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Update of 11/23/2022

Reliable public data from certain countries, such as those of the United Kingdom.

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Prick Papi and Granny to save them, or to kill them? The question really arises when we know the reliable public data of certain countries, such as those of the United Kingdom. Indeed, two reports from the British Health Security Agency (UKHSA) demonstrate it: the “VA X INS” at Arnm de Pfizer & Co. absolutely do not protect hospitalizations, far from it. It would even seem that they strongly promote them, but we lack data on the real percentages of the population “VA XI born” by age group and number of injections to assert it with certainty.

UKHSA 2022 septembre à décembre, statut vaccinal des admissions à l'hôpital.

As for the dead, a survey carried out with the thousands of subscribers of his newsletter by Steve Kirch (“Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter”) reveals what seems absolutely unthinkable: “The mortal injections to Arnm of Pfizer & Co., would be involved in 76 % deaths all causes ”.

Steve Kirch asked his subscribers: “In 2020 and 2021, did you have knowledge of death, all causes combined”, and he has trouble believing himself the results of his investigation: “So you see Comments on the cause of all deaths, not only on deaths “I think it was the vaccine”. If the vaccine is involved in only 10 % of these all -cause death reports, it is a disaster. If the vaccine is involved in 76 % of deaths, it is unthinkable. He is the biggest killer of people in history. »»

Steve Kirsch is the inventor of the optical mouse and in September 2021, he panicked the Nazi propagandists who work in the subsidized media and who are called “journalists”, when he declared at a meeting organized by the FDA , that their own data (FDA) demonstrated that “vaccines killed twice as much as they saved lives”.

In France, politicians hide the figures, otherwise their lies could no longer be disseminated

In order to hide the truth and continue to inflict their lie in the media, the French government no longer transmits statistical data on the “C19” (hospitalizations, number of cases, etc.) in Euromomo.

In France, politicians hide the figures and data on the dead of the “C19” by “VA XI Nal” status are kept secret.

They are kept secret so their publication could trigger riots.

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Update of 28/12/2022

Last opinion before vaccination: The High Authority for Health is prudent

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December 24, 2020, Vaccination against COVID-19: HAS defines the strategy of using the Cumirnaty vaccine, link to read this review on the HAS website.

Document: Journal France evening of December 24, 2020

The High Authority for Health has just published its latest recommendations before the vaccination campaign starts. It confirms priority audiences, while recalling uncertainties.

The opinion naturally relates to the Pfizer/BionTech vaccine, marketed under the name Comirnaty® and which received the green light from the European Commission on Monday.
If the HAS confirms its administration priorization to vulnerable people and the most exposed to the risk of SARS-COV-2 infection, to avoid severe forms and deaths, it also recalls that the vaccine is not suitable for everyone.

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So from the end of December 2020, they knew that this vaccination was not suitable for everyone and that Pfizer and Moderna did not yet have scientific data on the effectiveness of this method on the spread of the virus and on serious cases. It was then only a therapeutic test that was to continue. Lack of data that Pfizer managers will publicly confirm in the fall of 2022 before questions in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
Why did governments impose their health measures and especially the health pass to everyone? This scandal represents much more than abuse of power!

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In Japan, Masanori Fukushima, a professor emeritus at the University of Kyoto, tells his 4 truths at the Ministry of Health

NANOTECHNOLOGY and self-assembled artificial structures in INJECTABLES – Reiner Fuellmich

Doctors are investigating what was injected into the fake vaccines.

In the United States, the Supreme Court ordered the reinstatement of health care workers


In France, the Council of the Order of Doctors continues the witch hunt

How not to quote Dr. Stéphane Gayet ’s radiation: having informed as early as December 2021 of the side effects, sometimes serious or even fatal, of pseudovaccines, gene injections with RNA was not accepted by the Order.

However, many physicians have been severely punished by the Order (prohibition of exercise) for prescribing chloroquine or ivermectin to their patients and for healing them. The Order is not interested in the real facts of the real world, the fate of the patients concerned, but recites the official dogma, claiming that these are “unrecognised therapies”

The Order seems unaware that Algeria has demonstrated the effectiveness of chloroquine

When they claim that the Raoult treatment is ineffective and unrecognised, the judges of the Order seem to have little knowledge of what happened in Algeria, on the other side of the Mediterranean. As early as March 31, 2020, Health Minister Abderrahmane Benbouzid announced: “The Scientific Committee established with the Ministry of Health has decided to start the chloroquine treatment on all those who are declared positive in Covid-19 as well as on all those who will have signs of contamination .

Two months later, on May 31, 2020, the same minister of health declared that the chloroquine treatment protocol had proven its effectiveness with the recovery of 98.2% of patients with chloroquine, out of a total of more than 16,000 cases treated. Some may refuse to believe this, but WHO figures show that with this treatment, Covid-19 was no more deadly in Algeria than an ordinary flu: 6 881 deaths attributed to Covid in thirty-two months out of a population of 42 million, while France had more than 156 000 deaths in 6 7 million people.

