Our too dear enemies, to overcome them at all costs!  

2nd part: Which processes they use?


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The relations between the kings, the princes and their bankers are known and the method is simple: when the king spends more than it is not able to raise taxes on his people, the banker lends money to him and the king falls thus under his dependence. If he wants to refund, the simplest solution also is to plunder the close kingdom. In this financial system, very quickly the bankers can meet to push the kings to be made the war, to borrow for raising armies of mercenaries then for overcome, to borrow to rebuild its kingdom. The bankers thus make fabulous fortunes while plunging the people in misery and devastation! But it is their law of the money and the maximization of their profits! This criminal practice took its rise after the destruction about the Temple whose bank served the interests of the populations and not those of the kings. One of the first examples is in Alsace when the Germanic princes voters wanted to pawn near the bankers the taxes to be taken on the resources of the Alsatian cities. Ten cities refused and met in 1354 around Décapole by restoring partially the organization in network of the time of the cathedrals, the abbeys and the knights templiers: they are the free cities of Alsace that the tourists of the whole world always come to visit: the richnesses remained on the spot and did not fall between the hands from these European bankers always hastened to extend their capacity on the kings and the princes, the noble ones.

We will initially see financial means to direct the economy and the governments, then how are organized the economic inflation and crises. This Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy also set up wars to grow rich more. Finally we will see that the control of the economy is not limited to financial measurements but that this oligarchy develops the control of the consumers and more largely the control of the thought, mental control, always with an aim of Illuminati: to dominate the world.

 1) Capacity of a central bank common to the 8 families which controls the central banks of the countries.

“Let me decide and control the regulation of the money supply of a nation, and I card-index myself what makes the laws. ” Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the dynasty of bankers of the same name.

1ère stage: the creation of Federal Bank Reserve in the USA

In 1913, Paul Moritz Warburg directs the small sélect group which makes a success of one of the largest holdups of all the history of humanity: the creation of Federal Bank Reserve. There was already nearly 75 years that the bankers of all grindings tried the blow. Presidents Lincoln, McKinley and Garfield were assassinated to be opposite there.

Document: “The plot of the Federal Reserve”, of Antony Sutton (translated in 2009), is a small book which is read in one day because it sticks to the plot of the bankers against the American people, between 1907 and 1913: it is short, it is dense, it is clear, it is revolting.

Document: “Secrecies of the Federal Reserve. London connection”, of Eustace Mullins (translated into Sept. 2010), is a larger book, very well written, very documented, recalling one longer period: after, having also described to him thoroughly the scandalous plot of the island Jekyll (1910) and three years following of villainous lobbying, it shows especially the decisive role of this banking Maffia in all the large wars of the XXe century: it is terrible, it would be said that they finance (and corrupt) all the camps!

The work of Eustace Mullins tells a stage-key of the recent economic History - a stage which determines, still today, the operating mode of our economy.

1907: monetary panic weakens American capitalism. J.P. Morgan is now considered by much as being at the origin of the rumors which caused the panic of 1907.

1913: the Federal Reserve is made up.

Between these two dates: six years of intrigues, betrayed oaths, shameless lies and carefully disguised half-truths. Six years, during which the large bankers of businesses took support on the programmed bankruptcy of their system, for refonder their capacity.

It is this victory of the bankers whom tells Mullins - one dark moment in the fight always started again between the Capital and the people.

All the dynamics of our contemporary economy results from this decisive moment, where the money merchant assumed the right to manufacture the currency symbol. And that, for the first time, in practice, on a world scale.

Eustace Mullins wrote the chronicle of the greatest holdup of the History.


“The Federal Reserve System exerts control on the monetary system of the nation, but it is not however indebted towards anybody. It does not have any budget, is not either the object of any to that, and no committee of the congress is informed of its activities, nor is not able to supervise them.” They are the words of regretted professor Murray NR. Rothbard, economist and academic adviser of the Institute Ludwig von Mises.

2nd stage: The Bank for international settlements (BIS),

(Bank for International English Settlements or (A)) was created in 1930. It is the oldest international financial institution. Its legal statute is that of a limited company, whose shareholders are central banks.

Established within the framework of the Young plan, regulating the methods of the war reparations imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles (from where its name), it was also used for to distribute the financings of the European rebuilding. Its initial function having become obsolete, it became the place of dialog of the large central banks.

During the Second World war, the Bank for international settlements, directed by Roger Auboin, continued to function, which caused various polemic, on the placement of the gold stolen by Germany for example.

