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3rd part: financing and direction of the wars



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Which are the historical facts, how this financial oligarchy grew rich while financing and while directing the wars.

1) How Venice orchestrated the greatest financial disaster of the history. Paul Gallagher, This article is been published in English in quarterly American Fidelio (winter 95).

In 1345, the collapse of the large banking houses florentines of Bardi and Peruzzi led to a true financial disintegration. One can read in the chronicles of the time that “all the credit disappeared at the same time”.

it is useful to read the book of Frederick C. Lane, Money and Banking in Medieval and Renaissance Venice (Baltimore, John Hopkins University Press, 1985), which shows that it was rather the Venetian finance which controlled the “speculative bubble” of world finance between 1275 and 1350, and which orchestrated the collapse of the years 1340. Far from the mythical “coexistence” between free-traders, the Venetian oligarchs condemned to the bankruptcy their colleagues florentins and the economy of Europe and the Mediterranean with. One could say that Florence held a role similar to that of New York today, with Wall Street and its large banks, while Venice, it was London; it handled banking, sovereign, popes and emperors by means of a very subtle financial network and of its total domination of the market of the currency and credit.

The French historian Fernand Braudel explains (material Civilization, economy and capitalism, XVème-XVIIIème century, Libraire Armand Colin, 1979, volume III) that Venice, with the head of the bankers florentins, génois and Sienan, engaged at the beginning of XIIIème century in a fight against the potential capacity of a modern State-nation “which the success of Frederic II” Hohenstaufen (1194-1250) had already outlined. This one was located in the tradition of development of the Carolingian reforms (improvement of the instruction, agriculture, the commercial infrastructure and art to control), tradition that Dante Alighieri will try to revalorize in Monarchia.

“Venice, written Braudel, knowingly trapped, with its profit, the prone economies, in particular the German economy; it was nourished some, preventing them from acting with their own way and according to their own logic.” In addition, “the new circuits of capitalism meant such a power of the monopoly for the benefit of the State-cities of Italy and the Netherlands that the incipient territorial States, in England, in France or Spain, inevitably underwent the consequences of them.” With that the intervention of Venice to prevent Alphonse the Wise one (1221-1284) is added to succeed Frederic II on the imperial throne.

The “triumph” of liberalism and smothering in egg of the State-nations define the innermost depth of the catastrophe of XIVème century. It is only one century later, when the Rebirth gives rise to the State-nations, first of all France of Louis XI, then England and Spain, that the European population will succeed in leaving cruelty and demographic collapse. The devastation caused by the Venetian commercial bankers and their “allies” in second half of XIVème century is illustrated in Figure 1. In Europe, China and India (almost three-quarter of the world population), the positive population trend was reversed after four to six centuries of regular increase in the population. Famines, bubonic plagues and pulmonary, epidemics and wars, all these factors made disappear from the ground 100 million being human. It is estimated that the Mongolian hordes massacred alone between five and 10 million people. Depopulation did not start with the crash of 1340, but this one represented the watershed.

Venice then played the banking part of center, market of the slaves and center of espionage on behalf of Khan Mongolian.

Between 1250 and 1350, the financial Venetian ones reflect on foot a structure of world speculation on the currencies and the noble metals which recalls by certain aspects the immense modern casino of “derived products”. Dimensions of this phenomenon exceeded by far the more modest speculation on the debt, the goods and the trade of the banks florentines. The Venetian ones managed to remove with the monarchs the monopoly of the emission and the circulation of the currency.

Nevertheless, during the period 1325-1345, there was inversion of the situation. The relationship between the that and ransom price of the money started to fall, passing from 15 per 1 to 9 per 1. At the time when the price of the money went up, after 1330, the offer was enormous in Venice. In 1340-50, “the international exchange of gold and money intensified considerably”, affirms Lane, who documents moreover a new flight of the prices of the goods.

The bankers florentins find blow trapped. All their investments are out of gold, whereas the course of yellow metal is in free fall.

After the collapse of the gold caused by the Venetian ones with their new coins, Florentins made in the same way only in 1334 when it was too late, the King of France waited until 1337 and the king of England 1340 before launching the unhappy attempt which we mentioned.

According to Lane: “The fall of the ransom price, to which the Venetian ones had resolutely contributed by important money exports and imports of gold, while drawing some from the profits, was harmful for Florentins. Although they were the leaders of international finance (...), Florentins were not measures some, contrary to Venetian, to draw advantage from the changes which took place between 1325 and 1345.”

