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The declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen of August 26, 1789 in its preamble states that ignorance, the lapse of memory or the contempt of the humans right are the only causes of public misfortunes and the corruption of the governments. The talk of these humans right and of the citizen is since 1789 the base on which the republican culture, the common knowledge of the citizens develops to live and act together: the fight against the ignorance and the definition of the humans right represent then like the two pillars of this modern temple of the knowledge.

The definition of the knowledge:

  • on the individual level: tally of reference, cognitive field, knowledge transmitted by education.

  • in the field of the organization: Competences acquired by work, inventions, patents, models, standards of quality, economic intelligence carried out by an organization.

In authority-capacity-command we showed that the role first capacity is to select in the knowledge available the elements which it will retain to legitimate the operation of its system of power and elements that it will prohibit and declare taboos. In theory the selected elements should support peace and the minimization of violences but this choice can vary and we have here separation between the more or less direct democracies and tyrannies or the dictatorships. The evolution of the knowledge raises also question: the doctrines which want that inevitably our knowledge is better today than yesterday do not hold any more. The archaeological discoveries, the legends and the life of the people first, the history of civilizations show that there was a succession of flourishing periods with pacified exchanges and periods of wars and dictatorship, of criminal obscurantism. A many genocides and of destruction took place under the direction of the systems of religious capacities to impose fallacious dogmas and éradiquer contrary beliefs. Currently universalization enables us to better know the other cultures and Internet gives us the possibility of speaking about these examples without the capacity again not coming to exert a censure or an unspecified influence. A new comprehension of the history is born and on this Web site, we approached it through the permanent conflict between the two great shapes of organization of the companies: systems of power and organizations in networks. It is obvious that the development of the knowledge is not made same manner in a case as in the other.

What retains us here, it is to show that in both cases, they are the same tools, the same techniques of construction of the knowledge which are used. The difference rests mainly on the use or not of the two sources of knowing. We showed it on this site: these two sources used separately correspond to a precise goal: the use of the first source, the initiatory and personal source, to confiscate the spiritual step with the profit of a system of religious capacity founded on dogmas, pleasing of inescapable terrorism and wars of religion which recover religious fanaticism. The exclusive use of the second source of knowing, the intellectual and rational source, in particular to fight against the influence of the systems of religious capacity under cover of secularity, on the one hand does not prevent the even fanatic religious influence and on the other hand, by drawing aside the spiritual step of its cognitive field, is deprived of the arguments to fight the misdeeds of the atheistic materialism on the ways of life and is deprived of the possibility of arriving at the marriage of the cultures thanks to the use of a total knowledge joining together these two sources of knowing.

On the contrary, it there with the diffusion and the imposition of a culture based on the identical use of tangible and empty properties of any direction and any project of life. This installation of a single thought consuming entertainments and comfort would not lend to consequence if the leaders of our systems of economic and political capacity did not have the will to dominate the world in a new form of intellectual and military dictatorship. The use or not of the two sources of knowing conditions all the companies to develop or find knowledge.

We will start by showing what occurs in our civil systems of capacity or monk then we will see how the organization in network uses the majority of these same tools with an aim of establishing a complementarity between the two sources of knowing to marry our cultures in a total knowledge. We dare here to recall that the last marriage of the cultures realized on the ground of France was carried out between 1.000 and 1.300 in Cluny, Cîteaux, Clairvaux, communities which continued the work started with the Cassin Mount in year 500starting from the remainders available then of the knowledge coming from the temples of Egypt, in particular of the temple of Dendérah,coming from the Celtic druids, of the Hebraic and Jewish arts centers, of the Moslem and Arab arts centers. This marriage of the cultures, we preserved, inter alia, the use of the Arab numerals which lend themselves well better than the Roman numerals to calculations geometrical, arithmetic, in particular to establish the plans of a cathedral or a city.

I The development of the knowledge in the systems of power.

It uses individual tools, tools of group or collectives. If these tools are common to all our civilizations, they do not prevent the conflicts inherent in the fight that the systems of power for a domination increasingly vaster of the people are delivered.

A) the individual tools:

Whatever the will of domination of the minority to the capacity, no system can eliminate the personal step and close friend who allows a human being to build his knowledge according to his desire of living, from his centers of interests, of its curiosity of actor present at the world and alive on the planet ground. It is obvious that these individual tools are more used in an organization in network that in the systems of power. Some remain always prohibited and are drawn aside by our republican and religious institutions Christian. 

1) to go to the sources of spirituality

On this site, we described the 4 principal sources of spirituality:

  • the direct contact with the mysteries of the life through experiments of immediate death (EMI or in English NDE)

  • the mystical meeting starting from meditations starting from the texts and of testimonys of people telling or speaking about their meetings with the mysteries

  • the direct way of the poetic step which creates a language of the heart for the heart without using religious beliefs or texts but by using the work of its own writing to establish correspondences with the inexpressible one and the source which saw of each one of us.

  • the way of the extase which enables us to live moments of communion with a dimension higher and vaster than our human condition and mortal: extase in love, sexual, sporting, artistic or caused by substances hallucinogens or drugs.

We also showed the 2 possible approaches to develop spirituality: the way or method of the purification, the way of the conciliation of the opposites. We eliminated the way from the purification because it was used as guarantee with the systems to be able most criminal to eliminate from the whole people which refused to submit themselves to their erroneous dogmas. The way of the conciliation of opposites exists today in the spiritual movements of Far East: Buddhism, hindouism, taoism, etc This way takes again its place in Occident

To develop spirituality in this approach of the conciliation of the opposites, we retained three spheres of activities practiced on all the continents and in all civilizations which are or were flourishing:

  • The going beyond of oneself through the body exercise and the sublimation of the directions : this individual activity or in group uses initially the contact with nature, in particular the most authentic nature: forest, lakes, tops of the mountains, rivers to the preserved banks, etc.

  • The practice in love which makes it possible to use in all confidence the sexual possibilities of our human body: it is the research of the orgasm and the illumination in the fusion of the bodies and the spirits, fusion which puts to us on the track of the communion with our source of life which lives in us.

  • The intellectual activity at the beginning: poetic creation, the meditation and mystical work and we can today add the scientific work which approaches the bases of the life and the universe and confronts us with the unexplainable one such as for example celebrates it experiment EPR (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen).

This spiritual activity exists today in our systems of capacity civil and religious, even if it is better not in speaking. However the intellectual dictatorship of scientific rationalism is beaten everywhere in breach and the fight against the drifts of the sects cannot come to defend this exacerbated rationalism. We showed how the sects are organized to plunder in the spiritual lesson some testimonys on which they establish their dogmas and their practice fanatic. The sects are small systems of power which only require to grow. They are with opposite of an organization in network. On this site, we also showed how as from year 300, the Christian central capacity in Rome, succeeded in prohibiting the organization in network of the Christian communities to be combined with the system capacity Roman empire: the majority of the bishops claimed only one central capacity in order to establish only one teaching drawn from the Gospels and to put an end to the various social and theological practices resulting from the community nazoréenne directed by Jesus. We are face with the major difficulty here: how to share in group the individual spiritual step, how to learn a lesson which can be common, how to manage to make be supplemented spiritual steps and a practice common to religious character?

2) translation of crowned by art

The division of this meeting with the mysteries which reaches best the universal one, does not use in priority the words of the language running: the forms, the colors, the musical quality of the sounds, the harmony of a construction, the realization of images visual, sound, aromatic, gestural are much better relays. Art is the first and probably the only means used by the human beings to transmit the message drawn from the illumination and the meeting with the mysteries of the life. The individual production of the artist was always allowed especially if it can be the subject of lucrative trades by nonthe artists. The common artistic production is sometimes recognized and developed, sometimes it is not allowed. On this site, through the writings of Hannah Arendt on work, work and the political action, we saw how our industrial company materialist and our system of liberal economic capacity established the obligatory dimension of work under penalty of social exclusion apart from the republican pact. The use of this work through the generalization of wage-earning serves only the private interests of the owners of the means of production: the wages have as an aim only to allow the consumption of the production and not necessarily the enrichment of the paid ones: the profit is initially intended to the owners of the means of production which seek is the monopoly or today of scientists oligopolies to divide the surplus of the richnesses created. The economic horror, following H. Arendt, is well a company which does not carry out any more works and in which the political action is confiscated by elites which form the public opinions to accept their utopian ideas to defend their interests of leaders to the capacity. The populations work without sharing the least hope of better life for them and their children: the deterioration of the living conditions, of the environment, the obstacles with the success in the professional life, the threats of precariousness, exclusion of the work of all kinds are capable to destroy faculties of dreams at the majority of the human beings to subject them to the evil to sleep and the evil food.

The recovery of art by the leaders of the systems of power always took place and it is well there an effective method not only to control the artists but especially to dissimulate the individual benefits of the practice of the first source of knowing. If art is universal, it is well because the artist is not the result of a intellectual or manual construction produced by an educational system to the pay of a system of power. From which do the gifts come with which the artists are equipped? We will answer simply: they come from correspondences with dimensions which exceed our human directions, they are connected to our surreality that our smallness of condition of men prevents us from knowing. The artists upset the academism of the lesson selected by the minorities with the capacity but as long as that remains in the field of arts, the impact is a minor. How citizens can with the sight of new artistic works, to establish new requirements in their ways of life and to claim values able to upset the values selected by the leaders with the capacity? Simple phenomenon of echo or more universal correspondence and close friend with our source of life? Art is its own art: it gives birth to from new artistic ambitions, of new requirements in our ways of life. The poet by reading the texts of his elder knows where they were, which they could say and what probably they will never say because the ignorance of their public dissuades some unless it is not the ferocity of the leaders of the system of power. But the young poet also knows where it will go, in this elsewhere of which nobody on ground can prohibit the access of them to him. These works, these translations artistic are well there to be used as headlights for those and those, children or older, who engage with research of their first source of knowing, which follows their source of life. A company which is not organized any more to produce works which will fill with wonder the future generations is a dead company which asphyxiates its people.

