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4th part: current businesses and scandals


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current businesses and scandals which generate capacity and richnesses with the profit of this financial oligarchy which wants to impose its world government. This list is not exhaustive or restrictive.

1) Nuclear power: 

Bertrand Russel and the atomic bomb to defend the rich countries.

We find here the theses of Malthus and their use by the capitalist or liberal preserving ideology: the most developed richest companies and must prepare to be denied against the invasions the poorest people which inevitably will seek to plunder the rich countries as that was regularly the case through the history. We know that the mathematician Bertrand Russel, after 1948, proposed to to this end use the new American atomic weapon for finally protecting the rich person against the barbarians. We are here again in the presence of theses and of racist ideologies preaching the elimination of certain races and certain human people or at least on a justification of the poverty of a majority of humanity in order to defend the rich countries of pure white race. Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy “pure” was invested of this mission however indefensible.

document: Extremely of these considerations, Russell imagined to encourage the production and the use of the nuclear bomb. Its objective was to establish a world government by terrorizing the State-nations by the threat of the recourse to the “absolute weapon”:

“It is necessary to form a sufficiently powerful international force armed to be ensured to overcome the forces armed with any nation or possible alliance of nations. (...) The international Authority will have to be free to create as many armed forces than it will consider it necessary to impose its decrees when they are necessary. It must also have the statutory duty to limit the forces national army in order to prevent very called in question of its authority. (...) Whole this, as utopian as that can appear, is narrowly similar to what occurred following the invention gunpowder. With the Middle Ages, in all Western Europe, of powerful barons in their castles the means had of defying the national government. It is only as from the moment when the artillery was able to destroy the castles that this government was able to control these feudal barons. What the gunpowder achieves with the Middle Ages, the nuclear weapons can do it today. I do not want to say that they must inevitably be used.


2) The fight counters the state-nations (and France remains the portrait-type of the state-nation inherited the royal absolutism of Louis XIV)

document: The war of oligarchy against the State-nation: the case of Bertrand Russell by Benoit Chalifoux

Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare. In other words, if the nuclear weapon had not existed, it would have had to be invented! It is precisely what it endeavoured to do to make, as we will see it. As for the nature of this world government, there is not any doubt that it is about a dictatorship, directly inspired by Léviathan de Hobbes.

“When comes the moment when two rival groups will dispute the control of the world, the winner will be able to introduce the world organization necessary to the prevention of a mutual extermination of the civilized nations. The world which would result from this would be initially very different from the dream of the liberals or the Socialists, but it could be less different with time. There would be initially an economic and political tyranny winners, a resurgence of rebellions and thus a drastic suppression of freedoms. But if the first dozen revolts were repressed successfully, overcome the abandonneraien tleurs hopes and would accept the subordinate place which would be assigned to them by the winners in this large world corporation.”

The accession in 1976 with the presidency of the United States of one protected from the Trilateral Commission, Jimmy Casing, was going to constitute a decisive victory of financial oligarchy against the State-nation. To new diary Malthusian, anti-industrialist and antinuclear (especially in what had milked with its civil applications), came to be added celebrates it “controlled disintegration of the world economy” preached by Paul Volcker, the new president of the Federal Reserve American. Its program aimed at making sure that the other Western countries would follow the United States in the post-industrial forfeiture. The brutal rise of the interest rates, started by Volcker in 1979-1980, was going to plunge in the recession the whole of the Western economies. The hope of the countries of the Third World to reach industrialization flew away at the same time.

With the agreement of Reykjavik of 1986 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the greatest threat external with safety disappeared from the Western countries. Financial oligarchy was from now on able to impose a liberalism even more virulent, enabling him to dismantle the industrial infrastructure as well in the East as in Occident. In the United States, IDS was abandoned, as well in the military field as in its generating applications of productivity in the civil economy. The most obvious proof of this strategy is however provided by Russia, where one sees the will of oligarchy to finish some with the “complex militaro-industrialist” while plundering the raw materials and the brains, instead of reconverting it in a source of productivity for the civil economy. 