Algérie France mortalités cumulées pendant le Covid-19

Good News for Suspended Doctors: The Example of Alberta in Canada

Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta, apologised to the unvaccinated on October 22:

“I can apologise now. I am deeply sorry for anyone who has been inappropriately discriminated against because of their vaccination status, I am deeply sorry. For any government employee who has been fired from his job due to his vaccination status, and I wish him back if he wants to return,” she said.

New York’s Supreme Court declared mandatory vaccination unconstitutional

on 24 October 2022, and ordered the reinstatement of the carers with retroactive pay.

It is becoming urgent that the French Government introduce a bill of general amnesty concerning all the health care workers who have been prosecuted at the disciplinary level, in the context of their positions on the vaccination policy against Covid-19.

In addition, health care providers must require the presence of a judicial officer before the Regional Disciplinary Chambers.

The Paris Court of Appeal refuses to suspend the payment of salary arrears and the reinstatement of an unvaccinated nurse.

This decision of December 1, 2022, may open a case law that opposes the inertia of the government and its health administrations.

The French state, once again, is afraid to admit its mistakes and refuses to contradict itself. He prefers to persist in his mistakes and his lies (unscientific) by redoubling his efforts to censor newspapers that do not obey his doxa, as in recent days is the case of the newspaper France Soir, suspended from public aid to the press.


It’s historic! The Paris Court of Appeal on 1 December 2022 refused to suspend the payment of salary arrears and the reinstatement of an unvaccinated nurse. My client is the first non-vaccinated caregiver in France to be reinstated without a Court of Appeal finding otherwise.

annulation suspension d'une infirmière non vaccinée
L’ordonnance du 9 juin 2022 du Conseil des Prud’hommes de Paris

The order was appealed by the Curie Institute for not paying the salary arrears and refusing to reinstate the nurse. Hence the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal of 1 December 2022 confirming the order of the Council of the Prud’hommes of Paris and obliging the Institut Curie to pay the salary arrears and to reinstate the nurse.

The order was appealed by the Curie Institute for not paying the salary arrears and refusing to reinstate the nurse. Hence the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal of 1 December 2022 confirming the order of the Paris Council of Prud’hommes and obliging the Institut Curie to pay the salary arrears and to reinstate the nurse.

cour d'appel de paris condamne l'employeur pour avoir suspendu le contrat d'une infirmière non vaccinée, le 1 décembre 2022
La décision de la Cour d’Appel de Paris du 1er décembre 2022

“I didn’t think the adverse events would be as severe and widespread!” Xavier Bazin

We add here the new book of Xavier Bazin, author whom we have been following for a long time and we help him to promote the results of his investigations.

My new book doesn’t appeal to Big Pharma and its supporters in the mainstream media, but then not at all

Dear Health Friend,

I gave a big interview on the radio, on the occasion of the release of my new book, Antivax yourself.

It is also available on video here and I strongly encourage you to watch it as soon as you have a moment:

I received many friendly congratulations for this interview, and the video already has more than 130,000 views on YouTube!

I must say that I “let the dogs go,” as they say.

I didn’t hesitate to tackle all the controversial issues surrounding vaccination head-on:

  • Why does the government hide the numbers of infections, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccine status (because the more doses received, the more likely you are to be infected with Covid!) – minute 6;
  • Disturbing fact: in the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials, there were slightly more deaths in the vaccinated group than in the non-vaccinated group! minute 7;
  • Minute 12: how do you expect the health authorities to be willing to acknowledge the serious adverse effects of vaccines – especially the deaths, as there are – when they are the ones who authorised them! The drug agency is “judge and party”!
  • How Bill Gates “bought” the World Health Organisation, and imposes his ultra-vaccinalist ideology around the world – minute 15;
  • From minute 25, I dismantle the greatest myth about vaccination: no, it didn’t eradicate smallpox, and no, it wasn’t vaccines that helped overcome the infectious scourges of the early 20th century.
  • How Pfizer achieved 100 billion revenue through the Covid, and how this massive money leads to systematic corruption in health – minute 33;
  • Shocking: Minister of Health François Braun is now considering making the cervical cancer vaccine MANDATORY, which is unknown for its actual effectiveness and has already ruined the lives of many women – minute 36;
  • Small bomb at minute 39: “To put it bluntly, we don’t know what we do when we vaccinate,” because we haven’t done the necessary minimum studies.
  • Why vaccinating infants against hepatitis B is a scandal (and yet it is mandatory now!) – minute 41;
  • Minute 43: the doctors linked to Big Pharma blamed Prof Raoult indecently… while they do much worse with vaccines;
  • Why the most important thing, in order not to get sick, is to support the immune system, especially with vitamin D, very effective against all infections (and not only Covid) – minute 45;

You might as well say that this interview did not please everyone…

…and that he made the Ministry of Health cringe, guilty of never having uttered the word “vitamin D” for 3 years!