Without going until this extreme, we will further see the allowed solution by the leaders from our systems of power consists in being organized again in classes: the elites are well heard set on art and can know from where it comes if these elites keep their tender with the values which melt their dominant culture. The others do not have to reach this first individual source of knowing which can only nourish dreams protestors; they will live in the lapse of memory of their metamorphoses (Paul Eluard). Us revoici opposite this myth of the free man erudite and exonerated bus of this hard and noncreative work of richnesses for those and those which did not acquire this social status of free man. Those which can precisely release the people as those which can defend their condition of free people while precisely knowing to make work the others with their profit, then use a collective tool for management of the knowledge: the secret society. Of course in a system of power, the partisans of the capacity as their adversaries will use this tool. We will see that it goes from there differently in an organization in network.

B) collective tools

1) the secret society 

The operation of a secret society, hermetic, initiatory does not pose any problem of comprehension, it is the use of this operating mode to defend certain political goals which represents a social danger. Initially, we can understand that this recourse to a secret society is closely related to the state of the ignorance or the obscurantism which prevails at a given time. To each faith that a system of civil or religious capacity pronounces dogmas to consolidate its capacity, opponents will work for the destruction of these dogmas and the development of knowledge within groups organized in secrecy. But the secret society is not only secret because it acts within the framework of an opposition to a capacity. We will show that the secrecy is a mechanism to carry the organization of the group on a level of efficient optimal so that it can have a larger influence in a company. We are here well with the transition between the interpersonal and crowned contract and the common contract about which we speak on our Web site. We are well within the framework of work on the first two levels: individual then common, so as to influence the third level: social and humanistic. The secret society is well the base impossible to circumvent of an organization in network and we already said that to direct a system of power as well civil, monk that soldier, the leaders to optimize their efficiency use the organization in network and mainly secret societies parce held in ignorance for the remainder of the citizens.

First example: the case of the secret societies of the American universities.

We use the example of the secret society Skull and Bones for the university from Yale in New York.

The recruitment of the new members is done by co-optation: the best students who have a remarkable personality are invited to join the secret society. During the meeting of reception: each applicant must speak to speak about his sexual life. The test makes it possible to measure several elements: its capacity to be entrusted, its degree of regard of oneself, the importance which it attaches to sexuality to open out in a life of adult, the capacity which will have to tie a strong marital relation: in the statute of leader, for the American culture, the role of the wife is of primary importance to support and make progress her husband. At a second meeting, the applicant will tackle questions social, political, chocolate éclairs to show his personal vision of the world. Once admitted in the secret society, it receives its godfathers an important amount of money which it is free to use as it wants: usually this sum will help it to found a commercial company, a small business, a cabinet of liberal profession or this money will enable him to bring a capital to join others in a business. At the meetings, all the questions could be tackled but also a member, before making an important decision in his professional life, will be able to ask for the opinion of the members. The secrecy is well then the essential framework so that this work of optimization of the decisions can take place. Through these exchanges, a management of competences as well vertical as horizontal is set up at the profit of all the members present. Well better, to support a decision which of personal became collegial within the group, a network of influence will be spread to support its application and its control. We are here with the starting point of the lobby, of the special interest group.

In the American culture, this operating mode does not run up against the democratic spirit as long as most erudite, the best students and professionals intend themselves to impel new decisions or new projects in the company. In the French republican culture, this operating mode is incomprehensible and contrary with the character representative of our way of currently conceiving the parliamentary democracy. We will not tackle here the question of the control of the capacity and of the necessary installation of countervailing powers, we specified higher than we follow the approach of the alliance of the opposites what is radically different from the situation in which a capacity directs and another minority must make him opposition. The use of the vote for all represents the first of these countervailing powers vis-a-vis the decisions worked out within secret societies. The example of Skull and Bones is interesting because it also shows that the secret society is not the place of foundation of dogmas which would be binding on all the members. Each one is free of its political opinions, to join such or such political camp, to present themselves or not at an election. The goal of this company is well to allow to the best students a fast success in the exercise of the political, economic and social responsibilities without undergoing a stress, an unhealthy pressure because of being the only one to decide and to be the only one with having to face the hesitations and the fear badly of making. The possibility, even the duty to resort using the other members to improve this decision and to give him a more serene and considered dimension go directly in the direction of the defense of the public interest, of the taking into account of the higher interest of the country. In the condition, obviously that the secret society respects its values and does not misuse the capacity to serve as the personal interests 

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Second example: secret societies created to defend a system capacity and to better fight against its adversaries

Example: Opus Dei:

Created in Spain at the beginning of the years 1930 with an aim of countering the expansion of Communism and the atheistic political régimes, Opus Dei wants to be at the beginning open to all with an aim of sanctifying the work of the laymen in the catholic Church. Beside the alleged communist paradise on ground, the Church gives also access to the bliss under our human condition. Admittedly the way is not easy and the stages will be dictated quickly by spiritual advisers and priests invested in particular mystical steps even extreme (and opposites with any poetic step! ). After 1945, the élitiste recruitment of the members will correspond to the goal to influence the decision makers of this world in the direction of the interests of the church of Rome. The secrecy does not have anything any more mystic nor of diplomatic: it is the secrecy useful to all the secret companies of fight counters adversaries.

Example: secret polices created by the despotic dictatorships and modes.

Let us recall simply that in 1960, the mode gaullist in France created the SAC to defend the political personalities of the party gaullist. Without reconsidering the shameless history of these gangster groups, the majority of the political régimes in crisis tend to be defended with these more or less criminal methods. In any case, these secret bunches are an aubaine for the delinquents and the criminals who find there a refuge official to continue their illegal and immoral work. It is enough to also refer to the history Enquiry which did not hesitate for example to eliminate the Jesuits and the priests who defended the Indians of the Andes against the genocide legitimated by papacy under pretext that the legends and the knowledge of these people came and always come to contradict the bible absolutely and are closer to the ancient knowledge of Egyptian civilization than of the biblical vision dogmatized by papacy.

Example: secret societies created to be opposed to a civil and religious capacity

They are most known because they present the positive face: the aspiration of the people with émanciper of the absolute capacities and to inform itself to approach the Light of knowledge and wisdom in order to live in peace with more solidarity even of love. On our site, we showed the filiation of this knowledge since the vestiges of Dendérah undertaken by Pacôme, Antoine, Jean then by the movement coenobite. We saw the rise of the movement Benedictine since the Cassin Mount until the time of the cathedrals and the order knight of the Temple. We know why and how these knights templiers became so powerful. Of a first secret society founded in the ruins of the temple of Jerusalem, the movement developed within sight of all within the framework of an organization in network as at the time of the cities and the temples of the edges of the Nile then later as at the time of the Greek cities. The formidable building firm of the cities, abbeys, commanderies templières, villages, hospitals made it possible the populations to share one unknown flourishing time since the fall of the Roman empire and this time organized differently than within the framework of a military system of capacity.

The destruction of this organization in network in 1307 by the will to found a royal absolutism in France and a papal capacity with the pay of king de France constitutes today always the starting date of the movements which fought these despotisms. That it is with dimensions Protestantism or the with dimensions one of the movements which claim templiers and their Egyptian origins, their voyages in Americas, we have here the genealogy of the principal European secret societies which finally managed to drive out the royal absolutism and to eliminate the dogmatic influence from the Roman church. On this site, we showed the bond between the voyages of the monks and the templiers in North America and the installation in the years 1350 of the Great Law which binds between the nations of the people iroquois installed between the Large Lakes and the Atlantic coast of the future area of New York. We showed the attempt of the survivors of the destruction of the temple to make revive the site of Tiahuanaco close to the lake Titicaca. The books which describe these points of history starting from the recent archaeological discoveries date from the years 1970 and made the fortune of their Parisian editor. We saw how this confederation of the people iroquois was used as example to the fathers of the declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States of America, constitution which was to be the starting point of that to set up in Paris and which was transformed into failure following the Parisian civil disorders, failure which showed the pure and simple continuation centralized and absolute political régime, royalty being simply replaced by the republic and the myth of the state nation, dogmas and beliefs in the royalty being replaced by the new republican Utopias. From where a continuation necessary of the work of the secret societies to fight against monarchy. Admittedly thus written the work of these humanistic secret societies however it proves to be decisive is difficult even incomprehensible for us to note that it was necessary nearly five centuries to arrive of the destruction of the Temple at the French revolution. An explanation lies in the one hundred year old war and the failure of the English intervention owing to the fact that the English royal capacity also yielded him to a more important degree of absolutism to be maintained in front of the urban development able to be organized in network without having recourse to a royal central capacity. In Europe,several confederation of cities had developed and in the campaigns, of the villages or the cantons always practiced an organization in network of direct democracy. These vestiges disappeared definitively during war and wars of religion the Thirty Year old which is also a war of religion on the scale of Europe. The conflict between partisans of the absolutism royal and papal and in favor of the organization in network did not cease between 1307 and 1789 but all these wars devastated Europe without other effects put besides a few years of Rebirth or lit few lights pâlichonnes.

These lit men missed what, at these humanistic secret societies to well better impose itself? We know the answer, it holds all in the preamble to the Declaration of the rights of man of 1789: the ignorance of the people, in other words lack of an organization of education and training capable of éradiquer the ignorance and the misery which were used to compel with hard work the populations under the despotism of the classes leading and educated but released of hard and servile work.

The reader interested by the history of the secret societies has the abundance of the choice in the books which treat this topic, it can refer more particular to the books devoted to Philadelphes, the freemasons, the coalmen of the high Jura who made the connection between Geneva and Besancon, with the relations between the architect and general Kléber initiated with this frank movement comtois (see the Saltworks of Arc and Senans like works of another architect of this movement) and the Bonaparte General in Egypt: Kléber made initiate Bonaparte in the large pyramid of Gizeh,etc 

2) the constitution of the elites.

The answer of the revolutionists then of Napoleon to these disasters caused by the ignorance of the people was the installation of the large schools the purpose of which are to constitute elites got excited of the republican values in order to serve the nation and the citizens. We know that the school became obligatory approximately later for all the citizens only one century under Jules Ferry. This culture is always current. These elites were used at all times and are the consequence of the lack of means to inform the people but there is a fundamental difference between not power to exempt a knowledge and not to want. To reserve the knowledge drawn from the first personal source to prohibit it with others is the trademark of theocracies and the systems of religious capacity: the force of prohibition must be very strong bus it is a natural way and close friend for each human being from where the ferocity of religious fanaticisms. To prohibit with others the intellectual knowledge is easier to constitute an erudite elite but still is necessary it to also prohibit the access and the recognition with the first source of knowing, which complicates the business singularly if not the civil capacity makes alliance with the religious capacity or better still subjects the religious capacity to its values, which arrived already and was even more disastrous for the development of the humanistic values: the destruction about the temple precisely corresponds to such a period.

