the tantric capacity for the man, a confiscation of this one with the profit of the clergy under cover of the only divination of this capacity! And this divination is still used as excuse to the members of the clergy in front of their incapacity to transform themselves these misfortunes into remedies, them them servants of God who can to only present him our sins and our misfortunes in their prayers of intercession near him! What a spiritual impoverishment to consolidate this claim of the followers of the temporal and spiritual power of papacy! There is well there presence of the law of the monopoly which to grow rich, impoverishes its environment! And you you would be unable to make me evil?

- Yes! I am still unable to make you evil bus in my professional life, I see too much misfortune to still want some with somebody! I believe that you must take note here a little of my life!


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