The broken ear.

This afternoon of autumn, around 4 p.m., I cut a hedge of fir trees. The height of the hedge is rather high bus it is in bottom of a slope compared to the house and along the road. Thus to hide the garden and the house, it is necessary that the trees are high. To cut the young growths which spring towards the sky, a shear to cut the branches of the trees at the end of a pole of 3 meters length is the tool indicated. I had used several times this material and its handling did not pose any more a problem to me and I worked with a certain speed in this face in height. 

a shear to cut the branches of the trees at the end of a pole of 3 meters

This afternoon there, I had started by working on my micro computer to write a text. But the good weather had encouraged me more not to more give this work of size of the hedges and to finish them before the first snows. Towards the end of this work, a larger point was not cut as easily as the others. The trunk was larger than the allowed thickness for this kind of shear to cut the branches of the trees and I knew that I would have to mount on the pole the saw which is indicated for these thicknesses. To change tool was going to take ten to fifteen minutes to me and I was in a hurry to complete this work. I decided to force the cut with the shear to cut the branches of the trees. Once the two blades of the shear were well in the wood of the trunk, I released the pole to draw on the cord with my two hands and to force the shear to cut the trunk. But under the pressure, the shear slipped on wood and the pole with the shear to cut the branches of the trees fell down towards me, directly towards my cranium. The arm of the higher shear actuated by the cord and the system of pulley, in the form of a blade of a sword or a large large knife, was presented to fall in the middle of my cranium and certainly to crash to pieces it. Immediately, I realized that I was in danger of death, once more stupidly in danger of death. 

However I did not die and my cranium was not crashed to pieces. Only the lobe of my left ear accepted the blow and the shear to cut the branches of the trees slipped along my head without me to wound differently. When I put my hand on this ear, I noted that the lobe was cut into two, that I bled but not much and that I did not have badly. I was however to return to me to the urgencies so that a surgeon me recouse the ear lobe, which was made in the following hour. For all, I had much chance and all recommended to me not to make this kind of imprudence more. Today, after two years, following my preceding accidents all so consigned on the register of a hospital and all also lived through a meeting with our dimension of life which surrounds our human condition and carnal, time again came to speak either about this chance which makes me cross the dangers more the mortals but of this new intervention of that which lives in us and which more and more takes very an other face that this benevolent guardian angel of the religious traditions who would deliver us torments and would keep us dangers and accidents.

 My spirit immediately included/understood the danger, my sight was clear: the machine could only fall on my head, in full medium. Chance or not, the danger was quite real and the blow was going to fall into the two seconds which were going to follow and probably more quickly still. My spirit had included/understood: I was taken in a mortal trap bus at the time of my last fatal accident and at the time of my third decorporation (an exit out of the body ) which had involved me well beyond crossed well of light, I had already received a violent shock on my cranium by a stone fall during a climbing on small rocks at the bottom of a valley in the solid mass of Mont Blanc. A new violent shock could break the preceding cicatrization of the brain-pan without counting that the blow which arised, arrived whereas I did not have this time of helmet on the head and that the metal end was able to break the brain-pan directly. The conscience of the mortal danger was an obviousness. I said myself that it was really idiotic to die thus but which I had made a serious fault of imprudence and lightness in the field of safety. Since any young person, like poet, I knew that I was dazed and that by think of another thing, I forget elementary rules in the majority of the fields of the everyday life. Once more, I had been made have and I did not see as this time I was going to be able me to leave there. I could nothing any more make if not wait until this blow arrives on my head to then know if I were going to be again décorporer, to see my lying body by ground. At this time there, I could again intervene and always ask the same person who lives in me, the capacity to return in my carnal body. But if I had this hope based on my preceding experiments, I did not have any insurance on the damage which the fall of this shear to cut the branches of the trees was going to cause on my cranium. It was not at all obvious that I was going to find me after the shock, in a state of decorporation beside my carnal body however it was the only solution which my experiments indicated to me and I had mentally prepared to undergo the shock, the black hole, the fatal clash. I was already very happy that my former experiments enabled me to suspend time one second or two for good to prepare me with this new meeting with the death of my carnal body.

