The education of a young poet, letter open to a young poet



Towards 17 - 18 years, when I completed the readings which I regarded as basic readings in my step of poet and who I was ready to leave my work of writing in prose and versification to resolutely engage me in my initiatory step and my human evolution to change the values and the culture of this world, a last concern arised: to see all the same once these famous letters with a young poet To groove Maria Rilke. I had traversed and included/understood the message of our French poets and the way were clear which went from Hugo to Baudelaire, in Rimbaud and Verlaine until the surrealist ones. The German poets were not unknown for me. But what could bring Rilke to me? If it had been further, if it had revealed more what makes live a poet, that it would be known! Inevitably Rilke was exceeded. The reading of these letters left me an impression of faintness and revolt in front of this waste: the starting point of Rilke is right but very quickly it passes beside essence, it does not say the things. Worse, it is not censured to avoid the reactions of the others! Not, in good faith and with a disconcerting sincerity, it did not see, it did not push its poetry until the control of the source. It says that there is a source inside us but it is unable to speak about it in a precise way and there remains quiet and does not give councils for better controlling this source and to benefit from it more in poetic work able to change the life.

 Today, on, we begin a series of texts to describe the organization of education and formation in networks citizens of life and to thus indicate how to break our education systems made inoperative and likely to fail by our leaders who do not need more an education system of mass to develop their financial interests and which find that there is too many billion spent by the authorities in an institution in their eyes too not very powerful. As before 1789, the leading minority again manages to place his/her children in their places and in their capacities and privileges in as well of legitimate heirs to their individual right of property, as their children succeeded or not of brilliant studies and acquired or not capacities of leadership and innovation. The nobility of the businesses needs flexible servants who know some sufficiently but not to too much give critical opinions on the followed policies. To form the others with being able to take your place or that of your children, worse to help them to foment new revolutions, our leaders do not want any. As much to let stagnate the education of mass in the most complete possible disorganization and we arrived there! Before destroying our civil educational systems of capacity and monk to make place with a learning organization in network able to use the two sources of knowledge to guarantee the marriage of the cultures of the people living on Earth, the occasion is there to answer Rilke and especially the young current poets on the manner of educating itself to control its initiatory and poetic source.

 These line are not addressed solely to the young poets or poétesses of French language or other languages practiced by the people through humanity, we also address itself to the others which they are teachers, leaders or pupils, parents or quite simply poet who is unaware of themselves for lack of education or self-confidence. Our educational systems of capacity do not have any formation to propose with young poets put aside of the courses to learn how to read and write. The initiatory schools were closed in Europe, by the leaders of the systems of initially religious capacities then civil within the general framework of the prohibition of the initiatory spiritual way by the Council of Nicée into 320. However, in spite of these obstacles and these taboos, each generation saw growing in its center of the groups of poets who created themselves by transmitting the message of old to their prosecutors. We showed how since the Gold Circle of Dendérah which preserved the remainders to know coming from before the last great cataclysm, the priests of Egypt, the Greek scientists trained in Egypt then the first monks and Christian hermits transmitted this message and this knowledge to us since the Cassin Mount while passing by Cluny and Clairvaux ,the orders knights and Benedictine. Since the oldest times, the message was always the same one: it is necessary to seek in us that which lives in us and helps us to cross the death of our carnal body. This source is connected to our origins and with our creation and it learns how to us in contact with mysteries from the life to define our reasons of living and to die, better, it gives the opportunity to us to reappear with the life, of ressusciter (to return to the life after death) to the human life since the life according to the human life. We also showed on this Web site how poetry is a direct way in a spiritual initiation and which is its place in the development of spirituality, development which we want to into force give in our companies to eliminate our systems from civil and religious capacities and to found new organizations in networks of life. All this to 17-18 years, I was not able to write it because I had not traversed yet the history of the men and the history of the capacities which have generally ordered them and involved for two thousand years in increasingly horrible wars and devastators. I knew that this history was not good, that one did not have to follow those and those which claimed that it was to be used as lessons and that vis-a-vis each professor and at each leader and political militant who defended these military systems of capacity, civil the or religious one, as a young poet, I was to put my memory and my intelligence, my source of knowing intellectual, with the service of my poetic clairvoyance. Young poet, I never grew my professors, I knew that they did not say all and often I understood that they pronounced lesson that they had understood. At the beginning I openly criticized my professors and in sixth, one of them called me “the happy imbecile”: he had not even understood that I spoke to him as a young poet whereas he had the statute of professor of French and literature. Then to as much begin these texts on the organization in network of education and training with the education of the young poets, these children who towards six - seven years take another way to live because they understood that essence is to water itself with the source of life which they felt to run in them. These young children will educate themselves alone while choosing their Masters in poetry and spirituality. Nobody will stop them neither the failure neither the school and university success, nor the rejection of the leaders of our institutions, even less the bars of a prison or the gun of a rifle.

