conquistadores, criminals of papacy

extract of "Eleusis with Dendérah, prohibited evolution", the conference of Nancy.

When the Spaniards conquered Mexico, they went from surprised in surprise. They found there cities ordered better than those of Europe, palates and temples more beautiful than those of Seville or Saragossa. The indigenous m?urs were organized and their libraries filled with?uvres incomparable. Astronomy was as advanced there as in Salamanque. The houses had toilets with running water whereas hundred years later, Versailles will be built by being unaware of these techniques of construction, hygiene and healthiness. Cortez intended Montézuma to speak to him about its ancestors, the white men come from the seas which had civilized the country, had brought the Greek cross and the cross templière and whose certain rare descendants always carried the color of skin. Three hundred conquistadores could subject almost without combat two million Aztec because the latter had understood that they came from the same countries as the former founders of their company. Could the Spanish soldiers include/understand the drawings of men out of diving-suit whose Bolivian legend, around the lake highest of the world, tells that they had the very white skin and blue blood, that they came from blue planet? More extremely still, the Spaniards found indeed a profusion of cross. In Guatulco, Juan de Cervantes, bishop of Oaxaca, made draw up just as it is in the cathedral which it had just built, a cross that the conquistadores allotted to a come apostle évangéliser the area and whose image was engraved on a rock beside the cross. Pierre indicated that this explains also the reversal of the Spanish ecclesiastics who, once that they understood that they were opposite the work of Templiers, are then reflected to destroy all these vestiges of a prohibited culture which they rejected into the past. Did they also include/understand that the Vikings and the templiers had in fact only found the country where had initially been established the white men with blue blood come from blue planet, these men who taught the land ones? Did they understand that on this continent of the descendants of Mérica, they were in contact with a history able to destroy forever that of the Bible and able to make them all perish on the bûchers of the enquiry? In this pretext the major justification of papacy to cover the genocide of 70 million Indians so much this history can lie threw to bottom all the literature of the judaïc Bible and the claim to regard Jerusalem as a cradle of human spiritual wisdom. The monks and the knights of the Temple, by having the withdrawn manuscripts of the temple of Jerusalem could know the filiation of the secret knowledge since Egyptian civilization, they could especially recognize among the descendants of Horus and Isis these human beings to the white skin and the blue blood come from the continent disappeared at the time of the last great cataclysm. By also having a colony in Peru and in Bolivia, by helping the INCA people to develop, they also had, while following the road of Mérica, to find the cradle of this age of the disappeared continent. They had all the evidence to show the need for their organization in networks able to marry the cultures to respect the primacy human being in a social organization, to show the harmful and sectarian character political powers and religious fighting for the survival of their dogmas by destroying the foreign cultures.

Pierre affirmed that this incomprehensible destruction by the clergy was done on higher orders of the papacy which desired to erase all memories of the templiers and perhaps already of the men to blue blood, memories which showed the beneficial social success of the organization templière whereas papacy did not cease running up against the kingdoms of Europe and the movements of dispute of believing which did not support its claims of theocratic capacities, dogmatic and temporal. Perhaps at the beginning the pope fought Templiers for questions of temporal powers then for theological businesses. For Pierre, it was clear that papacy during its later, softer investigations and patients that cruelties of king de France, took note of all the hidden empire of Templiers and in particular of its radiation in South America and Central America, radiation become out of reach kings ignoramuses or incrédules. It included/understood all the advantages of a political system in networks and the effectiveness to place the military capacity in communities of knights controlled by monastic communities living of the production of crowned knowledge. But papacy as had to admit as it always had opposite it sovereigns in search of European empires and that to hold head to them, it also was to defend its centralized hierarchical capacity and monopolisator and that it was to fight it so much also any attempt at democratic organization in networks become illusory henceforth he him was impossible to conceive that it can begin again to the kings and to emperors the legitimacy of their capacities. Papacy understood especially that it was to prohibit any intrusion of cultures able to contradict the biblical truths. The capacity of the pope came owing to the fact that it crowned the kings and the emperors. It was thus located at the top of the political hierarchy. This explains why the popes did not make a point of seeing navigators as soon as taking again the way of Americas, from where made prohibition with Christophe Colomb and his predecessors.

After the discovery of the conquistadores and Spanish missionaries, the comparison between the successes of the templiers and the bankruptcy of papacy became unbearable with the eyes of Rome. It was necessary all to destroy so that never this example does not come to consolidate the protestors of the papal and royal order in Europe. Papacy was helped by the kings and the king of Spain drew some from continuation profit since it was allowed to him to bring back all the gold which its armies found, once this gold molten and disappeared all traces compromising from Indian, Christian symbols and templiers! Nearly 70 million Indians were exterminated at the time of the conquest and the destruction of their empire then during several centuries of wild slavery, mainly by the labour forced in the mines. Pierre showed a slide on the work of the Indians in the mines. This genocide ten times higher than Shoah remains occulted and taboos for our Western powers. The safeguarding of the capacity of papacy and the unrestrained satisfaction of the thirst for gold of some kings sealed for centuries silence on this genocide carried out for the greatest glory of a Christ European plus collector of crimes that all the Aztec gods and incas joined together! That they are the kings or papacy, all had ended up including/understanding the threat which the organization templière had made weigh on their political organizations by presenting a new solution at the undeniable social success. As of the dissolution of the order, the cathedrals missed financing and the companions of Solomon who built them only attached to finish only one arrow according to original plans', lending oath in memory of the Temple never not to build the second. Pierre invited the group to observe that the majority of the cathedrals completed after 1307 do not comprise like only one arrow instead of both envisaged in the beginning. Papacy thus made a point of dissuading longest possible the navigators to be left on the trace from Templiers, knowing that those were going to discover truths that in Europe one came to make conceal among the flames of the bûchers lit by the Dominican ones and Enquiry. 

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