Our too dear enemies, to overcome them at all costs!  

1rst part: who are they?



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Since the financial crisis of 2007, the acceleration of the operations of the new Masters of the world enables us to publicly note their manners of acting, the cynicism with which they monopolize the richnesses and seek to destroy the institutions which make obstacles with their domination without limits. We do not hesitate any more to speak now about the dictatorship of the shareholders and the finance companies, the wild capitalism and predatory of the financial oligarchy which plunder as much as nobody stops them.

Of course, yesterday like today, the demagogic operations, handling, the untrue ideologies of our leaders use the same arguments to reinforce the tender of the people in these austerity policies imposed to the citizens and henceforth on the States by breaking the social contract on which puts back our republics and the democracies. We live with the top of our means, we are involved in debt too much! Who decide that? Richest which fears moreover being able to grow rich as much in the long term and which wants to eliminate all that comes to threaten their interests!

The Web sites, the recent and old books currently multiply to describe how a minority of families, a financial oligarchy at least since 1307 if not antiquity, succeeded in extending its domination to train the clan of the Masters of the world. This history is generally described in a more or less complete chronological way in its details. We do not want to show exhaustiveness here nor to copy what others established. But we fall under this movement related on the Web and the social networks. We retain certain essential passages on the pages of others webmaster and the bonds are available to traverse these sites. We do not take again the chronology of the historical facts which is generally used as plan on these sites but we approach this hidden face of the history by gathering these facts by topics for better showing the strategy and the ideology of this despotic minority. We want to take part in this essential work which consists with well knowing our adversaries for better fighting them. By supporting us on the books and especially the Web sites, the blogs, we wish here to specify who are these families which make financial oligarchy, since when they act and which processes they use, which are the historical facts, the people who took part in the development of this financial capacity able to dominate the political people and their leaders. We will also specify the current scandals which generate richnesses with the profit of this oligarchy. Finally we will recapitulate the offenses and the crimes which we can charge to this leading minority and for which it will have a day to pay well. This documentation represents specifications and facts intended to clarify the criminal and cynical intrigues of these Masters of the world whose ideology rests on an alleged mission to save the world by sacrificing the major part of humanity. This file will use to inform the lawsuit which must put this financial oligarchy out of state to harm in order to be able to develop the organizations in networks citizens of life.

Who are these families which make financial oligarchy,

Behind the extreme concentration of the capacity of capitalism, we find the will of some families of bankers to dominate the industrial company then the company and the people of the Earth. Of European origin, these bankers seized the financial power in the USA from where they still direct the capitalist and financial economic system.

1) document 1, be 2011:  737 Masters of the world control 80% of the value of the world companies

A study of economists and statisticians, published in Switzerland this summer 2011, clarifies the interconnections between the world multinationals. And reveals that a small group of economic actors – finance companies or industrial groups – dominates the great majority of the capital of tens of thousands of companies throughout the world

Result: 80 % of the value of the whole of the 43.000 studied multinationals are controlled by 737 “entities”: banks, insurance companies or great industrial groups. The monopoly of the possession of the capital does not stop there. “By a complex network of 147 multinational, acquisitions of a holding”, while controlling themselves between them, have 40 % of the economic and financial value of all the multinationals of the whole world.

A super entity of 50 large holders of capital

Lastly, within this group of 147 multinationals, 50 large holders of capital form what the authors call a “super entity”. Mainly banks there are found: the Barclays British at the head, as well as the “stars” of Wall Street (JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley…). But also of the insurers and the French banking groups: Centered, Natixis, general Société, group Banque popular-Case of saving or BNP-Paribas. The principal customers of the hedge fund and other wallets of placements managed by these institutions are thus, mechanically, the Masters of the world

This concentration raises serious questions. For the authors, “a financial network densément connected becomes very sensitive to the systemic risk”. Some flanchent among this “super entity”, and it is the world which trembles, like the crisis of the subprimes proved. In addition, the authors raise the problem of the serious social consequences which such a concentration poses. That a handle of funds of investment and holders of capital, located in the middle of these interconnections, decide, via the general assemblies shareholders or their presence within the boards of directors, to impose reorganizations in the companies which they control… and the effects could be devastators. Lastly, which influence could they exert on the States and the public policies if they adopt a common strategy? The answer is probably in the extreme topicality of the plans of austerity.

Source: Ivan of Roy on Basta!    To download the study supplements in English

The blog of Paul Jorion proposes a translation in French of the detailed presentation of the study.

