The power of the airwaves on human beings

We have often discussed the issue of airwaves on Notably in the chapter Life after Life and the book The Divine Connection of Professor Melvin Morse who writes that our consciousness is not in our brain and that our body is connected by waves to a source of Life.

In this article we continue “the wave trail” especially electro-magnetic since researchers have found their traces and influences during their experiments.

Furthermore, our reader knows that we worked for a while in a specialized acoustic wave laboratory, hence our curiosity always present on the waves.
We receive these waves or we produce them in particular by the cry learned from our ancestors and which still exist in some of our regions.

We do not discuss here the negative waves which pollute and destroy our carnal bodies.

The following is not new but the documents we present highlight the current hope in a new medicine. This article in our gallery also prepares the chapter we are writing on Social Institutions and Human Services, including Health.

Four cases are presented here: the memory of the water, the beneficial effects of the cat’s waves, healing or better health by the waves, the rustic or primordial cry that identifies people with the same millennial historical origin.

The Secret Will of a Nobel Prize-Winner in Medicine for the Memory of Water

Document: Gabriel Combris – Health Direct Letter 25/08/2023

Everything is ready for “the new medicine …”

The famous professor Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner in medicine, would have discovered in the last years of his life the ultimate secret of the medicine of the future.
Too visionary.

So much so that his recent work, which is perhaps more important than the work for which he received his Nobel Prize, could be overlooked!
While the world of research was obsessed with chemical molecules, Professor Montagnier took an interest in a natural element. The simplest of all: Water.
And what he showed could change medicine forever! 

Researchers know almost nothing about water

Contrary to what one might imagine, researchers now recognize that they know “practically nothing about water.”

How crazy does it sound to you that the most abundant liquid on Earth is also the most mysterious? But it is. So much so that some questions remain unanswered:

  • Why is water the only substance on Earth that can come in 3 states? Liquid, gaseous and solid. 
  • Why is the water surface tension the highest of all liquids? 
  • Why is water the world’s most powerful dissolver? 
  • How does water defy Earth’s gravity to move up through the tall trees, overcoming pressures of dozens of bars?
  • etc.

But here it is…

The secret that Professor Montagnier discovered about water can transform your health forever… Indeed, his discovery could soon make it possible to treat very serious and widespread diseases such as:
Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, but also Lyme disease, autism, certain cancers and even… premature aging.
I will tell you in a moment how this is possible.

But before that, to fully understand I must tell you the crazy story that led this scientist to examine the “hidden face” of water… 

Southeast Asia, 1956.

In a secret military laboratory dedicated to the development and manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, a small group of scientists has been working for several years to create a new generation bacteriological weapon.

At a meeting, discussions revolved around the future characteristics of this weapon. When the meeting suddenly has to be interrupted…
All participants are taken to the emergency room because of symptoms similar to those of severe food poisoning.
The problem: the investigation reaches a dead end. In this boardroom… no trace of food, no virus or bacteria. The scientists didn’t consume anything, other than the water that was on the meeting table.
So it was the water that was poisoned? No, no, no.

After analysis, no toxic elements were detected… Its chemical composition was only H2O. And in their report, the doctors concluded that the cause of the poisoning was due to water… ORDINARY!

Official report on cause of poisoning: ordinary water…

Only 20 years later has a hypothesis been put forward to explain this poisoning phenomenon. Water would have a “memory.” She could memorize everything that’s going on in her immediate environment. And…

This means that waves emitted near water would have the power to alter its structure

This is the only explanation that scientists have come up with so far.

The laboratory water may have been “contaminated” by waves emitted as part of the researchers’ work to create a weapon of mass destruction. Does that sound crazy to you?

Yeah. Yeah. Any rational mind says it’s impossible…Me first. Until I studied the results of Professor Montagnier’s experiment.

But just before you show them…

Didn’t our ancestors already know that water had a memory? 

After all, they used to turn ordinary water into healing water using silver containers… And nothing but contact with money was used. Yet according to modern science, it is ONLY water inside…

Professor Rustum Roy, a physicist and professor at Pennsyvania State University, explains this about “structured water”:

Structured or dynamic water is the best antibiotic to date. So much so that the US military has used this water in Iraq and Afghanistan. One molecule in every 100 million molecules of drinking water is enough to destroy all the germs in a wound. The President of the United States uses structured water to disinfect his hands.”