The superprofits of Sérénissime in the total speculation continued until the banking disasters and the disintegration of the market which occurred in 1345-47 and during following years.

2) wars before 1910

Document: The forgotten war of America against the central banks by Mike Hewitt, Judicious Financial University, translated by Governed Mex for Mecanopolis


The war of 1812: 

The Democratic-Republican majority voted against the renewal of the permission of the federal government that the central bank can exist, and the first Bank of the United States closed officially its doors on March 3, 1811.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild, wire of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, is quoted by certain historians to have informed “that the United States would be implied in a war of most disastrous if the charter of the central bank were not renewed”. Coincidentally, five months after the closing of the first bank of the United States, England declared a war financed by loans made in Rothschild which were already the preeminent bankers in Europe at that time.

The war of 1812 finished without winners in 1814, the British being occupied fighting Napoleon in the same moment.

the American civil war of 1861 to 1865

Rothschild financed the two camps of the American civil war of 1861 to 1865. From December 1860 to May 1861, eleven States whose economic system rested on slavery (States of the South) resigned of the Union and constituted the “confederated States”. That caused the American Civil War, in April 1861, against the other States of the Union located at the North of the United States. In fact almost exclusively AGENTS OF ROTHSCHILD created and fomented the civil war. One of these agitators was GEORGE BICKLEY who had founded the “KNIGHTS OF the GOLD CIRCLE”.

Via Bickley and its knights, the Rothschild house insisted on the disadvantages which the Union for the confederated States represented. In the other States of the Union, on the other hand, the ROTHSCHILD, while making use of “J.P. Morgan” and “August Belmont”, reflect the accent on the advantages of the Union. The bank of ROTHSCHILD of London financed North, that of Paris the South. What a colossal business for Rothschild! One can be only the winner when the two camps are financed and that them the weapons are provided. Which were overcome? American, those of the States of North and those of the States of the South.

However, president LINCOLN which had bored the play refused, in 1862 and 1863, to pay them the interests which rose with colossal sums. He charged, a little later a little later the Congress to make print the dollars “Green Back” to pay the troops of the Union. Of course, that did not agree to the plan of Rothschild: the consequence was that one their agents, JOHN WILKES BOOTH, killed on their Lincoln order on April 14, 1865. That one, was later released from prison by the “Knights of the gold circle” and passed the remainder of its life very agreeably to England with a sum rondelette offered by the ROTHSCHILD.


document: John Pierpont Morgan, at the time of the tumultuous period that the American Civil War represents, it is used at the same time the offices of London and New York. He gains much money during the war because the paternal firm is representing financial Union in Great Britain. Morgan negotiates loans for the Union, finances purchases of armament, speculates in gold…,

The elimination of the mode of the Tsars in Russia

At the end of the 19th century, Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy holds the capacity in Europe and in the United States, only Russia does not want a bank central directed by private banks and refuses to become the customer of these banks at the point to be subjected to them. The bankers thus will seek to reverse the capacity of the Tsars to be able to have the natural richnesses, the oil of Russia.

The war enters Japan and Russia after 1904:

Jacob Henry Schiff thus grants a loan of 200 million dollars Japan in 1904 to support the Japanese ambitions in China. The territories aimed by Japan are occupied by… Russia. It is the time when all the world powers type China, devastated and impotent. The ultramodern ships of the Japanese fleet have been just delivered by Vickers, directly of England. It is a disaster humiliating for Nicolas II, who must withdraw his troops, give up his fortified towns and cry his fleet, cast by the bottom to the last ship, reduced to nothing.

3) The installation of two world wars

3.1. The war of 14-18

In the years 1910, Schiff will arm the central, enemy powers of Russia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, but also the Othoman Empire, in preparation for the first war. When the conflict bursts in 1914, the weather lends also money to France so that it is armed against these same central powers, while recommending to everyone to be during the peace as soon as possible. It will use finally of its influence on Woodrow Wilson to push the United States to intervene in their turn.

Jacob Henry Schiff prepared since ten years, in collaboration with German Kaiser, the financing of the Russian revolution. In 1917, the rebellion sets ablaze all Russia and paralyzes the face of the East, which causes to lengthen the two year old war. Are the states of Europe ruined? that's no problem, one will still lend a few hundreds of million to them. Schiff invests massively in the Bolchevique government of Lénine, supporting her victory over the other revolutionary factions. The debt Bolshevik, contracted in Wall Street, will be honoured in the Twenties and I will explain you how. The girl of Schiff Jacob becomes the wife of her partner at Kuhn and Co, Felix Warburg.