Nothing astonishing under these conditions so that universalization resulting from the free trade and the deregulation of the financial markets brings to a total economic depression and a general erosion standards of living. Only the emergence of an alliance between State-nations sovereigns would be able, in the near future, to release the humanity of the influence of the system russellien and to restore the growth and progress.


3) Monsanto and the GMO 

We find in the middle of this business the influence of international finance. The facts are known and gather around the multinational of American chemistry Monsanto… Très quickly the researchers of these chemical firms realized that their patents were going to modify considerably nature and to become a source of pollution able to destroy the environment. The firm of Philadelphia and other companies of chemistry withdrew itself from this new agricultural market of biotechnologies and sought to sell their patents at cheap price. As us a person in charge said it: let us stop playing sorcerer's apprentices and turn over to chemistry and biology! At this point in time the financial ones included/understood the aubaine and which they had the occasion to carry out formidable a jackpot: they were enough to repurchase these patents on biotechnologies whose honourable multinationals of chemistry did not want any more, which was not expensive, for then constituting quasi a monopoly on agricultural biotechnologies. For the success of this operation in which the industrialists of chemistry did not believe, it was necessary to meet two conditions: to obtain the support of the politicians to authorize despite everything the exploitation of these dangerous patents and in addition, it was necessary to find a firm of the chemistry of the world level to be used as support of production with this company source of considerable financial profits. This multinational which needed the assistance for financial to recover from balance, it was Monsanto.

We know that Monsanto is controlled by the Rockefeller family and that for Illuminati, pubic health is not a priority. To adulterate the agricultural resources to obtain the world control of food enters perfectly the strategy of these Masters of the world.

4) the concern of health and the fight against overpopulation according to plans' of financial oligarchy

What reveals the scandal to come from Aspartame

The aspartame the new medical scandal in sight, as revealed inter alia by an article of “Marianne” on January 15 shows several alarming things on the report/ratio which we maintain with the body and food at our time.

Bilderberg plot: Guerrriers of the Web. This video very American proposes a rather caricatural approach of the Bilderberg group and New World Order, as the étasuniens are accustomed to doing it on all kinds of subjects: The assumption advanced in these vidéos of depopulation on a very large scale must be included/understood like an assumption among others, and must especially render comprehensible that the health of managed is not inevitably the major concern of the elites.

For demographic control and the fight against overpopulation

The question which comes immediately to mind is: how to operate such enormous reductions of the population? The philosopher and mathematician Lord Bertrand Russell express themselves thus (Impact off Science one Society, 1951):

“The danger of a world famine can be avoided during a certain time thanks to the improvements of agricultural technology. However, if the population continues to increase at the current rate/rhythm, these improvements will not be able, in the long run, being sufficient. Two groups thus will create, one poor, with an increasing population and the other rich person, with a stationary population. Such a situation can lead only to one world war. (...) The war can become sufficiently destructive so that, during a certain time, the danger of overpopulation does not arise. (...) Currently, the world population increases by 58.000 units per day. Until now, the wars did not produce a considerable effect on this increase, which continued in spite of the two last world wars. (...) From this point of view, the wars appeared disappointing until now. (...) But perhaps that the bacteriological war will be shown more effective. If a Black Death could break on the world once by generation, then the survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. Could the thing be unpleasant, but… and afterwards? ”

Two years after, this standpoint was already defended by a great “social” research center, the anthropological Institute of Hamburg, which wrote in a study published in 1953: “The situation most favorable to mankind seems to be represented by a rate of infection of average size, with salutary epidemics or even of pandemias. That would maintain the number of people on an acceptable level, thus generating a powerful vitality for each one. (...) The natural end of the life corresponds at the end of its capacity to produce. To try to maintain it at all costs, it is to make carry to the community a weight which appears stripped of direction. ”

Thus, Robert McNamara, former minister for Defense and former president of the World Bank, synthesized his point of view in the following way, in 1980: “The principal problem, it is that of the growth of the population. (...) L has only two manners there of avoiding a world of 10 billion individuals. Or one cause a drop in quickly the current figures of the birthrate, or one makes increase the figures of mortality. ” 

 For this last option, Mc Namara had acquired a certain experiment in Vietnam, where he had invented the practice of the “body count”: one measured the success of the operations to the number of corpses at the enemy.