 Before thinking of these pupils who more or less voluntarily on the benches of our schools will learn from the knowledge which causes them little or at all and for which our states are compelled to spend of the billion, you it young poet or the young poetess goes from there towards your initiation and the control of your source of life, you have right in addition to my encouragements and of my respect to these some words of life inherited my advance in poetry. To six or seven years, as soon as you can read and write, you will be able to now find these words thanks to Internet and me which will write these words for you, I am not annoyed more by leaders, editors, literary agents or criticisms which one has to only make. I will try to write to you what I would so much have liked to hear when towards six-sept years and later still, on my rock, with the top of the valley, I questioned the places of life and of dead which were offered to my glance and my interrogations on what had made the human beings before me and on which example I could support me to advance and evolve/move and make as well if not better than the best of them which had lived here and there.

 Let us take again the most known passages of these letters of Rilke:

“It is one way. Enter in yourself, seek the need which makes you write: examine whether it pushes its roots with deepest of your heart. You confess to yourself: would you die if it were defended to you to write? This especially: you ask the quietest hour of your night: “Am I really constrained to write?” Dig in yourself towards the deepest answer. If this answer is affirmative, if you can make face with such a serious question by a fort and simple: “I must”, then build your life according to this need. Your life, until in one the most indifferent hour, more vacuum, must become sign and pilot of such a push “

 We have here the typical example of the confusion which Rilke between this basic mechanism maintains which conditions our human life: does the thought precede the action? Do the words come to mind before writing or while writing, manages one to find the words? What this imperative need and vital to write?

 A council, uses the writing in two manners. The first by order of use occurs when the cerebral work of imagination, of intimate dialog becomes too heavy and that with long, it is necessary to relieve the memory by writing on paper certain messages which are used as relay in this intellectual process which advances towards a goal unknown, mysterious but captivating. These words relay, with the whole beginning, are not yet poems or then these poems are not good:  later the young poet will throw them to fire. The second manner of writing starts when the contact with the source is established: the inspiration is not any more one concern; to seek to know what to write is not any more one question. The writing becomes the tangible trace and close friend of the advance which the young poet undertakes starting from his source and as this advance is infinite, the writing it also does not stop any more, it takes all the life and the work of the young poet then consists in quickly managing this powerful and splendid flow mainly taking into consideration its initially physical health then also mental.

 At the beginning, as of the age of 5 or 6 years, the first poetic work of order, i.e. the first work to decipher the mystery of the human life, consists in making the share of the things between purely intellectual imagination and what is brought to the besides coming spirit. The resources of imagination are tempting but of continuation the young poet understands that the imagination produced by the spirit is very limited and very insufficient compared to what comes besides. This elsewhere becomes the principal reason of the human existence of the young poet. Child, not being any social responsible and his material needs being satisfied by his family, the young poet can devote every moment of his life to this sublime search: to bore the mystery of this elsewhere. For this crucial period during which the young poet resolutely takes the way of an eminently spiritual poetic step, it is indeed ready to die if adults or capacities civil or religious want to prohibit this entry in poetry to him. Later, it will read the novelists and will learn the lesson from Joyce and the three solutions which are offered to that which wants to write: the exile, silence or the trick. In the immediate future, the simplest solution and most practical is loneliness: withdrawal with respect to the others not to be disturbed in this enormous work of the creation of a dialog with the mysteries of the life. But this loneliness interpreted by the others and the family like a reprehensible behavior, is not an insulation for the young poet: these moments of loneliness are intense moments of intellectual boiling: it is a question of pushing imagination with its paroxysm, with its ultimate limits so as to be certain that what still occurs after does not come any more imagination, knowledge human and memory. It is a play, it is the play without limits of life and, from this feverish agitation, the source will spout out!

