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Conference on the Experiment of Imminent Death or NDE ( near death experience )

FILE France 3 on the conference from June 17, 2006 in Martigues

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- Martigues à accueilli un colloque sur l'EMI, Experience de Mort Imminente qui a rassemblé 3000 personnes -

Martigues with accommodated a conference on the EMI,

 Experiment of Imminent Death

who gathered 3000 people


There was crowd, this 19 June June 2006 to attend the conference on the EMI: 3000 people gathered to share their experiment, or to discover what was the EMI, Expérience of Imminent Death. 20% of the people having been in brain death would have lived it: too much to be a trickery, even if one is unaware of still what that covers










The rise of Empyrée by Jerome Bosch.

A EMI before the hour?

The experiment of imminent death or EMI (Near Death Experiment or English NDE) is a whole of feelings described by certain individuals who could be reanimated after a advanced coma. The individuals say to have detailed memories of lived of an existence other than that which they know of their alive.
These experiments were identified and described by the psychiatrist Raymond Moody in 1975 under the name of “Near Death Experience” (NDE), taking again an expression which had already been proposed by Victor Egger in 1895. It is however far from being constant: according to an article of Pim van Lommel published in Lancet on December 15, 2001, out of 344 reanimated patients of a secondary coma to a cardio-circulatory stop, 12% described a real EMI. Other studies seem to indicate that this figure could be slightly overestimated and that the real frequency would be approximately 10%.
After having begun again conscience, the patients make an account which often presents many similarities: impression of decorporation, conviction to have died but conscious in an immaterial body, displacement in a tunnel, intense light, meets with people deceased or “beings of lights”, recollection in accelerated its own biography, awakening etc

 In the immense majority of the cases it is about an experiment pleasant and luminous, even clearly mystical, often so strong that the person has evil to have the idea to turn over in the material reality of the world such as we know it. Approximately 4% of the people bring back a frightening or despairing aspect on the other hand.

“To live” its death



It is extremely rare to leave unscathed an experiment of this type. The return to the conscience is often accompanied by a certain confusion between the EMI and reality and to a fear of being regarded as victim of psychosis.
Later on, one notes a development of the empathy, the questioning of the priorities and the modification of the way of life. One also often attends with a loss of interest for the religious dogmas, with the development of the belief in the life after death and an interest increased for the spiritual questions and the transcendence.


On a more negative level, this kind of experiment can also lead has a certain suffering, sometimes with a development of the ego and the feeling to be above the fray, or an impression not to be included/understood which can involve a rupture with the family medium and the friends.

These EMI justified many thorough studies carried out by biologists, physicists, anthropologists, doctors and theologists aiming to well including/understanding the various stages of after-life which a neuro-chemical mechanism does not make it possible to explain entirely




So about all the religions convey a speech on the death which can undoubtedly only influence the direction that people give to an experiment of imminent death, it goes from there exactly in the same way materialism which inevitably pushes to interpret these experiments in the light of the conviction as all has a causal explanation. On a subject like this one, where the science is still stammering but where the spiritual stakes are important, it is difficult for those which did not live a EMI to make the share of the things between what comes within province of knowledge and that of the conviction.
It is extremely difficult to apply the scientific method to this type of subjective experiment. One can base oneself only on the testimony of the people who report to have lived this experiment and only accumulation, the agreement and especially the reality of the side effects make it possible to consider that these testimonys refer to something of reality. In making a real subject of scientific study would require however that one is able to quantify this phenomenon of more objective manner.


Kenneth Boxing ring A in particular built index WCEI (“Weighted Core Experiment Index”) to measure the “quality” of the EMI (Life At death. With scientific investigation off the near-death experiment, 1980) and Bruce Greyson a scale of qualification of testimonys (The NDE Scale. Construction, Reliability and Validity, 1983).


A physical reaction?



There exists today of many theories, of which some are completely serious, but none manages to explain the whole of the observations rationally.
The proximity of these experiments with death belongs to the questioning of science around the EMI. By definition, for our direction common, if the patient could be reanimated, it is that it was always alive.