 I could not continue my thoughts. My spirit was disconnected from my body and immediately of other feelings took over and another presence took the direction of the operations. Whereas I awaited the shock, I received the insurance of that which saw of each one of us, that it would not have there shock. It was again present in me for all to direct. Time still did not advance and the pole with the shear to cut the branches of the trees was always with more than one meter with the top of my cranium. I looked in this direction and I noted that my body was as inside a protective box of which I measured dimensions exactly. That which lives in us had deployed this protective envelope and we were both with the shelter of the danger. It was very reassuring and I started to feel in me this state of quietude and happiness so characteristic of the states of decorporation which I had already known. However a question remained always outstanding: how to get rid of this threat mortal, how to avoid the blow struck by the shear to cut the branches of the trees. I had hardly completed this thought in my spirit that all went back moving. I was always in the center of this movement, I knew that the blow was going now to come but I did not look at any more in direction of the pole which fell: I attended on line the company of my rescue carried out either only by that which lives in us but by two presences which work together in perfect synchronization and harmony. That which lives in us and us helps to cross the well of light remained in me. As I was now tested to cross the edges of death, it let my spirit all record without coming to disconnect it or strike it of a powerful discharge in order to cause itself a decorporation to be at ease in work to then more renew me in my body. It made me understand that both did not have time to lose with me and that there would be no decorporation: i.e. a period during which I would not know anything any more, I would not include/understand anything any more. I knew them, I knew how they worked up there after the well of light and I did not have to have any more of fear or fear vis-a-vis them. We trained a team of three people to avoid the consequences mortals of this stupid accident.

 That which saw in us was due to my side, in fact we were two in my body as if my eyes were divided into two, each one using half of the eyes to follow what was going to arrive. It is not that the roof of our protective envelope was fragile, not, but the pole was to carry on its way until falling on the ground. That which lives in us knew what was going to occur, me not and the fear started to invade my spirit. I wanted to speak to him but before a first word left my spirit, the action got under way. An extremely powerful force seized my body to solidify it like a statue of stone and at the same time this force which acted in my carnal body expressed with the height of my head to slightly push it towards the line. I was completely conscious in my spirit and completely at the thank you of this presence which drew aside my head. I felt no blow, no evil neither on my head, neither on my left shoulder, nor along the body. There was no tear in my spirit, like so once the shear to cut the branches of the trees passed beside my cranium, these two presences had hurried to disappear for tasks much more important for them. With my hand, I felt that the lobe of my left ear was cut, that there was a little blood.

 Oh I was neither content nor in anger but well a little sad and confused because my awkwardness had been the cause of their so fast and so effective intervention. I had disturbed them, they had certainly come to do their work to save me this threat mortal. I did not have to say to them thank you nor to excuse me but it was well an unfinished meeting and with the bitter taste. The preceding times, there had been an exchange, they had tested me and I had been able to discover unknown new things on ground. There, it was as so precisely they had done everything so that this shock again does not involve me with the foot of the well of light. They had avoided having to help me to cross this well of light. They did not want that I find myself one second time beyond the well of light to walk me an urgent course among them before I would quickly be returned on ground. There last time I had been returned on ground and that had posed some problem bus never it had not been expected that I arrive up there among them. This time, they had done everything to avoid me a new voyage. In short, they had prohibited a new decorporation and a new possibility to me of finding me where I had gone. It was clear: since this last voyage among them, they were wary, they supervised me narrowly and intervened directly to avoid me this kind of accident. This is why I was deeply sad a few days after this accident. They decided all and did what they wanted of me, to even save me dangers of the terrestrial life. In more they were two and either only that which saw of each one of us normally. 

Then a little later, I gave up this sadness for better including/understanding what had occurred. By experiment I know since step badly time that each stage, each meeting brings new knowledge which enables me to go always further in my vision of the mysteries of the life. Which lesson could be drawn from this unforeseen rescue?

The second presence which was there, I think of knowing it: it was expressly in charge of my return on ground when I was beyond the well of light. That had surprised it and it had asked for in front of me a confirmation of this order. It could only obey and it was it obviously which had pushed my head on the side to avoid the shock. But why with this incommensurable force it had not pushed me very small in order to also protect my ear little more? Oh! it was not an underhand revenge to have made it leave the higher world and have obliged it to come on ground to deal more especially with me. Moreover, it has the capacity to remain in communion, in fusion with the higher world and it may be that once the protection deployed by that which lives in us, it had time to return to join us two. It is possible. This broken ear has a direction, a human direction: I could have said very well and write that I was saved of this danger and that I underwent no physical injury but is credible? When my close relations and the surgeon saw the broken ear, all exclaimed that I had had much chance and that I drew some on very good account. The accident is consigned in a register of the urgencies of a hospital, there are witnesses who saw my broken ear. It is much easier to tell than if I would not have undergone any physical injury. It is the first lesson which I draw from this rescue: these presences thought after, with the fact that I was going to have to speak about their intervention. And this light wound without any gravity, remains an indelible mark of what we lived they and me at this moment there.