 What I can indicate to you to contribute myself to the beginning of this fabulous advance poetic, it is to pay attention, great attention to what occurs then. You lances your imagination in intellectual exercises to break your cranium. You specialize in your moments of loneliness in plays of visualization increasingly complete and long in which you project yourself under your human condition, those of your close relations, in the evolution of the world, which was at the beginning this mountain, this sea, this rock, this tree and of course you also go up at the moments first your human condition, with your birth to pose this veracious report: you are not only made flesh and of blood, connections of neurons in your brain, instincts inherited the mankind. Nature was not created by chance, there is a logic, a principle of life which links the human beings with the universe which surrounds us: we do only one. You will arrive at this saving conclusion because you will have to find the key: during your exercises of imagination and visualization, you will be astonished to see that there will be always an image, an answer. Very quickly by analyzing this answer, you will discover that none of your human knowledge could enables you to work out this answer. It is well someone else which it gave you and this other is in you. You have just made a success of your beginnings in poetry!

 You must then pass on a second level of work: to personalize this source which answers you. You enter during the most critical time of your poetic step and are wary of the others. The strongest temptation is to refuse all new human knowledge to be quite certain that there is nothing or in your memory so as to be more certain very little that all the answers come indeed from this presence which communicates in you. You draw aside the secondary source of knowing, the intellectual source, to devote you entirely to the control of the first source of knowing: the personal, intimate and initiatory source. You do not want to learn your lessons any more, you do not go any more to the school and you flee the professors and the donors of lessons. You make the school buissonnière ( the school in the bushes), holds it, by taking refuge you on your rock, with the foot of your tree, the top of the mountain, at the edge of your brook and you do not want any more to return the evening to the house. The ideal would be that your mother comes to bring to you the meal in your refuge of young poet. At the end of a few days, you would be even able of him to say not to more come to nourish you because you of not more need: your spiritual source nourishes you abundantly already! In short you reached a high level of asceticism and you advertisements the social status of hermit to continue your poetic advance. I am able to assist you and animate with you a pedagogy by the project so that you develop your competences in the control of the knowledge which you need to continue your poetic advance. I would remain remote, we would discuss when you would like it i.e. not often because you include/understand, as I included/understood child, than the river can answer you, the mountain, nature, than the answer is in the wind, in all that you will want to imagine well before arriving at this irrefutable and obsessing report: the answer is in you, it is given to you by this presence which answers you.