The EMI, psychic transposition of a medical and biological phenomenon?

 Nothing thus makes it possible to affirm formally that the EMI is a proof of the survival of the heart after death. Similar experiments would have been reported by people following a childbirth, a faintness or during an anesthesia with the kétamine, whereas their prognostic vital was not concerned. The catch of hallucinogens or even certain techniques of meditation could also cause feelings that some bring closer the EMI.


According to epidemiologic studies', testimonys of EMI would be more frequent at the old subjects of less than 60 years, or having a high dioxygene saturation.
On a physiological level, the EMI can be summarily related with the modified states of conscience, the dream, the hallucinations, and certain cases of epilepsy. These last are better scientifically known and can for example be due to the anoxia which would cause a dysfunction of the hippocampus.

Some made a bringing together with the irruptions of paradoxical sleep in the waking state noted in certain pathologies. It is about an activation of the occipital cortex, controlled by several structures of the cerebral trunk like the core pédonculopontin, the side tegmentum, the raphé dorsal one, the locus coeruleus (cholinergic mechanism which would counterbalance the reaction of noradrenergic alarm implying the locus coeruleus). The EMI would be then intrusions of the paradoxical sleep started by the cardiovascular failure.


Décorporation, electric stimulation, mysticism


On a psychological level the EMI would be for certain a mechanism of protection of the conscience. This one would be put at rest vis-a-vis an experiment traumatisante as approach of death, but that seems enough far from explaining the force of felt people having lived a EMI.


In 2002, Olaf Blanke, Stephanie Ortigue, Theodor Landis and Margitta Seeck, department of neurology of the teaching hospital of Geneva published in the Nature review an article describing a autoscopic experiment caused by the electric stimulation of a specific area of the brain in a patient epileptic. Decorporation (also called astral voyage or OBE, Out off Body Experiment) is another old phenomenon with the margins of science, it is however only one of the aspects brought back in a EMI.

 but there is all the same a strong prevalence of the United States of America compared to the rest of the world, including compared to Europe which however has an equivalent level of care for the techniques of reanimation. According to a survey of 1982, eight million Americans affirmed to have lived a EMI.


Testimonys are very rare before second half of the XXe century, one knows some however since antiquity like the er myth in the Republic of Plato. According to studies', between 8 and 35% of the people confronted at the vital risk a EMI pays. One finds some in the whole world, the accounts are thus independent of the religion and the culture


Current incapacity of scientific knowledge to provide a satisfactory rational explanation, and the proximity of these experiments with the “beyond” are obviously a stake for traditional mythological interpretations and of the monk or more simply for a spiritualistic vision of the human condition. Many aspects of the accounts of experiments of imminent death give a report on phenomena that one finds in crowned texts, in the spiritistic movement, the topic hindouist of the karma, of the reincarnation or the paranormaux phenomena.
Testimonys join a certain set of themes of the movement New Age, the subjects make in EMI the experiment of a transcendence in the self-knowledge. The new age would thus influence at the people sensitive to its ideas, the vocabulary used to describe the EMI.
According to certain modern kabbalists the states met at the time of a EMI would be described by the sephiroth cabal.
It is difficult to know if the scenario of the EMI is a creation of the brain to build, starting from a unit of feelings, a coherent account with the cultural references of the subject, or if it is of the experiments of this type which for example influenced the drafting of religious texts. At all events, for many people having lived a EMI, the most important remainder impression to be confronted with something of crowned, a transcendent love. This aspect is unfortunately even more difficult to study objectively than the remainder of the phenomenon and can only return each one to its own convictions and/or interrogations.