It is located in Basle in Switzerland, and is called the “central bank of the central banks”.



document: The (A) is the most powerful bank of the world, a total central bank for the eight families which control the central banks of almost all the Western nations and the countries in the process of development. The first president of the (A) was the banker of Rockefeller Gates McGarrah, official Hunting Manhattan Bank and federal reserve. Mc Garrah was the grandfather of the ex-director of the CIA Richard Helms. Rockefeller, just like Morgan, had very close relations with London. David Icke written in “the children of the matrix”, that Rockefeller and Morgan were only “figureheads” for Rothschild.

The (A) is a property of the federal reserve, bank of England, bank of Italy, banks of Canada, banks of Switzerland, banks of Holland, banks federal allemande and the bank of France.

The historian Carroll Quigley wrote in its epic delivers “Tragedy and Hope” that the (A) belonged to a plan, that “to create a world system of control financial in hands private and able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world in his entirety… an being exerted control in a feudal way by the central banks of the world acting of concert through secret agreements.” The American government had a historical mistrust with regard to the (A), and made pressure without success so that it is abandoned in 1945 with the conference of Bretton-Woods. Contrary to that, the power of the eight families was exacerbated with creation by the conference of Bretton-Woods of the IMF and the World Bank. The American federal bank took shares with the (A) only in September 1994. 

The (A) holds at least 10% of the reserve funds of at least 80 central banks in the world, of the IMF and other multilateral institutions. It is used as financial agent for the international agreements, collects information on the total economy and serves of lender or last rampart to avoid a general total financial collapse. The (A) makes the promotion of a diary of monopolistic Fascism capitalist. It gave a loan of welding to Hungary in the years 1990 to ensure the privatization of the saving in this country. It was used as channel of financing of Adolf Hitler for the eight families, taken along by Henry Schroeder of Warburgs and the Mendelsohn bank of Amsterdam.

It is not a coincidence if the (A) has its HQ in Switzerland, in Basle, the financial hiding place preferred for the richness of the total aristocracy and headquarters of the cabin Italian freemason P2 Alpina and Nazi International. Other institutions which the eight families control include the World Economic Forum (Davos NdT), the International Monetary Conference and the World Organization of Trade (OMC).


 2) Hidden inflation 

The theory:

According to the economic theory taught with the students, inflation is an evil which should be eliminated because it corrodes the saving and comes to reduce it. For a saver, a rich person, inflation is to be proscribed absolutely. For a consumer, inflation is a help which facilitates refundings of the appropriations. For an investor, inflation with his high interest rates is dissuasive and it prefers to place its money elsewhere rather than to invest. Consequence: the production equipment after a few years of inflation became obsolete, old-fashioned, it is not productive any more and is likely to be exceeded by producers who invested in a less inflationary context. 

But this theory is purely academic even untrue bus for financial oligarchy, inflation is a weapon, a means to grow rich. The economic process which leads quickly to fortune is relatively simple when the central banks are the private property of a financial oligarchy:

1ère stage: to create material richnesses and goods of industrial production. The financial condition rests on the multiplication of the appropriations and the creation of currency. The stimulation of the economic activity becomes strong up to a level where inflation can pack and come to ruin confidence in the currency. Nobody any more wants and cannot pay such high prices and the recourse to the credit becomes unrealistic: why borrow to refund and pay prices which do not have any more any economic or moral justification.

2nd stage: it is enough for the central banks to block the currency at them and to block the refinancing of the banks in central currency to cause a financial and economic crisis whose awaited result is the price collapse. It is the central bank which decides to propagate the rumor in the public opinion that there is no more confidence in the monetary system. It takes as first measures in theory an important rise of the interest rates. The tangible properties lose their values because the economic agents which do not have any more a currency are obliged to sell them at a very low price to obtain a payment with the little of currency which remains in circulation since the credit is not possible any more. 

3rd stage: when the prices are low, the private leaders of the central banks can send their teams to repurchase all the tangible, real properties and furniture for then reselling them or renting them at definitely higher prices, especially when the crisis is finished and that the central banks again inject liquidities in the economic circuit. The populations and the companies which thought of growing rich actually worked at a loss to increase in a phenomenal way the bankers owners of the central banks.

The ideal is to manage to develop one period of strong growth without inflation, because inflation weakens the saving. Afterwards, it is even easier to cause a new economic and financial crisis.

Document: The Federal Reserve System adds an additional inflationary layer with this embarrassing banking scaffolding. For example, if the Central Bank holds for 100$ of gold reserves in its trunks and asks for a rate of reserve of 10%, it can print up to 1000$ of new tickets in deposit, which become the reserves of the trade banks.  The trade banks receive these 1000$, but insofar as it are held only to maintain a rate of reserves of 10%, they are able to multiply these 1000$ into 10000$ in the form of loans based on the system of the fractional reserves. It thus creates for itself a reversed pyramid or 100$ of value out of gold, or of real currency, bellow of the pyramid, transforms itself into 10000$ of fiduciary currency inflatée at its top. Owing to the fact that these 10000$ of new active money in the economy, that raised the prices, thus lowering the purchasing power of the ordinary citizens.