Practical example: the myth of republican egalitarianism and the French interpretation of the government of company. The use of the military culture to defend the exorbitant capacities of the heads of undertaking.

We showed on our page relating to the government of company how the French vision and the Anglo-Saxon vision of the management of the firm by the shareholders owners are opposed. The origin of this question touches with the very values of our republic and with the republican pact even if the current practices evolved/moved and are not inevitably any more faithful to the values installation about 1860. Second empire then the republic eager to serve all the citizens under the terms of its values utopian founders: freedom, equality, fraternity, found in the rise of the industrial era a creditable goal: to avoid the hoop nets related on the religious influences or the political and royalist questions, the capacity must guarantee to all obtaining tangible properties product bulk. These goods will increase the standard of living of the citizens and will get work for all: it is a virtuous circle. The republican pact following the ideas of Durkheim will try to obtain social peace by defining in the state the objective to ensure the correct operation of the industrial economic system and the objective to attenuate the consequences of the exclusion of the world of work through the implementation of the social policies. The state insurer then the protective state through the social security will contribute to the introduction of a model of better balanced development: the primacy of the personal property resulting from 1789 is not called into question for the owners of the means of production and richest but the employees within sight of their work are entitled to a particular statute which must guarantee their health, their rest and incomes minimal in the event of absence with work for reasons of health. There is however no question of continuing the ideas of Leroux at the base of socialism which make it possible to the workers to capitalize rights to become also owners of their company like the shareholders. In this strategy, the development of the economic machine can only bring progress for all.

According to this ideology, the elites formed by the republic are in load of this republican pact: engineers, doctors, teachers, workmen, shareholders and savers all, take part in the development of the economy of the nation and each one receives its remuneration according to its social status: for the ones, this remuneration is beautiful and well from the money, for the employees, the wages will enable them to raise their standard of living and to buy the tangible properties product bulk then to acquire a real estate.

This operation is initially national, it is not conceived to serve as the foreign interests within the current framework of universalization. For example, whereas the pension plans French miss financial resources, the intervention of the American funds of pension in the capital of our large companies has what to sow fear: if 40% of the capital of the companies of the CAC 40 with the Paris Bourse east held by these funds of pension, that mean schematically that 40% of the dividends been used for the shareholders will finance the retirements of the American members of these funds of pension, as much of money which cannot be used at the French state and its employees. We work to pay the retirement of the others partly whereas we must take harder measures for our retirements. Is this the right counterpart of the shareholders of these funds of pension? Not! These financial placements remain out of purse: all these sums were not invested in the factories and did not take the form of a real estate. These placements with the purse can leave a company and be placed elsewhere in a few minutes. Stock exchange capitalization increased and the value of these actions normally prevents the repurchase of the company by competitors, supports a real new issue of capital to invest or then this quoted value makes it possible the company to repurchase some ones of its competitors or other companies to develop knowing that in the long term, these reorganizations will result in job losses and contributions for our pension plan. In short we are in full contradiction with the values of our republican pact and our model of economic and social development. We can go also to conquer us other markets and other companies abroad or better, to make so that foreign companies come to settle on our premises to produce if possible with export if not they come to compete with our companies, but the solution with our social deficits and the collapse of the French republican pact is not guaranteed at all. We are well in a war which does not dare to say its name but of which all the employees measure the harmful consequences: the social future is threatened and to work hard will not reverse this liberal logic of the universalization of the economies. To recover our delay by creating to us also funds of pension which will seek money at the others to pay part of our retirements remains illusory so much this would come to contradict our republican values and so much our delay is important. The government has just recognized since 2005 the need for making appear in the budget of the nation the provisions of the retirements of the public office, which had never been made as if the taxes were going each year to be enough to pay this social obligation. This logic became apparent and year after year, this absence of joint projects sows uncertainty: we do not know how our next years will be financed; misery can again strike quickly or the misery of the other countries to arrive to us if they are not crises of madness of our neighbors, no one is not with the shelter, only the number of billionaires increases!

It is clear whereas the republic did not form its elites to make climb the profits in the interest of foreign savers without power to ensure social peace inside the country for its citizens. The Anglo-Saxon government of company thus opposes indeed the government of the state French nation: under resulting from work do not go in the same direction. Taken the trap and to incompetent to answer with the same means, it seems well that France became new a eldorado for foreign shareholders: the excellent productivity of the factor work, the high training level, the excellence of our means of transport, our logistic place in the center of Western Europe, all contributes to invest on our premises the more so as the politicians serving the current system republican capacity, of left like line, will take a long time before finding a solution coherent to leave this guêpier. When to invest means to repurchase our large companies so that the benefit leave elsewhere, it is as many means of growth which from go away. Unless leaving these systems of power to again set up an organization in network as we work there on this site, the only immediate solution is to continue the logic of this system of power and to manage to make so that the French employees arrange themselves between them to manage their social protection system, the politicians power to be used of intermediary or conciliators, with the choice! It is then a question of guaranteeing the installation again of a company to several classes as before 1789. While waiting for our system of right remainder in its boots continues: it is walk or bad cold and the dispute of the exorbitant capacities of our leaders does not take place to be. They defend the republican pact and today more than ever whereas social peace is seriously threatened and the future absolutely more financed, these absolute capacities have any raison d'être, including front the claims of foreign shareholders to want to take part in this capacity. The visible consequence is not only any more one social fracture which could be reabsorbed but well the organization or resignation in front of the return of a company of strongly unequal social classes, in short a return to Ancien Régime in which the noble ones are not rich any more because noble but rich because individual owners of the means of production, right of ownership sacrilized in the bases of our republican constitutions!

The fight against ignorance, let us recognize it however, the fight against the ignorance of the employees, of the trade unions, of the public opinion even of the tax services wants that more transparency controls our institutions and our companies: wages of the leaders including all the stock exchange premiums and other advantages, distribution of the influences on the markets, management of the public invitations to tender, the list take a long time improvements quickly to be realized without counting the tax reform related to the reform of our institutions. Our elites for the majority are in measurement on the intellectual level to return to the famous questioning and the famous exclamation of Benjamin Franklin, of Thomas Jefferson then later of Marx and Engels when all discovered the operation of the confederation of the nations iroquoises and had to admit that the operation of this organization in network which did not need states ensured their people a standard of living and peace quite higher than what occurred to Europe. Contradictions of the capitalist and liberal economic system are sensitive daily and do not ensure any more one confidence in the future of this system of power. The least studying after some courses of economy, if it were needed, includes/understands the shift which grows hollow between these vain theories and these sad truths. For a long time, a joke based on quite real reports circulate among our elites left the large scientific schools.

 A doctor in physics and chemistry of the university of Paris, member of the scientific council of the group where I worked at this time there to me it had told whereas once more, in one of our laboratories, a polytechnician however experienced caused us so much concern it had evil to follow the objectives of the department. He had asked me of him to say the name of the large republican school where the evaporation of the pupils and alumni is raised, mainly towards the monasteries and the priesthood… In front of my astonishment, he insisted for good to render comprehensible me that it is about Polytechnic, obviously he had a whole list of name on the language. There was certainly an old competition between its university of which at least one of its professors had become Nobel Prize and X but in its very disillusioned report, there was also the mark of a distress in front of a certain bankruptcy of the elites which claim to direct our large companies. After me to be well informed, I admitted that this scientist who was also my senior in rank said true but this news went in the direction of my professional extra work: without returning with the CAT of physics nor to experiment EPR, it is clear that the accumulation of scientific knowledge favourable with is discovered spirituality and of what lives in us. This case is unfortunately far from being generalizable to see here a door of exit of our économico-financial guêpier and our leaders as a majority will not begin a spiritual step to agree on the interest to set up a new organization in network. Though in France? In France perhaps but it is without counting on an always Anglo-Saxon movement which seeks to set up well another future far from the states nations at the Frenchwoman rather annoying for her projects, we want to speak about this movement to set up a world oligarchy over the states nations and there, we are on very an other level that the question of the retirements and funds of pension.

3) world oligarchy, Russel 

The fate of the world, at least of humanity, for a long time was the subject of an irrefutable report: our planet is not able to ensure the development of a population increasingly more over a long period: there are not only the scarcity of the resources but also the fast exhaustion of these resources. From where pressing need for having to control the demographic growth quickly. Without going here over an explanation of the theses Malthusians , there is this certainty that the future of a civilization or people, even of humanity would be assured if the population ceased multiplying at high speed. Progress materialist constituted a first solution: to acquire a better standard of living and to ensure the future of his/her children, a couple may find it very beneficial to limit the number of his/her children. In certain countries, many couples to treat to large trucks and holidays under the sun each year were until preferring not to have of child. This reasoning, these ways of life were not included in the countries in the process of development and their demography is still not stabilized just like the importance of misery. In front of this failure of the economic growth and the continuation of the demographic growth, certain scientists proposed a more radical solution to impose a model of development on the whole of the people able to preserve the interests of the current leading class. The English mathematician Bertrand Russel was made the spokesman of these theses Malthusians. The historical opportunity arose during the second world war when it is a question of using the atomic bomb.

The failure of the Russel committee on the use of atomic energy: (the following paragraphs are the copy of a Web page of another site)

The emergency Committee of the scientists nuclear physicists was founded in 1946 by Albert Einstein and Leó Szilárd. Its goal was to make become aware with the public opinion of the dangers associated with the development with the nuclear weapons, to promote the peaceful use of the nuclear energy and to promote peace in the world, which the members of the committee regarded as the only manner of avoiding a new use of the atomic weapon. 

