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a glance on the topicality and a selection of ideas and reports found in the French press.

m.a.j 17/11/2008

At this beginning of October 2008, the financial crisis shows its true day. The states fly to the help of the banks, the central banks create hundreds of billion currency and yet the threat of a severe economic crisis is still not dissipated and of the moments of panic are held in the rooms of the Stock Exchanges. If the causes of this crisis are financial through the securitization of doubtful debts and the business of the subprimes, the solutions cannot be limited to new financial means put on the market to fill the amazing losses in value and the ruin of certain investment banks.

 This crisis marks the one time end, that of the ideology neocapitalist with his claim of the maximum profit, each year for each business and each shareholder. In the years 1980, the technological revolution of the programmable automats and robots, had launched one short and flourishing period of enormous profits of productivity in the real economy. But the period had been short, total quality once reached and the made savings (200 billion frank per annum for French industry, end of 1980), this layer of productivity had died out. In the years 1990, the universalization of the exchanges allowed the fast displacement of capital of a continent the other. Consequently the financial adventure taken another turning to sink today in the giddiness of a calamitous fall since the tops of the incredible financial production which created money starting from the debts without waiting until these last have a beginning of refunding. The currency created for itself itself before even as it was not destroyed by the play of refundings of appropriations: it was n the other hand a question of creating value to justify such an increase in the profits. But these economic theories, today all the citizens realize there, were only one window to mask the true nature of the capitalist spirit. Among the articles of press which return account day after day of extended from this crisis, we retain especially the following passages which point out the precise origin of capitalism.

 The amorality constitutive of capitalism was theorized as of the XVIIIe century by the father of the liberal economy, Adam Smith, in “Research on the nature and the causes of the richness of the nations”. For Adam Smith, capitalism can be effective only if the economic actors forget any moral direction, the selfishness of each one ensuring happiness of all: “it is not benevolence of the butcher, the beer merchant and the baker whom we hear our dinner, but well care which they take to their interests. We do not address ourselves to their humanity, but to their selfishness. ”. In this ideology, it is enough to let each one act according to its interest included/understood well and without scruple so that the addition of particular selfishnesses leads to the general richness. An invisible hand metamorphoses the defects deprived in public virtue. Provided that the harmful interventions of the State do not come to disturb this fertilize roughness with the profit. This cynicism became system with the invention of the subprimes, which one will never point out enough the principle, so much it will appear lunatic in a few years: geniuses of finance fourgué with households which they knew insolvent loans atraised rate so that they buy their housing all while being ensured to seize it when they could not pay any more! To renew their legal swindle ad infinitum, they resold these credits which they had rotted with other establishments, affecting the entire system. (See the review Marianne number 518 page 55, article of Eric Conan). Based from the beginning on this cynicism and this selfishness, it is interesting to see why capitalism quickly did not sink in the most insupportable excesses. Eric Conan always in the same article, exposes the remarks of the economist and French sociologist Cornelius Castoriadis: “capitalism could function with effectiveness only because it inherited a series of the anthropological types which it did not create and which it could not have created itself: incorruptible judges, just civils servant, teachers who devote themselves to their vocation, of the workmen who have a minimum of conscientiousness, etc. These types do not emerge and cannot emerge from themselves, they were created during former historical time, by reference to values devoted and then undeniable: honesty, the service of the State, the transmission of the knowledge, the beautiful one works, etc”. the powerful dynamics of capitalism was channeled thus a long time by a stock of values which were foreign for him, but that it did not cease destroying.


On, we showed how the to be able systems use the myths and the Utopias to legitimate their capacity. We always regarded as a myth the theory on the balance and the regulation of the markets. We showed filiation between Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith. Today in the articles of press, we find the trace of this belief that the continuation by each one of the maximization of its interests is the ultimate engine of the human societies. This belief is opposed of course to that of Marx. For him, it is the State which always created the market and it had taken in its time the example of England. It is the State which manages the right of ownership and there cannot be of market without right of ownership. Always in this number of Marianne, the article of Jacques Attali, “it is necessary to build the cockpit of the markets”, precise that the financial world market is a mode of not-right since it does not depend on any State. “This crisis, for the author, marks the triumph of financial capitalism. It empoché 100 billion euros of no-claims bonus last year, and it succeeds in making pay its losses by the taxpayer! What a fabulous cost! Those which were ruined by the subprimes there left their house, they will undoubtedly not empocheront a dollar of the Paulson plan. On the other hand, in exchange of titles from now on deprived of any value, the central banks lend money to the companies whose leaders touched these famous no-claims bonus. This currency which will circulate soon without real counterpart will create inflation. It thus will revalorize the saving. Result? The borrowers pay because of the crisis of the subprimes, the taxpayers pay, the savers will pay. And the only ones which will never pay? Those which really benefitted from the system. The nationalizations seem a return of the State; it is on the contrary the victory of financial capitalism. The fault is erased, and one makes it pay by others!”

