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Extracts “From Eleusis to Denderah, prohibited evolution”

First part, the appointment at Laurie.


ceremony of purification of the body

 The vast apartment comprised parts well too many for the only need for the couple without child. In one of these coins, Laurie had installed a furnace bridge where the reproduction of a bronze of dancing Shiva haloed of a circle of flames trônait. It went in the half-light to light an oil lamp. Pierre discovered a large plait with the foot of the furnace bridge and a little more at side, a vast bed with very the ground. On a wall, there were several racks. Laurie stopped close to the oil lamp for quickly throwing his clothing. Naked, she saw the interrogative glance of Pierre being posed on a rack. She showed him the pots of oil and ointments with which daN and it massed mutually: the nard for hair, will keora it for the cheeks and the neck, the champa and the hina for the centers, the musk for the belly, the sandal for the thighs, the khus for the feet, the jasmine for the hands. She asked him to approach to feel the flavors. In a corner, several copper or iron, ground basins also questioned the layman.

- Pierre, takes off your clothes, poses over there and now observes me. I will prepare for the love, then I will prepare you then in your turn you will mass me.

She was placed vis-a-vis the furnace bridge and she began its postural exercises, the quite right spinal column. Then Pierre heard the variations of his breath. She blocked its breathing for long periods and its body changed, its muscles inflated, was slackened sometimes to the bottom sometimes upwards. The shakti murmured something of incomprehensible and Pierre started to find time a little long. Laurie lay on the plait to rest one moment then it took two basins in which she poured different water and products. She drank the liquid of the smallest basin then she made roll the muscles of its belly and abruptly returned it like sticking it to its spinal column. Under the violence of the effort, she vomits in the other bathes.

- I drank a great quantity of salted water and makes a exercise to facilitate the vomiting so as to empty the stomach of the remainders of food which are there still two hours after the meal. The nutritive portion of food at this stage of digestion already passed in the organization. Nothing is then used for to weigh down it with these remainders which do not have any more utility. Now that my stomach is clean, I also will clean another part of my interior.

Laurie rose to take a large iron basin similar to an old bath-tub. She fills it of several water pitchers. She asked Pierre to approach for better seeing. She is squatted on the toes so as to have its stomach in water then it introduced into the rectum a small tube of the size of the small finger. She let exceed an end of this pipe then by contracting its sphincter, she aspired water in its belly. She removed the tube then it was put upright, the drawn aside feet, the shoulders inclined forwards, the a little bent knees, the hands posed on the thighs and after having emptied the lungs at bottom, she strongly drew all the abdominal area towards the spinal column. She insulated and made cover its musculus rectus abdominis then made them roll in a fast movement so as to make circulate water inside the intestines. She is squatted again to position back the tube and to expel water. Satisfied, she was dried using a towel and went to empty in turn the basins in the bathroom.  

- come, put sitted on this large plait… approach! I will not make you of evil… dives our glances one in the other. Place the palms of your hands out of cut in front of you and poses the inches against your chest. We will make the greeting of the heart, a greeting inspired of the namaste, the Eastern ritual greeting which wants to say: “I honor the god who is in you.”

Pierre preferred to give in first the greeting.

- I believe in you, girl of the sky and the ground, the visible and invisible world. I greet that which animates your heart and which is identical to that which animates mine. He is him which learned how to me to like in this carnal body and this human spirit and which made conceal the regrets not to be more with the country of on our premises, in our eternity of alive… That he learns how to you to like in your human body of woman so that unit our bodies celebrate this love and carries it out in the division of this happy moment in our lives of children of the sky and the ground, of the visible and invisible world. I honor the force that it gives you to be based in me, Laurie, girl of God, ready to make vibrate all the emotions of your flesh so that I give you the same emotions with my flesh.

Laurie cut the word to him, as well it is true as a poet is talkative there even in these moments. She was curved ahead. She opened the mouth to form an O with its lips and it emitted its Aum. She let the sound arrive of the depths of its belly until it emerges slowly into resonant. At the end of its expiry, she closed its lips for fredonner the part M of the sound.