Inflation: political, economic, social facts through the history

Document: Allowed George Washington birth of the bank by the signature of a law on April 25, 1791 per one 20 years duration. In the first five years of the operation, the American government borrowed 8,2 million dollars and the prices went up from 72%.

“I would have liked that it is possible to obtain only one amendment with our Constitution which seizes with the federal government its power to borrow.” Thomas Jefferson, 1798

Document: The Federal Reserve claims to manage our currency, but instead of that it makes him lose value day after day. This situation generated a succession of increasingly serious business cycles while lowering our standard of living.

Lew Rockwell: “This situation is not different from that of a burglar who is introduced on your premise to steal you your money. It is what does the Federal Reserve. It depreciates the value of your economies, deprives to you of your economic safety, and should be to regard as an institution perpetrating such acts, rather than like something of allegedly favorable.”

Document: Inflation in the United States since 1913, year of the creation of the Federal Bank Reserve by Paul Warburg, JP Morgan, Rockefeller and their friends: 2950%!

Between 1914 and 1919, the EDF increased the money supply of almost 100%, supporting of this fact the loans with the companies and the private individuals. In 1920 these loans “were recalled”, which led the small banks to borrow in mass. Once again the scenario was repeated: crisis, bankruptcies in chain… On the whole it is more than 5400 banks out of the Federal Reserve System which were destroyed.

In 1921, the member of the Congress Charles August Lindbergh wrote: Under the Federal Act Reserve, panic grasses are scientifically created. The present panic grass is the first scientific one, worked out have we figure has mathematical equation.”

Document: The crisis, engine of capitalism, by Andre Orléan

The World| 29.03.10 | 14h44  •  Updated 29.03.10 | 14h44

1970. Politically, it is the arrival with the capacity of the liberal governments of Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom (May 1979) and of Ronald Reagan in the United States (January 1981) which marks the beginning of this new phase. But, from the point of view of the economic regulation, the origin of this new capitalism is to be found in the revolutionary transformation which the monetary policy knows. From now on, inflation becomes the priority target.

To fight it, Paul Volcker put at the head of the American federal Reserve (EDF) in 1979 carries out an astonishing increase in the short-term interest rate, until reaching 20% in June 1981. This policy generates a complete and final change report/ratio of forces between debtors and creditors with the profit of the latter. From now on, the owners of financial credits are not likely any more to see their profitability corroded by inflation. They have the free field. It is the one twenty-five years period beginning which has as a central characteristic to place the finance of market in the center of the regulation, well beyond the only technical question of the financing. For the statement simply, in fact the financial markets control from now on the rights of ownership, which one had never known before.

 3) Economic and financial crises

“The men accept the change only in the need and they see the need only in the crisis.” Jean Monnet.

It is necessary to distinguish the crises desired and premeditated by financial oligarchy, other crises which are the consequence of unhappy or hazardous adjustments of financial placements or overproduction in the economy. 

3.1. the crisis of 1929

Document: Between 1921 and 1929 the EDF again increased the money supply of more than 60%. Even conditions, same consequences. This time, however, a new type of loan made its appearance: the “loan on margin” (margin loan). Thanks to this loan, any investor could pay only 10% of the action which it wished to acquire, the 90% remainders coming directly from the broker. The loan on margin became very popular in the Twenties; however there was a condition to which little paid attention: it was constantly possible for the lender to claim a refunding of the loan in the 24h. direct Conséquence of such “a call for additional cover”: the sale of the actions acquired by the investor.

The massive call of the refunding of the “margin loans” by the banking house of New York had as a result to devastate the market by crash landings in October of 1929. “Black Thursday”, the initial crash landing, occurred on October 24. The crash landing which caused general panic was “Black Tuesday”, five days later, October 29.

Then, instead of extending the money supply, the Federal Reserve contracted it, thus creating the period known under the name of Grande Depression. The deputy Wright Patman, in “Preceding One Money”, defers that the money supply dropped by 8 billion dollars of 1929 to 1933, causing the bankruptcy of 11.630 banks on the total of 26.401 existing in the United States. That allowed the central bankers to repurchase rival banks and whole corporations at ridiculous prices.

It is interesting to note that in the biographies of J.P. Morgan, Joe F. Kennedy, J.D. Rockefeller and Bernard Baruch, it is indicated that they made a success of all to transfer their capital out of the market and to convert them into gold right before the crash landing of 1929. Joe Kennedy passed from a fortune of 4 million dollars in 1929 to 100 million dollars in 1935.