 The second lesson relates to the deductions which it is possible to draw from this accident: this perfectly unforeseen rescue can it be reproduced in front of the threat mortal of a weapon, an arrow, of a ball of rifle, glares of bombs? The answer is obviously affirmative. The conditions to profit from this supernatural protective intervention, to profit from the capacities of the higher world, is known: in my case, the condition is to have been once beyond the well of light to discovered powers of the higher world and to be then returned on ground. This condition poses interrogation however: does one need for this kind of rescue the intervention of two presences or that which lives in us is enough it to organize this rescue? I know since the twelve years age the fusion of the hearts, mainly between that which lives in us and our spirit. At the time of this rescue, this fusion was obviously a trio. Then, that which saw in us it duplicated itself in two presences? Transfiguration explains this mechanism of fusion in only one presence which leads the voyage beyond the well of light in a direction as in the other then, on arrival transfiguration explains this mechanism which the presences take again their separate identities. For example a human being can show itself in its human body and its celestial body thanks to transfiguration. The essential question consists in knowing if that which lives in us is dimensioned on the level of its supernatural capacities only to help us to cross the well of light at the moment of our death or when a mortal risk occurs. It is what I noted in my preceding accidents.

 But when it is precisely a question more of not crossing the well of light and of avoiding the accident without any decorporation and without that which lives in us not separating from our human body, it would seem that he has need for a complementary help coming from the higher world.

It is not a question of force or weakness, capacity or incapacity. One needs an authorization to use additional capacities coming from the higher world. It is only one question of authorization. That which came to help us to ensure this rescue had this authorization and I was pilot the preceding time, when it asked a confirmation about me to accompany in my return on ground. This authorization relates to the fact of revealing part of the operation of the powers of the higher world and this authorization is given if the human being does not undergo a cognitive and emotional shock in front of this unexplainable demonstration according to the human knowledge, in short which it will not then sink in despair and the madness. That made now twice that I had right to see and to even furtively observe the action of the presences which deal of my spiritual step and my poetic work. Indeed I acquired this capacity to be lived with them, more to fear them and modestly more to annoy them by puerile and désobligeantes requests. That which lives in us raised the question with the other presence before beginning the rescue. Both admitted continuation which I was able to assist on line with what was going to follow, which simplified my rescue largely to them. Today, I retain this fact that these two presences trusted me, admitted me to share their manner of acting towards me. I was not a puppet between their hands. It y forever have these two last times the least hierarchical level between them and me, the least sign of superiority or autocracy, the least order to force me with obedience. These presences take a risk to act also openly but it seems that throughout our meetings, as a poet, I found words rather right to speak about this dialog of the heart for the heart which was established between us, that my clairvoyance does not have nothing eccentric or mild nutter. It is very comforting.

 This second lesson that I can draw gives a very new prospect to the initiatory step which I try to include/understand and to describe in my work of poet. Immediately, I remembered this rite which the young initiate with the capacities of Pharaon in ancient Egypt was to achieve: he was to seek in the desert the meeting with a lion and he was to frighten him and to put it in escape thanks to his new capacities of initiates. It was the proof that it had the capacities of the higher world, in more clearly and in a more precise way, it was the proof that it had with him this presence complementary to that which lives in us to help us to cross death and which it could use this new presence to overcome the dangers of the terrestrial life. We are then in the presence of a new trinity registered under our human condition and to obtain it the ultimate goal of initiation represents well. Not only we life income but in more we have an exceptional protection.

 There remains a question outstanding: at the time of this rescue, there were no other human intervention if not my awkwardness, my error. Nobody of other that me had not started the mortal risk. The only solution consisted in deviating my head of the trajectory of the object, which was made. Now let us take the case of a combat between two human beings: can these presences they act on the adversary to deviate its blows, to disturb it so much so that it loses its warlike capacities and is overcome? When it is overcome, can this adversary understand that it was overcome by a higher power which is allied to the winner? Can the lion understand that the human being which comes to naked hands to defy it, is accompanied by a power which does not belong to the human condition and which is out of this terrestrial world?

No objection is opposed to this possibility. On the contrary, to act on human beings appears much easier to me than to be opposite an object of which the fatal race threatens to kill you. Moreover, these presences could not deviate of a millimetre the race of the object and the only solution was to push my head because they have the means of acting on our human body like our spirit usually does it in relation to our sensitive receivers.