But as I said, in the eyes of science, it’s still plain water—

Dr. Roy adds:

“We looked at the chemical composition of the water, but to everyone’s surprise, it came to nothing, because the chemical composition is much less important than the structure.”

This is how the memory of water would work… Not by changing its chemical composition… but by restructuring to memorize the information sent by the waves of the matter that surrounds it! Do you think it’s complicated? I assure you, it is not at all. Instead, look at what follows:

Now I have to tell you about the results of Professor Montagnier’s experiment

What he discovered about the memory of water can change the lives and health of millions of people around the world. But too few people are interested in her work. And most people won’t be able to enjoy his discoveries for a decade or so… Now here’s what happened during his experiment…

Professor Montagnier placed the DNA fragment of a virus in water. Then he diluted that water. A first time, a second time, etc. Exactly as we do with homeopathic remedies.

After several dilutions, NOTHING of the chemical remains in the water. And that is what is worth so much criticism of homeopathy… 

How, in the absence of any trace of molecule, could the remedy have any effect other than placebo alone?

Unless… the water has a memory. 

And just… Professor Montagnier managed to show that there was indeed “something”, but of a different order than chemical! Indeed… At the end of the 6th dilution, the tubes emitted a SIGNAL. 

An ‘electromagnetic’ signal, which had never been found before. Water simply kept the virus DNA signal ‘in memory’!

And that’s not all. This electromagnetic signal was picked up and recorded on a computer… …and then sent to another laboratory in Italy. There, Italian scientists ‘transmitted’ the electromagnetic signal received from Professor Montagnier… to a simple tube of pure water. That is, they emitted the signal near the water, for 1 hour. Then they did a PCR test in that water. 

… And they found a DNA of the virus 98% identical to that sent by Dr. Montagnier’s laboratory!

Do you realize????No molecule has “traveled”, and yet the virus is here!!

Maybe you don’t realize it yet… But the consequences of this discovery are crucial.

This means that water’s ability to store and transmit information plays a vital role in our bodies.

It also means that the simple waves emitted by viruses would have the capacity to make us sick. See for yourself what Professor Montagnier says:

“The presence of signals in the blood has been linked to very serious and widespread diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, but also Lyme disease, autism and certain cancers.”

So if there are waves that can make us sick… There must be waves that can CURE us!

And for Prof. Marc Henri, a specialist in chemistry and quantum physics at the University of Strasbourg, the whole of medicine could be revolutionized by this idea:

We will be moving into the new medicine, the one where we treat with waves and water.”

But the medical authorities must be willing to explore that option.  And that… that’s another story. The “big flaw” in electromagnetic medicine, indeed, is that it is free, or very cheap.

But you understand that drug sellers are not in the business at all. Indeed, the pharmaceutical industry is making money by creating new, patentable chemical molecules.

Professor Marc Henri added:

‘If you treat with frequencies and not drugs, it becomes extremely economical.” 

And that’s not all…

I have to tell you about one of the consequences of the discovery of Professor Montagnier that has a direct impact on your health. Because…

 You may not know it, but you’re poisoning your health if you do THIS 

In large cities, running water is stored in closed circuits. And there she goes through aggressive chemical purification and filtration processes… Then she comes back to our homes with the chemicals she has passed through and the violence she has experienced!

Look for yourself:

structure eau naturelle
natural water structure
structure de l'eau du robinet
structure of tap water

On the left, it’s the structure of the water in its natural state that flows into our rivers. On the right, it’s the structure of the water that travels thousands of kilometers of pipe before it gets to your tap, undergoing a lot of toxic modifications along the way.

These images speak for themselves.

Remember the story of those scientists who poisoned themselves just with water… … Only the structure was different.

And keep in mind the results of Professor Montagnier’s experiment! He was able to transmit a virus through the waves in clean water.