One of the ideas of Kaiser Wilhelm II, always advised by max Warburg, is to reach oil mésopotamien by building a railway line connecting Berlin to Bassora (Iraq of today). The British Crown, whose fleet gave up coal in 1904 with the profit of oil, cannot let the monopoly of its Royal Dutch Shell be exhausted. In 1914, a few months before the project is not supplemented, the war is declared under a pretext can, the assassination of the Duke Franz Ferdinand. The bankers of all shares rub the hands. For them, it is Christmas!…


Jack Morgan the son and successor of J. Piermont, retorted while requiring of the customers of Morgan Remington and Winchester to increase the production of armament. It decided that the United States was to enter the First World War. Pressed by the foundation Carnégie and other authorities of oligarchy, Wilson yielded. As Charles Tansill wrote in “America goes from there in war”: “Even well before the powder does not speak, the French firm of the Rothschild brothers cabled in Morgan and Co in New York suggesting the undulation of a loan of 100 million dollars, of which a substantial part would be left in the United States to pay the French expenditure for purchases of American products.”

The Morgan house financed half of the American effort of war, while receiving commissions to have introduced subcontractors like General Electric, Of the Bridge, steels American, Kennecott and ASARCO. All were customers of Morgan

At the time of the treaty of Versailles in 1919, severe repairs are required by the allies in Germany and its allies. Among those, let us mention that Royal Dutch Shell, oil belonging to the British Crown, receives the oil fields of all the Middle-East in gift. 75% of the liquidities necessary to the heavy payments imposed on Germany are lent to the Berlinois government by US banks of which the Federal Bank Reserve directed by Paul Warburg. It is thus the American people which will pay with his taxes German repairs of the first war to the large companies which organized the conflict from one end to another. This situation contributes to create the heavy national debt which ensures the banks their ascending on the American policy. Here are which throws a prosaic lighting on the “miracle” of the German recovery, and on the legendary effectiveness of the mode Nazi, which one continues to praise us until our days in various forms.

Hamburg-Amerika line has as a bank (thus creditor) Mr. Mr. Warburg of Hamburg. Within the framework of “repairs”, it is thus Warburg himself which organizes his transfer to the trust of Averell Harriman and George Herbert Walker, of which the American arm of its bank, held by his/her brothers Felix and Paul Warburg, is partially owner. Let us summarize the way of the money. The American taxpayer pays his tax, which collects with the Federal Bank Reserve of Paul Warburg and Co. This money passes then in loan to Germany, actually in Reichsbank of max Warburg and Co. The money forwards once again towards the Union Bank de Harriman, whose Felix Warburg is an important shareholder. This money (or what it remains about it) is then used to supplement the transaction yielding an immense fleet of ships, Hamburg-Amerika, of Mr. Mr. Warburg to the Union Bank, always property partial of Warburg. Result, the money stolen to a citizen, the American, was used to dispossess another citizen, the German, and the governments of the two countries incur heavy interests, whereas a gigantic fleet of ships seemed to change hands. To supplement the loop, in 1933, the same max Warburg becomes the director of the board of directors of Hamburg-Amerika line.

3.2. the Russian revolution and Soviet capacity:

At the end of the 19th century with the call financial only Russia missed because the Tsar refused the creation of a central Bank inevitably controlled by the families of Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. We know today how they made a success of their blow. They recruited among the poor pupils of Marx, and Lénine was recognized by Marx himself like one of his poor pupils. Trotski in January 1917 was formed with the guerilla in the property of the “STANDARD OIL COMPANY” of ROCKEFELLER in the New Jersey. The rebels trotskists were financed by Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy to eliminate the mode from the tsar of Russies. Lénine was financed by the German bankers. Then, the “Standard Oil” (of Rockefeller) bought to the Russians, after the revolution Bolshevik, 50% of the immense Caucasian oil-bearing fields, although they were officially nationalized. In 1927, the Standard Oil built the first refinery in Russia, made then an agreement with the Russians to run out their oil on the European markets and made pass 75 million $ to the Bolsheviks.