Paul Warburg, a founder and member of the Federal Reserve, had informed crisis and depression in an annual report with the holders of stocks of his “International Bank Acceptance”:

“If one allows the orgies speculations to extend, the crisis which will come from there will clearly not assign only the speculators themselves, but will take the whole country in a general slump.” Paul Warburg, March 1929.

Document: In 1929, the bankers in control of the Federal Bank Reserve organize an economic coup d'etat by creating of all parts a collapse of the purse. The principal implied companies were discreetly withdrawn from the stock exchange market during previous months. They will benefit from it then to take again the most advantageous businesses, to liquidate the others, and to put the hand on immense grounds (more of two thirds of the farms independent in the West of the Mississippi), that the farmers states-uniens are forced to let go, for lack of liquidities. It is on these grounds that the great American Utopia of the Suburbia planet will be built, during 30 years following. 

“The crash landing of 1929 did not have anything the accidental one. It is a carefully planned event. The international Bankers sought to generate a despaired condition here, in order to become our Masters with all”. Louis T. McFadden, Chairman off the House Banking and Currency Committee, 1933.

Source:The forgotten war of America against the central banks

By Mike Hewitt, Judicious Financial University, translated by Governed Mex for Mecanopolis


document: The secrecy of the banking reorganization of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. October 8, 2008 per Richard Freeman

The detail of the measurements taken starting from the Act Glass-Steagall to give the banks in the circuit of the productive investments and either in the circuit of the speculation in 1933.

the plot of the bankers against Roosevelt in 1933

3.2. The crisis of 2007 with today 

With the subprimes, it has all the characteristics of a premeditated crisis: after the failures of the financial placements in Southeast Asia then in the start-up of the Web, vis-a-vis the development of China, with its monumental commercial surpluses which are the consequence of the will to produce at low cost in this country to carry out considerable commercial margins in the developed countries, at its intransigent political good-will to fix itself the course of its currency and its own commercial rules, a solution consists in once more finding a source of important profits at home! The crisis of 1929 showed that it is possible not to lose only one dollar when all the financial values were sold and invested in the real estate. It is the tested receipt of Rockefeller. 

In 2005, it is a question of initially creating the conditions of a speculative bubble on the real estate to initially distribute appropriations to the households which want to become owner then with the households which refund their loans or which already refunded. The commercial argument is simple: as your house takes value thanks to the speculative bubble, even if you lost your employment following the delocalization of your factory, you can obtain new appropriations if you have confidence in the purse and the future. With appropriations atfluctuating rate, it is easy for the bankers to create the doubt and to make burst the bubble which they created. In the incapacity to refund appropriations whose interest rates strongly increased, the banks seize the houses, buy them at low prices to resell them at funds of investments of which they are the owners. The credits of their companies grow rich at once considerably whereas hundreds of thousands of households are with the street and in precariousness. This “traditional” operation became in 2007 more frightening good with the securitization of the real credits to very hazardous if not impossible refunding. The American bankers succeeded in selling these rotted titles at foreign banks, in particular European and in 2010, these banks are at the edge of the bankruptcy because of this incapacity to eliminate these irremediable credits. But the history does not stop there.

In March 2011, the EDF primarily announces a “profit record of 82 billion last year thanks to the toxic credits which it bought at the banks in difficulty during the crisis”, whereas it annually released on average 25 billion during the 10 years preceding the financial crisis by 2008-2009. While repurchasing these subprimes at the banks which it controls or at the “friendly” banks, the private central bank indeed manages to make profit because it can find the real goods on the territory of the USA, buy them to resell them since the money is at it and not at the banks in difficulties. Indeed, there are two categories of titles or toxic credits threatened of nonrefunding: the mortgages taken on tangible properties which exist in the real economy and which are not refunded any more because the households became unable to refund appropriations atfluctuating rates which strongly increased since the bankers decided that multiplication of these appropriations which they authorized, caused precisely a crisis of confidence and threats that their refunding. Arguments manufactured by them to require interests much higher in a crisis of confidence of which they are the organizers and the culprits. The other category of toxic credits corresponds to appropriations emitted with an aim of speculating out of Stock Exchange while playing in the bear speculation of the values of companies, finance companies or quite simply on the national debts of the states, in the currencies. With these appropriations, the speculators obtain capacities of enormous operations but while playing fall, these speculators develop a crisis of confidence which quickly paralyzes the exchanges in central currency between the banks and with the central banks, which causes the recession of the economy. This stage all are losers, in first those which speculated for the fall by organizing the crisis. These speculative appropriations related to the bear speculation but also with the L.B.O which cannot be refunded any more are mixed with the mortgages through the securitization of the credits and the suppression of separation between trade banks and banks of investments (the Glass-Steagall Act) which had made it possible into 1933 to leave the world-wide crisis of 1929.