So imagine what the water from your taps has kept in mind after all it has been through…

In fact, look for yourself at the difference between well-structured water and poorly-structured water on crops.

effet de l'eau structurée sur les récoltes

On the left, the fruit is larger and riper, unlike the fruit on the right that did not receive structured water

It is known that the use of structured water reduces the time it takes for vegetables to mature and increases their nutritional value by 6.
This is what Dr. Wang Guiha, a Chinese agronomist, explains:

“When compared to structured water, treated sprouts were long, regular and strong. Untreated sprouts, on the other hand, were short, thin and fragile.”

“It is found that plants grown from treated seeds are ripe, while untreated vegetables are still green. The link between this water and the growth of vegetables and fruit is therefore established.’

If water has such an impact on fruits and vegetables… … Then imagine the health consequences between good and toxic water.
It’s a health disaster. But it could be decades before Dr. Montagnier’s work is recognized.
And meanwhile, people will continue to poison themselves every day.

But if you’re still here reading me,
it’s because you’ve understood the phenomenal importance of water to your health.

And that’s why we decided to publish a survey devoted entirely to this wonderful substance of life:

“Water that Heals.” The best-selling book in paper version now available from VivaSanté Editions

L'eau qui, guérit, le testament secret d'un Prix Nobel de médecine

“Water Heals” is an event book that integrates the latest research on water memory, and offers you best practices for taking advantage of power

incredible water.

other documentation and video:

Professor Luc Montagnier and Avangardist works on water memory

The Memory Of Water! Complete Documentary 2014

We found the Memory of Water, Luc Montagnier .

Direct action of the sound of cats on the body


Pastel, Rouki and Minou, thank you!

For many older people, a pet is a great source of fun and joy. He is a soothing and friendly presence, who gives a daily purpose, promotes encounters, mobilizes his energy on positive objectives.

But pets do even better than that. They take direct care of our health… And in a very special way…

Take the heart, for example.

In a very recent review of studies, it was confirmed that simply owning a pet significantly reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

If you already have a chronic heart condition, and you have a dog, the risk can be reduced by almost 61%!

The mechanism behind these findings is still mysterious, but scientists believe that they stem from a beneficial action on the parasympathetic nervous system.

This subcategory of the nervous system is responsible for keeping the body’s stress under control. It is, in short, the “zen and cool” system, mediated by a neurotransmitter: acetylcholine. It lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate, restarts digestion. In short, it ensures that the body saves its energy and uses it to best effect.

Simply walking your dog, playing with your cat or enjoying cuddling moments with your rabbit would be enough to potentiate its activity, for the greater good of your heart, so!

A study carried out during the period of confinement in Italy, moreover, has shown that the presence of a domestic animal reduces stress and anxiety, among seniors: one less factor of cardiovascular problems!

Cat therapy

A very special therapy has been developed by veterinarian Dr. Jean-Yves Gauchet from the purring of the cat, which some studies suggest acts as a medicine without side effects! When studying the sound spectrum of a purring cat, Dr. Gauchet told us, “we see mainly very deep sounds appearing, staggered over frequencies of 25 to 50 hertz.

Now, these are “bass”, well known to music composers, because they make it possible to provoke emotions.

So there would be a direct effect of sound on the body. But can we measure it?

Orthopedic doctors have used the action of these frequencies to consolidate fractures, to treat dilapidating osteoarthritis. The result is an acceleration of the healing process, the creation of new tissues.

In a word, these low frequencies would have an anabolic action.

“With an equal fracture, the cat recovers three times faster than any other animal.” explains Veronique Aïache in her book La Ronronotherapy

The vibrations emitted by the purring have moreover been reproduced by physiotherapists to accelerate bone healing.

And that’s not all.

Listening to the cat’s purr produces serotonin, the hormone of happiness, which is involved in the quality of our sleep and mood.

“It is a powerful anti-stress, blood pressure regulator, boosting immune defenses and psychomotor support”.

The “ronauts” who report their impressions show some interesting improvements:

  • Very clear effect on sleep.
  • Deep relaxation.
  • Immediate and noticeable reduction in stress.
  • Activation of energy circulation with typical tingling in the palms of the hand and feet.

Listening should be calm, low-intensity, and the best way to do this is with a headset.