The Russel-Einstein proclamation was made public in London on July 9,1955, in the middle of the cold war, by Bertrand Russell. This proclamation clarified the dangers created by the nuclear weapons and called the principal leaders of the world to search for the peaceful solutions to the international conflicts. It was signed by 11 intellectuals and scientists of foreground, among which Albert Einstein who signed it a few days before his death on April 18, 1955. A few days after the publication of proclamation, the philanthropist Cyrus S. Eaton offered to finance a congress, requested by proclamation, in Pugwash in News Scotland, his birthplace. First Pugwash Conferences one Science and World Affairs congress on the science and the businesses of the world of Pugwash) was held in July 1957.


text and questions for high-school pupils:

The war of oligarchy against the State-nation: the case of Bertrand Russell

the role of the French scientists: Joliot Curie


end of the states nations and the role of a Anglo-Saxon elite 



(end of the copy of a Web page of another site)

With the reading of these articles, it arises that the strategy of this oligarchy consists in more not leaving with the states nations the use of the nuclear power but transferring the domination from this atomic power to a committee of scientists and financial Anglo-Saxons, i.e. with the true winners of the second world war. To arrive at the installation of an oligarchy including/understanding the elite financial anglo saxonne and able to even direct to limit scientific research in not very dangerous fields or to be satisfied with the current level to know quite sufficient to produce the goods of first need and to guarantee the elimination of misery, hunger and wars, the obstacle to be eliminated is defined very clearly: it is the states nations in which minorities of leaders not very erudite and altruistic monopolized the capacity to satisfy generally contrary interests with a durable development of humanity. To eliminate these leaders and these states nations the receipt is simplistic: it is necessary to ruin them, make ungovernable these states by disorganizing their social economies and their systems. Let us note that the organization in network of the time of the cathedrals also managed it to ruin the king of France and to make useless the presence of a pope to Rome. A technique which goes to all the blows while preserving the financial interests of richest is maintains it interest rates on the highest possible level and all the occasions are good. An example among so much of others: the passage to the euro in the years 1990 in France and the policy of frank extremely led well to the peak of unemployment in 1994 in our country from where absolute required to reduce these rates since 1996 and the one period return of growth during a few years until the financial consequences of the Asian crisis and the explosion of the speculative bubble on Internet. We know alliances between the American republican party and the lobby of oil as much texan that Arabic and these bonds between the American federal capacity and the producing Arab oil countries beyond the only concern will ensure the provisioning of the country of oil. The domination of this major energy resource takes part largely in this oligarchical company and the weapon of oil added to the nuclear weapon are many instruments of domination of the world. Through these bonds with the producing Arab oil countries, financial oligarchy anglo saxonne also seeks to secure a hand put on the Moslem countries in general largely financed by the resources drawn from oil. This led the American secret service and the preserving leaders this country to be financed at the end of the cold war of the Moslem militiamans fanaticized to arm them against the Soviet troops then to see these militiamans being turned over against the American interests whereas these preserving leaders finance and defend always of the religious Arab political régimes which violate the humans right and particularly women and children not by ignorance but by religious fanaticism them also, this to defend their system of antiquated despotic capacity.

Financial oligarchy anglo saxonne currently brings us to the following report: it raises the price of oil out of purse for pretexts which it creates itself: the war in Iraq, in Iran, with the Middle-East, the closing of oil reservoir in Alaska, in the Gulf of Mexico, the financing of the fast growth of China which carries the level of the request has a very high level and causes it also a stock exchange speculation on the course of the products of industrial plants and of energies, etc the justification of these rises out of purse rests on the famous law of supply and demand which we on this site arranged in the cupboard full with the Utopias which embobinent us. The consumers throughout the world pay more and the oil and industrial profits fly away. The Western states have a surplus of revenues from taxes but the Arab producer countries and the American tankers garner colossal profits which enable them to finance other sectors of the economy to dominate them, in particular the media and the producers of goods and services cultural or to enable them to buy influences, groups foreign and European as in the iron and steel industry if not to pay the expenditure of war and the purchases of armaments for the conflicts in progress and to come (weapons with antimatter). This deception is frightening: as long as the consumers will agree to pay more, particularly for oil, this financial oligarchy will have the resources to dominate the government of the United States, to muzzle the producing Arab oil countries and to develop programs of important armaments. The escapes in this system are known but remain minor: the financing by the Arab countries of the terrorist movements can be fought and limited; the enrichment of the states nations through the taxation of oil remains marginal and cannot prevent the short-term bankruptcy of the social protection systems. The day when the prices of oil will not be supported any more by the populations, then that of the states nations put deliberately in failure but be necessary will is likely to be the end to go until this limit or is not worth it to better find stages of prices still accepted year after year as long as one can sell oil in great quantity? The only recourse, in the spirit of this financial oligarchy anglo saxonne, will be precisely a world government exerted by this elite… but it did not certainly envisage to distribute the remainders of oil to all, its priority is obvious: to ensure the exclusive provisioning of the average soldiers of his camp longest possible. 

This world government, for this oligarchy, becomes inescapable after the end of the use in mass of oil like first source of energy. The new energy produced by science will not be any more in a natural state and it will not be enough by far to refine it. Its production will be complex on the scientific level and it will not be any more at the beginning of modest Bedouins who will sell it but teams of scientists of high flight much more controllable by a financial oligarchy. Then the use of the theses and the methods Malthusians could be done and the people will have to undergo these methods under penalty of new genocides using the most powerful weapons. The Russel mathematician was particularly atheistic and contrary to Einstein, it was never questioned to know which was behind all that, if the life according to the human life could be already lived before the death of our carnal body. The cynical glance posed on humanity knows like us besides as, as humanity did not cease evolving/moving in spite of the natural disasters, the genocides, the crimes the ones worse than the others. The powerful ones are only even more powerful and with each time larger distances were controlled, each time of the more powerful capacities dominated the old ones and new spaces. Today, according to this mink of things, it would be logical that these powerful installs their domination on the whole of the terrestrial world and soon about the Moon then on Mars… But that which sticks to the life and its safeguarding also knows that the terrestrial life becomes exhausted, that our genes worsen, that our capacities of reproduction are reached by the disordered states and pollution of our environment.This report must it support an escape ahead: to allow the erudite elites to run away itself by giving up those and those which in any event include/understand nothing there?

This political, military and financial domination would be however nothing without also a cultural domination people, i.e. the manufacture of a knowledge and a culture of reference.

C) the war of the intelligences between systems of power.

Let us leave side here the electronic war for the acquisition of the information, the companies of the NSA and its Echelon network. Other countries were equipped with these same technologies if they will never make the weight vis-a-vis this electronic power. To have information is a thing, to produce the elements of a culture in is another.

The strategy consists for these leaders of the systems of power to impose values then rules to work the ways of life. The states nations became experts in this kind of handling of the public opinions and a majority of voters. Financial oligarchy anglo saxonne, in more clearly: the preserving and fascistic parties ultra anglo Saxon finance caritative organizations or of mutual aid which intervene directly in the ways of life. There are nothing of nine except that usually in fact the religious capacities make this charity there. The difference, it is that this mutual aid diffuses the products, information not only American but quite liberal: The states always have problems of budget deficits and their financial means to be interdependent with poorest is very limited. On the other hand the group of the richest contractors, oil producers, merchants of weapons, computer use in military applications and civil or others, they can freely assemble caritative foundations to help directly poorest in their countries. The sums shared by this caritative financial oligarchy are enormous and their influence much larger on the ground than that of the majority of the industrialized states. This caritative action is the window honest and creditable but it hiding place the other company to make so that the public opinions agree to be subjected to the wills of this oligarchy: to buy their commercial products more to finance the more most stripped assistances with, to keep silent itself in front of the question of the sales of weapons and the price of oil, to consolidate their capacity for initially making it essential vis-a-vis the states then priority compared to the states which has their turn must come to subject to this system domination.

This company is far from being gained in advance because the ways of life in a culture evolve/move more following the artistic impulses following the politicking wills. To dominate art, to eliminate the artists protestors, we said it, was always a practice often successful by the despots and other tyrants except that today that passes initially by controlling and muzzling the Internet and the million Net surfers. The task can be all the more easy as Internet does not ensure the diffusion of a coherent academic knowledge with the knowledge which the citizens still receive in the school systems of our countries. The general confusion which prevails today around Internet is quite real and causes the inaction or the doubt in the field of the political action. What still benefits the partisans from the old systems from power just like with the financial elite which works with its planetary oligarchy. We are far from the theory of the plot but indeed in the presence of a minority of perfectly organized leaders who use all the resources of their finances to try to make the world with their manner, according to their strongly rational and ignorant thought of any step towards the first source of knowing.

The strong liberal doctrines of its contradictions become suspect thus today: leaders ingénient themselves to deny these contradictions and this rise of the inequalities and the attacks to the environment? Why these leaders ignore do the most modest citizens so much and why are ready to let the middle class impoverish itself again while making him pay the major part of the revenues from taxes and by obliging it to pay these new services with the person which enrich the new companies created by the great financial groups? To break our social and political organizations corresponds to a project: to belong to the new oligarchy while having become richer through the systematic plundering of the current richnesses managed by the systems of power, i.e. the authorities and the French authorities constitute a target of choice! Always in connection with the retirements, an international group which has most of the old people's homes deprived in France, in 2005, carried out a financial output of 10% which it poured with its investors: funds of pension anglo Saxon and Dutch. The French families and the administrations, the mutual insurance companies which pay for the pension of one their parents also pay for the pension of reprocessed in Great Britain or Holland. The answer of the leaders of our system of liberal capacity is clear: one needed this foreign capital to build these old people's homes if not there would be even less places in these old people's homes. This capital must inevitably carry interest, the explanation is of a confusing over-simplification. In an organization in network, the situation is quite different and by using more the factor work remunerated differently than in official currency, there is definitely less use of the financial capital from where a surplus of capital which does not find any more fields of investment: in short the roof for the financial ones and the beginning of their ruins!

