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Christopher Colombus.



extract of "Eleusis with Dendérah, prohibited evolution", the conference of Nancy.




What is history of this navigator known? That it had married the girl of a Large Master of the Order of the Christ who, in Portugal, had taken the succession of the Order of Temple[1 ]. That it had much evil to convince the powerful ones of the time to go to cross the seas to discover a new continent while following the star of the morning, this star called Merica from ancient Egypt, name taken again by the spiritual communities which maintained the ancient knowledge like that Qoumrâne, that of the nazôréens of the church of Jerusalem, that later of the monks soldiers templiers! And this star of the morning in the new world, the so much sought continent, is also, in ours, the evening star, the blue planet of old, the star symbol of oldest knowledge on the origin of human knowledge.

The lecturer remained concise. The principal source of richness to finance the time of the cathedrals was the money of the mines of South America which the fleet templière transported to the French ports of the La Rochelle, Dieppe, Saint-Valéry in Caux. Two sites are known: the area of the lake Titicaca and the ancient city of Tiahuanaco which has the time was with the abandonment and had been the place of a colony Viking. In Peru, the money came especially from the zone of Porco, located in an assembly line of the cordillière, on the Eastern side of the high plateau now Bolivian, in the south-east of Tiahuanaco. The Spaniards called this Sierra chain of Plata, sierra of the Money. A part of gold and money took the way of the Atlantic by borrowing the northern branch of the peaviru, that which, to Paraguay, passed by Cerro Cora where metal was transformed into ingots. Port of Santos, the money crossed the Atlantic. The order templier at this time there imported important quantity of money to finance the construction of the abbeys and cathedrals. This traffic stopped at the time of the catch of Tiahuanaco by Araucans about 1290. After the fall of the order of the Temple in France, a colony templière from France helped Guaranis to take again Tiahuanaco and a new restoration of the quoted antique took place. The second site of production of the money is Mexico. It depended on the Atzèque empire then INCA empire. The templiers were combined with the age of Mexico and from this exchange was born the INCA empire. Mexico worked primarily gold, the money and copper. The money was only one production secondary and the extraction of the ores remained rudimentary. The Vikings then the templiers preferred to develop their mining technologies and of foundry in all political autonomy and military and rather than to deliver them to the people of Mexico, it made the choice settle in Peru to develop a true mining industry. Today, the situation was reversed, Mexico is the first money producer of the world (2,8 million tons).

While using the knowledge of the sea routes of Norman and the Vikings, the fleet templière managed to join the legendary place from where the ancestors had left the survivors of Atlantis who joined the large river with the confluence of the three continents that the last great cataclysm had not upset. And this initiatory place source of a collective knowledge good more powerful than that transmitted by the Bible, came also a new source from richness, the money, able to transform Europe through a new organization into network based on work of the monks Benedictines who since the Mount Cassin, Cluny, Citeaux and especially Clairvaux, continued work on the kept human knowledge of the millenia in the gold circle of the Egyptian temple of Dendérah. The tradition of the Egyptian temples highest kept secret this place close to the lake on the ground, of this Bolivia Lake where are inscriptions and drawings representing of the men out of diving-suit of cosmonauts and come from this blue planet. The most direct way from Europe to join this place passes by the Antilles and the Central America. While crossing to foot the American isthmus, this way skirts the Andes cordillera to reach the Bolivian plate. Is this only one coincidence if the European travellers of antiquity to Christopher Colombus converged towards this direction and took part in the dynamism of INCA civilization, forsaking the counters Vikings of North America? Took part in the dynamism of these people of talented metallurgists whose works were going to astound Europe and Charles-Quint and whose tradition of the work of metals comes from these survivors of Mérica come on ground in their spaceship with unknown metal alloys on ground? Coincidence is manifest between this blue planet, the people come from this planet, the attraction of those which had knowledge in Europe to turn over near this cradle of civilization, and the forwarding of Colomb.  

Pierre spoke about the relations between the Vikings about Normandy and those of the grounds of north, of the bonds which were woven between these navigators and the powerful fleet of the order of the Temple based in particular with the port of the Small rock and with Saint-Valéry-in-Caux, beside Dieppe, to narrowly supervise all the commercial traffic with England, kingdom conquered in the fields of the monk Lanfranc Benedictine. The poet described the trade setting-up by Templiers and insisted on their money imports of South America, wrought silver by the Vikings of Tiahuanaco. This money in particular been used for construction of the Gothic cathedrals, cathedrals whose measurements and numbers employed attest rediscovery of a science coming from the high Egyptian antiquity. At the time of the arrest of the templiers by the soldiers of Philippe the Beautiful one, several boats templiers of the Small rock did not come to take refuge in Portugal with the port templier of Tightened of El Rei but disappeared forever. In the last years of XIIIème century, having a presentiment of the difficulties which them order was going to encounter as their power was going to run up against the kings established before being able to found a system economic policy and social new, the templiers sent a forwarding in South America to prepare a base of retirement near the colonies of Vikings with whom they had worked the money and which, for lack of contribution of new European teams, had been blown at the point to be able to become now the base of a directed colony new this time by the order of Templiers itself. They settled in Mexico, Chalco and accepted there their companions templiers who fled the arrests of Philippe the Beautiful one in 1307 at the time of the dissolution of their kind. They brought the treasure stored in Paris.  