Notes: [1] The Italian Stefano Battiston, who passed by the laboratory of statistical physics of the higher Teacher training school, Switzerland James B. Glattfelder, specialist in complex networks, and the economist Italian Stefania Vitali.

 2): Financial oligarchy: eight families behind the international private banking trust… The enemy of the people has a name and faces!

source: The trust of the federal reserve: eight families, by Dean Henderson. 

Total Research, June 1, 2011 (Share one off has furnace-share series). URL of the original article:

The four riders of the banking structure American (Bank off America, JP Morgan Drives out, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) have the four riders of oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, LP Amoco and Chevron Texaco) out of tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other old European big shots of the money. But their monopoly on the total economy does not stop in extreme cases of the oil fields.

One of the monuments of the richness of the total oligarchy which has these companies of banking holding is the US Trust Corporation, founded in 1853 and now property of Bank off America. One of the recent directors of the US Trust Corporation and honorary administrator was Walter Rothschild. Other directors were Daniel Davison of JP Morgan Chase, Richard Tucker from Exxon Mobil, Daniel Roberts de Citigroup and Marshall Schwartz of Morgan Stanley. [2] J.W. McCalister, an eminent member of the oil industry with entries in the house of Saouds, wrote in Grim Reaper, that it obtained information of Saoudi bankers, who quoted the fact that 80% of the federal bank of New York, by far the most powerful branch of the federal reserve, were held by Juste eight families, of which four reside at the United States. They are the families Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller, Lehman and Kuh Loeb of New York, Rothschild of Paris and London, Warburg de Hambourd, Lazard of Paris and Israel Moses Seif of Rome.

Eustace Mullins arrived at the same conclusions in his book “the secrecies of the federal reserve”, in which it shows diagrams connecting the EDF and its banks members with the families Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and others. The control exerted by these families on the total economy cannot be exaggerated and is covered voluntarily with the seal of the secrecy.

The Morgan house

J.P. Morgan Stanley is one of the principal banks of investment of the world, whose registered office is in New York (on Times Square). JP Morgan Chase & Co., with dimensions on the NYSE are a holding financial, born from fusion between Hunting Manhattan Bank and J.P. Morgan & Co. in January 2001. The registered office of the group is in New York, the registered offices of the activities of bank of detail and of commercial bank are located in Chicago. It appears among the largest banks of the United States and even of the world, with a total of assessment of 2031 billion dollars in credits, a value of market of 166 billion dollars, and operations in more than 60 countries. The firm is a leader in the bank of investment. It has largest hedge funds of the United States. JP Morgan Drives out account more than 90 million customers. It is, according to Forbes Global 2000 of 2011, the first world company.

The most influential businessman of the United States with orée of the 20th century, John Pierpont Morgan saved more once American financial system and was at the origin of major transformations of American capitalism. He joined the family firm in 1861. At the time of the tumultuous period that the American Civil War represents, it is used at the same time the offices of London and New York. It gains much money during the war because the paternal firm is representing financial Union in Great Britain. Morgan negotiates loans for the Union, finances purchases of armament, speculates in gold…, Him and its associates manage little by little to take the control of the majority of the railway lines. It sits at the board of directors of ten large railway companies while its associates are distributed in about fifty others.

Since 1898, Morgan controls more than 78.400 km of railways, that is to say more half of the ways of railroad existing then in the United States.

Parallel to his participations in the railways, Morgan carries out other investments which will affect the course of the evolution of the United States. He thus started in 1870 to finance work of Thomas Edison (and the foundation Edison General Electric Company) on electricity A few years later, in 1891, Morgan will arrange fusion between Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company, which will enable him to eliminate competition and to standardize the electric equipment and services.

The bank of the federal reserve was born in 1913, the same year that J. Pierpont Morgan died and that the Rockefeller foundation was created. The Morgan house chaired on American finance since the corner of Wall Street and Broad, acting already in quasi banks central American since 1838, when George Peabody founded it in London.

Peabody was a partner of businesses of Rothschild. In 1952, the investigator on the EDF Eustace Mulins emitted the assumption which Morgan were in fact only the agents of Rothschild. Mullins wrote that Rothschild “… preferred to operate in an anonymous way in the United States behind the frontage of the JP Morgan and Co”. The writer Gabriel Kolko wrote “the activities of Morgan in 1895-96 to sell American Treasury bills gold in Europe were based on an alliance with the Rothschild house.”

The financial octopus Morgan rolled up his tentacles around the world quickly. Morgan Grenfell operated from London. Morgan and This from Paris. The cousins of Rothschild Lambert assembled Drexel and company to Philadelphia.