In 2011, we are there: the first work of the central banks consists in sorting among the toxic credits to eliminate all the titles coming from the speculation. It is what can explain the excellent results of the EDF into 2010 which is able to repurchase the mortgages to resell them with profit.  But if the EDF does not want to repurchase same manner the American speculative toxic credits or the unit of the toxic credits, let us say European banks, these banks remain in the difficulties and the repurchase of these credits by the European central bank is not used for nothing since it is unable to sort these credits to select the mortgages of the subprimes emitted in the USA. These repurchases can only put in danger the ECB, unless the ECB is not arranged with the EDF to become even more dependant and subjected to the EDF. What in 2011 is already partially the case since the ECB uses exchanges in dollar to refinance and find liquidities, liquidities which come from the richest banks of Wall Street property of the 8 leading families of Anglo-Saxon financial oligopoly.

When a European bank has toxic credits coming from the subprimes as well as irremediable credits of the countries in crisis because of their debt like Greece, it is nothing any more but one prey to be devoured. Still should it be waited until these banks involved in their fall the economies and the governments of their countries if not the very whole European Union. Because the work of financial, before speculating in the debts which they created, is well to save the system while saying clearly which are the debts related to the speculation and the true debts related to nonthe refunding of loans on real property. In this last case, we saw it, a solution is possible even if it enriches the bankers. For the debts related to speculative credits, any reinflation or refunding by the governments and the citizens, returns to a complicity for swindle, flight, even crime and the direct consequence is the impoverishment of the middle class, the ruin of the states and the democracies, which corresponds to the goal of Illuminati and Anglo-Saxon financial oligopoly. In 2011, these Masters of the world and despots financial are on the way to carry out their objectives so much the governments and the politicians started to collaborate with the financial ones to try to cling to be able to them while breaking the republican contract which binds them to their citizens.

 Document: Lyndon LaRouche is expressed on the imminent fall of the financial system. Published: 20/05/2011.

The solution exists and is known the financial ones like politicians but its application divides the international financial circles. One says “Not, start again a wave of reinflation before leaving, because I have this investment to save. You cannot drop me now, it should be reinflated. ” The other faction answers “do not make the idiot, if we grant a reinflation again to you, we all will run”.

“Actually, if one wishes to leave oneself there, this situation requires a procedure equivalent to Glass-Steagall: only the liquidation of the toxic debt, that generated by the reinflations since 2007-2008 as much as that generated before, will be able to save us. The international system on two banks of the Atlantic is a heap of financial refuse; it could never be saved. What currently occurs, it is that they speculate at an increasing cost to try to save the debts contracted previously, whereas this kind of debts should never be saved!

“Then, how to determine what must be saved and what should not? It is necessary to distinguish the valid financial credits from those which are purely speculative, like the values of Wall Street and of the market of London, which do not have any value. Only manner of saving the economies on the two sides of the Atlantic east to cancel these debts without value. We have, in the United States, a procedure which enables us to escape that, and which would also function for Europe: to cancel the bad debt.

“How? Glass-Steagall! It is an American invention which Europe can take again. The United States must restore Glass-Steagall in first, because we have already all the instruments and legal comprehension to do it. On its side, Europe does not have this experience but is sufficiently intelligent, at least certain people over there, to do it. They will take example on the United States, would be this to only save their behind.

“Vis-a-vis that, there are people who say “ah not, I have credits concerned… you will make me lose money! It is my money! ” Eh well it is not money, it is currency without value.

“With Glass-Steagall, one puts all the debts without value in the financial basket, on the side of the investment banks – i.e. the dustbin – and one save the other debts related to real and legitimate investments. Consequently, the toxic debts are not any more under the responsibility of the governments; without this public guarantee, these debts will perish of they-even. One thus goes éradiquer of this planet the thousands of billion dollars of debts, because they are in any event of false debts since the departure! They are not salvable. But if we do not get rid of this debt, it is all the system which will break down and the whole of the world will plunge in a dark age.

“For example, see the situation in Great Britain: this internal conflict is bursting. I will not give the details of them now, but it is a fact. [*] There are certain people over there who realize that this debt must be cancelled. Therefore one sees emerging a conflict of faction in Great Britain. And it is also the case for the Strauss-Khan business, and also of other businesses. There are people who want a last reinflation for the road. It is this kind of the “small last” which led Germany of 1923 to the fall, because they did not stop the spiral in time. Of course, they were not able to do it because of the blackmail which exerted the majority of the European powers; but the principle remains the same one.

“But we speak about a deliberated will: if a group of nations decides to adopt the approach Glass-Steagall in order to put in order a system in intrinsic bankruptcy, it is possible to be left there, but that could not be done by saving the debts without values. They must be cancelled. Either cancel them to you, or they will destroy you.