 For now six years that is on line on the Web, we have always considered the capitalist economic system as a to be able system which will seek to eliminate the countervailing powers which can be drawn up in front of him. The financial system does not have countervailing powers able to control it. Result: the financial bubble corresponds to 50 times the world GDP in 2005. Consequence: it is not possible that the world GDP sponges the debts of the financial bubble, essence is to save the deposits of the savers by protecting these deposits by dams, protection measures. At this stage it is about a question of confidence because the operation even of the banking structure wants that at a given time, because the money turns, it is not possible to refund all the deposits at the same time. The role of the State is to preserve this confidence and to prevent that all the savers ask for the withdrawal of their saving at the same time. The leaders of the State are thus taken with the trap: they must fill well the losses of the financial institutions beyond the capacities of the real economy and while making public these losses and by revealing these true swindle, they sow the disorder in the public opinion if not anger, first steps of rebellions always possible. In addition, they must reassure the public opinion. The case of France is particularly disturbing since the president of the republic itself has to acknowledg that the cases are empty. Is this the ideal moment to leave our systems of being able and to found news of organization in network? Our readers know it, the poet who expresses himself here even if it at the time of teaching the economy, the right, management and if it had the courage of cowardice to study industry, does not remain about it less poet. Of course under the imperialism of the single thought néolibérale, the poet survives because quite simply it draws his life beyond the universe perceived by the land ones. On our site, we were explained lengthily on our political step and our meetings beyond the borders of died of the carnal body. It is sufficient not to be taken with serious by those and those which lined up under the cut of the liberal doctrines.

 However we say to Jacques Attali, with all the respect which we have for him, which it cannot remain about it at the only stage of the right of ownership. It must conceive that there is well a conflict between the three forms of possible property on Earth: the personal property sacrilized in 1789, the prohibited common property in 1789 inadvertently and ignorance seems it, and the collective ownership. It is easy to oppose the liberal system which use the personal property with the egoistic state of mind and cynical of which we spoke and the communist system which generalized the collective ownership and prohibits the personal property. Only this analysis now easy after the collapse of Communism should put to us on the track of the common property. We saw it with work among people first cities on our Web site, we showed his role in the rebuilding of Europe at the time of the cathedrals, how the monastic movement then the orders knights, in particular the order of the temple, developed this organization in network until ruining the king of France. Jacques Attali at a rate of saying to the partisans of the State, that its leaders are the accomplices of the triumph of capitalism not because it is the only solution, but because they do not want to see the other alternative, that of the organization in network which uses mainly the material common property and immaterial through the application of the principle of subsidiarity to regulate the problems of development which arise for the social groups. We do not assign with the politicians the duty to create the cockpit of the financial system in the capitalist system. Do they want to arrive at being able to control a system based on selfishness and cynicism? Can these official politicians develop a world organization in network? In can light support a political schizophrenia mentally? We will not condemn them at such intellectual ends: either they change culture to leave their systems of being able and take part in the new directions of the networks, or they leave the public responsibilities. We showed on our site all the question between a cultural evolution and a culture of the revolution. To revolt against capitalism without wanting to change the values of its individualistic and cynical culture does not lead to nothing, just like capitalism does not carry out nowhere when it is delivered to itself.

 As a poet we have another design human being and the egoists and the cynical ones do not have a place in our vision: we know how to make them change idea, how to put them on the way of the initiatory step so that they find their reason of living and that they take part in the growth of confidence among our human relations. The poet says that culture should be changed (of civilization) to find other richnesses which are divided in the pleasure of the meetings before the great voyage. It is not the moment to grant to the political community a revenge whereas it was to assist impotent with the intrigues of the leaders of world finance unable themselves to eliminate swindle them operation of their organizations. It is a system which is in rout. To want to control it with the same men with the orders, it is a new Utopia, a new myth, a new dream maintained by our current leaders to preserve their capacity. It is one swindles moreover, proof of their higher selfishness. Of course after the crisis of 1929, as after all the other crises which followed, the years of prosperity arrived. The thirty glorious ones correspond indeed to the rebuilding of Europe devastated by the second world war and it is obvious that it is necessary to rebuild after a war devastator! This cynical solution to overcome unemployment is tested: all are mobilized either on the battle fields or in the factories to produce the armament then all find the dustpan to rebuild their houses, their companies and their cities!

