At the time when the Carolingian kings worked with the introduction of the temporal power of the pope to draw aside the claims of the descendants of Jesus and the line of David, the monks Benedictines since year 500 with the Cassin Mount, following Saint Bernard de Nurcie worked on their side to the development of an organization in network based on a property  managed by the communities gathering of the voluntary members to share the same project of life. The knowledge had been safeguarded by Antoine and Pacôme, this last, in Dendérah, had written the basic rules of the movement coenobite. This movement does not rest on the assertion of a system of being able which would present arguments to legitimate the possession of this capacity by some. On the contrary, this movement, like time of Egyptian civilization and probably so Celtic, rests on the development of a knowledge. That which directs, it is that which knows, which shows its knowledge with the service of the community. This knowledge cannot be contained within a property with the profit of some. All take part in the development of this knowledge because all, during their human existences, have or will have a contact with the mysteries of the life, the mysteries of the universe. The knowledge comes from a human translation of the mysteries. There is not some share elsewhere a truth which would exist as such and nobody can present himself as having the keys of the door of this place. It is the loss of the manuscripts of the library of Alexandria following the fires and the fact that the popes in Rome destroy the contrary writings with their dogmas which lead Benoît de Nurcie to save the manuscripts that it can and to study them to build a knowledge gathering the various sources of documentation of the time

The organization bénédictine and the monastic orders will be wary of the papacy which, installed by kings, is used to them as pretext to be crowned and will thus be able to use and deceive their capacities on the people, in particular while making fight and entretuer their people to increase their material richnesses. Some popes Benedictines will try from Rome to change the course of the things but this movement includes/understands that to put at bottom the claims Roman papacy and thus also to sap the legitimacy of the royal capacity, it is necessary to rebuild the history of Christendom, to resume in the abbeys work on the writings to uncover the company of falsification of the Gospels undertaken since the Council of Nicée when the Roman emperor judged more advantageous to put an end to the development organized Christian communities in networks to reinforce the imperial capacity by recognizing the Christian religion like religion of the empire and thus like front to fit henceforth in the system of the empire. The communities had to cease their exchanges and their experiments to translate according to their original cultures, in the political life, economic and social their own reading of the Gospels.  To make a success of this work, to go to Jerusalem and to find texts of the time became essential. This research succeeds and consequently the monks Benedictines with at their head Bernard de Clairvaux wrote the rules of a new organization in network of the European company. The organization defended by the knights of the Temple, into two centuries, transformed Europe. Further on this site, we will carry a critical glance on this company to show the forces and the weaknesses of them. It is obvious that today, it is not a question to remake such a movement exactly. Only, we keep present at the spirit that this movement was organized on networks from where speed of its radiation. If it were also quickly broken by the king of France, it had to contain a certain number of weaknesses which it is possible to avoid.

 It was the time of the cathedrals, of the trade with the East, the adoption of the Arab numerals for calculation and the geometry, the voyages towards South America and the contacts with the INCA civilization which was the heiress of the organization installation by the newcomers of blue planet. Thus in the field of the knowledge, the scholars in the abbeys had buckled the loop. They had left the remainders of the knowledge preserved at the temple of Dendérah, temple guard of the oldest initiatory traditions bequeathed by the survivors of Atlantis to find in the Andes cordillera the sister country of the Egyptians, that which like the latter, represented the descendants of blue planet. Consequently the reading of the Bible and the life of Jesus took very an other direction, much more human and Petri of spiritual human possibilities much more accessible than this divine legend inaccessible to the people and become the property from the leaders of the political and religious system. The cathedral is well the house of the people which meet in the presence of the magnificence of the celestial light. This light bursts of the walls of stained glasses to seize emotion the person. The meetings of the elected officials of the city, the lovers' dates, the discussions between friends are held under these vaults and with the entry, the labyrinth drawn on the flagstones is there so that the initiate remembers that this building, through the knowledge which allowed its construction, is connected to the double house of life hidden under sands of the Egyptian desert, close to the initiatory temple of Dendérah, double house of life which was an underground labyrinth during labyrinth of the first house of life accessible to the free air for those which prepared with initiation. The symbols indicated the links of this chain, of this network which was holder of the knowledge to the service of dignity of each human being, in some social network which it is.

The villages were organized according to a direct democracy disappeared since, the personal property was erased in front of the collective ownership of the religious orders which received by donation or by acquisition of the additional fields and the distribution of the richnesses became more equitable and interdependent. How this organization in network disappear did? Strong of its economic, political and military successes, the organization had brought back peace to Europe. Admittedly the weakening of the feudal lords had been made more by trick than by warlike confrontations. Invited to take part in the crusades by the leaders of the abbeys, the lords had lost their capacity and their richnesses on the ways of Palestine. They left the place with the knights organized by the leaders of the monastic communities. But two obstacles remained in place to make disappear the system from being able in place: the king and the pope. The monastic organization and templière gave the responsability themselves to weaken the royal capacity at the point to make it useless. The financial possibility to repurchase the royal field became acquired for Templiers, already principal banker of a king on involved in debt since Saint Louis, the grandfather of Philippe the Beautiful one, when the weather was necessary to repurchase the freedom of this king is captive by the Moslems. It was enough to await the abdication of the constrained king patiently to sell his royal field to refund its debts as any debtor must do it. We know the intrigues of Philippe the Beautiful one to resist this weakening of its capacity and the blasphemies which it made spread on Templiers to destroy this order.  Before acting, this king had taken care to make name his candidate with papacy. He had to be caught there twice for finally seeing a faithful accomplice becoming pope and for more safety, he had made move papacy in Avignon, near his army. To finance the mercenaries who would stop the templiers, Philippe the Beautiful one had to reinflate his royal case. He found a solution expeditious by despoiling all the Jews of the kingdom. Extremely of these flights, the king of France could save his throne  by stopping the templiers. The people in front of the speeches of the king and the pope did not stumble, not including/understanding what had just occurred. The missing knights, the monks could recreate a new order knight but the king and the pope prevented this company. The Dominican ones were thorough on the front of the scene, torches to the hand to light the bûchers. However, only the goods templiers were confiscated by the king. The monks and the abbeys preserved their inheritances which remained considerable. The plague which occurred about thirty years later decimated the population and particularly the members of the clergy which looked after pestiférés, of the abbeys depopulated themselves and this supported the royal capacity.

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