Document: In 1916, Schiff Jacob, president of “Khun Loeb & Co.Bank”, were selected at the time of a gathering of “B' NAI B' RITH” in New York like chair “Movement Zionist” (revolutionary) in Russia. 

January 13, 1917, the Jew LEON TROTSKI (alias Bronstein) arrived at the United States and accepted an American passport. One occasionally saw it penetrating in the very luxurious residence JACOB SCHIFF. * Schiff and Trotski exchanged then on the disorders Zionists in Russia as on the lessons which one had drawn from the failure of the inversion of the tsar. Jacob Schiff financed the training of the “rebels trotskists” made up mainly of Jews of the districts of New York. 

Their drive took place in the property of the “STANDARD OIL COMPANY” of ROCKEFELLER in the New Jersey. When they were involved enough to carry out guerillas, the rebels trotskists left the United States provided with a sum of 20 million gold $ that Jacob Schiff had given to them. The steamer” S.S. Kristianiafjord " took them along to Russia to prepare the advent of the “revolution Bolshevik”.

Document: Very intense contacts connected the elite of Wall Street to Russia as of the end of the 19th century. In fact, Rockefeller and his colleagues were not going to take any risk and to ensure themselves to finance and arm the two sides with the Bolchévique revolution. When the Russian revolution is stabilized around Stalin at the beginning of the Twenties, this one will make gift of Bakou to a colleague and partner of business of Rockefeller, certain Averell Harriman, of which one of the banks, Brown Brothers Harriman was chaired by Percy Rockefeller.

document: Whereas Bolsheviks control only one fraction negligible of territory Russian (piece which they pass close losing at the summer 1918), American League to Aid and Cooperate with Russia is organized in Washington D.C. to increase the support offered to the group of Lénine and Trotski, already supported by Jacob Schiff. It is about a consortium gathering General Electric, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and especially, the Federal Bank Reserve, in short, a lobby of Warburg.

Document: You also mentioned the Revolution Bolshevik. Once more know it perhaps already to you as well as many listeners you will see that a good part of the financing comes from Kuhn Loeb and Co as well as certain Illuminati characters. This money was used by the Bolsheviks to finance the revolution. At that time, a certain number of agreements and things which were undertaken made it possible these people to succeed. Considerable aspects of this business occurred in an occult way, behind the scene. J.P. 

Document: Antony Sutton explains the whole of these connections between the companies of Wall Street and the characters - keys having led the revolution Bolshevik to burst, by the fact that the companies of Wall Street aim to be established in the Soviet market in order to exploit Russia commercially. This establishment will be carried out in particular through American International Corporation which is an organization gathering initially the interests of J.P. Morgan, of James Stillman the president of the National City Bank off New York, and of Rockefeller.


3.3. the war of 1939 - 1945

1920: in spite of still hot ashes and the horror cuisante with which the World looks at the hecatomb which has been just completed, Wall Street already starts to make the promotion of a policy of revenge in Central Europe and to prepare the advent of a new war between France, Germany and Russia.

Creation in New York of Council one Foreign Relations (kind of American ministry of the Foreign Affairs, escaping any governmental control, pertaining to industrial banks and trusts). Its direction is entrusted to Paul Moritz Warburg. There remains about it an influential member until his death, in 1932. It also melts in 1921 International the Acceptance Bank off New York (banks of reception of foreign capital), which amalgamates then with the Bank of Manhattan. He is in addition founder, important, and directing shareholder of I.G. Farben the USA, sister company of the I.G. German Farben, directed by its frérot max Warburg. I.G. Farben and Vereinigte Stahlwerke produced together 95% of the explosives used by the forces of the Axis during the second world war.

In the Twenties, the bankers of Wall Street seek in Central Europe on which miser to ensure itself of a war as soon as possible. Paul Moritz Warburg goes to Germany in 1929 and 1930, to represent International Bank Acceptance there, interested to finance and organize Socialist the National party of Adolf Hitler. He also represents Guarantee Trust of J.P. Mogan in the same context.

Soaked with funds and supports coming from all shares (Wall Street, City of London, Thyssen, Schacht, Krupp), Adolf Hitler and his S.A., armed with 400.000 machine-guns by Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, seize the capacity after a disguised coup d'etat, in January 1933.