The house of Morgan were implied with Astor, Of the Bridge, Guggenheim, Vanderbilt and Rockefeller. It financed the launching of AT&T, of General Motors, General Electric and Of the Bridge. Just like the banks of London Rothschild and Barings, Morgan became recipient in the structure of considerable countries.

The continuation on:

At the time of its death, 87% of the colossal fortune of J.P. Morgan actually belonged to Rothschild.

The Rockefeller house

“The way of making money is to buy when blood floods the streets.”  John D. Rockefeller.

Having succeeded in accumulating small spoils while speculating in stocks of grain, John D. defrayed the 300$ that it cost some at the time to be exonerated from the conscription, and to avoid the civil war of 1863. In place and place, it made fortune by supplying the federal whiskey troops at prices usurers. John had the brilliant idea to invest his profits in the kerosene refineries. He made excellent bargains. In 1865, Rockefeller repurchased all his partners and founded Standard Oil. It is there that he invented vertical integration. The idea is simple, it is necessary to have all the chain links, the source, the transformation, transport, the authorities. With its pinnacle, in 1880, Standard controlled 95% of the oil of the United States. 70% of the market of Standard were in Europe and Russia.

In 1902, one evaluated that Rockefeller had with him only two thirds of the world production of oil, 1/500 of all the richness states-unienne and 1/2000 of the world richness. Cyclopean the Standard Oil, enfreignant the anti-monopoly act in particular, was dismantled in 1911 following a series of federal continuations. One divided it into 34 pieces of which most known are Conoco, Chevron, Esso, and Mobil. Rockefeller and his family preserve the effective control of each part of the Empire, which does not have simply any more the right to be acknowledged amalgamated. As for the international scene, the anti-monopoly acts do not apply to it. Standard thus will continue as if nothing had arrived, with the difference that in the United States, it will have to maintain spectacular a charade competition.

Always in 1902, John D. Rockefeller and E.H. Harriman make gift of 11 M$ in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This institute, built on a ground pertaining to the brothers Dulles (John Foster and Al), is the very first laboratory of studies eugenists. It is from there that the very first laws of racial hygiene will appear. Enthusiastic, Rockefeller created then in 1909 a laboratory of Eugénisme on a nearby piece pertaining to his/her friend Harriman. Then, in 1910, it finances and organizes Association for Eugénique Research. And still, the same year, the Office of the Eugéniques Data. It is a passion!… In 1911, his/her friend and lawyer John Foster Dulles summarize science eugenist thus: “by eliminating the weaker members from the population, a purer race could be created”

It is of these institutes American eugenists which the theses of the purity of the race will migrate which gave its so particular color in the middle of the Bad century. In 1928, Rockefeller melts in Germany the Institute Kaiser Wilhelm d' Eugénisme, of Anthropology and study of Human Heredity. Among the celebrities which will direct research of this laboratory, one finds the names of Josef Mengele and Otmar Verschuer.

Percy Avery Rockefeller

Throughout the admirable career of sound frangin, Percy Rockefeller will continue a parallel race. He will direct and have partly the Anaconda Copper, Bethlehem Steel, Biltmore Hotels, Cuba Company, Chile Copper, Westen Union, Brown Brothers Harriman, Edison, and especially, Remington Arms. He will sell weapons at the two sides during the First World War and will belong to the burning falcons in favor of an American intervention, which will take place finally in 1917, mainly equipped by Remington, obviously. Then, in full economic depression, it is small Percy who will offer 400.000 light machine-guns Remington to Sturmabteilungs (SA), the arm armed with the Nazi party of Adolf Hitler.

Source by what precedes:

John D. Rockefeller used his richness of oil to acquire Equitable Trust, which had absorbed several large banks and undertaken in the years 1920. The great depression of 1929 helped Rockefeller to consolidate his power. Its bank Drives out, bound with the bank of Manhattan de Kuhn Loeb to form the bank Chase Manhattan, thus cementing a family relation of long duration. Kuhn-Loeb had financed, with Rothschild, the search of Rockefeller to become the oil king. The bank National City Bank of Cleveland gave to the funds to John D. Rockefeller which it needed to embark in the monopoly of American oil industry. The bank was identified in an investigation of the congress as being one of the three banks of Rothschild in the United States in the years 1870; when John D. created for the first time the Standard Oil in the state of Ohio.