She asked Pierre then to extend on the plait and she undertook to mass it with ointments. She placed him between its thighs, posed its buttocks on his and all while massing the back and the nape of the neck to him, she told him how Dan appreciated the fact that after such a rectal injection, he can without against indication no, to make him love, to take it by behind and to return in its sex or its mouth to the liking of its imagination with him or its desires with it. No embarrassment was to limit their desire of sexual union and wasn't this preparation which the Hindu and Asian women made since of the millenia very indicated to support multiple pressures? She questioned Pierre to ask him to confirm that often with his partner, they were obstructed by scatologic turning that could take the anal love whereas they did not seek this aspect at all scatologic but a broader dimension of their union of the flesh. Laurie told that it wanted well to learn these techniques with the other women from the group and it acknowledged its phantasm to be made take by three men at the same time who, like a wheel, would turn lengthily in each one of his openings, his interior cleanliness guaranteeing the pleasure of the lovers. Anticipating the question of Pierre, she admitted that with the club of Amadeus and Regina, she had been well made take by three men at the same time but there had not been of wheel; once a first pleasure taken by each one, the pressure had been broken. Amadeus had not had the idea to propose these ustensils of rectal injection. To remain about it with the wheel, she also told that she had been surprised proposal of the erotic play made by Werner. As what the knowledge of the merits of the circle of intoxication and the rapture formed well part of the pool of the knowledge of all the people. When Pierre was well ginger up by these massages and these remarks, he asked her to mass him and she continued to speak to him about what they could do like new erotic experiments in their club. When she was estimated sufficiently excited at its taste by the massages of Pierre, she played sensuellement with him then she made it sleep on the back. Finally she came on him to direct the union in love. She faced him when she took it in its sex, she turned the back to him when she took him in its anus, its gestures were calculated to highest keep the tension of her lover at the stage without he not ejaculating then, lying down on the back, she let it make. The pleasure stored in the body of the lover was restored to her in dashes violent one and savages who led it to first orgasms. When she felt that the lover was going to weaken and could not retain itself any more, she moved back its basin to leave the penis its sex. With a hand she tightened the base of the penis and other reviewed compression on periné. She waited until his lover relaxes himself to slacken his points of pressure and to again attract it towards it. She placed upright the hands against the wall, its tended kidneys. She faced him upright and once taken, she enclosed the size of its legs to him and while being balanced on its arms, she went and came on the sex from her lover. Eyes in the eyes, its lightness with called it their union in love with another take-off far from this reality. She remade several times of the points of compression to prevent her lover from spreading itself in it then she decided to stop making love. While smiling, she had fun remark of her lover who regretted, in spite of the intense pleasure taken, not to have ejaculated. Semi amused  semi serious  Laurie declared to him that to arrive at the samadhi, the yogin was to have the art of the stop and that the shakti was to help there. Pierre in have the cut breath!


tantrism with the service of the cure of Jasko (this occurs after the ballade to the Large Saint-Bernard and right before the stay from Laurie and Pierre to Paris to accompany the last days of Maud)

 Laurie went to place himself quite right in the middle of the assistance. Not, she was not going to say to them that one day, they also were going to make the oath of the knight. This evening, she wanted to only to speak them about her new capacities about initiated. She preferred their speech in the way in which recently she had begun to look after in Zagreb, a man of Bosnia broken by the horrors of the war. She had arrived in the center of care managed by the association of which she formed part and where she implied herself beside her work in the army. It was about a forty year old man who had seen perishing in front of him his family. This tortured and broken man then exchanged against enemy prisoners was by miracle arrived until her. He did not speak any more, its prostration per moments left room to starts of incomprehensible panic and the psychiatrists of Zagreb wished to evacuate it in Germany. With the passing days, it became obvious that the man let himself die and an exile in Germany was going to be fatal for him. It was not able to say if he had flash repetitive, ceaseless visions of corpses, blood and who would have become at his place obsessional; if he had a feeling to be continued by its torturers, to have to pay the nearest time y to have escaped, if he had lost any confidence, if he panicked, if he had a infantilisant behavior. He did not say anything and did not have any glance. It was not that during a last meeting whereas any hope to see it curing was lost, that Laurie determined to try a last approach. It resorted to its experiment of surogate and its knowledge on the rites tantric.

She installed the man in a room and left it in the darkness. She spoke to him lengthily then after having been stripped, she was stuck against him to withdraw its clothing to him. She lay down in silence on him and did not move any more. Then when this contact had been accepted by the skin of the man, she sat down astride on its back. She plotted a diagram on the back of Jasko then using a prayer, she projected its vital force in the body of the man in order to revive it. She told that it did not know the man how long any more had put to force his head to turn to to speak it and him. He placed its arms to come to surround the body of the woman. Laurie affirmed that he was going to make it, that he could only make it… make a gesture of love again. He had kept motionless his hands on her then gently, he had cried. Laurie had taken the hands of the man so that they essuient the tears on the face then with its hands with it, she had guided the hands of the man on his body of woman so that he spreads out also his tears over his skin offered. When the man had agreed to follow the hands of Laurie everywhere where she wanted it, everywhere where he could remember the pleasures in love that a female body gives, she had embraced him tenderly and after having remained close to him until he falls asleep peacefully, overcome by this fight gained against the hand put on him of the horror, she had left in silence the room. The following day, she had obliged him to start again and in front of its refusal, she had subjected a hazardous thesis to him on the parallelism of the forms and that a very positive violence was at his place to drive out the remainders of an insupportable negative violence.He had succumbed to these arguments and at the end of the meeting, Laurie had been able to half-open the shutters and in the half-light, they had finally been able to be looked at naked giving beneficial caresses and massing one lengthily the other. Finally Jasko had agree to say to him thank you. After one moment of silence, Dan continued by telling that also helped him Jasko to cure as fast as possible and this last mingled more and more with their couple. She acknowledged that recently both had made love with Laurie and Jasko had admitted that he was almost cured just like Dan had been him after his first meeting with the surogate. Dan declared that Jasko was going to come this summer to Germany and that he would be introduced among the members of the club.