As from 1933, max Warburg takes part in the financial direction of the Nazi state while sitting at CA of Reichsbank, under Hjalmar Schacht to which it is very close. It is in parallel one of the large shareholders and leaders of the German part of the immense chemical conglomerate Nazi I.G. Farben (américano-Germanic), sadly celebrates for the creation and the sale of Zyklon B (the poison employed in the death camps), but also supplier of the German pollutant gas army, substitute oil and products various, of which obviously, of the explosives. I.G. Farben has a party taken very clearly in the war which prepares, since the American branch of the firm blocks the comprising access of army U.S. to its patents of the military applications, by reserving exclusiveness at the Nazi side.

Document: The trust of chemistry IG Farben had its central seat in Germany, it controlled the industry chemical and pharmaceutical in the whole world and 93 countries coopéraient in this trust.  I.G. Farben had developed, in 1926, a method to obtain gasoline starting from coal and thus concludes in 1929 a license agreement with the “STANDARD OIL” (of Rockefeller). Two years later, I.G.Farben produced approximately half of the German gasoline and, later, built refineries right beside the concentration camps. The prisoners were constrained to work there as of the convicts while one produced in the refineries gas for the gas chambers. Group I.G. Farben one of most important the konzerns was controlled by Rothschild and ran out of the enormous money sums in the German economy and particularly with future the S. The management committee of I.G.Farben counted among its members MAX and PAUL WARBURG (of the Federal Reserve) which had large banks in Germany and in the United States. The principal liaison officer between Hitler and the silver plated barons of “Wall Street” were HJALMAR HORACE GREELY SCHACHT, president of the bank of Reich, whose family was closely related to the elite of international finances.

In his book, John Perkins describes his clean last of economic hired killer for the account of a financial oligarchy. He explains why when the hired killers do not succeed in making fold the country concerned, one deploys the “jackals then” to carry out low works: assassinations or coups d'etat. In the event of failure of the jackals, it is with the army to intervene directly. In a sense, IG Farben was the economic hired killer of the financial oligarchy of the time and the Nazis, the jackals.

Well before his arrival with the capacity in 1933, Hitler enjoyed D `a substantial support on behalf of the private trusts. The most famous case is that of Fritz Thyssen, of Vereinigte Stahlwerke. In a book published in 1941 pennies the title I financed Hitler, Thyssen admits that it had started to finance Hitler in October 1923 with a first contribution of 100 000 marks.

the entry in war of the USA against Japan:

Japanese wanted to make raise the blockade which American imposed to them on the level of oil since their invasion of China. When they attacked, there remained to them nothing any more but 18 months of strategic stock. Japanese lorgnaient on the oil of the south is Asian, but there was an American base too ready. They struck Pearl Harbor to try to destroy the doors had US and to neutralize any US response.

document: October 7, 1940, the Lieutenant-Commander Arthur McCollum wrote a report of 8 pages describing a process aiming at forcing Japan to enter in war with the United States.

February 11, 1941, FDR proposed to send six battleships and two other warships in Manila.

It is generally approved that the American embargo of oil bound for Japan led promptly to the Japanese invasion of the Dutch Indies of the East. Roosevelt further went while freezing all the Japanese capital placed at the United States, while bringing financial assistances to the Chinese Nationalists (who were in war with Japan at this time) and from the military aid in England in violation of the existing international laws in connection with the war.

December 4, three days before the attack on Pearl Habor, the services of Australian information informed Roosevelt that a group of Japanese forces moved towards Pearl Harbor. But it did not hold account of it.

The attack caused the death of 2400 American soldiers and the entry in war of the United States. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, 83% of the American public did not want to enter in war. After the attack, a million men went voluntary for the military service.



the continuation of the war 1939-1945:

document: The network built by Warburg, Harriman and their assistants continues to operate, until 1942 in certain cases, and 1945 in others. The garnered profits are astronomical. Contrary to Schiff, resolutely moved by the fate by its congeneric and always ready to go to their help, Warburg in general seem equipped with an indifference confusing with the sufferings of the human beings, but of the Jews in particular. Were they deceived? Perhaps they were anti-semites themselves?! Or then rather detached from their admirable ancestral culture and simply avid of capital, control, power.

document: the role of Jean Monnet at Roosevelt during the war:

George Ball, who, before becoming Secretary of State of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, crossed Monnet in the alleys of the American capacity during these years of war, testifies: “Jean, at that time, had already a small legend in Washington. Its past was well-known, at least in the small circle of people who counted in the decision-making process. It had been said to me that it did not resemble anybody and in fact it was well that. I was a little surprised, it was really sui generis.” (Testimony of George Ball in Eric Roussel, October 22, 1991.)