Does not take the disproportionate risk to put your family and the others, even the joined together police force and the gendarmerie, counter you. We are in a company which lost its dens and its values in an underhand materialism and source of injustices and revolts. The leaders of our systems of capacities defend their places by developing all kinds of sedentary measurements to reinforce obedience and the tender to their social standards which legitimate their sources of financial and material enrichments. They do not want to let a young poet grow until seeing it to be opposed to them and to come to break in front of the people their wretched dogmas with which they subject people to their wills. They do not hold so that you come to cut their node of fables with which they subject the people to their private interests. You must live, grow and later change the rules and this intolerable culture installation by these leaders of the systems of civil and religious capacities. Very quickly you will see them to be opposed to your poetic step and you will understand how your close relations are made the accomplices of what you detest. To include/understand, you will read the experiment of Milgram, it is edifying! But does not seek already the confrontation, you are losing not because of their forces, later you will crush these forces, not, you are losing because you do not have to break yet the veil of that which answers. You did not really meet it, not at home but at his place! You did not life income yet starting from the life according to the life. As the young poets and initiated learned it in the temples from Egypt, in Eleusis or in the temples of the Himalayas which preserved the crowned knowledge which had survived the last great cataclysm, you must carry on your way which lead you to your rebirth with the life, i.e. to discover which answers you since him you found it for then more not doing but one with him in a new stage of your human condition. You must succeed in making you invite at his place or find the occasion of going at his place. For me, it was at the time of accidents fatal. Each one has its history and I cannot advise you to live dangerously by facing the dangers to go to the meeting of the accidents. The evil of the poets and people who write is generally a thoughtlessness, the fact too much of thinking on a subject and of forgetting a stair, a prudence and safety requirement; a certain number died in their staircase. It is not the best manner of going at his place and I wish you to use the normal way, that of the dialog of the heart for the heart, according to the expression of Rimbaud. On this way, you will write words but only to pose reference marks, not to lose you in way. These words interest only you. Guards Si you want but does not give them to everyone. Perhaps with other poets to help them in their own advance and for more precaution, uses a language symbolic, hermetic able to understood only by other initiates. In the Himalayas, the tradition wants that the initiate, at the evening of his life, deposits his hermetic texts under a stone at the end of a valley of altitude the unexplored possible. To discover this stone and these texts among all the rocks of the mountains, another initiate can only resort to powerful exercises of visualization until a presence indicates to him this stone, and probably this information comes from the presence of this late initiate.


When you are ready, starts by tearing the veil which still masks this presence which answers you. This work comprises two stages: the first consists in isolating this presence which saw in you other presences which punctually come to visit you. The second door on the illumination, the samadhi, the fusion of your human presence with that which lives in you.

What I will say you, I received it other poets but I read it after a first terrible experiment which it would be better that I save to you.

 The plays of positive or negative visualization very quickly take the shape of texts written according to rules' of versification. Test both but generally remains in positive visualizations bus at the end of your step, your message will be positive for the others. You choose a melody measurement which corresponds to your dialog with the presence which lives in you, with your source which speaks you. Take the practice to write worms that you final improvements not and looks after especially the musical quality of your poetic expression. In fact purely intellectual exercises give you the control of the flow of your source. Would be attentive for good knowledge which is expressed through your worms. There are three possibilities: that which lives in you and with which you seek not to do more but one, the presence of a person who saw near to you and whom you love but still makes it manage to tie a spiritual dialog with it (we will further see that), the presence of a late person which left her human condition and which can come to visit you for several reasons. Generally is to require of you of the assistance because it did not succeed at the moment of its death, to amalgamate with that which lives in it and which is the same one as that which lives in you. But it can also be a question of the presence of somebody who wants you good and which seeks to help you in your step of the moment when you are able to ask him a question.

 You already reached some difficult stages in your poetic advance and if you were able unnecessarily not to dispute you with your close relations and your contemporaries, you are able to do the same work of communication with these presences which come in you. Your matter is simple: you must ask them some to leave you quiet and not to more come to annoy you. You return them towards initiates or poets more tested than you who will be able to request for their safety. Therefore it is always very useful to know other poets and other initiates because they will be able to bring this service at this time to you there. Me, I have to manage all alone towards five - six years. The others, you them requests to return later and they will include/understand without difficulty even if they will remain close to you where necessary. Thus you should be quickly alone vis-a-vis the presence of that which lives in you. In my experiment, I requested a fairy for all to ask him because I did not dare and could not recognize the presence of that which lives in me. It helped me but at the end of one moment, it has to be withdrawn and leave me only vis-a-vis this presence which I was unaware of: it was terrible when this veil tore and that I was directly vis-a-vis this mystery. I spent several years to be recovered from this first decorporation. I wish you to avoid these torments. Vis-a-vis that which lives in you, dare to ask him something. You will see quickly that if you requests a futile help for you: to help you in a duty, you to help to have money, etc, there will remain dumb and from will go away. It will be well done for you! I advise to you to put progressive questions and always for many others. That goes definitely better and later, you will see it will also deal with you as you will have known to occupy you so well of the others thanks to him. It is what is called food an experiment of successful prayer. And there, there is well a dialog completed between you, him and the person whom you want to help, particularly on the level of its physical or mental health.