In the businesses of the insurances, Rockefeller control Metropolitan Life, Equitable Life, Prudential and New York Life. The banks of Rockefeller control 25% of all the goods of the 50 larger trade banks of the United States and 30% of all the goods of the 50 larger insurance companies in the United States. The companies under control of Rockefeller include Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, LP Amoco, Marathon Oil, Freeport McMoran, Quaker Oats, ASARCO, United, Delta, Northwest, ITT, International Harvester, Xerox, Boeing, Westinghouse, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, International Paper, Pfizer, Mororola, Monsanto, Union Carbide and General Foods.

The families Dulles and Rockefeller are cousins. Al Dulles created the CIA, assisted the Nazis, will cover the assassination of Kennedy at the time of the Warren commission and made an alliance with the brotherhood of the Moslem Brothers to create conditioned assassins.

His/her brother John Foster Dulles, was a president of the trusts can of Goldman Sachs before the collapse of the purse in 1929 and helped his brother to reverse governments in Guatemala and in Iran. Both were members of the secret society Skull & Bones, of the Council in Foreign Relation (CFR) and freemason with the 33ème degree.

The Rothschild house

the patronym was adopted by their ancestor Isaac Elchanan, who borrowed his surname from the small narrow house that it occupied with his family in Judengasse (street of the Jews) of Francfort-sur-le-Main in Germany. The name Zum roten Schild, i.e. in French: “To the red Escutcheon”, or “To the red Sign”, birth gave thus to a new patronym: “Rothschild”.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, (born Mayer Amschel Bauer) (1744-1812) will transform the modest trade of loan against security created by his father into a recognized bank and will become the manager of the fortune of Guillaume Ier, voter of Hesse-Cassel. He will have seven children including five wire. He will send each one them to create or take the head of a subsidiary company from the family bank in London, in Paris, in Vienna, in Naples and Frankfurt, giving the five branches of the family. His/her elder daughter Maria with Benedikt Moses Worms of the banking dynasty Worms

following document: source:

The wire of Mayer Rothschild were known under the name of five of Frankfurt.

Oldest Amschel, dealt with the bank of Frankfurt with his/her father, while Nathan managed the businesses of London. Youngest Jacob was sent in Paris, while Solomon directed the branch of Vienna and Karl that of Naples. The writer Frederick Morton estimates that since 1850, Rothschild weighed 10 billion dollars. Some researchers think that their fortune today would rise with more than one hundred thousand billion dollars.

Warburg, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, Schiff, Rothschild, married between them and train a happy banking family. The Warburg family which controls Deutsche Bank and BNP bound with Rothschild in 1814 in Hamburg, while powerful Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb divided his districts with Rothschild since 1785. Schiff immigrated in the United States in 1865. It joined its forces with Abraham Kuhn and Maria the girl of Solomon Loeb. Loeb and Kuhn thus married the sisters of other was sealed the Kuhn-Loeb dynasty. Felix Warburg Maria with the girl of Schiff Jacob. Two Goldman girls married two wire of the Sachs family, thus creating Goldman Sachs. In 1806, Nathan Rothschild the Maria oldest of the girls of Levi Barent Cohen, a financier of reputation in London. Thus Abby Joseph Cohen de Merill Lynch and the secretary with the defense of Clinton William Cohen, is probable descendants of Rothschild.

Today, Rothschild are with the head of an extensive financial empire, which implies significant parts in the majority of the world central banks. The clan of Edmond de Rothschild has Private Bank SA in Lugano in Switzerland and the bank Rothschild AG of Zurich.

The family of Jacob Lord Rothschild has powerful Rothschild Italia of Milan. They are the founder members of the very exclusive club of the Islands to ten thousand billion dollars, which controls the industrial giants such Royal Dutch Shell, the imperial chemical industries, the Lloyds bank of London, Unilever, Barclays, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, BHP Billiton and the branch De Anglo-American Beers. The club dominates the world distribution of oil, gold, diamonds and good of other raw materials vital.

The entity dépositrice of more richnesses for Rothschild today is perhaps Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG, a banking holding secret, based in Switzerland. Towards the end of 1990, holding them of the total empire Rothschild were the barons Guy and Elie de Rothschild in France and Lord Jacob and Sir Evelyn Rothschild in Great Britain

Jacob Henry Schiff

It is born in Frankfurt, of a family confined with the tiny ghetto where the decree going back to Frédérick III still forces the Jews to pile up. It is in this context that the Schiff family finds itself to divide a narrow house with Bauer, whose family emblem is one ecu red, in German: Rothschild.