 This fable itself is called into question: we continued the republican pact established between 1850 and 1900 which affirms that the peace and the increase in the standard of living of people rest on the generalization of the mass production of tangible properties. However we put out of order our climates, endangered the planet and humanity. Is the mass production of the tangible properties able to save planet able to save capitalism before planet? Selfishness human being can lead us to the salutary start: at the edge of the pit, with the foot of the wall, it is normal to want to save its skin but selfishness and cynicism are not behaviors favorable to the spirit of group and the mutual aid. Even at the moment of our death, when we penetrate in the well of light, the light does not come from in top: like A written so well Rimbaud, it foams, it comes from the others, their diffuse lights that they give us when they accompany us with leaving our carnal body. It foams because it pushes us to the top until the moment when the crossing takes its fulgurating speed. The cynical ones and do the egoists also help each other at the moment of their death to give part of their light to their late fellow-members? Into do light, change automatically thanks to an invisible hand, that which made them die? All the large spiritual Masters declared the opposite: they them had also met the envoy of darkness in we spoke on this site. We will not spend the days and the nights to seek to know why so many leaders succumbed to the doctrines of Adam Smith and the virtues of selfishness. They wanted to grow rich, it is certain! They scorned the richnesses of the poet, it is a historical report too. And we know their last argument: the richness is there! At the base this richness comes from what the citizens refuse to use the whole of their incomes to consume. It is because they save and that they want to earn money through this saving before using this saving for a differed consumption which it is necessary well to initially set up financial institutions which multiply the profits, for those which are most egoistic and most cynical. There is only their normal operation of the capitalist economic system. There is not that Wall Street, moreover the stock exchange speculation does not make it possible any more to become the new Masters of the world economic system. Not, the new Masters of the world are the sovereign funds of states supplied with the richnesses drawn from the natural resources or a commercial surplus record in the case of China. The financial crisis does not finish its race of it but the war between capitalisms is already there! And let us not dream: the financial power of the new Masters of the world does not have to be used to pay the debts of the speculators out of purse and the swindlers of the real estate! No political leader has the right to impose such a solidarity between very fortunate capitalists to them. Already that they will undergo them also the recession and a fall of the sales of their energy resources because of the general fall of the economic activity. Once more, in France we initially will be overcome then if we are helped in our resistance, perhaps will be us then with the table of the winners, not in the center but with an end!

 We so often repeated it on this site: in an organization in network, we do not live this manner and we want to live, to live free by having the choice not to pay for these people there! In France, we do not have only ideas which do not weigh a nail vis-a-vis the oil barrels or with the gas cisterns. Well better still than our nuclear thermal power stations, we have the most beautiful cathedrals, those whose naves and arrows are the girls of the temples of Egypt and the cousins of the cities of the Andes. They contain the secrecies of the life of humanity and of the organization in network which gives to each one a work and enables him to share the production of the richnesses carried out together, without destroying nature but while remaining with its listening. France is the last country has to have received the ancient knowledge survivor of the destruction of Egyptian and Greek civilizations. When the Roman capacity religious catholic to protect its dogmas obscure approached the Cassin Mount where were stored the remainders of the manuscripts ancient resulting in particular from what could have been saved library of Alexandria, these manuscripts were transported to France. In our novel put on line on this site, we described the way of the human evolution which starts from Éleusis and Dendérah. Let us take again of a step more assured still this way our evolution, create our currency to facilitate our exchanges in our networks of life and leave the mirages of international finance for what they never ceased being: conceited companies carried out by covetous people to cynicism and selfishness exacerbated. We prefer by far to retain the remarks of Freud on violence human being which we are condemned to channel and to minimize by exerting all our mission of authority. Freud did not put ahead the selfishness of the grocer, of the butcher or the manufacturer of beer but it could recognize the place of the poets who because they always live between sky and ground, are able to look after the hearts well better than the doctors, the priests and we dare added: teachers of the republic. This mission of authority enables us to defend these paradoxical values with those of the money: love, peace. For economists and the financial ones, it is not so incongruous which that, they read at least once Keynes in the years 1930 had written a program of world government precisely founded on the values of love and peace! Admittedly Jacques Attali at a rate of saying that the market of finance is a zone of nonright but it is because the financial ones scorned the plan of Keynes and did not seek to improve it. Is it possible to imagine that men and women who arrived at the top of the political hierarchies by marrying the liberal doctrines or while being satisfied to dispute them and to compromise themselves with them as soon as arrived at the capacity, are able to take part in a step of regulation of the world economy including financial economy differently than by using their models of systems of capacities? Can they defend their official and national systems of capacity in which they are elected and where they have their interests first while developing an organization in network able to federate the interests of the people on a world level? They are able to admit the prevalence of a leader in fact or to seek compromises, to arrange agreements and trusts between great powers for better dominating the others. It is well there their field of competence and excellence: they never left the centralized capacity. They pass from the absolute monarchies to the republics dominated by the elites, oligopolies. They are “yes men” or “yes women” with the service of most extremely, pragmatism acting supreme as reason! It admit these last years to direct systems to be able, is this a consequence and a continuation of the presence of on the Net?