“Our role is to save the American economy and to cooperate with countries like Great Britain, Germany and others, which want to save their country rather than these debts without values. It is the only way of hello. Any person who opposes Glass-Steagall from now on, particularly within the financial circles, actually requires that the remainder of the company commit suicide, of which themselves will not be saved. Those which are opposed to Glass-Steagall now will be able to always require leniency by pleading the madness, category who included the current President of the United States. He has only to leave his station and he will have the leniency which he deserves.”

End of the article.

This position of a discussed American politician rests on a certain good direction even if it is hostile with the strategy of financial oligarchy. The European leaders are applying it to Greece by removing half of the Greek debt (at the date of the 27/10/2011).

 4) direction of the military conflicts and the wars, including world wars.

The financial oligarchy of Wall Street wanted that the politicians build a Socialist Company because socialism bubble by bottom, impoverishes and makes it possible to better control the people. The same men and the same international firms financed the Russian Revolution, “New Deal” of Roosevelt and National-Socialisme, 3 “socialisms”. Each time, these political operations reinforced the dependence of the states and the people with regard to the financial oligarchy which found there profits colossal through two world wars. Today, the disappeared cold war, capitalism takes again its original brutality and in fact the states must themselves cooperate with the financial ones to reduce the public deficits precisely dug according to the old secular methods.

We are then with the starting point of the oldest operation which allowed these financial enrichments as enormous as monstrous: the management of the military conflicts and the installation of the wars. In 2011, the war risk takes form between the countries whose economy is surplus (China and Germany) on the one hand and the countries strongly involved in debt (Europe of the South, Central America and of the south, Japan, Asia…). 

To force financial logic to require that the credits of the involved in debt countries be privatisés and are repurchased by China or Germany represents more than one simple declaration of military war, it is also the immediate fall of the capitalist economic system. But actually, the people were submitted, conditioned by the conformism imposed by financial oligarchy and their allies on the government of the Western countries. All the question lies in the continuation or the fall of this conformism, in the rise of the revolts citizens and the will to leave our systems to be able for the alternative of the organizations in networks.

We will specify in the third part of this documentary file the chronology of the wars organized by Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy.

 5) The control of the image of a company or a product: the wasting and propaganda and consumer society.

“If we include/understand the mechanisms and the motivations of the thought of group, can't we control and enrégimenter the masses according to our will, without they not suspecting it? The recent practice of propaganda proved that it was possible, at least up to a certain point” .Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928.

Today, one knows better Rockefeller for the infinite kindness of his philanthropy munificente that for his illegal practices in businesses, his brutality in the working relationships, his sinister role in the rise of the Nazi Germany. It is a resounding success of public relations!

Edward Bernays forces an important rupture in the way of putting a product in market while making realize with the industry which it is more effective to indirectly address to the desire (unconscious) of the customer that to his needs. Bernays tells with pride how it succeeded in making smoke the cigarette with the women of planet.

Bernays lived until the 105 years age. It liked the cigarette forever and smoked forever. With the current since the Thirties, like its employers of the time, the dangers of the tobacco, it convainquit even its wife to cease smoking. Possibly corroded by the culpability, it lent its talents to the fight anti-tobacco as of the Sixties, proposing even campaigns so radical that they were rejected by the authorities. 

Partially conscious (a little less than Guy Debord, let us say) harmful aspects of the monster which it had generated, it tried during forty years to mark out possible excesses of propaganda and the public relations, proposing laws, councils, professional orders… Without success.


Bernays can be regarded as the initiator who pushed marketing to be more satisfied to take into account the needs for the consumers, rather quickly satisfied by the mass production, but going to the front of the desires of people by creating of any part these desires so as to develop always further the production and the trade in the consumer society and today the company from overconsumption and wasting. This will of the system capitalist capacity and neo liberal to create always more surface and generally useless desires, allows him through this production increasingly more profitable to continue to pile up considerable profits. But this will also results in the imposition of work to the whole of the populations, marks extremely strong and coercive domination to be able to reach a purchasing power and to pay this satisfaction of the desires materialists. Excluded from work will have only misery and especially not the benefit of the goods and minimal equipment to satisfy their individual needs, even if they do not want to appease any ostentatious desire of additional and useless richnesses. While making dream and salivate of desires the populations in front of the profusion of tangible properties, the domination of the thought leads directly to the tender with obligatory work, with social conformism. This consequence would be still tiny but it is necessary to take into account the fact that this unrestrained production exhausts the natural resources, energy in a wasting become insupportable for a part increasingly more significant of humanity. The durable development of our companies passes initially ineluctably by this liberalization of the thought, the end of the propaganda for which Bernays militated at the end of its life.