In knowknowing more



International association for the Study of the States Close to Death

A complete site which has in particular the merit to alert against (many) the risks of handling and recovery by sects. See the heading “Predatory”

Zététique 1999
A university work of the University of Nice carried out by Jade Sicard, Jerome Apponio and Stephan Krauss who has the merit to open the field of the reflection

Research and reception center intended for the experiments of imminent death and other experiments related. The Noêsis center is an independent association with not-lucrative goal founded in 1999 per Sylvie Déthiollaz, doctor of molecular biology. The site widened the debate in an objective way and proposes in particular convincing scientist explanations


Repercussions of the world press of the conference of Martigues in Provence in the south of France on June 17, 2006 on the NDE vis-a-vis the scientific body

165 countries concerned with the two press releases
agency France Presses (AFP) on the conference of Martigues of June 17, 2006            

Sources: AFP Agence France Presses June 19, 2001
165 countries concerned with the press release of AFP   Saturday June 17, 2006, 9h50

Experiments of imminent death: a conference to advance research By Laurent BANGUET


MARSEILLES (AFP) - the first conference ever organized in the world on the experiments of imminent death (EMI) brings together Saturday in Martigues (Rhone delta) doctors, researchers international and pilot to draw up an assessment of knowledge on this phenomenon, in the most scientific possible manner.

Multiple testimonys of EMI lived by patients plunged in the coma began to be studied by the doctors here about thirty years but remain still a scientific “UFO”.

Many accounts make it possible to release from the constants of the experiment of imminent death (EMI), studied by rare scientists.

Doctor anesthetist reanimator, Dr. Jean-Jacques Charbonnier, who will take part in the conference of Martigues, personally collected many accounts of EMI. “Of people in a state of brain death saw what occurred in waiting room or them, with very precise details. It is not a question of hallucination since it was quite real”, underlines it.

“They are people who came very close to death, either by accident, or at the time of operations, and which brought back of their coma an account which leaves the ordinary one. They are above their body, heard what the doctors said of them, were aspired in a dark tunnel to the end of which is an intense light but not plugging”, Sonia Barkallah, organizing summarizes conference of Martigues.

“Whereas encéphalogramme is flat for them, they walk in thought, read sometimes those of the others, and often meet at the end of the tunnel of the +êtres of lumière+ or of the late close relations which says to them that it is not the moment for them”, the young woman continues.

“Ca appears a little extravagant, tells Dr. Charbonnier, but I had on several occasions a kind of bond telepathic with the comatose ones, an obsessing idea which was essential on me as in the case of a patient of cancer in final phase placed under artificial respiration”.

“It was as if one addressed oneself to me! I heard: +il is necessary to look in my portefeuille+”, continues it. The doctor finally discovered there a handwritten letter of his insistent patient “to disconnect it” if it were one day in such a situation.

People leave often changed a EMI, becoming “altruistic and detached of the material values”, and the experiment (more than 90% of testimonys) is mainly lived positively.

“In advanced coma, one is very well, according to people's who returned from there. One should not give up these patients or say as some of my colleagues +ce are légumes+”, insists Dr. Charbonnier.

“It is necessary to continue to come to see them, speak to them”, says it, quoting the case of a broken young man whose case seemed desperate.

“Against any waiting, it went better, started to move and left its coma. Once returned to him, he said to his mother: +tu made well, I heard all that you me disais+”, tells the reanimator.

More than 1.500 people, arrivals of all the areas of France but also of Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec, were registered with the conference of Martigues.


Sources: AFP France
 The reserves slow down research on the EMI 19.06.2006 | 15h08 

Important publications in scientific reviews, like Nature or The Lancet, allowed a better approach of research on the experiments of imminent death (EMI) in the medical and scientific community, but of many reserves persist.

“These experiments, lived by people who remember to have, during a coma, considering what occurred around them, are a subject which remains very polemical, especially in France where it is difficult to undertake serious research”, explains Sonia Barkallah, 28 years, organizing of the first conference on the EMI in Martigues, in the south of France. “It is very important that the scientists can undertake research (on the EMI) in various disciplines, in particular the neurosciences, without prejudices of any kind”, underline the participants in the first conference on the EMI, in an official statement.