We know that some of them read us but to speak about networks differently than of the gangster networks, illegal? Not, they want it, not yet or never! Keynes, for them, it is only the role of the intervention of the state. They find here and only here the source of the legitimacy of their places in the hierarchy of their system of being able and for which they militate. Of course in 1930 and afterwards, it was with the states to repair the fundamental error made to defend through policies inflexible monetarists, the saving of the established rich person. Error which had transformed starting from protectionist measurements, a simple stock exchange Crash in political, economic and social world-wide crisis before causing a fight mortal of the ideologies during the second world war. Can they understand that the regulation of the financial markets is not enough any more? What the regulation of the commercial economy is done through its complementarity with the development of the noncommercial economy? Will they admit that the founded republican pact in France after 1850 must-to be supplemented today by the second form of capitalization? Yes, the human being to consolidate its need for safety seeks to accumulate and this elementary management of its inheritance also corresponds to its desire to transmit to his/her children of what to better live. Pierre Leroux defended the capitalization of the social rights to put an end to the bloody conflicts between workmen and owners and to draw a constructive lesson from the revolt and massacre of the silk workers of Lyon in the years 1830: by his work and only by his work, the workman also became owner him of the company. It is an ambition very other to want to improve the pay of paid through overtime like this French government in made its watchword! Admittedly the industrial era incipient in 1850 allowed the success of the republican pact: thanks to the capitalization of the shareholders in the new anonymous commercial companies, the large-scale industries made it possible the populations to leave misery and from this point of view of material enrichment, people forsook their old religious quarrels, monarchists or republican to find themselves in ways of life which were standardized and standardized. But these fundamental quarrels have they eliminated? Never, with each major crisis, they re-appeared of more beautiful! The history between 1939 and 1950 shows it cruelly to us. The current crisis and the abuse of power of the leaders of finance to serve their cupidity outrageusement are only the paroxysm of the system of selected financial capitalization about 1850 to be the pillar of the republican pact and the pillar of the social progress which was to achieve the industrial era. When will one control financial capitalization by the capitalization of the social rights? Never? With the certainly reasoned and pragmatic reason that in the same system of being able, there cannot be two lines hierarchical which are made competition? What it is completely utopian to want to believe that they can be complementary and find a manner of cohabiting? Is this sufficient to draw aside as pure madness the capitalization of the social rights which makes impossible excesses of this capitalism néolibéral to the frantic and criminal speculation in the destruction and the plundering of the richnesses to the profit of an increasingly narrow minority? We do not have any difficulty of a cognitive, intellectual or rational nature to develop this essential complementarity between these two levels of capitalization in the organizations in network which we want to set up starting from our site. We do not want to prohibit with a human being to accumulate properties tangible and immaterial, we prefer simply that it accumulates some more on the immaterial level and that it shows reason on the material level not to destroy nature and the life on Earth. For the remainder we showed on this site how the networks function and which is their advantage on the level of the production and the distribution of the richnesses compared to the systems of capacities.