6) the control of information C.F. R. (Council one Foreign Relations) (the Council of the foreign Relations) 

Founded in 1919, By the éminence grise of president Wondrow Wilson, Edward Mendell House, for a mondialism which, by the “quiet” revolution will carry out the great synthesis between capitalism and socialism. 

Official object: to stimulate in the American public an international spirit

Instigators and present:   The great name of the CFR is David Rockefeller, president of Hunting Manhattan Bank. To quote two known names, let us name George Bush father and Bill Clinton like members of the CFR. The president of the CFR, Winston LORD, answering one of our American fellow-members who asked whether really it to him was the Trilateral one which carried out the world: “At all, in fact the CFR directs all”.

Influence: Invisible government of the United States, the CFR counts approximately 2700 members, whose working groups permanently examine all the current problems. In place since the Thirties, it succeeded so that no secretary at the State Department, Defense, the Treasury, the stations - keys of these ministries, in the principal embassies, with the direction of the CIA, is not selected out of its group. Since 1933, any presidential election was conditioned by the CFR.

The associates of Council one Foreign relations are American who exerts a narrow control on the Western states via additional companies, or of international organizations chaired by their members, like the World Bank.

    There is is acted as the species in the Countries of Europe, of semi-occult circles followers of those which, simultaneously, financed and Communism and the Nazism, offered half of Europe to Communism after 1945, financed in the two camps the dialectical fight and the survival of Communism since it pretended to get rid of Stalinism, prevented in the East all “decommunisation” of the States in spite of the fall of the Berlin Wall, they want to now pass at the following stage, to give time to place these areas under the same crook which submits “America” to the initiates who, through the CFR, gradually withdrew with its governments any autonomy of decision. 

Guiding principles of the CFR: 

1. Trade and contributes to the the least developed countries, even revolutionary

2. While waiting for a “world Government”, to deal with: seek, exploitation, distribution of the energy resources and raw materials; rationalization of the trade; payment of the conflicts by making so that there are never neither overcome winners nor, but only of the debtors;

3. To preserve Communism, good atheistic ideology, by reducing overflows;

4. To create the 10 zones of new world sovereignties by drowning the fatherlands and nations in “great economic and geopolitical sets” the great Pan-American unit (Canada-USA-Mexico), Europe, the zone Islam/Africa, the South American conglomerate, etc… One deliberately lets last of the conflicts as in ex-Yugoslavia so that with long, the populations are subjected to any solution, i.e. the solution mondialist (see on this subject quiet the Armes document for wars without noise).

 In 1974, Foreign Affairs (article of Richard NR. Gardner:CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral), the review of the CFR recommends that while waiting for the moment of a world government, UNO should use all the means “of eroding piece per piece national sovereignties, since they block the walk of the mondialism”. In 1992, as of the election of CLINTON (which belongs to the CFR, it should be said in passing), Richard NR. Gardner became one of his permanent advisers at the White House. 


7) Illuminati and the Monarch program: Mind Control, mental control


summary of the document:

starting from an emission on a Canadian radio CKLN 88.1 FM, the presenter and his guests approaches the topic of mental control (Mind Control). The guests are Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, joint authors of the books “the Illuminati Formula used to create a undetectable slave under complete control of the behavior” (The Illuminati Formula to Undetectable Create year Total Mind Control Slavic) as “Saw deeper Illuminati Formula” (Deeper Insights the Illuminati Formula), of the works on the conditioning and the control of the spirit based on the trauma and the use of traumatic situations. Cisco Wheeler affirms to come from a family line Illuminati and stresses that the control of the behavior based on the trauma is a practice which was perpetrated against it as of its birth. Fritz Springmeier expresses itself in connection with the Illuminati families and in which manners these last used the control of the behavior to strengthen their capacity through the history.

By studying the operation of the witnesses of Jéhovah and the church of the Mormons, this author discovers their close connections in a vaster project to control the world. The objectives by the Illuminati families consists in building a man who will focus all the planetary attention in a precise context that people called the “New World Order”. This man will bear the name of Antichrist. It is their ultimate goal. If you will take part in the secret life of Illuminati, the fact of being programmed on the mode of the multiple personalities is a very basic, essential thing. Let us take a certain number of ritual standards: St Weinbald, St Agnes, Great Climax (ritual of apogee), Walpurgis, Beltane, all the solstices and the equinoxes, Spangled, Al Hallow' S Eve, High Grand Climax, these ritual are really horrible. They imply human sacrifices. Sacrifices of babies at the time of the ritual Great Climax, for example. At the time of various Sabbaths, a young man or a young woman is sacrificed. It is a thing which a normal spirit is not able to conceive and to support. The control of the spirit and the creation of multiple personalities intervene when you have an effect “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. It is crucial for them that these things continue from generation to generation. 