Jacob Schiff moves with the É.U in 1865 and, irrigated capital of his Masters Rothschild, quickly becomes the leading one of Kuhn Loeb & Co., which grows bigger until representing one of the most important banks of the hemisphere. He repurchases the immense railroad Union Pacific, the most imposing rail network of America. Following a traditional operation, it succeeds in making elect some representatives with the Congress which, in return of shares in the company, heavily subsidizes the land acquisitions of the company. This business bursts at the great day and is known like the Scandal of the Loan on personal property of 1872. As it is often the case, the persons in charge draw some without hitches and some scapegoats are satisfied to make pretense play musical chair. Result: a profit Net of 21 million (63 billion dollars today). Schiff and Warburg organizes in 1898 the transfer of the Union Pacific Railroad to a certain speculator of the name of E.H. Harriman.

The Warburg family

Leaving Italy at the 16th century, this family takes the name of her town of adoption, Warburg. They still move a century later, this time at Altona, close to Hamburg where they will remain until 1945.

It is into 1798 that the brothers Gerson and Warburg Brace-Marcus melt a bank, Mr. Mr. Warburg & Co. who will become one of the large banks of Europe and exists still today. It is Warburg which will make the bridge between the European banking interests of Rothschild and the capital states-uniens of Rockefeller, Morgan, Ford, Harriman and Vanderbilt.

The brothers Paul and Felix will settle in Wall Street New York, where they buy a participation in the Kuhn business, Loeb & Co of Schiff Jacob. Max remains behind and directs the paternal bank, Mr. Mr. Warburg & Co., in Hamburg. It one of the important advisers of Kaiser Wilhelm II, and with is orée of the First World War, finance and organizes its armament.

In 1913, Paul Moritz Warburg directs the small sélect group which makes a success of one of the largest holdups of all the history of humanity: the creation of Federal Bank Reserve. There was already nearly 75 years that the bankers of all grindings tried the blow. Presidents Lincoln, McKinley and Garfield were assassinated to be opposite there.

Then, the history of the Warburg family is related to the relations between the USA and Germany, especially at the time of the financing of the party Nazi within the framework of the development of a new world war intended to enrich more banking and industrial.

In 1938, it becomes strange for the Nazis racists of exhiber a Jewish banker to the head of their economic, military and industrial complex. Max Warburg “is driven out” of Germany, ceases sitting on the boards of directors of the companies Nazis, gives up his functions in the apparatus of state of Third Reich and share to settle in New York. This year, Erich Warburg, the son of max, Warburg Pincus in New York melts.

Erich Warburg engages in the American army during the war, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel. In spite of his modest place in the military hierarchy and the serious risks of appearance of conflict of interest, one lets it deploy his influence to keep Hamburg, the family city, in the Britannique zone at the time of the partition of Germany. It is him which will be in charge of the interrogation of Hermann Göring in 1945. This year, the leader by interim of the bank of Warburg since the departure of max in 1938, Rudolf Brinckmann, gives again the control of Mr. Mr. Warburg in Erich.

 Since when they act 

 These families of bankers often have origins related to the bankers who seized the power after the destruction about the temple in 1307. Some are originating in Italy of North and left later in the commercial cities Flandres or Hanse then in the industrial towns Germany before being established in the European capitals then in New York. Closely related to the destiny of the royal families or princely of which they manage fortunes and the loans like their wars, they were until establishing like these last, their genealogy until in antiquity. The idea is to continue a secret and occult mission that the readers of know well and that we told in our third part: permanent conflicts between the leaders of the systems capacity and the organizations in networks with mainly the fight of the initiates to spirituality against the large priests and the leaders of the theocratic systems of capacity which subject the populations to the fear of died and to fears of the presences of beyond that.

This mission occults is nourished centuries in centuries, of all the scientific or archaeological discoveries: the rediscovery of the mystery of the Andes, Tiahuanaco and its role in Atlantis, in the legend of the creation of new human races by the beings come from another planet, all this knowledge made it possible to bring up to date and reinforce the ideology based on the purity of the elected race, the lines of royal blood or blue blood coming from Atlantis, Egypt and the line of king David going down from the Hebrews. In the name of this ideology and probably to testify to the will to the beings come besides (named by the Greeks “gods, demigods”, named by other “angels, archangels”), they continue the rites of human sacrifices to maintain the memory this origin humanity where the mankind most adapted to the life on Earth had to eliminate the other less adapted species: giants, cyclops, dwarves, etc and that on the order of the terrestrial extra group which had to carry out this biological handling to transmit the human life on Earth whereas it was going to disappear on their planet. They forget that humanity gave up this purifying will after the divine intervention at Abraham then of Brace but we enter here in full war of religion or better still, in the permanent combat which the initiates lead to the spiritual step against the partisans of the systems of theocratic capacity, the religious fanatics and the sects.