Admittedly Keynes, by naming the two values of love and peaces which must be the pillars of the world government, was not until showing this use of the networks in the operation of the world government. It did not write like us, that it is necessary to leave our systems of being able. At least it had read Freud and his/her friend Malinowski and perhaps they then met in a pub of London. With the infernal trio Marx Engels Lénine which was also found in a pub of London, we prefer the poetic vision of the trio Freud Malinowski Keynes. They are not the same values!

text added the 17/11/2008: 

 In this November 2008, the hope goes on the first American president of foreign family origin, new president Obama. Barrack Obama, baraka or not? The determination without fault of a human being had by the faith in the change possible and necessary of the policy and the organization of its country and the world was unanimously greeted. We showed on our site the relation between “the great law which binds” confederation of the nations iroquoises and the declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States of America. We wrote that this great law which dregs is one of the rare traces which survived of the organization in network of the time of the cathedrals. The legend iroquoise speaks well about a white man who about 1300 came to teach to them this organization in network of their people. The American citizens do not have to subject themselves to the consequences of a crisis whose culprits are known and remain largely unpunished. They must return to the immense hope that the birth of the United States of America was at the end of the 18th century when Voltaire was made trafficker of weapons with the complicity of the Protestants of Geneva to arm Benjamin Franklin, Jefferson and revolted advised by the chiefs iroquois or at least a part only of them. French, Swiss Philadelphes, German, the coalmen of Haut-Doubs with Nicolas Ledoux, Briot then Kléber which initiated Napoleon in Egypt, had worked with the development of this hope concretized by soldiers initiated like Lafayette. 

Did they know that the men-of-war French while crossing the Atlantic to help the insurrectionists remade the way of the vessels templiers towards Hudson Bay, the area of the large lakes and the stopover iroquoise before continuing towards Mexico and the Andes de Tiahuanaco? Is Obama only one regulator of the capitalist system? Which American university secret society does leave it? Kerry and Bush leave Skull and Bones who is especially used to provide the executives of the CIA and the errors of the CIA. We underlined on our site that the Moslem religious movement, contrary to the catholic church, did not prohibit the step of spiritual initiation, that it makes it possible to obtain the luck. Is Obama lucky or by its experiment of human life, it has an equivalence with the luck? Why this question? Vis-a-vis the disordered state of our terrestrial world, it is obvious that men and women rise and want to change the course of the events and it is quite as obvious that all can we it! In France, Ségolène Royal hardly hesitates to point out its Lorraine educational origins and the attention that all the girls of the East have for Jeanne d' Arc. We showed the face which we retain of Jeanne d' Arc and her filiation with the organization templière. We share with his Vincent Peillon assistant the regard and the ideas of Pierre Leroux as well as the assertion which should be completed the revolution of 1789 by removing his errors, mainly the use of the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau to prohibit the common property and the networks of citizens able to organize a more direct and participative democracy. Barrack like Ségolène and so much of others show the direction of a future full with found hope and humanity. But what will it occur when poets as us will enter the combat for really changing the life and the course of humanity? Between isn't the electoral promise to change the democratic life of a country and politicking manners and the tons and tons of hope which the poets convey, there an insuperable ditch incomprehension which will always leave the poet to the margin of the companies in which it is well obliged to live? 