 The illumination will occur at one time that will choose to him and who will depend primarily on the quality of your request. Remember these famous words of Musset: “God speaks it is necessary that one answers him”. Develop your dialog of the heart for the heart and dares to ask that which lives in you and who is the same one as that which saw there this manner in each human being. Do not forget that you works on the first source to know, the initiatory source and does not make the coarse error to confuse the two sources: do not ask him to be transmitted a intellectual and rational knowledge with which you would carry out a technical discovery or with which you would solve a intellectual problem that the others could not solve. In short does not count on him to become first of the class or to make a success of your diplomas. You are moving to acquire competences of a poet initiated with the mysteries of the life across the limits of the carnal death of the human body. When the moment comes from the illumination, does not forget your lessons of young poet. The illumination is described in the majority of the cultures other than Christian and currently the most testimonys are gathered in the studies on the experiments of immediate death (EMI) or NDE (Near death experiment). In the literature you will find at Chrétien of Troyes in his novel “the knight with the cart” the principal council: Lancelot to cross the bridge of the sword must accept that the edge of the sword notches its pulpits to him, that it gives up all and cuts any bond with its past. In the Himalayas and the rite of Kalachakra which prepares the initiate with the samadhi, the council is the same one: you must be ready to cut all the bonds which attach you to your human condition, mainly the emotional ties. Remember the behavior of Jesus on the cross when it gives the destiny of his mother between the hands of her disciple: he cuts his emotional tie with his mother because he knows where he goes, he knows what he must do to overcome death and to ask the capacity of the higher world to return to the life and to complete his mission. Two moments ago when you will have to live this brutal experiment which consists in slicing the bonds with your human condition and your carnal body: firstly at the moment of the departure, when you will engage you in the well of light to go to the meeting of that which lives in you. The second moment does not depend entirely on your will: on the outlet side of the well of light, if you are not able to continue your dialog of the heart for the heart with the capacities of the higher world in which you are, you go, as I did at the time, to blissfully walk you while looking at what occurs around you. You will adopt a passive attitude which will satisfy only your curiosity. Your behavior will disturb the presences of the higher world and you will receive the order quickly to return in your carnal body especially if this body is under conditions which lead it to carnal death or if human beings are in the distress because you will die or that you died according to their judgment. As the bonds with your carnal body are not entirely broken, the presences of the higher world will return you under your human condition whereas that does not comprise yet difficulties for them. You must be ready to dare to ask something to continue your dialog of the heart for the heart: the most elementary request at this time there is to obtain the right to use the capacities of the higher world either to remain in the higher world and not to return more under your human condition or to return in your carnal body after this illumination with whole or part of the capacities of the higher world. Afterwards, you do not need more my councils, you are initiated and goes from there in your human evolution to transform the life around you.


Let us return in Rilke: “Also, dear Sir, I could give you of another council only this one: enter in yourself, probe the depths where your life takes its source. It is there that you will find the answer to the question: do you have to create? Of this answer collect the sound without forcing the direction of them. Perhaps it will leave there that Art calls you. Then take this destiny, carry it, with its weight and its size, without never requiring a reward which could come from the outside. Because the creator must be a whole universe for itself, all to find in itself and in this share of the Nature to which it joined.

 It could be that after this descent in yourself, in the “recluse” of yourself, dussiez you to give up becoming poet. (It is enough, in my opinion, to feel that one could live without writing so that it is interdict to write.) Alors even, this diving that I ask you will not have been useless. Your life will owe him in any case of the ways to it. That these ways are good for you, happy and broad, I wish it more to you than I could not say it. “ Letter with a young poet.