The thesis of kings Mérovingiens continues this legend and is used as pillar with the genealogy of these families which seek to continue the mission of their aïeux to save the world by especially preserving the capacity of these some families through all the destroying operations, the crises and the wars that they direct so that the people do not arrive at émanciper, to release from this ancestral capacity. To maintain the people in ignorance, the economic dependence, with the need to plunge the people in the wars and misery become the weapons intended to protect their capacity and the continuation from their mission generations after generations. We are then also in the presence of the thesis of the plot of Illuminati against the people of the Earth.

As we showed through the fight between the systems of being able and the organizations in networks, the order of the Temple with its monks knights, his bank, his transatlantic fleet, its cultural networks throughout the world, had succeeded in developing the “time of the cathedrals” and a fast and strong rise in the standard of living in Europe. The kings of France about year 1300 were ruined because they perceived more the royal tax only on approximately 10% of the ground of France. The network of the abbeys managed 90% of the land richnesses to the profit of the population through the network of the free cities. The destruction about the temple and the development of the royal absolutism also corresponds to the return to the capacity of the families of European bankers, at the beginning of the Italian families less weakened by the organization templière than the French and German, English bankers. It is as in Italy, about 1350, as the first European financial crisis will occur.

These families which direct the capitalist and financial economic system are also related to these families of royal blood or blue blood which continue their chimerical will to find the domination of the world in order to exaucer an alleged divine will which indicated them as the families which will bring the safety of the world again. It is the history of Illuminati which comes here to join the history of the capitalist families and Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy.

Document: Illuminati and the domination occult people


W.S: You mentioned the fact that there were 13 families implied in the family generations of Illuminati? Can you name them?

F.Z: I published a book which was specifically devoted to this subject, family by family, in detail. The 13 principal Illuminati families are Astor, Bundy, the Hake, Dupont, Freeman, the Kennedy, Leigh, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russel, as well as thirteenth who proves to be lined Mérovingienne. I found simpler to call it the 13th family. There is also the line Illuminati Van Dine. The 13th line, Mérovingienne is very important because it includes all the families reigning in Europe. In the first volume of my book which reveals the nature of the 13 more important Illuminati families, it is the title of the book so much I thorough steps the blood line mérovingienne because it is found in a trilogy of books: “Crowned blood and Graal Crowned” like in two other works written by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln.

Here, in the United States, we must face the following basic concept: the individuals who were selected to control this country are not supposed to be related the ones to the others whereas in fact, it is rather all the opposite.

Our Presidents are connected between them to the very last degree! Ulysses Grant, the 18th president was connected to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Delano family is a former aristocratic family whose origins go up in Venice. Grant formed to him also part of the Collins family. In one of my video-cassettes, I speak about the Grant family and the way in which they are connected to Illuminati.

 Document : Crack cavalry of the financial war: the hedges funds

the hedges funds are ultra investment fund speculative, they take enormous chances but if they succeed, they also draw some from enormous profits. They go where the other funds do not invest and especially, before the others, they try blows, raids against significant values. Generally they have secret and illegal information which corresponds to insider trading to act before everyone. They are the crack cavalry of the financial oligarchy which created them, manage them in their trustful sometimes enormous sums to carry out billion profits in a few days and which especially does not want that the governments regulate these contrary financial practices with the general interest: sales at a loss, speculation downwards, etc In 1998, the bankruptcy of the hedge funds LTCM failed to cause a financial crisis major in the international banking system but the EDF “is obliged” to intervene, indirectly, since she then calls on the banks of Wall Street to save the funds. Nearly 3.6 billion dollars are injected to save LTCM of the rout.

documentation on the hedges funds:

document 1:Daniel Lebègue “the hedge funds are the black hole of world finance " LE MONDE ECONOMY | 22.09.08 

document 2: Powerful and discrete operators who remain to control LE MONDE ECONOMY | 22.09.08