the AIDS project 

document: Deliver Jaune N° 6, ED. Felix, by a Collective of authors, ©2000.(pages 384 to 386)

Aurelio Peccei proposed several projects, all secrecies. The principal project consisted in developing a microbe, which would tackle the immune system, and for which a vaccine would be almost impossible to develop. The order was thus given to develop this microbe, without forgetting the prophylactic means and therapeutic suitable. The microbe was to be dispersed in the population, the prophylactic means would be reserved for the elite. When the population would have sufficiently dropped, one could officially announce the discovery of the drug to look after the survivors. It is clear that the drug existed since the beginning of the operation. This project forms integral part of the project Global 2000.

Maintaining is with you to guess how is called this microbe? Obviously, it is about the virus of the AIDS!! The project was approved by the Congress in 1969, under the number of code H.B.15090. 10 million $ was versed for the first section. Testimonys before the commission of Senate revealed that a “synthetic and biological agent was to be developed, an agent which does not exist in nature and against which the organization is unable to produce antibodies. It must be possible to develop this micro-organism in the 5 to 10 years to come It is of primary importance that it is resistant to any immunological and therapeutic process known”. Sir Julian Huxley called on this subject: “Overpopulation is the greatest threat which our species will have to face in the future”.

The AIDS project, which carries à ce moment-là the name of MK-NAOMI, was elaborate in Fort Dertrick, in Maryland. According to the explanations of Dr. Strecker, one mixed retroviruses mortals, viruses of leukemia, (bovine leikemia) with viruses “visna” of the sheep, and one injected them into human tissue. As it was necessary to act on most of the population, one started with the “undesirable” populations: the Blacks, the Hispanic ones and the homosexual ones were encouraged on a side to express their difference, on another side they were found on the list of the people to eliminate.

WHO (the World Health Organization) collaborated in this project, at the sides of the National Institute Cancer. Articles were published, to encourage the researchers to develop a mortal virus for the man. In 1972, WHO published this kind of matter: “We make research to know so certain viruses can act on the immunizing functions. It should be included the possibility that the immune reaction vis-a-vis the virus decreases, if the virus damaged the antiviral processes of the cell”. To express it more simply it would be necessary to say: “Let us develop a virus which can destroy the cells-T when it is managed in a voluntary way”.

The African continent was infected in 1977, through the vaccination campaign against variola. Vaccination was carried out by WHO. Dr. Strecker ensured that in the 15 years space, all Africa would be devastated, if the remedy were not found! Certain countries exceeded the stage of the epidemic for a long time!

The courageous doctor who revealed with general public this project calls Theodore A. Strecker. He should have been rewarded for the Nobel Prize, but he can estimate himself happy not to have been victim of a suicide (the typical suicide, it is the famous Californian researcher who bound the hands in the back, was hung and jumped then of the 20th stage. No trace indicating an external intervention was found [...])

In 1978, part of the American population was contaminated, through the vaccine against hepatitis B. Dr. Wolf Schmugner, the former companion of room of Jean Paul II, was the instigator of this operation, was carried out by the “Center for Disease Control”, from November 1978 to October 1979, and from March 1980 to October 1981. Schmugner was born in Poland, it made its studies in Russia and has then immigrant in the United States, in 1969. By by-paths, it was appointed bank manager of blood newyorkaise.

It is him which dispersed the virus of the AIDS on North America. It was responsible for the vaccination campaign against hepatitis B, it is him which decided mode of application, to start with the homosexual ones. By way small advertisements, one sought homosexual males from 20 to 40 years. What caused the AIDS was contained in the vaccine, was manufactured in Phoenix, in Arizona and was conditioned out of bottle. All the data on this countryside of vaccination are between the hands of the ministry for Justice, where they are with the shelter for a long time.