Rilke evokes an important point: indeed, it is not obvious after the illumination to continue the writing of poems and the use of versification. How to translate the inexpressible one? The hermetic language and symbolic system allow a certain translation but which will leave the poet on his hunger. To write poems does not correspond any more but to one concern: to leave traces for the other poets or the other candidates with initiation. It is a duty which you will have to achieve to pay your debt with respect to our elder which through their texts, gave us indications, tracks, councils. But afterwards? Do you want all your human life to limit yourself to write poetry? Formerly when it was possible to live of its feather because there were not other media, the question was valid. Today, your advance and your human evolution can take other forms: to change the life to make it progress in more humanity among human beings more initiated and able to find in greater number and earlier that which lives in us, this challenge who belongs to our human condition, this challenge becomes again paramount after the damage caused by the industrial development and the use of sciences and technologies for the profit of some. “Poets, have the courage of cowardice, study industry! ”, this sentence of Pierre Legendre met when I was student in my readings (whereas no professor had indicated neither this sentence to me nor this prospect for evolution), this sentence was a release to direct my evolution and I developed my knowledge to be able to cut this node of fables and to find the traces in our history of an organization political, economic, social, military and spiritual able to place the human being in the middle of his values, his social standards and his ways of life, in short of his culture. Rimbaud was sought on the ground the sources of the Nile and the trace of the people of Nubie which could indicate to him where was hidden the knowledge and the hidden treasures of ancient Egypt. I found the books which tell this knowledge preserved since the last great cataclysm. We progress in the reinstallation of an organization able to ensure a new flourishing period for humanity and this time within a world framework, with a gathering marriage of the cultures of the billion released human beings of the tender to systems of civil, religious or military capacities.

 If you want to also choose this way, I present a capital work to you for which your initiation will be very useful: to eliminate the systems from religious capacities. To analyze the bodies of religious texts and the dogmas to release the spiritual lesson common to humanity and to eliminate the texts and the rules which are only used to establish a system of religious capacity. After the setting in light of the incapacities and threats of the ideology capitalism at the time of the crisis of 1929 then stock exchange crashes since 1990, after the collapse of the communist ideology especially since 1989, certain poor people unable to organize themselves again use the religious ideologies and the systems of religious capacities to defend their causes. This work of elimination of the recourse to the systems of religious capacities becomes urgent and important. Our leaders who use economic knowledge, scientific and politicking are not prepared with such a task and the majority are afraid to venture in these fields where religious spirituality and lies intermingle. You will be able to read the most hermetic texts, symbolic systems or esoteric bus after your initiation, you will be able what to seek in these texts. You will be able to recognize the forms which the traces left by such or such spiritual Master will have taken, prophet, initiate. Awkwardnesses and ineptitudes, the wild imaginings of such or such excessively pious person, ignorant priest, pope or leader of religious capacity, will jump you to the eyes and you will intervene so that people are not submitted any more to such incongruous and fallacious words. But courses of theology, you do not register you especially to follow would waste your time. You do not have to subject to the law leaders systems of being able which want that you would be initially an expert in the field of knowing that they selected to defend their personal interests, before granting to you a right limited of expression on this knowledge. Not, you continuous to do your work of poet and with your initiation, you are even less afraid of the words to support your action who inevitably will shake the foundations of the knowledge selected by the leaders of the systems of being able. You will be shown to work more with the development of the taboos and the interdicts which they pronounced, this is why you will not have an other choice only to drive out them and break their systems of being able. Like Rilke says it: takes this destiny, with its weight and its size! Poetry is made to change the life. Your illumination will never be lost again and it will radiate that you want it or not. Never this diving in you will not remain vain whatever the way of your human evolution. If you do not want this destiny or if you are afraid of it, then does not engage you on the ways of poetry and spirituality. If you engage in your poetry, then does not trail on the way and completes your initiation quickly. I also wish you broad ways, good and full with hope and life.