In June 2007, the crisis of the subprimes had started with a bad news: the Bear Stearns investment bank announced that two of the speculative funds (hedge funds) that it manages had lost the near total of their capital. For as much, other funds still shone of thousand fires, with the image of RAB Special Situations, indicated in October 2007 by the financial magazine Barron' the S like best, because of its profitability of 47,7% over three years. Since, the wind turned. This summer, Philip Richards, manager-founder of RAB, resigned after the fall of the value of the credits of its funds. The Sunday Times of September 14th reports the hazardous bets of RAB on Northern Rock or the repurchase of the championship of formula 1 A1GP. Dimensioned on the open market of London (Alternate Investment Market), the funds lost there more than 70% since the beginning of 2008. RAB is not only touched. American Ospraie Management, victim of the reversal, this summer, of the market of the raw materials, announced at the beginning of September the closing of his funds star (Ospraie Fund Ltd). In this climate, the Atticus funds had to contradict, Thursday, September 4, the rumor according to which it was going to be lightened in urgency of some of its assets: “Investors which held the same titles that Atticus have fears that the funds gets rid as of his and, to try to run away itself, sought to sell them before they are depreciated”, explains the economist Paul Jorion. “Then, he analyzes, other operators speculated downwards in these titles, betting on their retreat and amplifying it.”

document 3: Lawful with the lowest offer carries it, in spite of the risks LE MONDE ECONOMY | 22.09.08

In the facts, much of hedge funds are especially controlled indirectly, through the monitoring - more or less brought closer - banks of which they are the creditors and, in continental Europe, of the agents of their funds. In the United States, in February 2006, the SEC had required of the hedge funds equipped of more than 25 million dollars and gathering at least fifteen investors to be recorded near it, but a legal decision cancelled this obligation the same year. In the United Kingdom, however, the hedge funds must be recorded at the FSA.

document 4: The American hedge funds speculate in a fall of euro TCF/Anglo-Saxon 26.02.2010Plusieurs hedge funds decided to make plunge the euro. Their chances of success are not however garantiesAprès to have made jump the bank of England, Georges Soros gives the compress, but with the euro this time. He and other Anglo-Saxon big bosses of hedge funds, whose David Einhorn, president of Capital the Greenlight funds in particular, would have organized at the beginning of the month with New York a dinner-debate during which they would have fomented an attack against the euro. Goal of the play? To make slip the European currency up to the level of the parity with the dollar, indicates the Le Monde daily newspaper, taking again information of Wall Street Journal.En making play an action leverage, the little game developed by the investors speculators could bring back 20 times the setting. If the bet proves to be winner, a setting of 5 million dollars (5.42 franc million) settings rapporterat thus quelque100 million dollars (108.4 franc million).Are the chances of success real? According to the economist Jacques Attali, there is a true danger. However, taking into account the volumes treated on the foreign exchange market, a handful of hedge funds should not be able to make waver the European single currency. At most can they succeed in amplifying the movement slightly, estimates Christian Parisot, economist at Aurel. Not counting the US government will intervene before: one euro too low would penalize the economy of the country indeed.Source: Le Monde

document 5: 

A dinner of shadies (to put Europeans at knees…) January 3rd, 2012 By netmamou

One knew the “dinner of idiots”, one learns that it is the different one, whose consequences lead to crimes.

We are numerous not to more support the assuaging vocabulary of the media and the policies: the crisis, markets, finance still that there, it is about a collective singular…
One thinks that beyond these abstract and repetitive words, there are people of flesh and bone, needs, desires, farts of through… which hide behind these incantations with the gone gods.Also, after having taken knowledge of the video “lower parts of a historical holdup”, in which Myret ZAKI, journalist with the economic magazine Bilan makes a limpid talk on the release of “the crisis” of the Greek debt, I wanted to put names and faces on these five individuals who started knowingly and in all impunity the stagnation which one knows.

What is interesting, it is that it is not here about an umpteenth theory of the plot. At all. Here, we are in reality, dated, located. One knows what it occurred this evening. The financial newspapers repeated of it: Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, etc… Why isn't this a plot? But quite simply because what it known as and decided there is perfectly licit.
In condition of course of admitting that all that is not prohibited is authorized. And it is there that the pack wounds in the magic world of finance…

Here are thus five men, the such Knights of the Apocalypse, who dine together in a New Yorkean restaurant, at the evening of February 8th, 2010.

The only guest whom Myret ZAKI names is George Soros. That one, one knows it. But it is easy to identify three others of them: I did not find the fifth.


Donald MORGAN, Brigade capital

This day: “When Donald Morgan takes the microphone, it makes a tobacco. Old EDF of New York big shot, he reconverted himself into deprived and directs Brigade Capital. He is regarded as one of the best experts of the national debt. And it is made the oracle of the bad days: one should not any more look at the euro zone like a solid unit, but examine each country on a case-by-case basis. It is not a plot. But everyone listening by shaking the head. George Soros, “the man who made fall the Bank from England” at the beginning of the Nineties, is allured. He holds his next paper for Financial Times. He will publish it afterwards fifteen days: “The financial survival of Athens will not settle the question of the future of the euro”. (Le Point)


David EINHORN, Capital Greenlight

This brilliance young man was born in 1968. He is the owner of Greenlight Capital, a hedge fund which started in 1996 with a million dollars out of pocket and had in 2008 6 billion dollars.