Liberal logic currently completes its domination by transforming the old values and economic rules in its new dogmas. There is no more Utopia: the equality is a lure for philantropes unrealistic, the division of the richnesses and the added value leads to communist political régimes which are only dictatorships crushing the personal freedoms, the love and peace are completely unrealistic values and in theory the poets who still defend them should be radically isolated of all the public places and their prohibited writings of publication. The personal property makes it possible richest to eliminate their competitors and if it is to better constitute solids oligopolies, the citizens must understand that it is for their good: obtaining vast economies economies of scale and the standardization on a worldwide scale of the products and the manufacturing processes make it possible to reduce the production costs and to obtain a total quality, works masterly produced by scientific rationalism. Only best and the most powerful must have in hand the production equipments, the others which were worse and powerful were eliminated and logically it is normal: they has only the idiots there not to admit this! The division of the richnesses remains possible but the best manner consists with than all become shareholders: it is as simple as that! Work is essential certainly but it should not represent a too heavy load in the production process. The production changes to become more powerful then work must inevitably also change and become flexible. The important thing is to produce less expensive to increase the profit margins and to consolidate the places taken in oligarchy. There is average to offer goods of worse quality for those and those which will work less than the others and in all manners, people with the modest incomes must understand well that it will be able to never treat to the goods intended for richest. To support the opposite or to make hope with most modest than they will be able to live like the rich person, here is the absolute lie, the most perfect demagogy and it are not a chance if this demagogy is developed by the nonrealistic ones, i.e. these gauchists, Socialists and Communists who it once will be necessary for all to draw aside from the political life! The domination by the weapons is the most realistic solution and it is possible only this to contain inevitable violences: it is imperatively necessary to be strongest and to have a consequent technological advance on the adversaries. To say the opposite is indecent and absurd! In short the future is very traced: there will be those which will have taken their places within new world oligarchy and the others which it is necessary to put at the step not to block the development of this new system of power plutocrat if not it is the disorder ensured by these masses of uncultivated people and ignares. This combat is well that like always knowledge against ignorance and each one must choose its camp! In this combat, the humans right are not a priority: humanity should be saved, at least that which knows, which is informed and is able to direct in a realistic and pragmatic way the planet Ground! The knowledge conveyed by management is thus entirely adulterated and the images of the large charismatic leaders try to replace in the gallery of the men of power to venerate and follow, the former kings or princes of formerly. We showed on this Web site the already old position of Pierre Legendre who claims that the poets come to destroy this new bewitching fable which once more leads humanity during dead ends and time of disorders and rise of the injustices of all natures. We are well in the middle of a war on the control of the knowledge, we are well vis-a-vis a will to impose a new culture able to make accept this world financial oligarchy directed by Anglo-Saxon groups. And this site is well animated by a poet of French language able to destroy this fable and to position back of the new organizations in network to the place of these systems of capacities which evolve to the most criminal extremism.

The case of the use of the GMO in agriculture is quite as suspect: beyond the risks definitively to modify the genetic stocks of our food, we know how the industrialists of chemistry got rid between 1985 and 1995 their patents on the hybrid plants, how companies as HERE then Monsanto repurchased at low prices these patents of which nobody any more wanted to assemble one of the most beautiful financial businesses of the years 2000: true a jackpot! While making bend the governments to impose the use of these GMO, these companies realize more been worth extraordinary starting from patents bought for almost nothing and whose user licenses will be universally used. Why are the chemists who developed these patents of of disencumbered by selling them for three times anything? For lack of marketing spirit, by scientific ignorance, political weakness knowing that they couldn't them make bend the governments and eliminate the influence from the ecologists? The financial ones of oligarchy did they precipitate on this aubaine precisely knowing that their networks of influence were able to make bend the governments and to make sleepy the public opinions? There is only one will to grow rich exaggeratedly or then this company on the GMO corresponds it to an element of action of the strategy Malthusian of this oligarchy aiming at reducing the population of the sphere drastiquement. Oh! , We are still far from the attempts at poisoning but the ruins of the grounds by the industrial agriculture of certain plants intended for export towards the rich countries, the domination exerted on the industry of seeds to control and eliminate the small farmers directly will carry out these objectives of domination of the agricultural production to dominate the demographic development bus where food has suddenly missed or is not distributed any more, the population disappears and it is much cleaner than a nuclear war whose repercussions will also harm the rich countries and to the members of this oligarchy. Financial domination of the weapons and technologies, oil and the nuclear energy and maintaining agriculture, this cynicism corresponds to this mentality of puritan there oligarchy anglo saxonne and very nun able to see there without any scruple a divine action and on this site we showed that Christ called upon by papacy and the Enquiry to defend the bible and to destroy the organization in network of the time of the cathedrals, is responsible for the worst genocides of these the last two millenia… from this point of view there, we are not more with one genocide close so only this report/ratio of force is able to save humanity. 

In our novel put on line on this site, we described the manner that uses a group of European couples to assemble an organization in network and to fight to defend it against the military intervention of an elite working for an oligarchy financial and seeking to impose a company separated in several unequal classes.

Our systems of Western capacities are confronted with the terrorism and the threats of war of the countries where were essential fundamentalist i.e. strongly dogmatic religious systems capacity which convey contrary values with peace and solidarity: calls to the holy war against the inaccurate ones or the incroyants, imposition of racial measurements, sexists to control the women, will imperialist to develop the interests of its social and religious group, traffics of drug and human people to finance the purchase of weapons, etc said We it on this site: to break a religious capacity is not the business of a military capacity or another religious capacity unless making a genocide like that of a hundred million Indians in the Andes made in the name of Christ by the Spanish soldiers under cover of papacy. They are the spiritual Masters who break the religions of their time to reopen larger the ways of spirituality and to give again hope across our human condition mortal. We will not wait to see how our systems of power will be left there vis-a-vis this rise the sects and religious fanaticisms. Their will not to change their cultural values and not to open the access to the first source of knowing in their system of formation makes them unable to fight against these fanaticisms differently than by the military force which nourishes other armed resistances and new conflicts.

Precisely, failing this or before using the military force, these leaders of oligarchy, let us publicly know we it for these last years, made alliance through the lobby of oil and that of the merchants of weapons so much so that the wars they became also very suspect because they then became the markets which run out the production of the weapons and when the purpose of these wars are to dominate of other oil-producing countries, then the business is more than royal or imperial, they are new financial gold mines whose profits still more will reinforce the financial power of oligarchy. The cultural war between cultures is not envisaged with the program of oligarchy because there is a serious risk of opening of debates able to call into question the values of all the systems of power. The goal is to make conventional wars so that the market of the weapons is active and the domination on the producers and the larger consumers of oil. On the cultural level, it is only a question of managing to make accept by the public opinions these local wars and these reasons liberally logical to make climb the price of the oil barrel. Then, it is enough to powder the whole with strongly mediatized caritative works and without waiting, in theory, mayonnaise will go up! Then with the television news, it is only ravelled actions of war, attacks, caritative interventions, interventions of the soldiers of UNO, we see some diplomats by-Ci by-there then succeed of new cries of horror and despair. When the journalists will cease covering these dramatic theaters directed by cheappest and cheating criminals for saying to the opening of their newspapers their refusal médiatiquement to guarantee these unqualifiable human lownesses before calling on more honest people, and if nobody presents himself, with the poets who pass by-there! We are here with the report only the financial ones of oligarchy take measures to disorganize the economies of the states nations and it is not a question any more of writing new theories néo orthodoxe or anti orthoxe to give a rational direction to such intrigues. Since years at least 2.000, the report is much more serious: this oligarchy since the government of the United States and the lobbies of oil and the armaments, manages the wars to even more easily multiply its profits and its capacity. The states nations can get busy well to extinguish the fires, to try to give accounts - checks to compensate for the rise of the fuels and to rebuild the areas bombarded, on the cultural level, nothing changed especially not side of the religious capacities which with the play of the war can like others draw chestnuts from fire. And the docility and the ignorance of the public opinions have what to put in anger more than one poet who is likely to pose to the political journalists and to the candidates with the elections the question of knowing which place they want to obtain in this oligarchy, even but it is more difficult for them: how they intend to break the misdeeds of these oligarchs!

This lack of intelligence in the war that the systems of civil and religious capacities are delivered, we answer by the will to set up a new organization in network knowing to marry the cultures starting from the development of a total knowledge which uses our two sources of knowing. To the will to limit the use of the knowledge to some theses Malthusians set up in dogma, to the will to use the purest cynicism to legitimate false and antiquated realistic principles on becoming it of humanity, we return to the joint use of the two sources of knowing. By leaving the theories of scientific rationalism, we prefer a culture of dubious, without despotic dogmas and paradigms but in which our problems of life are solved and in which we use all the forms of work for an enrichment shared between all the members of an organization in network.

II the development of the knowledge in the organization in network.

The absence of a state centralized around its institutions which selects and diffuses the elements of knowing which it needs, supports the evolution of the local ways of life around some fundamental humanistic values for humanity: peace, the development of the relations in love, solidarity in the exchanges to eliminate misery and the famines. These values are not Utopias dictated by a minority with the capacity, they are the result at which generations arrive after generations the majority of the human beings which practiced a spiritual step and were able to evolve/move to exceed the carnal limits of their human condition, in short were able to grow to get rid of the fear of carnal death and to see in the others as in them the same source of life and love of the life. This contribution of the first source of knowing cements the foundations of the organizations in networks, yesterday at the time of Egypt which was initiated in the temples of the edges of the Nile, at the time of Greece which went to Eleusis, at time cathedrals and cities which made free the former serfs, today through our wills once more to develop organizations in networks of life.

A) the development of the initiatory source

1) tools of initiations.