The starting signal was given by the committee of Bilderberg, In Switzerland, at the same time as of other important directives. That which is easiest to show is the Policy Haig-Kissinger-Depopulation applied by State Department. The directive specified that the Third World countries were to undertake effective actions to reduce their population and to control it, to be able to continue to be given the aids of the United States. If a country were to contravene this order, it would see soon bursting a civil war, rise of any part by the CIA. It is one of the reasons which make that in Nicaragua, El Salvador and in other countries, more young women than soldiers were killed. In the catholic countries, they are the Jesuits who fomented the civil wars. Policy Haig-Kissinger-Depopulation was supported by the successive governments, it became integral part of the American foreign policy. All the means are good to reduce the population of the sphere, the war, the famine, the epidemics, sterilizations of mass, by the USAID for example. The organization of planning is not inside the walls of the White House. This commission is called Ad hoc Group one Population Policy, it depends on the National Security Council. The staff is in State Departement' S Office off Affairs Population, created in 1975 per Henry Kissinger, then Foreign Minister. It is the same group which wrote the report 2000, submitted between the hands of the president of then Jimmy Carter.

Thomas Fergusen, in charge of mission in State Departement' S Office off Population Affairs (tender offer) for the Latin America said the following thing: “There is only one thing which counts for us, we must reduce the density of population. Either they make it as we want, i.e. with clean methods (AIDS, sterilization), or we will attend other butcheries, as in El Salvador or in Beirut. Overpopulation is a political problem. If it escapes control from the authorities, one needs an authoritative capacity, if is needed it fascistic, to cure it. The professionals do not want to reduce the populations for humane reasons. It is creditable, but it is not acted in fact that of raw materials and factors of environment. We have strategic reasons which push us in this direction. El Salvador is only one example among others, which shows that our failure in the reduction of the populations led to a serious national crisis. The Salvadorian government did not succeed, with our methods, to reduce the population to a significant degree. This is why it was entitled to a civil war. The civil war is the ultimate attempt to reduce the population. The fastest means to reach remainder that point the famine, as to Africa, or an epidemic such as the Black Death, which could one day fall down on El Salvador”.

Fergusen gives us even more explanations: “We target a country and say, here your plan of development. Throw it with the dustbin and occupy you to reduce your population initially. If you do not like that to proceed by planning, you will have another El Salvador or one 2nd Kampuchea”.

(...) Project MK-NAOMI was developed by researchers of Special Operations Division (SOD), in Ft. Detrick, Maryland, under the aegis of the CIA. But the AIDS is too slow. With the autumn 1994, we met Dr. John Coleman in Honolulu, the author of the book the committee of the 300 and old agent from MID the 6 British. Coleman explains that “the new” virus was tested during one year in a country of South America, and that it could be released in nature in spring 1995. When it becomes really active, one will be able to say: “infected the morning, died the very same day”. This virus there is transmissible by saliva.


 “The 10 big lies on the AIDS” Delivers writes by Dr. Etienne De Harven and the scientific journalist and technical Jean-Claude Roussez. Published into 2005 with the Dangles editions, France.




Or here, for those which read English:


5) Prices of transfer in the multinationals and tax avoidance towards the tax havens

The prices of transfer can deprive the governments of part of the revenues from taxes on the world companies.

Half of the world trade is articulated around the price of transfer

First technique used by the companies: that of the price of transfer. Concretely, that amounts using as well as possible the facilities of the places offshore oil rig to organize the trade between entities of the same group, as in the example presented around the sale of a pen.

The tax havens do not facilitate only the financial chicaneries, they are in the center of the strategies of the firms and international banking flows.

Last year (in 2005), the British Virgin Islands invested more in China than Japan or the United States. Mauritius was, and by far, the first investor in India. These small territories however did not awake a beautiful morning with the head of powerful multinationals ready to conquer the world! In fact, the companies of the industrialized countries and countries emergent are used for of the tax havens to establish there subsidiary companies which will invest elsewhere: little taxed by definition, it is they which will record the profits, while their own subsidiary companies in the countries of destination final, more taxed, will do little of it.

The practice used to make pass the profits of a subsidiary company to the other is that of the “prices of transfer”

6) Wars of Iraq and Afghanistan

The air-conditioning of the American soldiers in Afghanistan is more expensive than NASA!