Illuminati are the prolongation of the Religions of the Mysteries. These men and these women become very qualified then as regards esoteric and occult knowledge. They are very involved as regards alchemy, in Indian sorcery, druidism, magic “énochienne”, Gnosticisme, hermetic magic, Cabal, in Platonisme, the Sufism. In fact, they end up knowing all the branches of the occult systems. 

The idea is to pile up occult capacity for yourselves. Of course, the dynasty mérovingienne has much magic capacity as well as a strong political power. This way, this dynasty occupies one of the tops of the occult lines because there were among them very powerful black magicians. The religious beliefs cannot be separated from mental control. This design is an integral part of the control of the spirit. 

For Illuminati, the supreme goal is to balance the beneficial acts with the negative acts; they are dualistic. On their higher level, one can regard them as of Lucifériens. This is why the largest philanthropists will be at the same time the satanists hierarchically highest. If you consider the business of near, they nothing but do serve themselves with their philanthropic actions. All that is not as generous as that has the air of it. They try to make good deeds and balance them with the negative acts because they believe in this concept of balance in their religion. It is what one calls of the “gnostic Luciférisme”. 

“Total mental control”, - Total Mind Control- relates to a control of the person as a whole, the body, the heart and the spirit. This mental control is completely undetectable and handles the person in her totality. All these techniques could be subdivided and gathered in 12 sciences. One of these sciences is the science based on the trauma and tortures it. Another is based on the use of drugs to control a person, another still on the capacity to use mental states like hypnosis, dissociation, the state of fright. There is also art to mislead people, to delude the victims themselves. There is a whole series of techniques of use of the fiction, lures, false identities of frontage to mislead. There is a science which amounts employing spiritual elements to control a person. It is actually about the one of the principal control methods of an individual if not most important. 

Today, it is neither popular nor politically correct to admit at the scientific level that mankind has a spiritual counterpart whereas the human beings have a spiritual side and that Illuminati know very well how to control somebody spiritually. Their comprehension of this fact always astounded me. They always left people in ignorance. Even the Christians and their priests maintained people in this same ignorance on the way of developing spiritually and they preferred to give them to consume the crumbs of the cake in this matter. 

It is necessary to go up mainly with the Temples of the Sleep of the Egyptians. We must go back with the Egyptian priesthood and the religions of the Mysteries. They had already learned at that time how to use electric shocks. They used electric eels and fish torpedes and other things of the kind to electrocute people. They had already started to include/understand how to use drugs and plants to create faded states of conscience to control people. In fact secret knowledge is jealously kept by the families Illuminati and their priesthood of the religion of the Mysteries. Since centuries, “handling crâniale” is remained a secret technique within the occult blood lines. These techniques can be used in a beneficial way to cure. They can be employed to change appearance of a face or with aims malefic, to torture somebody or control his spirit. By handling cranium, you can in makes change the way in which a person thinks so as to make her personality ready to dissociate, more obeying also or to develop the process of thought of somebody in various ways. 

8) the control of technologies and the social development which threaten the established order and the capacity of the Masters of the world.

Document: From these considerations in 1961 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was born which was to operate parallel to its organization sister, the UICN. The president will be one of the initiators, prince Bernhard of Holland. We already saw that in addition to the group of Bilderberg, this one chaired also the European cultural Foundation, to which it had given birth. Bernhard of Holland played a crucial part within European oligarchy to operate a phase shift: the enemy is not so much any more international Communism or the Soviet empire, but well “the technical, industrial and economic progress, just as the development social and political [which] threatens nature in all the areas of the world (...) pollution will be a danger larger than the possibility of one conflict on a worldwide scale. ” (Speech for the inauguration of the German branch of the WWF, in 1964.)

Here is thus the clearly identified enemy: economic and social industrial progress technical and the social and political development. For prince Bernhard, nature is only one pretext and what it actually seeks to defend, it is well the permanence of an oligarchical social structure, the established order. This same vision is found in naturalists like Robert Hainard or Teddy Goldsmith.

In 1977, John Hugo Loudon, Knight To order of a British imperial Nature, director of Royal Dutch Shell, manager of the Ford foundation, principal adviser of Hunting Manhattan Bank, etc, succeeds the presidency of the WWF, thus replacing prince Bernhard become too cumbersome after his implication in the Lockheed scandal. A little later it is another crowned head, prince Philip of England, which takes again the destiny of the WWF, become meanwhile Worldwide Fund for Nature (see about the WWF in p.56). 

One of the fundamental goals of the WWF is “to provide information to the world press and the media of mass, which, considering the influence of its leaders, means true functioning order for more intense diffusion of the ideas ecologist-Malthusians.


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