For Christopher Colombus, the major obstacle held in an authorization of papacy because this navigator affirmed high and strong to want to go on this new continent whereas the navigators of the time were satisfied to sail officially more and more far around Africa or more or less in secrecy, were going to sail in Newfoundland and in North America and of the south. Papacy refused because it had had wind of the American company of the templiers and it knew that the history of Mérica threw to bottom the dogmas of the Church based on the Bible. The papacy also knew how the cathedrals had been financed and it knew that neither the kings nor it had had the control of this source of richness which had transformed Europe and put at evil the capacities of the kings and the pope. The prohibition of the Church of Rome was thus double to prevent that a new downward political organization of Templiers is not positioned back bus in Americas there were the knowledge and money, short all that it was necessary to give on foot a political organization, economic and social contrary with the systems of capacities which directed Europe at this time there. It was necessary that Colomb manages from there to steal the charts which spoke about this continent to bend Isabelle de Castille and to obtain from her the official authorization to leave as well as a protection with respect to papacy. Why all these safety measures? Because it is almost certain that Colomb, like so much of other navigators, had been in Thulé and in North America and that it knew that the sea route that it was necessary to reopen was the direct way by the Azores towards the Central America and South America, grounds of colonization and source of the richnesses of the Vikings and the templiers. That it was again necessary to follow star of Mérica as the templiers did it and either the road of the North Atlantic. Because papacy knew this direct road: a monk-bishop, Holy Brandan, accompanied by Malo Saint, told in his navigatio, his voyage between 536 and 552 in America, to Cuba. Because finally it was the road of the caravels templières once that they had left La Rochelle to go some to Scotland and others, after having supplied themselves in Portugal, in Central America and of the South Pierre added that the caravels, once in Scotland, could also set out again towards North America because the navigators of these Scandinavian countries did lot of mileage of the new world since good a long time. For papacy, prohibition to go to America corresponded to two major objectives : to avoid that the bible is contradicted by the history of the human beings come since blue planet and to hide the fact that the organization templière survived in Central America and of the South while coming to reinforce and develop INCA civilization much more advanced than that of Europe, locked up under the obscure weight of dogmas by the church of Rome.

However Christopher Colombus secretly consulted the chart of the templiers in Tesouraria where the king of Portugal preserved his secret files and which included/understood the documents brought by the fleet templière after the destruction of the order by Philippe Beautiful the This chart found by Colomb locate the unknown continent exactly and comprise the layout of Vinland, i.e. North America, as well as the complete layout of South America with the strait. This chart was drawn up in Dieppe, in Normandy using the geographical data which came and of the Norwegian Vikings who had colonized Vinland and of the Danish Vikings who had cut an empire in South America. It is possible that these navigators Vikings did nothing but continue the sea routes of the North Atlantic and the road of the trade winds already undertaken by the Egyptians, the phenicians and the Romans because the vestiges of the presence of these navigators do not cease being discovered in North America and of the south just like certain products of Americas already find in the burials of ancient Egypt such cocaine in the hair of the mummies whereas the coke was always regarded as a plant living only in Power station or South America. To Xème century, the Danish Vikings had already passed a score of years to Mexico before going to found, in Peru, the empire of Tiahuanaco whose Incas will be the descendants whereas at the same time of Irish had already firmly been established in the area of Philadelphia in North America. In the library of the Countess of Tolède, the red Countess imprisoned under Free and downward of an old family of XIIème century, finds a description of the rivers of South America: The Amazon, Orénoque, going back to thirty years before the voyage of Colomb.

Concurrently to this chart coming from the order of the Temple, Colombus also accepted a copy of the chart of the physicist Florentin Paolo del Pezzo Toscanelli. June 25, 1474, Toscanelli sent to the Portuguese canon Fernâo Martins (or of Roritz) a chart of geography where it had traced the road "carrying out towards India by the Western ocean", with indication of the places, the poles, the equatorial line and the distances. Charts and comments were with final destination of king Alphonse 1st and there are good reasons to think that the sovereign on the faith of the theses of Toscanelli, sent several faith to "Brazil" of the pilots who brought back gold and invaluable stones to him. These transatlantic sailors were obligatorily to take to their retirement in the most remote island of the empire, in Madeira, where as by Colomb chance in 1474 went to marry the senorita Perestrello or Palestrello, girl of one of these pilots and heiress of her charts and its documents. Little after it had in its possession the charts of late, Colombus gave up his wife, Felipa Perestrello, and flees of Oporto-Santo with his/her Diego son. According to Pedro Vasquez of Frontera, a Portuguese ship would have gone to the unknown islands of the West. The pilot only returned alive from there and went to die at the widow of Bartholomeu Perestrello where it told his voyage and left documents. In short, Colomb used all the means to seize the charts which circulated secretly. Its correspondence with Toscanelli would have been invented by him to try to mask the flight of the chart in Tesouraria.