We described them previously. In an organization in network, they are not left at the instigation of each one and the individual smartness. The elder ones, the parents are organized to leave these tools to provision of the children or the applicants. By the tools term, it is necessary to include/understand: natural places, residences, houses, equipment of sport, materials to exert arts, libraries or media libraries…

For example, at the local level, the group works with the conservation of natural spaces specific to the initiatory plays or organizes voyages or stay in such places. It is not complicated and in a certain manner that is done for a long time for the children of easy families. For the young delinquents of urban districts, for several years, there have been stays with the mountain or in countries low in Africa which have this role of discovered and crossing of the daily limits of life for better tying contacts with oneself then with other people, often more stripped than us. We think for example of a meeting with stimulating in Queyras, owner of a lodging which regularly receives groups of young people of difficult districts of the cities of the south of France. It tells with attachment and emotion how these teenagers discover in spring the excursion in racket to collars of more than 2.600 meters, the stay in refuge among experienced hikers, how these young people behave suddenly in this group of mountain dwellers, become polished and respectful, make their bed the morning and clean the room, work with the kitchen to prepare the meals and dry their clothes for the following day, spontaneously without their making the long ones and great speeches. This accompanying in mountain evoked of course the tears, the falls of moral, the tiredness of these young people but it was not most important there. The success makes forget the weaknesses which should have been overcome and it is not used for nothing to show them. All know what the success of a stay in mountain with its many excursions costs. For better underlining success and clarifying it, it is to better leave in the shade all these hours of drive and tiresome efforts. To leave the shade to reach the light remains well the image first of initiation. This transformation towards more self-confidence, more listening of the others is essential before going further to seek in us our source of life

Beside the going beyond of oneself in the physical effort which is the first initiatory sphere of activity, there is then the development of the relations in love which use in all confidence dimensions of our sexuality. We are well far here from the theories on the sex education of Wilhelm Reich who, in spite of his goodwill, had not realized that it worked within the framework it Soviet system of capacity communist and that its company was dedicated to the failure. The contribution of the organization in network holds in the local operation of the task forces: to live in couple apart from the parents a few weeks days or several years constitutes well a project of life for children and teenagers. The examples of the people first that we presented on this site illustrate the manners of making to develop the relations in love and to use sexuality like channel to eliminate individual or collective violences. In our novel, our characters will found the same practices more or less inspired of the tantrism and these people first. 

These tools are managed jointly and belong to work on the second level: they are works transmitted from generation to generation and the young people, the applicants use them when they feel ready. They only come there, in couple, group. In our novel, we describe small groups of young minor artists who towards 7-10 years voluntarily come to work their artistic or poetic step. The group of adults who frame and advise these young applicants is composed of experts in the fields concerned but also of nonexperts, i.e. anybody who are wary of these practices and are there to control that the steps remain quite initiatory and do not deviate towards sectarian or despotic dogmatic practices, these nonexperts in the art which is the subject of this activity will also deal with the intendance, of the communication while remaining observant attentive. There is application of the alliance of the opposites: majority and opposition work together with the success of the project which is led to the local plan. In the event of difficulty, it there the recourse to the principle of subsidiarity, the same one as that which is registered in the project of European constitution.

2) the division of the inexpressible word: the initiatory and initiated company.

We showed the advantages of the secret society on the level of decision-making. In the organization in network, these groups are known of all and the door open to all for first contacts. A human being will use in its life several times this passage in initiatory companies which will be in theory different because of their different goals: to initiate a spiritual step, to discover the ways of the extase and sexual orgasm, to reach an art or a level of intellectual and scientific knowledge, to assume a higher level of responsibilities family, professional, public, to start a heavy therapy… or to solve difficulties in these fields. Once accepted in the group or once a new founded group, the fact of keeping secret what is said or what occurs is not a mark of distrust with respect to the remainder of the community or the company. This part of the initiatory step which is made help by a group, remains initiatory and of the only field of decision of the person.

When the person sufficiently met her source of life, have prayers been successful, reach extases and communions with others and what lives in it, it is smelled then able to evolve/move among the others. She is ready to invest herself in new projects either individual but common to the group or political actions on the level of the company. In the organization in network, there is precisely a grid of addresses, places, groups, functions, responsibilities, work which it is a question of using or to create to advance in its projects of life: the concrete points are known: where to live and in which residence, how to exchange to acquire the right to install me here? It is not solely any more a question of paying with wages drawn from a work, work directly gives right to use the elements of the property for a given time, for all its life with or not right to a transmission to its heirs. In our novel, we showed that these networks citizens of life exchange under the control and the council of a bancassurance. We are in a step of projects and either at the stage of a commercial trade. One of the levers of the richness created resides in obtaining economies through a step of prevention of the risks and total quality. These task forces function as within the framework of current management: a team of permanent directly concerned with the success of the project and the teams of experts who intervene with the need according to the use of the principle for subsidiarity by the group. These experts were initiated with an art, a technology or a knowledge, if in more they acquired a spiritual dimension which enables them to see the others as they are seen them even, the research of the profit is not more only financial but quite carrying progress for all. Any group of life thus assumes its share of initiation and its share of evolution: education and training proceed throughout its activity in this project.

3) establishment of the humanistic and social values, generation after generation.

The projects support the realization of works intended to last and be used for others. A real unit carried out by parents will use to the children or for the generation of his/her children. The choice is free to succeed or not but it is not any more question of paying a succession or of selling its heritage. We here will not make a long talk on the principle of capitalization in insurances nor of praising the merits of capitalization in its current form. However it is about the same principle: the group of the parents which carried out his project of life and is given the average materials to spend its last days, occupied of the buildings, the pieces of furniture of which it had the pleasure if not the freehold. As this group of parents is restricted because of the deaths, the vacancies are managed by the survivors and are assigned or yielded to other old people or young people. The countable rules to finance the loads of these goods remain the same ones and each one ensures its share of financing either in work or in currency. When the last relative dies, the project of life of the late parents ceases existing naturally. A new project can be born and modify in whole or part the management of these goods. There is superiority of the common property on the personal property. The advantage for the individual or a couple consists in having a property with lower cost because a good part of the cost of this good was already deadened by others. Admittedly there are no more intermediaries which grow rich in the sale by these goods. It is not a question to now imagine apartment buildings of the style of a military barracks or of a monastery, not, this management applies to all styles of real goods. Let us remain in Queyras, when you visit the church of Abriés, on each column, you see the drawing of a beautiful pattée cross templière (eh yes, one does not leave there the templiers! ). The old city was built or refitted by the templiers who made a fortified town of it with the foot of three collars which carry out in Italy bus from these collars to the Italian plain, the distance is shortest here compared to the other Alpine collars because of curve of the alpine arc. There were a monastery, a hospital, home for the knights, of the home for the peasants, etc Venir to settle in this fortified town templière, at the time, did not have anything an innocent choice and there to live filled a social, economic function and unquestionable policy which contributed to the power of this kind knight. That could result in the rule of giving - giving and to final for a young couple which wished to settle, that could be less expensive than to build a farm or to buy a whole of it while obtaining a better safety. It is possible to imagine now that after several years, this young couple having shown its serious and its capacities elsewhere the material management of a commandery templière… the operation of the social group is seen proposing is well turned towards the realization of its goals and its values: peace, prosperity, bonds in love, the development of a total knowledge able to marry the cultures.

The translation of these principles of management today can give place to new prospects: a generation since its youth can be invested in a social and political project with the assistance of the older experts. We know that in one half-century, our companies will know such and such problems and that there will be no miracles to eliminate them, that on the contrary it is likely y to have conflicts which only will not make worsen the situation. Without inevitably using succession of such resolutions of problems, a younger generation like that of its elder, can retain like project to give its means to it to live the values of love, peace and solidarity. It will take again what it will just think of the example of the generations passed, it will re-use or not the ways of life, the goods material, the properties defined by the old ones or will create to them his in new networks of life. This choice will be done towards the adulthood but as of youth, it will have discovered, included/understood the choices of its elder and it will have gathered knowledge and the practices to allow him this choice the beginning of the adulthood and this without the knowledge being selected or is prohibited by a minority with the capacity.

The organization in network will assemble continuation of the task forces to face these situations. The education and the training of the young people find then objectives concrete and precise and the training is used to satisfy the 3 levels of work: individual, common and social and is used to control the 3 forms of work: hard work to produce what to live and oversteers, the realization of works intended to be transmitted to the future generations which will not have to work any more as much to eliminate these problems, the political action to direct and order in order to carry out the projects undertaken. By using the mechanism of subsidiarity, the movement creates expertise and a rise in competences. The adaptation of these solutions to the local data optimizes the efficiency and the quality of these achievements. There is no more here of separation between commercial economy and noncommercial and there are no more public administrations beside the private companies. Through these achievements and the values of this flourishing civilization are defined are concretized. Peace, the love is not more of the unrealizable Utopias as in a system of power but a daily reality that all attempt to develop. These values are nothing any more but the happy memory offered by people first and which could not exist in our modern world, but a new actualization of the hope of living given by our first source of knowing.

Regularly like a little for the Olympic Games, a large international gathering makes it possible the best task forces of a generation to confront its ideas and its achievements within the framework of a demonstration festive and carrying future which celebrates these daily lived humanistic values (and the famous political program of Keynes of the years 1925 would be also carried out, it should be said in passing.)… and all these companies have what to feed the media well better than the conflicts and the crises current.

B) the complementarity enters the two sources of knowing

1) formation with the resolution of problem and the step of projects, the principle of subsidiarity. 

We showed the interest of an organization which uses the step of project and the principle of subsidiarity to develop a direct participative democracy. It is then a question of using our intellectual knowledge, the second source of knowing. The quality and the relevance of this use currently make the difference between best undertaken and the others in the commercial economy.

The intervention of the first source of knowing may find it beneficial when it is a question of deciding between two positions, to arbitrate litigations, to reconcile the different ones.Today, we speak to resort to the wisdom of some ones if not the judges. In the confederation iroquoise, people among the five had the role of arbitrating the different ones. We always judge in heart and conscience when the arguments or the rational evidence are missing. In an organization in network which develops the spiritual dimension of the human beings, it is a question of speaking about vision about the others and the world, to call upon this light which we met and who lives in us, of this presence which will have to help us once more to cross the well of light the day of died of our carnal body. It is not here any more of the philosophical conscience more or less évanescente but the relentless reality of the play between our spirit and our heart. To assume a heavy responsibility then amounts initially finding an agreement in oneself with the choice which must be taken. This relationship to our source guides our acts and our vision of the world and others. The delegates of the local groups which will meet to optimize a solution run the risk to betray the positions of their groups and to privilege their personal interest. To avoid this risk, the group must know their level of vision of the world, their degree of evolution. The organization in network, we said it, does not use the principle of exclusion nor of coercive measurements to subject part of the group to a decision of another part. The rule is obtaining the unanimity, guaranteed unanimity because the solution suggested is quite optimal in comparison with the environment of the group and that all included/understood this optimal character. This optimal character for the group means that all the knowledge available drawn from the two sources was used. The solution is not only optimal on the level intellectual and in favor in its social consequences bus of the private interests are been useful better than of others. It is optimal for all and it receives a unanimous adhesion in the group. It is clear that this management is completely unknown within the framework of a system of power: in the system is exerted a more or less strong report/ratio of force according to the degree of belief or not in the Utopias which are used as values with the culture of this system.