Among the signatories of the text, appears Dr. Raymond Moody, American psychiatrist who devoted in the years 1970 the first work to these phenomena. According to a survey carried out into 1982 in the United States, 8 million Americans had tried out a EMI.

“I realized that the doctors are very interested by the phenomenon but which they carry out their research in hiding-place, they are afraid that one take them for the insane ones”, adds Sonia Barkallah. Précognition, telepathy and even case of blind men “having seen” precisely what was held around them whereas they were plunged in the coma, the accounts of EMI have what to leave perplexed.

“The most serious track at present, it is the delocalization of the conscience, whose seat would perhaps not be located solely in the brain”, explains Mrs. Barkallah.

 “What there is surprising moreover, it is that there exists for the moment no explanation scientific to the experiments of decorporation”, of which it is difficult to give a precise definition, but “one cannot deny the phenomenon any more, especially when one is a reanimator like me”, affirms Dr. Jean-Jacques Charbonier, doctor anesthetist who wrote several books on the question.

“Under pretext that we do not have of explanation, which that of the things about the monk, of the philosophy or which touch us personally, one stirs up sweeps all that of a reverse of hand”, regrets it, fustigating the “lack of humility” of the medical environment.




notice of

we were not with this conference. In next times, we will put on line on our site several texts relating to moments of life according to the life. Without polemizing on the scientific reasons which are advanced today (the decorporation is indeed a phenomenon which can be easily started by a certain type of work célébrale: to see the first decorporation of Pierre, the poet, in question about this site and this decorporation can be or not followed crossing of the well of light), we will approach either the meeting with the light and with this absolute source of love but we will approach these interventions of what we call the “black presences” which leaves us to come to modify the course of the events and to protect us from a mortal danger or to indicate the presence of another supernatural presence to us, of another “heart” which acts or will act in our environment. They are like parallelism the forms: the light on a side and other side black of a presence which is activated close to us, the light when we perceive the environment once our left carnal body, black when we perceive these dimensions with our human and carnal directions. These interventions always have the same direction: a very positive orientation and “confusing love”, they are like “punctures of recall” to prove to us if need be, that what we lived across death of our carnal body or simply apart from carnal dimensions of our human condition, have nothing to dohas nothing to do with interferences between our more or less paradoxical and extraordinary, accidental levels of conscience. The presence which appeared in made us and us return to the life of before the life according to death, like it promised it to us, does not leave us more. The EMI, it is not finished! There is a human continuation!

It is not simple to say only somebody who lives in us takes in certain occasions the “automatic piloting” of our human condition, not to precisely have any more to cross the well of light again and to see themselves then returned in our carnal body. But beyond this simple work of “prevention” that that which saw in us would make “for him and us” to save these peregrinations “beyond our universe”, work of prevention to avoid a fatal accident like the preceding time or development of an instinct of survival, we will tackle the question of the relations which are established well after the moment of the EMI between that which lives in us and who appeared with us and these presences that we met, especially with those which dealt with us on the other side of the well of light. In these texts the questions will pose to us but vis-a-vis the mysteries of the life, us will estate brought in keep themselves final answers: that which lives in us has all these answers. Essence is that it once again helps us to cross the well of light, after we know now that to make, that to require and that to receive but there too, all is not so simple bus there is a broad possible choice of requests…. for another way of always living the same duration without end of lifetime… and it is to be wondered whether it would be better anything to know and to let make “automatic piloting” but “anything to know” is enough to let start “automatic piloting”? The experiment of our second decorporation comes here to bring a terrible answer. For us, this terrible answer did not take place because we had experience of our first and “small” decorporation where “automatic piloting” very regulated but if not? And for others which don't know anything or want nothing to know of what occurs in these moments when the life changes and gives up our carnal body? There are in the Gospels of the “terrible” words all also of Jesus and yet so coherent with our experiments of life… and the other large spiritual Masters do not say the opposite…

These texts will come to supplement workshop 1, the first interpersonal and crowned contract.


life after the life, extracts of the book of Dr. Moody

a technique of decorporation    

the account of the 3 NDE of Pierre


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