NEWS OF September 5, 2003 


We had some exchanges by transport with people present at Larzac and who came on the site. It is true that the question of this re-entry is to know how to continue a social movement and policy which this spring had posed well the terms of a choice of company on the public retirements, services and the role of the state to be reinforced or remove, the exit of the industrial era and the liberal economic system.

On, our position is clear and seems increasingly known: we ask so that the words be used which it is necessary to specify the situations which are appropriate and which one stops all mixing in a fable become these last years, completely incredible and nauseating. "Poets have the courage of cowardice, study industry"... and break the node of fables in which we are assigned with residence by the leaders of our systems of civil and religious capacities, this incantation remains always valid. 


That the militants for a system to be able post themselves like such:

these militants for a system of being able, that it is of right-hand side like left, recommend well the direction of the public affairs by a minority and an elite whose rules which it produces are imposed in the majority through the law voted by the representatives of the citizens become a true class of politicians. They would have well evil to convince us that a direct democracy or semi-direct can hold in their system to be able.

That the others say also clearly what they want:


On this site, we develop an organization in network and we prepare the exit of our systems of being able. We militate in France, for the abandonment of the centralized official structure and say that we can reduce the inequalities and the abuses the private property not through the action of a state but by developing the Community property within the communities or the local organizations, regional, based on the membership at a community cultural, economic, social, geographical, historical (there are so much sources of motivation to voluntarily belong and adhere to a social group if one wishes to modify the membership which is reserved for us for our birth!) and exchanging between them richnesses and assets within the framework of a network on the level of a country, a continent or planet. The asset holds in what a little more than one French out of two fact or formed part of an association, one of the pillars with the family of what remains and is tolerated of an organization in network by the leaders of our systems of being able.

Confidence, bases impossible to circumvent of any trade and any exchange, which cements these groups and melts the values of their cultures able to marry within a human total knowledge, is produced

If in the liberal system, there is well an invisible hand which acts to transform the sum of the individual interests into only one collective interest in which all are found there, we challenge this more or less realistic fiction for us to hold some with the will expressed by each member of an organization in network to see its values shared with the others, continued and amplified on the two levels of work or division superiors. The collective interest donot can come any more to contradict individual interests as it is the rule and the use in a system of being able. The organization in network uses the step of the alliance of the opposites to negotiate the widening of the first divisions without coming to crush them but to supplement them well within a framework increasingly broader at the point to arrive at planetary dimension, even cosmic (the most serious threats come from cosmos, the Egyptian scientists, those of the Andes, China and of the Himalayas, etc, knew it already and supervised all this each day)... It is not any more fiction but of the praxis (although we issue some reserves on this philosophical concept). Without division on one or the other of the 3 levels of social work, it does not have there an organization in network and this exchange is quite different from the system of distribution of the richnesses which controls the liberal economy and which results in an intolerable rise of the inequalities and corporatisms.

It may be that some militate for an organization half in system half in network. We do not believe in it much within sight of our French history but in theory, it is possible: a compromise can exist. On the other hand we maintain that an evolution which could not take place because thwarted by the leaders of a system of being able with the profit of their interests... and that it is necessary thus to remake, is called well an Re-evolution, a revolution... remains to be known to carry out a velvet revolution in our country since since 1789, any change of constitution took place with following military wars or of hoop nets civil... and that reforms could not have been implemented for at least 20 years or more. Lucidly, we are more in one situation of Re-evolution than within the framework of an evolution regular and peaceful of our institutions and legal provisions which do not evolve/move according to choices' of life of a population, lose their legitimacy.


We wish that the current situation be clarified and that the militants of each movement work out a project of life social able to ensure the development of humanity, organize in their movement a kind of constituent assembly... or that the elites who make a point of controlling in their systems to be able put at it to clarify the goals of their movements! We, we continue the development of the declaration of the rights to the life on ground and the drafting of the constitution of the networks of life of the citizens. Welcome with any useful help!


... and the next year in Larzac or elsewhere as of today in our professional environments or associative, political, we will know a little better what one speaks and one discusses together.

Without making excess of precipitation to already write an article of our declaration of the rights to the life on ground, let us quote to finish this topicality of re-entry, a sentence of Saint-Exupéry who sticks well to our will of durable development:

"We do not inherit the ground of our parents but let us borrow we it from our children"



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