The name of David EINHORN is closely associated with the short sale. If it is presented especially in the form of an investor of long run, the man is initially adulated by his pars for his offensives flash, his famous speculations downwards. 

These two principal feats of arms are Allied Capital and Lehman Brothers 

In 2007, it locates before everyone the sorry state of Lehman Brothers and whereas the others hedge funds make in discretion, taken to him microphones.

In May 2008, (always at the time of one evening charity), Einhorn launches a diatribe against the marked investment bank to mask the truth on its accounts. A few days later the title unscrews. And EINHORN grows rich by a billion euros. Without states of heart. 

When its detractors show it to precipitate the death of its preys, to make business on ambulances, him is presented in the form of a militant for the financial transparency 

EINHORN is also president de Greenlight Capital Re Ltd, based in the Cayman Islands, specialized in the reinsurance and of which it is one of the principal shareholders. He is also very a good player of poker and takes part every year in the tournament of Las Vegas.


Steve COHEN, founder of Capital Funds SAC and owner at the time represented with the meeting by Aaron COWEN, of Capital SAC

Aaron COWEN joined, next on November 29th, Funds SOROS. The new one was brought back by the Hedge Fund Alert, which specified that COWEN, (which wanted to start a hedge Fund), had not met the confidence of the investors…


George Soros

Elements of its official biography (source:
Nationality: American. Home country: The United States
Born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary
Principal company: SOROS Fund Management.

George Soros, born György Schwartz, knew the occupation Nazi in Hungary. Of Jewish origin, it is constrained to change name in 1936. He flees the Communist regime in 1947 by gaining the United Kingdom. In 1952, it follows the courses of the philosophical anticommunist Karl Kopper to London School of Economics. In 1956, he emigrates in the United States with an idea at the head: to gain a half-million dollars. Successful bet, fortune rises today to 14.5 billion dollars, which sets it up with the row of 46ème world fortune according to the classification Forbe' S 2011. 

Hardly installed, it creates its first bottom of investment The Soros Fund, which will be the first stone of the financial empire of Soros. In 1973, it founds with Jim Rogers Fond Quantum. During ten years, this bottom will break all the records with profits exceeding the 30% constantly. 

The general public discovers it at the time of the great crisis of 1992. While speculating in a fall of the pound sterling, it causes such fluctuations that the British currency is forced to leave the monetary system. This blow of glare is worth to him to gain nearly a billion in one night and to be called: “the man who made jump the bank of England”.

But if he is an outstanding speculator, he is also a philanthropist except standards. Thanks to Open Society Institute which gathers about twenty foundations and of which the goal is to defend the human rights and to promote the democratic governance, it extends its influence to the political field. George Soros describes itself like a “Head of State stateless person”. Through its foundations launched in 1984 and the Open Society Institute, Georges Soros distributed more than 8 billion dollars to various humane causes in 70 countries everywhere on planet.

The man who wanted to be philosophical and writer counts well, while resting on his foundation, to take part fully in the change of the company. He, the speculator, as admired as criticized, became the destroyer of liberalism excessively and unrestrained capitalism. (note: this organic date a little… unless SOROS wanted to make a last” blow” as Myret ZAKI proposes it!)


Powerful and fantastically wealthy, he is not rare only George Soros ready of the money in the States. With Russian emissary which applied for an additional loan, it retorts curtly: “It is not necessary that becomes a practice!” by referring to a preceding loan that he granted Boris Eltsine so that this one keeps to its commitment to pay the arrears of retirement.
Quotations: “When it was understood that the misunderstanding is the batch of the human condition, there N is no shame to be mistaken, but to only omit to correct its errors”. ”

Crisis of world capitalism by George Soros with the editions Plon (1999)

The alchemy of finance by George Soros to the editions Valor (1998)


I thank Annie Lasorne to have posted this video (Conference of Myret ZAKI and Etienne CHOUARD). I advise you warmly this video. It lasts more than two hours. But it is in first half an hour that this subject (“the dinner of the steps idiots”) is broached. As well as the mechanics which was put moving.

to see the video of the conference which speaks about this dinner of February 8th, 2010 in New York between the 5 principal hedges funds which is reflected agreement to speculate downwards against the euro and the national debts of the European countries:

another source:

after having identified which is these financial which controls us, see how they proceed and with which means they grow rich always more.


to see the continuation, the second part of this documentary file

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