Monnet which, when it had an idea at the head never gave up it, maintained a pressure constant on the Roosevelt Administration. During spring 1941, it was undoubtedly a factor determining in the effort of American military mobilization before Pearl Harbor, one of only to include/understand where Roosevelt intended to come from there and why.

John Maynard Keynes, quoted by Emmanuel Monick in For memory, will say: “When the United States of America entered the conflict, one presented at President Roosevelt a plan of rebuilding of planes judged by all the American technicians like carrying out almost a miracle. However Jean Monnet dared to find it insufficient. The President joined from his point of view. He imposed on the American nation an effort which appeared impossible first of all but which was perfectly carried out thereafter. This capital decision perhaps shortened one year whole the duration of the war.”

the battle of Normandy and renouncement to capture divisions SS 

The appointment of Eisenhower as commander-in-chief for the war in Europe is an inspection mark of financial on the allied Generals. The eagerness of the German troops to defend meter per meter their positions and not to consider the retirement hustled the allied plans of the COSSAC established in 1943 and based on the withdrawal of the German troops in front of the threat of a surrounding. The refusal of a retirement and the will to attack against of Hitler had led to a monumental error and the possibility of capturing the unit of what remained Group of Army B German. However Eisenhower let make Bradley and Montgomery without coordinating their actions. August 14, the advance of the Canadian troops under the orders of Montgomery advances quickly in front of Falaise and the closing of the pocket is imminent. The south, the advance of the 2nd dB of Leclerc makes it possible to also close the Cliff pocket.

Document: At six o'clock in the morning on August 13, 1944, the forest of Ecouves was under control. And the Germans start to flee by the corridor of Chambois which the allies start to bombard. 

August 14 Bradley, without acting in concert with Montgomery nor with Eisenhower, gives the order to Patton not to begin to close the pocket while going to the meeting of Canadian of Montgomery but of going towards the Seine to the east of Paris. If Montgomery asks him of the assistance, it will provide it to him to capture the German army. Half of the army of Patton moves then towards Chartres and Orleans. August 17 in the afternoon, Montgomery will telephone Bradley to ask him of the assistance and to close the zone Nickel silver-Cliff, mainly in Chambois by where German escaped. To close Chambois, Montgomery indicated the 1ère the Polish armoured division, most inexperienced of divisions which Montgomery ordered. Polish will sacrifice itself to hold until their last forces but the stopper will be definitively closed that as from August 21. Without the order of Bradley, the 2nd dB of Leclerc could have been the first coming from the south to meet in Chambois Polish and Canadian. (Six armies in Normandy, John Keegan).

Document: Early in after midday of August 13, the Bradley General relayed by Patton had ordered to the Haislip General not to walk on Argentan. The commander of XVème Corps was to also point out the elements which operated in direction of Cliff or with the Nickel silver north. Instead of concentrating the attacks towards the Canadians, XVème Corps was to gather and prepare for other operations in a new direction.

On his side, the Montgomery marshal delivered the following tactical explanation in his book “Normandy to the Baltic” (4): “XVème Corps US had been well established in the Nickel silver area on August 13 and pushed elements with approximately ten miles in direction of Gace, threatening the enemy side and closing the routes towards the east. August 14 this Body received the order to be further spread towards the East in direction of Dreux in order to circumvent the enemy shoulder in the south of the corridor and to prohibit the escape of the enemy forces towards the zone of Orleans.” It is known that this measurement was taken to be opposed to the new directives of Hitler August 18 1944 which wanted to create a line of face Swiss Direction-Dijon it border.

August 19, 1944, the collar of the Cliff pocket is finally closed again when the American troops establish a first connection with Polish armoured division, hard tested, in Chambois. The same day, the 3rd US Army of Patton receives the order to establish a head of bridge in the East of the Seine and Yonne on the Direction-Montereau-Melun perimeter.

To the evening of August 20, 1944, the staff of the group of Armies B reported “that roughly 40 to 50% of the encircled units had managed to break surrounding to join the lines of IIème S Panzerkorps” .Il A had there some 10.000 soldiers died on the battle field. The allies estimated the number of the German prisoners at 50.000 (25.000 by the American troops and as much by the Anglo-Canadian troops.