Before leaving you with your poetic peregrinations to become the conspicuous one that does not stop the terrestrial horizon, a council still. Complete your initiation before the end of your adolescence. Meet at least first once the mysteries, the light, your source before becoming adult. For a practical and determining reason: the meeting with the light, the illumination, a EMI transforms our values, our glance on the others and the world to open it with more love and of humanity. With this gift of love received during initiation, you will be ready to share the human love and to make a success of the choice of your loves and your carnal fusions in couple or with other partners. Considerable poets among our elder remained only or lived loves impossible or intolerable so much they were to hide their identity of poet or had evil to overcome worries of the everyday life to arrive at their initiation. The human love led to the extase and this discovery leads the couple towards the fusion of the beings and the illumination. This way is more delicate today because the living and working conditions, the social injustices of all edges especially tackle and reduce the living conditions of the feeling in love when individuals make pass their loves after their social and professional success. As a poet, you uses the opposite course: you go initially to the illumination then after you are able to share your carnal loves and your extases physical. You can follow the tantric way a little and the rules of the tantrism, it would be although you does not yield to a certain facility after your illumination to rest on your success of poet and not to learn how to also use all the resources of your body to share the pleasure of the directions and the pleasures of the carnal love with your partners. That is not used for nothing to reject its body under pretext that is so much better to punctually leave it to go to touch mysteries directly where that resides which lives in us.

 To finish, you cannot ignore the questions of training and education. Once completed initiation, you do not have anything any more to fear education system set up by the leaders of our systems of being able. You are able to use the source intellectual and rational to know the others as well as. Your motivation will be certainly better than that of your comrades because your mission of poet is well to reconcile the two sources of knowing and to this end, you may find it very beneficial to point out with the others the gaps, contradictions of the intellectual knowledge since they forget, whether they deny or reject the source to know initiatory. We, the poets, today sometimes happened at the stage to either inform the others on the surreality, the magic of the white page, our correspondences or our illuminations. We ask that our way of training, our way of educating us, our spiritual and poetic routes be recognized and protected. If the poets are assassinated, put in prison and rejected by the militants and the leaders of the systems of being able, it is not acceptable any more to note the continuation of harassings, the punishments and exclusions towards the young poets and poétesses. It is more tolerable only lives of poet are broken so early by parents, doctors, of the monks, teachers and adults ignoramuses and irresponsible.

 We said it: the young poet cannot at any age of his childhood, to succeed in at the same time being a pupil shining in his compulsory schooling and to progress while valiantly overcoming the difficulties encountered on his poetic and initiatory ways. The school course proposed by the systems to be able is perfectly idiotic in comparison with the initiation of the young poets and a more general way, in comparison with initiation useful and necessary for a human being. Not to use that the source of knowing intellectual to educate a human being does absolutely not cause motivation and does not guarantee of anything the success in education. A child who learns how to discover and to control his source of knowledge individual and initiatory as of 7-8 years is strongly motivated to learn and combine the two sources of knowing. And it is a force of youth, very quickly it will know of it more than his parents and its elder who organize the life in company. It is normal since the elder ones lead it on these trainings of the two sources of knowing. This knowledge is not extensible ad infinitum: the mysteries will not be revealed under our human condition but the life and its principle of operation are accessible to more knowledge, from sciences and humanity. More quickly the child will complete his initiation, earlier will begin his evolution and his contribution to the development of the culture of his social group, with the durable development of his company, the marriage of the cultures between the people. Earlier it will become qualified in the methods of alliance of the opposites, in the use of the principle of subsidiarity, in the rules of operation of a more direct and economy merchant and noncommercial democracy producing richnesses distributed better. In short, earlier it will bring its added value, its share of richnesses in the group to which it chose to belong.

