the legitimacy of the royal capacity:

Several historians endeavoured to show that a Jewish colony developed in Languedoc Roussillon as of the Roman empire and that survivors of the destruction of Jerusalem would have joined it, bringing amongst other things the relics related on the life of Jesus and the first Christian community. Better, according to some, Jesus himself and his children would have come to take refuge on these shores of the Mediterranean. From there, the tradition would have remained to preserve blue blood coming from the line of David going up with Moďse then with Abraham and the descendants of the survivors of the last great cataclysm come from Atlantis and them even downward from the people come from blue planet, of Venus and having landed in the north of the Andes cordillera, in Peru and Bolivia, area whose altitude corresponded best to the living conditions of Come. Consequently, it would have acted as of the end of the Roman empire, to give on foot a new royal line to Europe to preserve this particular blood, from where alliance with the invaders to lead to the royal line of Mérovingiens, line whose traces remain through the genealogy of certain large royal or princely houses current in Europe.

Another source close to the preceding one indicates that these families come after the destruction from Jerusalem in Languedoc Roussillon brought the message and the practice of the first Christian community of Jerusalem, this one being different from the Christian religion which will be built in Rome. The descendants of these exiled will not recognize thereafter the temporal power of the Roman pope as well as the dogmas defined by the church of Rome, this to remain faithful to the rites of the first church of Jerusalem directed by Jacques after the death of Jesus.

The first dispute of this source of legitimation of the royal capacity will come from the capétiens. They privilege the capacity in fact shown by the capacity to control and found a system of being able. By recognizing the primacy of the spiritual power of the pope, the kings capétiens condemn the old system mérovingiens. It is not any more the capacity of the blood which precedes but the spiritual power of the papacy which organizes the Church such as Jesus founded. From where the sacring of Charlemagne in Rome after having restored the pope in his capacity. This new capacity knows that it holds its knowledge of the Celts more that Egyptian or Jewish initiates. But it is the empire of Constantinople which holds this branch of the knowledge and the capétiens must negotiate with this empire.

The Carolingian organization hardly lasted because the succession of the capacity by filiation on the mode of the property had not changed compared to the system to be able mérovingien. This organization rested on a system of being able and never, the dukes and accounts named by Charlemagne did not work out an organization of the capacity in network, of federation of duchies or counties. The wire of the emperor wanted to become each one king.

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