Document: For Meyer, Simonds had let pass a formidable occasion, the large Cliff road having been open during twelve hours crucial between midnight on August 7 and midday the next day. It was reported that only “60 men and 3 Tiger tanks” barred the road with the Canadian heavy trucks and a victory with Falaise. Criticisms thus supposed that if Simonds had not been armature in error by the information, it would have acquired well in advance the knowledge of the situation necessary to change the course of the Totalize operation basically and to launch its forces on the Cliff road in order to encircle the German army in the west before the battle incipient from the Cliff pocket becomes that of the Cliff breach.

The interrogation remains to include/understand how the allies lost the occasion to capture the whole of the German Army B in Normandy: the accumulation of errors on the ground cannot be an excuse because the troops were able to close as of August 13 the pocket. The command as a chief thus becomes responsible and the way in which American sought to make take the responsibility on Montgomery becomes suspect since it is the American army of Patton with the 2nd dB Frenchwoman which had in hand the fate of surrounding. Canadian had false information delivered by the staff of Eisenhower and they lacked reserve tested to make a success of the capture of German divisions. For any serious explanation, considerable historians concluded that it is Eisenhower who let escape divisions S from Normandy on order of the political and financial decision makers American. 

After May 8, 1945, the Patton General will seek explanations to the so tortuous military control of the war to know the true decision makers and persons in charge for this illogical strategy which quickly left the free field to the Soviet troops on Eastern Europe. Its accidental death in December 1945 arranged well the businesses of financial of Wall Street but the causes of this accident remained suspect and the elimination of this General become too curious plausible remainder. When we know today the close connections between the bankers of Wall Street and the Nazis, as of other historians admit it, we can believe that divisions of German elites were seen made it possible to escape from Normandy to prolong the war and to resist the Soviet armies as much as possible. There were only the chemical factories of IG Farben property of financial of Wall Street which were saved: the S was also protected for its role from spearhead against Communism. The goal of Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy always was to make last the wars longest possible to maximize its phenomenal enrichment during these military conflicts. When the question arose of capturing all the German army of Normandy, the duration of the war and the agreements of Yalta gave the answer: Patton was not to be able to sink in three weeks on Berlin, before continuing on Moscow. They are not the Generals who decide fate of the combat but the financial ones which organize them for their exclusive profits!

Trade with the enemy:

document: A manner of starting to perceive Illuminati consists with initially looking at how these people arrange themselves to be above the wars, the fray and of all these sufferings which overpower us. Another historical example which I highlighted in my book on the 13 principal blood lines Illuminati: when the USA entered in war after Pearl Harbor, in the space of a few days, president Roosevelt left an order in Council which was in fact an amendment semi-secrecy with the law prohibiting trade with the enemy (Trading with Ennemy Act). This amendment authorized certain people to make trade with the enemy if they received from it the permission on behalf of the secretary to the Treasury which, at that time, was Hans Morgenthau. I made a copy of these files which I left the Federal Code off Regulations (federal code of the Laws). If they want to exempt somebody, they can enable him to trade with the enemy thanks to this order in Council.

And which is people to which one gave this privilege? Rockefeller and Onassis, both of the working ankles Illuminati. During the second world war, all the Greek commercial boats were run by a camp or the other. Then, there were this Greek ship-owner, Aristote Onassis which did not lose only one ship whereas those sailed in zones of war. None the powers of the Axis or the allied countries dared to attack its boats. In the same way the chemical factories of IG Farben in Germany were not bombarded because they were the possession of the bankers of Wall Street. So that something as that occurs, you must have a full and whole collaboration on the most level. They are installed above the fray, above the conflicts which they cause for the men of the commun run.



There is a whole book which is devoted to that and which is entitled, I think, “To trade with the enemy”. This work was published in 1983. The Standard Oil of Rockefeller chartered oil tankers and gas initially for Spain whose products were then directly forwarded to the Nazi Germany. The Allies knew that Rockefeller provided the Germans out of fuels. That prolonged the two year old war. But you will never intend to speak about that among the official historians. There was enormously important trade during the 2nd world war which was actually essential to support the machine of war Nazi.

During the war, Hunting Bank National of Rockfellers will keep its offices open in France occupied by the Nazis, managing the accounts of the ambassador Nazi Otto Abetz who financed the revolutionary synarchical Movement, that which liquidated the cells anti-Nazis in Paris.