 To deal with the young people who are in school failure easily especially understands when the number of these young people becomes very important and that they are an active hearth of violence, revolt and misery since they are excluded radically from the system which controls our companies. But to continue to discourage and break vocations to make a success of its initiation and the control of its poetic source remains as much revolting! Even if the poets are from time immemorial able to be written between them to exchange councils and to justify the ones the others in their artistic and spiritual routes, precisely this constancy in the effort to maintain open the initiatory way must be used of example and discussion thread with a deep reform of our education systems. This reform cannot be based on the case of the pupils in school failure but it must leave on the example education the young poets. This reform cannot be obviously based on the case of the most brilliant pupils in their schooling especially that the current school system in the French Republic is conceived to select the best of an age group with an aim of preparing them theoretically with the highest political responsibilities, economic and social. In this system, never the last will not be able to correctly follow the first and all cannot be first ex æquo. On the other hand to use the example of the education of a young poet to develop an educational organization in network represents a manner of making more powerful and intelligent and extremely more humanistic to minimize violences, to develop work essential to survival, to carry out works essential to the durable development of humanity, to learn how with each human to become qualified in its political action. This failure in occident and particularly in France found a beginning of explanation in the famous study of 1986 controlled by the Minister for National Education and employers. It was a question of including/understanding how Japanese managed so well to control new technologies and mainly the programmable automats in their factories whereas we had all the sorrows of the world to make walk our automated equipment and that it on our premises missed thousands of qualified employees in these techniques. The result of this study is known even if it were arranged with the wall cupboard: 93% of the working population Japanese had in 1986 a qualification level equal or higher than the level of Bac+2 diploma in France. We arrived just at approximately 45%. Our efforts of schooling to lead an age group to only 80% with the Vat failed and national Education went into reverse by not removing the classes of CAP/BEP but by developing them for formations reserved carparks with the pupils eliminated in the selection school and condemned to the professional way by defect whereas employment in the commercial economy is not sufficiently numerous to accommodate them all. The explanation of the qualification level in Japan is known: it is their Zen culture which makes since millenia the difference with us. Values of individual education throughout the life, the social standards which make that they are most qualified which directs the groups and which the values of the group take precedence over the individualistic values, miss in France, country champion of individualism and motherland of the personal property which nourishes the social inequalities so well that our neighbors make fun of us so much we revolt against our injustices without being able to see their cause first and to admit our error of 1789 made during the suppression of the property common installation by the orders knights and Benedictine to the time of the cathedrals. This culture Zen in Japan puts back on a spiritual approach human being which did not sink in a system of religious capacity with all its excesses. The desire for learning is not issued with laws, it is a value founder of a culture which implies many of other values and rules and which does not support the injustices.

 We will describe this installation of an educational network which will not persecute any more the young poets, will make discover with the child his first source of knowing in which he will find the reasons to be motivated in live and develop his knowledge acquired through his intellectual efforts in the frequentation of the second source. The roof of hypocrisy was reached in the defenders of our systems of educational capacities when they decided to put the child in the middle of the school system to return it actor of the construction of his knowledge without recognizing, to restore the use of the first source of knowing! Without giving to its place and the wall cupboard theories on the scientific materialism and especially on scientific rationalism as all the doctrines related to religious education which prohibit the use of the personal initiatory step. It is exactly a hypocrisy of the same level as that which claims on the political level that it is the people which control through his elected representatives whereas it is shown that our governments are unable to react vis-a-vis the power of the multinationals and to the universalization of the economy which makes it possible its leaders to find new layers of richnesses material, mining and human to exploit in countries less developed than ours and which makes it possible financial speculators to plunder companies for their only immediate profits by removing employment in our countries! To eliminate this hypocrisy, these Utopias requires well new institutions in a new republic! And for the people of the less developed countries, hypocrisy is scandalous and criminal as much when the militants use the religious dogmas to try to raise crowd or at least to justify their abuses of power and their attacks and their crimes. Education is null and not avenue when million people is not able to eliminate the few hundreds from criminals of all edges which are baited to develop their illegal businesses, their sectarian corruptions and their wars to ensure their domination and their personal capacity. The poets who used another educational way firstly and not ever accepted this conditioning of their thought nor this tender with the law of the strongest and of most criminal, are then naturally among the first to be revolted and try to inform their contemporaries on another manner of living and of finding its reasons of living, on another way of building the hope in the middle of a company. Useless to prepare barrels of conium, we philosophical, did not return the time of the poets here is, and not only in spring!

 March 2007


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