It is true that my book is a “weapon of mass destruction” against ultra-vaccinalist single thinking

My book is dangerous for the pharmaceutical industry because it can convince the undecided. It is cautious, measured, and contains more than a hundred scientific references, to convince as many people as possible.

He was prefaced by CNRS researcher Dr. Michel de Lorgeril and one of the best vaccine specialists in the world.

In his preface, he mentions at least two parts of the book that are very annoying to the system:

“Xavier Bazin goes back in time and deciphers the main vaccine myths; this is the remarkable part 2 of the book”

“In this context of misinformation orchestrated by the majority of the media, the chapter of the book devoted to “The dishonesty of the media on vaccination” is brilliant”. 

You understand why the mainstream media are not keen to talk about this book!

That is why I am counting on you, my dear readers – only you can break the omerta on this book!

Help me make this interview heard, by massively spreading this letter around.

Help me carry my book to the top of sales to feed word of mouth and break the wall of silence.

The more we talk about this book, the more it will be read, throughout all of France…

…and the more likely we are to regain some common sense about our vaccination policies…

..and in particular guarantee that we will NEVER BE IMPOSED ON ANY EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE AGAIN!

For your personal library or to offer to a loved one, buying this book is a gesture of RESISTANCE, which will help spread the truth.

I would like to remind you that my copyright will be fully refunded to the Hippocratic Foundation, dedicated to promoting natural health.

When you buy this book, you kill two birds with one stone:

  • You fight the dangerous vaccine drift promoted by Big Pharma;
  • And you support natural health through the Hippocratic Foundation.

You can order it now, in your favourite bookstore, or:

I count on you

Good health, Xavier Bazin

source of this letter:

As for PCR testing, 52 viruses can cause PCR deposit

liste des 52 virus pouvant provoquer un test PCR positif

All of this was known well before the accidental leak of the Covid 19 virus from Wuhan’s P4 laboratory, a bioweapon test commissioned and funded by US laboratories from coronaviruses.

Technocrats specialise in totalitarian measures in the service of their masters.

This biological weapon had not been developed when this safety incident occurred. Yet everything was done by Big Pharma as if it were a very serious pandemic. In fact, the drugs and treatments that could quickly eliminate it were banned, and Pfizer and Moderna sold an ARM biological technology, which was discovered in 1960 in France and has never been used to treat a disease, and probably never will be able to do so, because the biological process is so unstable. Certainly, these labs indicated from the outset that they were conducting a study, a test.

Governments and politicians, the leaders who implemented health policies with discrimination against citizens based on whether or not they were vaccinated, the media who spread a dogma about imposed health measures and other prohibited health care and medicines, are guilty of vast subjugation of peoples to the private and ideological interests of the richest minority of the Anglo-Saxon oligarchy. The deaths during this pandemic were mainly the result of a ban on treating them according to the available knowledge in order to sell vaccines that never had this medical and scientific qualification.

This management of the Covid 19 pandemic is a deliberate manoeuvre to divide the citizens, weaken their capacity for political action, to kill the weakest and the oldest by virtue of the dogma that the population must decline rapidly in a significant proportion and that the Anglo-Saxon puritans predestined according to their words, to rule the world, are charged with their divine instructions to save the predestinies and eliminate the “non-destinies” predestined”. The weakening of the public hospital and of health services in general was thus a major factor in the implementation of measures designed to weaken populations. It remains to be seen whether the pension reforms that raise the legal retirement age to 65 and over also contribute to this goal of the “masters of the world”, those tyrants whose revolutionary song proclaims the descent into the coffin!


Nihilist dementia is probably a fundamental characteristic of technocratic societies, that is to say, totalitarian societies in the sense that power uses an administrative mechanism to impose, in a “rational” way, insane processes over which no one has taken any more: the Holocaust was served by brave civil servants applying the rules, just like the Soviet Gulag, the Civic management, the Chinese-style confines, the suspension of unvaccinated firefighters and caregivers, and now the race to the abyss on behalf of Ukraine.

Replacing local expertise in the hands of people in direct contact with the public, with technocrats from schools of government, supported (if not led) by highly paid consultants embroiled in conflicts of interest (McKinsey works for everyone, including Big Pharma, and hosts the offspring of many political figures), is the perfect recipe for public deception (here, the hospital) for the benefit of big capital.

../. These technocrats have done everything to turn the Covid into a magnificent business opportunity for their friends, going so far as to carry out bogus studies to prevent real doctors from treating them, imposing a real dictatorship via the ARS and the order of corrupt doctors in order to favour insane medical treatments and vaccines.

end of document.

Citizens around the world understood what happened.

We show on how to leave, to abandon the systems of power and to put our political, economic and social organisations once again back into the Networks of Life, as in the most flourishing and humanist civilisations that have developed an art of living, in contrast to what we have had to endure during this pandemic of Covid 19.

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