According to the revelations of a General to the retirement Steve Anderson, person in charge for logistics in Iraq under the command of the Petraeus General, the United States spends 20 billion dollars only to per annum air-condition the tents and prefabricated in Iraq and Afghanistan – either more than the annual budget of NASA.

How much does the war of Iraq cost?

its cost could reach up to 2 000 billion dollars for the United States, if the American troops remain until 2010 in Iraq. The two researchers include in their calculation the American deaths and casualties. Answering this report/ratio, the Pentagon affirmed that the cost of the operations (which do not include the military equipment, nor the losses) was 4,5 billion per month.

In a platform cosignée with Linda J. Bilmes in the Washington Post of this Sunday, Stiglitz estimates that this estimate of 3000 billion was “too low”. It again does not give figure, but only some indications of the stations previously underestimated. The treatment and the compensation for the sunken traumatized or handicapped soldiers prove even more expensive than envisaged, Bilmes and Stiglitz observe. But especially, they explain, they had neglected all the “opportunity costs” of this war, i.e. all the opportunities missed by its fact. They detail four of them: Afghanistan, the price of oil, the federal debt and the economic crisis.

And the increase in oil had also a negative effect (and not quantified) on the economic situation. Idem for the national debt: dug by the war of Iraq, it then worsened the economic crisis. The financial crisis finally, is “at least partly due to the war”. This one, with the rise in the price of oil, made leave the American dollars, and obliged abroad with a running monetary policy which worsened the speculative bubble. Then, the war, and the high level D '' debt, prevented from answering effectively the crisis by a plan of revival even more generous. “The result is that the recession will be longer, the lower production, higher unemployment and the deficits broader than they would have been it without the war” write Stiglitz and Bilmes. They conclude by a question:  “Will we Be able to learn the lessons from this expensive error? ”

document: “Not” the war in Iraq cost 4 billion France

The journalist Vincent Nouzille tells how the Bush administration made pay in Chirac the price of her “treason”.

7) Continuation of the theses eugenists and the fascistic ideologies founded on the superiority of a race.

By preserving its biological heredity and by eliminating the mental patients and the asocial ones, a nation would obtain an advantage in the competitive fight for survival counters other State-nations.

the extremists groups in North America

The groups of mobility néonazie and white suprematist are considered by the American authorities as being potentially most dangerous among the extremists. They are many and powerful, sometimes openly violent one.

Note: this list and these events are indicative, this list is not closed. You can react on this documentary file, announce us other businesses or other precise details, other Web pages…

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General conclusion of the documentary file “our too dear enemies”

The states, after the kings and the princes, are with the hands of financial oligarchy. If in 1350, the Italian bankers could not control new the state-nations and were opposed there, since 1945, the world government of financial seeks to weaken the capacity of the states so that new Roosevelt, Kennedy or Lincoln does not come any more to defend the people and to be opposed to the fraudulent schemes richer. In the ideology of Illuminati which provides the values to the tyranny of the world government, the current states are obstacles to be cut down because the people ingénient themselves to believe that their states will protect them and support the rise in their standard of living. Political leaders can constantly leave among the citizens to take contrary measures with the world government of Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. And the citizens are fond of delicacies of these charismatic men who defend the interests of the people before a new crisis, new wars do not occur to more enrich the families by the private central banks. Without counting to the role important of the states in the distribution of the richnesses in favor them citizens in order to to avoid the social explosion. Without counting the electoral promises and the political programs of the politicians who justify themselves generally only with an aim of being made re-elect. As many wasting and resources which escape cupidity from the Masters from the world whereas the resources are reduced on our planet. There are only certain thinkers, philosophers or poets, anthropologists and specialists in the people first, young lawyers to know that the state is a trap, a place to be able too easily conquered by the minority which directs the system of being able and which hides easily behind this indefinable entity for the right. Friedrich Nietzsche raised to him also this imposture:

“The State, thus is called coldest of the cold monsters and it lies coldly, and the lie that here leaves its mouth: “Me, the State, I am the people. ” “