2) the management of competences and 3 levels of work:

Our system of liberal economic capacity inherited the industrial era defines a social status according to the place which an individual occupies in the operation of this system. It is free to seek another place according to its desire and of the evolution of its competences. A certain “modern” form of management of competences and more inevitably of human resources goes until deciding than an employee who does not increase any more his competences does not bring any more a beneficiation on the company and which it is to better separate to recruit somebody who will be able to raise his qualification level more. It is not any more question of course of falling into the trap to especially manufacture incompetence at the top of the hierarchy while falling from the level from Peter, by naming for example directing a brilliance engineer which put aside the technique is not very at ease in management and communication except when it follows the military model. Not, today, it is a question of more raising its degree of expertise and a certain manner of remaining wisely in its place while gaining a little bit more. This applies to all, including the financial ones more supervised in a government of company by the shareholders in order to avoid the swindles and the underhand dealings in all kinds. Except the interest of the shareholders, this management of the intellectual capital of the company has what to discourage everyone, including already the students who hope to find another thing like source of professional motivation. There is hardly loophole because the dimension of work was reduced to its simpler expression: there is no more possibility of carrying out works, the political action is prohibited by the famous law Waldeck Rousseau on the trade unions of 1884 and work, in this economic horror, is simply a hard work which it is necessary to make under penalty of social exclusion and whose wages have only one justification economic: to increase the domestic consumption to support the growth and thus to reduce unemployment without forgetting most important: to enrich considerably the economic decision makers and the owners by the means of production. We are with two steps of saying that the unemployment of the young people or the parents comes owing to the fact that in the family, some do not spend all that they gain! It is an argument which financial oligarchy can take again with leisure can clear situation in the process of precarisation of the employees that it organizes deliberately.

The organization in network develops obviously competences but not only in the direction of an expertise limited to a restricted field in order to limit the possibilities of access to the capacity and to better hold it to the shareholders or for the elites chosen by the shareholders. The individual progresses while working on the three forms of work. It is too simplistic of saying that during its youth it will work primarily to provide for the elementary needs then after he would work with the realization of works because he would have more competences and to finish he would deal with the political action. The theories on synarchy towards 1900 imagined something of similar with this precision that to each stage, only the best passed at the following stage so as to make control the nations by tested elites. These theories on synarchy were quickly diverted by the partisans of the systems of despotic capacity and were used to legitimate racist and criminal ideologies. Current financial oligarchy does not militate any more for synarchy because the best intended to form part of it belongs to the same family clans, with the same social class: it suffices for his children to follow the formation of the best schools financed by oligarchy to renew its manpower by continuing the course of its imperialists goals. The dimension of the project will mix these 3 forms of work which are not separate any more. The important point in the organization in network consists in finding the complementarity between its personal work and the first social contract then with the common contract then with the social contract that an individual passed with him, with its close relations and the social group in which it takes part in his development. The organization in network deals with this project of life for its members. In our novel, we described this committee charged to direct, to advise the citizens in the manner of reconciling their project of life with the possibilities of the organization and the networks. We imagined that these committees were established in the religious monasteries and abbeys and establishments, that they were composed of a group of permanent including/understanding of the monks and the initiates engaged in another social and economic life, and of a second group resulting from the sharp forces of the movement: parents, students, technicians, scientists, professors, mothers, soldiers, artists, leaders projects, contractors, etc, this always within the framework of the alliance of the opposites. These committees function like the initiatory secret societies, practically the secret societies of the American universities, their obviously different goal being and much more transparent.

3) networks of world projects and end of the states nations,

The task forces of life replace the operation of the markets and the law of supply and demand which characterize our system liberal economic capacity. The exchanges of knowing through subsidiarity practiced between the people support the definition and the realization of the common humanistic values. Political actions can then be exerted to draw up world projects and trade to eliminate the causes from the social disturbances: local development and organized migration of the people vis-a-vis the climatic changes, to the turning into a desert of the grounds, the exhaustion of the water resources. This work of prevention is used to avoid the social conflicts related to the absence of control of immigration, with the traffic of drug, of weapons, being human. The major challenge of the passage to sources of energy able to replace oil, the challenge of the elimination of the systems of religious capacity, the prevention of the natural disasters are as many world projects to realize starting from the local area networks. Joined together within confederations, the networks are able to define a world confederation which represents the application of the humans right and of the rights to the life on ground. The use of the national institutions is then replaced by these confederations and it is the end of the states nations within the framework of the development of the organizations in network. This does not have strictly anything to see with the strategy of financial oligarchy anglo saxonne current who tries to impose his strategy to also get rid of the states nations. And this operation is much more effective and relevant that the current centralized directions of the systems of power whose leader elites generally became ignorant of the ways of life and the living conditions of the majority of their citizens, in particular when these living conditions are degraded following the economic intrigues of the financial oligarchy against which, precisely, these national political leaders cannot nothing there or not large thing!

C) the marriage of the cultures.

We do not have to speak up to now about the development of the humans right. Without reconsidering the legal and institutional history of the international recognition of these rights and the development of the courts charged to make them respect, these humans right correspond more to rules emitted within the framework of our systems of power to prohibit with the states the practice war crimes and crimes against humanity. We are on the level of the rules and not on the level of the values of our cultures. We know why we are satisfied to work these rules without touching with our values and power in our systems to be able to condemn certain values and certain cultures which do not respect the dignity of the human beings and establish sexisms, racisms, unequal social classes in right, etc the intellectual and political concern more not to touch with the religious questions and not to prohibit the systems religious capacity sources of fanaticisms and ignorance is the explanation of these gaps and these weaknesses in the current construction of the humans right and of the citizen. Moreover, to resort once more to myths and Utopias is not possible any more after so many wars and genocides at the 20th century. On this site we precisely prefer speech of marriage of the cultures bus it acts to work on the level of the values and the ways of life and only then to arrange in the life of the networks, a body of rules limited but adaptable to each local group. And this work on the level of the values starts with the eradication of the systems of religious capacities.

1) the third spiritual revolution.

On this site, we showed how the spiritual Masters, theprophets, the sons of God to the Egyptian initiatory direction, made evolve/move our religious perceptions and beliefs. 

Whereas the syncretism consists in assembling a synthesis around a principal dogma, the reading that we make on this site of the correspondences between the message drawn from the meeting with the mysteries of the life, the history and the legends of the people of the five continents, the contents of the religions brings us to a chronology able to gather our cultures around a universal position: we are designed to live the life according to the human life as of our terrestrial condition mortal.

The evolutionary theses or creativists who currently clash represent many quarrels to assemble systems of religious or dogmatic capacity. For us, that obstructs us of nothing to consider that with one or two recoveries, from the alive beings came on the planet ground biologically to develop mankind from which human groups result. We accept the legends of the Andes and understand that tests of creations of human races were not adapted to the life on ground: giants, cyclops, etc could not survive and they were the alive beings close to the Hominides having received an education, a knowledge of these beings come besides which took the control of planet. The probability that these beings came from the Venus planet is increasingly strong and also corresponds to the secret traditions of the ancient Egyptian knowledge. After a time, these beings disappeared while mourrant or while setting out again towards other planets. The worship of the gods and the demigods, their loves with the human ones is thus established because these beings will continue to deal with human and to help them to cross the limits of their condition mortal. The consequences of the last great cataclysm approximately 12.000 years ago and of the small cataclysm 5.000 years ago when the planet ground modified its positioning and its center of gravity on its axis, are revealed to us by archeology and geology. The end of Atlantis, the migrations of the survivors, the areas of high mountains which were used as refuge and basic starting for new civilizations which settled then along the rivers or on the coasts, the trade and the cultural exchanges which continued between the continents between these civilizations, this knowledge are established even if our capacities still refuse to integrate them in the official and academic knowledge.

The first spiritual revolution has as an event Abraham and the suppression of the human sacrifices which were to continue it work of the former gods who were to purify the biological race most adapted to the life on ground and to eliminate or dominate the races of giants. The definition of the monotheism with Abraham marks the capital turning: above the former gods or demigods come besides, there is the creative single god of all things and it is towards him that must henceforth assemble our prayers and besides our search because the old ones come have the same god as us. Brace will continue this work by leaving the declining tradition of ancient Egypt to found new people, a confederation of tribes organized in networks around the divine capacity and which gives up the worship of the former gods come besides.

The second spiritual revolution continues this movement. With Jesus, God is not any more one character external with the human condition. Jesus endeavors to reveal us our source of life which helps us to cross the death of our carnal body. That which lives in us and us contributes to ressusciter with the life according to the human life as of our terrestrial condition and mortal receives a name: Christ. All the human beings are equal and brothers in this Christ present of each one of us. We showed how this spiritual knowledge diffused throughout the world in the first Christian communities was adulterated in dogmas able to found a more or less fanatic system religious capacity according to centuries'. There has been all the happy and unhappy history of the occident and the world for two thousand years.

The third spiritual revolution is moving: this Christ who lives in us is more one religious character, only religious leaders can learn how to us to know. By restoring the access roads to the spiritual development, in particular through new organizations in network, the first source of knowing, the initiatory source, is not any more the monopoly of the systems of religious capacity. To go to discovered from that which lives in us becomes a part impossible to circumvent of the education of a human being so that all start to realize through their work ensuring the survival, their works transmitted to their children, their political actions, these networks of life citizen ensuring peace, the solidarity and the development of the relations in love, the marriage of the human cultures. To live in an organization in network, our readers included/understood it, requires a degree of confidence which has nothing to do with that required in a system of power to subject itself to its operation. This high degree of confidence is the result of a work not only of communication and from organization, it comes above all from the achievement from an initiatory spiritual step as of its youth.  The confederation of the networks of life manages a legal settlement between the religions so as to leave free the access to the spiritual initiatory routes and so as to manage the conservation and the use of knowledge drawn from the first source from knowing in the specific religious translations to each people, translations which are used more to build fallacious dogmas. By using spirituality consciously, the third spiritual revolution eliminates the religious capacities and their fanaticism, their contrary rules with the recognition of that which lives in us, in each one of us, men, women, children, organization of the life in the universe.

