LIFE AFTER the LIFE, Extracts of the book of Dr. Raymond MOODY

at Robert Laffont, enigmas of the universe, 1977

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extract 1: the decorporation, CH 6, page 54

a woman tells:

About a year ago, I was allowed at the hospital following cardiac disorders; the next morning, extended in my bed, I started to feel a very strong pain in the chest. I pressed on a bell close to my bed to call the nurses; they ran and hastened around me. Feeling me very badly at ease laid down on the back, I desired to turn me on the side; but by doing this I lost my breath and my c?ur stopped. I intended the nurses to give alarm in the coded language of the hospital and at the same time I felt to leave my body and to slip downwards between the mattress and the bar on side of the bed - very exactly, it seemed to to me that I passed through this bar - to the ground. Then I rose gently in the air, and while I went up, I live other nurses to penetrate in the room while running - there was a dozen of it. By chance my doctor was in the hospital making his round; they called it, and I live it to enter him too. I thought: "Hold! what can it make well here? "  I continued to raise me to the top of the ceiling light (which I could see on side, and very distinctly), and stopped me just, floating below the ceiling, the glance turned downwards. I had the impression to be a piece of paper on which one would have blown to make it fly in the air.

Of up there, I attended all the work of reanimation. My body lay there, bellow, wide on the bed, well in sight, and it was surrounded; I heard a nurse exclaim: "Ah! my God, it passed ", while another lay down for the kiss of life. I saw the back of his head while it was devoted to it; I will never forget the form of his hairstyle, it had the cut hair runs on the nape of the neck. Immediately afterwards, I observed this apparatus which one rolled in the room, one fixed electrodes on my chest. At once, I live my entire body to leap above the bed and I intended to crack all the bones, it was horrible.


it is often during a surgical operation that the phenomena of decorporation occur

And while I looked at them striking my chest and rubbing my arms and my legs, I said myself: "But why do they give each other difficulty so much? I smell myself very well now "

extract 2: the being of light, CH 8, page 83

I knew that I was going to die and that I could there nothing any more, because nobody could any more hear me... I had left my body, I am sure, since I saw this extended body, there, on the operating table. My heart had left it! I initially was very upset, but at this point in time intervened this brilliant light. At the beginning, it appeared a little pale to me, but suddenly there was this intense ray. The luminosity was extraordinary, nothing to see with a flash of storm, an insupportable light, here all. And that released from heat, I felt very hot.

It was of a white étincelant, drawing a little on the yellow - but especially white. That shone formidably, I am not able at good to describe it. That clarified any surrounding, but that did not prevent me absolutely from seeing all the remainder, the operating room, the doctor and the male nurses, all  I saw there very distinctly, without being plugged.

At the beginning, when the light arrived, I did not realize very well from what occurred; but after, the light required of me - finally it was as if it asked me - if I were ready to die. It was as when one speaks to somebody, only there was nobody. It was the light which spoke to me, it had a voice.

I imagine now that this voice which spoke to me had to note that I was not at all ready to die. It wanted to simply to put me to the test, without more. And however, as from the moment when it started to speak to me, I felt délicieusement, protected and liked. The love which emanated from the light is unimaginable, indescribable. And in addition, it released from cheerfulness! It had the direction of humour, I ensure you!

extract 3: the return, CH 11, page 100

account of a young mother:

God returned me here, but I am unaware of why. I clearly felt His presence, I felt recognized. It knew which I was. But It did not judge good to open the Sky to me, I do not know for which reason. I often reflected there since, and I imagine that it is because of my two children that I have to raise, or perhaps that I was not sufficiently ready. I continue to seek explanations, but I do not see of it an other.

another testimony:

I held company with a very old relationship during his last disease, which trailed in length. I took part in the care which was given to him, and during this time all the members of the family requested for it, so that it finds health. Several time its breathing stopped, but one succeeded in reviving it. Lastly, a day, it looked at me and said to me: "Jeanne, I went on the other side, in elsewhere, and it is splendid over there. I only ask to remain there, but it will not be possible as long as you all will be to request there so that I remain with you. Your prayers retain me here. I beg you, do not request more! "We obeyed, and she died little afterwards.

the valley of death, detail of a painting of William Blake

extract 4: the problem of testimony, CH 12, page 107

It is really very important to discover that others had same experience, because I did not realize there. I am frankly happy to learn it and be able to say to me that others passed by there them too; now, at least, I know that I am not insane.

I had always regarded that as completely real, but I preferred not in speaking, by fear that one does not look me while thinking: "That one, when it lost consciousness, it also lost the spirit! "

the Egyptians imagined the astral body in the shape of a bird with human face. This bird, at the time of death, left the carnal body and planed one moment around him.

extract 5: effects on the conduit of life, CH 13, page 110

Since then, I did not cease any more questioning me on than I made of my life, on what I will do of my life... But since my "death", following my experiment, I abruptly started to ask to me whether what I did, I did it because it was well, or only because it was good for me. Previously I acted under the blow of impulses; now I think initially of the things, calmly, slowly. It is necessary that any master key initially by my conscience and is well digested initially.

the heart leaves the body, illustration of William Blake for a poem of Robert Blair

I endeavour to make so that my acts take a direction, and my heart and my conscience go from there only better. I try to avoid the prejudices, never not to give opinions on the others. I seek to make what is well, because it is well and not because it is good for me. And it seems to to me that my comprehension of the things infinitely improved. I feel all that because of what arrived to me, because of the places that I visited and of all that I saw there.

another testimony:

Following these events, I almost had the impression to be filled of a new spirit. Since then, one often pointed out to me that I produced a calming effect on people, acting in an immediate way when they feel concerned. And I feel granted better with the entourage, it seems to me that I manage to guess people much more quickly than front.

following testimony:

Since my accident, I have often the impression to decipher the thoughts and the vibrations which emanate from people; I perceive also their resentments. I was often able to know in advance what people will say before they do not open the mouth. There will be evil to believe me, but it arrived to me of the odd things, very odd, since then. One evening, in friends, I guessed the thoughts of the guests, and some people who were there and who did not know me are picked up to leave; they had taken to me for a wizard, I had frightened them. I do not know at all if it is something which was given to me while I had died, or if I had already this gift without the knowledge and me were never been useful by it until these events.

extract 6: new prospects on death, CH 14, page 115

I believe well that this experiment introduced a new element into my life. I was only one child when that arrived to me, I were hardly ten years old; but since, and during all my life, I kept the conviction that the life continues after death; that does not make the shade of a doubt for me, and I am not afraid to die. Not a second. I saw people who are this afraid, this terror. I always want to smile when I intend people to doubt that there is beyond, or to issue: "After death, there is nothing." I think then internally: "They do not know."

another testimony:

(While I was other side), I have the feeling which two things would be completely prohibited to me: to kill me, or kill somebody... If I came from there to commit suicide, it would be as if I refused the gift of God in throwing to him to the face... To kill somebody of other, it is to put itself across the plan that God conceived for this man...


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