 There is thus the possibility of leading an initiatory step towards obtaining these capacities of the higher world. We wrote it and illustrated in our novel: D' Eleusis with Dendérah, prohibited evolution. On the other hand, to carry out scientific pseudo tests and to reproduce this kind of rescue now are not possible. The majority of the initiates who were martyrisés by the leaders of the civil systems of capacity, military or religious, were placed in front of this criminal challenge: to check the capacity of the god that they called upon, these initiates which had the faith towards the higher world and the life according to the human life, were martyrisés. Some knew to resist temporarily their torturers thanks to the assistance of a power of the higher world. But the question does not lie solely in the rescue of the human body under the blows and the wounds. The human body is little of thing compared to the access to the life according to the human life. The true victory of the initiate is not to survive its martyr but well to return to see its torturers after his death to render comprehensible to them that it is quite alive and that it has the capacity maintaining to plunge his torturers in the remord, the madness. It can render comprehensible to them that the crimes which they made, will prohibit the access to the higher world to them and which nobody will come to help them if they are presented in bottom of the well of light. Death is only one passage but never the victory of a torturer or an assassin. Better, an initiate can go as far as returning to live among his to complete his spiritual teaching. It is the mystery of resurrection.


We are thus in the presence of several degrees of completion of the initiatory step.

 It is thus possible to prepare chiefs of war to the meeting of these capacities of the double world so that they are able to act without being afraid of these presences which will come to help it to overcome the dangers of the battle. This formation was entrusted to the Pharaons the oldest times of Egyptian civilization and the Celtic druids also used it to prepare the champions who clashed in front of their armies. The winner was that which the most had been helped or protected by these presences that it had met during his initiation. Before even the revelation of the action of these presences, there is the deployment of the protective envelope, of the roof which will exclude the danger with the outside. Without this roof, the presences cannot act. This roof bears in the esoteric tradition a well-known name: the temple. It is under the vault of this immaterial temple that the rescue proceeded. The knight without fear and reproach was initiated with discovered of this protective temple and it knows that thanks to him, it can avoid the mortal blows of its adversaries. If after initiation, this temple is not set up any more and that the presences do not act any more to protect it, then the moment came for him to face death and to continue its mission in the other life. The knights templiers did not go and preferred to die when their bravery was not enough to overcome their adversaries. We do not have the traces of their initiation. We know that the monks who proceeded to leu initiation, were the guards of the remainders of the knowledge held by the oldest temples of ancient Egypt of which that of Dendérah. For us, there is a close link between the initiation of the Pharaons and that of the knights templiers, this bond is not lost, it can be restored. If the chief of war initiated is not worthy any more of his responsibilities, it is relieved by the group of the mothers as it was the case at the Indians iroquois. We know today that these Indians iroquois towards 1.300 were trained by monks who coming from Europe, did lot of mileage towards Tiahuanaco.

 We spoke up to now about the first two levels. For the third level, I know that there exists. During the writing of the novel: D' Eleusis with Dendérah, when I worked on the practiced initiatory lesson with Dendérah and that I confronted the book of Albert Slosman who speaks about this lesson esoteric with my experiment and my meetings, I had the occasion to be helped by two people. These leaders and scientists were trained according to initiatory rites' of the Pharaons. I made a confusion between these two leaders and I knew that I did not have the documents and the files which could give me a precise answer. I needed to advance in my writing under penalty of losing my inspiration. Then I felt their two presences behind my shoulder to blow me the answer. I wrote it. When I wanted to thank them, I was turned over. They were not any more behind me but with one meter on the side. They had been placed there to enable me to better see them and they smiled me admirably to encourage me to continue my work. As I was going to insist to engage the conversation and not to have to oppose a refusal to me, they took the door and the corridor to leave the house and through the wall I followed them glance. One of my children then entered the house then it came to greet me. I never dared to ask to him whether it had seen somebody leaving. Several years after, in our new house, this child said to us that it preferred this new house because in the preceding one, there were phantoms: once, while entering the corridor, it had seen two phantoms leaving and it had to line up on the side to let them pass. They were these two initiated leaders with Dendérah who came to help me. They were not phantoms with the common direction, i.e. the late ones which did not find the well of light and which wanders on ground in the search of a help to leave this terrestrial world. These more or less ghostly spirits are very known practice of spiritism and are particularly tiring. These two leaders had all the capacities of the higher world. Of course, a little later I could check the answer that they transmitted to me. It was exact and I precisely did not know it bus Slosman made only put the question without giving the answer of it, which had challenged me. In fact recent archaeological discoveries are used to give an answer to this question without being as complete and clear as that that I wrote.

 As the surgeon had said it to me, the cartilage of the ear was welded again and this accident marks it became very small, sensitive only to the touch. I wish to continue my step as a long time as possible under this human condition without becoming neither deaf nor blind man vis-a-vis these presences which accompany this terrestrial advance.

 This page remained a long time without being put on line on this Web site. Through association IANDS-France, this joined testimony of other words which tell these moments of life and dead and these moments of the life according to the human life. With the reader to make good use of it to nourish its own poetic, initiatory and spiritual step.


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