The prohibited origin and taboo of the collective knowledge: 

total knowledge of Egyptian ancient civilizations, Aztec and Incas which contradicts the Bible


The archaeological discoveries, research of certain scientists and historians who dare to face the interdict and the system of current capacity, enable us to brush the following situation, not completed by far and final.

1) In Bolivia, with 4000 meters of altitude, is Tiahuanaco  , the oldest city of the world, destroyed by a seism but whose the door of the sun remains. Incas told in Fernand Pizarre, the Spanish conqueror, whom they had never known this city but in ruin. Aymaras, the most former people of the Andes, said that this city was that of the first men of the Earth. Garcilaso of Vega, Spanish educated which took part in the conquests Spanish and of which the writings were prohibited later and the burned books, in a document which has escaped with the destruction, brings back a legend of the Andes: at the tertiary era, there are approximately five million years, whereas no one human being did not exist on the ground, an aircraft shining like gold was posed on the island of the sun of the lake Titicaca. The fresh water and the atmospheric pressure were appropriate to these travellers come from Venus where the atmosphere is about similar to ours. A woman went down from the vessel and coupled herself with one to tapir to found a new terrestrial race. She had children then set out again only towards Venus. This history is written on the door of the sun. A. Kazantsev, Russian engineer, identified a Venusian calendar on the door of the sun with some 225 days terrestrial years.

Garcilaso of Vega brings back another legend: "God Sun, ancestor of Incas, sent to them in very old one of his sons and one of his daughters to make known to them, deputy times that the men recognized like divine with their words and their clear dye". The common point of these legends of the Andes is the arrival of extraterrestrial which gave to the men an unknown science on ground. The people resulting from these extraterrestrial preserved his blood and his science and settled on the continent of Atlantis whose grounds were with more than 4000 m of altitude. The people which had accomodated these travellers remained in the Andes and used to him also this science but the colony the extraterrestrial ones remained in Tiahuanaco died out and remained only the Indians of stock.

2) Worms - 10 000 years (before J.C.), the glaciologists go back the existence to a planetary cataclysm. The zodiac of Dendérah indicates that the position of stars this day of the great cataclysm corresponds to the date of July 19 9792 front. J-C. In Egypt, the Harris papyrus makes state of a cosmic catastrophe by fire and water and announces that the south became north and that the Earth was turned over. The Ermitage papyrus preserved at the museum of Pétersbourg Saint indicates that the world was turned over. Hérodote reports that the Egyptian priests ensured that several times, during historical ages, the Sun had risen where it lies down now and vice versa. 

The descendants of the refugees come from Venus settled on Atlantis whose mountains with more than 4000 meters of altitude corresponded more to the living conditions of their old planet. But the weight of these mountains made disappear this continent at the time of the last great cataclysm, it sank in the Earth's crust and was submerged by the ocean. The survivors of Atlantis failed on the shores of Morocco then a few thousands of years later, their descendants fixed themselves definitively on the edges of the Nile. The calendar of 6 242 years Sothis (Sirius) old (in 2001) makes it possible to increase to 7 000 and even to 8 000 years the beginning of the civilization of Egypt . This area had several assets: the Nile brought fertility and was the witness of the last great cataclysm because it had then modified its course for, unthinkable thing, to cross a desert and to flow in another sea. Then the area was with the crossroads of three continents, the three continents connected to each other by ground. Thus, the descendants of the travellers come from Venus were going again to control humanity. On the American continent, there remained civilization précolombienne then INCA and they were going to be occupied of the three continents Europe, Asia, Africa to transmit to them what remained to know to them. Lastly, significant argument at the time, in Nubie, there were gold layers which levelled on the surface of the ground and it was enough to bend down to collect this gold. They thus had the means of establishing their influence on the people of the three continents.

The people close to Atlantis which had traded with it and had shared its knowledge founded Celtic civilization and used them also this knowledge. The legend says that a tribe left the shores of the Atlantic and control by Rama, crossed the Himalayas to put in safety this knowledge on the top-plates of Tibet then to found the Aryan race in Asia and India.

3) worms - 3000 years, the Venus planet was installed on its current orbit and it caused a small cataclysm then. The Hindu table of Tirvalour old woman of more than 5 000 years, of the astronomical tables chaldéennes, the legends of the majority of the people indicates this fact or prove it. This corresponds to the sudden acceleration of the knowledge and the development at this time there of the apogee of civilizations précolombiennes and Egyptian women. Did they receive Venus reinforcement when its inhabitants understood that this change of orbit and bringing together too close to the sun were being gone to destroy the human life on this planet? Did the survivors of Atlantis understand that the end of planet of their ancestors obliged them to build testimonys of their origins so as to leave a trace in humanity if they disappeared in their turn? In Egypt, it is the beginning of constructions of pyramids, monument in capsizable which must resist next the great cataclysm related to the swing of the axis of the ground on a new centre of gravity, to the disturbances caused by the passage of another planet. This age of the pyramids is spread on the Earth, it also exists in Central America and of the South.

Venus knew then extraordinary events that accounts transmitted to us. The probe Mariner II sent data which indicate that there are mountains of 4 000 meters and that by places its vegetation and its temperature are bearable by the terrestrial man.

4) to prove today that the divine laws and the celestial mathematics kept in the temple of Dendérah are exact and that approximately all the 26 000 years the ground rocks on its axis to find a new centre of gravity and to eliminate the forces stored by its retrocession around the sun, it would be necessary to be able to always leave a satellite altimeter radar in the same place during more than 72 years to measure the flatness of the poles during this lapse of time, phenomenon which the Egyptians knew and measured compared to stars. The altimeter radar exists, that of Topex-Poséidon manufactured by France measures the height of the seas with a margin of 2 centimetres. It remains to find the means of always leaving a satellite in the same place during 80 years.

5) When catholic papacy learns this history, it will prohibit the road of Americas, its bishops being for a long time charged destroying the contrary writings with the Bible and with setting fire to the library of Alexandria to IIIème century then into 490, without counting the destruction of the knowledge of the other people. This refusal to marry the cultures will carry out the catholic religion to fanaticism, with the Enquiry then with the wars of religion.

6) the trade with the new world never ceased: coke is in thousand-year-old mummies, Roman amphoras are found on the beaches of Brazil. But the existence of this continent and this origin of humanity as well as the arrival of a terrestrial extra knowledge in humanity were struck taboos by the papal capacity. After the Treaty of Tordesillas, papacy covered the destruction of the Aztec people and INCA, it was the largest genocide of humanity. Today the pope Jean-Paul II does not cease pronouncing excuses at the time of his voyages for the crimes committed by the religious capacity of papacy, the summer 2002, it has just canonized of the monks who at the 16th century took the defense of the indigenous people against the conquistadores....

BIBLIOGRAPHY : the talk above was assembled starting from the following books:

Robert CHARROUX, the book of its books, at Robert Laffont, 1985

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