You will find on the internet many ronron sessions offered by Pastel, Rouki, Minou and a few others (look for “ronronotherapy on an internet engine)

Brain balm

But your hairy companion (or not) doesn’t just look after your heart.

It also preserves your brain from decline.

… a brain balm, too!

In a study of 21 healthy individuals, researchers proved that repeated interactions with animals (in this case dogs) stimulate activity in the prefrontal cortex. Namely, the center of memory, language and reasoning, all crucial functions that can be regularly trained and boosted by a daily animal presence.

A team at the University of Michigan wanted to learn more, and followed 1,300 seniors for a while. Some had pets, others didn’t.

And the researchers found, through cognitive testing, that those who didn’t have pets were seeing their cognitive functions decline at a much higher rate than those who did.

Again, decreased stress and anxiety, and activation of the parasympathetic system and prefrontal cortex may explain the phenomenon. But also the regular physical exercise involved in maintaining a pet, or the emotional ties we form with it.

So I conclude by saying a big thank you for taking so good care of us…and our elders!


source: Gabriel Combris


Healing waves

A Universal Generator of Health Returns to the Medicine of the Future

The word “scalar ” cousin of “scalar” naturally refers to “scalar energy” or “scalar waves”. This futuristic and still very esoteric panel of technology for orthodox science today was, however, discovered in the 19th century by the Scottish James Maxwell, the great mathematician and physicist still famous in our universities. He formulated theories about electromagnetic radiation that later served as Nikola Tesla’s blueprint for inventing machines proving the reality of universal scalar energy.



The thought being of instantaneous transmission is necessarily of a scalar nature.

  1. Millions of pieces of scalar information from the universe water us and energetically nourish our bodies and minds day and night through the mitochondria (micro-energy centers) in our billions of cells.
  2. All the cells in our body communicate instantly in scalar mode all the time.
  3. Human, animal, or plant DNA is helical in shape, making it a receptor tuned to Earth’s opportunistic and planetary exos scalar fields.
  4. These waves are also capable of transmitting curative information about natural therapeutic substances, and this is what interests us in particular.


John Whitecheracher, a top-notch researcher based in New Zealand, inspired by the advanced work of Royal Rife and Nikola Tesla, was the designer of a range of Spooky 2 therapeutic devices (Spooky is an English slang term for saying weird or strange.) I personally tested some of these devices very positively around me and on me, for which I later published articles, such as the Miramate light pad and the Miramate wrist-X. 

But this time, I present the SCALAR, the rare pearl that we have in triplicate with my friend Laurent engineer and that we have intensively experimented for a year and a half for many health problems of our family and our entourage – We were able to define the limits of its effectiveness in some heavy diseases in the face of complicated causalities. 

Eunice Ingham, a great healer, said, “All diseases are curable, but some diseases are not…”. Moreover, “it is utopian to believe that you can cure (not just relieve) a disease if you don’t remove the cause that created it in the first place.” All caregivers need to be aware of this.


The Scalar consists of two suitcases, one transmitting and the other receiving. 

Le Scalar se compose de deux valises, l’une émettrice l’autre réceptrice

Before each use, they must be tuned to each other by means of a potentiometer and a volume making it possible to capture a maximum local etheric life field, and a test button making it possible to verify the effective transmitter/receiver link. This scalar energy will then be directed towards the person to be treated who is placed between the two suitcases. This person then becomes himself a receiver tuned to the “Source of life” capable of resetting any drifts in his biological vibratory fields generating health disorders.

Moreover, the etheric scalar fields (called according to the traditional cultures: orgone or Qi or Tchi or Noùs, etc…) are capable of removing the energy blockages at the meridian level acupuncture, chakras, or nadis, which generate many troubles and various sufferings.


The Scalar spooky 2 is the world’s first scalar device that can provide 3 different ways to transmit care scalar waves: pure scalar, scalar with added remedies and digitized scalar from Rife. You can choose at any time which of these modes best suits your needs.

Pure scalar mode in physical presence

It’s the easiest way to use the Scalar to re-align the entire body energetically and lift blockages.