Hunting will also have charges the transactions of them of the Bank value Aleman Transatlantico, the controller of the Party Nazi in Iberian America. April 17, 1945, Chase National Bank off New York will be translated into justice in front of an American federal court to have enfreint the “Law on the trade with the enemy”, in the business of diamonds of Smit.

July 13, 1944, to most extremely of the war, Standard Oil off New Jersey carried felt sorry for against the American government to have confiscated the patents of the synthetic rubber. November 7, 1945, judge Charles Wyzanski ruled in favor of the government. The procedure in appeal was rejected on September 22, 1947, judge Charles Clark declaring: “The Standard Oil can be regarded as a national enemy within sight of his relation with IG Farben after the United States and Germany became active enemies.”

As for ITT, it will continue throughout the war to collaborate with the government Nazi. The German branch of ITT, whose chairman was Gerhardt Westrich, the legal associate of John Foster Dulles, will provide Wehrmacht out of telephones, warning signals of air raids, equipment radars, wicks for pieces of artillery, etc

document: The S was assigned to the guard Jewish and different prisoners, and selected to kill those which were unsuitable with the labor of the slaves of I.G. Farben. The President of Standard in Germany Emil Helfferich testified after the war that the funds of the Standard Oil were used to pay the guards S in Auschwitz.

Martin Bormann was an agent Rothschild – obvious Évidence

The second most powerful man of the Nazi Germany, Martin Bormann, was an agent (Illuminati Britannique) “Soviet” which ensured the destruction of Germany and of the community European Juive ..... Bormann was an agent Illuminati Britannique since the beginning and is largely responsible for the Nazie defeat. In fact, the Second World war was a gigantic fraud Rothschild on the Germans, Juifs and the human race. Spoils A finish with the hands of Illuminati.

How the grandfather of Bush helped Hitler to reach the capacity

During tens of years, rumors binding the first American family to the machine of war Nazi circulated. Today, Guardian reveals you what the current president feels after all that followed the application of the “Trading with the Ennemi Act” [the law repressing the trade with the enemy].

file carried out by Ben Aris in Berlin and Duncan Campbell in Washington, The Guardian, Saturday September 25, 2004.

To conclude our observations on the Second World War, American financial oligarchy sought to make last longest possible this world war while wanting to weaken Germany and Soviet Union, knowing that once the overcome Nazis, there would remain Communism to consider a third world war which was going to legitimate important expenditure of armament and the continuation of alliance between the bankers and the industrialists of the armament to force the governments and the politicians to subject itself to this strategy very enriching for financial oligarchy.

Conclusion on the installation of the economic crises and the wars by Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy:

We are well in the presence of a war of the people against control decided by this international financial elite: the financial oligarchy of Wall Street wanted that the politicians build a Socialist Company because socialism bubble by bottom, impoverishes and makes it possible to better control the people. The same men and the same international firms financed the Russian Revolution, “New Deal” of Roosevelt and National-Socialisme, 3 “socialisms”. Each time, these political operations reinforced the dependence of the states and the people with regard to the financial oligarchy which found there profits colossal.

This policy illustrates celebrates it analysis of Tocqueville: “the division of the classes was the crime of the old royalty, and became later its excuse; because, when all those which make the part rich and enlightened of the nation cannot any more get along and help in the government, the administration of the country by itself is like impossible, and it is necessary that a Master intervenes”.

For the financial Masters of the world, the strategy is the same one: in lower part of the class of richest, it is necessary to develop the middle class and popular and to leave socialism and the states to occupy itself some. The cynicism consolidated by the racist ideology in the faith of a pure race and the supremacy of the Masters regularly carried out these criminals to initially develop their profits in the trade of the slaves then in the use of the forced labor of the extermination Nazis and concentration camps. As socialism will not manage to change the situation and to eliminate the capacity from richest, the populations will be well obliged to return towards their Masters to obtain a work, wages and a banking account. To leave the economic crises decided by the financial ones, the political leaders as the citizens must subject themselves to the tyranny of financial oligarchy. For them, there is not an other alternative: one needs a world government of which they will be the Masters:

“We will have a world government, that it or not is wanted. Remain to know if the world government will be established by assent or conquest.”   James Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, with the Council of the International relations of the United States.

But Tocqueville and probably well more Warburg and consorts, were ignares on the time of the cathedrals and the alternative of the organization in network. Just like our financial always refuses to consider this alternative whereas they know it very well certainly to function them same in networks, in networks closed, clans and a Maffia criminal in order to make impossible the development of our networks citizens of life.

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