Laurie took again the word to explain the direction of his intrigues because the public probably did not know the tantrism. What she had done with Jasko, was in fact the course of a Hindu rite intended to make overcome the fear in the hero, this being human goes from there towards its initiation. The rite is called Shavâsana, this word comes from asâna: the corpse. This rite proceeds in a cemetery, a place moved away, an abandoned house. The yogin, hero goes from there towards a higher initiation, assoit astride on the back of the corpse. He plots there a diagram then using will mantra suitable, he projects its vital force in the body of late in order to reviving it temporarily. If the rite succeeds, the head of the corpse turns and speaks with the yogin. This last can thus question the presence which animates the corpse and this, in a goal divinatoire or other. The difficulty of this rite comes owing to the fact that it is imperative that the yogin immediately imposes its will on the spirit which took possession of the corpse. In the contrary case, the yogin risk to see itself having by the spirit and it will fall then into the madness, even death. Laurie made understand with the public that the transposition of this rite to the case of Jasko had not raised these mortals risks and that this rite could only succeed in giving again with the patient the forces of life which it missed.

On the other hand, Laurie had to get rid thereafter of the obsessional ideas that all these horrors had given birth to in its spirit. Lately, an afternoon, she had climbed a red block of sandstone in the forest of the Vosges of north close to it and it had resorted to another rite, this time Tibetan to drive out his demons. This Himalayan rite and Tibetan are called gcod. It consists in offering its own flesh to be consumed with the demons. Laurie had not needed the sounds of the made human cranium drums nor of trumpets cut in femurs. She had made a dance to symbolize the fight of the yogin against the demons then she had invited them to feast. She had visualized the scene in which it had called a shakti, a female divinity, who, accompanied by a howling troop of dâkini and deer, sabers with light, had come to cut the head to him. The dâkini and the deer had thrown themselves on its body to cut it up, eat its flesh and to drink its blood. The spirit of Laurie encouraged the demones and the deer in their work of destruction of his body and this for expier his faults, to have let enter its spirit the evil, works of the demons which had been encrusted everywhere in its body. When the car sacrifice was consumed, Laurie visualized itself like a small heap of ashes surrounded by mud. Through this heap of ash, it became aware that its body had not been devoured at the time of the sacrifice but which he had ressuscity after this destruction to finish his days until the hour of his cremation. As the initiate, Laurie became aware that it had not given anything to the demons since it was nothing, that its body and its spirit were nothing, that only the heart when it invested the spirit can take it with it when it is withdrawn from its carnal envelope. In its exercise of visualization, the yogin creates initially the union between the heart and its spirit, the destruction of the body by the demons cannot cause death then except if the yogin forgets that its spirit is under the control surface of the heart, that it takes fear to give faith to its visualization. Then the madness seizes him and it can really destroy its body still inhabited by the spirit. This one will not be carried by the heart and will be well destroyed at the same time as the body. Pierre rod in the peaceful smile of Laurie whom the latter had now become Master in art to unify the spirit with the heart. The spirit completely invested by the heart, he could create a dialog of the heart for the heart. The poet was very proud success of his partner of road. It was perhaps there, the manner that this she-devil of Laurie took for indirectly but publicly to say to him that she was ready for their transfiguration.

Here are some exercises that Laurie had just succeeded in to save Jasko and to purify it even demons! At Maud, she ensured the public which there was no question for her of making Shavâsana about the corpse of the late one. She did not need more to test its fear vis-a-vis the spirits able to make revive a corpse temporarily. Not, she would follow simply what Pierre was going to do to lead Maud to our eternal residence… but she was to go as far as forcing Pierre to do it. It was her mission: to make leave the wolf its den, make act the poet in his dialog of the heart for the heart!



a world without father nor husband, the Moso people in the south-west of China

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