Pierre LEGENDRE: “Poets have the courage of cowardice, study industry”

Extract of “poetic Words escaped from the text”, le Seuil, collection " les champs freudiens ".

“If the pedagogism, from which does not suffer only the children, then did not hold up like a threat of apocalypse the innovations of industry, if the poets, on behalf of the idyllic cultural Place, if they more dared to be raised against the rationalist emphase, lack of madness of the administrative knowledge discharged less would become overpowering and the claim to sweep the last lies which remain us would be unbearable. The warlike confrontation of the methods of output is darkened by scientistic propaganda preaching the word and psychological happiness; we do not see, under a species of professionalisation of poetry, a new style of imposture: us are destroyed the insanity, that which makes live; us are refused the bluff. Against the universal company of the benevolence, which does not hesitate to transform the topics of the stoical pain into pharmacopeia, to manufacture Sénèque for managers, it became necessary to use of brutalities: poets, have the courage of cowardice, study industry.

I always considered, since the childhood of my knowledge, that our universe of civilized producers included/understood two species of individuals, the poets and the others; according to me, those which dare speech and the others. If the institutions cannot be the place of the word of the subject, but only the place of violences or the diplomatic ceremonies in the negotiation of the human reports/ratios, that means that the industrial system, as a history of words, cannot be included/understood without the poets interfering themselves. Here thus only conceivable manner to tackle the erudite question of the structure: without calling some with poetry, it is impossible to approach some, because any system of institutions is a node of fables and that these fables are worked out in an invaluable space of words. Without this consideration first, to claim with the theory is useless.

As from this remark, the structure can be the subject of serious observations, while posing which it is about the textual extent where we are assigned with residence. “

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in “Éleusis with Dendérah”, the characters work in the bancassurance, the industry of chemistry, electronics, telecommunications, the armament. Among the team of the organizers of the Fileane.com site, in addition to the branches of activity quoted previously, find an experiment of the electric construction industry, metallurgy in the branch electric household appliances and automobile equipment supplier. It seems that through this division of experiment, Fileane.com sufficiently studied industry. The experiment is higher than ten years lived within factories or of sites of production going from 300 to 1200 paid, in a case the manpower of 1200 paid included/understood 600 engineers and frameworks including one strong majority left the large schools of engineers.

The poet who expresses himself on this site thus had the courage of cowardice, it studied industry.

The characters of the novel do not have anything romantic. Admittedly, like the romantic ones, they are allocated to the monk, they worry about beyond. They carry out a change not so much while making work the spirit which seeks but rather while being given up with the language of the emotions and by creating a dialog of the heart for the heart, while following an initiatory advance in a spiritual search. Like the romantic ones, there is refusal of the rule, the law. But these characters are anchored in the present. It seeks to exceed reality to carry out the division of their hope i.e. to live their reasons of living together and dying. Their company is with the range of all one each one. Only, they do not advance, groups all of it becomes possible. There is not only one hero who with dimension a being of exception. Pierre, the poet, does not have anything an exceptional being which shows with the others the marks of any superiority. On the contrary, its advance is full with doubt and often it is the chance of an accident, a meeting, writing of a poem which will upset its search. The heroes are not any more of the beings misunderstood, of the prophets misunderstood but able alone to change the order of the things. Not, it is the group which advances together protected by knights who will fight like any troop of elite. They will be simply prepared to fight with the presence beside them capacities of the worlds superior and double exerted by the four initiates. They are Egyptian, Celtic, Gallic warriors prepared to meet the particular capacities of the Pharaons, large priests, druids, prophets.

These capacities come from work on the first source of knowing. No miracle or special choice by God is necessary. The poet, even if it uses the direct way of poetic creation to make live its dialog of the heart for the heart, shows the other possible routes. Any human being during its terrestrial life with the possibility of creating this dialog, to develop its knowledge with this first individual source and close friend starting from the first social contracts which it will tie in his production of crowned. We are much further that the romanticism. The poet not only lives among his brothers but it now shows them the ways which lead to the first source of knowing so as to be able to build a total knowledge with the second source of knowing, to know total which will allow the translation of the mysteries of the life on the third level of human work: the marriage of the cultures to develop a civilization in which the human being is in the middle with all its dignity, its means of minimizing violence and to ensure the maximization of social cohesion. The work of the poet does not have anything any more formidable. Victor Hugo in the Poor wretches (1.600 pages is three times more than the novel “D' Éleusis with Dendérah, the prohibited evolution”) wrote:

“It is necessary that the enthusiast poet of shade and azure

Soft and splendid spirit, with the pure radiation

Who walks in front of all, illuminant those which doubt

Mysterious singer that while tressaillant listen

Women, the thoughtful ones, the wise ones, lovers

Becomes formidable at certain times. “

 Malraux wrote it: “we do not know ressusciter yet the bodies but here is time when we again know ressusciter the dreams”. Pierre, the poet of the group, when it tells his first decorporation at twelve years when it writes a poem from which the control escapes to him, speaks about a higher force which will carry its spirit out of its body. Victor Hugo in the Poor wretches will launch the slogan of the romanticism: “the geometry misleads, the hurricane alone is true”. The hurricane is with the source, it is him which tears the ground to make it possible the source to run but the geometry then can be used for another thing that to mislead the spirit. Today, we have to find the way of Éleusis and that of Dendérah. In the double house of life hidden under sands, Pierre and Laurie will need to know some little the divine Laws and celestial mathematics to combine the forces of the higher world with those of the double world, to carry out a new alliance to place the sword under the guard of crowned and to release from the systems of being able, the hope of the human beings.

This work, for the poet, is not formidable and more than of future, it is a question at the beginning of filling more than two millenia of obscurantism, the centuries and the centuries of delay taken knowingly when it was decided to prohibit the first source to know to consolidate the systems of religious and civil capacities able to legitimate the disproportionate richness of the minorities to the capacity. This work for the poet remains always the same one: to break the yokes which surround the spirit so that it tastes at least once with the force of the hurricane able to carry it in the higher world. The Egyptians called this: ressusciter with the life during its human life.

Then to answer Legendre, there is no formidable for a poet to have the courage of cowardice and to study industry. The poet is never loose and even the periods of silence or exile to which it is compelled not to ridicule his hope in waiting of a new meeting with his source, are the marks of a clearness and a rare courage. Legendre, and we will forgive him readily, seems to forget that the poets since step badly of years live among their brothers, following Eluard and of good of others. To study industry does not mean from of anything to pass in the enemy camp. The poet does not confine himself with the immaterial things and extrapatrimoniales. The Net surfer by traversing this site will seize the range of a social organization on the three social contracts. The poet does not have any monopoly to know or of exercise about one of these contracts. Fileane.com says that it abundantly practices the exercise of the first social contract in its translation of the mysteries but of others bring a knowledge quite as valid of this first source of knowing. Testimonys of the book “the life after the life” of Dr. Moody are a convincing illustration and these immediate experiments of death can relate to all to be alive: its testimony then, whatever its culture, will precisely present disconcerting similarities because these cultures will not have any influence on these testimonys speaking about elsewhere happy. To dismount side after side the node of fables which binds our systems of capacities, to confront the destroying Utopias of the systems with the hope carried by the members of the networks remains well a mark of courage, of a courage without fear and reproach. There is no treason, no suspicion of cowardice: poetry is made to change the life, all the life and of course that which work to produce the goods and services which satisfy our needs. How management lies because it cannot create a community of interest in the companies as long as the Community property is prohibited with the profit of the personal property, that is to say! Let us slice the node of fables! … and then let us sign to an organization in network built on the three social contracts starting from a total knowledge which reintroduces a spiritual dimension in our companies sclerosed by the Utopias of the scientific materialism which cannot see any more from which mathematics comes, the geometry of the sky, the scientific conditions of a Venus voyage on Earth, the interpretation of the phenomenon of the precession in the celestial navigation of the planet Ground, the direction of the history of the apocalypse for humanity, the fact that we lost a considerable knowledge in the sterile fights of the minorities which quarreled to force their systems to be able. With the poet of raising the interdicts and the taboos since it knows from where it comes and where it goes, always between sky and ground and across the hurricanes met. Then of others will speak which is not reduced any more to residence. Here, on this site, the goal is to exchange this released word, it is not to consult the perorations or the soliloquies of a poet even if this last released its word. Internet must support this meeting, this exchange… so much of words remain to be pronounced once sliced the node of fables!



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