  1. Place the 2 open bonnets of the suitcases at a minimum distance of 2.15 m or more
  2. Make the transmitter/receiver connection with the special wire
  3. Connect the transmitter to 12V power
  4. Tune the transmitter to obtain the largest possible halo of light.
  5. Check the correct transmitter/receiver connection by pressing the button on the receiver that should turn on and then release it
  6. Place the person to be treated sitting or lying between the two suitcases after drinking some water (time is on demand: 10 20 30 min or more). We can put on a little soft music. If at some point the person feels tingling or restlessness because the person is saturated with etheric energy, then stop.

Do one session per day or on demand as needed

Pure scalar mode remotely so in physical absence

It’s very convenient for people who are busy or moving around a lot or living remotely.

There you have to place a DNA reference of the person on the small round of the carrying suitcase. Nails are usually used because they are valid for only 1 month.

Scalar mode with emitter remedy added

Can be performed in the physical presence of the patient as well as remotely.

More targeted therapy can be achieved by placing appropriate substances in the bottle or glass dish on the small round of the bag, knowing that liquid forms seem to me to be much more effective than solid forms even in powder form, including mother tinctures, homeopathy in drops or ampoules, and naturopathic liquid compositions, perhaps essential oils, but I have never tried.

I also noticed that Scalar, so scalar fields don’t like synthetic chemical molecules that don’t exist in nature and don’t transmit them. At least then we won’t have any problems with Big Pharma impeding their sales.

For acute ailments, I usually get relief within 5 to 10 minutes… provided I have the right product! (the choice by kinesiology is very convenient).

Note : if the product is not adequate no damage is to be feared.

Scalar mode with virtual remedy added

Here I am using my personal experience and not that of the manufacturer (John White) for many cases where the desired remedy is not available.

Those who know the extraordinary experiences about the power of Japanese author Masaru Emoto’s words (see his book) will not be surprised by my option to replace the remedies with a label in their name. But there is a detail to respect: it must be cut out of classic tracing paper and written with application to type 7B greasy pencil for example. I get the same results and as fast as with real products.

Scalar mode associated with Rife frequencies

Rife and Tesla found that pathogens vibrate at particular frequencies. Only the Scalar can modulate these frequencies using scalar waves as carriers, making it the most advanced Rife machine in the world. Yet this particular route also opens up the possibility of an exceptional diagnostic scanner by identifying all the listed frequencies which are associated with malfunctions of organs or metabolic functions.

But we are entering a more complex and professional field with additional equipment and documentation that I will not go into here to stay with the extreme simplicity of use that interests us first.

Source: Michel Dogna

Climate Control and Directed Energy Weapons:

understand the impact of the waves on human biology.

realities and challenges – interview with Professor Tritto France-Soir Published on June 21, 2024

Professor Tritto, an expert in microsurgery, nanotechnology and microbiology, explains how waves have historically been used for the benefit of populations and also details their dangers. From X-rays to infrared and electromagnetic waves to 5G, Dr. Tritto also discusses newer technologies such as directed energy weapons used in geopolitical issues or climate control.

‘Climate manipulation by technologies like HAARP is a complex issue that requires a rigorous and transparent scientific approach.’

By analyzing the evolution of energy medicine and traditional medicine, Prof. Tritto demonstrates the possible convergence between these disciplines and the importance of understanding the impact of waves on human biology.

This professor says it is possible to destroy viruses and molecular structures with waves. Watch the video.

For Professor Tritto, biological weapons are much more flexible and tactical than nuclear weapons.

These sorcerer’s apprentices looking to manipulate the weather

Document: Les Echos By Charlotte Meyer Published on 25 Jan. 2023


As the opportunity to meet carbon-neutrality targets recedes by the day, geoengineering projects to control the climate are multiplying. Raining, diverting heat from the sun, capturing CO2: these initiatives, however, carry irrevocable risks.

With 2022 recently hailed as Europe’s hottest year, geoengineering has come to seem like a silver bullet for the struggle to reduce our greenhouse-gas emissions. It brings together all the techniques or practices that aim to counter the effects of the pressure of human activities on the environment, including climate change, from simple and widespread methods of reforestation to those of aerosol injection into the stratosphere or of rain-making aircraft.

But the latest experiments, which are sometimes carried out outside the laboratory and without any international governance framework, have disturbed scientists.