Our twenty and one century must thus be spiritual under penalty of destroying through the criminal and iniquitous strategies our current elites directing our systems of power or wanting to create a new system of oligarchical capacity supra national without counting on the current local wars against systems of religious capacity fanatic.

2) values common to the human beings: end of the materialism and the republican pact, peace, solidarity, bonds in love.

On this site, through the example of the people first whose values are peace, the love, solidarity, we saw how the ways of life and the rules are organized in a limpid coherence and a comprehensible transparency by all. The example of the Moso people is particularly significant and testifies to the cultural values which existed in these areas of the Himalayas which were used as starting point to the survivors of the last great cataclysm to be established close to the rivers to Indus, of the Tiger and of Euphrate then of the Nile before conquering the continents without forgetting the people which had remained in north and gave rise to Celtic civilization. These values are not foreign and correspond for us to our most personal desires, they are inaccessible in our systems of power, arranged on the rack of the Utopias, well far from the true goals of the minorities which direct us.

3) ways of life: 

In our novel put on line on this site, we described these ways of life, the organization and the distribution of the richnesses just like the defense of this organization by the group of the knights and their two centers of electronic war.

The organization in network does not use the generalization of wage-earning, we know now why: because the workers capitalize rights to be joint owners of the means of production which they work out in their projects of life. This choice had been isolated in France about 1850 by the politicians, we make the other choice and let us give them twists. End of wage-earning, end of the administrations; generalization of the teams of permanent and the specific experts in the task forces of life citizen, 15-20 hours working per week in commercial economy which uses the official currencies, 20h in the noncommercial economy which differently remunerates work than with the official currencies, there is much here than the introduction in our system of power of a quaternary economy in addition to the primary sectors, secondary and tertiary sector.

The diversified course of training and education within the task forces does not have anything any more to see with our official systems of education and training. If the use of buildings, of teaching supports is hardly different, unfolding in space and the time of this education and these vocational trainings is completely new. What does not mean that there is less of teachers, on the contrary, it is necessary some more and all are at a given time of their human existence, called to transmit their competences as an expert in new task forces carried out in particular by the following generation. The networks of life, we included/understood it, tie close links between the generations contrary to our systems of power. The political action is closely related to work in the task forces, an expertise in this field results in public responsibilities to prepare new projects and to advise those and those which want to engage in new companies. We will reconsider soon this subject to detail the answers of the organization in network in the field of education and of the formation, we made here only one draft of this subject.

4) rules and institutions:

The organization in network develops the ways of life at the local level and it is the consequence of the principle of subsidiarity: what counts is the application of the optimal solution common to the groups which sought it, in the local conditions of the environment. There are thus inevitably several ways of applying a solution. The rules emitted by institutions are thus very reduced and they have one very long lifespan. The organization in network does not use a Parliament charged to vote two thirds of the year quantity of laws on all the conceivable subjects.

The oldest Western company of the world if not the world which dates from year 500 and which since forever known the ruin nor the bankruptcy, the movement Benedictine, is organized so that: a minimum of common rules which have existed for 1.500 years. 

  • That which directs must itself into practice put until it waits of the others, it must assume its responsibilities, (see also the assertivity on our Web site)

  • that which works must permanently seek to improve and this in all humility vis-a-vis its knowledge.

  • All the experiments undertaken by others and all the original characters enable us to learn something,

  • the principle of the listening particularly from abroad who has a new glance on our practices

  • the decision-making in 3 stages: the phase of the silence and the listening of the others, the phase of the dialog or the points of view are confronted, the phase of the action in which the decision is made by the superior and implementation.

The secrecy of this longevity holds in the capacity of adaptation of this organization in network: the fundamental rules and fixed are constantly reinterpreted according to the time and of the place of the convent. The mixture of flexibility and fixed rules guarantees this longevity. The hot lines do not change because the values are strong in this culture and able to motivate people on thousands of years. In the systems of power, the fundamental rules cannot change because they have one goal: to maintain with the head capacity a minority of leaders and to make so that the majority of people submit itself to these rules and this capacity. This tender must be uniform on all the territory and there should not be local exceptions sources of quarrels between areas which would like to be more favoured than others by the capacity. This incapacity to change lead our systems of power to being regularly reversed by revolutions or wars, civil disorders. It is particularly true for France: since 1789, all the changes of constitution were done following revolution, of wars or by riots, 1958 not making exception to the rule and agitation in Algeria was increased by operations of partisans of General de Gaulle to accelerate his arrival with the capacity in Paris.

The organization in network, we saw it on this site, gives a preeminent place to the decisions of the women and particularly of the mothers in the resolution of the problems of violence and the military conflicts. It was already the case on the French ground in the organization in network of the Gallic tribes and among Celts. We take again this rule in the organization in network which we work to set up, this so much on the level of the people than on the level of the world confederation. It is clear that these women and these mothers, as among people first that we took as example on this site, live the values of love and are expert in art in love and the development of the relations in love… and we are there well far from frustrations freudiennes to which we are compelled by our systems of capacity civil and religious.


Whereas for sixty years, we have piled up more knowledge than in five thousand years, than with Internet we have a tool for transmission of knowledge unknown up to now in humanity, we must face the threat of a confiscation and a screening of this knowledge organized by a financial oligarchy anglo saxonne. This preserving ultra movement uses the theses Malthusians to claim to save humanity thanks to average extremists and soldiers. The antiquated despotism of these elites to the service of a new division of our companies in social classes controlled to this oligarchy, currently carries out economic intellectual war and acts of war in addition to its direction of the local military conflicts to extend its world domination. In this ambient confusion of the spirits, to leave our financial, military systems of capacity and monk to develop a new organization in network represents the best possible political action.

We have just shown that this change, this revolution of the spirits is not out of our range. The majority of the management tools of the knowledge are familiar for us and we are ground with the methods of resolution of problem, total quality, prevention and management of the risks. The practice of the initiatory step ceased forever in spite of its prohibition by papacy and it is largely used in other cultures and among people first. This spiritual development brings us to the third spiritual revolution and the eradication of the systems of religious capacities which are fanaticized more and more in national or terrorist causes: ultra Christians preserving and fascistic, Zionists, fundamentalist Moslem, dogmatic sects extremists, atheists, ignares exaggerated, etc

This war on the control of the knowledge which does not say to its name returns us to this throbbing question: why the organizations in network do not have not known they to prevent the rise to power of the systems of power and in the long term their destruction? Is this the eternal fights terrestrial between the good and the evil? This evil includes in the divine work and which justifies the use of cynicisms most contemptible in the control of our companies? For us, reality is very different: it is much easier to plunge human beings in ignorance, to prohibit to them by the weapons the access to our first source of knowing personal and close friend to educate them and to prepare them with their spiritual step so that they are able to build in their spirit a total knowledge able to answer their desires of living. Somebody who knows some too much disturbs his seniors in rank, his leaders: this simplistic human report is however a base to organize a group, it is only one reflex of defense to protect and keep its place in the operation of a system of power, nothing more!

The knowledge necessary to develop organizations in networks again is available since millenia even if it is prohibited and taboo in France and Europe since seven centuries and introduction of the absolute monarchy then of the centralized republican state. To organize a network of companies in which the individual initiatory steps or in group are not betrayed nor not revealed with others, to use the principle of subsidiarity to develop optimal solutions common to several groups and to support in the local plan the best adaptation of these common solutions, to develop cultures starting from the values of peace and love and rules and solutions defined between several social groups, all this economic policy company and social was already carried out by other people before us on the whole of the continents. There is no difficulty of a concerning cognitive nature knowledge to leave our civil systems of capacity and monks which tear in the search of an alleged world supremacy. It is enough to want to leave these capacities which occult the knowledge that we can draw from our two initiatory and intellectual sources for precisely turning over to our two sources of life and sharing these formative meetings in networks citizens of life which practice a more direct democracy to produce and distribute the richnesses, to found human relations without violences and with more love and of solidarity. This knowledge to use the other great manner of living in company with less ignorance and more humans right, even if it were put at the shade history by the leaders of our systems of capacities, was always traversed by the poets, people of goodwills, the dissidents and the resistant ones which refuse to be inclined in front of the despotisms and the imposition of the injustices, of the war crimes like crimes against humanity. The embers are always there and the guards of fire take care on them, all is ready to relight fires and to make disappear the shade on our reasons from living and dying, our hope of human beings. A culture constitutes the inheritance common to one or more people, we cannot accept that leading elites develop a despotic cultural company to set up a world oligarchy. If the leaders of systems of power need to return poor those to which they steal their work and their rights of personal property and common, if they require to develop ignorance mainly on the alternative of the organization in network, we know that it is possible to organize social groups without misery, unemployment, exclusions, dogmas, violences and anarchy with the common direction of the term.

It now remains for to us on this site to continue our work: to show in detail how to leave our systems of education and training for an organization in network whose task forces are real learning companies able to use the two sources of knowing; to show how the subsidiarity and the management of competences at the local level more effectively replace the current work of our representative political institutions; to show how the marriage of the cultures can eliminate the risks to see the organizations in networks destroyed by new systems of power with the service of personal and sectarian interests. The whole of these points, as envisaged, will be then written in the declaration of the rights to the life on ground and in the constitution of the networks citizens of life whose reader of this site has already the broad outline. It is a work of writing to which a poet subjects himself since his youth because there is not only the advance fulgurating towards the light, the dialog of the heart for the heart. The evolution throughout our human condition takes much more time and this time of the translation, art, division of the inexpressible moments of life and yet lived before our death is well the correspondence intimate and crowned with our hope of human beings.

Remarks editorial board

This document is relatively long because the remarks touch and our systems of power and the organization in network. The examples practice are numerous but not restrictive and the Net surfer will be able to use other cases, other examples to continue this reflection. The length of this document closer to the literary test than of an article of press led us to use a plan apparent and underlined by the use of the colors and the figures so that the reader does not lose the screen of the talk. From these documents frameworks which show the manner of conceiving and of defining the common property under its real aspects, movable, cultural and immaterial, we can enter more precise points now: education, the management of work and the development of competences, the organization of the political action, the development of the relations in love and the ways of life able to ensure the peace and the practice of the love, etc



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