Colombus also succeeds in being surrounded of senior sailors having already made the voyage. In 1488, Jean Cousin, originating in Dieppe, four years before the voyage of Colombus, discovered Brazil and sailed round the Cape of Good Hope (ten years before Vasco de Gama). He discovered the mouth of a large river which he named Maragnon and which later was called the river of Amazones. According to Pierre Margy, author of:"les French navigators and the maritime revolution, of XIVe in XVIe century", "Vicente Yanez Pinzon would have been the second of the ship of Jean Cousin. Martin Pinzon arrived from Rome when it met Colomb. It is about certain that Pinzon had just consulted with the pontifical library of the geographical charts and the relations of voyage to the countries of Winland made by the Greenlandic Christian messengers who, in 1110, came to Rome. In 1327, Greenland still poured its dîme with the Crusades. It is impossible to think that these messengers did not tell with the pope their forwardings and conquests with the "country of the vine", in addition to ocean. The brothers Martin-Alonzo and Vincente Pinzon armed with the profit with Colomb, the three naves of forwarding: Pinta, the Nina and Santa-Maria of the Juan navigator of Cosa. Never the naves had crossed the Atlantic if Pinzon had not taken the command of the crews. The crossing was long: the sailors, after having exceeded the 700 miles envisaged by "the admiral" Christopher Colombus, realized that this last was a poor navigator, incompetent to take stock, equipped with charts truffées with errors, incompetent especially to give an order which one can decently approve. They often grognèrent and even spoke to throw over edge this admiral of comedy. Colomb, when the mutiny burst, was certainly ready to die bravely, about to perhaps make half-turn, but Martin Pinzon once again saved the situation (source of this relation: magic and Christopher Colombus, in "the book of its books", Robert Charroux, at Robert Laffont, 1985).

 Which were the personal motivations of the navigator : did it defend the order templier and wanted it to give again a new official existence to him ? Did it seek simply gold ? Had it included/understood only one part of the business and was mistaken it on the remainder ? The end of the lifetime of this navigator leaves these questions in the expectancy.

christopher colombus

Always it is that as of the second voyage, Colombus tells that it was followed by a French ship and that it had man?uvrer to escape to him. It is that the official recognition of discovered new world by papacy had very important consequences which condition the political life of Europe almost until today.


Before advancing in the history, let us stop the history of Christopher Colombus. Which consideration papacy could it still grant to a navigator who had still not understood that it was to be keep silent and not to turn over more over there? It was told that Colomb still believed to have reached the Indies of Asia through the Atlantic Ocean whereas its superiors just like the navigator, knew that it had touched the continent of the Vikings and the templiers without meeting trace of the descendants of the latter. But Asia, the silk of China being known and this civilization not being able to compete with ours, not being able to contradict the bible, this lie was preferred with reality. The organized ways in which Colomb wanted to maintain the natives removed him the protection of king d' Espagne. Was it taken for new Templier acting with the manner of old towards these people? Wasn't it Jewish origin and was not one to draw aside it for this reason, him and his school-fellows, of the fabulous trade which was going to be set up? Wasn't it combined by its marriage with the successors of Templiers and its three caravels they had not been armed by funds coming of this kind knight? Didn't they relate to their large sails, the pattée cross of Templiers? Wasn't this a manifest attempt of the successors of this kind to take again the primacy on the political scene and through this voyage, to meet the last descendants of the templiers exiled to show them to kings d' Europe and to the pope as successful example of the founded good of the economy in network whose occident had been prohibited? This voyage, couldn't it be the beginning of a Cultural revolution able to re-establish a social organization in network causing the disappearance of the royalties and empires to found a real marriage of the cultures? Did the kings of occident understand that with the strong manner they could obtain even more money and richnesses which Templiers had not brought back from there with their trade of most regular? In any event, it was advantageous for the powerful ones of Occident to sweep and forget the Vikings and Templiers, their civilizing companies, whereas they put at bag these people to satisfy their cupidity. 

The history of this new continent was to thus start only with Colombus, especially not before and still, not with any of Colombus, a good denied and ignare preferably! But was Colombus which knew the history of the chart transcribed by the templiers, unaware of the history of the templiers, the history of the sign which the veils of its caravels carried while following star of the morning, Merica? May that be or an additional lie of powerful of the time? Pierre increases. He believed possible that Colombus was disappointed by the fact of not having found the possessions templiéres of South America because he had not taken the road of the South sufficiently or because he had to accept the will of his crews ignoramuses not to continue forwarding after the halt relay of the West-Indian islands, largely then increased disappointment when he understood that one prohibited to him any bond with the former experiment of the templiers. This imposture which is the history of Colombus was not only used to cover the exactions made against the natives of America more civilized than the cruel Spanish bands. It was also used to occult any survival of the templiers on this continent as well as the symbol to even know to them which was the base of their incomparable radiation during this time: the knowledge of Mérica. Radiation carried out more still out of Europe, in South America where no king slowed down their humanistic projects.


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