On, we also denounce the imposture of this state which is not the people. But we present the organizations in networks, the alternative to our systems of being able which to grow rich impoverish us. A democracy without the financial tyranny of oligopoly and state is possible. March 18, 2011, on a forum known, in front of the discussion without end on the need for intervening in Libya to prevent the destruction of Benghazi, we had said that if the French Army did not intervene to eliminate this tyrant and to initially protect this city, which remains the goal and universal values of our republic, then as a poet, we would call the French citizens, including the soldiers, to take the weapons against our leaders. This corresponds following the speech of the poet to the plate of Glières put on line in January 2011. To write this text does not raise any political difficulty nor literary with a French poet. The following day, the French planes started their strike with allied aviations… and we did not write this call to the weapons. At the end of October 2011, the combat continues on the ground of France which saw developing the movement organized in monastic networks and knights of the time of the cathedrals, movement which knew a world radiation. To ruin financial oligarchy is possible and this ruin is one of our major objectives, just like the order of the Temple ruined the king of France. We described in our first part of this Web site, the means to implement: principle of subsidiarity and alliance of the opposites, capitalization of the social rights, common property, projects of life, declaration of the rights to the social life, confederation of the networks citizens of life… The combat passes henceforth by the course of a lawsuit to put these leaders out of state to harm.  

The continuation of this presentation of “our too dear enemies” will be the use of the parts of this file to establish an economic policy court and social in order to check the reported facts, to condemn these criminals and to put them out of state to harm. Before opening a lawsuit before the Court of Justice world, this lawsuit can be imagined, written by artists, writers, authors of theater to be played in front of the public, to be the subject of books, films or Web pages. The poet who expresses himself here cannot humanly all write: in Small-France, among our group of artists, we were two: I was poet, wrote coins of theater to him. The young poet had completed his involution, it had just lived the meeting with the mysteries of the life and sought to begin its evolution among his brothers and sisters of humanity which it continues day after day. Its coins of success like in Paris. There is not that, others can write to him, speak, sing, tell, draw, paint, compose, play of the musics. With them to set up this lawsuit on scene, in front of our contemporaries….and during the pauses, you, as a virtuoso, you can on your guitar play us your jazz manouche… A you to invest our places, the squares and the winter, crossing and jubé of our cathedrals to play the theater of our misfortunes, to sing the return of the happy days, without them and their tyrants. We will be on the mountain and not necessarily only, a poet is never alone, especially not in front of a white page… Our states of heart, our indignations and revolts are not only emotions which will disappear the they same ones if we leave them quiet in their dreams of world government on populations subjected and dedicated to miseries, wars, recessions, epidemics that they prepared us once more. More extremely than our emotions is our will to live free, without wars neither misery, recession nor financial debts, tender with systems of being able which condemn the people to poverty.

Into practice to put this alternative of our networks citizens of life towards an again flourishing civilization for humanity, we must overcome at all costs these despots of the neo liberalism, these families of financial, these illuminati which do not include/understand anything with the Mysteries life and Apocalypse taught in Dendérah then with Eleusis, and which belongs to the experiment of life of an initiated poet.

“Here, I send to you like ewes in the middle of the wolves. Be thus careful like the snakes, and simple like the doves.” Gospel according to Matthieu 10:16

That which pronounced these words left initiated Dendérah, it spoke about the mystery of the Apocalypse because it carried the statute of initiate and sons of God, like all those and those which crossed the well of lights before returning and being born again in their carnal bodies. They are not the Masters of Darkness nor the sectarian of dogmas lucifériens and malefic ideologists. They are carrying lights and speak about the infinite love, of its division between alive beings of passage over Ground before gaining the life according to the human life. None of them can accept the murder, the assassination, the setting in slavery, misery, the organization of epidemics, unemployment, the flight, the wars premeditated and organized of bands to accumulate the material richnesses with the profit of a negligible minority of tyrants. In their engagements, they are recognized by pronouncing these words: “not nobis, dominates, not nobis sed nomini tuo da gloriam”. And this must also appear well in hiéroglyphes on the walls of a temple of the edges of the Nile. It is the oldest language of those and those which have, in their carnal bodies alive human being on Earth, met the light of the life according to the human life. A bit of this light is enough to tear darkness and to make flee the envoy of darkness. With this bit of light, we will overcome so that misfortune succumbs!



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