Since the twentieth century, states have been able to rain by sowing clouds. The technique involves sending silver iodide into the sky to increase the level of condensation until clouds burst into rain.

“This is a technology that we have mastered since the Vietnam War,” said Pierre Gilbert, a climate risk speaker and foresight expert.

In 2021, the “Global Trends 2040” study published by the United States National Intelligence Council argues that unilateral deployment of solar geoengineering by both public and private actors is likely in the coming years. “The deployment of solar geo-engineering could disrupt rainfall, have consequences for agriculture, cause significant flooding, and thus lead to tensions between the deploying actor and the affected territory,” the researcher said. These risks are also linked to the information that stakeholders will be willing to provide. “It is possible that geoengineering could be deployed without a declaration. In this case, it will be difficult to identify whether the observed disturbances are the result of technological deployment or global warming.”

The rustic cry in the night.

Document: The Cathar Challenge, Renée-Paule Guillot, Robert Laffont, Les enigmes de l’universe, 1975.

Chapter 6 The Berbers, extract: the Ariégeois vest

In 1934, in the Tezekka massif, in the middle of the Moroccan atlas, Ariegean explorer Norbert Casteret questions the horizon in vain. No trace. No leads, no camel. He’s lost and night falls. And that’s the desert.

“Suddenly,” he said, “I started throwing a vest to tell my wife, who was supposed to be around with three male porters, where I was. To my great astonishment, the Ariegean cry that is not improvised so strange and complicated was returned faithfully but still guttural to me by an indigenous gosier. I repeated the cry by varying the final modulations: identical response.

“Going in the direction of my partner, I saw a Berber pastor who hailed for the third time, but recognizing a European, my man disappeared and did not want to answer anymore.”

“The Ariège vest,” Castelet explains, “consists of a loud, sharp explosion that falls in a quivering cascade. Its singular character comes mainly from the small tremor that the gullet extends on the syllable hi, immediately after the explosive initial clamor. It is neither a tremolo nor a repetition of the same note, but it contributes to both. The vest should be thrown down the throat with a tapered, strident, and staggering voice. This cry is very far away.

Heard in high solitudes and especially at night, it is strange and surprising and impressive.”

source: Norbert Casteret, Explorations in the 20th century, pp. 258-261.

That shout is not within everyone’s grasp… “And yet,” Casteret concludes, “we have had the opportunity to see that the Pyrenean vest is known and used by the Berbers of the Moroccan Atlas.”

This revelation is of the utmost importance. On its own it proves an undeniable relationship between Ariégeois and Berbers. Deep kinship, race and blood.

For what is called the rustic cry is the primordial verb, the original vibration of a people. His trademark. It distinguishes it from all other races (in the human race) forever, and it is through it, rather than an often-smoky linguistics, that unsuspected racial kinship between nations can be discovered, whose traditions and common symbols have long been silted into oblivion.

The cry is instinctive. It is transmitted as the ancestors carried it in their belly, free of any contribution, free of interpretation. From time gone by, from generation to generation.

This connection between Berbers and Ariegeans, detected by Casteret in the vilet, is also highlighted by a specialist in Ariegean history, Adolphe Garrigou, who sums up the contributions of millennia:

“After long struggles among the peoples of Western Asia, a powerful leader, Abraha the Lord, ventures into Libya and repels there (from the Punic freeholds of Hiesal reproduced by Salluste) fragments of twenty defeated peoples, including Armenians, Palestinians, Persians, Medes, and Chaldeans.

Some of these people remain in Africa, they are the Berbers. The other one crosses the Strait of Gabes, they are the Iberians.”

The Iberians are in fact the Tartesses, twin brothers of the Berbers, well before the Iberians themselves, who will enter Spain from the North, fifteen hundred years later and who will give their name to the peninsula: Iberia”.

end of document

On this rallying cry of the Iberian and Berber people, practiced in the Pyrenees as in the Moroccan Atlas, I will find our two cats and their familiar purring. I’ll also look to see if we have a silver cup to put water in it so it changes structure… and see if it makes a healing effect on cats and then we’ll see… This book also remains to be read:

cliquez sur l’image pour découvrir ce livre

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