At the time of our first descent in Paris to sign our first contract of edition, Michel, our editor, at the end of one hour of maintenance had concluded that usually the poets are 25 years old in advance on their contemporaries but that me, I had indeed at least the double of it! Marie Claire was pilot of this maintenance. Within sight of did these world-wide crises, the variation still increase but what 50 or 100 years in advance on the others when it is a question of eliminating the practices that our leaders have established for at least 700 years in France if not 1700 years in Europe? For 6 years this Web site has carried on its way: when Ségolène and Vincent will finally dare they to say that a participative democracy is organized on the development of competences through the principle of subsidiarity? The monks and the knights templiers like the other orders knights used subsidiarity. Would the word “subsidiarity” be to draw aside because it has too strong catholic and Christian connotations? Even François does not use it! Is it necessary to be confined with the strict law of laic rationality? If the politicking French and particularly militants are still there, then they will hear the voice of the poet! We will be able to always use Malraux and others of which still and always Keynes, to quote of Gaulle who with dead of Leclerc declared that young French was to dream to become of Leclerc! Like Paul Eluard recommended it to us: the poets must live among their brothers and sisters. Clairvoyance is a thing, the division, we wrote it, is the reality of the dream and the reality of the division, happiness! The happiness of a poet lies much more in his divisions that in its dreams and its visions. For a poet, it is about the division of the writing, when he is not alone to write on a white page and happiness in the writing lies in the fact of feeling and of seeing the presence of those which come to lean on its shoulder to help it to find the words and the manner of saying to the being human inexpressible mysteries of the life. The years, times then do not have anything any more an obstacle and more than five thousand years of history are joined together around some lines like in the smile, gratitude exchanged between that which today holds the feather and those which yesterday set up one of most brilliant human civilizations. Because before putting our words and our texts under the eyes of our human brothers and sisters, we prefer in our poetic art and our dialog of the heart for the heart to correspond with those and those which succeeded in in the history of humanity insufflating around them this hope of better living without the fear of death, the fear of the others. Many was killed to have defied the despots and the tyrants who controlled the people. We same already once decided to give up our carnal body, to cut all the bonds which link us with him, which for a poet is the true definition of died of the carnal body: to voluntarily declare that the bonds are removed with our carnal envelope. We can find the name of this army medical officer who at the time of our departure, declared that it greeted true miraculé. As a doctor, it had done nothing but hope that the miracle occurs because medicine could not anything any more in this situation. We exchanged our smiles, I hesitated with all to say to him but thanks to Internet, I said it… nearly 25 years later! Yes, in the crises, we should not lose sight of the fact our hope human being! We are with the listening of those and those which want to change our manners of living on Earth, it does not matter that they are lucky. If ever they do not have it, it is not serious as long as a dialog with the poets guards of the temple of the mysteries of the life remains open. After, remains another recurring question: how to make credible a political action, economic, social and military, spiritual? How to carry out the division with the silent majority, these groups of undecided that Einstein made the responsible for greatest crimes against humanity because they always let make the most cynical despots, and most covetous? The answer is not in the caresses of the wind! That made nearly 25 years that we explain it: the leaders, the culture imposed by the leaders of a system of being able create this silent majority which is afraid to lose its place in the system and as Milgram showed, that walks: this majority placed in state agentic lets the leaders seize the money to which it however has right by its work. This division, this hope cannot thrive in the systems of capacities civil, economic, religious, military. The hope is in the middle of the networks citizens of life. This question is thus a false question. The true question is that our current leaders activate to show us feverishly that apart from the capitalist liberal economic system, there is nothing if not that unqualifiable and extremely dangerous anarchizing adventures that the law and the police force must repress without state of heart. Will one let them make once more? 

To leave systems of being able become execrable and intolerable with causes of the abuses of power their leaders to develop the civilizations organized in networks, the history of humanity is filled of these cases: the other times, a group left an area to found its organization. Today, we must remain where we are and act among our contemporaries. It is less simple, it is more difficult but our knowledge and our means of communication are developed than formerly. Still better than yesterday, we can it… this division of our hope of living definitely better than in these systems of being able delivered to most cynical and egoistic. Keynes, the contempt of the values of love and peace, it is finished! How us others, the poets, you were victim of this contempt, you who had understood that it was necessary to eliminate the values from the capitalist system and its worship from the money! It is finished! We can make that the twenty and unième century will be spiritual. Spirituality is the only one to teach us that under the color of our skins, beyond our languages and of our so different words, with the top of our cultures worked by our stories and our wars, we have the capacity to create the same dialog of the heart which lives in our carnal body with the heart of the mysteries of the life. That before even being certain to believe our heart, we can see, like the poets, those and those which come to help us to dream and write and with this first division, to dare, to have the faith to advance towards the others and their statement simply that we are voluntary to organize the change of our living conditions on ground: not to more undergo the injustices which benefit the leading minority. Obama often quotes the dream of Martin Luther King, in France we have the dream of Jeanne d' Arc but not only of it: they are very numerous on our ground, ground of spirituality. Our dream joined all the others and does not exclude any from it. You took the practice to come to read it on this site, and with gratitude and emotion, in our statistics, we note with attention the number of Net surfers of the old ARPANET network. You are the precursors who allow me not to go down more to Paris to convince an editor to publish the texts that I have under the hand. But then, with the top of our keyboards or better, with our helmets and microphones of our voice recognition (which lets pass not badly from faults of syntax, our excuses…), we have the free hands… the free hands to act.


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